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December 2012

Monday, December 31:

Harry Reid Finally Settles It: Social Security Is Off the Table (2 comments)

The Mythic Fiscal Cliff "DEAL" Happens, Sort Of (18 comments)

Lousy Deal on the Edge of the Cliff (8 comments)

N.R.A. (Not Right America)

Obama Spearheads Social Counterrevolution: Behind the "fiscal cliff" Debate (4 comments)

Guns, Shootings, and Actual Change

Of Massacres, the People, and Their Guns (4 comments)

So Long, 2012: New Year's Resolutions I'd Like to Hear

Operation Geronimo: Who gave Osama Bin Laden Away? (6 comments)

The Lack of Progress on Gun Control (1 comments)

Before - During And After Newtown There Is Overwhelming Sadness (2 comments)

Gary Brumback: A deadly monster. Part 2: Its outmatched and divided opposition (5 comments)

Timothy Geithner To Resign: A Dishonorably Honorable Discharge For the Scandal-Ridden Treasure Secretary (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Political Grinches Stealing Christmas From Palestinian and Syrian Refugees

*The Rush To "The Cliff," The Deception vs Unspoken Alternatives (3 comments)

Sandy, Katrina, and Climate Justice (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Will Syria Go on the Offensive at The Hague? (4 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Ten of My Favorite Things about 2012 (1 comments)

The Gatekeepers: Exposing Israel's Dark Side

The Idol Smasher (5 comments)

Drone War in Pakistan Spur Militant Reprisals

Y2013: Things Less Likely To Happen (3 comments)

Ban Those Bullets! (10 comments)

Responsible Fiscal Cliff Resolution (1 comments)

Rare Israeli Justice (1 comments)

Sunday, December 30:

Syria Faces Humanitarian Catastrophe (1 comments)

White House, Congress extend police-state FISA law (1 comments)

Looking Back At The News of 2012

The Top 12 Political Fallacies of 2012 (3 comments)

Thanks so much for helping make Opednews google's #1 search result for the terms liberal news & progressive opinion (5 comments)

War Control (14 comments)

Are We Showing the World "American Exceptionalism"? (2 comments)

Humbug and Hogwash: Human Rights Watch Expels "racist and enemy of human rights" Richard Falk (4 comments)

Patriarchy, the Social Order and the Delhi Gangrape Victim (2 comments)

*Dick Armey...Armed Assailant?

The Corporate Media Propagandists "Fiscal Cliff" (4 comments)

Two New Year's Resolutions for the State of Arkansas

Government Keeps Us Rich (13 comments)

Congress Extends Warrantless Spying (1 comments)

Cliff Notes

Saturday, December 29:

GOP Really Does Deserve Blame for Fiscal Cliff Peril (3 comments)

Top 8 Dumbest Responses After the Sandy Hook Elementary School Mass Shooting in Newtown, CT (10 comments)

Explainer: How Poor Timing Buries Important News (2 comments)

A Person Called Nobody

I am ok son, it is only Tuesday and Wednesday

*Say gun "safety," not gun "control!" (8 comments)

Revealed: How The FBI Coordinated The Crackdown On Occupy (10 comments)

The Psychology Behind Mass Shootings (11 comments)

A Welcome to Arms (1 comments)

To Torture, Or Not To Torture?

Fiscal Chicken (1 comments)

Cold War Politics Heats Up

Israel's Long Arm

Cerberus Collected Ex-Government Opportunists (3 comments)

Friday, December 28:

Cliff Hanger: Why Republicans Don't Care What the Nation Thinks (2 comments)

Putin Bans Orphan Adoption by Americans

The Real Lessons of Pearl Harbor, Part 2 (9 comments)

Torture, Torture Everywhere

The Tower Massacre, Gun Control, and Planet n-RA (9 comments)

GOP and Feinstein Join to Fulfill Obama's Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping (2 comments)

Why are we debating cuts to Social Security? (3 comments)

The Larger Question of Chuck Hagel (4 comments)

The Left is Moving Right. What to do? (88 comments)

Agenda Prevails Over Truth (170 comments)

Bahraini State Terror

John Boehner's Failure (1 comments)

Guavas, coconuts and corruption, oh my! (5 comments)

Sandy a Wake up Call (3 comments)

Legislation Constipation (1 comments)

The terror lurking in a Christmas tree (2 comments)

Thursday, December 27:

Moscow Talks on Syria

Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges (3 comments)

Fact-Checking Wayne LaPierre (3 comments)

There Is no American Left (68 comments)

Throwing Social Security Beneficiaries Under the Bus (1 comments)

Transition NYC Bioregion - Preparing Our Island City and its Bioregion for a Bright Green Future (1 comments)

David Koch fights Sandy relief (7 comments)

Cliff Notes-- On Being Able to Recognize "Game" (3 comments)

There Is No Santa Claus and Bill Clinton Was Not an Economic Savior (2 comments)

Newtown and Neuroscience (2 comments)

'No-kill' is no solution to animal homelessness

For Wall Street It's "Peace On Earth, Goodwill Toward Remington" (1 comments)

America, a Nation Whose Directional Compass is Badly Damaged (6 comments)

I Feel Theresa Spence's Hunger -- for Justice (1 comments)

Charles M. Young: Capitalism and Mental Illness: Back to the Future? (2 comments)

Netanyahu/Lieberman Coalition (1 comments)

Chavez Struggles to Recover

Americans Kill But Don't Want To Be Killed - #Idlenomore (3 comments)

*Fiscal Cliff My Ass The "Shock" is Worth The Drop! (7 comments)

Gaza's Only Fisherwoman Continues to Sail (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 26:

Obama's Gift to al-Qaida, Support for Tyranny, and FBI Monitoring of Dissent (9 comments)

Four More Years: The Asia Pivot (1 comments)

Last Call for Salvation! (2 comments)

Hagel Defenders Battle Neocon Opposition (4 comments)

The Price of Revolutionary Illusions (1 comments)

If At First You Don't Secede (4 comments)

The Only Way Left to Beat Republican Fanatics: Call Their Bluff and Go Over the Cliff (6 comments)

*The Mussolini test (3 comments)

Wendell Potter: Rate Shock' Will Be at Heart of New Scare Campaign Against Obamacare (1 comments)

Huckabee Strikes Again (3 comments)

No Senator, Republican or Democrat, Should Serve by Appointment (1 comments)

Politics as Usual Doesn't Work: Obama, Boehner and Pelosi Plan More Theft Under the Guise of the Fiscal Cliff (1 comments)

Christmas in Antarctica: a moment frozen in time (2 comments)

Wage History and The Case for A Living Wage (4 comments)

Poor First to Barrel over the Fiscal Cliff (1 comments)

Designation and publication (1 comments)

Police in American Schools? (20 comments)

How to build future of Afghanistan? (2 comments)

Why (and How) Should Muslim Americans 'Celebrate' Christmas? (2 comments)

To The Americans Who Are Questioning The Death Of The Children In Connecticut (169 comments)

Human Rights Get Short Shrift in Israel

Those Laboring Days (1 comments)

OWS Activists Called Domestic Terrorists (2 comments)

Scrambling for Africa's Resources

Tuesday, December 25:

On The Killing of Children and Others, Domestic and Foreign -- An Analysis

Is Our Economy Being Artificially Maintained and Propped Up? If So, How and Why? (12 comments)

Fix the Debt's New Email: Too Cruel to Laugh, Too Ridiculous to Cry (3 comments)

Climate Change and Rebuilding NYC Post-Sandy (4 comments)

Is Obama About to Betray Those Who Re-Elected Him Less than 2 Months Ago? (3 comments)

*Prince Harry Cowardly Murders in Afghanistan as Savage British Have for Centuries (2 comments)

For the New Year or Mayan New Age try Seeing Differently (2 comments)

What's In a Name? (3 comments)

Syria's Liberating Struggle Continues (2 comments)

Monday, December 24:

*Haiti Habitat Carter Build, Precursor of... (1 comments)

Gary Ackerman's Important Goodbye

The Final Battle (2 comments)

The President's 900 Pound Stinking Elephant (4 comments)

Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns (33 comments)

*Michael! Call For US Crimes Prosecution End Our Being Accessories After the Fact! (2 comments)

A Wider Circle of Compassion: The Newtown Massacre and Beyond (2 comments)

Transcend Christmas: Get The Guns Off The Streets, The Paranoia Out Of Our Minds, And Put "Happy Holidays" In Our Hearts (1 comments)

My Fourth Year (20 comments)

Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention (3 comments)

Israel's Man at State (1 comments)

Doing Time for Peace (1 comments)

Sunday, December 23:

The Torture Chronicle (2 comments)

The Greatest Traditional Gift For All (90 comments)

For whom the Syrian bell tolls

Eating Not So High on the Hog (1 comments)

Where Are We Heading -- Bedford Falls or Pottersville? (4 comments)

NRA Suggests a Police State (4 comments)

Psychotropic medications and school shootings: Preventing another Sandy Hook (12 comments)

Turning Children Into Killers: The Intolerable Pain Of Parental Neglect And Abuse (23 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Is Yamouk headed for the same fate as Nahr al Bared? (1 comments)

President Obama, please restore justice and pardon my father (7 comments)

*Why "Torture Doesn't Work" Doesn't Work: Dealing with "Zero Dark Thirty" (4 comments)

The School: Reading Uncle Tom's Cabin in Russia (4 comments)

Syrian rebels threaten Christian towns (4 comments)

The End (1 comments)

Imperial Warrior Kerry at State (3 comments)

Piling on Syria

Saturday, December 22:

The "Fiscal Cliff" Failed. Now Kill It And Get Back to Work. (2 comments)

Obama Will Ride to the Rescue ... for Republicans (27 comments)

*If more guns will make us as safe as the NRA claims - then why isn't America already the safest nation on earth? (17 comments)

Moving ahead with polio vaccination in Pakistan! (2 comments)

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease (21 comments)

Connecting The Dots On Syria: Fooling Enough Of The People Enough Of The Time"

*Psychiatrists Say Psych Meds 'Cause' Violence; Lanza Records Still Not Released (12 comments)

The Truth about Obesity (5 comments)

Rockets Red Glare

The People Must Lead the Way to Save the Planet (2 comments)

Syria's Inheritance: Who Will Control the Chemical Weapons Stockpiles? (1 comments)

Why Israel? (1 comments)

Gun Violence, Massacres, and "Other Developed Countries" (9 comments)

DSM-5 Could Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health (6 comments)

The coming drone attack on America (44 comments)

America, We Have A Problem!

*NRA says War Promoting TV is Teaching Kids the Glory of Killing! (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Rebel controlled Yarmouk Palestinian Camp empties pending government counter-attack (2 comments)

F.A.C.E.T. - A Radical Reinterpretation of the U.S. Second Amendment (1 comments)

Rush Limbaugh's War on Christmas (2 comments)

This Drag Queen's View of Conservatives Dobson's and Huckabee's Gay Related Newtown Responses

NRA America (3 comments)

*It's Not Our Grief; She Will Die

NRA Defiant and Combative as Ever (2 comments)

Fiscal Cliff Reality

Odd Man Out

Ezili Danto: UN Capitalizing on Cholera in Haiti: playing the arsonists and the firemen (1 comments)

Image essay about blood soaked NRA (33 comments)

Friday, December 21:

Remember the Victims, Reject the Violence (2 comments)

Nancy Lanza Was an NRA Pawn (9 comments)

Why the Washington Post killed the story of Murdoch's bid to buy the US presidency (4 comments)

Crony Capitalism's Power Couple (2 comments)

The Right's Second Amendment Lies (6 comments)

Speaker Boehner Loses It (8 comments)

Tragedy in Newtown and Our Changing Culture

Two Children of a Common Mother (1 comments)

Wayne LaPierre blames everyone and everything except for Guns

*You Want to do What with my Guns? (4 comments)

A Way Forward: From Newtown to Peacetown (1 comments)

*Pope Benedict XVI is not preaching social justice regarding same-sex marriage in civil law (3 comments)

BDS Breakthrough (1 comments)

Hallelujah, Mike Huckabee, Hallelujah (2 comments)

Doomsday? Solace from the Solstice? Christmas?

Zero Dark Thirty: Bigelow's "Civilized Lunch"

Summarizing the arguments against excessive gun ownership (1 comments)

Code Pink Disrupts NRA Press Conf, Saying NRA Kills Children, As Lapierre Pushes for Edu-Police State (20 comments)

Random Thoughts-- Revolution, Progressive Visions (30 comments)

*It's the corruption, stupid! (3 comments)

Can America Curb Gun Violence? (4 comments)

Obama/Boehner Two-Step

Palestinian Hunger Striker Steadfastness (1 comments)

Thursday, December 20:

Defense Lobby Wins, Middle Class Loses In Obama Debt Proposal (4 comments)

Will Israel Block Hagel as Defense Secretary?

When Black Swans Fly (2 comments)

*Challenging the Gun Lobby, Changing the Culture of Violence

Hagel: The Neocons' Last Stand? (5 comments)

Newtown is Our Town

The Unleashing of Syria's Chemical Weapons (1 comments)

Why Isn't The Media Discussing The Unprecedented Law Giving Gun Makers And Dealers Immunity? (13 comments)

*Fear of the "Fiscal If" (2 comments)

Clean Up Time (3 comments)

Time to play 2nd Amendment Trump Card? (14 comments)

Fred Waldron Phelps Sr: Is He Now The Most Hated Man In The World? (26 comments)

Fiscal Cliff: Time to Call Their Bluff (32 comments)

This Doesn't Happen in Contemporary America (1 comments)

Ban Cars not Assault Rifles (7 comments)

On Drug Policy, Europe Shows Us the Money--and It's Ugly

The United States Needs SENSIBLE Gun Legislation Now (1 comments)

Divestment and Image Concerns Drive Big Changes in Gun Business... And Offer Activists a Major Opportunity (11 comments)

Glen Ford: The Ultimate Logic of a Society Built on Mass Murder (18 comments)

Lost: Media Ethics in Newtown, CT (5 comments)

New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity

Netanyahu's Rage to Judaize Palestine (2 comments)

Obama proposes Social Security cuts (8 comments)

Get Your Pink Rifle At Dick's! America's Love Affair With Money And Violence (1 comments)

Cliff Hanger: The President's Unnecessary and Unwise Concessions (17 comments)

Wednesday, December 19:

Why Democrats Must Break With Obama on Social Security Cuts (1 comments)

Vengence is Mine? (1 comments)

Newtown kids v Yemenis and Pakistanis: what explains the disparate reactions? (4 comments)

Suffer the Little Children (2 comments)

Newtown, Connecticut: our violent culture

Putin's Opposition Scores Big at Critical London Hearing

Sandy Hook Elementary: Where Scar Killed Simba (1 comments)

Fixing What Is Broken after Newtown (2 comments)

Playing to Lose? Obama's Just Another Chicago Player Throwing the Game (2 comments)

A Confederacy of Dunces (with apologies to John Kennedy Toole for stealing his title)

Learning Our Penchant for Mass Murder (1 comments)

Agenda Driven News (43 comments)

Freedom Rider: Killing Children (1 comments)

America Being Driven Over the Fiscal Cliff by the Monumental Cost of the Military (4 comments)

Neocons Guided Petraeus on Afghan War (2 comments)

The Wait-Just-A-Goddam-Second Amendment (1 comments)

What If President Obama Simply Issued Executive Orders Toughening Gun Curbs (4 comments)

Is Gun Control possible or are we destined to be stuck in the original intent of 1789 (8 comments)

Mirroring What America has Become

Story Notes For Television Producer Shonda Rhimes (5 comments)

When you care enough about yourself to think the very worst (3 comments)

Our Country Has a Problem (2 comments)

A Teachable Moment: the Sandy Hook Massacre (1 comments)

What We Aren't Saying (5 comments)

Fiscal Cliff Doublespeak Duplicity (3 comments)

Berkeley's Free Speech Movement (1 comments)

Tuesday, December 18:

*Capping the Crazy Killers (3 comments)

A Bright Light, Extinguished (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Three of the Most Illogical Post-Newtown Arguments (51 comments)

Michigan Republicans Deny Police Officers and Firefighters the Right to Work

A Call to Fight Nonviolently against the Extreme Right (3 comments)

Must Be The Home of "RAMBO JESUS": Home School "Arsenal Sermon" On Newtown Hits New Low " For Christian Right Paranoia (5 comments)

President Obama Made a Serious Miscalculation (11 comments)

Gun Control (2 comments)

The Right's "Limited Government" Scam (5 comments)

The Brick Wall

Life in Prison for a Poem

Mass murder, mental defects and memories (11 comments)

Libertarian Support for Union Rights (1 comments)

A Brief Review of 2012: The Gun Culture of America (27 comments)

Washington Targets Syria and Iran

Tortured in Sinai, Imprisoned in Israel

New press freedom group is launched to block US government attacks (6 comments)

What the Soldiers Did on Christmas 98 Years Ago

NYPD for hire: how uniformed New York cops moonlight for banks (6 comments)

Monday, December 17:

The Government and Your Guns (5 comments)

Remember the Children (1 comments)

Burial (2 comments)

Thoughts for the New Year

The Gun Debate - Real or For Show This time? (9 comments)


The Post-Connecticut Violent Media Bait and Switch (1 comments)

Arrest All Torturers (2 comments)

Craziness Creeps up on us-- Generation after generation. (5 comments)

"A Symbol of Corruption and Blood" - HKS Fellowship of Felipe Calderon (1 comments)

Guns R Us (1 comments)

Education and National Security -- An Analysis (1 comments)

School shooting in CT: Stricter gun control laws are not the solution (9 comments)

Current Comedy: Suffering Little Children (1 comments)

Occupy Nonviolence

Mass Killings and Suicides Increasing (10 comments)

The War On Corporate Welfare (1 comments)

The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble (9 comments)

Vituperative Vultures Circle Newton: WBC To Picket Newton Memorial And Everyone Is Outraged -- Bryan Fischer (3 comments)

Bolivarianism Wins Big

Finger-point Congress, Not President Obama, for Killing 18 Life Saving Gun Curb Bills (3 comments)

Egypt's New Pharaoh

Addicted to Guns And Violence: America Needs An Intervention (1 comments)

Let's not ask, "Why did God let this happen"? (4 comments)

Following up on the lastest mass shooting (9 comments)

Islamofascist Killers Threaten Syria (1 comments)

Premeditated Israeli Violence

How to Criticize the Israeli Government (2 comments)

Sunday, December 16:

Do We Really Want to do Something About Violence? We Can. (2 comments)

The "Rocket Man" rocks in the DPRK

I have been a gun owner for more than 30 years... (17 comments)

There cannot be a Creator Who Cares About the Victims of Mass Shootings, or of the Deaths of Children (6 comments)

Happy Bill of Rights Day, America (4 comments)

When We Look at You, We Know Peace Is Possible

How ALEC Thwarts Honest Debate About Gun Violence (2 comments)

How the GOP Promoted Gun Madness (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Syrian Students Condemn American-Led Sanctions that are inflating food prices" Damascus Street Notes

The Unspeakable Original Intent of the Second Amendment (42 comments)

Cynthia McKinney held briefly on return from Pakistan (2 comments)

We Have Become Death

America's Teachers: Heroes or Greedy Moochers at the Public Trough? (1 comments)

Gun Violence in America (1 comments)

Israel's Lieberman Resigns (2 comments)

Obama, Biden are war criminals under UN Charter: Analyst (1 comments)

Yes, NRA Member, You DO Have the Blood of 20 Children on Your Hands (195 comments)

Saturday, December 15:

Zero Dark Thirty: CIA hagiography, pernicious propaganda (7 comments)

Dan DeWalt: Feigning Panic at the Cliff's Edge (4 comments)

Bang Bang, You're Dead! (14 comments)

Canada-Syria: White dominions, brown colonies (4 comments)

Why Remember Iraq? (11 comments)

We Are Crying Out "Help Me': A Look At Nonviolence As An Alternative (3 comments)

Sandy Hook Massacre: The NRA Isn't The Main Problem (24 comments)

This Could Have Happened Anywhere in America (3 comments)

Our Most Viable Guidling Light: Putting Children First (3 comments)

Betrayal Without Remedy: The Case Of The Missing Hostess Employee Wages (4 comments)

The 2nd Amendment and Killing Kids (9 comments)

U.S. Harboring Known Terrorist Group (1 comments)

Eleven Days before Christmas: Carnage in Connecticut (23 comments)

Elementary School Shooting Is Tragedy Made In The USA; 20 Children Killed. 6 Adults. (3 comments)

*Chickens Always Come Home - Armed Americans Have Killed Millions of Children Abroad (11 comments)

Sandy Hook School Massacre Presents Towering Challenge for President Obama (11 comments)

Lord -Protector (2 comments)

The Compassion of Women of Afghanistan for the Women of Gaza (3 comments)

Complex Chavez Recovery (1 comments)

Holding Israel Accountable

Friday, December 14:

Grappling with Phantoms

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (Guns, no way in hell) (14 comments)

Como Estas La Casa? (3 comments)

Why we cannot lead humankind to a sustainable world (38 comments)

Egypt's Constitution, the Opposition, and the Dialogue of the Deaf

The Sea and the River

A Way to Stop the Violence (7 comments)

*Say: Cut Military "Corporations" Instead (2 comments)

Will We Fall Off the "Fiscal Cliff" Before the "End of the World?" (1 comments)

The Great American Choice

The Global Arms Trade - You can not be serious, Dr Cable (3 comments)

The Nobility of Every Day Work (5 comments)

Government always redistributes income and wealth (8 comments)

The Shameful Exploitation of Bradley Manning

American Politics: I'm With Crazy (2 comments)

Contemporary Art and Politics: Poets Talk (2 comments)

Bigotry through Implication

Not-so-merry mangers (2 comments)

The Real Lessons of Pearl Harbor (29 comments)

Propaganda War on Syria Rages (1 comments)

Waging War on US Workers

"The fate of human dignity is in our hands" (3 comments)

Thursday, December 13:

An Electronic People's Congress and How To Get It

The Fiscal Cliff and the Coming Swindle of "Shared Sacrifice"

Joseph E. Green: Eight Days to the End of the World (1 comments)

Iranian Bomb Graph Appears Adapted from One on Internet (2 comments)

China to be Number One in 2030 -- But Who Will be Top Gun? (2 comments)

"Slightly Above Zero": A Slogan for Our Age of Diminished Expectations (7 comments)

Rappelling Down the Fiscal Cliff: A Proposed How-to Guide for Progressives (2 comments)

Katyn in Reverse in Ukraine: Nazi-led Massacres turned into Soviet Massacres (9 comments)

Why the Fed's Jobs Program Will Fail (2 comments)

Christmas Consumerism: The Season To Spend And Spend (3 comments)

Why Obama Must Stand Firm on Taxing the Wealthy (2 comments)

Some Corporate Media "News" and Deciphering Its Truer Meaning (2 comments)

Growing Doubts About Susan Rice (3 comments)

Taken at the Flood

Veterans For Peace Opposes Military Intervention in Syria (3 comments)

US Intelligence Analysts: American Power is in Terminal Decline (4 comments)

Obama, Syria,and Assad-The Threat of War;Here We Go Again (2 comments)

Roots of Evil: Capitalism (7 comments)

America and Israel Wage War on Humanity (3 comments)

Uncertainty about Chavez's Health (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 12:

Michigan Adopts the ALEC Model for Diminishing Democracy (3 comments)

Why Is Cuba's Health Care System the Best Model for Poor Countries? (34 comments)

It's The Epi-mark, Stupid! New Scientific Study Shows Homosexuality As Hereditary ... And The Christian Right Convulses (6 comments)

Gun Patriotism or Hypocrisy? (1 comments)

The Fiscal Game Continues (1 comments)

Rust Belt Republicans fighting the good corporate fight so you have the Right to Work for Less (2 comments)

Michigan And The Right-To-Work Laws (5 comments)

American Militarism Threatening To Set Off World War III (1 comments)

Gary Brumback: A deadly monster: Part 1. An overview of the military-national security, industrial, political triumvirate (7 comments)

The Original Abolitionists

NATO aims for a Nobel war prize (1 comments)

The Billionaires' Long Game (5 comments)

Those Americans Who Live in the Middle Class but, Incredibly, Support the Forces Who Want to Dismantle It (32 comments)

Mindless American Support For Israel May Be Cracking (7 comments)

Response to Choquette-Johnson Study

Secession Obsession Unabated (9 comments)

Op-Ed #1 (1 comments)

Syria: Tightening the Noose

Lawsuits for Information on Drones

Is Conservative Media One Big "Racket"?

Tuesday, December 11:

The revealingly substance-free fight over Susan Rice (4 comments)

Ahram Online: Ministry claims provocation by thugs. (2 comments)

The Post-Election Project: The Establishment Pillories Susan Rice (5 comments)

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (1 comments)

The Budget Thugs: What Do They Know About the Economy? (3 comments)

Prosecutorial Indiscretion in Litvinenko Case

Euro-area Economy Austerity Bad Strategy for the U.S. (11 comments)

Obdurate Washington (4 comments)

"True the Vote" Fakes the "Voter Fraud" (2 comments)

Low Information Voters - the Republican Electoral Base (7 comments)

Corporate Colonization of the Left Message Has to Stop (18 comments)

After Sandy--we need a National Power Authority (11 comments)

Syria Boils (1 comments)

John Boehner Has No Mandate (9 comments)

Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well (1 comments)

Monday, December 10:

As Washington Fiddles over the Fiscal Cliff, the Real Battle Over Inequality Is Happening in the Heartland (13 comments)

Let's Make a Deal! (2 comments)

Zero Dark Thirty: new torture-glorifying film wins raves (10 comments)

The Enormous Potential of Interest-Free, Government-Issued Currency, Part 2 (11 comments)

Hamas at 25: Beyond the tired language (3 comments)

Three G's and an E-flat, or Why Beethoven Rules! (3 comments)

Four Republican Medicare Secrets ... and a $600 Billion Funeral (2 comments)

EI: "We've Only Just Begun" (as sung by Roberts and His Three Backups, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito) (2 comments)

Washington's Budget Con Game (5 comments)

The Normalization of Treason (3 comments)

The Post-Revolutionary Turmoil in Egypt (1 comments)

The Unsilenced Voice of a "Long-Distance Revolutionary" (10 comments)

Debt-Money Is THE Fiscal Cliff (8 comments)

Just Looking Stupid? The Not-So-Bright Bulbs at the White House and Pentagon (1 comments)

The New White Supremacist Is The Same Old Ann Coulter(geist) (5 comments)

*Demanding Cuts In "Spending" and "Entitlements" to Increase Revenue Is Extortion (1 comments)

7.7% unemployment inaccurately depicts true jobless rate (4 comments)

"Fiscal cliff" debates and defense bill reveal lawmaker's priorities (2 comments)

Liar's Poker - Obama and Cameron on Syrian WMD (3 comments)

Preemptive Strike on Syria Looms (4 comments)

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance (2 comments)

Sunday, December 9:

Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities (2 comments)

Norquist pledges likely to trigger GOP death knell (3 comments)

Cold Revenge (1 comments)

Clinton's Environmental Failure (13 comments)

To Hell With The Intelligence -- An Analysis (2 comments)

What Happens if There's a Fiscal Cliff?: "Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together ... Mass Hysteria!" (7 comments)

Identify Yourself (A Message To Fellow- Progressives) (27 comments)

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent (1 comments)

Hamas Commemorates 25th Anniversary

Escape to Civil War Land (1 comments)

Blood Diamonds - Fresh Graves in Gaza (3 comments)

Saturday, December 8:

Israel and Palestine: Who is The Victim and Who Is the Aggressor? (29 comments)

Who Bombed Ben-Menashe's House?

More Phony Employment Numbers (17 comments)

The PSY Scandal: Singing About Killing People v. Constantly Doing It (7 comments)

What Life Looks Like Under a National Security State (9 comments)

Dissolving a Stain Applied by Henry Ford (4 comments)

Save the Billionaires (Fiscal Cliff Edition) (1 comments)

Tea Party Now a Huge GOP Liability (35 comments)

Exploring the Public Bank Option for Scotland (13 comments)

Refugees In Sweden...Frozen? Frozen Out? (14 comments)

Lenin on Marxism and Bourgeois Democracy (8 comments)

Raising Money for Killers

Obama Plans African Wars

Friday, December 7:

US tightens military noose around Syria (2 comments)

GOP, Koch Brothers Sneak Attack Guts Labor Rights in Michigan (2 comments)

Tea Party Quitter DeMint Cashes In, Exposing DC's Dark Side (2 comments)

BREAKING: SCOTUS Agrees To Review Constitutionality of CA Ban on Marriage Equality, Federal "Defense of Marriage Act"

About People Who Are Wrong (5 comments)

In Egypt: When Democracy is not an Option (2 comments)

Dickensian! (5 comments)

The Benghazi File (10 comments)

Innovation Alert: Kinder, Gentler (Cheaper?) Medical Care? (3 comments)

"$12 Million Animal Shelter Opens"

Today's Job Numbers Show Why Job-Creation Must Take Precedence Over Deficit Reduction (3 comments)

Of jackpots and happiness

A Sign That Obama Will Repeat Economic Mistakes (14 comments)

Apple Redux (2 comments)

From Mexican Drug War President to Harvard Fellow? (2 comments)

The Fiscal Cliff: Three Opportunities (1 comments)

Middle East on the Boil (1 comments)

Netanyahu's Israel (1 comments)

Thursday, December 6:

GOP Offers to Throw Middle Class, Elderly Over the "Fiscal Cliff" (3 comments)

Leaving So Soon...? (1 comments)

Israel Plans a "Doomsday Settlement" for E1 (1 comments)

Gun Violence: The Time to Talk about Gun Control is NOW (3 comments)

Beyond austerity (15 comments)

What We Could Accomplish in the USA with Interest-Free, Government-Issued Currency (41 comments)

Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall (2 comments)

Pearl Harbor Day Is a Day to Cherish the $1.3 Trillion We Blow on War Preparation Every Year (4 comments)

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Wednesday, December 5:

Ben-Menashe Case Eyes Bomb Residue (1 comments)

The TCBH! Climate Change Report: A Palm Tree Grows in Maple Glen, PA (9 comments)

I love the sound of a drone in the morning (7 comments)

Almost Half of GOP Voters: ACORN Stole It Again! (2 comments)

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Doctors On The Take: My Career Ending Expose (8 comments)

Backward Ho! (3 comments)

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Harry Massey: Is Today Your Choice Point? Learn from Sir Richard Branson and Other World Leaders

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A Synergistic Solution (3 comments)

Israel Gives Chutzpah New Meaning

Venezuelans Vote Again

GOP coalition unsustainable (9 comments)

*Burma: "Investigation Commission" needs more power to meet people's demands

Tuesday, December 4:

The US and Israel: a short quiz on "rogue nation" status (4 comments)

The Serious People Are on the War Path

Lenin on "Reactionary" Trade Unions (1 comments)

Predatory Capitalism (3 comments)

*Reducing Tension in the Middle East (1 comments)

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The Twelve Ranters Of Christmas, Or The War On Christmas That's Fizzling (2 comments)

Current Comedy: "If at First You Don't Secede "" (6 comments)

ZERO DARK THIRTY--More "Patriotic" Offal from Hollywood: Bigelow Strikes Again (9 comments)

Why your childless girl friends are worth their weight in gold (2 comments)

Victory in the Culture War (15 comments)

A Shout Out To We The People

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

NNC News Interviews Lendman

Monday, December 3:

Understanding the Fiscal Cliff (1 comments)

What Has Hillary Accomplished? (22 comments)

Breaking Bad (2 comments)

A Peace treaty between Israel and Palestine (1 comments)

Obama To Attend UN COP18 Climate Conference in Qatar?

Bob Costas definitely stirred up the Gun Rights hornet nest (1 comments)

Republicans, heal thyself (2 comments)

Arson Seen in Attack on Ex-Israeli Spy (2 comments)

In Fiscal Cliff Talks, Republicans Have Nowhere to Run (1 comments)

Why to Say No to Susan Rice (11 comments)

Progressive media claims they'll be 'tougher' on Obama now (3 comments)

Goldman Sachs' Global Coup D'etat (7 comments)

Pentagon about to Deploy over 1400 Spies Overseas (1 comments)

The GOP: Their Problems, and Their Solutions to Them

Rice Nomination Fight Won't Drain President Obama's Political Capital (1 comments)

How The Filibuster Happened By Accident [Handcuffs On The Constitution, Part 2]

Katrina, All Over Again (3 comments)

A Time to Run and a Time to Stand

Waging War on Palestine (1 comments)

Susan Rice's Imperial Credentials (8 comments)

Tonight I am Confused (5 comments)

Sunday, December 2:

Is Paul Ryan Making Americans More Favorably Inclined Toward Socialism? (9 comments)

Urgent Action Needed to Combat European Climate Change (17 comments)

Bipartisan group in US Congress promotes drone killings (1 comments)

Laugh With Me (7 comments)

Tomgram: Steve Fraser, The National Museum of Industrial Homicide

Why the US Threatened to Cut Off Aid to Palestine if the UN Granted it Observer Status (1 comments)

Citizens Are Winning the Battle Over Cops and Cameras

Major UK Press Inquiry Would Scrap First Amendment (11 comments)

The Fiscal Cliff -- and Precipitous Fall of Tax Rates for the Rich (3 comments)

Susan Rice for Secretary of State? VERY Bad For Liberals and Progressives (41 comments)

Don't get fooled again (9 comments)

Davids Oppose Israel's Use of King David (3 comments)

*We are all Africans now (7 comments)

Punishing Palestine (1 comments)

Secret US Construction in Israel (1 comments)

Saturday, December 1:

Four More Years: Central and South Asia (1 comments)

Organizing McDonalds and Walmart, and Why Austerity Economics Hurts Low-Wage Workers the Most (8 comments)

Blanking Bradley Manning: NYT and AP Launch Operation Amnesia (9 comments)

Bradley Manning: a tale of liberty lost in America (3 comments)

Obama's Unconscionable Decision (4 comments)

The U.N. Has Little to Celebrate on November 29 (2 comments)

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Truth and Trauma in Gaza (6 comments)

Our Collapsing Economy and Currency (13 comments)

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Organic: Food Justice for the 99% (Response to Time Magazine/Dr. Oz denigration of organic consumers) (5 comments)

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Franklin P. Lamb: An historic victory for Palestine-another rejection of Occupation (7 comments)

UN Vote on Palestine (1 comments)

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Palestine UN Vote Postmortems

If Fighting for the Majority Is "Radical," Call Me Radical (5 comments)


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