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June 2013

Sunday, June 30:

Global Warming May Affect Soil Microbe Survival

Friday, June 28:

Fresh Water from Salt Water

Breakthrough in Internet Bandwidth (2 comments)

Beyond Ethanol: Drop-In Biofuels Squeeze Gasoline From Plants

Thursday, June 27:

Solar Cells Atoms Thick

Wednesday, June 26:

Ten Thousandth Near-Earth Object Discovered (aka Another Way to End Things)

High-octane Bacteria for Biofuel?

Tuesday, June 25:

Einstein's God is Irrelevant (59 comments)

Monday, June 24:

The Origin of Bioidentical Hormones

Sunday, June 23:

Lessons of the Snowden Revelations: You are the Target! (8 comments)

Friday, June 21:

Prosecutor posts as accused killer's fake girlfriend on Facebook

Thursday, June 20:

Converting CO2 into Methanol (2 comments)

Antenna for Solar Energy

Apps Access Private Data

Battery Made of Wood? (3 comments)

Tuesday, June 18:

How Coral Reefs Respond to Ocean Acidification

Solar Panel Prices Continue 'Seemingly Inexorable Decline' | ThinkProgress

Monday, June 17:

Anti-Cancer Activity from Natural Plants (1 comments)

Sunday, June 16:

Ocean Study Raises More Concerns

Saturday, June 15:

New Material Counterintuitive to Laws of Physics

Thursday, June 13:

"Anthropocene Astronomy: Thwarting Dangerous Asteroids Begins with Finding Them" | Beyond The Beyond |

World Population to 11 Billion? (5 comments)

LEDs Cheaper, Greener?

Wednesday, June 12:

America's Most Anti-Democratic Institution: How the Imperial Presidency Threatens U.S. National Security (1 comments)

Fate or Folly: The Mind of God and Other Known Unknowns (4 comments)

Tuesday, June 11:

New Graphene Applications in Energy Review

Monday, June 10:

The Colonoscopy Is the Dying Canary in the Toxic American Mine We Call a Health Care System (5 comments)

In U.S. Snooping Affair, Israeli Firms At Risk (1 comments)

Saturday, June 8:

Introduction to Fire Man and Nature (1 comments)

The Closing of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant -- A Great Advance for Safe, Clean, Renewable Energy Technologies (2 comments)

Friday, June 7:

Privacy Disappears in a Prism (1 comments)

Brain Regenerates Cells Lost in Huntington's Disease (1 comments)

Thursday, June 6:

The 'Cloudy' Skies Corporations Want to Sell You

Life on Earth From Out of This World?

Trash Accumulates in Deep Sea

Discovered: Stress-resistant Stem Cells in Fat Tissue

Wednesday, June 5:

Say "Om': Researchers Find Gene Action Altered After Relaxation Practice

Cheaper, 'Greener' Lighting with Inkjet Quantum LEDs

Tuesday, June 4:

Fukushima-derived Radioactivity in Seafood (2 comments)

Obama Issues Patent Abuse Order Seeking Congress's Help

Monday, June 3:

Chemist Hopes 'Artificial Leaf' Can Power Civilization Using Photosynthesis (2 comments)

Sunday, June 2:

Increasing CO2 Levels 'Fertilize' Arid Regions : Science : Latinos Post

Saturday, June 1:

False Hope? Forest Carbon is Important, but Doesn't Offset CO2

Turning Toxic Trash Into Tobacco Treasure (3 comments)

Japan halts imports of U.S. wheat after USDA's shock finding of genetic pollution from GMOs (1 comments)


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