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May 2013

Thursday, May 30:

Is A High Renewables Future Really Possible?

GMO wheat find threatens exports, stokes consumer fear (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 29:

Scientists develop CO Sequestration Technique (1 comments)

Saturday, May 25:

Breakthrough Diabetes Discovery Offers Potential Treatment

Angelina Jolie's case has put women in a bind, doctors say - The Times of India

Friday, May 24:

19-Year-Old Student Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From the World's Oceans | I (12 comments)

Water Fluoridation: Banned in the EU -- Forced on U.S. Citizens (3 comments)

Opinion: What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention - (3 comments)

Myriad Genetics CEO Claims He Owns Your Genes - Forbes (9 comments)

Wednesday, May 22:

Xbox One: Constantly Listening To Conversations (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 21:

Naval Exercises Take Deadly Toll on Dolphins: Op-Ed

Sunday, May 19:

Dirty Medicine; Indian/Japanese Generic Drug Manufacturer Faked Tests, With FDA Complacent (7 comments)

Sunday, May 12:

US May be World's Biggest Hacker

Climate Change, Global Loss of Common Plants and Animals (1 comments)

Saturday, May 11:

CO2 Tops 400 PPM (1 comments)

Friday, May 10:

Magnetic Graphene May Revolutionize Electronics

Thursday, May 9:

Coral Reefs Suffering, but Collapse not Inevitable (7 comments)

'Harvest Electricity Directly from Plants?

Wednesday, May 8:

Social Networking Threatens the World Wide Web On Its 20th Birthday (2 comments)

Solar Trap Patent Suggests Cheap Reliable Solar Power Coming Soon (3 comments)

Climate Change, Not Human Activity, Led to Megafauna Extinction

U.S. Urban Trees Store Carbon, Billions in Economic Value

Tuesday, May 7:

Nature's Taskmaster (5 comments)

Boreal Forests Shift, More Carbon Than Expected

Microwave Cooks up Solar Cell Material

Monday, May 6:

Why The U.S. National Institute Of Mental Health Plans To Abandon The DSM

Toxic waste sites may cause health problems for millions (1 comments)

Google's Chief Internet Evangelist on Creating the Interplanetary Internet


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