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April 2013

Tuesday, April 30:

Conquerors from The Congo to The Jordan

Bail-out Is Out, Bail-in Is In: Time for Some Publicly-owned Banks (9 comments)

Pennsylvania's Broken Parole System (3 comments)

Why We Must Change The Narrative On Syria (2 comments)

Sandra Day O'Connor's "Maybe" Regret (1 comments)

Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage Is No Solution (4 comments)

Braying for war against Syria

Protecting Drone Crimes - Report on Hancock Air Field Civil Resistance

Into The Woods (1 comments)

Is Facebook Going the Way of "My Space"? (2 comments)

Google's Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets (2 comments)

Judge Sandra "Summons Up Remembrance of Things Past" (16 comments)

Making Work Pay The IDS Way (11 comments)

IDB bankruptcy in the Tel Aviv District Court - corruption of the courts and banking regulation (1 comments)

How to Graduate from College Debt-Free! (19 comments)

Anti-Vaccine Vitriol: Seeking Reason (14 comments)

Instant Commendation, Instant Condemnation: The Jason Collins Coming Out Story, Right, Left and Center. (3 comments)

The grace of atheists saved me, followers of Republican Jesus turned their back on me (7 comments)

Public Debt and Economic Growth (2 comments)

Monday, April 29:

SCANDAL ABC: Huck - Torturer on the Outside, Tortured on the Inside

First "Ag-Gag" Prosecution: This Utah Woman Filmed a Slaughterhouse from the Public Street (15 comments)

Second Thoughts on Health Exchanges and Hill Staffers

End mass incarceration; the time is now

Tar, Baby (1 comments)

What's so funny Mr. President? (2 comments)

Marx Reloaded, A Film by Jason Barker: Review and Commentary (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Pushing Al Qaeda to Take on Hezbollah (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Terrorism, Islam and What The Christian Right Needs to Know About Judaism (27 comments)

Georgia Justice (2 comments)

Political Corruption And The "Free Trade" Racket (1 comments)

Beyond Boston to Bangladesh (3 comments)

Rape in India: "How Can They Just Do It?!" (3 comments)

We Suffer Sequester, While CIA Squanders Cash We Don't Have on Fool's Errand (6 comments)

Report: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Repeated Requests For A Lawyer Were Ignored (6 comments)

Is America Retreating From the World? (1 comments)

Obama Drifts Toward Syrian War (1 comments)

Terrorists and Money Junkies: Who's the Bigger Threat? (1 comments)

*Most Dangerous Waste of Your Tax Dollars This Year? The Case of the B61 Nuclear Bomb (1 comments)

Say: "Make Social Security Fair." (11 comments)

Los Angeles to San Onofre: 'Not So Fast!' (1 comments)

The Revolution That's Not Being Televised (6 comments)

Daniel Patrick Welch: Watch Out World! Even Amerika's Wealthy Are Losing Ground

This FAA Sequester Vote Doesn't Smell Right

West Blast Obliterates Safety Lie

The Reinhart and Rogoff Errors Discredit the Obama Administration and Austerity (5 comments)

*THE Absent Conversation----Who Should Own America? (3 comments)

Homosexuality and Professional Sports: A lesson from Brittney Griner to the NFL (5 comments)

Sunday, April 28:

Breaking News: Obama Finally Tells the Truth. (9 comments)

Australia's boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people (2 comments)

The Russians Came (2 comments)

Recovery for the 7 Percent (5 comments)

Human Rights: Canada in the dock (1 comments)

Wars and Climate Change (6 comments)

The Myth of Liberal Media Bias (22 comments)

Does the New UN Treaty Mean I'll Lose My Gun? (7 comments)

If Corporations Are People, I'm All for DOMA (1 comments)

Saturday, April 27:

CISPA Is "Dead for Now," Thanks to a Left-Right Coalition for Online Privacy (2 comments)

Within The National (In)Security State: Fear as a Constant Companion (3 comments)

A post-history strip tease (6 comments)

Have Another Hit of Fracked Air

Bradley Manning Is Off Limits At SF Gay Pride Parade, But Corporate Sleaze Is Embraced (2 comments)

Long Live Boston, Down With All Evils (1 comments)

Do-Nothing Congress Gives Inertia a Bad Name (3 comments)

Earth to Washington: Repeal the Sequester

Barry Lamar Bonds

Evaluating The Grim And Finding Viable Solutions (4 comments)

What Has Bibi Been Doing? (1 comments)

Dan DeWalt: Heading towards a police state: Destroying Ourselves (15 comments)

Do Nations Ever Feel Guilt? (4 comments)

Friday, April 26:

Bill Moyers interview on Boston Marathon bombing (4 comments)

The Frog and the Scorpion (3 comments)

Do Hill Dems Think High Health Premiums Are Okay -- Sometimes? (1 comments)

Serious Trouble in Syria

It's the Media, Stupid!

America's Locked-Down Insecurity State (2 comments)

A Simple Example of How the Free Market Is Sucking the Middle Class Dry (1 comments)

What is a Budget? Alternative Economics 101 - Book Excerpt: TAX Your Imagination! (Chapter 3)

What's Wrong With Social Security? (6 comments)

Idiocy^2 As A New Normal (6 comments)

Dance On Thatcher's Grave, But Remember There Has Been A Coup In Britain (4 comments)

Thursday, April 25:

Libyan Door to Syrian Door to Iran (7 comments)

New Report Finds Increase In Social Inequality During US "Recovery" (1 comments)

Boston, Texas and Corporate Criminal Justice (3 comments)

Unleash The Massive Power Of The People Against The Forces That Are Ravaging This Country (139 comments)

Mary Wentworth: "America's Dirty Little Secret" (3 comments)

A Possible Motive Behind the Boston Marathon Bombings (10 comments)

The Answer is JOBS, Jack@$$! (2 comments)

Rupert Murdoch, Ayn Rand and A Sociopathic Economy (36 comments)

The Marathon Bombings, Privacy and the Question "Why?" (4 comments)

Why Bomb the Boston Marathon? Islamic Totalitarians, Apocalypse, and Terrorism (24 comments)

Oh, THAT'S What the Boy Scouts Mean by Being "Morally Straight' (8 comments)

New Anti- Terrorism Measures In the US ( Humor) (5 comments)

The White House's Flawed Korea Policies (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 24:

Best Creationism come-back ever? (6 comments)

This Is What A Police State Looks Like (5 comments)

Exit of Wall Street-Friendly Max Baucus is No Loss for Democrats (2 comments)

Deficits Are Bad and the Sun Goes Around the Earth (3 comments)

Your Opinion Is Irrelevant; The Senate Has Been Assimilated by the NRA (3 comments)

Do We Give Too Much Attention to Terrorist Attacks? (6 comments)

In The Days Before... (7 comments)

Kerry Forgot Rule Number One: Never Question the Sacred Israeli Narrative (2 comments)

And God Created Woman; Eden Foods Fighting Contraception in Obamacare

Hungry For Freedom In Guantanamo

The Same Motive For Anti-US "Terrorism" Is Cited Over And Over (1 comments)

The Bad and the Good: Congress and the People (2 comments)

4/19: The Day It All Came Together

277 Million Boston Bombings

Drones, Sanctions, and the Prison-Industrial Complex (1 comments)

Another Ignored Russian Warning

Darkness at Dawn: Tainting Democracy for Power and Profit (2 comments)

When Senators Vote Against Voting (And Reporters Don't Report It) (3 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: Oakland (2 comments)

Time to Renounce the "War on Terror" (16 comments)

The Preferences of the Wealthy and Their Role in Our Politics (1 comments)

Confront Corporate Personhood: Take Back our Planet (6 comments)

Hate Covers Up the Pain in Our Society (2 comments)

US Sponsored Terrorism is a Complex Affair (1 comments)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the Miranda Debate (3 comments)

The Christian Taliban Strikes: Violence Erupts Over Same-Sex Marriage In France's City Of Love (1 comments)

The MSM's Major Failure to Ask Important Questions about Boston (25 comments)

Tuesday, April 23:

Bomber Suspects Guns Big Slap at NRA's Gun Control Obstinacy (4 comments)

Nuts: When I Do Not Do Math (2 comments)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Taxation without representation (8 comments)

Supportive Culture of Learning May Fail Academically: Example from Middle East (5 comments)

The Bevill (Read: Baffle) Exclusion (1 comments)

Targeting Iran

Thinking Beyond Terrorism (3 comments)

How Come? (3 comments)

*Who Does The Gang of 8's Immigration Bill Hurt The Most ? (2 comments)

The new face of evil: why Henry Kissinger is still relevant today

Monday, April 22:

The United States Shows Its Contempt For Venezuelan Democracy (3 comments)

American Militarism: Part One (Rachel Maddow)

An Earth Day Agenda for our Food System (2 comments)

Freedom and High Anxiety in the USA -- An Analysis (6 comments)

42: Jackie Robinson and America's unfinished social agenda (2 comments)

Media Coverage of Boston Bombings Shows Human Life Is Valued by Different Standards (1 comments)

50 Years After MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," What Can We Learn? (1 comments)

The Terror Next Time (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: When Will We Ever Learn? (1 comments)

Earth Day

The FBI Boston-Chechnya charade (13 comments)

Why Is Boston "Terrorism" But Not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson And Columbine? (10 comments)

A litany of US war crimes exposed

How to Help your Employees, Administrators, and Students Understand What Unites Them - and What Makes Them Unique (22 comments)

John Q. Camarillo: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis (4 comments)

Second-Guessing George W. Bush (4 comments)

Boston Bombing, Selective Compassion, and the "Muslim Factor" (3 comments)

No More Culture of Violence (5 comments)

Massachusetts Peace Action Statement on Boston Marathon Bombing

Miranda Warnings and the Boston Marathon Bomber: Why Obama is Wrong (2 comments)

Glorious Martial Law? (8 comments)

On Nullification and North Carolina (1 comments)

Boston Marathon Bombers: Their Terrorist Actions Were Heinous, Their Outrage Explicable (20 comments)

The Persecution of Lynne Stewart (3 comments)

A Tale of Two Tragedies

News on the Animal Front (2 comments)

If You Want To Go To Heaven, You Had Better Get Busy Overthrowing Syria (6 comments)

Time for a Department of Peace (4 comments)

Obama v. EPA: Constructing His Environmental Legacy (1 comments)

GOP: God's Own Party? (4 comments)

Creating a Very Real Department of "Defense" (3 comments)

Earth Day

America's War on Islam 2.0 (1 comments)

Hagel in Israel

Sunday, April 21:

Real Faces of the Minimum Wage

No Compassion for Coyotes (5 comments)

He Is Comfortable With Bush's Inferno

Boston and the Right-Wing Media's Collapse

Boston offers grim preview of coming attractions: Police State on Display (2 comments)

*Joan Walsh's Analysis of What's the Matter with White People (REVIEW ESSAY) (1 comments)

What to Do with G.W. Bush? (5 comments)

Like a band of rebels we bike down the highway (1 comments)

Vegan is the 'new green' for Earth Day

Koch Brothers' Bid for Tribune Newspapers Should Be Blocked (4 comments)

Challenge City-Wide Lockdowns (33 comments)

What the Gosnell Abortion Trial Really Shows Us (1 comments)

Never Trust Sun Trust! (2 comments)

Anatomy of a False Flag (9 comments)

Venezuela's Maduro Inaugurated

Where did they find the money to send troops to Jordan? (4 comments)

The Boston blowback (1 comments)

Saturday, April 20:

Terrorism is just so darn sensational, who can resist? (9 comments)

Obama comes to Boston (1 comments)

What the Frack Do We Know? (1 comments)

What rights should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev get and why does it matter? (12 comments)

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar (4 comments)

American Education (20 comments)

Context and Contact: Exploring Agents of Influence in the Boston Attacks (2 comments)

The Knacker (1 comments)

The "Fix the Debt" Movement (3 comments)

Appearances Are Deceiving

What Are We Adults Telling Ourselves About Boston? (3 comments)

Drama Queen Nation? (3 comments)

The Bloom Is Off Gold

Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons (11 comments)

Boston Marathon Bombing (51 comments)

Friday, April 19:

Hunt Terrorists, Not Witchhunt Muslims (1 comments)

"Little Brother" Taken Alive, AFTER and Because of Police Lockdown Lifted (120 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: Los Angeles (7 comments)

The Scandal that's Discrediting All Conservative Economists (7 comments)

Surveillance Society: Met Police Spying On 57,000 People A Year (1 comments)

Think your animals are safe in your backyard? Think again (6 comments)

Hey.,You., Wanna Buy a Gun? (12 comments)

Nature Versus Nature (1 comments)

Where have all the honey bees gone? (9 comments)

Wasting Food and Hunger Side by Side, Scandalous (2 comments)

In Praise of Emotion

Who are the real 'takers'? (22 comments)

Living with More Pollution: Why Race and Place Still Matter (1 comments)

Bernanke Drives Margin Debt to Pre-Crisis Highs (2 comments)

What Are Derivatives and Why Do They Imperil the U.S. Economy? (10 comments)

The Marathon Bombing: What The Media Didn't Warn You About (6 comments)

Stay in Place Order Issued - Pray in Place Order Issued

The Failure of Universal Background Checks is a Finger in the Eye. (5 comments)

Democrats as well as Republicans in Need of Serious Overhaul (2 comments)

A New Economic Story of "Money & Life"

Two scenes of terror, only one terrorism probe: The Real Terrorists are Corporate Execs Who've Bought Regulators (5 comments)

Why We Should Reduce the Defense Budget (1 comments)

Cutting the Pentagon Budget: A Step to Curbing Climate Change and Healing the Planet (2 comments)

Bradley Manning Update: How to Commit Espionage Without Trying!

The DBA, Their "Annual Report," and Mine... (2 comments)

Russian Homeland Threatened by Feminism (6 comments)

Top 5 ways anti-immigrant hate makes its way into media and policy

The Tar Sands Pipeline and Independent Eco-Politics (4 comments)

Imprisoned for Blogging (1 comments)

Palestinian Prisoners Day

At Boston Interfaith Service, Obama Calls for Justice and Compassion (2 comments)

Thursday, April 18:

Time for a Sales Tax on Wall Street (2 comments)

Enough is Enough (2 comments)

How Bowiemania buries Thatcherism

Vile, Filthy, Bloody, Dirty Wars

Impromptu: Boston- What Seems Logical To Do (1 comments)

The Power of False Narratives (2 comments)

"They have no souls" (2 comments)

Violence is Best Addressed with Violence: The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. (1 comments)

Psychologists and Torture: Accountability Still Awaits (1 comments)

Report Paints Devastating Portrait of Conditions of US Children (2 comments)

NRA Liars and Congressional Cowards (27 comments)

Disempowering Terrorism (5 comments)

Washington v. Venezuela

Post-Boston Bombings Fear-Mongering (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 17:

America: Running Out of Time (5 comments)

A Robin Hood Response to the Austerity Lie: Tax Wall Street

Thatcher's Malign Long-Lasting Legacy

Don't tamper with social security Mr. President (1 comments)

Harry Reid & Barack Obama: Directly Responsible For The Destruction Of Gun Safety Legislation (20 comments)

The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink (10 comments)

The Parable of the Tribes--Step Three: Selection for the Ways of Power

*In Reversed History Vietnam's Crimes Against Humanity in America Would be Prosecuted (11 comments)

Obama's Misguided Agenda: Doing the Business of DC's Elites

Anti-Zionism Not Anti-Semitism (1 comments)

The Dis-Uniting of America (1 comments)

The Boston Bombing Produces Familiar And Revealing Reactions (10 comments)

Canary in a Mine Shaft: Boston? (2 comments)

The Only Public Comment Kerry Needs to Make-- Deny Keystone XL (1 comments)

Destabilizing Venezuela (4 comments)

Hunger Striking for Liberation, Justice and Dignity (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 16:

Assault On Gold Update -- Part 2 (9 comments)

Vieques 10 Years After the Bombing Stopped

Tales of Reagan's Guatemala Genocide (3 comments)

April is the Cruelest Month

Echoes in the Aftermath: Remembering the Victims of Violence

We Need to Reclaim the Spirit of America's First May Day, and Fight and Strike Anew for Economic Justice! (1 comments)

Gay Marriage and the Constitution (2 comments)

Reaping the Whirlwind: A Violent Act Again in a Violent Nation (2 comments)

America's Miserly Minimum Wage Needs an Upgrade (9 comments)

To Be Sincere Or to Fake It: That Is the Question (4 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: Missouri (2 comments)

Executive Action: JFK Witness Deaths and the London Times Actuary (2 comments)

Tragedy Parasites/Vultures Descend on Boston (76 comments)

No Rush to Judgment in Boston

The Learned Women (3 comments)

Officials Right to Damp Down Muslim Terrorism Fear in Boston Marathon Bombing

"Let's Kill Them All" Rush To Judgment: Why The "Sarcastic" Tweet To The Boston Marathon Explosions Matters (5 comments)

Of Boston, Bombs -- and the Centurion Program! (5 comments)

Gold Drops Most in 30 Years (1 comments)

Venezuela: Post-Electoral Sour Grapes

Monday, April 15:

How the U.S. Performs in Recent International Rankings; Hint: 3rd, as in Third World (8 comments)

Gun Control: The Manchin-Toomey Bill Will Be Ineffective in Reducing Inner City Gun Violence (9 comments)

Will Social Security be unchained? (5 comments)

Taking Grandma to the Curb (Letter to President Obama) (3 comments)

Why This is the Worst Recovery on Record

Why I'm Returning My Eagle Scout Badge (50 comments)

The Upside of Taxes

Learning the Hard Way: The False Promises of Standardized Tests (20 comments)

S&P's Utterly Bogus 1st Amendment Defense (3 comments)

Obama's Chained-CPI Social Security Cut Is Smart Politics... for the GOP (1 comments)

The Primary American Meme: Be Afraid. (5 comments)

GOP has New Dilemma in Feud with Tea Party (1 comments)

The Republican Party as Now Constituted is a Dinosaur (2 comments)

*Paying for War Is Participation in War (2 comments)

Opiophobia, Restrictive Laws, and the Torture of Chronic Pain Patients (21 comments)

Sweatshops on Wheels (2 comments)

We Are Not Broke: Ellison Reintroduces The Robin Hood Tax (1 comments)

Chavismo Wins (8 comments)

New York Times v. North Korea

Imperial Partners Showcase Their Ruthlessness

Assault On Gold Update (4 comments)

Russia Bars Bush-Era Torture Lawyers (4 comments)

President Obama, One Corporate Puppet Among Many (5 comments)

Sunday, April 14:

The New Feudalism: Big Corporations and the United States of Ever-growing Inequality (17 comments)

The Auction (2 comments)

Democracy is coming... to the U.S.A.! (2 comments)

If We Street People Don't Fight Back, We're Culpable for Our Own Misery!

Climate Change Is No Hoax (1 comments)

Small Acts, Without 50% + 1 DO Change the World (24 comments)

Civil marriage for none. Civil unions for all. (2 comments)

*The Strength of Butterflies is in Their Wings (3 comments)

Money for Militarism, not for People: Obama's Betrayal of Social Security (1 comments)

New York Times Anti-Palestinian Bias (1 comments)

Venezuelans Vote

Creating a North Korean Threat

Saturday, April 13:

The Fossil Fuel Resistance (3 comments)

WRONG! Privatisation was not a 'Thatcherite' Concept. (6 comments)

President Obama, Please Stop the "Both Sides" Nonsense (16 comments)

People and Peace Over Plutocracy (2 comments)

In Defense of Amira Hass -- An Analysis (1 comments)

"Two Americas" writing prompt / essay (4 comments)

Ghost is Vindicated (7 comments)

Book Excerpt: TAX Your Imagination! (Chapter 2: Who Owns The Money?)

Barbara Boxer, AIPAC Seek To Codify Israel's Right To Discriminate Against Americans (7 comments)

"The Horror, the Horror" (2 comments)

Mr O'Donnell please! (9 comments)

*Tax Day & Religious Freedom (3 comments)

Helping the Homeless Will Take Fresh Thinking and a Focus on Mental Health: Part I

Cut Social Security & Veterans' Benefits? Cut the Pentagon Instead (1 comments)

The New York Times Thinks Bleeding Cyprus Is 'Strong Medicine' (5 comments)

Globalized Torture (1 comments)

Greater Grand Theft Cyprus (3 comments)

The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan (1 comments)

"Around Us the Storm is Raging" (5 comments)

Friday, April 12:

The Fate of All Empires: Two Obamas, Two Classes of Children (2 comments)

Will the Coming Economic War With China End the American Empire? (27 comments)

*It's Time to Drop the Bomb! Boycott Christmas (9 comments)

Have We Elected a "Dud" as President---Twice? (2 comments)

Drone Bill Stalemate in Maine Over Warrantless Surveillance (2 comments)

The NRA's Terror Campaign against Congress Kicks into High Gear

The Future is Coming: What's the U.S. Plan? (4 comments)

Obama's Neoliberal Budget (2 comments)

Attacking Venezuela's Democratic Process (1 comments)

Cardoza Law School Ignores Dershowitz To Honor Jimmy Carter (2 comments)

Thursday, April 11:

Inch by Inch (21 comments)

"Luxury" Alley

Dr. King's Warning of "Two Americas" (3 comments)

Three Key Lessons From The Obama Administration's Drone Lies (10 comments)

Brotherhood Turns Back On Gaza

Just Asking: Media Outfoxed On Spate Of Bizarre Shootings? (8 comments)

The Right's Second Amendment Fraud (5 comments)

Postcard from the End of America: Cheyenne (3 comments)

Mistreating Palestinian Children (1 comments)

The Pill (1 comments)

GOP's Not-So-Shocking "Shocking Attack" On Obama's Chained-CPI Cuts (1 comments)

Stephen Moore, Rush Limbaugh, And The Right-Wing War On Science (1 comments)

UNLEASH No FEAR: A Campaign To Secure Our Nation by Ending Federal Workplace Abuse (8 comments)

Thatcherism More Strategy Than Ideology (5 comments)

Florida, Oklahoma poised to pass anti-Sharia bills (1 comments)

Jesusland: Let the Red States Secede (18 comments)

Why Obama Wants Cuts In Social Security Benefits (7 comments)

Run, Ashley, Run! (8 comments)

Guantanamo and the APA: Where Accountability Goes to Die (2 comments)

We Are Failing Our Companion Animals (4 comments)

Authorization for Use of Military Force ... On YOU (3 comments)

Mitch McConnell's "Whack-a-Mole' Dirty Politics Campaign (7 comments)

Force-Fed UK Austerity (1 comments)

Deplorable Bahraini Human Rights Abuses Continue

Wednesday, April 10:

The Madness of NYT's Tom Friedman (2 comments)

It's Time To Help, Not Harass, the Homeless

Winner Takes All: The Super-priority Status of Derivatives (7 comments)

Bi-Partisanship We Don't Need: The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree (2 comments)

Barack Obama: The "Great Pretender", Orchestrator of the Grand Betrayal (43 comments)

Tyranny of Deception (4 comments)

Obama's Gambling Problem; Rolling the Dice on Social Security, Like He Did on the Sequester (22 comments)

Time to Bell the Obama Cat (26 comments)

North Korea Does Not Pose a Nuclear Threat to the U.S. (2 comments)

No My Support For The Background Check Bill (3 comments)

Viral Vitriol From The Left: Thatcher, Warren, And The Legitimacy of Hate (3 comments)

Thatcherism (2 comments)

Obama's War on Social America (3 comments)

Tuesday, April 9:

Could Democrats Be Rebranded As the "Anti-Social Security Party"? (3 comments)

SCANDAL ABC: Defiance, Ohio and Boston, Massachusetts

The Elephant in the Room: Militarism (1 comments)

The Invisible Class (2 comments)

Iraq: The Deadliest War For Journalists (1 comments)

Good Riddance Thatcher and Other Thoughts on Dead Vile People (86 comments)

Korea: B2 bombers offering a path to peace? (4 comments)

"The 99%" Redefined: 99 Percent of Americans Know Little About the Dangers of AUMF 2001 & NDAA 2012 (3 comments)

The BoJ's Kuroda Wheels Out the Heavy Artillery -- Media Wants it Kept Under Wraps (3 comments)

"Carry On Margaret": Still Playing in Theaters Near You

President Obama: Driving on Cruise Control (6 comments)

Israeli Authorities drop a major fraud investigation to protect the Israeli Diamond Industry (1 comments)

Divide And Conquer (2 comments)

Exploiting Holocaust Remembrance Day (1 comments)

New York Times Supports Targeted Killings

Monday, April 8:

The Cruelty of Big Business (3 comments)

Why Obama's Social Security Cuts Are Our Wake-Up Call (4 comments)

Death Row & Exoneration {Part 2} (2 comments)

Death Row & Exoneration {Part 1} (2 comments)

The Stealth Sequester

How can a veteran of war in Afghanistan help us understand good conscience?

Margaret Thatcher And Misapplied Death Etiquette (4 comments)

Argo -- Like a KGB Fairy --Tale (2 comments)

If Lifeb Begins at Fertilization . . . (1 comments)

Closing corporate tax havens: The solution to the sequester (1 comments)

Plutocracy's Toll on America (2 comments)

Cutting the Welfare Safety Net Is Not the Way to 'Make Work Pay' (1 comments)

*Debt Debt What's the Threat? (1 comments)

An unholy coalition of perceived "interests': USA, Saudi Arabia & Al Qaeda "-


Fast Food Workers in New York Go on Strike

Time for Lady Liberty to Come Clean (3 comments)

Open Letter on Guantanamo Hunger Strike (1 comments)

Destabilizing Venezuela: Longstanding US Policy

More Peace Process Hypocrisy

The Hijacking of Human Rights (20 comments)

Sunday, April 7:

In the time it took Adam Lanza to reload, 11 children escaped. (11 comments)

President Obama's High Stakes Budget Gamble (1 comments)

Tomgram: Bill McKibben, How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Democrats? (4 comments)

UK Prime Minister Cameron stokes fires of war against North Korea (1 comments)

American Apartheid

If These Are the Early Stages (4 comments)

A Peace Movement That Moves Toward Peace (5 comments)

Hollywood's Dangerous Afghan Illusion (4 comments)

Youtube Blocks Video That Exposes Hate Speech (2 comments)

The Culture of Masculinity in SportsWorld: Lessons from Rutgers University (3 comments)

Sanford campaign lost at sea (8 comments)

The Mitch and Harry Love Story; Why Harry Reid Refused to Even Modify the Filibuster (10 comments)

Defending IMF Financial Terrorism (7 comments)

Iranian Nuclear Talks (2 comments)

It's The Jobs, Stupid (3 comments)

Saturday, April 6:

Frack-Flavored Gas (2 comments)

Letter from Washington, DC: Teacher Opposes Assault on Public Schools (4 comments)

When We Ignore the Truth (3 comments)

Progressives Push Back Against Obama's Social Security, Medicare Austerity (20 comments)

A Past That Never Was (1 comments)

Confronting the "Moral Bankruptcy" of Iraq War's Liberal Supporters (2 comments)

Another Dismal Jobs Report (6 comments)

The South also rises (3 comments)

Obamacare Already Starts Collapsing Into Medical-Industry Feeding Frenzy (5 comments)

Hugo Chávez, Venezuela and the Corporate Media (6 comments)

A Pledge to Iraq Veteran Tomas Young (5 comments)

A little mystery with our meat (2 comments)

Three Lefts Will Realign the Right (2 comments)

Another Reason to Kick the Meat Habit (1 comments)

NO CUTS!: Chase Down Mega-Rich Tax Cheats and Recover the Offshore Trillion$ (8 comments)

Permanent War: Longstanding US Policy (1 comments)

BOJ Increases QE

Tyranny Of The Reasonable: Popular Complacency In An Era Of Economic Exploitation And Perpetual War (6 comments)

RFK Assassination Legal Case Update (5 comments)

Friday, April 5:

The Big Stall (1 comments)

An Israeli Apology Means Little (1 comments)

Rob Hager: Single Issue Voting: A Thought Experiment on the 2012 Election (1 comments)

In Their Shoes (1 comments)

The Soft, Weak Chinese Cite Concerns For International Law And Due Process (3 comments)

The Hypocrisy of Conservative "Values"

Critical Thinking Gone Missing -- An Analysis (3 comments)

How To Make Too-Big-To-Fail Businesses Obsolete (2 comments)

Have Wall Street's "Third Way" Democrats Ever Been Right About Anything? (1 comments)

Corporatism: Carving The Heart Out of America And Its Economy (12 comments)

Obama Administration Seeks to Appease the Austerity Gods (14 comments)

The Map is Not the Territory: Good Thing, Because the Territory is Pretty Dismal. (4 comments)

Why Syria's militias may implode (2 comments)

Western Demands for Gay Rights Pushing Africa Further to the Great Wall (1 comments)

Russian Smile (Sidebar) (7 comments)

Keystone XL: Obama the Pragmatist (1 comments)

The GOP Plan to Kill Americans (5 comments)

Don't betray America's elderly, Mr. President! (11 comments)

Playing the North Korea Card

Institutionalized Barbarism: Official Israeli Policy (1 comments)

Thursday, April 4:

Five Questions That Will Decide The Gun Debate (3 comments)

The Long Depression (3 comments)

The Assault On Gold (11 comments)

Slithery When Wet: Tales From The "Slippery Slope" (1 comments)

Join the AUMF Hunger Strike Demanding Repeal of AUMF 2001 (2 comments)

Bush Redux? (1 comments)

How Turkey's Regional Ambitions Crumbled

What's The "Chained CPI"?

Crashing the 2-Party System: The Way Forward is a Single-Issue Social Security Defense Party (6 comments)

Washington Escalates Syria Intervention

Tax Dodger's Nightmare: $1.6 Trillion In Off Shore Accounts Exposed! And The World Is Waiting To Find Out WHO!! (5 comments)

Failed by the Fourth Estate (3 comments)

Bernie Sanders: Too Big to Jail? (3 comments)

Friedman, The Inventor- In- Shill (6 comments)

In Death Berezovsky Makes Fools of Media

"Legitmacy" Means Nothing (4 comments)

Burning Temples And Mandating Christian Prayer: The Slippery Slopes Of North Carolina's Declaration of Sovereignty (2 comments)

Government Exists to Serve the People, not the Privileged (7 comments)

Public Banking: What Better Time Than Now (3 comments)

Israeli Murder by Neglect

Wednesday, April 3:

Bipartisan-Ship Of Fools (1 comments)

What Immigration Reform Could Mean for American Workers, and Why the AFL-CIO Is Embracing It (3 comments)

Educator Who Challenged Scott Walker's Vouchers Agenda Wins 61-39 in Wisconsin (4 comments)

Sam Harris, the New Atheists, and anti-Muslim animus (1 comments)

Tariq Aziz: Victim of US Imperialism

Mass Incarceration + Silence = Genocide (1 comments)

This Is How The Revolution Begins; Adbusters Tactical Briefing #42. (15 comments)

National Internet Tax Mandate Is In Place To Cripple The Online Marketplace (4 comments)

The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize (18 comments)

The Never Ending Hypocrisy of Hiding behind the Bible on Gay Marriage (1 comments)

Guantanamo Hunger Strike Spreads (1 comments)

Playing the Venezuelan Anti-Semitism Card (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 2:

Why *Wouldn't* Obama Cut Social Security and Medicare? (7 comments)

Follow-up on prior stories and a few new items

Nukes and Nutjobs (3 comments)

YES to the UN's Arms Trade Treaty! (6 comments)

The Parable of the Tribes-- Step Two: The Human Breakthrough Make the Struggle for Power Inevitable

Turning Our Bleak Future into Real Hope and Action (1 comments)

The Road to Syria: "It all depends on what America says" (2 comments)

John Q. Camarillo: Raw Milk

It Wasn't David Stockman Who Wrecked the Economy (3 comments)

Expanding Draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Powers

An Opportunity for Obama to Redeem Himself (3 comments)

Republican Moral Model: Are We Good or Evil? (6 comments)

Costs of Iraq, Afghanistan wars could rise to $6 trillion (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: The Connection Between War & Violence Against Women (14 comments)

The Second amendment and todays militias (1 comments)

Scandal Hits Cyprus (1 comments)

Monsanto Protection Act (6 comments)

The Methane Beneath Our Feet (1 comments)

SCANDAL ABC: Democracy Continues to Die (3 comments)

Monday, April 1:

Syria: A Multi-Sided Chess game (1 comments)

An Outpouring of Love and Support for Bradley Manning to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize (9 comments)

Homelessness Byproduct of Corporate Capitalism (2 comments)

"Moran" Monday (1 comments)

*The Path of Gay Marriage From State Rights to Human Rights (3 comments)

The Abortion Wars: Opening a Second Front (1 comments)

Democratic Doomsday? The Slippery Slope of GOP Election Deceit

A "Stark Choice" Election on the Future of Public Education (1 comments)

Call for Environmental Justice Milestones and Accomplishments for Earth Day 2013

How The British Banking Industry Became An Organised Crime Enterprise (2 comments)

What Else is a $6 Billion Presidential Election Costing Us? (1 comments)

Stephen Colbert's Sister Will Run for U.S. House on 100% Unverifiable Voting Machines in SC

The Treason of the Intellectuals (48 comments)

Ramifications of the Frustrating Spending versus Taxes Debate Stalemate (2 comments)

How to Avoid the Bummer Myth With a Good Plan B (3 comments)

The Extortion and Blackmail of Egypt by the IMF

Berezovsky Murdered by Journalists? (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Who's Playing with the Imam Sadr Case and Why?

John Q. Camarillo: Gay Turnips (3 comments)

A Syrian's Perspective: Bashar al-Assad's Democratic Movement (4 comments)

The Upcoming Civil War: Not As Simple As Love States vs Hate States. (4 comments)

Abraham Lincoln -- An Act Of Atonement (8 comments)

America's War on North Korea (2 comments)

Discriminatory Israeli Land Policies


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