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November 2012

Friday, November 30:

Military Law Is to Law as Military Music Is to Music

Two Years of Cablegate as Bradley Manning Testifies for the First Time (7 comments)

The Republican Party's 'Black Friends' (2 comments)

On the Fiscal Extortion; Just Say No (3 comments)

Nanny Abuse is a Two-Way Street

The Strong and the Sweet (4 comments)

The Jersey Shore Before Sandy

Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza :Observations after Operation "Pillar of Cloud" (2 comments)

Has Hillary Clinton Become Untouchable? (1 comments)

EU-Ukraine Relations after the Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections

How The Filibuster Happened By Accident [A Defect In The Rules, Part 1] (5 comments)

Say hello to a yuan world (2 comments)

Crass Materialism (1 comments)

The war ahead in Gaza (1 comments)

Vermont Nuke Case Cites Risks (1 comments)

Showdown in Egypt

We Used to Make the Rich Poorer and the Poor Richer (1 comments)

Only One in Three Israelis Think Israel Benefited from Gaza Conflict (4 comments)

UN General Assembly votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state

Conspiracies and theories that didn't matter because they're flawed (4 comments)

Global Climate Change: Preparing for World War III (19 comments)

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize is unlawful and cannot be paid to the EU

The Last Hypocritical Scandal Of The Year? Family Values Atty Charged With Sex Abuse And Producing Kiddie Porn (2 comments)

Discounting Lives to Maximize Profits (3 comments)

Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized (3 comments)

Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine (2 comments)

Anniversary of Seattle WTO Protests - Global Economic Austerity Measures (1 comments)

Thursday, November 29:

Palestine Granted UN Observer State Status

Accountability for Bush's Torture (10 comments)

Fiscal Blackmail (2 comments)

Christmas and Jesus? Debunking, Paganism, & Conflicts Continue (2 comments)

Why Do We Have Methadone Clinics?

US Ending the War in Afghanistan? It Depends on the Meaning of the Word "War' (1 comments)

Bungee-Jumping Over the Fiscal Cliff

White Guys Still Rule the GOP

How About News We Can Trust? (2 comments)

The Security State (4 comments)

The Election Is Over, but the Fight Goes On (2 comments)

The Case and the Movement Against Armed Drones (1 comments)

Hal O'Leary: I Say, Over The Cliff (3 comments)

*Simple Solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2 comments)

Manufacturing an anti-Taliban icon: Project Malala

Susan Rice's Conflict of Interest - Major Holdings in Tar Sands Oil, Keystone XL Pipeline, and Canadian Financiers (18 comments)

We Need A Million People To Stop The Filibuster (3 comments)

Arafat's Body Exhumed

Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

Wednesday, November 28:

AP believes it found evidence of Iran's work on nuclear weapons (12 comments)

Fighting back against the eurozone tyrants

American Religion- Part Two- All Hail The Economy! (1 comments)

Learning from the Iroquois

Ignoring the Global Warming Reality (1 comments)

Can Photos From Gaza Help Blaze The Path To Peace? (14 comments)

The Humiliation of Bradley Manning (5 comments)

Is it Okay to Be Different?

Pray-Away-The-Gay And Ex-Gay Voodoo Get SHOKed By Rep. Jackie Spier ... And Sued by The SPLC (1 comments)

Single-Payer Health Care--Now Is The Time (12 comments)

Where Liberty Lies: Civil Society and Individual Rights after 9/11 (1 comments)

Manufacturing Break-though, Based on 3D 'Printing,' is About to Change the World (21 comments)

Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid

World Social Forum Free Palestine

Late Votes and the True Vote Model indicate that Obama may have won by 16 million votes (1 comments)

Why you shouldn't let Big Data run with federated ID

Tuesday, November 27:

Will Tim Geithner Lead Us Over or Around the Fiscal Cliff? (6 comments)

Genocidal Yearnings -- An Analysis (3 comments)

Taking Corporate Personhood Rights to the Next Logical Steps (9 comments)

Don't Eliminate the Filibuster, Restore It (1 comments)

Challenging President Morsi On Tahrir Square (1 comments)

*Throwing Good Money After Bad: Extending the Capital Gain & Dividend Tax-cuts (1 comments)

Cliffhangers (2 comments)

Madoff Investors followed the Rules - Where did it Get Them? (1 comments)

Obama administration pushes ahead with drone killings (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: What Can We Learn from the Trauma of Campaign 2012's War on Women? (11 comments)

Abetting murder in Gaza

The Middle East Propaganda War (75 comments)

Neither Grand, Nor a Bargain

Thinking the Unthinkable: What if America's Leaders Actually Want Catastrophic Climate Change? (9 comments)

Ron Paul's Appalling World View (102 comments)

Instead of More Wars, Let's Build More Industries

Reconsider Buckley v. Valeo (2 comments)

Annoyed by Christians in USA who saw the Cease-Fire in Israel on Thanksgiving Day as "ONLY" a Gift from God

How to End the Tragedy in Gaza (5 comments)

Lenin on the Role of a Marxist Party in relation to the People (2 comments)

Will There Be Salvation For The Executive Director Grinch Who Stole $2M Worth Of Toys ... From The Salvation Army? (1 comments)

Breaking Point (5 comments)

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping

A Mandate to Raise Taxes on the Rich? Election Numbers Say 'Yes' (23 comments)

Monday, November 26:

Democrats Battling the War Against Government Conspicuous by Their Absence (3 comments)

Saying 'Fiscal Cliff' Is Taking Sides (7 comments)

34 American Fukushimas Possible (6 comments)

Offshore Sea Colonies - An Alternative To "Secession" (2 comments)

Obama: a GOP president should have rules limiting the kill list (3 comments)

Anonymous had no impact on the presidential election (14 comments)

Dallas Diminishes JFK, His Legacy, And Those Who Care About Democracy (1 comments)

Why is the White House's Council of Economic Advisers Helping the Republicans? (8 comments)

No Absence of Malice: Whitewashing the White House Murder Program (13 comments)

Fossil fuel industry's plan for us: Burn 5X more carbon than is compatible with a livable planet (4 comments)

Stand Still for the Apocalypse (13 comments)

President Obama's GOP Challenge Is far From Over

The Osama bin Laden Myth (29 comments)

As Gaza Erupts We Need a New "Road Map" (2 comments)

Sam Walton's Cryogenic Frozen Head Snatched by Black Friday Bargain Hunters. (5 comments)

Italy. Professor Monti's first year in office. The end of "Videocracy"?

America: The World's Remaining Imperialist Power (2 comments)

Ex Governor Haley Barbour's "Love Affair" With the Mississippi Power Co. (3 comments)

Gaza Still Boils

Netanyahu Plans More War

*Everyday 18-22 American Veterans Commit Suicide and The Department of Veteran's Affairs Still Shows Veterans to the Door (1 comments)

Hiding in Plain Sight: Thousands of Jobs for Americans (3 comments)

*Revisiting America's Longest War

Sunday, November 25:

Al Jazeera's attacks on Syria: some background (3 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Ground the Drones (17 comments)

Howard Zinn's Echoes

The "Good News" on Housing, and what could go wrong (2 comments)

Protests in Egypt over President Morsi's Decrees, The View from Here

Egypt's Morsi: Biting the bullet (3 comments)

Why the Arab Spring has changed everything in the Middle East (6 comments)

Meet the Bi-Partisan Group of Senators Pressuring Obama to Speed Up Destruction of the Planet (11 comments)

Why I Did Not Vote On November 6, 2012 (20 comments)

Gaza is Longing for an Arab-Israeli Spring (22 comments)

*Arizona Congressman urges all-inclusive dialogue to end "Kachin War' in Burma (2 comments)

American excess in perspective (14 comments)

Abbas: Collaborating with the Enemy (1 comments)

Drums of More War (2 comments)

TSA Santa and the Night Before Christmas (4 comments)

Saturday, November 24:

Walmart is keeping faith with Jay Gould's creed (7 comments)

Why conservative immigrants don't vote Republican (2 comments)

Top Economists Told Obama that Economic Recovery Required a Reduction In Private Debt (7 comments)

VIDEO: Israel's War on Truth (2 comments)

Evacuate Guantanamo -- It Belongs to Cuba (2 comments)

President Obama's Conflicted, Indefensible Position On Human Rights (25 comments)

*The Two Americas Should Be Discussed Further (6 comments)

*Pillar of Defence -- A Murderous Fraud (3 comments)

Cease fire agreement in Gaza announced, but will it hold? (2 comments)

Truckin' to Treason: The Hot Air of Secession (83 comments)

Prosecuting the Prosecutor (3 comments)

Fake Pharaoh's Feet of Clay - Morsy Reign Imperiled (11 comments)

Israel's War on Palestine (8 comments)

Righteous Condemnation of Israeli Mass Murder (2 comments)

Friday, November 23:

Recognizing the Long Arc of Jesse Jackson Jr's Congressional Service (4 comments)

Obama's Mideast Policy Burns (4 comments)

Prosecution of Anonymous activists highlights war for Internet control (9 comments)

The Conservative Post-Election Tantrum Continues (8 comments)

German reporter goes underground at Fundamentalist Christian Madrassa Patrick Henry College (4 comments)

Reappraising Obama (5 comments)

*Austerity or debt: a false choice (4 comments)

Palestinians: Dying to Live Free (3 comments)

Gaza Postmortems (2 comments)

John Pilger on Israel's Gaza Rampage: It's Not Just War (87 comments)

Thursday, November 22:

Obama the Pivot (8 comments)

Why You Shouldn't Shop at Walmart on Friday (9 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: Romney may have lost, but the voting system is still broken (2 comments)

As Gaza is savaged again, understanding the BBC's role requires more than sentiment (3 comments)

*Let Us Give Thanks for the Federal Government (6 comments)

Economic Prosperity and the Fiscal 'Speed Bump' (3 comments)

Guns or Butter (3 comments)

Thanksgiving 2012 (2 comments)

Is this the beginning of the financial collapse of America? (5 comments)

*Give Thanks You Weren't Bombed and Murdered by Americans Because You ARE Americans (1 comments)

Disconnecting the Dots on Israel-Palestine: Is Apartheid Only A Crime When Committed Against Blacks? (4 comments)

Gaza: Victimized by Israeli Terror Bombing (1 comments)

Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 8

Devouring Jackals (3 comments)

Wednesday, November 21:

The "both-sides-are-awful" dismissal of Gaza ignores the key role of the US government (9 comments)

Nickels & Dimes...Selling that Makes More "Cents" (6 comments)

The A-"bility" of Social Media

The Shrill and the Serious (1 comments)

Wall Street Finds a "Third Way" to Plunder Our Wealth (1 comments)

Petraeus Fell For The Wrong Reason (4 comments)

Current Mideast Crisis Presents Opportunity for Peace (1 comments)

Thanksgiving at Walmart: Strikers Plan a Nationwide Celebration for Black Friday (18 comments)

Following the Election: Expect More Drone and Space War

Post-Election Reasons to Be Thankful (1 comments)

Occupy Finds a Niche and a Moral Dilemma (22 comments)

Personal Responsibility Deniers, Moochers, Takers, Self-Proclaimed Victims, Welfare Queens, Public Teat Suckers, Unite! (17 comments)

Stand with the #WalmartStrikers in Boothwyn, PA

Goma Falls and US Responds With Weasel Words (9 comments)

If Ugandans Get Their Christmas Wish Of "Death To Gays", How Many American Evangelicals Will Also Make Merry? (3 comments)

December 1st Is Military Abolition Day (1 comments)

The Key for Every Significant Problem and Issue We Face, Controlling the Political Agenda (3 comments)

Clinton In Middle East As Ceasefire Begins (2 comments)

We're All Gazans Now (22 comments)

Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 7

Tuesday, November 20:

US battles Iraq and Afghanistan over detention without charges (2 comments)

Hamas Shouldn't Fire Rockets ... But Israel Has Violated HUNDREDS of UN Resolutions

Hyping Iran's Nuke Capabilities (4 comments)

Warren Rudman: Blunt, Egotistical, Unflappable and Tenacious"

US Should Repudiate Netanyahu-- and Israel, if He's Re-elected (93 comments)

Make Political Activism the New Travel Soccer (4 comments)

To My Conservative Friends and Family (10 comments)

The Apocolypse Is Over- This Is The End Credits ... (9 comments)

Four Epic Dilemmas Dooming GOP 'Rebranding' (8 comments)

Afghanistan's Civil Society faces a perilous future (1 comments)

An Inconvenient Guilt (2 comments)

An Open Letter to President Obama "from Michael Moore (40 comments)

Why the Petraeus affair matters... SEX (7 comments)

He spoke for the disaffected, the impoverished, and the excluded (1 comments)

Lenin on Anarchism and Opportunism: Chapter Four of 'Left' Wing Communism An Infantile Disorder (2 comments)

Israeli Aggression: Dress Rehearsal for Iran? (2 comments)

Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 6 (1 comments)

Monday, November 19:

Blogging and Nothingness: Progressives Turn Their Gaze from Gaza (5 comments)

Terms Of Surrender (5 comments)

Puppet State America (23 comments)

*It's Not Grief when it's Someone Else (2 comments)

Psychological Roots of National Disunity (2 comments)

President Obama Puts the Blinders On, Looks the Other Way as Gaza Burns (10 comments)

Mr. President: Call Off Benjamin Netanyahu (4 comments)

Party of Entitled Rich Threatens Economy (3 comments)

Does CNN Poll Show Democrats Don't Support Israeli Military Action in Gaza? (10 comments)

Elites Will Make Gazans of Us All (59 comments)

Why you should stand with #Walmart Workers on #BlackFriday (4 comments)

Legitimate Criticism of Israeli Policy and Action is Not Ant-Semitism (5 comments)

Q: What Would The Holy Republic of Christianland Look Like? A: A Lot Like Texas. (2 comments)

Nothing Lasts Forever - Do the Math! (15 comments)

Did Israel Overstep This Time? (4 comments)

Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 5 (5 comments)

Sunday, November 18:

Life and Death on the Border (video) (2 comments)

A Zionist Worldview and the Slaughter in Gaza - An Analysis (4 comments)

Obama Begins Bipartisan Talks on Spending Cuts (1 comments)

Why We Should Stop Obsessing About The Federal Budget Deficit (3 comments)

On the Eve: Last Thoughts Before the Latest Invasion of Gaza (4 comments)

Party Opposition is Not Civil War (1 comments)

*Law-Abiding Nations! Call for Prosecution of a Bestial Homicidal French Government (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Does Lebanon Really Want to Solve the Imam Musa Sadr Mystery?

Obama's BFFs (1 comments)

Why Gaza must suffer again -- The four guilty parties behind Israel's attack (15 comments)

The Israel Gaza Spiral; Who Lets This Happen? (79 comments)

"Other Israel Film Festival" Tackles Complex Issues (2 comments)

Extreme Weather: The Maya and Us (3 comments)

*Understanding and Debating the Theocratic Views of the U.S. Catholic Bishops (23 comments)

Romney's Rancid Rant! (2 comments)

Howard Zinn, Taking the Long View on Occupy (1 comments)

Straight Talk on Gaza (1 comments)

Bahrain Cracks Down on Freedom

Saturday, November 17:

U.S. Intensifies Military Encirclement of China (1 comments)

Obama administration must account to Congress for targeted assassinations (8 comments)

Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza (7 comments)

Human rights: the people vs the UN (2 comments)

The Death Toll of Watergate

The GOP Hit on Rice Is a Hit on President Obama (3 comments)

Why BP Isn't a Criminal (4 comments)

Likening Palestinians to Blades of Grass (2 comments)

*Last minute graphic blitz that turned Ohio around (6 comments)

"Smart-Ass White Boys" (36 comments)

Mary Wentworth: US as World-Class Bully (12 comments)

*The Cure for Europe: A Public option for Money and A public Bank

Targeting Civilians: Israel's Specialty (18 comments)

Media Cover for Israeli Crimes (1 comments)

Friday, November 16:

How Mistress Helped Petraeus (5 comments)

Another Superfluous War (2 comments)

After The Flood: Requiem for a Friend, Death Knell for a Dying Paradigm (8 comments)

Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress (29 comments)

War In Gaza: Why Now? (5 comments)

*Nuance and Nature

The Land of Milk and Honey Once More (1 comments)

Gaza: The Gates of Wrath and Sorrow Swing Open Once Again (1 comments)

How to Not Fix the Filibuster (1 comments)

Israel Looks To Exodus In Gaza Invasion (3 comments)

Bomb Iran? No. Bomb Gaza? Yes! (13 comments)

"Let's be very clear where the onus lies". (21 comments)

Dear Grassroots Nation How Patient Are You? (1 comments)

Gaza-Israel Violence: The Fuller Story (11 comments)

Catholic Archbishop: End Church-State Separation (14 comments)

A few questions for secessionists (17 comments)

University Governance Doesn't Represent the People (1 comments)

Election 2012: Winners and Losers (1 comments)

Freedom Rider: Grand Bargain is the Satan Sandwich

Naked Israeli Aggression (3 comments)

Ahmed Jabari (1960 - 2012 (1 comments)

Thursday, November 15:

How sexy is Benghazi? (1 comments)

The Deficit Hawk Industry: Fear Mongering the Federal Debt (1 comments)

The BBC: Protecting Pedophiles and War Criminals Since 2004

Obama's Second Term: Four More Years of Groundhog Days (1 comments)

CLUSTERBALL: James Bond and the Petraeus Affair (2 comments)

Pizza the Political Pie

The Flame Village

President Obama: Decisions, Decisions (3 comments)

Some Thoughts on Rob Kall's Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson

Fox News Kicks Off "Swift Boat" Campaign Against John Kerry Ahead Of Possible Defense Post

Marxism for Fun and Profit (8 comments)

The Radical Right-Wing Rapidly Descends Into Political Oblivion (1 comments)

Israeli Air Assault on Gaza Severely Tests 1979 Peace Agreement between Israel and Egypt

What Money Can't Buy

Hurricane Sandy and What Heals Hurts

As autumn sets in, be nice to mice

Glen Ford: Score at United Nations: Cuba 188 -- U.S. 3 (4 comments)

What Did Petraeus Know and When Did He Know It? (8 comments)

Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud (5 comments)

Israeli Threat to Annul Oslo

Wednesday, November 14:

What is the "fiscal cliff"? (2 comments)

Paul Ryan's Rapid Rewrite of Election History (1 comments)

The Neocons' Waterloo (10 comments)

President's Bid on the Grand Bargain (III): Difference Between "Broadening the Tax Base" and Raising Taxes on the Rich (1 comments)

*Saving American Health and Healthcare: A view from the margins.


Don't expect a second-term Obama to take on Israel (2 comments)

Is Impeachment Gone for Good? (4 comments)

They are not "Heroes" (6 comments)

The Long Con: Social Security and Medicare in the "Grand Bargain" (1 comments)

New York City Subways: Do you believe in Magic? (6 comments)

OCCUPY D.C.1932. The Bonus Army. 17,000 Veterans. 26,000 Others. 500 Infantry. 4 dead, 1,017 injured. 69 Police Injured. (5 comments)

Dan Savage Is Right About Tony Perkins, But Just How Many Gay Bodies Are Evangelicals Sitting On? (1 comments)

Sandy: Katrina Redux? (1 comments)

Pro-Israeli Media Coverage (1 comments)

Tuesday, November 13:

Your Vote Got Counted. Here's Why (69 comments)

Stand With Working Families (5 comments)

GAME CHANGE: Will the Republicans Now Play Ball? (5 comments)

FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation (5 comments)

Gary Brumback: Character flaws and circumstances in America's deadly warriors-in-chief (18 comments)

Are Nonbelievers the Last Minority to face Discrimination? (4 comments)

Skyfall, starring David Petraeus (3 comments)

The President's Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (II): Put a Trigger Mechanism in the Legislation

*Economic Reform Newsletter: Ellen Brown for Council of Economic Advisers

Democrat Embrace Of Repression-Why Mitt Romney Was Actually Better For The Liberal Agenda (1 comments)

5 Contradictions Sinking the Right (1 comments)

How Occupy Wall Street Helped Obama Win (21 comments)

Meth -- A New Flu Cure? -- The Confounding History Continues (2 comments)

True Definitions (3 comments)

Boston Celtics' KG and the N-word (4 comments)

*A Time for Clear-Headed Thinking about the "Fiscal Cliff" (7 comments)

Where Does War Come From? (5 comments)

Go Back to Sleep America (10 comments)

Republican Party of Ideologues Remain in Complete Denial after Election (1 comments)

Syrian Opposition Unity Deal (1 comments)

Israel Shells Syria and Gaza

Monday, November 12:

Harvey Wasserman Warns Against Complacency About Election "Results" (2 comments)

Middle East: The Next Four Years

The Community Organizer versus the Bain Capital Manager (1 comments)

*Veterans of Atrocity Wars! Stop Parading! Call for Prosecution of Illegal Homicide! (1 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Pushing Obama's Arc Toward Peace--By Medea Benjamin

Y'Know Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp (3 comments)

An Election Protection Agenda for 2016 (1 comments)

Done in by the PATRIOT Act: The Grand Irony of the Petraeus Sex Scandal (4 comments)

No Planet, No Jobs: The Suicide Bombing of Science (7 comments)

Revisiting Dust-Covered Dreams (1 comments)

Fox News, Benghazi and President Reagan (2 comments)

Get Ready to Get Spun -- Again -- By Masters of Spin (1 comments)

In Praise of the American People

Why the Grand Bargain Is One-Sided and Totally Unfair (4 comments)

Now they're Coming for Your Social Security! (11 comments)

Ron Johnson's Pompous Assumptions: Voters are Ignorant, Colleagues Need Tutoring (1 comments)

Once Again -- Death of the Liberal Class (72 comments)

Obamacare: Just give us a bill to hype; we don't care what it is (8 comments)

Obama Derangement Syndrome and A Tipping Point for Progress (2 comments)

Let's make Election Day a national holiday (4 comments)

*Fiscal Cliff, a Figment of the Right's Imagination (6 comments)

Principle Stages in the History of Bolshevism 1905-1917 and Their Relevance Today (4 comments)

The Ron Paul factor in the GOP's defeat (14 comments)

*Girlfriends? Petraeus Oversaw the Slaughter of Thousands and He Will Face Trial: (3 comments)

NOW IS THE TIME! To Form an Independent Progressive Political Party (17 comments)

U.S. Wars: Are They Lawful? (1 comments)

Petraeus: Resignation or Sacking?

Waging War Without Declaring It

Sunday, November 11:

Tomgram: Kramer and Hellman, It's the Politics, Stupid

On The Re-Election Of The President -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Why Did CIA Director Petraeus Suddenly Resign...And Why Was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Murdered? (2 comments)

Patriotism: It's More Than Shopping or Waving Flags

Lessons of Hurricane Sandy (1 comments)

Seize the Time! (1 comments)

What Did We Learn From This Election? We Learned We Have No Choice. (27 comments)

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming (5 comments)

Obama/Netanyahu Post-Election Reset (2 comments)

Ready for your close-up, Mr Xi?

Saturday, November 10:

Meanwhile, Back In The Middle East... (1 comments)

Goodbye to a War (2 comments)

A Letter in Song Titles #3 (5 comments)

*To My Conservative Friends (2 comments)

Dead Enough: The Reality of the "Lesser Evil" (24 comments)

A Case For The Truly Subjective Vision (18 comments)

America: Myth, Reality, Death Squads and al-Qaeda (2 comments)

Obama's Mandate to Tackle Climate Change (10 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Resisting Hell's Maelstrom

Armistice Day in the M.I.C. (5 comments)

*Be Glad for a Day - Or Even More (1 comments)

Behind Petraeus's Resignation (1 comments)

Good Riddance Petraeus (27 comments)

Diverse Demographics Show Doom for Republicans (18 comments)

85 percent Muslims voted for President Obama (5 comments)

Lies and Liars Lost (3 comments)

Why You Can't Vote Them Out (3 comments)

Obama's Post-Election Militancy (4 comments)

Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal (7 comments)

The Next Game of Economic Chicken: Not on the Deficit But Over Taxing the Rich (3 comments)

Friday, November 9:

Gardungles, Morning Glories and the Apocalypse (19 comments)

Could it finally be a Smooth Road Ahead for the Once -- Almost -- Motionless "Research in Motion"?

Why do so many working Americans cheat themselves?

It's the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World (40 comments)

Rocky Anderson: Rocky Anderson's "Goodbye... Hello... Let's Go!" Letter

Sweet Revenge: Barack Obama and the Death of White Republican Privilege (4 comments)

U.S. Drones in Persian Gulf Provoking Iran? (1 comments)

Rep. Allen West Refuses to Concede, Seeks Hand-Count, Impounding of Ballots and Voting Systems in FL-18 U.S. House Race (5 comments)

7 Exciting, Inspiring -- and Overlooked -- Lessons From the "99 Percent" Election (18 comments)

The House/Obama Compromise Question-- Should Obama Double Down and Go for BIG Change? (27 comments)

*Radioactivity and Fracking (2 comments)

GOP Hardliners Peddle More Delusions

Startups and small business create most new jobs (7 comments)

Should every vote count? A look at PA HD 131

"Splain, Lucy (3 comments)

Being Offended Is Not The Answer

After 17 years: Arab American activist removed from terror list

Yes We Can, We Did, and Now Obama's Second Term Is Our Responsibility (10 comments)

A Nation of Makers, Takers, and Fakers -- The End of the GOP (23 comments)

Score One (at last!) for the Election Integrity Movement (3 comments)

Florida's shift to Democrats a signal of the fall of the old south (5 comments)

Greece: Profile of a Failed State (3 comments)

Israel's Dr. Strangelove

Thursday, November 8:

The Post US Election Blues

Voters to Obama: Move Now on Palestine (4 comments)

What a Paul Craig Roberts Administration Would Look Like (9 comments)

Why a Natural Disaster Became a Social Disaster, and Why It Doesn't Have To Be That Way: Reflections on Hurricane Sandy (4 comments)

*Romney Saved From Prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity Obama Will Not Escape (3 comments)

Rockaways, Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and the West Bank -- Where Can I find some Blankets?

Satan Purchases Democratic and Republican Parties (1 comments)

Why the Republican Permanent Majority Can Never Be, So Hail the Democratic Permanent Majority (1 comments)

Political Mathematics (4 comments)

Barry Obama rides again (2 comments)

Religion, politics, religious right, evangelical Christians, First Amendment, Founding Fathers, Constitution, Catholics, (10 comments)

There Couldn't be a Better Time to Challenge the Corporate Parties (1 comments)

Why John Boehner May Have More Leverage over the Tea Partiers in Congess (2 comments)


Neutralize the Destructive Filibuster; Defang the GOP, Remove Its Poisonous Obstructionism (6 comments)

Penn State Paterno/ Sandusky Story; One Year Anniversary - We Now Know the Truth (183 comments)

Bank of Japan Reviews its Monetary Policy

Election Reflection (11 comments)

Some of the high points of the election (38 comments)

Californians, So Easily Intimidated (13 comments)

Moderate, Progressive, Positive Visions (16 comments)

What the 2012 Election Was ... and Wasn't (15 comments)

Obama Wins: So Christians, Will It Be More Hate or Jesus? (8 comments)

Election Choices: What to Do Instead (3 comments)

Morning in America (1 comments)

Ethics First: A Response to Our Critics (3 comments)

The Right Wing's Mourning After (1 comments)

You See, to me, it's all about Value (11 comments)

QUIET! The Righteously Indignant Ones Are Speaking! Shouting!! SCREAMING!!! (1 comments)

Glen Ford: Victory! -- for the Non-Resistance

Haaretz on Obama Reelection

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination

Wednesday, November 7:

GOP Sore Losers Brigade (1 comments)

Hurricane Sandy: beware of America's disaster capitalists (8 comments)

There is No Joy in Muddville (1 comments)

A Porcupine Of Our Discontent (21 comments)

Romney's Global Warming Joke Should Haunt Him

For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear (1 comments)

Obama and progressives: what will liberals do with their big election victory? (34 comments)

Exploitation In Action

There's Got to Be A Morning After . . . (1 comments)

Congratulations, Election Integrity Movement! Keep Fighting! (5 comments)

Did Netanyahu Seek War with Iran? (2 comments)

A Great Night for US Democracy (5 comments)

The Special Interests Won Again (6 comments)

The Next Four Years (1 comments)

Napalm in the Morning (Drones in the Afternoon): The Smell of Victory Stirs Progressives to Action (9 comments)

I Was Wrong About the Election Outcome, but am I Right About Ohio and an Attempt to Cheat the Vote? (4 comments)

The Political Trial Of A Caring Man And The End Of Justice In America (6 comments)

AgriBUSINESS is at war with agriCULTURE (2 comments)

*The Fat Lady Finally Sang (3 comments)

The Interminable Presidential Extravaganza is Over. Obama Wins a 2nd Term. What Now? (4 comments)

For Obama, a Bigger Win Than for Kennedy, Nixon, Carter or Bush (1 comments)

The Lesser Evil Won, Now Get to Work, Set an Intention and Deal with The Cancer On Democracy We Are Living With (48 comments)

The Mainstream Media's continuing attack on Progressive Reality: Election Edition (9 comments)

Proposition 37 appears to have failed in California, but GMO labeling awareness achieves victory (14 comments)

Pepsi or Coke, Another free pass for Obama and Corporate Fascism (6 comments)

A Billion Bucks For Your Thoughts"

Money Party Wins US Election (4 comments)

Election's Over: It's Time to Organize! (1 comments)

Where Do We Go Forward To From Here, Post Election??

Top Ten Reasons Romney Lost (3 comments)

Ass Won! (9 comments)

God Bless Americans

The Reality Of The American 'Situation'

The Election Is Won, Anger Will Come And Stupidity Is ...Deferred (3 comments)

Torturer Lawsuits: Some Good News

Turkey Tries IDF Commanders in Absentia

Tuesday, November 6:

Romney Unzipped, Blunt Talk to Bundlers (1 comments)

Right Repudiated; Romney, Aiken, Allen, Billionaires, Mourdock, McMahon, Walsh Defeated (44 comments)

E Day (3 comments)

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, The Name of the Hurricane Is Climate Change (1 comments)

A Romney victory today means Democrats will be partying in 2014 and 2016

Unfit for command (2 comments)

Portland's Bridgetown Bucks and the Local Multiplier Effect

Power of Anti-Government Propaganda

Playing Along? (5 comments)

Euthanize the TBTF Banks: Heck, we'd be doing them a favor (1 comments)

Who's Been Right and Who's Been Wrong

Obama Votes for Romney

When I was Easy to Rape, it was still Rape (22 comments)

*Tampa Tribune Fails to Investigate Congressman Tied to Human Trafficking (1 comments)

Academic Coaching is Encroaching! (2 comments)

Tomorrow ...a letter from Michael Moore (7 comments)

Overreach: America's Imperial Waterloo? (1 comments)

Abbas Ill-Serves and Insults Palestinians

Monday, November 5:

The "Real Change" That Romney, Ryan and Team Rape Want For America (4 comments)

Election kicks on Route 66

We the People, and the New American Civil War (12 comments)

The Day After (1 comments)

All the Bunnies in the Meadow Die (4 comments)

Politics 101: Posturing Just Before an Election

Lies, Damned Lies and Paul Ryan Lies (3 comments)

People Have Changed: A Legacy of the U.S. War in Iraq (2 comments)

Risking a Repeat of Election 2000 (12 comments)

The S&M Election (52 comments)

American Holocaust. (3 comments)

Steal This Election: Coup D'Etat 2012 (2 comments)

Tomorrow's Tomorrows

SURPRISE! Chris Christie's 2016 Gambit (6 comments)

Obama and Romney differ on energy policy, but less than you might think (3 comments)

Our Political System is Broken (4 comments)

Voting is compulsory in over 25 countries (21 comments)

Understanding Our Constitutional Republic Thru Comments (2 comments)

Election Expectations (1 comments)

Prepare For The Worst: Holding The Christofascist Tiger At Bay After The Election (2 comments)

Iran: run by crazy madmen or great strategist? (1 comments)

Vote For the B- (3 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: Another Husted Dirty Trick in Ohio (2 comments)

The Last Naive Election (12 comments)

Can corporations convince California voters that they don't want to know what's in their food? (4 comments)

Thinking about Racism as the Election Draws Near (7 comments)

Vilsack's USDA: Still Victimizing the Victim (5 comments)

If Your Only Choices Were Bush and Romney, Would You Vote For Bush? (1 comments)

I Voted (2 comments)

By All Rights, Democrats Should Win in a Landslide (12 comments)

Rebel or Perish (3 comments)

Public Banking Works

Sunday, November 4:

Tomgram: Jeremiah Goulka, The Urge to Bomb Iran (1 comments)

BALLOT, How Do I Cast Thee...? (9 comments)

A cure for America's corruptible voting system (5 comments)

Benghazi: Seven Hours Of Fighting To The Death (19 comments)

Election Fraud, November 6 - Watch for Vote Flipping and Fixed Exit Polls (5 comments)

An Urgent Message From Mother Nature and Father Time (1 comments)

Marginalized Progressives, Small Acts and Making a Difference (9 comments)

And This Is Odd Or Scarcely Odd , Whatever You Decide (23 comments)

Global Warming Systematically Caused Hurricane Sandy (26 comments)

On the Logic of Looting: Hurricane Sandy and Capitalism (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms

Book Review:A Comparative Analysis of Media and Media Laws in Pakistan

Obama Must Use Military to Ensure a Free and Fair Election (13 comments)

Recount Roulette

America's Deplorable Human Rights Record (5 comments)

Netanyahu Says War is Peace (4 comments)

The Mittmobile: Imagining a Uranium-powered Car (4 comments)

Lessons from the Storm

Saturday, November 3:

In Defense of Richard Falk -- An Analysis (3 comments)

Romney's Hopey-Changey, Hostage-Taking "Closing Argument" (2 comments)

Visions make it all seem so cruel (1 comments)

Calling Out the Left-Wing Election Rigging Denialists (65 comments)

Investigation of GOP Registration Worker Arrested for Destroying Forms in VA Expands to Broader Probe of RNC-Hired Firm (1 comments)

Das System (2 comments)

Who is the worst civil liberties president in US history? (33 comments)

Trick or Treat Jobs Report (1 comments)

Romneyism (2 comments)

Sheila Parks: Will Your Vote Even Get Counted? (1 comments)

U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked? (15 comments)

Whaddya Mean, Don't Vote! (3 comments)

The Russian Revolution: An Essential Condition of Success (7 comments)

The Republicon con game, and why impeachment mattered (7 comments)

The Planet on the Cable (1 comments)

Brownbackistan Bible Belt Report: "King Koch"

The Bloodless Revolution: answering your B-Rev QUESTIONS. (Part 4) (2 comments)

Obama in 2012; American Death Squads in 2016? (5 comments)

The Party of Religious Fanaticism and Falsehood (3 comments)

Prop 37 and Corporate Lies in the Post Truth Era, By Zack Kaldveer (2 comments)

*Syria! NY Times' Deadly Aim to Fool ALL the People ALL the Time (2 comments)

Hannity Audio: The 47% Will Still Vote For Romney and "Everything Else He Says Is Correct" (4 comments)

Vote Independent or Stay Home (3 comments)

Good News and Bad

Where is the Green Party? (5 comments)

Friday, November 2:

The Three Biggest Democratic Takeaways from Election 2012 (1 comments)

Hey, NY and NJ Republicans: Stop Your Whining (1 comments)

How People Vote. What's Happening in the Election. (1 comments)

Hal O'Leary: Should You Believe (2 comments)

Non-Kenyan White Men for Romney (2 comments)

The Apocalectric Blues (5 comments)

Counter-frame the Economy! Three Ways to Avoid Their Words (3 comments)

Why You Should Vote For Barack Obama (11 comments)

Three ThisCantBeHappening Members Weigh in on the Nov. 6 Election (1 comments)

Swing State Pickup Lines

Obama Is the Wiser Path (6 comments)

UAW Files Charges Against Romney for Auto Bail-Out Profiteering (10 comments)

Arbitraging Catastrophe: We're All in Danger -- And It Could Get a Lot Worse (1 comments)

The Song Remains the Same

Caught in the Act (1 comments)

Foreclosure scam update - It just gets worse! (2 comments)

"Unfounded Fears: Why the Controversy Over a Berkeley Measure That Would Ban Sitting on Sidewalks is Overblown." (1 comments)

It's Only Castles Burning- Who's Manning The Bucket Brigade? (1 comments)

The Core Values of a President Romney (5 comments)

Romney/GOP Play Good Cop, Bad Cop (1 comments)

Doing "Business" is All that Matters

Why I'm Voting For Barack Obama (6 comments)

Memo To Obama: Bring Back Chas Freeman

Are Nuclear Plants Safe in Hurricanes? Incident During Sandy Suggests They May Not Be (6 comments)

Lesson from the Hurricane: We Need Government, Not Charity (9 comments)

Michael Moore, Please Drop Your Support For Obama (42 comments)

Open Letter To Green Party Candidate Jill Stein (86 comments)

New York City 'Frankenstorm'...Much Could Have Been Avoided (3 comments)

Chris Christie angers Reactionary base by doing his job (9 comments)

Election prediction by algebra (4 comments)

Obama vs. Romney: The Bottom Line (7 comments)

ALEC: Alive and Well and Pushing Voter Suppression In Minnesota (2 comments)

American Religion. The Faith of Politics. (2 comments)

Romney fakes left, scores (23 comments)

Greece Suppresses Free Expression (1 comments)

Profile of a Police State (1 comments)

Thursday, November 1:

Mark Crispin Miller Takes Issue with MoveOn "If Romney Wins..." Pitch and Why (1 comments)

Why we fight to prevent stolen elections in 2012 and beyond (3 comments)

Karl Rove's Permanent Republican Presidency

The Lesser Evil: Four Years Later (5 comments)

TIme for Christians to Make a Choice (5 comments)

Does Voting Even Matter? (32 comments)

Remembering When Democrats Used to Take on Poverty (1 comments)

Bloomberg Backs Obama: For Precisely the Right Reason (4 comments)

The Green Elephant in the Room (9 comments)

Waiting for Obama, Democrats Will Lose the House (5 comments)

The Source of Romney's Lying (3 comments)

It's Time To Ignite and Energize The Power Of The People Or This Nation Will Never Recover (6 comments)

History's Fools: Romney Voters (7 comments)

Predicting Protracted Hard Times (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Casting Your Vote On Tuesday (7 comments)

Enough with the Pink (2 comments)

Okay Already, I'm Going to Vote (6 comments)

The Meaning of Bijaya (Or, Going Beyond the Good vs. Evil Paradigm) (1 comments)

Hats Off to the Ladies with Ballots in Hand!

Drone Wars

Beware Post-Elections

Respectable Murderers: An Open Letter to Dan Ellsberg (13 comments)


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