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November 2012

Friday, November 30:

TC Tolbert: Vena Amoris (7 comments)

Is the 2016 Presidential Election a horse race, yet?

Thursday, November 29:

Gary White and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (5 comments)

What Does Success Mean To You? (6 comments)

NIce Story of the Week: Policeman Caught Giving Barefoot Street Man Socks & Boots

70% of People Who Come into a Windfall Lose It

Wednesday, November 28:

Wishing for a New Lincoln (2 comments)

Recapturing the American Spirit through Mindfulness: Webinar Nov. 28 (4 comments)

Tuesday, November 27:

*The 100th Anniversary of Walter J. Ong's Birth (1 comments)

Fisher Wallace vs. Neurofeedback for Insomnia. (1 comments)

A Quandary For Bible-Thumpers (9 comments)

Monday, November 26:

Sam Pizzigati and Too Much, the Online Weekly on Excess and Inequality (3 comments)

Hidden Dynamics of Marital Strife (6 comments)

Sunday, November 25:

SF Auto Show (1 comments)

Most Watched You Tube Video Ever-- over 800 Million Views (3 comments)

Saturday, November 24:

The Cosmic Story: Gemini Lunar Eclipse 2012 (2 comments)

True Believers

What criteria could be used to verify the validity of a theory? (7 comments)

Friday, November 23:

Wall Mart Ministries (5 comments)

Thursday, November 22:

Autism-like Behaviors Reversed in Mice: New Hope? (8 comments)

Making Thanksgiving Meaningful (1 comments)

Wednesday, November 21:

"The House I live in:" America's Slow Motion Social Holocaust (1 comments)

Human obedience: The myth of blind conformity (7 comments)

Free Press Researcher Gerry Bello on Ohio 2012 (4 comments)

Tuesday, November 20:

Singer Fiona Apple Writes Amazing Letter To Fans About Her Dying Dog (1 comments)

"The Book of Mormon": or "F_ _k You, God!" (3 comments)

LINCOLN: Making History (14 comments)

Monday, November 19:

Tamed (7 comments)

it never comes easy

The President's Trip

Chemotherapy Causes Cancer Growth, Discovered Accidently by Researchers

Sunday, November 18:

A Moment in Time...

Harvard goes to Washington, by Katie Koch (11/07.2012) (2 comments)

"Why I'm Not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell (6 comments)

Saturday, November 17:

Election Lawyers See Bleak Future For Voting Rights Act

Friday, November 16:

Covering the nude protesters (1 comments)

Book Review: Howard Zinn Speaks; Collected Speeches 1963-2009, edited by Anthony Arnove

Optimizing Light Sources for Vision; Saving Energy Too

death & taxes

New Movie Propagates Lincoln Historical Myths (42 comments)

Thursday, November 15:

A City For Kids Inside Copenhagen (2 comments)

5 Contradictions Sinking the GOP (1 comments)

Ken Burns: Before Sandy, There Was the Dust Bowl

Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president

The Great Space Coaster: Expansion of the Universe Now Measured in an Era before Dark Energy Takes Over (1 comments)

Wednesday, November 14:

Blitstein: Global Press Institute's Cristi Hegranes Wins Prestigious Grinnell Prize (2 comments)

Captive Animals Show Signs of Boredom (Wouldn't you?) (6 comments)

Tuesday, November 13:

A first visit to sub-Saharan Africa -- peace and wilderness (1 comments)

Monday, November 12:

Sherwood Ross: Pray For Me, Father (1 comments)

The Futile Dialogue in Our Head (2 comments)

out thru the upper midwest & then further northwest

007 at 50 (1 comments)

Sunday, November 11:

Flugtag Photo Report

Saturday, November 10:

Jenna Benn and Twist Out Cancer (2 comments)

The Cosmic Story: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2012 (4 comments)

A very immodest proposal (13 comments)

Gary Lindorff: Post Election -- A Feeling

"Sweet Dreams" - Reconciliation in Rwanda at DocNYC (1 comments)

"Cloud Atlas": A Film for the Ages (But perhaps not for ours) (19 comments)

Friday, November 9:

Is American Journalism AFU? (1 comments)

Animals as Food (35 comments)

Brainwashed Police Prosecute Parents to Protect Vaccines | (8 comments)

Thursday, November 8:

"Obesity Paradox" - More And More Studies Find The Overweight Live Longer

Interregnum (again) (9 comments)

Los Angeles Casting Call: Researchers and Whistleblowers for Motion Picture on World Depopulation

Wednesday, November 7:

Daniel Patrick Welch: US Election Results in Chaos as Four-Year-Old Redraws Electoral Map (1 comments)

now that it's over...billions later...this rant's free

A Portrait of Activism: "How to Survive a Plague"

Tuesday, November 6:

Filmmaker David Lynch Analyzes The Presidential Campaign Ads

Hurricane Sandy Freezer Wisdom

A Persian Flower Carpet ,Iran Peyvand News (1 comments)

Low Vitamin D Linked to Longevity

Monday, November 5:

What Would Jesus Do? Sex, Hell and Christianity in the Noose of the Presidential Election (31 comments)

Psychologists of the World, Go Deeper (11 comments)

Sunday, November 4:

Statin Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Revisited

Boston, MA, School Brings Assistance to Friends in The Rockaways (12 comments)

Dear President: No More Services for Autism Please. Let's Give Power and Education to Parents. (15 comments)

Saturday, November 3:

The Move from Scare City into Abundance (7 comments)

Job Creation for the Power Crazy (4 comments)

Midnight Special (1 comments)

Global Economic Intersection: Infographic of the Day: The 1% Are Doing Fine

Women in Air Force Say Sexual Misconduct Still Rampant

Friday, November 2:

Why The Silence? (1 comments)

The first Secret of historical Jesus: Did Jesus die on the cross? (5 comments)

The Wolves are at the door

Book Review: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters by Andrew Kreig (22 comments)

President Obama Woodcut (2 comments)

Thursday, November 1:

Romney's Storm Tips (1 comments)

Desperation, Ohio

How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Look around you...

Life in PA After Frankenstorm... and a Climate Change Theory (3 comments)


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