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January 2013

Thursday, January 31:

Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers (1 comments)

*BOOK REVIEW: What the World Needs Now! (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 29:

The Correct Interpretation of Our Dreams (2 comments)

Poor Sleep in Old Age Prevents Brain From Storing Memories

Severe Flu Predicted Due to Climate Change

Monday, January 28:

Urban Times' Mohamed Huque on Prison Labor in America (7 comments)

Filibusters, Gun Control, and Jafsie

Creating a Culture: The Validity of the "Everybody's Doing it' Argument (6 comments)

Interview with Prof. Bruce Chilton, Author of "Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography" (1 comments)

Sunday, January 27:

A Front Runner For All Generations: An Interview With Legendary Author Patricia Nell Warren (1 comments)

The Bureau of Prisons, The Flood and Your Tax Dollars At Work (4 comments)

Literary History, Seen Through Big Data's Lens - STEVE LOHR

40 Year Old Terrarium Survives with No Maintenance (3 comments)

Saturday, January 26:

Beyond Conditioning: Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Evolution of the Human Species (7 comments)

Create the Compassionate Society (11 comments)

You Can Fix Stupid (10 comments)

Friday, January 25:

Lifelike Photo Project New York

Leeches, Lye and Spanish Fly (1 comments)

Goldman Sachs and Shell "Win" Public Shame Awards

Investigating the Link Between Gun Possession and Gun Assault

Thursday, January 24:

Dilemmas of an Online Film Watcher

Wednesday, January 23:

earth note 226

The Cosmic Story: Leo Full Moon 2013

Addiction: Monkey On My Back

From Dark Hearts Comes the Kindness of Humankind? (1 comments)

Monday, January 21:

Loneliness and Stress Tax Immune System

Escaping the Clutches of Helplessness (4 comments)

A Wider View (8 comments)

Air cadets rewrite their oath to remove God from pledge (1 comments)

My Local Rising, a poem

Sunday, January 20:

NYT's Frank Bruni Reflects on "Born Round: A Story of Food, Family and a Ferocious Appetite"

mediocrity equals death

Sherwood Ross: *Poem for MLK Day (1 comments)

Saturday, January 19:


Jesus 'Used to Be Jewish'? That's Not What the Gospels Say (24 comments)

Friday, January 18:

Power's Punishing Impact: Power Linked to Tendency to Punish Harshly (1 comments)

oil-gas-dogma fundamentals

Thursday, January 17:

You can shout FIRE in a theater, if you shout AIM first. (3 comments)

Is Religion Giving Morality a Bad Name?

Wednesday, January 16:

America's Real Criminal Element: Lead

Can forgiveness play a role in criminal justice?

The Big Picture; The Big Lie; The Tremendous Truth (42 comments)

Book Review: Gates of Eden, a 60s tale of resistance, rebellion, and love

Sitting With Mother Meera

Tuesday, January 15:

19-year-old activist Zack Kopplin makes life hell for Louisiana's creationists

Families of Newtown Victims Organize Violence Prevention Effort

Your Brain Is Flawed -- 12 Reasons We are Wildly Irrational (2 comments)

Implant Replaces Middle Ear

Knee Cartilage Repair with New Biomaterial

My Octogenarian Taxi Driver and finding Insights into Oman

Why Argo Is Different (8 comments)

Monday, January 14:

Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself (33 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Socialized into Subservience (3 comments)

Lori Spencer: Zeppelin Over Washington

Joyfilled Mothering: Empowering Women for the Future Sake of Humanity's Survival (6 comments)

State of the Union - Despair-ity

We will screw ya

Sunday, January 13:

Review of Applebaum's "Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956" (2012) (9 comments)

Bullying: A Pain in the Brain (3 comments)

Saturday, January 12:

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction (7 comments)

Shared Google Docs: 58 Amazing Photos (4 comments)

War is Kind (2 comments)

Friday, January 11:

Magic that is Available to Us All, every day... IMO (1 comments)

Fracking Causes Friction In "Promised Land" (1 comments)

Our new year: your new moment

Award-Winning Author Ellyn Bache on "The Art of Saying Goodbye" (2 comments)

Stem Cells Heal Arteries in Baboons

The 101 Most Iconic Photographs in Sports History

Book Review: Obama's War Against Libya (2 comments)

Thursday, January 10:

Django's Vengeance (2 comments)

The case of the disappearing elephant

Are We on the Verge of an Interspiritual Age? (14 comments)

Wednesday, January 9:

Asian American Film Lab: Casting Director Caitlin Jones and the Asian American Film Lab Work Together to Promote Diversity

The Peace Virus (1 comments)

David Rowell on RFK and "The Train of Small Mercies" (1 comments)

Gary Lindorff: I Want to Go Home (2 comments)

Smoke, Mirrors, and Fox News

Monday, January 7:

The Cosmic Story: Capricorn New Moon, 2013 (2 comments)

Exterminate Infestations of Negative Thoughts (8 comments)

Why I Lose at Go-Fish

Civil Rights Lawyer Jon Loevy Plays to Win (4 comments)

Modern Parenting may Hinder Brain Development

Sunday, January 6:

Rapist Alert: Will Ohio State U. & Ashland U. Do the Right Thing? (25 comments)

Saturday, January 5:

Movie Review: Django (2 comments)

Chinese Statecraft, Confucian Humanism, and the Ethic of Responsibility (2 comments)

Intuition and the Spiritual Emergence of the Human Being (4 comments)

The State versus an 'Anarchist Society' (6 comments)

Friday, January 4:

Photo: Obama on a Special Bus (1 comments)

Wednesday, January 2:

Gays Harrassed, Crowd and Pizza Guys Stand Up For Them

(Gun) Violence is as American as cheery pie

Tuesday, January 1:

Astrological Year Ahead 2013: Sun, Moon, Mercury (9 comments)

Venezuelan Leadership Up for Grabs? (3 comments)


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