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March 2013

Sunday, March 31:

Truth Is Offensive (16 comments)

Crazy Gun-Toting Insurrectionists (19 comments)

Immodest Proposals (13 comments)

Fusion Center Director: We Don't Spy On Americans, Just Anti-Government Americans (2 comments)

How Bush Won The War In Iraq -- Really! (4 comments)

The Message Sent By America's Invisible Victims (2 comments)

A Shout Out to the Bad Girls (9 comments)

Putting an End to "The Woman Question" (35 comments)

Look for the Union Bunny

Franklin P. Lamb: Has the Arab League mortally wounded itself by declaring war on Syria? (3 comments)

Scalia and The War In the Supreme Court Over Gay Marriage (3 comments)

Will Socialism Win the Next Round in French Elections? (1 comments)

Depositor Haircuts Spreading (3 comments)

Commemorating Land Day

Saturday, March 30:

Is the GOP Sincere in Denouncing its Bigots? (2 comments)

The Dollar Economy is a Pyramid Scheme: Who Gets Screwed? (34 comments)

Water-Free Fracking--Why Not? (4 comments)

This Is Not The Age Of Defeat (1 comments)

The Kochs, Profits, and Mother Earth (2 comments)

Marriage Equality is Good for Education (1 comments)

This Easter, Religious Leaders Join Forces To Denounce U.S. Drone Policy (1 comments)

Please Ask China to Stop Dog Cruelty (20 comments)

Yes, We Can Have Banks That Work For the People

Gay Marriage and the Shifting Sands of Time Magazine Covers

The Lights of Perverted Science (3 comments)

Regime Change Begins at Home (4 comments)

Depositor Haircuts: The New Norman (1 comments)

Friday, March 29:

Domestic Drones And Their Unique Dangers (7 comments)

Jean-Yves Ollivier: Mixing business and peace

China's Shadow Bankers and the Vampire Squid (4 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Why Do Women Judge Themselves and Each Other for Failing at the Impossible? (27 comments)

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors (18 comments)

Israeli Idiocracy (3 comments)

Slick, Paranoid Tea Party Video Aims for Violent Insurrection (6 comments)

Surprising Studies Find DC Does What Wealthiest Want, Majority Opposes (2 comments)

Digital Grab: Corporate Power Has Seized the Internet (1 comments)

Spanking Babies for God: Why America is the Most Violent First World Country. (6 comments)

Of All the Industrialized Democracies Only in America is This a Controversy (1 comments)

The New American English Language (A Conversation About Words) (5 comments)

The Guantanamo Hunger Strike Starts to Get Attention... and Gets More Dangerous (5 comments)

Keystone XL Pipeline: 3 Key Questions (3 comments)

How Inequality Corrupts Society (2 comments)

How Congress let Monsanto off the hook (14 comments)

Cyprus Postmortems: Part II

NYT Editors Ignore GMO Health Dangers (2 comments)

Thursday, March 28:

How To Survive A Coup: Lessons From David Petraeus (4 comments)

Why Politicians Are Sensitive to Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage, Immigration, and Guns, But Not on the Economy

The Decider?

The Bloody Path to Empire (5 comments)

*Eliminate All Political-Appointee Managers. They've Added Trillions to Our National Debt. (1 comments)

How Big Corporations Are Unpatriotic (8 comments)

George W. Bush's Lie-bury (7 comments)

Too Big to Jail? (22 comments)

Obama: "Look At The World Through [Palestinian] Eyes" (1 comments)

Why We're Going to Dallas for the People's Response to the Bush Lie-Bury (4 comments)

The MSNBC Documentary of the Bush War on Iraq: Filling in Some Gaps (1 comments)

Sanders Bill Would Break Up Big Banks Cites Justice Dept. Worries that Banks are "Too Big to Jail" (3 comments)

Equal Rights for All (1 comments)

"Little Eichmanns"

Snowball in Hell: The Momentum of Same-Sex Marriage in Our Sulfurous Polity (2 comments)

If it's 'safe,' put it on the label (1 comments)

The Pakistan Political Palette (1 comments)

No Merit Badge for Courage for Boy Scouts (15 comments)

Revealed: Why Bankers Continue To Get Away With Fraud (1 comments)

New BRICS Development Bank Announced

Destroying Public Education in Chicago (11 comments)

Obama's Peace Antics in Israel -- Four More Years of This? (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 27:

Scott Walker's 'Unintimidated' Grab for Presidential Consideration (3 comments)

The London Whale, Cyprus and Washington -- The Hubris of the Wall Street Gang (1 comments)

Gas Industry Report Calls Anti-Fracking Movement a "Highly Effective Campaign"

Our Declining Patriotism (3 comments)

Bradley Manning's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination (4 comments)

Concerning Approval Ratings, Who's worse, Democrats or Republicans?

Syria Peace Process: The Ten Year (Shock and Awe) Itch (1 comments)

The Real U.S. Legacy in Iraq Ten Years Later: Death, Disease, Devastation, and Displacement. (3 comments)

Jean Ziegler: We Let the Third World Starve -- the Disaster Can Be Stopped (1 comments)

Face It: Antonin Scalia Is Just a Bigot in a Black Robe. (2 comments)

German Leadership and Media Just Don't Get It--Will Germany Fail to Ask Key Questions and Reform its Approach?

Book Excerpt: TAX Your Imagination (Chapter 1: Money) (1 comments)

Despite DOJ memos and court rulings, California Highway Patrol still telling people not to film them (2 comments)

Carrey Mocks Moses, Fox Fumes: NRA's Sacred Cow Not To Be Blasphemed (6 comments)

Washington Escalates War on Syria

Cyprus Portmortems

Why I'm Attending the Dedication of the Bush Lie Bury (5 comments)

Tuesday, March 26:

Gays Owe a Big Debt of gratitude to President Obama on Gay Marriage (1 comments)

Senate Unanimously Votes Against Cuts to Social Security, Media Don't Notice (3 comments)

Austerity's Cruelest Cut: Democracy Denied in Detroit

Here Comes Jeebus Cottontail (3 comments)

The Gay Marriage Snowball And Political Change (1 comments)

Will Future Cars Pay for Themselves as Power Plants? (1 comments)

BRICS Go Over The Wall (2 comments)

Homophobia (1 comments)

Death by Bailout -- Cyprus in the Crosshairs (3 comments)

The Morality Brigade (2 comments)

The Parable of the Tribes--Step One A Breakthrough Unprecedented in the History of Life

*What Went Wrong With Gun Control? (2 comments)

Congress Protects Monsanto, Not Third Graders (6 comments)

My History Of Tolerance (3 comments)

Is Tel Aviv the Human Shield in a US-Israel Anti-Iran Gamble? Could Israel Become the Next Iraq?

An Alternative to Capitalism (since we cannot legislate morality) (21 comments)

Expanding Guantanamo

Obama Spurns Palestinian Rights

Monday, March 25:

SCANDAL ABC: Yes, Cyrus, Olivia's Vagina Is Political (8 comments)

The Racism That Fuels The "War On Terror" (3 comments)

The Mostly Mainstream Foreign Policy of Rand Paul: Washington Can Sleep Easy (1 comments)

The Holy Land Gets Skunked -- An Analysis (2 comments)

147 People (2 comments)

Bradley Manning's Nobel Peace Prize (9 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Finally, the Backlash Against Drones Takes Flight (2 comments)

The Day That TV News Died (28 comments)

*In Memoriam: Chinua Achebe (1930-2013) (1 comments)

Cyprus Update (1 comments)

Congress Voting Rights Act Power Is In The Constitution; Ginsburg and Gingrich Agree

The Future Freaks Me Out (11 comments)

Obama's Disastrous Failure to Use the Bully Pulpit (16 comments)

Where can we find a more relevant example of organized irresponsibility than Washington, D.C.? (3 comments)

Two letters, a decade apart (5 comments)

March $ Madness, 2013: The Exploitation of the Black Athlete (3 comments)

Lean In, Women; Corporations and Government, Brush Off Your Hands (7 comments)

Apology Excepted: Obama's Turkish Twist (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: A Draft-Dodging, Zionist Friendly, Rightwing Texan Islamist to lead Syria? (1 comments)

Americans' Economic Prospects And Civil Liberties Have Been Stolen (12 comments)

The Trials Of The Century: Homosexual Love vs "Morality" (3 comments)

What Follows Turkish/Israeli Reconciliation (1 comments)

Shameless NYT Defense of Obamacare

Sunday, March 24:

Rumors of Assad's Assassination Greatly Exaggerated

Congress Has a Constitutional Duty to Preserve and Promote the Post Office

How Noam Chomsky is discussed (2 comments)

That Piece Killed by the "Post" (5 comments)

Death to Peacekeepers (5 comments)

The Heart of the Matter: US Media Replace Rachel Corrie with Israeli Spy (1 comments)

Recruits Meet At The LSE: Reliving The South African Struggle In London

The Paul Ryan Magical Mystery Chop, Dice, and Slice Budget (5 comments)

Cyprus Seeks 11th Hour Deal

The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery (13 comments)

Grand Betrayal

Payday Loans - Modern Day Usury (1 comments)

Saturday, March 23:

The Speech that was Not Delivered

Who the Frack's Really in Charge? (2 comments)

Evidence Conservatives Are Always Wrong (4 comments)

A call to unify (3 comments)

The WPost's Unbridled Arrogance

The Battle of Cyprus: The Long-planned Deposit Confiscation Scheme (30 comments)

Just a US Citizen, No Big Deal: Obama Doesn't Demand Israeli Apology for Killing of an American Youth (4 comments)

The Mainstream U.S. Press Has No Credibility After Iraq (9 comments)

Sitzkrieg on the Potomac

Women Deserve Better (4 comments)

The Dark Stain From The Dark Alliance: Cautionary Tales From The Tragic Saga of Gary Webb (11 comments)

GOP Rebranding? Roger Ailes Isn't Buying It (4 comments)

High Noon in Cyprus (2 comments)

Obama in Jerusalem

Lawless NYPD Spying on Muslims

Republicans and the Iraq War: Ten Years Later (1 comments)

Real Liars Go To Tehran (3 comments)

NYT's Rhodes To Nowhere: A Cipher In The Oval Office (1 comments)

Friday, March 22:

The Cusp of Ecological Disaster (4 comments)

Psychological Toll of False-positive Mammogram, Danish Study

Hubbert 's Peak, The Economy, and War for Oil (1 comments)

Fortune's Fools: Individual Calling at the Cusp of Ecological Catastrophe (4 comments)

Cave in Obama puts Social Security and Medicare in budget deal (4 comments)

Happily Arrested at White House, waving Bitter Herb & Matzah

Where's "The Revolution"? (4 comments)

Grand Theft Cyprus: Part II

U.S. Media Helped Keep Debra Milke on Death Row for 20 Years (3 comments)

Obama in Israel, So What has Changed?

Benjamin Franklin to Robert Morris (12 comments)

Tell me again, why did we invade Iraq? (4 comments)

Will Liberals Ever Notice Obama Is Raping Them? (70 comments)

The Sound and Fury of Americaan Politics (8 comments)

America's Children Live In Fear While The U.S. Congress Provides Protection To The Gun Industry (44 comments)

What Makes a Republican? (2 comments)

Unbreakable US/Israeli Ties (1 comments)

We Need a New Political Party (27 comments)

Thursday, March 21:

The Price of Evil at JPMorgan Chase (1 comments)

Newtown's Hidden Crime-Scene Photos (13 comments)

20 Years of Femicide in Mexico, Call for Justice Grows Louder

Grand bargain could be grand sellout (1 comments)

The Iraq War was planned years in advance

Drill Baby, Oops! Frack Baby Frack!

The Persecution Of Barrett Brown -- And How To Fight It (1 comments)

Wars Come In Many Flavors (1 comments)

The More Things Change: The Origins and Traditions of the Republican Party (1 comments)

The Central Role of Central Bankers in the Wars of the Past Two Centuries (49 comments)

Selling the Store: Why Democrats Shouldn't Put Social Security and Medicare on the Table (1 comments)

The people who need to wake up the most in the US (36 comments)

The Senate, "Getting Something on the Floor' and Trusting it's not a Dead Child. (1 comments)

*State Department's Keystone XL "Study" Now Doubly Exposed as a Hoax (10 comments)

Action Alert: We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers (1 comments)

"Clean Coal" is a Sci-Fi Wet Dream of Desperate Electrical Utilities (5 comments)

New York Times Hypocrisy (1 comments)

Obama in Israel

Hands off Syria! (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 20:

"We Have No 3G in Palestine"

Search and Destroy: The Rape Of Iraq (5 comments)

Get Right With God

The Mysterious Why of the Iraq War (3 comments)

WMD Lies -- Mainstream Media Must Also Shoulder Responsibility (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Sayyeda Zeinab: the 7th-Century Heroine of Karbala

War of Aggression (2 comments)

Pentagon Papers Lawyer On Obama, Secrecy And Press Freedoms: "Worse Than Nixon"

Humbled Politically Repub. Leaders Eying Immigration Reform

Guns, Nukes, Dollars, and the One Big Family Frame (1 comments)

African American Women and the Prison Industrial Complex (6 comments)

Capitalism's Proper Role (26 comments)

Religion, Certainty and Obama's Visit to the Mideast. (9 comments)

The Most Outrageous Excuse to Deport a Mother of Three (3 comments)

Teach the Children War (9 comments)

In Praise of ABC's Unbiased Reporting on Animals (2 comments)

That's why they call it a Police State (6 comments)

10-Year Iraq War Anniversary: What We've Learned In the Past Decade

The Truth About Radiation (11 comments)

Whose Jihad Is It Anyway? Sparks Fly From Gays To Geller And Back Again. (3 comments)

*Burma: Will constitutional review allow Suu Kyi to become president?

What Would St. Francis Say? (1 comments)

Sequestration Abomination (5 comments)

*President Bill Clinton Attends Kiva Crowd Funding Launch With Whistleblower Publisher (1 comments)

America's Genocidal Iraq War (1 comments)

Grand Theft Cyprus (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 19:

Ten Things to Remember About the Iraq War

Not Just Hillary Clinton: Why So Many Republicans Are Embracing Marriage Equality (1 comments)

Dumb Wars, Now and Forever (1 comments)

Ten Years After Shock and Awful (1 comments)

A History of Shock and Awe

Legion Of Dishonor (9 comments)

Why WPost's Hiatt Should Be Fired (1 comments)

A Warfare State of Mind (1 comments)

Escalating Syria's War (1 comments)

Lynne Glasner: Nightmare in the City that Never Sleeps (13 comments)

The Real Lesson of the Iraq Invasion: Invading Iraq Really Was Republican (22 comments)

10 Years Later And I'm Still Protesting War (8 comments)

British Litvinenko Death Inquest Descends into Farce

Leave the British Press Alone -- No "Royal' Charter, No Regulation

Could Pope Francis become Saint Francis-- Saint for Liberals? (28 comments)

Maliki's Iraq: Rape, Executions And Torture

Opposition to "MD" Base in Maine (1 comments)

Mike Rivage-Seul: Thug Pope? (1 comments)

It's their Ideology, Stupid. Or it's their Stupid ideology. Take Your Pick. (8 comments)

Blasphemy Laws and Pakistan: Whose Islam Is It Anyway? (1 comments)

It's Not A "Haircut" -- It's THEFT When Governments Loot Your Private Bank Accounts (6 comments)

The Winds Of Love: Portman's Change Of Heart Latest Blast To Republican DOMA Diehards (1 comments)

Remembering Rachel Corrie (2 comments)

Israel's Fascist Government: Part II

Three card Monte with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (1 comments)

Iraq After Ten Years (10 comments)

Monday, March 18:

Egypt: A Coup In The Wings?

Duck and Cover (2 comments)

"I feel a lot of horror": Remember Rachel Corrie

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation. Part Six of Six-Part Series. Up Against Ominous Realities (1 comments)

Hyoo-geun Chung fasts for an indefinite period to urge the investigation of the Korea election fraud. (5 comments)

The Shame of America's Gulag (4 comments)

Feminist monkey wrenches in Egypt's revolution

Celebrating World Water Day by Reducing Water Use in the United States (1 comments)

What Happened to the US Press Corps? (2 comments)

David Frum, The Iraq War And Oil (3 comments)

Iraq, Ten Years Later: What About the Constitution? (1 comments)

They [Fill in Nation Invaded by US] Don't Appreciate Our Sacrifice (1 comments)

Keep Your Eye on The Important Targets; Four of them; (51 comments)

The Charmed Life of John Kerry (1 comments)

A Last-Second Appeal for Sanity (7 comments)

War and Corruption Deficits: Insects and Leviathans (4 comments)

Holding Harvard's Crimson Accountable (1 comments)

The Slaughter of American Horses in Mexico (3 comments)

*Peterson, et. al.: Pay Up or Shut Up! (1 comments)

Washington Post Anti-Bolivarian Propaganda

UN Human Rights Council: US Imperial Tool

Iraq War Among World's Worst Events (6 comments)

Sunday, March 17:

As Senators Roast JPMorgan Chase, Are The Winds Shifting for Diamond Jamie? (1 comments)

Riddled With Corruption: Two More Public Officials "Cash In" (1 comments)

Dan DeWalt: Not Too Big to Resist: Too Big to Jail (4 comments)

We are a Nation of True Believers (29 comments)

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Enough is ENOUGH! (6 comments)

How Christian are the Republicans? A Sunday Sermon on Community According to Jesus (2 comments)

The Ides of Yahoo! (2 comments)

Chavez Laid to Rest (4 comments)

Obama Heads to Israel (2 comments)

Saturday, March 16:

Barbarian Rhapsody: Ten Years Deeper Into Hell (4 comments)

GOP Hypocrisy on Obama's Drone War

Brussels indulges in Trans-Caspian pipe dream again

Abortion and Murderers Who *Claim* "Pro-Life" Status (2 comments)

Rising Economic Inequality in America: Its Causes and Consequences, Part 2 (4 comments)

Fracking: Water Issues--Colorado-centric, but applicable to all (1 comments)

Pope Francis, CIA and "Death Squads" (3 comments)

Some Minor Edits to The Declaration of Independence (3 comments)

9/11 Commission Deceived: An Unintentional Work of Fiction Based on Cheney's (Communist) Torture Program (21 comments)

Mike Rivage-Seul: Why the New Pope Should Resign: The Pedophilia Syndrome (8 comments)

CPAC: an Orgy of Denial (4 comments)

Paul Ryan: The Paris Hilton of politics (1 comments)

Charles Krauthammer's False Statement About The US Constitution (3 comments)

A War Crime That Will Live in Infamy (7 comments)

Holding the American People Hostage (11 comments)

Join Me to Kick Off a Mass Movement Against Gun Violence From Your Living Room on Saturday, March 23rd (12 comments)

Detroit Symbolizes America's Decline (2 comments)

America's Dirty War in Iraq (1 comments)

Friday, March 15:

To the Victor, the Spoils

Crime And Blunder. The First Victim Of The "Drone' Attack (3 comments)

Europe's Odd Policy In Palestine

Obama's secrecy fixation causing Sunshine Week implosion

Paul Ryan's at It Again

When Truth Is Suppressed Countries Die (14 comments)

Suddenly, British Conservatives Face Their Own Tea Party-Like Challenge (3 comments)

Searching for Republican Soul (5 comments)

The Deficit: Are We Really Idiot Dolts? (3 comments)

Israel's Fascist Government (1 comments)

Challenging Israel's Right to Exist Responsibly (1 comments)

Khalidi to Obama: Time For a New Course

Thursday, March 14:

The Cruel Gap Between CEO Pay and the Stagnant Minimum Wage (2 comments)

The Wrath of the Bureaucracy -- An Analysis

The Failure of Barack Obama's Presidency (8 comments)

A Profile in Courage (2 comments)

Hugo Chavez: Lest We Forget (1 comments)

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand and the Budget (7 comments)

*Pope Francis is an astutely trained Jesuit (6 comments)

Eric Holder Exposes A Nation of Law, Going Lawless (32 comments)

Gary Brumback: MOJO and Amnesty International: Two cases of acquiescence? (1 comments)

Sign White House Petiton For a Wall Street Sales Tax! (1 comments)

Swinging for the Fences: Hunting for Very Big Game (4 comments)

The GOP Knows Power (1 comments)

Republican Sociopaths Remain Determined To Destroy America's Social Safety Net; They Must Be Shut Down (1 comments)

The Contest Over the Real Economic Problem (2 comments)

*Burma government urges to rescind draft printing bill

DOUBLE NEGATIVE: 'Why are Mexican American Movies so Bad?' (2 comments)

A New Pope is Chosen, Does it Matter Who It Is? (1 comments)

The Retiring Pope's Cover-up Goes Unreported (2 comments)

Cutting Corporate Welfare Queens Off from the Dole Would be the Best Way to Cut the Debt (1 comments)

We don't eat horses, do we? (11 comments)

VIDEO: The Government's Persecution of Activists (1 comments)

The Perfect Puppet: Brand New Pope, Same Old Papacy. Benedict Gets His Way. (2 comments)

Gitmo Atrocities Continue (1 comments)

Obama Killed Chavez (7 comments)

Which Members of Congress Are Standing Up for Economic Decency -- and Which "Progressives" Aren't (8 comments)

Wednesday, March 13:

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Rebel Girl: An Autobiography; My First Life (1906-1926)

"Dirty War" Questions for Pope Francis (6 comments)

Droning Out Any Opposition (1 comments)

Wrongheaded NYT Views When They're Right (1 comments)

The New Propaganda Is Liberal -- The New Slavery Is Digital (6 comments)

The recent Korean President election is a fraud and Choon-mong fasts even without drinking water. (9 comments)

Voting is the essence of freedom

Pick Us a Pope Who WIll Address Over-Population (5 comments)

Fracking Whack a Mole! (1 comments)

*NAACP Joins Independent Black Farmers & USDA Minority Employees To Stand for Justice & Support the Voting Rights Act (2 comments)

6 Ways Our Supreme Court Has Defiled Our Constitution (3 comments)

The Economy: Happy Days Are Here Again! For Whom? (1 comments)

Pentagon Implicated In Iraq Torture Units (1 comments)

Obama's Second Term Is Underway And Western Civilization Has Not Collapsed (2 comments)

Sweetheart Tax Deal for Lockheed Martin? (1 comments)

Reflections on the Venezeulan Tourist Experience, Personal Encounters and Public Attitudes to Chavez (2 comments)

Syrian fighters burning books in Reqqa (9 comments)

Push to Label GE Foods Builds Nationally and in Dozens of States, Including Pennsylvania

What will Hagel's experiences lead to? (4 comments)

Human Rights Activists and Senate Republicans are Strange Bedfellows (2 comments)

Mike Rivage-Seul: Five Issues for the New Pope to Address -- and to guide in his selection (2 comments)

The Iraq War: Ten Years Later and What Have We Reaped?

Franklin P. Lamb: Despite the multifaceted crisis facing Syria and the Civilian-Targeting US Sanctions, Damascus University excels

Hunters are terrorists of animal world (22 comments)

America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA) (10 comments)

Haters Insure Vick Won't be Finally Free (2 comments)

Four Bankers Sentenced to Death for Fraud... In Iran (18 comments)

Rove Effort to Destroy Tea Party May be Doomed (3 comments)

America's Retirement Crisis (9 comments)

Penny Pritzker: Obama's Likely Commerce Secretary Choice

Ryan the Redistributionist (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 12:

If Corporations Don't Pay Taxes, Why Should You? (12 comments)

Is Anybody Really Surprised? (2 comments)

Ludovico Technique -- American Style (1 comments)

Hugo Chavez (8 comments)

Hugo Chavez and the Knuckleheads (4 comments)

The International Narcotics Control Board Strains its Limited Credibility

Stop War Games, Start Peace Talks Statement Opposing U.S.-South Korea Joint Military Exercises Key Resolve Foal Eagle (17 comments)

Ideological Barriers to High School Graduation for Some (1 comments)

Firearms Completely Useless? (3 comments)

Big Bank Immunity: When Do We Crack Down on Wall Street? (1 comments)

Check Your Premises: Dodd-Frank and Community Banking

"I told you so..." (1 comments)

Scalia is a Fraud, Undeserving of Moral Respect (8 comments)

If I Were A Right Wing Billionaire (30 comments)

Obama Wants Lynne Stewart Dead (1 comments)

A Blubbering Democracy and a Bludgeoned Billion People! (4 comments)

Just Before The Vote: The Vatican Gets The Bathhouse Blues. (2 comments)

Turkey Targets Press Freedom (1 comments)

New York Times v. Hugo Chavez (1 comments)

Ashamed to Be An American? (34 comments)

Monday, March 11:

Ryan's Regressiveness Redux (2 comments)

Did the Department of Justice Say that the Government Would Not Assassinate Americans? (2 comments)

From 1861 To 1991 And Further- to 20?? Not Ashes, But Fire (4 comments)

Not Ready to Make Nice (1 comments)

What Is Obama's Political End-Game? Did He Enter Politics as a Democrat Only Because Republicans Are Bigots? (3 comments)

The Targeting of an American for Assassination (1 comments)

Lack Of Information Leads To Confusion, Frustration, and Further Disenfranchisement

Hagel Struggles to Calm Afghan Dispute

John Brennan's Heavy Baggage (1 comments)

An Etiquette Lesson For Elizabeth Warren From "El Loco" (1 comments)

A Recommitment to the American Ideal That Labor Rights Are Human Rights (1 comments)

Going Postal (4 comments)

May Venezuela Keep You in Her Soul Forever: Homage to Hugo Chavez- a Leader of Unmatched Courage and Nobility (1 comments)

Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11 (29 comments)

The Crucifixion of Tomas Young (9 comments)

Nuclear Power/Nuclear Weapons -- and A Precarious Future (1 comments)

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation: Part Five. Managing Total Performance Properly (1 comments)

Top Democrats Badly Blew it on Filibuster (1 comments)

Corporate Globalization Could Get A Lot Worse (3 comments)

The Minimum Wage Debate: Windows On A Naked Reality (4 comments)

The Woman For Whom A Million Hearts Bled: Is The Tide Of Veneration Turning For Mother Theresa? (2 comments)

Thomas Perez: Obama's Labor Secretary Choice

Mid-April Venezuelan Presidential Elections Scheduled

Sunday, March 10:

Staring Armageddon In The Face But Hiding It With Official Lies (17 comments)

Raising the Minimum Wage is a Way to Help the Middle Class (2 comments)

Crufts: Making dogs suffer for 'beauty' (1 comments)

The "Fall of the House of Europe" (1 comments)

*MA Prosecutor Lets Rumsfeld Walk, Charges Protester Instead. Bonus: Can You See the Karate Chop? (1 comments)

Three Democratic Myths Used To Demean The Paul Filibuster (9 comments)

Somewhere Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Ron Ridenour: True, He's the First Black President: But Obama's the Worst President Ever (19 comments)

Universal Neglect: A Failure to Protect Americans' Health (11 comments)

The Republican Party's Anger Mismanagement

Don't be fooled: 7.7% is likely a short-lived low in the US unemployment rate (1 comments)

A Nation Mourns

Israeli Violence on International Women's Day

Fukushima is already harming our children (12 comments)

Saturday, March 9:

Petition Asks Whether Congress Should Face Treason Charges (4 comments)

PA Greens Oppose Privatization of Public Assets (1 comments)

Maryland: A Government of, by, and for Lockheed Martin (2 comments)

New Calls For Bush War Criminals To Face Justice (8 comments)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (2 comments)

ID Cards To Make A Comeback in the UK?

Drones of Death; Licensed to Kill With Apparent Impunity

Pal Palsimon: Champion Mortgage and Bank of America Foreclose on Reverse Mortgage (1 comments)

Neurotoxins in Your Chocolate Milk? (3 comments)

MoD Opposed Inquiry Into Torture And Death of Iraqi Civilians

Bin Lorries Become "Mobile Surveillance Vehicles"

We sweep so much under the rug in America (1 comments)

Liberalism's Death Bell Tolls, Part 3: J'accuse la gauche liberale (23 comments)

Rethinking Watergate/Iran-Contra (2 comments)

Interest Rates Policy Ineffectiveness Debacle (3 comments)

Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil

A mouse is not a man--or a tool (2 comments)

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation. Part Four: An Uplifting Organizational Culture (1 comments)

I am a Terraist, Nuclear Formality and Truth

In Trash We Trust; Free Advertisement; "Corporate Personhood"

Egypt Will Succeed At Democracy (1 comments)

Pal Palsimon: Champion Mortgage and Bank of America Foreclose Reverse Mortgages (9 comments)

*Why You Are A Slave to Banksters (22 comments)

Holder Flip Flops on Drones But the NYT and NPR Don't Take Notice (2 comments)

Syrian Death Squad Invaders Seize UN Peacekeepers

*Burma President seeks termination of EU sanctions

Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire

Serial Killer Heads CIA

Vaya Con Dios, Hugo (1 comments)

Friday, March 8:

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: On International Women's Day 2013: Money Can't Buy Us Love (3 comments)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fracking but Should Be Afraid to Ask (2 comments)

"Ich bin ein Bil'iner!"

Money for the People: Grillo's Populist Plan for Italy (3 comments)

Swinging for the Fences: The Transmission of Culture Through Time (2 comments)

Daniel Patrick Welch: Hugo Chavez Frias, Rest in Power: Eres de los muertos que nunca mueren!

Ernest Moniz: A Pro-Nuclear, Pro-Fracking U.S. Energy Secretary (3 comments)

Why There Should Be Dem. Pres. Primaries in '16: Hillary Clinton's Two Foreign-Policy Catastrophes (8 comments)

Obama Has Blatantly Violated Our Constitution and International Law. Here's How. (32 comments)

Oprah at Harvard (1 comments)

Will Congress Fund Iron Dome Over Head Start? (3 comments)

*Immediate Nationwide Moratorium on Guns and Ammo (2 comments)

Disarming Republican Anarchists

Death By Socializing? (6 comments)

Black Americans Betray Forefathers with use of the N-word (6 comments)

Georgia Joins The WTF Gun Brigade: The Mentally Ill Can Carry Guns. (3 comments)

Chavez: A Personal Tribute (6 comments)

Obama Authorizes Killing Americans Domestically

Thursday, March 7:

Has NPR Joined Peter Peterson's Crusade Against Social Security and Medicare? (1 comments)

A Low, Dishonest Decade: New Details for the Iraq War Crime Mosaic (16 comments)

10 Years Later: Looking Back on the Iraq War So We Can Clearly Look Forward (1 comments)

"October Surprise" and "Argo" (1 comments)

The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case: Plot Thickens (2 comments)

*The Sequester aka ultimate poker...only the rich can win

The Cross and The Drone--Symbols of Faith (1 comments)

The Agony of Ecstasy (1 comments)

Igor Alexeev: Shale gas unlikely to wipe sheen off Russian shares (2 comments)

What If a Drone Attacked in the US?

*The NRA: Proud Sponsor of Mass Murder Since 1871 (9 comments)

Establishing Dictatorships: Lessons from History (1 comments)

How Deregulation Resurrected American Economic Insecurity (12 comments)

What Hypocrisy! Which Government Employees Will Not Take Salary Cuts Under Sequestration? (3 comments)

Liberalism's Death Bell Tolls, Part 2: How the Left Became Irrelevant (3 comments)

Holder Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing the Economy (4 comments)

Racism and Hypocrisy: Celebrating Diversity--Just Not Among Humans (3 comments)

War Is A Lie (1 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Rand Paul's Message to Obama: Don't Drone Me Bro (1 comments)

The Immoral Inanity of Intelligent Design Creationism (4 comments)

How Israel Is Dodging Its Bad Credit History By Selling Dollar Bonds (1 comments)

The Worsening of War by Despicable Uses for Drones (1 comments)

Sequester this! (1 comments)

Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He's Buried (1 comments)

Persecuting Hanin Zoabi (2 comments)

Wednesday, March 6:

A Bigger Problem for President Obama than Poll Numbers Drop (3 comments)

10 Years Later, Preemption Still Doesn't Work

El comandante has left the building (3 comments)

Dangerous "State Sovereignty" Myth (8 comments)

How "Liberal Media" Keep Blaming Obama for GOP's Radical Behavior (15 comments)

Shall We Gather at the River? (1 comments)

Great News Or Disinfo? -- All Global Banks & Corporate Governments Have Been Foreclosed and Their Assets Seized! (2 comments)

Goodbye Blue Sky (5 comments)

Clinton, Simon Strategies May Put Ashley Judd in Senate (1 comments)

British Litvinenko Case against Russia Disintegrating

Anti-Government "Patriot" Groups Ramp Up Again (9 comments)

Collateral Damage: A Haunting Anti-Drone Animation (2 comments)

Rick Snyder's Detroit Takeover Plan Is Not What Democracy Looks Like

Neuroscience, Special Forces, and Ethics at Yale (1 comments)

Corporatism or the True Face of Terrorism (1 comments)

UK Defence Secretary Wants to Cut Welfare Not Defence (5 comments)

Liberalism's Death Bell Tolls, Part 1: A History of the Demise of a Vital Institution (5 comments)

*No To Austerity With The 1% Wall Street Sales Tax (8 comments)

Europe's Economic Predicament: the Broken Bismarckian Promise (2 comments)

Decisions Have Consequences, Unless You Are The One Making Them (7 comments)

CPAC, Chavez And Us (18 comments)

Injustice Scalia Should Resign! (7 comments)

Chavismo Lives! (5 comments)

*Burma keeps on grabbing land against native communities' rights

More Controversial Obama Appointments (2 comments)

AIPAC Conference Day Two (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 5:

Viva Chavez! (7 comments)

The Battle Over What Vietnam Means: Individual Honor or Unpleasant History? (9 comments)

Why There's a Bull Market for Stocks And Bear Market for Workers (6 comments)

*Abiotic Oil -- Did Nazi Scientists Discover Unlimited Oil Reserves? (2 comments)

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation. Part Three: Responsible Ownership, Governance, and Leadership (1 comments)

Whiny Billionaires in Need of Sequestration (1 comments)

Stunning List of Economists, Financial Experts, and Bankers Say We Need to Break Up the Big Banks (3 comments)

The Politics of Show versus the Politics of Go (1 comments)

Glenn Greenwald: Why the Obama Administration's Persecution of Bradley Manning Should Terrify Us All (7 comments)

"Talking Points' for Hagel on Iran (4 comments)

Techno-Utopianism Seminar Report (3 comments)

The Kids Will Be Rich, Unless Peter Peterson's Kids Take Their Money

Glenwood Gardens: the Old Age Home from Hell! (3 comments)

AIPAC Conference Promotes War (1 comments)

Italians Reject Austerity (2 comments)

Monday, March 4:

What Has US Militarism Wrought?

Civil Rights Takes a Hit -- An Analysis (2 comments)

*9/11 Reconsidered in the Light of Drone NIST FOIA IMAGES

Women and Firemen First: 5 Ideas for Sequestration Cuts (7 comments)

Time to Cut Pentagon Spending - Now (2 comments)

Mental-Health Tragedy (4 comments)

If Switzerland Can Crack Down on CEOs, Why Not the US? (2 comments)

Zero Light Thirty (or Twenty, Whatever) (1 comments)

Swinging for the Fences: Polarization as a Form of Cultural Breakdown (1 comments)

We Are Bradley Manning (17 comments)

Foreclosing On The Prosperity Gospelers: Are They Really Christian? (1 comments)

Big Loss for Fat Cat Executives Out of ... Switzerland! (4 comments)

Imperial America's in Good Hands with Philip Gordon (1 comments)

Whitewashing Israeli Murder by Torture (1 comments)

Sunday, March 3:

Will Grillo Break the Euro? (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: FILM REVIEW: Half the Sky: A Must-See Problem, A Flawed Solution (13 comments)

Sequestration Nation, and Remembering Robert Kennedy (6 comments)

Dick Cheney: Condoleezza Rice Was 'Wrong' For Not Handling Syria Like Iraq (1 comments)

Perverting the Constitution for Power (2 comments)

Eroding Free Expression in Israel (6 comments)

The Ex-Pope and the Holiness Myth (26 comments)

Federal IDs For All Workers: A Trial Balloon? (5 comments)

America's Culture is Signing on the Dotted Line (3 comments)

Austerity When Stimulus Is Needed (2 comments)

Hawkish Senators Want War on Iran (1 comments)

Saturday, March 2:

Keystone XL: A Choice Between Big Oil or a Sustainable Planet (7 comments)

Washington escalates Syrian bloodbath (6 comments)

Video: Horsemeat? GMOs Are The Real Scandal

OSCAR Awards for Sex and Violence Morally Objectionable And Dangerous (1 comments)

The Sequester and the Tea Party Plot (3 comments)

The Myth of the Reliable Law-Abiding Gun Owner (29 comments)

Rev. Cho exposes S.Korean President's scandals, being arrested illegally (28 comments)

An Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: A 10-Point Plan (7 comments)

True Cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (2 comments)

The Third Intifada? (1 comments)

RAGING BULL: Radical Activist Jurist Antonin Scalia, Legislating from the Bench (1 comments)

Mike Rivage-Seul: 9/11 Reconsidered in the Light of Drone Warfare (52 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian "Tipping Point' Has Tipped (6 comments)

The Sequester Saga - Why We Need "Entitlement Reform" Reform (and How to Do It) (11 comments)

Scalia Speaks. The World is Worse for it. (1 comments)

Sequestration is Unconstitutional! (10 comments)

Bradley Manning: Profile in Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (12 comments)

Thaw in Israeli Immunity?

Friday, March 1:

Sequester This ... (1 comments)

US Special Operations Command Trained Military Unit Accused of Death Squad Killings in Honduras

The Missing Recovery (12 comments)

Gotta Sequester? Or Was Cheney Right That "Deficits Don't Matter"?

Gun Control Needs to Start with the Police! (5 comments)

Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Funding

Full of S#!*!: *Who* Started All [of] This Again?

Right-wing Supreme Court Justices Attack US Voting Rights Act (4 comments)

Bradley Manning: The Face Of Heroism (7 comments)

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation. Part Two: Shorter and Smaller are Better (1 comments)

Cowards! Cowards! Cowards!

Sequester: The Rise of Republican Anarchists (18 comments)

Sequester Means 'Setting Apart' (3 comments)

Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping (3 comments)

Israeli Commanders on Trial (2 comments)


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