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February 2013

Thursday, February 28:

Hagel Confirmed Despite Petulant Senators

Beastiality, Teabagger style

"ExxonMobil Hates Your Children" and This Ad (5 comments)

*The Ugly History of Shekel Bonds (1 comments)

If Government "Acted Like a Business" It Would Reject Today's Deficit Madness (2 comments)

Woodward Does Duty With Phony Outrage Machine (1 comments)

Bob Woodward Embodies US Political Culture In A Single Outburst (13 comments)

Walking Dead-- Should the 99% Be Saying "Ich Bin Ein Walking Dead" (16 comments)

The Neo-Confederate Supreme Court (4 comments)

Sequester to Spearhead Historic Assault on US Social Programs (2 comments)

Kerry Supports Anti-Syrian Government Terrorists

Capital Investment Income Drives Income Inequality (7 comments)

Neo-fascism sweeping over Sri Lanka (1 comments)

Link Rules - Knuckle Dragger With A Nuke (1 comments)

Why Humanity is Doomed Unless Our Schools Start Teaching Our Children How to Think (we need a fourth "R") (12 comments)

*Gun Violence-- Getting Up Close and Personal (2 comments)

Terrorism in Pakistan -- the Indian factor

Privatizing the National Health Service and Education Are Acts of Vandalism (12 comments)

Dan DeWalt: Droning On: The US and the M Word (1 comments)

The Devil Won't Wear Prada. But He's Keeping His Hottie ....And Just About Everything Else. (4 comments)

Good Morning, Waterboarders For Gun Control. (1 comments)

NOM's List Of Boycotts Will EXPLODE!: Hundreds File Amicus Briefs To SCOTUS Supporting Gay Marriage! (3 comments)

Hollywood-Style History (1 comments)

Nuclear Roulette Update

Wednesday, February 27:

Lords of Disorder: Billions for Wall Street, Sacrifice for Everyone Else

The End of Privacy

Democracy Canadian-style Part II: At home

When Good Garments Go Bad ... (2 comments)

Rising Nationalism Pushes Nations to War (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: What's This About ARGO? (5 comments)

Gary Brumback: The Model Corporation: Part One. Introduction (3 comments)

Challenging the Neocons on Iran

Peace and Watermelons (1 comments)

In Memory of Clay January (November 29, 1948 - February 6, 2013) (1 comments)

News From Kyrzakhstan (1 comments)

Neocon "Veto" Fails to Block Hagel

In Battling Monsanto's Greed, Tenacity Matters (8 comments)

US troops to Niger: A new stage in the scramble for Africa (1 comments)

The Washington Kabuki Theater of the Bizarre Presents: "The Height of Political Deceit and Manipulation" (19 comments)

America's Draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (1 comments)

Why the Republican Party Demonized President Obama (17 comments)

Fingering Federal Prosecutors for Racial Bias (2 comments)

How Could They Do It? (2 comments)

Obama's Asia Pivot (1 comments)

University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power

Tuesday, February 26:

And The Oscar Goes To...The CIA (1 comments)

Macho Men, Social Security, and the Chained CPI (5 comments)

Supreme Court Shields Warrantless Eavesdropping Law From Constitutional Challenge (7 comments)

Some Vital History, Revisited - 'Welcome to the 1930s' (4 comments)

"Fear and Loathing" in Berkeley, California

Too Fat To Vote (4 comments)

Why Obama Must Meet the Republican Lies Directly

Oscar 2013: Hollywood's CIA Celebration

Sanders Disputes Manufacturers on Climate Bill (2 comments)

Making "Other America" Fail (5 comments)

Profile of Imperial Lawlessness (1 comments)

Psychiatric Medication or Play Therapy? (2 comments)

The Dizzying Ways the Sequester Will Screw Us Over (3 comments)

Senator Rand Paul is not the only one with serious questions about the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director! (1 comments)

PNC Bank - Greed goes unchecked (2 comments)

Argo's Oscar Win -- Hollywood's "Coming Out' (2 comments)

SCANDAL ABC: A Pile of Truth for David Rosen and James Novak (4 comments)

Sequester Chicken (2 comments)

Accountability Now

Monday, February 25:

To Beat Austerity, Obama Must Campaign for Democracy (2 comments)

Swinging for the Fences: How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny (12 comments)

The Shortsighted History of "Argo" (1 comments)

Zero Dark Thirty, The CIA And Film Critics Have A Very Bad Evening

Can Iran and the P5+1 reach an agreement on nuclear proliferation? (1 comments)

Mike Rivage-Seul: Bonhoeffer and the Brennan Hearings: The Nazis Are Coming and They Are Us (9 comments)

A Homeless Celebrity (3 comments)

Democracy Canadian-style Part I: Abroad (1 comments)

How the Fed Could Fix the Economy--and Why It Hasn't (20 comments)

Polluted America (5 comments)

Obama's Israel trip

Watch Your Wallet! Much Ado about Nothing in Budget Debate

The Case for Fossil-Fuel Divestment (2 comments)

Rebels Stand Alone (17 comments)

Old White Guys (1 comments)

Conversation With a Syrian in Syria (6 comments)

Shutterbugged: Oscar-nominated Palestinian Director Detained at LAX

The Light Down Below: An Idea For A Movie (1 comments)

Vatileaks Or VatiGAYte? Which Resignation Reason Do You Prefer, Il Papa? And Does It Really Matter? (2 comments)

Israeli Murder by Torture

IAEA Report Confirms Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program (1 comments)

Sunday, February 24:

Washington's Stupid, Destructive Game (2 comments)

Eyes Wide Shut on the Iraq War (3 comments)

Funding the Israel Lobby and Illegal Settlements (7 comments)

The Bush Years And What A "Lapdog" Press Really Looked Like (5 comments)

On Great Photographs and Their Impact -- An Analysis (1 comments)

US Hypocrisy And Double Standard Towards Iran's Nuclear Program (7 comments)

Another National Run in Sarah Palin's Future? (37 comments)

Who needs supply and demand (6 comments)

Strategies of Containment (20 comments)

Reminder: It Has Happened Here

*Burma still has a row on unitary state v. federal union

Sequestration: "Dr. Strangelove" and The Death of a Thousand Cuts! (2 comments)

More Economic Straight Talk (2 comments)

Washington Whitewashes Israeli Murder

Saturday, February 23:

On Mayor Bloomberg's Push to Ban Polystyrene Food Packaging (5 comments)

*Building a Movement for Real Change (14 comments)

"The Immigrants Are Coming, The Immigrants Are Coming!": Nativism and the Immigrant Debate (3 comments)

Aaron Swartz, R.I.P. (5 comments)

If Prophet Muhammad Had His Way, There Would Be No Guantanamo Bay (3 comments)

Power Grab at the Fed -- They Have No Idea (3 comments)

Black Rambo: Christopher Dorner's Bad Ass Song (14 comments)

Can the Papal Election Be Hacked? Not Likely. They Use Publicly Hand-Counted Paper Ballots. (1 comments)

Witnesses at a Drone Hearing

GOP May Get its Fond Wish of Killing the Voting Rights Act (1 comments)

Understanding Israeli Settlements

UNESCO Peace Prize to a War Criminal

Washington Backs Syrian Anti-Government Terrorism

Top U.S. Terrorist Group: the FBI (10 comments)

Sequestration Sacrifices Jobs to Save Billionaire Tax Breaks (1 comments)

Friday, February 22:

Zero Dark Oscar (5 comments)

Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker (1 comments)

Obama Officials Refuse To Say If Assassination Power Extends To US Soil (10 comments)

Why Customers are Disappearing, Higher Unemployment, Many in Washington Don't Have Half A Brain (8 comments)

Lawyers: Rent Seekers or Problem Solvers? (7 comments)

Open Letter to ACLU Director Anthony Romero (2 comments)

Talkin' 'bout My Generation: In Defense of Baby Boomers (6 comments)

Thinking About George W. Bush, Who So Darkened a Terrible Eight Year Period in American History (47 comments)

Legalize Growing Hemp to Improve U.S. Economy (11 comments)

Papa Obama

The Keystone Pipeline: Which Side Are You On? (5 comments)

Straight Talk on Israel

Guilt by Accusation

Thursday, February 21:

Right Wing Media Pushes "Friends of Hamas" Rumor (1 comments)

What If? (25 comments)

The Austerity Agenda: An Electoral Loser (3 comments)

Wall Street's Misdeeds Cost Trillions, But It's Main Street Who's Getting Nickel-and-Dimed (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The SOTU, and the Politics of Invisible Labor (5 comments)

Perils of the Keystone XL Pipeline Confront Obama (1 comments)

Backfire! (1 comments)

Complete Domination Of Poor Consumers At The Gas Pump (9 comments)

*Why Syria Matters (8 comments)

Coming Clean: Irish Prime Minister Makes an Extraordinary, Moving Apology for the Magdalene Laundries (4 comments)

Living Wages Should Be Our Minimum Demand (13 comments)

An Addendum: On White Liberal Issues (6 comments)

Hollywood blinded by the Bling - Diamonds are for Never (3 comments)

Congress: End Endless War and Stop Becoming "the Evil That We Deplore" (3 comments)

Beyond Demonstrations, Beyond Civil Disobedience (20 comments)

America, in its Current Morbid, Lethargic State, Needs an Infusion of Creative, Innovative Thinking (14 comments)

Tour de Peace (1 comments)

Let It Drone, Let It Drone, Let It Drone (2 comments)

Bulgaria's Hezbollah "Hypothesis" And The EU Terror List

Targeting Jeremy Hammond


Say Goodbye To The Stock Exchange (1 comments)

Wednesday, February 20:

Targeting US Citizens for Assassination - We're through the looking glass (1 comments)

"Equal Burden" -- A Disaster For The IDF (1 comments)

Delay or Gap: It All Depends On Who Causes It (1 comments)

*Vigilante Justice Against Innocent Muslim Americans: Ziyad Yaghi (4 comments)

Ten Years Since The Global Protests Against War In Iraq

Connecting Entitlement Reform to Immigration Reform (2 comments)

The Drone-Industrial Complex Wants 30,000 Eyes In The Sky Spying On Us Americans By 2020 (9 comments)

Lawrence Wilkerson and David Swanson Debate Colin Powell's Lies at the United Nations (2 comments)

Israel's War Criminal of the Year Award (3 comments)

Straight Talk on US/Israeli Relations

Deranging America (9 comments)

Tuesday, February 19:

Sequestration Is Austerity, but Not Enough for Simpson and Bowles (4 comments)

MSNBC Boldly Moves To Plug Its One Remaining Hole (13 comments)

What about Gun Control (2 comments)

Flight Club: The No-Fly List and the Authoritarian Theater of the Absurd (3 comments)

Nursery Admissions In Delhi--The Legalised Education Mafia (2 comments)

Debt-to-GDP Nonsense (3 comments)

An Unwelcome Driver of Social Evolution: The Parable of the Tribes (1 comments)

Pot, guns, and doublethink

Samer Easawi: Hunger Striking for Justice (1 comments)

The Falsely Convicted Spend Years In Jail Before Exonerations, And They Are the Lucky Ones. (5 comments)

Two Major Parties -- One Wretched Government

The Problem With Press Releases

The Importance of Shtupping (1 comments)

It's Time to Choose: Democracy or Plutocracy? (8 comments)

Civil Disobedience: The Only "Weapon" We Have Remaining? (28 comments)

Scandal ABC - Defiance Lives: Secrets and Betrayals (2 comments)

Obama Is the Anti-Christ, Gun Control Is Evil, Gay Marriage Will Destroy Civilization!! What Next, Paranoid America? (2 comments)

DJesus Uncrossed or Rambo Jesus? What's The Difference? The AFA UNCHAINED! That's what! (1 comments)

Israel's Racist of the Year Award

West Bank Village Struggles to Survive (2 comments)

Monday, February 18:

*Burma President must fight against corruption, in favor of reforms

Israel and Syria: Behind the Bombs (1 comments)

Hubris Isn't the Half of It (5 comments)

Hezbollah Link to Bombing Doubted

The Premises And Purposes Of American Exceptionalism (3 comments)

Bahrain: Will Dialogue Bring Peace?

The Despicable Values in Obama's State-of-the-Union Speech (5 comments)

Droning On and On and On and On and On.... (6 comments)

Resistance is Futile! (1 comments)

Where Do They Go? (1 comments)

Thin Line: "Good/Bad Guy with a Gun" (4 comments)

Boomers vs. Millennials... and the economy

Chavez Returns

Obama and Newt are Wrong: Hillary Doesn't Have 2016 in the Bag (17 comments)

GMO Labeling Gets Local in Pennsylvania (1 comments)

Employment requirements in today's America (2 comments)

The Great deficit debate: looking for money in all the wrong places (4 comments)

Profiting From Human Misery (11 comments)

Upcoming Iranian Nuclear Talks

Avigdor Lieberman's Trial Begins

Sunday, February 17:

America Shamed Again: A Colonized People (21 comments)

Pseudo-Protests and Serious Climate Crisis (16 comments)

The Zuabis

Citizens Tell Obama to Stop Pipeline and Get Busy on Environment (2 comments)

Social Security? call it what it is: Our Earned Retirement Income. (8 comments)

Obama, Flying Monkeys And Postal Pigeons (1 comments)

Savage Sunday (5 comments)

Dog Collars, Berkeley, and Fascism 101

Charity for the Multi-Nationals -- Slavery and Higher Taxes for the Workers (5 comments)

The Relative Unimportance of Gun Control (2 comments)

The L'Enfant Plaza Hotel Mystery (1 comments)

The War Christopher Dorner Brought Home (2 comments)

SNL Skewers America's more-Zionist-than-thou Politics (Updated) (5 comments)

President Obama Slays GOP Myth of "Evil" Big Government (1 comments)

They Still Cling to Guns and Religion (26 comments)

Economic Straight Talk

Two Years of Bahraini State Terrorism (1 comments)

Saturday, February 16:

Hal O'Leary: America The Not-So-Beautiful (4 comments)

War and Institutionalizing Abuse -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Why I Watch People Die (4 comments)

Speaking Out Is at the Heart of Being a Citizen (6 comments)

After The Recoil (2 comments)

The Great Wage Robbery (6 comments)

The Fallacy of "Gun Reform" Laws (56 comments)

Should Big Oil Receive Taxpayer Subsidies? (3 comments)

*Toward A Global Spring (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Will Washington grasp the hand being offered by the Iranian people? (1 comments)

The Carnival Cruise Ship Fiasco: a preview of what awaits us all (4 comments)

The Mark Lynas Mythology: The GMO "Conversion" NON-Story, By Zack Kaldveer

Lessons and Conclusions from Lenin's "Left-Wing" Communism an Infantile Disorder (5 comments)

Strategizing to Defeat Control Unit Prisons and Solitary Confinement --An interview with author/activist Nancy Kurshan

The Right's Plan: More Poor White Kids (4 comments)

Ten Mentoring Programs That Can Help the Next Generation of Farmers Land on their Feet (1 comments)

Israeli Lawlessness in Issawiya (1 comments)

Why Obama Can't Destroy Hope Or Prevent Change (4 comments)

American Soldiers: Heroes or Victims? (5 comments)

Obama's Biggest Compromise Yet? (1 comments)

*Can Burma boost educational funding, as military control the budget? (1 comments)

Escalating Tyranny in America (2 comments)

Medals for Murder

Friday, February 15:

Obama, The US And The Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens (3 comments)

Inequality and American democracy (3 comments)

Our Atomic Dominoes Are Falling (2 comments)

How the State of the Union Worked (1 comments)

While Left And Right Fight, Power Wins (26 comments)

Minimum Wage Increase Is A Small Step (1 comments)

Global Warming: Doing Nothing or Very Little Is Not an Option (4 comments)

Fundamental Differences

American empire, policing, and 'a corrosive madness'? (3 comments)

The Minimum Wage, Guns, Healthcare, and the Meaning of a Decent Society (10 comments)

How Neocons Messed Up the Mideast (1 comments)

Praising Money Tonight in the House of the Lord (3 comments)

Swinging for the Fences: The Fable of the Magnet

Senator Harry Reid, D-Fool Me Twice (8 comments)

Senate Republicans Take a Stand Against the Public Interest

Harry Reid Must Be Forced to Resign and Sent Home Packing (22 comments)

Stalingrad- Mine And Yours (3 comments)

Israeli Gaza Airstrikes Violated Laws of War (2 comments)

Republicans Block Hagel for Ten More Days (2 comments)

LAPD High Crimes (2 comments)

Disappearing Prisoners: Official Israeli Policy

Thursday, February 14:

Russia Needs an Anti-Corruption Drive with a New Focus!

Obama DOJ Again Refuses To Tell A Court Whether CIA Drone Program Even Exists

How Congress Could Fix Its Budget Woes Permanently (12 comments)

Hyping Iran Nukes, Again

Marianne Hoynes: NDAA - A Young Man from Virginia Takes a Stand Against Autocracy in New York City (16 comments)

President Obama's Historical Legacy: Promoter of Peace or Proliferator of World Conflict and Instability? (3 comments)

WikiLeaks Is A Rare Truth-Teller ... Smearing Julian Assange Is Shameful (5 comments)

Torturing the Truth and Whitewashing Hell (3 comments)

Obama's Failed State (8 comments)

Beating Up on Iran Continues (1 comments)

Wednesday, February 13:

Theories Theories Burning Bright: New Reports In Dorner Holdout Suggests Police Set Fire. Police Deny. (3 comments)

Fix the Debt and a Wall Street Sales Tax (1 comments)

Italy's Ex-Intelligence Chief Given 10-Year Sentence For Role In CIA Kidnapping (1 comments)

The Biggest Republican Lie (8 comments)

Obama Demands That Congress Do "the Work of Self-Government"

Is Berlin Prepared to Support a New Democratization in Ukraine?

Pope Benedict Resigns -- Cleaning a Corrupt Syndicate? (8 comments)

In the year of the snake, shed your skins

The Illusory State Of The Empire (1 comments)

*Drone Wars, DOJ Death Squads and the White Paper

Ten Reasons Ted Nugent Was Invited to the State of the Union Address by Texas Congressman Steve Stockman (4 comments)

Weathering a Blizzard of News Media Bravado

Obama 2013: In Your Face (1 comments)

Escalating Pressure on Iran (1 comments)

ICYMI the SOTU Is SNAFU (1 comments)

America's Deplorable State of the Union (6 comments)

Beating Up on North Korea

Tuesday, February 12:

State of the Union Open Thread (26 comments)

The Persistence of Memory (1 comments)

Increasing Social Security Benefits: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (1 comments)

Chuck Hagel's False Flag: Why Are Pro-Choice Senators AWOL in the War on Military Women (1 comments)

*Say No to Corruption and Slash the National Debt (3 comments)

Elite Underground (8 comments)

Drone Trust The Government

I Am Hurting To (1 comments)

Controlling the Agenda: Substance or Process?

Hagel on Israel's Nukes - The issue that cannot be mentioned (1 comments)

The Sinking Ship Of The Vatican: Is Desertion Necessary? (3 comments)

Obama's Expanding Kill List (27 comments)

Why the War on Terror Endures: Spawning Terror Over There

To Obama: Close the Deal with Iran (2 comments)

*Reflections on State Power (4 comments)

Wealthy College Kids Versus Poor Street Kids (4 comments)

Paper, Plastic, or Both: Must "Integrity" Mean "Consistent"?

Healing the Wounds: An Activist's Notes for a Scandal Episode (5 comments)

Impeach Obama: A National Imperative (10 comments)

Vatican Changing of the Guard

*Without honoring Panglong Treaty, Burma's reform may not do well

Monday, February 11:

US Media Double Standard -- On Uprisings In Syria And Uprisings In...The US (1 comments)

Why We Need an Investment Budget (4 comments)

Will the Right to a Trial of Our Peers Be Usurped?

Don't DRONE Me Bro! (2 comments)

A Sick and Broken Spirit (23 comments)

DOJ Kill List Memo Forces Many Dems Out Of The Closet As Overtly Unprincipled Hacks (4 comments)

The Puppy chases it's tail...Do you? (13 comments)

The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State (11 comments)

Progressive Poverty, fight or flight (9 comments)

Religious Radicalism: A Growing Worldwide Issue. (2 comments)

President Obama's State of the Union Speech Under Fire Again

Will You Do Anything? (10 comments)

Good Riddance; Ratzinger Resigns-- First Pope in 719 Years to Voluntarily Leave (29 comments)

Light on the Dark Side of Dorner's Rampage (1 comments)

More Evidence Obamacare Ripped Off Americans (3 comments)

Obstructing Hamas/Fatah Unity

Democrats Have a Unique Constitutional Duty to Check, Balance the President (1 comments)

Sunday, February 10:

We're in Trouble (10 comments)

US Air Force Veteran, Finally Allowed To Fly Into US, Is Now Banned From Flying Back Home (2 comments)

*After Lance and Oprah: Shame on USADA, Shame on UCI ! (1 comments)

The US Drone Assassination Program And The Threat Of Dictatorship (2 comments)

Jean-Yves Ollivier : the ICC could have put an end to Joseph Kony's crimes

California's Real-Life Cop Drama (4 comments)

Will Christopher Dorner be a Victim of Obama's Drone Policy? (29 comments)

The Red Queen's in Charge: First the Sentence, Then the Verdict. (1 comments)

And the Oscar goes to" "The Sting LA Style" (3 comments)

Coming Tuesday (Hopefully): The State of the Union's Economy (2 comments)

"Transitional Traveler" (3 comments)

Remembering Whitney Houston: The Quiet Curse of the Homophobic Mother (4 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: US officials confess to targeting Iran's civilian population

Resistance is Not Futile (14 comments)

*Burma: Suu Kyi draws attention to constitutional change during a seminar

Drones and Our National Religion (3 comments)

The Problem Isn't Growth; the Problem Is Inequality (12 comments)

Record Number of US Military and Veteran Suicides (5 comments)

Mavi Marmara Massacre Whitewash Redux (1 comments)

Saturday, February 9:

News Release: NYC Rally on Feb 19 to Unite Groups Against Resurgence of Japanese Militarism (8 comments)

Empire of Panic and Illusion (2 comments)

John Brennan's Tenet-Like Testimony

Brennan's Bumbling Case for Terror War

Court Right to Know Decision could have broad effect

William Blum's Cri de Couer (4 comments)

Israel Commits Crimes Without Punishment (2 comments)

How about Minimum Voting Requirements for States (11 comments)

Empire Of Panic And Ephemera: Applying Rigorous Imagination To America's Paranoid Style (9 comments)

Kicking Ballistics in "Glockville" (36 comments)

A Choice for Corporate America: Are You with America or the Cayman Islands (5 comments)

Whitewashing Extrajudicial Killing

Washington and Israel Target Iran

Friday, February 8:

"And Justice For All!"?

Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil To The Kochs (9 comments)

Egypt's Political Map: Clearing the Fog

Knesset Conundrums -- Can Two Walk Together? (1 comments)

The South and "the Great Gerrymander of 2012" (2 comments)

IS EI Hot or What?

Marianne Hoynes: NDAA - Fighting for Everything that Defines America (30 comments)

US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets (3 comments)

What Does the 2nd Amendment Really Say About Gun Rights? (71 comments)

The Political Opposite

The U.S. Global Assassinations and the Rule of Law (4 comments)

It's the Postal SERVICE, Stupid (15 comments)

Neshaminy School District: Dollars Above Kids Safety

What Mark Warner Asked John Brennan

The Lucrative Revolving Door Between Washington and Wall Street --- At What Cost to Ourselves and Our Economy? (2 comments)

America's Global Torture Network

Down and Dirty- The Republican Assault on Our Postal Service (3 comments)

If I Could Torture Water (Watching MSNBC) (6 comments)

Obama's Biggest Challenge: Inequality (3 comments)

Should Dorner Have Had Easy Access To Guns? His Own Answer: "NO!" (10 comments)

Out Of Evil?: More Phelpses Leave The Clan And Reverse Course (2 comments)

*Norway welcomes indecisive Kachin peace-talks amid autonomy row

Helping Activist Parents Protect their Children

Big Oil's in Good Hands with Sally Jewell

New York Times Misinformation on Syria

Thursday, February 7:

GOP Descends Into Its Winter of Discontent

His Hunger, Our Shame: A Human Chain for Samer Al Issawi

Austerity again (1 comments)

Shadow Governments (1 comments)

A Definition of Traitor

It Has Happened Here (99 comments)

The Heart IS a Lonely Hunter: Making It Right (2 comments)

In Chile, Plunder and Perverse Laws against the Indigenous Population

Woe to the Victor

Reagan Would Be 102 -- and Against Obama's Drone Policy

The Death Rattle of American Democracy (1 comments)

Condemning the U.S. Postal Service's Move to End Saturday Delivery (2 comments)

Reflections on the Human Spirit (4 comments)

Israel Fuels Syrian Fire, Risking Regional Outburst

Who's Going to Step Up? President Obama Must Be Impeached (16 comments)

"When Other Folks Give Up Theirs"" Black Freedom and the Gun Control Debate (1 comments)

Obama and Co. Make Up the Law as They Kill (14 comments)

*Burma initiates a committee scrutinizing the political prisoners left behind

Extrajudicial Killing: Official US Policy

Israeli State Terror Crowd Control Weapons (1 comments)

Drone Memo Puts Brennan on Spot (4 comments)

Wednesday, February 6:

Obama and Europe's Meltdown (5 comments)

the Drone Dilemma (3 comments)

Chilling Legal Memo From Obama DOJ Justifies Assassination Of US Citizens (4 comments)

Boycott the Boy Scouts: Quit Teaching Kids to Celebrate Prejudice and Ignorance* (33 comments)

Why the Government's Lawsuit Against Standard & Poor's Matters

It Seems the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons Hinges on Russia and China--Hmm (3 comments)

Idealism is Pragmatic and Activism Matters

The French and African Troops (1 comments)

Kafka's talking points: The NRA goes to Congress

Hagel's Retreat

Privatization Part I (10 comments)

Low US Rankings, Losing Saturday, Privatization, Stench, Sociopaths, Cowards and Anyone but Hillary (17 comments)

Banning Assault Weapons Makes More Sense than Arming Teachers (7 comments)

The Stench Emanating From The Washington Cesspool Has Become Unbearable, Overwhelming The Senses (40 comments)

How Secrecy Corrodes Democracy

Rethinking Rand: "Going Galt" on The 1% (8 comments)

Dimming Nation (5 comments)

As Syria Devolves, Israel Rampages (3 comments)

Postal Cuts Are Austerity on Steroids (4 comments)

Should We Know Why the Government Can Decide to Kill Us? (7 comments)

The Economic Challenge Ahead: More Jobs and Growth, Not Deficit Reduction (2 comments)

The Twilight of the False Gods (5 comments)

Ok, Don't Comment. Just Tell Your Children (6 comments)

The Irrelevance Of "Screw You": Ann Coulter Panders To Paranoia (3 comments)

Obama Declares Global Cyberwar

Israel's One of World's Biggest Land-Grabbers (2 comments)

Tuesday, February 5:

In Defense of 'Killer' Cats (5 comments)

Obamacare: A Deception (24 comments)

How to be Successful at Corporate Fascism: Exhibit I, Mississippi (1 comments)

Is Obama Really Batman?

U.S. To Become A Second Rate Power... like it is poorly rated in so many other areas (8 comments)

There's No Place Like Drone (1 comments)

Israel's 19th Knesset

No Easy Answer for President Obama on Hadiya Pendleton's Funeral

Medea Benjamin: 10 Questions to Ask John Brennan at his CIA Confirmation Hearing

For chained dogs, it's a long, cold, lonely winter (1 comments)

Steven Chu, Supporter of Nuclear Power, Resigns as U.S. Energy Secretary (1 comments)

Hillary Clinton's Record of Failure as Secretary of State (1 comments)

The Statue of Camera (4 comments)

Oppose Brennan Appointment to CIA (5 comments)

Of Hope and Disgust: Solitary Confinement (1 comments)

The Tax- Funded Murder, USA (16 comments)

For Crime of Century Scandal ABC Needs an Activist in the Writing Room (1 comments)

"Sig Heil", Barack Obama (3 comments)

Lauren Bacall Is Targeted On NRA Enemies List! And You May Be Too! (1 comments)

*Burma must be sincere making peace contract with Kachin rebels

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process Hypocrisy

Does Netanyahu Want Regional War?

NYC officials threaten funding of Brooklyn College over Israel event (2 comments)

Monday, February 4:

14 Reasons to Rise Up -- For Jobs, and Against More Spending Cuts (4 comments)

First City in U.S. Passes Resolution Against Drones (4 comments)

Karl Rove takes on the Tea Party with new Super PAC (3 comments)

*By the way, where did your family come from? (10 comments)

Signs of intelligent life (1 comments)

The Gatekeepers -- An Analysis (4 comments)

Tell the Media Again: Say "Safety," not "Control!" (9 comments)

*Hunger Strike - Mother Protests Abuse of Son

The Fundamental Law of Sovereignty

The Fallen Republicae and Its Restoration

A Burden to The Poor (1 comments)

Marital Rape: An Unacknowledged Crime (1 comments)

"We Are Here": Zapatistas Send Silent Message With the Return of the PRI

Colin Powell: Conned or Con-Man? (15 comments)

Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage (19 comments)

Despite the NRA and the Ultra-Right Most Americans Favor Gun Controls (8 comments)

SEAL sniper killed--not exactly an eulogy (18 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Syria's first line of Defense: Dial 133

Larry Summers and the Davos scam (2 comments)

Obama: Jobs Destroyer

Stealing The Election 2.0 (2 comments)

Skeeters Bit by Image of President Who Opposes Violence -- Not the 2nd Amendment (5 comments)

Protect The Church At All Costs

2012: Year of Indigenous Resistance in Mexico

White House Zeros in on Medicare

Warning: Deficit Delusions Endanger Your Job

Rape as Collateral Damage (2 comments)

Dear Black Hole Of Texas: Keep Your Glenn Becks, Your Revisonsaries, Your Paranoid Patriots And SECEDE ALREADY! (1 comments)

*Weapons of Mass Distraction - Freedom of the Press? US Activists and Journalists Face Surveillance and Intimidation (2 comments)

Hillary Clinton: Profile of Imperial Arrogance and Lawlessness (4 comments)

Moscow to West: Hands Off Middle East/Africa

Sunday, February 3:

JSoc: Obama's Secret Assassins (12 comments)

Today, an Anniversary of America's First Progressive Revolution (2 comments)

President Obama Alone Can't Stop Black Murder Plague (1 comments)

Building Critical Mass for a Progressive Future (1 comments)

Money, Politics and the Science of Global Warming (6 comments)

*Burma restarts peace-talks with KIO amid charter dispute

Washington OK's Israeli Aggression on Syria (2 comments)

Iran's Legal Right to Enrich Uranium Unchallenged

Selective Tyranny: Why "Terrorized" Gun-Owners Applaud Obama's Worst Constitutional Abuses (57 comments)

Saturday, February 2:

''It is about time to stop lying to us and treating people like imbeciles." Laurent Louis, MP Belgium (19 comments)

Implosion at the Vatican - One Can Only Hope (2 comments)

Animal Defenders International: Upland Lemon Festival Cancels This Year's Elephant Rides (1 comments)

Still Not Getting It (1 comments)

*End Unemployment and Poverty! (3 comments)

Bringing It All Back Home': How Vermont Can Lead on Localizing the Climate Fight (3 comments)

Houston, Take Down This Threatening Message (5 comments)

Dear Charitable Billionaires:

Links? We Don't Do No Stinkin' Links: Cognitive Dissonance at the New York Times

Ed Koch Was Candid, Funny, Studious; Conversations With Bella Abzug Legendary (1 comments)

Hal O'Leary: What Else But Madness (13 comments)

Wars That Aren't Meant to Be Won (6 comments)

The Rifle on the Wall: A Left Argument for Gun Rights (16 comments)

Mexico 2013: Explosion at PEMEX Tower-- Terrorism or Accident?

By Robert Parry: Richard Nixon's Even-Darker Legacy (1 comments)

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements (3 comments)

Friday, February 1:

Have We Lost Our Humanity? (235 comments)

Here Come the Skeet Shooting Truthers (3 comments)

Serious News: In Low Supply From Mainstream Media

Happy days are here again???

Breaking the Corporate Trance

They're Putting Together A Committee!

What We Will Lose When Tom Harkin Leaves the Senate (1 comments)

World Economic Forum Explores Earth Shaking Risks to World, Including ETs (5 comments)

All That Pivots Is Gold (1 comments)

Social Inequality in America

The Jobs Report, and Why the Recovery Has Stalled (3 comments)

It's Good to Be a Goldman

The Lesson in Hagel's Inquisition

Lady in Flames (1 comments)

Little Girl Dead. The Challenge To OEN Writers (7 comments)

Chuck Hagel: Obama's Hatchet Man? (1 comments)

Premeditated Aggression: Official Israeli Policy

US Economy: Troubled or All's Well?

CUFI and the Ugly Face of Hagel's Opposition


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