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October 2012

Wednesday, October 31:

Part II - Rigged Elections for Romney? (9 comments)

*Rethinking 'Yes, We Can!' (3 comments)

Sheriffs, SWAT, and Assault Rifles -- A Foreclosure Story (18 comments)

Sustainability = (2 comments)

Romney Steals 2012 Election! (3 comments)

Politics Creep to a New Low

Final Results: 370 to 168

The Fabulous Finale To The Romney-Ryan Musical Review: Latest In IRS Cover-up Reveals Religious Loophole - CRUT (1 comments)

90 Million Are Planning Not to Vote -- Your Mission: Take Just One of Them to the Polls (5 comments)

*The New York Times dips a toe in British sleaze (1 comments)

A Third Choice This Election Day (1 comments)

"Want to Hear Something Really Scary? Zombies Are Real".Or at Least Could Be

Work Does Not Work Anymore (4 comments)

Impressive integrity from two New York Times writers over BBC scandal (2 comments)

Is This Really The Most Important Election Ever? If So, Then Where Are Our Issues? (20 comments)

Sandy forces climate change on US election despite fossil fuel lobby (7 comments)

Veterans Plan Armistice Day Events in Over 50 U.S. Cities

Iran vs the Empire: Fighting dollarization (1 comments)

The Romney Triumph, Paving the Way for Plutocrats (7 comments)

DSM-5 Field Trials Discredit the American Psychiatric Association (8 comments)

Best-Case Election Scenario: The Status Quo (1 comments)

The Day That Changed The World (4 comments)

Supreme Court Spurns Justice (1 comments)

Greek Whistleblower/Journalist Risks Imprisonment (2 comments)

Tuesday, October 30:

China takes over Bryce Canyon (2 comments)

Romney's Latest Lie, His Former Lies, and Why We Must Not Put Liars in the White House (6 comments)

*Weapons of Mass Distraction: Are We Becoming an Orwellian Nation? (3 comments)

Is there an economic root to ever more extreme weather events like Sandy? (7 comments)

Superstorm Sandy: A Sign of Storms to Come (5 comments)

An Ark of Adaptability (2 comments)

Election Choices: Obama or Not? (6 comments)

Mitt Romney's New American Century: Its Frightening Implications for America

Did JPMorgan Chase Really Take a 'Ten Billion Dollar Hit' For Uncle Sam? (1 comments)

Sandy, Meet Mitt -- Your Best Friend! (1 comments)

Inequality: The Silly Tales Economists Like To Tell (1 comments)

The "Myth" of America (2 comments)

Hurricane Sandy has drowned the New York I love (1 comments)

The Great Betrayal -- and the Cynicism of calling it a Grand Bargain (14 comments)

United Mid-Eastern States? A New Approach to Bring Peace and Prosperity to the Middle East (2 comments)

Just label it,--- let the people decide (3 comments)

Drowning on Wall Street and Ending World War II (3 comments)

I have Questions; The Candidates Don't Have Answers (4 comments)

Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood (3 comments)

Tepid Palestinian Authority UN Upgrade Bid

Ezili Danto: Haiti: Brandt Busted as Clintons with Hollywood celebrate sweatshop (5 comments)

Mitt Romney Is Just Not That Into Federal Disaster Relief (2 comments)

Monday, October 29:

A Hostile Takeover of our Country -- Treasonous, Noxious, Thieving, Tyrannical (10 comments)

The Mendacity of Mitt (6 comments)

US detention of Imran Khan part of trend to harass anti-drone advocates (4 comments)

Post Frankenstorm: Will God's Ambulance Chasers Be Out in Full Force? Will Romney Help Them? (2 comments)

Why I'm Voting Green Party / Jill Stein (5 comments)

The Travails of Air Travel Just Keep Getting Worse (3 comments)

Rape is More Than a Women's Issue (7 comments)

The Blowback From Libya (3 comments)

Energy: Romney's Deceptions, Misleading Claims and Outright Lies (1 comments)

Looks Like We're In For Stormy Weather...

the Bloodless Revolution: More Core Values (part 3, environment, earth & space) (2 comments)

Tip the Senatorial Scales? Many say, "Yes!" (to me)

the Bloodless Revolution: Core Values for a New America (Part 2, religion, science, equality, & the 'elite mistake') (2 comments)

Avant la Deluge (2 comments)

*Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Ending Government-Corporate Corruption? (3 comments)

the Big Picture: OCTOPUS NATION. (part 2, octopi tv) (4 comments)

The Quest for Truth and Peace: A Conversation with Gareth Porter (2 comments)

The Secret Bridge (3 comments)

The Fallacy Of The Romney Tax Plan As A Way To Stimulate The Economy (1 comments)

Bear Kosik: *Our Time Is Now

The Virtual Recovery (5 comments)

Why I'm Voting Green (39 comments)

We Need to Disrupt Education, Now (7 comments)

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan Explain the Past Four Years (1 comments)

Utah's Moral Compass: Wither will it turn? Part 3 (2 comments)

American History: Era of Greed and Destruction (6 comments)

Obama's Disposition Matrix

Remember Bani Walid

Another Cheesy Hollywood Parody: Republicans are the Keyser Soze of Politics (1 comments)

Sunday, October 28:

Transforming Our Energy System (10 comments)

The Final Days, the Biggest Issue, and the Clearest Choice (4 comments)

Iran War on the Ballot (5 comments)

Is Our Deepest Desire to Die? (4 comments)

John Kerry Must Speak Out on 2004 Election Theft Now (14 comments)

Coward Military Commander Gets Court Order From Fascist Judge to Protect Himself from Peace Activists (2 comments)

*Romney's WOW Factor (3 comments)

Giant Global Risk Carrier, Munich Re: North America Most Affected By Increase In Weather-Related Loss Events - $1,060bn (3 comments)

Kudos to the Principles of Environmental Justice for Framing EJ Movement (1 comments)

The Closest Thing to Immortality

The Myth of the Christian Right (115 comments)

Why I Voted Third Party: Obama is Not the Lesser Evil (17 comments)

Paul Wellstone: Tenth Anniversary of His Assassination (6 comments)

Trafficking Anti-Iranian Propaganda

Saturday, October 27:

Israel's greatest fear - its diamond trade exposed (8 comments)

Time for Putin to Wise Up

More On Savage Israel -- An Analysis (23 comments)

Paranoid-A Rock and Roll Epistle (9 comments)

Europe's Agony Could Become Our Future Under Mitt Romney (3 comments)

Rape Panels (1 comments)

The Top 6 Critiques of Obama from a Progressive (Reality-Based) Perspective (2 comments)

US officials interrogate Pakistan's Imran Khan on drones (4 comments)

Paul Ryan Takes a Side in the War on Poverty: He's Against What Works (3 comments)

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite for War (3 comments)

Netanyahu Pledges Continued Lawlessness (1 comments)

Drought in Texas (2 comments)

Institutionalized State Assassinations and the November 6 Election (6 comments)

Friday, October 26:

Pay me now or Pay me later: The 2012 Presidential Election (7 comments)

Could a Third Party Candidate Naderize President Obama? (12 comments)

David Brooks and the Politics of Moderation (3 comments)

George McGovern and Second Chances (1 comments)

No End to U.S. Military's Global Misadventures (6 comments)

Thomas Riggins: Troubled Children Adopted by Homo/Heterosexual Parents Flourish Equally Well (1 comments)

Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias (6 comments)

The Republican Hang-Up On Sex And Abortion (4 comments)

Can we talk about Abortion like Adults yet? (9 comments)

Romney's Cold War Ponzi Scheme (3 comments)

Eid-ul-Adha ---- An Eid for Elites! (2 comments)

Thomas Riggins: The Russian Revolution Today? (8 comments)

The Prince of God. Really?

Four Keys to an Obama Victory

John Douglass: Embodiment of a Ruined Election System (3 comments)

Pass it on (2 comments)

Voting Green in a Swing State (40 comments)

"No War By Any Nation in Any Age Has Ever Been Declared By the People" (19 comments)

Genocide in Bani Walid (1 comments)

Big Week for Justice Department Vigilantes

Making The World a More Dangerous Place: The Eager Role of Julia Gillard (1 comments)

Thursday, October 25:

There Is More Than One Way To Resist The Status Quo (6 comments)

Capitol Hill's Rabid, Ravaging Republicans (4 comments)

Corporate Bullies Strong Arming The Vote (17 comments)

The Naked Truth About Rape (57 comments)

Trumped Up... (4 comments)

Again; and Maybe this Time with Feeling (7 comments)

Romney's "Peculiar Sense" of Geography

If You Succumb to Cynicism, The Regressives Win it All (15 comments)

A Nation Armed to the Teeth but Living in Fear

Playing with Numbers

Addressing The Unspoken Side Of Sequestration (1 comments)

Two Critically Important Reasons to Defeat Romney and Prevent a National Catastrophe (11 comments)

Malthus Nailed It And Ehrlich Cemented It: Humans Collide With Their Numbers (2 comments)

Globalism is the #1 Risk Facing Humanity (27 comments)

Blaming the Muslims (3 comments)

Mitt Romney: Man of (Low) Character (8 comments)

Veterans Among Those Arrested Thursday Protesting Drones at Hancock Air Field (1 comments)

Meek Romney (1 comments)

Don't You Just Love Choices? (5 comments)

Cry-Baby Duopolists (4 comments)

The fallacy of the Romney tax plan as a way to stimulate the economy (2 comments)

Corrupt Capitalism -- the Denial of Equality of Opportunity (11 comments)

*S. Korean President Championing US Wars Saw Own Siblings Killed by US Bombs (1 comments)

The Top 10 Documentaries that Explain Why the Occupy Movement Exists (3 comments)

Modern civilization: The Next Jonestown Massacre (2 comments)

Green Party Populism (4 comments)

Activists Challenge Israeli Lawlessness (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 24:

"Moderate Mitt": Neocon Trojan Horse

FBI creating terrorist plots to scare Americans (9 comments)

Obama Has Promoted An Anti-Climate Change Agenda (7 comments)

Welcome to the Age of Hell: Entrenching Murder as the American Way (4 comments)

25 percent of Muslim voters undecided in presidential election (1 comments)

The Highly Dispensable Nation (and Who to Vote for in Two Weeks) (10 comments)

Strike Three (2 comments)

You want Scary?

In Amerika There Will Never Be a Real Debate (20 comments)

Obama and Romney: Brothers of the Same Imperial Lodge (6 comments)

Freedom Rider: Not Voting for Obama

Exceptional America Rules (6 comments)

Scared of Romney Yet? (2 comments)

50 Years Ago This Week. (2 comments)

Now That Was a Debate (4 comments)

"Isolationist Sentiment" favored by the American People, Are Obama/Romney Listening? (2 comments)

Vote NO on HJRCA49--The Poison Pill for Pensions

The Looming Menace of the Protestant Ethic (10 comments)

Ohio Needs International Election Observers (18 comments)

Gary Brumback: Antiwar organizations: Poll and Profiles (1 comments)

Obama Finds Mojo, Wins Final Debate (3 comments)

*Colorado Voter Suppression - Election 2012

Six October Surprises?: Not Just Staples, But Gay, Mormon, And Three Trumps! (2 comments)

Remembering Russell Means (2 comments)

Ship to Gaza Activists Brutalized (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 23:

Franklin P. Lamb: Why there won't be a ceasefire this Eid al Adha in Syria

'Think Progress' Smears BRAD BLOG Coverage of Voting Machine Concerns as "Conspiracy Theory" (11 comments)

President Obama's Complete Dismissal of the Progressive Agenda (58 comments)

Tom Friedman: "Where and How Our Economy Went Wrong, and How to Right It" (13 comments)

The Sticky Wicket in Benghazi and Seal Team Imperialism (1 comments)

The Many Problems with "Romnesia" and Why It Still Works (5 comments)

Israel Wages War on Human Rights (4 comments)

Anderson Campaign: Rocky Anderson's Most Important Night Yet? (others too) (3 comments)

BREAKING NEWS: AP, Media Fumble News Story (2 comments)

Boehner, Hero? If He Deals on the Sequester and the Fiscal Cliff

Joe Klein's sociopathic defense of drone killings of children (7 comments)

*USADA and Big Tobacco: Attack the Anti-Smoking Lance Armstrong (3 comments)

Romney supports drone attacks on Pakistan

October Surprise USA (2 comments)

Government stimulus, not WWII, got us out of the Great Depression (5 comments)

FLASH! Mitt Romney Endorses Barack Obama for a second term as president! (1 comments)

Time is tight to produce a worthy US dream (3 comments)

Israeli Commandos Electro-Torture Ship to Gaza Activists

Direct US/Iran Nuclear Talks

Monday, October 22:

The Tragic Results Of Paul Ryan's Phony Photo Op: Charity Loses Money But Gains Right Wing Hate (2 comments)

The depressed America!

Six largest pesticide corporations funding effort to try to defeat GMO labeling Proposition 37 (4 comments)

The October Surprise Mysteries

Jill Stein Campaign: Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, et. al. Debate Tonight (1 comments)

Welcome to the RomneyZone: Foreign Policy's Economic Home Front

Obama Campaign Displays Democratic Dysfunction and Warnings of Future Betrayal (11 comments)

A Real Foreign Policy Debate Should Talk Trade and Human Rights (6 comments)

What if We Always Called Mitt Bishop Romney? It Could Be a Game Changer (74 comments)

The Missionary Equivalent of Military Service (2 comments)

Obama Officials to New York Times, Iran/U/S. Agree to One-on-One Negotiations after Presidential Election (1 comments)

Thoughts Regarding Tonight's Debate (4 comments)

Rigged Elections for Romney? (44 comments)

Rage Against Austerity (3 comments)

Dubious Reports about Fidel Castro's Health

Sunday, October 21:

Progressives: In Swing States, Vote for Obama (28 comments)

McGovern: He Never Sold His Soul (14 comments)

Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, Preparing for a Digital 9/11 (6 comments)

Gary Brumback: Always war: Fragmented antiwar groups need to unite (3 comments)

Utah & U.S. Moral Compass: Wither will it turn? Part 2 (7 comments)

Mendacious Mitt Politicizes Benghazi

Latest Beirut Bombing Incident (1 comments)

Mitt Romney thinks it's good business to intimidate workers into voting for the GOP (15 comments)

Women, Ohio and the Clintons will make the difference for Democrats (1 comments)

Prescient About America: George McGovern

*Clear and Present Danger: The Corporatist Two Party Duopoly (11 comments)

One Place where Obama and Romney Agree (2 comments)

An Exceptional America CAN have a Bloodless Revolution Overnight! ...for the benefit of all... (52 comments)

Israel Again Commits Barbarism and Piracy (2 comments)

Good Guys We're Not

New York Times Flacks for Jewish Groups Against 15 Major Christian Leaders (4 comments)

Saturday, October 20:

US Plan to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons, Devised Under Bush (1 comments)

The Man with the Uzi (1 comments)

The Remarkable, Unfathomable Ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (8 comments)

The Free Thinker: Why Vote? (6 comments)

*Romney would cost businesses, hobble goal of energy independence (2 comments)

Romney's Tax Plan: Are Blogs Evidence? What Is? (1 comments)

Gilad, Who? (1 comments)

Energy is our blood (7 comments)

George McGovern-A Reflection (3 comments)

Besieged Gaddafi Stronghold Bani Walid Under Attack (2 comments)

Iran's NNC News Interviews Lendman

Friday, October 19:

The Case for Irrational Voting (36 comments)

Doing the Benghazi Shuffle (2 comments)

Armstrong Can Live Strong or Fade into Memory -- The Power is in his Hands (2 comments)

The Genius of McGovern's "Come Home, America" Vision (1 comments)

Pesticide Industry-Backed Opponents of Prop 37 Caught in Possible Criminal Act (4 comments)

Vu Zjahday: Opposite of Deja Vu -- The Sense You've Never Been Somewhere Before

Obama, Romney And A Dead Cat (3 comments)

How Obama Can Smoke Out Mitt: Call for Breaking Up the Biggest Banks, and Resurrecting Glass-Steagall (17 comments)

Meet Romney's Economic Hit Man (2 comments)

On the pretext of Malala episode: Pakistan parliament refuses to launch military operation in North Waziristan (1 comments)

For the Unemployed, Romney's Debate Was Full of "Wind Jobs"

FBI entraps Bangladeshi student in fake terror plot (2 comments)

Obamneycare Converts Health Care Into Profits (8 comments)

Why We Must BE Our Government, Rather than Fear It (12 comments)

Jill Stein Campaign: Major Debate with Jill Stein

Arrested for Affirming God's Unity?! (1 comments)

Amnesty International Denounces Torture in California Prisons, Demands Changes --An interview with Tessa Murphy (1 comments)

Beating Up on Russia, Syria and Iran (1 comments)

Palestinian Authority to Hold Sham Elections

Thursday, October 18:

Which Obama Will We See in the Third Debate? (3 comments)

Land of Elites (15 comments)

Obama's Report Card (3 comments)

A Pride of Lions, A Gaggle of Geese . . . a Binder of Women? (1 comments)

Unstacking The Deck: The Status Quo, Third Parties, And You

Mitt the Binder

50 shades of GOP (2 comments)

Revenge of the Nerd (1 comments)

"It's the economy, stupid". But Presidents have less to do with it than you think.

Sham Israeli Elections

America: Caught in the Throes of an Escalating "UnCivil War" (24 comments)

Arlen Specter: "One Tough Hombre" (4 comments)

Japan's Right: Going Nuke? (1 comments)

Socialism (15 comments)

Obama Revives, Wins Second Debate

Mitt's Myth about Gasoline Prices! (3 comments)

'Twas the Blight Before Christmas

The Duopoly Debates Itself (5 comments)

American-Style Fascism (1 comments)

Long-Suffering Haitians Want Change

Elite Class Folly in Sonoma County California (8 comments)

Obama is Back (4 comments)

Wednesday, October 17:

There's a Real Debate With Debating in It Next Tuesday (1 comments)

Filling the Black Hole

Meteorite Impacts Earth in Minden, Louisiana - Media and Government Cover It Up (9 comments)


Iran And West Inch Toward Nuke Deal

Obama Slaps Romney; Conservatives Mad (4 comments)

Mitt Romney's "Perry Mason" Moment (5 comments)

Billboard Wars -- An Analysis (3 comments)

This Hypocrisy Called American Justice

Thanks Amy Goodman for Breaking the Sound Barrier (14 comments)

Binders Full of Women Mitt Romney (4 comments)

Romney & Co. Distort Medicare Realities (1 comments)

Romney's Misogynistic, Islamophobic Race: Why Malala Matters. (2 comments)

The Joke Is On The Coultergiest: Some Of Her Minions May Take Her Seriously About "Disown Your Son Day." (1 comments)

Bearing Witness to 11 Years of an Illegal War of Aggression. (11 comments)

Yes We Can - - Not Reelect Obama As President (36 comments)

Waiting for Lefty

The Debate: Junkyard Dog vs. Pretentious Poodle (1 comments)

EU Wages War on Free Expression

Broken Lives and Families in Bil'in

Post Election Bombs (4 comments)

Tuesday, October 16:

Which Republican Will You Vote For? (3 comments)

How Romney's Echo Chamber will Spin the Debate (6 comments)

The National Debt and Our Children: How Dumb Does Washington Think We Are? (3 comments)

Long Island Tedium

Morgan Stanley: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself ...

America R.I.P. (14 comments)

Pandering Destroys Purpose (1 comments)

News from the Front, Redux (3 comments)

The Islamic Problem (1 comments)

*Is Organized Pedophilia Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement? (part two) (10 comments)

*Is Organized Pedophilia Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement? (part one) (3 comments)

Koch Brothers: We're Victims

"After the Fire, the Fire Still Burns": Horror Goes on for Victims of Iraq War Atrocities (7 comments)

Madness in the Guise of Sanity (1 comments)

Protect Your Child from the Next Sandusky (1 comments)

Colossal lies paralyse the mind

Martha Raddatz Repeats the "Big Lie" About Social Security & Medicare (1 comments)

Tracking the American Muslim vote in 2012 election (2 comments)

A Senior's Struggle with Photo ID Law (23 comments)

Romney, Marx and GOP Brand (1 comments)

The Sanctions Game (2 comments)

Thoughts at Perhaps the Most Perilous Time in World History

Town Hall Debate: Will Voters Ask the Medicare and Social Security Questions Reporters Haven't?

Monday, October 15:

The Silly Season Goes Into Overdrive (3 comments)

Thou shall not laugh whilst we bear false witness: Reflections on Thursdays VP Debate and hopes for Tuesday

Judging Putin (1 comments)

Paul Ryan: Dick Cheney With a Smile (1 comments)

Memo to the President: Your Next Debate (3 comments)

Australia's Julia Gillard is no feminist hero (1 comments)

Your official debate cheat sheet

Making a Killing: Obama-Backed Coupsters Shoot for Corporate Control (4 comments)

Transformers (1 comments)

The Real Blame for Deaths in Libya (5 comments)

Moral Leadership: What Obama Has to Show Tomorrow in the Debate Performance, and for Real (3 comments)

Disinvited To Be a Passenger on The Swedish Boat to Gaza "Estelle" (8 comments)

The American President Show (4 comments)

Military Wives Also Suffer the Wounds of War

What Happens When "Jane" Comes Marching Home Again? (30 comments)

Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline (6 comments)

Smile and Substance (1 comments)

Who attacked Malala Yousufzai? (2 comments)

Intensified Warrantless Spying in America

Israel Encourages Settler Violence

Sunday, October 14:

America is Gone. Welcome to Police State Amerika (9 comments)

Diamond Jamie: Latest News on the JPMorgan Chase Crime Watch

Perry happens. Again. (1 comments)

Quick Quick, Tell Us What to Think (4 comments)

Various Items: Free Speech v "Community," Lawlessness In Libya, Sprawling Surveillance State

A Vulture Capitalist for a Vulture Culture (8 comments)

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mairead Maguire Comments On the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 Being Awarded to the European Union (4 comments)

Walmart versus The Staff of Life! (5 comments)

Washington Plays Hardball with Russia on Syria (3 comments)

Infomercials for Despots (2 comments)

Saturday, October 13:

Debate Advice for Barack Obama

Partisan politics on a larger scale. (1 comments)

Obama vs. Romney: Jobs (3 comments)

Israeli Crimes Without Punishment (3 comments)

Where Is the 99% Bi-national Outrage? (6 comments)

Corporatism is Systematically Sucking the Lifeblood Out of America (15 comments)

Iran, Politics, and Film: "Argo" or "A Separation"? (5 comments)

NYPD RAMPS UP HEAT ON PROTESTERS: Sinking to New Lows in the Process (4 comments)

Nobel Hypocrisy Wins Again (3 comments)

Demagoguery Substitutes for Debate (2 comments)

Friday, October 12:

Presidential Debates Ignore Other Big Ticket Items (2 comments)

When Did Protecting the Environment Become a Partisan Issue? (4 comments)

Why Anti-Blasphemy Laws Ban All Religions (10 comments)

Evil is Evil -- Don't Vote for Evil (89 comments)

Why Biden Won (8 comments)

Richard Milhous Ryan: No Specifics, Just a "Secret Plan"

Panetta, "U.S. Facing Possible Cyber-Pearl Harbor", No mention of U.S. Initiating Cyberwarfare (3 comments)

Ryan Gets A Shellacking (2 comments)

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My President (9 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: Will Ohio's H.I.G.-Owned E-Voting Machines Give Romney the White House? (14 comments)

Ryan: A Weak, Minor League Teacup (14 comments)

Is the "European Dream" still a reality?

Is Anarchism a Political Philosophy Whose Time Has Come? (29 comments)

"Some Girls Rape Easy": Hypocrisy, Sex and The Republican War Against Women. (1 comments)

Obama vs, Romney: Jobs (2 comments)

Why Europe Did Not Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (9 comments)

Holy Land Foundation Case Goes to Supreme Court

Turkey's High Risk Game

Thursday, October 11:

Are You Aware Of What Actually Drives The Price Of Gasoline? (18 comments)

A Devastating Expose of Mitt Romney's Mistreatment of Mormon Women Emerges (3 comments)

Cross Examine Authority! A Dangerous Lack of Rigor (1 comments)

To The Victor Belong the Spoiled (1 comments)

Will the Real Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Please Stand Up (1 comments)

Issa targets Hillary: Big mistake (4 comments)

Privacy Watch: An Orwellian Bargain (5 comments)

Romney sings Da Doo War War (4 comments)

War And The Economy: Should America Do Wrong Things For The Right Reasons? (1 comments)

Change and Cycles Equal Hard Times for America (3 comments)

Government via Fear (1 comments)

A Singular Cause of War (20 comments)

WTF is up with Obama supporters (69 comments)

Republican Targets of Destruction: Voter Rights Act First, Civil Rights Act Next... (1 comments)

Social Security: President Obama's Biggest Failure in Last Week's Debate

Don't Cut Taxes For Billionaires. Double Them. (4 comments)

War or No War on Iran?

Cooked or Accurate US Employment Numbers? (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 10:

On Being Fodder for Offenders (4 comments)

Young Nones

The Liar's Master Class -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Memo to Joe, Re: Debate (3 comments)

Corporate Media Gets Behind Romney, Big Time

How Petraeus's Afghan "Surge" Failed (1 comments)

US supreme court finalizes gift of immunity to the telecom giants (11 comments)

Freedom Rider: Why Romney Beat Obama

Biden Should Rip Ryan on Neglect of Hometown Workers

Romney's Psychopathic Debate Strategy: Past, Present and Future (4 comments)

Does U.S. Policy Contribute to Taliban Extremism? (5 comments)

Democrats Must Stop Whining (1 comments)

*First 2012 Presidential Debate (2 comments)

America's Moral Degeneracy (16 comments)

The Iraq War Remains with Us as Long as the Lies Continue. (9 comments)

Die like adults (2 comments)

NATO Edges Closer to War on Syria (1 comments)

Venezuelan Electoral Postmortems (1 comments)

Romney's Israeli Friends Desert Him (2 comments)

Tuesday, October 9:

Canada's Muslim problem: Who's demonizing who? (5 comments)

Citizen Diplomacy May Save Us Yet (3 comments)

Romney, Bain, and Big Russian Tobacco (2 comments)

Pakistan-Russia relations warm up

The Certificate Of Cowardice (7 comments)

Is There A Real Connection Between Barack Obama And Barry Soetoro? (95 comments)

Go To The Polls & NOT VOTE! (17 comments)

Mitt's Advisors: He Has No Clue On Foreign Policy (2 comments)

ARGO: Ben Affleck's Accidental Paean to CIA Exploits? (6 comments)

Safety vs Freedom (7 comments)

Is CEO-LDS Romney a Successful Psycopath? (24 comments)

Policy Making on "Autopilot" (1 comments)

Mitt Romney Lies to the World

*What All Third Parties Can Agree On (26 comments)

Occupy San Diego: A Year Later (2 comments)

Brimstone In The Ballot Box Pt. III: Will Your Vote Come From The Pulpit ... Of Idiot America? (1 comments)

*Restructuring An Unsustainable Federal Spending Machine (9 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Three Most Popular False Post-Debate Memes (12 comments)

Affirmative Action Decision No Election Game Changer

The Two Romneys

Imran Khan leads anti-drones rally: 'Drone attacks only augment hate for US' (1 comments)

Chavez Win Strengthens Bolivarianism (6 comments)

Worrisome Middle East Developments

The Saga of South Bisbee Continues

Monday, October 8:

Bernie Sanders: Obama and Biden Need to Get Specific About Social Security (2 comments)

Environmental Groups that Issued Warnings have Short Memories When Endorsing Obama (6 comments)

Which is Worse? (16 comments)

Why Hugo Rules (12 comments)

Hal O'Leary: The Third Party (6 comments)

WHO IS Henrique Capriles Radonski? Tool Of the U.S. Republican Party (3 comments)

9/11 Revisited --- Again (2 comments)

Surrealistic Pillows (3 comments)

Carter slams U.S. Supreme Court for its endorsement of corruption (18 comments)

The Debate on Tax Cuts: More Politics and Economics (2 comments)

Being "Drunk In Public" Is A Subjective Thing... If You're Not Homeless... It's Even Legal On Some Occasions! (1 comments)

Obama Debates Zelig

Shooting to Kill Immigrants on the Mexican Border: WTF? A Border Agent Fired First at Immigrant Smugglers? (3 comments)

President Romney and the New American Reality (2 comments)

A Citizens' Call To Act

CA Prop 37: Tobacco/DDT Advocate Henry Miller and the Dubious Scientific Credibility of Labeling Opponents (2 comments)

Is this really the new definition of friendship? (3 comments)

Debate Advice For Joe Biden

The Maimed (21 comments)

British Student Loans -- The Giant Scam That Robs The Nation (2 comments)

I've Come to Pick a Fight-children of a lesser god (3 comments)

The Myth of Mitt: Romney was never a real businessman! (1 comments)

Syria on the Boil

UAV Incident Over Israel (1 comments)

Freeport McMoRan Mining Company Ousts South Bisbee Residents from Their Homes

Sunday, October 7:

Citizen Diplomacy Against Drones Over Pakistan

Iran Sanctions Now Causing Food Insecurity, Mass Suffering (6 comments)

A Plan to Topple Hugo? (1 comments)

How Politics Should be Like Teaching (12 comments)

Gaining Trust with Bad Dogs (2 comments)

Another Tragic Loss of Life: Nicholas J. Ivie (5 comments)

Countering the Current Racist, Anti-Muslim NY Subway Ads (7 comments)

Open Letter on the Occasion of the Seating of the New York Session of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine (1 comments)

The Real Republican Agenda Exposed (9 comments)

"Civil Sidewalks"?!-- From a Homeless Person's Point Of View (4 comments)

Expect Bolivarian Victory in Venezuela (2 comments)

No More Israel in 10 Years (45 comments)

Saturday, October 6:

No Style, All Substance? (5 comments)

Romney-Ryan: Queer/Odd Couple? (1 comments)

When the Party's Over (4 comments)

Let's Leave Afghanistan; What Is the Problem? (8 comments)

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Friday, October 5:

Of Bombs and Comics (1 comments)

Victory in Ohio: Appellate Court Upholds Restoration of Early Voting for All on Weekend Before Election Day (3 comments)

Mitt Romney Debate "Win" Gives Obama a Winning Issue (7 comments)

Where Is War Making Taking Us? (4 comments)

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Paul Winger: *INFANT MORTALITY! Is corporate profit more important than U.S. infants?

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PA House GOP walk out to prevent vote on HB520 (3 comments)

Flim Flam Substitutes for Debate

Cowardly Terrorists Murder Syrian Civilians

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Thursday, October 4:

A "Bad Moon Rising" Over An Obama Victory (5 comments)

The First Debate: Was He Ill? (2 comments)

Mitt Romney: Lying to victory (16 comments)

The US Presidential Debates' Illusion Of Political Choice (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Denver Debate Proved that "Women" and "People" are Different Categories in Campaign 2012 (1 comments)

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Rocky Mountain Lie

The $5 Trillion Question

The First Presidential Debate (2 comments)

QE Infinity: What's It All About, Mr. Bernanke? (12 comments)

Obama Lost The 'Debate' but the Reason is His Campaign Wanted Him to be a 'Moderate' (2 comments)

Our Local Racist: A Note To Chris Hedges (15 comments)

George Bush the Murderer: The Movie (6 comments)

Why I Dislike Israel (14 comments)

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Are You Better Off?

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Romney/Ryan Math Skills Trickling Down Ticket To Justin Simmons

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America's Sham Electoral Process

Bolivarianism v. Fake US Democracy

Wednesday, October 3:

More Than Skin Deep (1 comments)

Impromptu: Digitally Stupid. (3 comments)

Questions that are Unlikely to be Asked Wednesday Night (3 comments)

How the Democratic Party and President Obama Exhibit Jewish Values (4 comments)

*Why I will Not Vote Republican (3 comments)

The Desolation of Smog (1 comments)

Ballot Box II: Pastors Defying IRS In Telling People How To Vote On "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" (2 comments)

"There Are No Words That Excuse the Killing of Innocents" -- President Obama (17 comments)

The 2012 election's only bipartisan consensus: not to talk about climate change

The Post-Soviet TV Experts

Calling Out and Challenging Evil... While We Still Can (47 comments)

What Debates Don't Deliver

The Life And Death Of An Australian Hero, Whose Skin Was The Wrong Color (4 comments)

The Romney Debacle: A Comic Tour de Force (1 comments)

U.S. Contemplating Clandestine Special Ops Raid in Libya over Benghazi Mission Attack

Imagine: America Trillions Richer, Our Sons and Daughters Returned to Us, America at Peace in the Middle East with Moral (10 comments)

Bahrain's Cat and Mouse Games

Corrupt Capitalism Destroys the Economy and Society (1 comments)

Inciting Unrest in Venezuela (1 comments)

Palestine: One or Two State Solution

Tuesday, October 2:

About time! New York Charges JPMorgan with Mortgage Fraud (3 comments)

Is Afghanistan Doomed As A "Failed State"?

Empire Trapped: The US' Unpromising Role in the New Middle East (1 comments)

Fire Congress, Vote Out Incumbents (8 comments)

*Voter ID Before Supreme Court (1 comments)

As The Romans Do?

Cracking Down On China Means Cracking Down On Mitt Romney

Oil Companies Bribing Gulf States To Ignore Spill?

Voting for Death (6 comments)

GOP Voter Registration Strategy -- Lying to Potential Voters About 'Taking a Poll' to Screen Out Obama Supporters

Scott Brown Reveals His Inner Extreme Right Wing, Anti-Abortion, Corporatist Self (2 comments)

The true reason US fears Iranian nukes: they can deter US attacks (2 comments)

Arab Jews vs Palestinians -- Israel's refugee pawns

When Debate "Zingers" Backfired (1 comments)

Cynthia McKinney On Leadership (16 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: AIPAC: Israels Agent Feeling Squeezed? (1 comments)

*Romney Insults All Americans

Economic Dice Rolling Against Romney

Iori Mochizuki speaks (1 comments)

*Talk Radio: Puppeteers of Prevarication

Neocon Uber-Hawks Want War on Iran (1 comments)

Living with the Enemy (2 comments)

Monday, October 1:

Our Pitilessly Intoxicating Drones (1 comments)

Should Liberals Support Gary Johnson? (36 comments)

The End Really Is Near...(but don't worry) (6 comments)

Mitt Romney's Faustian Bargain (1 comments)

Some Political Machinations Surrounding the Upcoming Elections

Silence of the Drones (3 comments)

Did Mike McQueary Commit Perjury? (67 comments)

$34.4 Million Can't Seem To Buy Prop 37 (GM Food-Labeling Bill) Opponents Their Own Facts, By Zack Kaldveer (2 comments)

How Mormonism Shaped Mitt (6 comments)

Colorado Move to Amend says "Yes, but . . ." on State-wide "Citizens United" Amendment (1 comments)

Paranoia Takes Four Lives In Family Tragedy. How Much Of It Was Fueled By The Right's Hatred Of Obama? (5 comments)

U.N. summit: What the U.S. media fails to report about Iran

Papa John's Manifesto (3 comments)

What Is Happening to Muslims Will Happen to the Rest of Us (19 comments)

Neocons to the Front: Five Reasons Not to Intervene in Syria Now (3 comments)

Nothing More Evil (15 comments)

Lakota Sioux Nation Leaves America (15 comments)

Pressure Builds for Full-Scale War on Syria


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