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October 2012

Wednesday, October 31:

'Female Viagra,' A Nasal Spray Meant To Boost Sexual Arousal, Is Now In Clinical Trials

Activist Post: Truth Be Told (6 comments)

Animals Fine-tune their Sniffs (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 30:

Mass Extinction Study Provides Lessons for Modern World

Monday, October 29:

Many Worlds, but only One Reality: Stephen Hawking and the Determinist Fallacy (96 comments)

Biomimicry (aka Learning from and Mimicking Nature) May Save Us

Sunday, October 28:

New Documentary Understates the Reality of Cold Fusion (4 comments)

Saturday, October 27:

Naomi Klein: Geoengineering - Testing the Waters (18 comments)

"The Church of Darwin" by Philip E. Johnson (8 comments)

"Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds" by Philip E. Johnson (6 comments)

Friday, October 26:

Not-so-permanent Permafrost: 850 Billion Tons of Carbon Stored in Arctic Ground Could be Released

First Feathered Dinosaurs from North America; clues on wing use

Technology Helping to Crack Oldest Undeciphered Writing System

Tuesday, October 23:

Breast Cancer Radiation BOOP-Epler's Pneumonia Alert

Monday, October 22:

Sustainable Farming Proven to Increase Yield at Zero Cost

Sunday, October 21:

Of Organs and Wrinkles

Saturday, October 20:

Early Tropical Collapse Caused by High Temps

Friday, October 19:

Prehistoric Humans Prospered Before Agricultural Boom?

Reprogrammed Amniotic Fluid Cells Could Treat Vascular Diseases

Eastern Seaboard Salt Marshes Falling Apart

Genes, Immune System Shaped by poverty?

Thursday, October 18:

Eat Vegan To Beat Breast Cancer--Doctor's Orders (2 comments)

Will PC Gamers Avoid Windows Version 8?

Wednesday, October 17:

NSTIC provoking national ID watchdogs to bark

Time Surfers: Problem-Solving as the Path to a Better, Brighter, but Unpredictable Future (9 comments)

Planet Found in Nearest Star System to Earth (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 16:

2012 Nobel Economics Prize Winner Alvin Roth: In One Hundred Years (1 comments)

Monday, October 15:

Quitting Sleeping Pills: Study Shows Risks to Seniors. (1 comments)

25 Most Endangered Primates (3 comments)

Felix Baumgartner 'breaks speed of sound'

Felix Baumgartner: 'It was like hell'

Helmet cam of Felix Baumgartner Freefalling from Space!

Sunday, October 14:

Baumgartner Jumps from 25 Mile Altitude; Gets You Thinking... (9 comments)

Friday, October 12:

Guardian CEO outlines digital future of news and media industry

Thursday, October 11:

Genetically Modified Foods, Depopulation, and Prop. 37 (6 comments)

Wednesday, October 10:

Swimming With Hormones: Researchers Unravel Ancient Urges That Drive the Social Decisions of Fish (1 comments)

Saturday, October 6:

NIST Grantmaking Evades Privacy - Steering Accountability For Online ID Initiative

Czech Man Becomes the First Person in the World to Live With No Heart or Pulse, By Christine Hsu (11 comments)

It's Just a Bug! Which is why you're here...

Chemical in Many Plastics Linked to Multiple Health Threats

Thursday, October 4:

New Findings on Methane Highlight Urgency of Climate Action

Tuesday, October 2:

Irreversible Warming Will Cause Sea Level Rise for Thousands of Years

Great Barrier Reef Coral Half Gone in the Last 27 years

'Superweeds' Linked to Rising Herbicide Use in GM Crops

What we are not looking at with Autism. (2 comments)

Monday, October 1:

Tipping Points for Runaway Climate Change

Climate Change Could Cripple Southwestern U.S. Forests

High-Arctic Heat Tops 1,800-year High


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