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December 2012

Monday, December 31:

David Corn: The Story Behind the 47 Percent Video (1 comments)

The Military's Dirty Secret

Joe Conason: Still Crazy After All These Years: Fox News Gang Owes Hillary An Abject Apology (1 comments)

Occupy Atlanta Trial Recap

The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2012

Paul Krugman: Brewing Up Confusion

Sunday, December 30:

Gun Silencers: The NRA’s Latest Big Marketing Lie (2 comments)

Saturday, December 29:

After fiscal cliff dive, more battles, new cliffs

Guns and Mental Illness - JOE NOCERA

Timeline: A History of Marijuana in California and the U.S. | KQED News Fix (2 comments)

Friday, December 28:

Matt Taibbi: Angelo Mozilo, Former Countrywide CEO, Claims He Doesn't Know What 'Verified Income' Is (1 comments)

We are Adam Lanza's Mother (1 comments)

Thursday, December 27:

With Days Until The "Cliff," Speaker Boehner Is Still In Ohio

Don't Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel

Victoire Ingabire's third Christmas behind bars in Rwanda

US preparing for military invasion in Syria: Israel

US Rep. Markey to run in Senate special Election to Replace Kerry (1 comments)

Republicans Now 100 Percent AWOL From Fiscal Cliff Talks

Chik-fil-A's Latest Horror (2 comments)

Socialism for the Koch Boys?

Charles M Blow: Holiday Doldrums for Republicans

Wednesday, December 26:

GM Salmon? Sure, Why Not.

Paul Krugman: Is Growth Over? (1 comments)

Thomas Friedman: Give Chuck a Chance

Real and Virtual Firearms Nurture Marketing Link

Anatomy of a Murder-Suicide

Six Weeks After Reelection, Obama Sells Out Liberal Democrats (8 comments)

Tuesday, December 25:

Gun buyback program funded

Monday, December 24:

Cuban economy continues to grow

US Senate approves $211 million for Iron Dome in new $633 billion defense bill

Could A.I.G. Happen Again? - (1 comments)

Occupy Atlanta Claims City Deceived Court, Spied on Protesters

Matt Taibi Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke (4 comments)

David Corn: What the Fight Over Clinton's 1994 Assault Weapons Ban Can Teach Obama (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: When Prophecy Fails

Sunday, December 23:

In defence of Chuck Hagel, as the Washington Post declares war (1 comments)

The 12 Charts Recapping The 12 Months Of 2012 (1 comments)

The Gender Divide on Gun Control

Guns and Their Makers - By JOE NOCERA

The Scourge of Concealed Weapons -

Cuban Immigration Offices Overflowing (4 comments)

Saturday, December 22:

Nicholas D. Kristof: When Bahrain Said -- Get Lost

The N.R.A. Crawls From Its Hidey Hole -

The new vanguard of journalism and transparency (3 comments)

The NRA Even Gets the Sandy Hook Body Count Wrong (1 comments)

Marketing Guns to the American Youth of Yore

In UBS Case, Another Questionable Bank Settlement -

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2 comments)

An Incurious "Zero Dark Thirty' | 9/11 and the Complex History Between CIA and its Target (1 comments)

Friday, December 21:

Let Them Eat Football: Oakland Fires One-Fifth Of Police Department Due To Budget Crisis . . . But Gives NFL and MLB Ove (2 comments)

Bolivia's Morales Calls for New Era of 'Peace and Unity' to Break Greed of Capitalism | Common Dreams

National Rifle (Selling) Association - (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Playing Taxes Hold 'Em

Thursday, December 20:

On Guns, America Stands Out -

Federal Judge Allows Corporation To File Secret Lawsuit | ThinkProgress (1 comments)

Newtown's Moral Authority for Action | Common Dreams

Gail Collins: Revolt of the Cliff Dwellers

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: What if We Regulated Guns & Ammunition Like We Regulate Abortion? (1 comments)

Top Conservative Publication: Shooting Occurred Because Women Ran The School (21 comments)

Wednesday, December 19:

Mark Morford: Death to all guns

A Misguided Focus on Mental Illness in Gun Control Debate - RICHARD A. FRIEDMAN, M.D. (2 comments)

Newtown Kids vs. Yemenis and Pakistanis: What Explains the Disparate Reactions?

Video: Interview with Andrew Bodoh

In the US, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats (1 comments)

What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers? (3 comments)

Tuesday, December 18:

Obama Makes New Fiscal Cliff Offers, Boehner Switches to "Plan B" (2 comments)

Paul Kruman: Rumors of a Deal

It's Time to Hate Mass Murder and the "Liberal" and "Conservative" Idiots Who Help It Happen

Whom Does the NRA Really Speak For? Joe Six-Shooter or the good folks at Bushmaster?

Neoliberalism in the American military and its impact on civilians

COLE: Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others (3 comments)

Israel 2012: More children resort to begging, or quit school to enter workforce

Monday, December 17:

Hijacking the Second Amendment

National Review: Massacre of innocent children price we pay for Second Amendment

Do We Have the Courage to Stop This? - NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Occupy the NRA

Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men (10 comments)

Sirota: Time to profile white men? (4 comments)

Paul Krugman: That Terrible Trillion

Sunday, December 16:

Bernard Sanders, a Gruff Voice for Shielding Entitlements

Gary Wills: Our Moloch (5 comments)

Saturday, December 15:

Why We Let the School Shootings Continue (1 comments)

Some Jews, Israel-backers fear Chuck Hagel (1 comments)

Haley Barbour's Dirty Money: Lobbing for the Kemper County Coal Plant

Juan Cole: Questions I ask myself about Connecticut School Shooting (1 comments)

Friday, December 14:

Huckabee Says Connecticut School Massacre Occurred Because We "Removed God From Our Schools' (5 comments)

Obama: Pot Users In Washington And Colorado Not A 'Top Priority' (1 comments)

Time to talk about gun control (1 comments)

Karl Rove's Dark Money Group Promised IRS It Would Spend "Limited' Money on Elections

5 Politicians Who Believe Outrageous U.N. Conspiracy Theories (1 comments)

Susan Rice: My withdrawal from secretary of state consideration was the right call

Why Does The "Average Citizen" Vote Republican? (3 comments)

"The Planetary Emergency" by John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark (2 comments)

Global Internet Diplomacy - (1 comments)

Govs: Cuomo, Christie, Malloy: We need Congress's help on Sandy relief (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: The G.O.P.'s Existential Crisis

Frank Rich: America's Real Fiscal Crisis (1 comments)

Thursday, December 13:

Judges Needed for Federal Courts -

David Corn: What If There Is No Fiscal Crisis? (1 comments)

5 Absurd Scalia Quotes You Just Won't Believe (1 comments)

How Republicans engineered a blow to Michigan's powerful unions

Nation's First Standardized Test On Sex Ed Reveals Gaps In Students' Knowledge (1 comments)

Caged in the USA: Torture in America's many prisons

Wednesday, December 12:

7 Shocking Ways the Military Wastes Our Money | Alternet

Tuesday, December 11:

On the Lam and Back in Command: Interviews With Captain Paul Watson and The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon

Four Bad Liberal Arguments For "Compromising" On the Medicare Age (1 comments)

Libor Manipulation Scandal: Britain's Serious Fraud Office Arrests 3 In Interest Rate Probe (1 comments)

What Susan Rice can tell us about Obama's second term

Monday, December 10:

A Lost Civilization - (1 comments)

The "fiscal cliff" and the dismantling of Medicare (2 comments)

Never Ever, Ever, Ever"

William K. Black: Why Is the Failed Monti a 'Technocrat' and the Successful Correa a 'Left-Leaning Economist'?

Sunday, December 9:

Paul Krugman: Robots and Robber Barons

David Corn -- Dick Armey: "This Kind of Secrecy Is Why I Left" FreedomWorks (1 comments)

Ten Reasons to Protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (2 comments)

Maureen Dowd: A Lost Civilization (7 comments)

Robert Fisk: Bashar al-Assad, Syria, and the truth about chemical weapons

Saturday, December 8:

Matt Taibbi -- Jim DeMint: The Fireman Ed of Politics

Help Republicans Rescue Their Party From Itself

Keep the State Tax Deduction -

The Forgotten Millions -PAUL KRUGMAN (1 comments)

Will Congress Act to Protect Against a Catastrophic Cyberattack? - By JOSEPH I. LIEBERMAN and SUSAN COLLINS (1 comments)

4 Ways the Richest Americans Treated Our National Election Like a Plaything

Friday, December 7:

Joe Conason: Suddenly, America's Top Corporate Leaders Are Shunning Tea Party Extremism

Peter Schiff: The Fantasy of a 91% Top Income Tax Rate - (2 comments)

How Vulnerable Are U.S. Bases In The Pacific Now? (1 comments)

Protecting workers' representatives: A key issue in the development of collective bargaining in China

Paul Krugman: The Forgotten Millions (1 comments)

Thursday, December 6:

David Corn: Elliott Abrams, Massacre-Denialist, Hailed as a Statesman

LAUSD Rubber Rooms Crowd Up - Page 1 - News - Los Angeles - LA Weekly

Race to the Bottom

Gail Collins: Santorum Strikes Again

Medical Marijuana Users Can Get Booted From Public Housing at Any Time - San Francisco - News - The Snitch

Wednesday, December 5:

Turning Their Back on Bradley Manning

Politicians Most Petty Political Moments

Until They All Come Home

The Obscenely Rich Men Bent on Shredding the Safety Net (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 4:

US Navy: No Drones Missing After Iran Claim

"Fix the Debt" Shows Its True, Billionaire-Funded, Anti-Tax Colors

Monday, December 3:

Harborside Health Center Handed Major Victory In Court (PHOTOS) (1 comments)

Was Smart Grid Funding Misspent? (1 comments)

America's mindless killer robots must be stopped

The Ecstasy and Agonies of a Permanent Democratic Majority

Bizarro World

It's Time to Challenge the Propaganda Regarding Who is Killed by U. S. Drones

How To Govern A Nation, By A 2600 Year Old Philosopher (6 comments)

Paul Krugman: The Big Budget Mumble

Sunday, December 2:

Michael Tomasky: Obama's Republican Revenge Over the Debt Limit

Saturday, December 1:

Karl Rove Ducks Blame For Republicans' 2012 Disaster

GOP Furious That Obama Is Acting Like He Won The Election (1 comments)

Sleeping on the street | San Francisco Bay View (1 comments)

How to Stop Psychopath CEOs from Looting and Destroying Their Own Companies (1 comments)

A Liberal Moment - Timothy Egan


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