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May 2013

Friday, May 31:

Pipelineistan and the New Silk Road(s) (3 comments)

Economic Storm Clouds Ahead (2 comments)

Ecocide and the Soul of a Nation (5 comments)

In The Days Before...Part 4 (9 comments)

Let's Invest the Billions of Taxpayer Pounds Poured into British Banks in the People and Future of Britain!

IP Battles Are Increasing World Over

John McCain: War Hero or Something Less? (7 comments)

Healthy Journalism and the promotion of Objective Journalism (1 comments)

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse reveals importance of sleep for Truckers as NTSB investigates sleep records (3 comments)

No Child's Behind Left, Part 1 (24 comments)

The West is an enemy of democracy and secularism globally (24 comments)

Thursday, May 30:

Reframing The Debate

Gaza Held Hostage To Egypt's Turmoil (1 comments)

Endless War -- An Analysis (2 comments)

Forget droning on about changed policies: President Obama will have to Prove He's a Changed Man (1 comments)

U.S. Foreign (War) Policy: Outdated, Misguided, Self-Defeating (4 comments)

Our Ongoing Health Crisis, Part 2: The Cadillac Tax Is Still Foolish and Cruel

Obama's New FBI Chief Approved Bush's NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Scheme (4 comments)

Benghazi, IRS, Leaks -- WHAT ABOUT JOBS?? (2 comments)

Google Executive Chairman Let's Slip Again That His Firm Is a "Profitable Capitalistic 'Country'" (1 comments)

National Review Pitch Points to America's Political Pathology

Syria Escalation Poses Growing Risk Of Regional War (1 comments)

Collective Occlusion: American Narratives and Silencing of Important Cultural Memories (4 comments)

Redundant CIA Drone Strikes Won't End The Resistance (1 comments)

Leave it to Priebus (7 comments)

An Anti-War Blockbuster (2 comments)

Bachmann's House of Cards: Mostly Jokers ... And Glenn Beck. (4 comments)

'Meet Me In Zuccotti Park' (9 comments)

Wednesday, May 29:

Will Journalists Take Any Steps To Defend Against Attacks On Press Freedom? (4 comments)

The Future's So Fracked, We've Got to Wear Masks

A Vision for Social Security (5 comments)

Bachmann Bows; Sing Hallelujah! (3 comments)

Naming a Nameless War (1 comments)

Anti-Match-Fixing Law Of India In Pipeline But Online Gambling And Betting Still Untouched

The Long Emergency, Permaculture, and Towns That Food Saved

"42" and 44 (5 comments)

Bridges Shouldn't Have to Collapse for Congress to Get Serious About Infrastructure (6 comments)

A Time for Harry Reid's Backbone

Whither Democracy, Part 3 (3 comments)

Michelle Bachman: We Don't Need No Stinking Facts. (4 comments)

Afghanistan: The End Game? (1 comments)

Hungary Torches 500 Hectares Of GM Corn To Eradicate GMOs From Food Supply (5 comments)

Behold the Great Divide: Obama as Overbearing Czar or Facile Party Sell-out? (1 comments)

Jesus Loves Me But He Can't Stand You (10 comments)

With Second Amendment Dead, We Need CHARACTER Assassination (5 comments)

Whither Democracy, Part 2 (7 comments)

Peace in the Competitive Workplace Environment (1 comments)

Train derails, explodes outside Baltimore, Maryland

Attorney General Holder under investigation on perjury suspicions (4 comments)

Tuesday, May 28:

NPR's "Weakened Edition" -- and What We Can Do Anyway (1 comments)

Congress Still Puts Out for Wall Street

Chicago to Shutter 50 Public Schools: Is Historic Mass Closure an Experiment in Privatization?

America's Social Contract and the Measure of Our Commitment (1 comments)

Doubting Obama's Resolve to Do Right (7 comments)

Is European Austerity Really Failing? (11 comments)

42: A Good Retelling of the Jackie Robinson Story Leaves Out Some Interesting History (3 comments)

The Quest for God and Vegetarianism (9 comments)

The Monsanto Revolution (11 comments)

The US and the Euro-crisis: Lessons from a comparison (1 comments)

US Governmental Authorities Fail to Investigate Themsleves Even As They Prosecute Leakers (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Will the EU again Target the Civilian Population of Syria? (2 comments)

Whither Democracy, Part 1 (10 comments)

Is it possible to learn three languages at the same time? Yes, if you have the motivation and reason for doing so. (3 comments)

Just What Country Initiated a Cyberattack? (3 comments)

The Power of Language (4 comments)

Sanford & Sin

Eeew! Jackson Is The "Future Of Conservatism In America"? Double Eeeew! (5 comments)

Monday, May 27:

What Can We Learn From Denmark? (23 comments)

Obama's Terrorism Speech: Seeing What You Want To See (9 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Sheryl Sandberg & #FBRape: A Case Study in the Failure of Corporate Feminism to Combat Misogyny (17 comments)

Mastectomies, Movie Stars, Media and Medicine (3 comments)

Lessons From Abroad: Ten Tips in Ten Days (5 comments)

Source of Anti-Government Extremism (3 comments)

The "I"-Word, the Media, and Health Care Reform (3 comments)

Nobel Women's Initiative Conference: Women Mobilizing for Peace in Conflict (3 comments)

???What Shall We do for Memorial Day??? (4 comments)

Beheadings and censorship (5 comments)

Our Twisted Politics of Grief

"Just think about it...where would we be? My Memorial Day Reflections

An Endless "Peace Process" for Palestine

Lessons from the World of Tax Avoidance: How Nations Can Negotiate With Global Capital (4 comments)

Sunday, May 26:

The entire globe is a battlefield for Pentagon (5 comments)

The Only Way To Bring Peace to Syria

Yuck! The Senate Won't Clear the Way for States to Label Genetically Modified Food (8 comments)

US and allies step up war preparations against Syria, Lebanon, Iran (1 comments)

Iraqis Can't Turn Their Backs On This Deadly Legacy (4 comments)

Keystone: What We Know (7 comments)

Leonard Peltier: Eagle in a tarnished cage (3 comments)

Circumventing Transparency: Pennsylvania's Latest Shell Game to Protect Big Energy

As omens go, the eagle soars (7 comments)

The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations (2 comments)

*Good Americans Mourn First the Millions America Slaughtered, Then Mourn US Soldiers (5 comments)

Six KXL Facts NBC Missed (3 comments)

A Prominent 'Christianist' Cleric Supported Montt's Genocide: Should He Be Droned Next? (3 comments)

Schism between establishment and Tea Party Republicans to widen for 2016 (1 comments)

President Obama's speech on national security policy draws mixed reaction (1 comments)

Speaking at the March Against Monsanto in Philadelphia (1 comments)

Andrew Sullivan, terrorism, and the art of distortion (7 comments)

Saturday, May 25:

Jordan to Host "World's Largest Refugee Camp" (1 comments)

Memorial Day THIS (8 comments)

The State of Whom? (3 comments)

Benghazi, IRS, AP stories: A shameful double standard (3 comments)

Another Memorial Day. When Will We Ever Learn? (2 comments)

Who is compromising "South Stream" in Europe?

No Union is an Island, Entire to Itself . . . (2 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Why I Spoke Out at Obama's Foreign Policy Speech (15 comments)

Immigration: The Amazing, Incredible Video Diary of Stephanie Pucheta

The Halfway "Obama Doctrine"

How I Garden (and Pursue My Calling)

Deaths of the "no-state" Palestinians are Proportional to Life of the Two State Solution.

Racism and Classism in the Argument for Fluoridation in Portland's Water (4 comments)

Saving ourselves from the psychopaths (2 comments)

Canada's indigenous peoples join forces, call all Canadians to join 'Solidarity Spring' (2 comments)

Friday, May 24:

Top 10 reasons to join the March Against Monsanto tomorrow! (Saturday, May 25, 2013) (3 comments)

Why Gitmo Was Not Closed from the Get-Go (5 comments)

I've Heard of Denial ... But I Don't Think It Exists (2 comments)

Memorial Speech (1 comments)

Why Democrats Can't be Trusted to Control Wall Street (5 comments)

March Against Monsanto ... and Beyond - From Disconnecting the Bad to Connecting the Good (9 comments)

The President's Speech Yesterday, Will His Policies and Actions Conform with His Rhetoric?

Why President Obama is the Most Heckled President (3 comments)

Landmark Case In U.S. Civil Court On Rape By U.S. Military In Japan Eleven Years Ago (2 comments)

Obama's Big Speech Interrupted-- And How the Media Blew It (29 comments)

Interview with Code-Pink founder, Medea Benjamin After She "Heckled" Obama (25 comments)

It's Elizabeth Warren 2016, or the Same Old sh*t (4 comments)

Senate Votes Down GMO Food Labeling Amendment By Large Margin (21 comments)

Good Grief, Barack Obama!

Baylor Women's Basketball: Why "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" needs to be "repealed!"

Blessed Be The Atheists? The Pope and Obama Conspire To Put Non-Believers In Heaven! (2 comments)

Balance Sheet Blues

Was the London killing of a British soldier "terrorism"? (11 comments)

Let's Tell Multinational Corporations To Just Pay Their Taxes (6 comments)

Thursday, May 23:

More Exposes, Less Action (4 comments)

SCANDAL ABC: Defiance Is Not Dead and What About the Voting Rights Act? (4 comments)

Israel's Hand in Guatemala's Genocide

Why Disinformation Works (30 comments)

Monsanto, Christa, and Me (1 comments)

Obama's Real Legacy: Savior of Corporate Fascism (23 comments)

Abusing Prisoners Decreases Public Safety --An interview with educator, author, and former prisoner Shawn Griffith

Preparing Yourself (10 comments)

Engelhardt: The Biggest Criminal Enterprise in History (2 comments)

Wednesday, May 22:

Obama Promises His Speech Will End Some Day (2 comments)

"Don't interact, don't talk, they are not humans" -- Gitmo guard's basic orders

Syria as a Game-Changer: US Political Impotence in the Middle East (1 comments)

Operation Vigilant Eagle: Is This Really How We Honor Our Nation's Veterans?

British Litvinenko Coroner Goes Rogue (1 comments)

GOP Mute on Apple and Other Corporations Corporate Welfare Grab (1 comments)

"Our Liberty Cannot Be Guarded but by the Freedom of the Press"

And the winner is -- Khamenei (1 comments)

The New Crime of Eating While Homeless (2 comments)

Our Women in Uniform Deserve Better (2 comments)

Veterans and Pennsylvania's Criminal Justice System

Hypocrisy from Oklahoma Senators Inhofe and Coburn in Wake of Tornado Striking Constituents in Moore, Oklahoma

And Here We Are (2 comments)

Connecticut Advances Conversion from War to Peace Economy (4 comments)

Advertisers Encouraging Lying, Deception (15 comments)

Saving Two Birds with One Stone (1 comments)

On the Billionaire's Agenda, Does 60 Minutes Need a Visit From ... 60 Minutes? (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 21:

Assad talks, Russia walks And NATO Partners with Al Qaeda (24 comments)

Tumblr Is Worth $1.1 Billion to Yahoo for One Reason: You

The GOP response to global warming is irrational and dangerous (13 comments)

The Real Bank, The Paper Bank (1 comments)

Mahdi Haile: Robbery victims assisted by thieves (1 comments)

Al Jazeera Deletes Its Own Controversial Op-Ed, Then Refuses To Comment (3 comments)

In The Days Before...Part 3 (17 comments)

What a Real Cover-up Looks Like (1 comments)

Letter to Angelina Jolie (1 comments)

This is Why We Fight (6 comments)

It's Time to Get Real on Immigration (5 comments)

Assault on Wall Street - A Review (6 comments)

America's Greatest Challenge (7 comments)

Monday, May 20:

Attacking Psychopaths and Sociopaths from The Bottom and the Bottom-Line Up (16 comments)

Paying Attention to Climate Change Before It's Too Late (3 comments)

This Memorial Day, Let's Remember Women in War

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ten Years After US Invades Iraq, Israel Eager to Take the US Into Round Two (2 comments)

Enough Is Enough! No More Looting of Somalia's Oil! (1 comments)

Global Capital and the Nation State

Does Woodward Know Watergate?

Watch At the Sausage Factory (1 comments)

Obama and Nixon: A Historical Perspective (14 comments)

On "42:" A Movie About Racism

The Peculiar Politics of Karl Rove's 'Outrage' Over the IRS Flap (2 comments)

No Bear Market In Gold (11 comments)

Rise Up or Die (37 comments)

The Historic Conviction of US-Supported Guatemalan Strongman Rios Montt, And What Comes Next

The Problem with Partition: Human Rights Provide an Alternative for Israel and the Palestinians

Pakistan Energy Crisis: Immediate Attention Needed! (2 comments)

Nearly 600,000 Wounded Vets Claims for Disability Suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars "backlogged" for Months (4 comments)

Second Thoughts about Pope Bergoglio: A Liberation Pope or Just More Blah, Blah? (13 comments)

The Week's Homophobia Hits New Highs, But Hate Was Transcended At New York Vigil For A Murdered Mark Carson (1 comments)

CIA: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

*Lincoln's buried bank note veto applies today (12 comments)

Sunday, May 19:

"Terrorism" and the Plans for Absolute Tyranny within the US: Our Need for a New Image of Human Liberation (4 comments)

Fracking is EDF's Friend

The White Paper on Drones: The Tail Wagging the Dog (1 comments)

Dissecting Bob Woodward's Comparison Of Benghazi To Watergate (1 comments)

Divide and Conquer the Congress?

*Guatemala's RĂ­os Montt Genocide Conviction Omen for US Presidents and Their Hired Assassins (2 comments)

"The worst crimes in UK history' (2 comments)

Racism and the American Right (3 comments)

All This Mangling of a Once-Beloved Historical Event: Why the Tea Party?

Japan's Sham Currency War - The Hidden Objective Behind Japan's Massive Kamikaze Quantitative Easing (3 comments)

Vermont's new choice for death with dignity (13 comments)

Inequality and Growth (4 comments)

Let's Not Sacrifice Our Privacy on the Altar of Cyber-Security (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: UN General Assembly vote reflects shift in Syrian public opinion (5 comments)

Why Obama Can & Should Close Guantanamo NOW (3 comments)

Health Insurance in America: Legalized Extortion (8 comments)

*If Our Re-elected Prez is WarCriminal, What Are We? King would have asked! (2 comments)

Saturday, May 18:

Pandering To The Bankers Obama And The Housing Boondoggle (1 comments)

Why the Public Should Yawn Over Alleged Obama Scandals

Simpson-Bowles Austerity Gang: Go Home (3 comments)

Women of the Wall (1 comments)

Fracking the Suburbs: An Explosive Combination?

Are the Liberal Leanings of Gov't Bureaucrats an Explanation of the IRS Scandal? (1 comments)

Washington Signals Dollar Deep Concerns (9 comments)

One Terrorist, A Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths (149 comments)

This IRS Story Doesn't Pass the Smell Test. (4 comments)

The Future of American Health Care (4 comments)

Friday, May 17:

Catfight -- and it's US vs EU (2 comments)

Daschle for Obama (2 comments)

Reagan and Argentina's Dirty War (2 comments)

Sleep Loss and Suicide: New Study Shows Relationship (1 comments)

Barack Obama--and the Sick, Twisted Dynamic of Racism (7 comments)

The IRS and the Real Scandal (4 comments)

Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War On Terror' Is Permanent (15 comments)

Boston Suspect's Writing on the Wall (5 comments)

Dems to DOJ: "Very Troubled," "Inexcusable," "No Way to Justify This"

Alan Hart and What It Takes to Struggle On -- An Analysis

Republicans Aren't Christians (4 comments)

Last Chance - Stop Florida's HB 87 and ForeclosureGate II (4 comments)

stephen waterhouse: La Terreur Moderne (1 comments)

Thursday, May 16:

Patriotic Yardsticks for Unpatriotic Giant Corporations (1 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: Scranton (12 comments)

Hypocrisy, Neocon Style

Pyromaniacs on the Potomac: The Problem With Obama's Second Term (1 comments)

Cynicism Gets Us Nowhere. It's Time To Fight Back with the Other Ninety-Nine Percent! (6 comments)

A Dark, Very Troubling Period in America's History (26 comments)

Obama Needs Congress to Close GTMO, but Not to Use Drones?

It Wasn't Conservatives That Were Being Investigated by the IRS; It Was the Koch Brothers' Front Groups (4 comments)

No Koch News: A Movement to Unsubscribe (3 comments)

Fundamental IRS Change Called For

The AP Seizures and the Frightening Web They've Uncovered (2 comments)

Seizing AP phone files a major abuse of power

Israeli blood diamond agreement scuppered by BDS activists (1 comments)

Drone Pilots Expose Politicians' Lies (7 comments)

Police State Tactics of Obama's Justice Department (6 comments)

Why Should Any of These Groups Have Tax-Exempt Status? Posted: 05/14/2013 3:26 pm (5 comments)

Upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership Looks Like Corporate Takeover (4 comments)

The Day the Obama Administration Went All Nixon On Us

Wednesday, May 15:

Holder Says Leak Required "Very Aggressive Action"... Bank Crimes, Not So Much (1 comments)

Hawking And A Brief History Of Boycotts

WHO In Boston: Bombing Story Mysteries

The Major Sea Change In Media Discussions Of Obama And Civil Liberties

Highest Ranking Catholic Patriarch condemns lies and hypocrisy of the U.S. in Syria (3 comments)

*How The One-Dollar Coin Can Cure The Economy (18 comments)

Wrong is Wrong, No Matter Who Does It (1 comments)

Chris Hedges: Monitoring of AP Phones a "Terrifying" Step in State Assault on Press Freedom (1 comments)

The Real Benghazi Scandal

Governance as Sadomasochism: Obama from the IRS to the Associated Press

Collusion Course: Machinations of the Double-Headed Beast (1 comments)

Freedom Rider: When Cops and Prosecutors are Criminals (1 comments)

President Obama Slays Business Killer Myth

Hit and Stay

Patterns of Psychopaths/Sociopaths; The "Psychopathic Bond" (24 comments)

No, Facebook is Really Not Your "Friend" (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 14:

Bush Used the IRS, FBI, CIA and Secret Service to Go After Opponents -- Where Was the Fox and GOP Outrage? (13 comments)

Justice Department's Pursuit Of AP's Phone Records Is Both Extreme And Dangerous (15 comments)

The Right's "Scandal" Funhouse Mirror

The Israeli Design for the Palestinians (3 comments)

Nuclear Industry Re-Energizing after Fukushima (19 comments)

If The President Does It, It Isn't Illegal? (3 comments)

The Triumph of Progressivism: Graduation 2013 and 1968 (4 comments)

Hawking Stuns Israel With Conference Boycott (4 comments)

To Save the Democratic Party, We Must Risk Destroying It (40 comments)

*Antiwarriors Belatedly Cry Meaninglessly, "Hands Off Syria!"...Never "Nuremberg Trial for America!" (2 comments)

DOJ Investigation of AP Part of Larger Pattern to Intimidate Sources and Reporters (2 comments)

Elizabeth Warren, a Great Investment (2 comments)

'Round the Clock Surveillance: Is This the Price of Living in a 'Free, Safe' Society? (8 comments)

Tamerlan-- Namesake for a Sociopathic Narcissist Mass Murder? (43 comments)

How Your Town Can Stop Drones (3 comments)

Benghazi Talk: Call It Out for What It Is (11 comments)

Pakistan's elections: Turning over a new leaf

The Elections in Pakistan, The Potential Effect on U.S. Policy and Actions in that Country

The Myth Of Christian Persecution: Why Beating A Dead Horse May Be The Last Straw For America (2 comments)

Monday, May 13:

Destroying The Lair Of The Budget Balancing Cretins (1 comments)

SCANDAL ABC: Whose Side Are You On - Olivia Pope's, David Rosen's or the People's?

FaceBook Founder Gets an Earful After Promoting XL Pipeline

Hitchhiking Across the Plain of Megiddo

The Deepening Shame of Guantanamo (1 comments)

Watergate and Iran Contra combined? (1 comments)

Is Genocide The Agenda in The United States? (1 comments)

Murder Is Our National Sport (2 comments)

*Legalized Robbery; Woody Guthrie Was Right (5 comments)

If We Love Our Children, Why Are We Dooming Them? (3 comments)

*Will Colbert Nation save the galaxy? (2 comments)

America is Dying (But don't blame me, I'm just the messenger) (5 comments)

Patriotism, Patriotism, Wherefore Art Thou Patriotism? (1 comments)

WPost Revives Its Plame-gate Smear (2 comments)

The Weakening Case for Austerity (1 comments)

Global Economic Crisis and the Coming/Current Depression (9 comments)

U.S.-Russia Relations under New Scrutiny

A Requiem for Wolf 527 (2 comments)

Pakistan elections do not augur well for President Zardari

Sharewashing is the New Greenwashing (1 comments)

Syria: how the violence began, in Daraa (5 comments)

What "global' financial crisis? (17 comments)

Ideologues Don't Make Corrections (3 comments)

*Krugman dead wrong! (9 comments)

Why Do Our Problems Persist and Multiply? (5 comments)

Corporate America is Stronger Than the NRA. Why Doesn't It Force Guns Laws? (25 comments)

Why We Allow the Destruction of Our Planet (4 comments)

Sunday, May 12:

Charles Ramsey Stood Racial Stereotypes on their Head (1 comments)

Working Mother's Day (3 comments)

Ronald Reagan: Accessory to Genocide (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Mother's Day Thoughts on Breastfeeding Tweets & Veganism (14 comments)

The Basel Committee and The Lamborghini

Grow Up Already (1 comments)

Shameful Days in Washington (4 comments)

News Buried by "Idiot Wars": Unchecked Globalization WILL Destroy Us (16 comments)

Individuality Breeds Greatness -- The Memo Sloane Stephens Forgot To Read (7 comments)

Nawaz Sharif stages comeback in Pakistan's landmark election

Saturday, May 11:

The Donkey of the Messiah (1 comments)

Monsanto Has Taken Over The USDA (1 comments)

Karzai reveals US plan for permanent Afghanistan bases (2 comments)

400 Parts Per Million (3 comments)

The Benghazi Story: The Great American Ripoff. (9 comments)

Return Of The Anti-Muslim Bigots (1 comments)

Russell "Maroon' Shoatz Files Lawsuit Protesting 22 Consecutive Years in Solitary Confinement

Climate Change: Governments Must Act to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Friday, May 10:

Tick-Tick-Tick: Do 60 Minutes and America's Billionaires Want Us to Beg?


A Petition That Just Might Save the Post Office (1 comments)

The American "Helplessness Syndrome" and How to Defeat It (60 comments)

In defense of a phrase: "conspiracy theory" (18 comments)

Florida HB 87, Homeowners, and the Foreclosure Inferno (4 comments)

Attacks on Stephen Hawking, transparency for Manning, Obama's new lobbyist chief (3 comments)

American Policies and Actions Creating Greater Resentment Worldwide (1 comments)

Who's at Fault for Guantanamo Mess? (2 comments)

Republican Hypocrisy on Benghazi (1 comments)

How Elites and Media Minimize Dissent and Bury Truth (8 comments)

Guns, terrorism and impeachment

What's wrong with people in this country?: America, the WTF Nation (7 comments)

The Samson complex

Who's to Blame for Long-Term Unemployment? (4 comments)

Thursday, May 9:

127 Reasons Why Reversing Citizens United is NOT Enough (3 comments)

Radical Notions (1 comments)

Republicans Say "My Way And No Highways" (1 comments)


Not Good Enough for Pet Food: Chinese Organic Food Scrutinized at Congressional Hearing

Farm Bill Needs to Embrace a Fair, Just, and Green Food System (1 comments)

Obama in Plunderland: Down the Corporate Rabbit Hole (2 comments)

Hillary Clinton's Middle East Peace Save (1 comments)

Benghazi: The Shiny Object Distracting Us From Elizabeth Warren (1 comments)

Transforming the Nature of Worksite Wellness: AWR 645 May 2013 (6 comments)

Sexual Assaults and Nuclear Missiles: What's the Matter With the Military?

On Mother's Day, don't forget animal moms (1 comments)

The American Legacy in Iraq

Was Jesus Gay? Unlikely. Married? Maybe. Both? Possibly (11 comments)

Hold The Front Page! We Need Free Media, Not An Order Of Mates (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 8:

Liberating Women With Bombs and Bags of Money (1 comments)

American Militarism: Part Two (Charles Krauthammer)

It's a "Big Deal" When Red-state Senators Defy Obama on Social Security Cuts (2 comments)

Swami Beyondananda To Speak At Conspiracy Con - Oh, and the Issue Isn't Conspiracy... It's Con's Piracy (2 comments)

Sweden, Russia, Nato, and the Military-Industrial Complex Show? (14 comments)

Descent of the Low Country (1 comments)

The John Bolton Acknowledgment That Should End The Benghazi Scandal Mongering

Our Elections Really Are Rigged -- by Gerrymandering and Districting Abuses (4 comments)

The Dangers of Liberals' Repressed Reptilian Brains (2 comments)

Crisis deepens for US occupation in Afghanistan (1 comments)

Understanding Human Nature and Tapping the Best Out Of It (7 comments)

READ THIS -- Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work (1 comments)

A Modest Gun-Safety Proposal (2 comments)

Business is booming in Texas!

Death Penalty Dying Out (2 comments)

Perchance to Dream (7 comments)

Financial Experts with Great Prediction Records Are Saying Another Economic Meltdown is Imminent (39 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: Ohio's corporate junta takes a hit from the labor left (2 comments)

Tuesday, May 7:

Israel Claims Its Attack On Syria Was "To Stop Iranian Missiles Reaching Hezbollah" (4 comments)

Sanford and Change in South Carolina

It's not Benghazi, It's President Obama (1 comments)

Debt Derangement

Barbara Lee And Dick Durbin's "Nobody-Could-Have-Known" Defense (8 comments)

Washington's Presumption; How stupid does a person have to be to believe this BS? (35 comments)

Israel Rescues Mujahid Obama (3 comments)

The Right's Re-Branding, 1860 to 1776 (4 comments)

Obama Did It for the Money

"It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times." (27 comments)

"A' is for Average: Grade Inflation in America (6 comments)

Israel Injects Itself into Syria's Civil War

Asking Amnesty International to Oppose War

*Burma needs to probe ongoing rights abuses in ethnic areas

*Call for FBI Director Robert Mueller to Resign Over Boston Bombing (12 comments)

60 Minutes and the Billionaire Agenda: Part 1, "Counterinsurgency Cops" (6 comments)

If Truth is Treason: Bradley Manning (8 comments)

Monday, May 6:

America Can't Cut Its Way To Prosperity

SCANDAL ABC: Defiance, Ohio - Is It On or Off the Table? (1 comments)

"Israel is Obama's fall-back plan for Syria" (2 comments)

Israeli Bombing Of Syria And Moral Relativism (1 comments)

A Soldier's Story: Bush, Cheney and the Lies That Killed (3 comments)

Gunslingers (11 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: What Part of "Emergency" Don't You Understand? (2 comments)

Bombing the Constitution (1 comments)

Pushing for War with Syria

Aw, Snap! (1 comments)

The Death of Truth (26 comments)

The Right to Belong (8 comments)

The Elizabeth Colbert Busch Campaign: Tilting at the Wrong Windmill (3 comments)

*Angela Giron: The Hardest Working Senator in Colorado (1 comments) and Pipeline: Bill M. Needs 12-Step Obama Rehab Program (3 comments)

Who Is the Real Predator? (8 comments)

The "Double Blowback" and Why Progressives Fail to Learn from It. (3 comments)

Greeting card turns veiled Muslim doll into terrorist doll

Questions about Sociopaths and Anti-Social Personality Disorder? (3 comments)

Realignment Redux (8 comments)

The Way Things Are (2 comments)

Guns Guns Guns ... and More Guns: Texas Leads The Way In NRA's Armed Revolt (7 comments)

Sunday, May 5:

The punishment they seek (3 comments)

Some Don't Pay Their War Taxes (2 comments)

In Praise Of Richard Falk -- An Analysis (2 comments)

We've Got to Find a Way to Stop the Imperial Presidency Before It Permanently Destroys Our Great Country (11 comments)

The Financial Press -- A Disinformation Machine (3 comments)

Pawns Are Always Expendable When Played (3 comments)

It's the Settlements, Stupid! (2 comments)

The Banks' Voluntary Housing Encopresis Could Lead to a Housing Fart (9 comments)

Are All Telephone Calls Recorded And Accessible To The US Government? (15 comments)

Mushroom Clouds Over Texas, 500 Deaths in Bangladesh -- That's Why We Need Unions (3 comments)

Saturday, May 4:

The Hollowing Out of Government (1 comments)

Thomas's Race Hit on Obama No Surprise (2 comments)

No, We Can't! (2 comments)

The Housing Shell Game: Prices Up, Ownership Down (2 comments)

Obamaheads--like Extreme Right--Are Useful Idiots for Corporatocracy (9 comments)

"Let Them Be Damned!" NRA La Pierre Says of Critics (68 comments)

Gun Madness v. Gun Sanity (19 comments)

Democratic party corruption and marijuana legalization (3 comments)

Public Service Recognition Week - May 5 through May 11, 2013 (1 comments)

Blindness to Blowback (3 comments)

My Experiences participating in US Institute of Peace (USIP) training (1 comments)

Using National Tragedies to Propel Anti-Constitutional Agendas (9 comments)

Is There a War on Christianity or is it on Evangelizing? (67 comments)

Why Lincoln and Cadillac are Failing (5 comments)

Why the US must not arm Syrian rebels (2 comments)

The Boston Marathon bombing: Failure of the police state (1 comments)

Friday, May 3:

Austerity Is "Suffocating the Economy" (3 comments)

TGIF: Criminal Government

In The Days Before...Part 2 (2 comments)

Why Closing Guantanamo Is Easy: Obama Doesn't Need Congress -- He Needs Travelocity

Devils, dirty deeds, and dark money (1 comments)

Howard Kurtz's Belated Comeuppance

Cowards Let Terrorists Take Away Their Freedom (36 comments)

Why Are Luxury Car Sales Growing at Record Rates -- In a Recession? (1 comments)

The Failure of Capitalism (25 comments)

Dalai Lama, Jason Collins, Leviticus and You. (7 comments)

Surprise: 'Jew in a Box' Is Not in a Box (7 comments)

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Thursday, May 2:

International law and the US war drive in Syria

To the Motherless on Mother's Day (1 comments)

The Syria-Iran Red Line Show

*Reducing Gun Violence (3 comments)

Billionaire Bankster Breaks into Obama's Cabinet (2 comments)

The AKC and Puppy Mills (26 comments)

Terrorist Arrests, Up 3. Wacko count, Up 3 (2 comments)

Our very own West Texas (1 comments)

Time for Big Green to Go Fossil Free (6 comments)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Superman, and the American Way (6 comments)

Conspiracy Theory Burden of Proof (25 comments)

Indeed, "Why are we doing this?" (4 comments)

One man comes out, a nation is mired in intolerance (4 comments)

The Better People Won That War (6 comments)

Goliath Wins Big - Facebook spikes activist ad (13 comments)

A Story for May Day: The Fed, Apple, and Trickle-Down Economics

Pursuing Truth about Israel/Palestine (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 1:

Pay in Blood: May Day and Modern Politics (4 comments)

Bad Results Follow Flawed Reasoning about the Debt-to-GDP Ratio (2 comments)

What If The Tsarnaevs' Motive Was Revenge for U.S. Foreign Policy? (9 comments)

Does the Bible Say the Garden of Eden Was in India? (6 comments)

Rise Of The Conservative Revolutionaries (3 comments)

My Dark Night of the Sequester (1 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Julian Assange: Wikileaks Has the Goods on the Deaths of Innocent Iraqis Killed by the US (9 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: San Jose (1 comments)

A young Yemeni writer on the impact and morality of drone-bombing his country (1 comments)

We Don't Love Freedom Enough (2 comments)

Freedom Rider: Crushed by Capitalism

Breitbart Lives? New York Times & Do Sloppy Racist Hatchet Job on Black Farmers Lawsuit

Time to Create a Progressive "Club For the Commons" (12 comments)

Don't Vent, Organize -- And "Primary" a Democrat Near You (5 comments)

Remarks at the UN International Meeting on Palestine in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2 comments)


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