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February 2013

Thursday, February 28:

Highway of Death: 22 Years Later (What We're Up Against) (6 comments)

The Pope is not the Only Cleric to Watch: Pay Attention to the Rabbinate, for it is the Heart of Israel's Existence (1 comments)

History of the US-Israel Relationship, Part 1; How the "Special Relationship" was created (5 comments)

Wednesday, February 27:

Matt Taibbi: Sequestration Cuts Crisis Makes Me Want to Strangle Both Sides (1 comments)

Grand Theft Election II: Keystone State Stories | ThinkProgress

God's Racket: The Vatican Bank | Alternet (2 comments)

Tuesday, February 26:

David Corn: Boehner Did Not Rule Out Tax Revenues to Prevent Sequestration

Monday, February 25:

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: UNC Rape Victim May Be Expelled For Speaking About Her Case

Begala: The Great Sequester Lie (1 comments)

Congo peace treaty or roadmap to balkanization? (2 comments)

To Drone, or Not to Drone?

The Billionaire (2 comments)

Time to change the conversation on austerity

Paul Krugman: Austerity, Italian-Style

Sunday, February 24:

Did John Kerry Send a Signal on Keystone XL Decision? (1 comments)

9 Reasons to Love Elizabeth Warren (2 comments)

Pakistani Militants, the Enemies of Peace The Internal Enemies of Pakistani Peace -By MOHSIN

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Importance of Men Seeing Women as Human Beings (1 comments)

A new video by Class War Films: 'Financial Crime'

Saturday, February 23:

Better Charter Schools in New York City - (1 comments)

Passing Pesticide Reporting in Maryland--Is the Fourth Time the Charm??

Jill Dalton: NDAA, The Kill List, A Corporate-Military-Complex-Mafia. Yes, It Is Fascism! | Dandelion Salad

Scott Walker's Latest Victims: The Elderly And Infirm (1 comments)

Friday, February 22:

Paul Krugman: Sequester of Fools

The Organizer DOSSIER: Obama's State of the Union Address and The Fight for an Independent Labor Movement | Socialist Or

James Hansen and the Climate-Change Exit Strategy, by John Bellamy Foster (2 comments)

Dear Mandela: The dream you went to prison for has never been achieved

Jailed for Posting a Link in a Chat Room (3 comments)

Thursday, February 21:

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: India's Brutal Rape Problem is Beyond Out of Hand (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Alan Simpson and Bernie Madoff (1 comments)

USDA to Begin Pushing Organic Foods? Are You Ready For Organic Wonder Bread? (3 comments) | Taking the Law into Our own Hands: A Fine and Necessary Tradition in the Face of Tyranny (7 comments)

Wednesday, February 20:

Jobs v. Loopholes | ThinkProgress

Tea Party Group, Newt Gingrich Attack Karl Rove

Al Gore: Democracy Needs to Trump Capitalism or the Global Elite Will Triumph (9 comments)

Tuesday, February 19:

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles Unveil "New" "Deficit Reduction" Plan (1 comments)

Gym Class Isn't Just Fun and Games Anymore - By MOTOKO

China's Army Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

Drones for America!

Monday, February 18:

Wealth vs. Poverty: The NYT's Underreporting of Poverty-related Issues (1 comments)

Free-Trade Kool-Aid Drinking Gets a Pass in "Here's the Deal" (2 comments)

CIA Director convicted of torture charges! Not. But Italy's Spy Chief is.

Updating Reaganomics - By RAMESH PONNURU

The Hip Replacement Case Shows Why Doctors Often Remain Silent -By BARRY MEIER"Questioning the status quo in

The Second-Mortgage Shell Game - By ELIZABETH M. LYNCH

Sunday, February 17:

Paul Krugman: Raise That Wage (1 comments)

Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth - By JOSEPH STIGLITZ (2 comments)

The Real Cost of Shrinking Government -

Saturday, February 16:

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Simple Truth About Gun Control (2 comments)

Charles M. Blow: Don't Mythologize Christopher Dorner (9 comments)

A Tribute to Cecila Sanchez and the Cuban Revolution (2 comments)

Billionaire Burglar Breaks into Obama's Cabinet, by Greg Palast

Friday, February 15:

Iraqi Refugees Desperately in Search of Leonor

The U.S. Military Invented a Medal for Drone "Pilots"?!? (1 comments)

An Innocent Man Remains in America's Gulag

Libor Trap: Banks Want Out But Regulators Won't Let Them Leave - Forbes (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Rubio and the Zombies (1 comments)

Thursday, February 14:

How to Fix Washington in Five Easy Steps - Tom Magstadt - Open Salon (1 comments)

Matt Taibbi: Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail

Wednesday, February 13:

Norman Finkelstein's Criticism of BDS: Wrong, But With a Germ of Truth

6 Game-Changers | ThinkProgress (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Marco Rubio Has Learned Nothing

North Carolina lawmakers move to slash unemployment help

G.O.P. Aims for a Calmer Face, Except Maybe for Ted Nugent (1 comments)

Tuesday, February 12:

Connecticut Senator Demands NRA Leadership Condemn Shocking Newtown Comments | ThinkProgress (1 comments)

In Nigeria, You're Either Somebody or Nobody -

The Media Is the Message: Russia's Deputy Minister of Communications Defends Propaganda -By MASHA GESSEN

150 years apart: Transformational presidents by Shirley Anne WarshawGettysburg College - New York Times

As Cuts Loom, The Political Forecast Is Mostly Hostile, With A (Slim) Chance Of Unity

Why Social Security Recipients Shouldn't Be Shackled With The Chained CPI |

Monday, February 11:

Another Self-Inflicted Wound to the Economy? | ThinkProgress

Prison Memoir Excerpt: County Time and The Walls

Obama To Issue Cybersecurity Order Wednesday February 13th 2013

The Ignorance Caucus - By PAUL KRUGMAN (1 comments)

The U.S. Congress: From One Crisis to Another, The Politics of Debt Default (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: The Ignorance Caucus

Sunday, February 10:

Quietly Killing a Consumer Watchdog -

Reflecting on an Asteroid's Really Close Encounter with Earth By ANDREW C. REVKIN

The Gradual Selling of America the Beautiful - By VERLYN KLINKENBORG (1 comments)

The Land of the Binge -

The Secret To Fixing Bad Schools - DAVID L. KIRP (1 comments)

John Brennan and John Kiriakou: how to get ahead in the CIA, and how not to

Saturday, February 9:

600 homeless children in D.C., and no one seems to care

Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack Seeks "Army' of Sheriffs to Resist Federal Authority (1 comments)

Britain Considers Taking Power of the Purse Back from Banks (1 comments)

Bernie Sanders: A Choice For Corporate America: Are You With America Or The Cayman Islands

Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair

Friday, February 8:

At John Brennan's C.I.A. Confirmation Hearing

The dangerous rebranding of John Brennan

Eugene Robinson: Remote-control assassinations (1 comments)

The Assassination Bureau: the CIA and Zero Dark Thirty

Paul Krugman: Kick That Can (2 comments)

Thursday, February 7:

S.& P. E-Mails on Mortgage Crisis Show Alarm and Gallows Humor - BY MARY WILLIAMS WALSH AND RON NIXON DealBook

Savior? Marco Rubio: Just More of the Same

Vets see promise in Hagel and his short VA tenure

New Rove Effort Has G.O.P. Aflame

Haaretz: Bloomberg Tells Brooklyn College Critics To Move To North Korea

Wednesday, February 6:

What's At Stake in John Brennan's Hearing to Lead the CIA

Massachusetts Senate special election: A lost cause for the GOP?

Settlers Increasingly Impinging on Palestinian Lives

Obama's Targeted Killing Policy: Just Trust Me

One on one gets the job done | United Federation of Teachers (1 comments)

New GOP = Old GOP | ThinkProgress

The Day in Gun Violence - Joe Nocera

The Global Farmland Rush - By MICHAEL KUGELMAN

Joy Resmovits: George Miller Marks Digital Learning Day With New EdTech Bill

Fifty Years of Failing America's Mentally Ill

Selling Amnesty - By BILL KELLER

Joel Shatzky: Educating for Democracy: What Do Grades Mean? (1 comments)

Robert Reich: The Real Debate Over American Citizenship (5 comments)

Tuesday, February 5:

Fresh Questions Raised Over a Bank of America Settlement -By GRETCHEN MORGENSON

The Second Amendment Was Not Ratified to Preserve Slavery

Clashing Explanations on How Talks With Teachers Union Failed -

Burger King Horse-Meat Scandal: Why the Outrage? (1 comments)

A Million Jobs at Stake With Sequester - (1 comments)

Litmus Tests for Israel

Monday, February 4:

Aaron Swartz's Partner: Why Aaron died: I believe that Aaron's death was not caused by depression. (5 comments)

20 Minutes, 4 Assault Weapons | ThinkProgress (2 comments)

Why Closing The Gun Show Loophole Isn't Enough (Or How I Was Able To Buy 4 AR-15s In 20 Minutes) (2 comments)

How can the G.O.P. be so determined to make America safe for financial fraud? -PAUL KRUGMAN

Time: "What Happens When Drones Return to America?"

Reforming Prison's Harshest Tactic The Angola 3 case may help change the arbitrary and sometimes abusive use of solitary

Why Police Officers Lie Under Oath (1 comments)

The Great Gerrymander of 2012 - By SAM WANG (1 comments)

NYPD cops handcuff and interrogate innocent 7-year-old for 10 hours over $5 dispute at school, says his mom -

Wading uncharted waters: The trial of Rios Montt - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Learning From Research Failure - By SAM

Paul Krugman: Friends of Fraud

Al Gore: US democracy has been hacked

Sunday, February 3:

No austerity anywhere in the world has restored a national economy

Dangerous Gun Myths -

Mary Jo White: Next SEC Chief's "Skeleton in Closet' (1 comments)

More Lessons About Charter Schools - (1 comments)

Saturday, February 2:

GM Labeling on Ballot in Washington State

The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses (6 comments)

How to Win the Gun Debate (2 comments)

Senator Catches NRA Head In Epic Flip Flop | Igor Volsky and Annie-Rose Strasser ThinkProgress

Americans shocked to learn that there isn't actually a Social Security crisis - (1 comments)

Friday, February 1:

Fact check: LaPierre's Big Fib on the Assault Weapons Ban

New Front in the War on Women

Paul Krugman: Looking for Mr. Goodpain (1 comments)


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