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June 2013

Sunday, June 30:

Meet Jon Reiner, The Man Who Couldn't Eat

Friday, June 28:

Which is it? Is bigotry dead or not?

Thursday, June 27:

The Last Supper According to Judas in the Works by Famed Filmmaker Armondo Linus Acosta (5 comments)

Saving an Animal Life (8 comments)

Wednesday, June 26:

Day of the Rooster (2 comments)

Tuesday, June 25:

Fleeing the Dollar That Bankrolls The Reigning 'Evil Empire' (3 comments)

Monday, June 24:

quick review of gasland 2 from a former green party congressional candidate

A Ten-Step Plan To Care for Our Country and World (3 comments)

Quis Custodiet? (1 comments)

'Christ Killers': The Hidden Agenda (2 comments)

Sunday, June 23:

The Cosmic Story: Mercury Retrograde and July's Grand Water Trine (1 comments)

A Corporation Doing Good: Coca-Cola sets out to break down barriers between India and Pakistan (4 comments)

The Quiet, Powerful Courage of Lambda Legal (1 comments)

Cellphones Ruined Communication (4 comments)

Saturday, June 22:

The Diversified Unitive Genius of F. David Peat (2 comments)

Animal Suffering is a "Plague" Too

Friday, June 21:

"It can't happen here" (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 19:

Obama Batters "Great Man' Theory (2 comments)

Success has Many Fathers While Failure is an Orphan (1 comments)

Twixt paranoia and wishful thinking

Tuesday, June 18:

Short Story: "Authenticity" (6th of a series) (1 comments)

Monday, June 17:

The Book That's Popping My Eyes Out (17 comments)

The Love Song of the Self (4 comments)

Everything I Needed to Know I Realized in My 70's (12 comments)

Sunday, June 16:

Reclaiming our Natural Health with Dr. Bob (5 comments)

What Countries Lead in Animal Compassion? (6 comments)

Review of Bill Still's Jekyll Island movie (8 comments)

Saturday, June 15:

Hate Someone? : Fill in the Blanks: All_________ Are____________ (6 comments)

Friday, June 14:

Biceps, triceps, deltoids, oh my! (2 comments)

Thursday, June 13:

The Ugly Duckling Syndrome and the Inner Swan (1 comments)

Inspirational Peace -- Your True Essence (1 comments)

tribute to Snowden (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 12:

Goose Walk in Single File; A moment to Spontaneously Pause (5 comments)

The case of the electronic eavesdropping

Tuesday, June 11:

Passing through the dark rift: An astrological study of Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his transition on this day

Women, Beauty and Poems (1 comments)

If Gracie Could Talk (4 comments)

Too Few Good Men

The Changing Image of Who's Homeless (2 comments)

Monday, June 10:

What's Next for Social Security?

Sunday, June 9:

Living the Life You Were Born To Live: Reflections on a Conversation with Cynthia Piano (3 comments)

2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Videos: Albert King, Heart, (5 comments)

Saturday, June 8:

Broke Poem (1 comments)

Friday, June 7:

Stay calm and phone on! (1 comments)

Justin Samuels: The Asian American Film Lab, Asian CineVision and the Museum of Chinese in America to Host Screenwriting Competition as

Three Very Different "Poles"

Thursday, June 6:

A Little Green Revolution in a Wendigo World (2 comments)

Poems Will Remain United (Woman Power) (1 comments)

Connecticut: First State to Pass GE Food Labeling Law

Serengeti (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 5:

Married, Living Apart Couple Makes Hollywood Debut (5 comments)

Finding Inner Longitude (3 comments)

Star Trek and the War on Terror (1 comments)

The Apostle Paul Lived and Died as a Dedicated Jew (24 comments)

Monday, June 3:

June's Cosmic Story: Gemini New Moon June 8 & Capricorn Full Moon June 23, 2013 (1 comments)

It Is Raining, Process To Live

The Truth is Too Messy for Church (12 comments)

Sunday, June 2:

I pledge allegiance (3 comments)

You Don't Have To Be Jewish: Putzel, the Movie (3 comments)

The Evolutionary Promise for Boys and Girls Behind Re-Empowering Our Daughters (2 comments)

When Beauty is Average (1 comments)

Saturday, June 1:

Award-winning Children's Author Blue Balliett Tackles Homelessness in "Hold Fast" (5 comments)


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