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September 2012

Sunday, September 30:

Let's Fight for a Progressive Agenda (6 comments)

Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, A Recipe for American Decline That No One Will Be Debating (2 comments)

The Good, The Bad And The Politically Ugly (1 comments)

But What of Truth (4 comments)

NYT to Obama v. Romney, "let's you and him fight"

A Line Drive in the Box Score (2 comments)

Freedom of Speech, and Other Novel Concepts (3 comments)

It's Time to "Swift Boat" Mitt Romney and the Republicans: It You're A Veteran, Or A Soldier, They Are Not Your Friends (5 comments)

Julian Assange Declared Enemy of the State (2 comments)

Judge Stays Terry Williams' Execution

Europe Sees Unprecedented Social Polarisation (1 comments)

Saturday, September 29:

Syria and the Dogs of War

From Start to Finish: Why We Won and How We Are Losing (5 comments)

The Grand Default

"My Vote Doesn't Matter": Helping Students Surmount Political Cynicism (5 comments)

The Fuzzy Line of Terrorism (3 comments)

Are these signs of fading American dominance? (9 comments)

Skimming Profits Off Bad Loans Bankers And Their Dirty Tricks (1 comments)

The Battle for Congress (1 comments)

How The Government's Lies Become Truth (40 comments)

Eyes Wide Shut

*Healthcare, The Affordability Care Act And It's Future. (1 comments)

Assessing the Arab Maze - Contemplating Recent Events in the Middle East (2 comments)

Education: Important for America (10 comments)

Announcing "Is It Fascism Now?" on (22 comments)

Uncle Sam and Brer Rufus (1 comments)

For one lucky guy, Mardi Gras comes early! (2 comments)

AIPAC De-Fanged? Israel is not Calling the Shots in this US Election (17 comments)

World Premiere of Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal

Is the CIA Everywhere? Maybe Your Paranoia is Justified (12 comments)

Warmonger Netanyahu at UN (2 comments)

Chavez Opposition Disintegrating (4 comments)

Friday, September 28:

Romney's Goal For The Companies Bain Acquired: "Harvest Them At Significant Profit" (4 comments)

Romney's Curious View of Freedom

Netanyahu Backs Off on Iran (7 comments)

Utah's Moral Compass: Wither will it turn? Part 1 (1 comments)

So These Ten Nuns Walk Into a . . . (3 comments)

Building Bridges Instead of Imperial Wars (2 comments)

Who is this Man at the U.N. with Crude Illustration in Hand? (1 comments)

U.S. and U.K. War Veterans Against Drones

The Obama and Romney Debates Do Matter (2 comments)

Why is Romney Losing? (5 comments)

Brimstone In The Ballot Box, PT 1: Bishop Says You'll Go To Hell If You Vote Democratic! (9 comments)

Needed, Now! A United Anti-Fascist Opposition Front -- No Wimps Need Apply (15 comments)

On rhetoric and actions (2 comments)

New York Times Promotes War on Syria

Terry Williams: A Life in the Balance (1 comments)

Thursday, September 27:

US investigates possible WikiLeaks leaker for "communicating with the enemy" (5 comments)

Hot Hot Hot! (1 comments)

Why Qatar wants to invade Syria (1 comments)

China: Friend of Corporate America, Enemy of the U.S. Government (6 comments)

How Can You Plan a Revolution when Big Brother is Watching? (24 comments)

Target Iran: Drawing Red Lines in the Sand, a review (1 comments)

The Welcoming Truth - Obesity in America (4 comments)

Sham! Sham! Sham! (6 comments)

A Culture of Delusion (105 comments)

For Romney Ryan and the Republicans, September is the Cruellest Month

Our (New) Terrorists' the MEK: Have We Seen This Movie Before?

Maine's Angus King, running to be Governor of the U.S. Senate (1 comments)

The TPP: A Quiet Coup for the Investor Class (9 comments)

A Letter To A Tea Partier-- Seeking Common Ground between Tea Partiers and Progressives (30 comments)

Barack to Mitt: Corporations Run the Economy (7 comments)

Rise of the 51-Percenters (4 comments)

Obama's UN Speech And How Christianity Should Take A Backseat In The Future (79 comments)

Wake Up: Vote Against the Two-Party Plutocracy (14 comments)

Talking Peace and Justice with Ahmadinejad (9 comments)

Why Obama Health Care Act Should Be Named "Obamacare for the Few and ObamaDon'tCare for the Majority"

Drones: Instruments of State Terror

Obama in New York

Hawk, dove, butterfly, bee (2 comments)

Wednesday, September 26:

Repackaging Mitt as a Compassionate Conservative? It's Too Late

Iran Reaffirms Offer on Nukes (1 comments)

FL GOP Fires Romney Consultant's Voter Registration Firm After Fraudulent Forms Reported In Palm Beach County

Obama's UN Call For "The Right To Practice Free Speech" Does Not Embrace Beit Ommar (1 comments)

Pay in Blood: The Bipartisan Terror Machine Stripped Bare (3 comments)

Walker's Dream Is Packers' Nightmare (2 comments)

Romney on Teachers and Their Unions: Silence Them!

Failure to Communicate (4 comments)

Tent Revival! (1 comments)

Republicans Lie About "Support Our Troops' (2 comments)

Freedom From Religion

OWS Check Mates NYPD on S-17

A Crucible of Political Disenchantment: 'Dismiss Whatever Insults Your Own Soul' (1 comments)

Why I Don't Watch TV (4 comments)

Atonement: Not in Israel's Vocabulary

Veterans For Peace Meets With Ahmadinejad (9 comments)

*Rev. Dr. King versus Frightening and Deadly Hypocrisy in Obama's UN Address (3 comments)

A Salute to University of Michigan Environmental Justice Scholar Bunyan Bryant

Intimidation, Assault, false arrest, NYPD's attack on the 4th estate during the weekend of S-17 (1 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Americans Take Anti-Drone Stance Directly to Pakistan (3 comments)

Fantasy Fed Speech (2 comments)

The End of Translation and the Rise of Chinese Terminology

Iran, Israel, and Existential Threats (2 comments)

Nestle and Monsanto, hand-in-hand, will happily do us in (4 comments)

Teaching Torture (8 comments)

Homelessness: the Destruction of Lives (4 comments)

Agitate for Change (2 comments)

Fatah Israeli Collaborators

The Two Major Views About Why Romney is Losing, and Why the Second is More Convincing (15 comments)

Tuesday, September 25:

New Stanford/NYU study documents the civilian terror from Obama's drones (4 comments)

Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken " (6 comments)

Must-Seethe TV (1 comments)

Red Lines And Presidential Politics -- An Analysis

Ward Churchill, the AAUP, and Academic Freedom (1 comments)

The Power of the Mormon Church Over Mitt Romney (7 comments)

Free Speech - A Universal Concept or Only a Western Value?

Partners Across the Asia-Pacific: NATO Reinforces U.S. Shift to East

Japan Vs. China: Smoke or Fire? (1 comments)

USA To Continue Its Wars As Long As Dollar Remains Reserve Currency (7 comments)

Why the Poor Pay Far More than Romney

US Mideast Policy -- Everything Old is New Again (4 comments)

Plutocracy Ignores Purpose (1 comments)

The FRC Congressional Scorecard: From Total Kowtow to Worthless Demonspawn. How Do Our Congressmen And States Match Up? (1 comments)

Education and Democracy (3 comments)

Occupation Hell in Palestine

Welcome to Saigonistan (2 comments)

OMG: Romney's Threat and More (1 comments)

Monday, September 24:

MEK Still Isn't OK (1 comments)

How Do You Take Your Poison? (53 comments)

Congressman Critz AD Shows His Greatest Fear Is Being A Democrat (1 comments)

Willard "Mitt" Romney: A Song and A Quiz (1 comments)

Iranian Diplomat Says Iran Offered Deal to Halt 20-Percent Enrichment (2 comments)

Will 9 GOP governors put Romney in the White House? (3 comments)

In Aleppo Once: Old Allies Reunite in Syria to Foment Future War

The Progagandized Reality Gap of Illegal Immigration (2 comments)

Police and OWS -- A Personal Perspective (3 comments)

*"Common Sense Revisited"--My Word to Citizens and Government (1 comments)

America -- and Western Civilization As a Whole -- Was Founded On a Conspiracy Theory (1 comments)

The REAL "Entitlement" Programs Benefit the Rich (9 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: New Challenges Grip Lebanon's Palestinian Camps

Fifteen Issues This Election is Not About (4 comments)

Has Occupy Accomplished Anything? (24 comments)

Music's Influence on the Human Mind (1 comments)

Alexander Cockburn, a Great American (3 comments)

Military Will Defeat Any Militia Type Rebellion On US Soil According To Study (41 comments)

Straight Talk from an Unlikely Source

Piss Christ, Anyone? (1 comments)

Stealing Palestinian Resources

Privatizing Israel's Legal System

Sunday, September 23:

Five lessons from the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group (4 comments)

A Message from Romnyahu (1 comments)

Unions, Education and The Chicago Teachers Strike (1 comments)

October Surprise? (2 comments)

Craig Romney: My Dad Cheats And "That's What We Need in the White House." (1 comments)

Romney's Backers, Romney's Brain: The Money, the Thinking, the Plan

The Polish Daily News

One Year After Troy Davis, More Injustice On Death Row (2 comments)

John F Scanlon: *One possible False Flag Operation: An attack on the USS Enterprise CVN 65 (2 comments)

The Party Of Lincoln Plays The Race Card (7 comments)

By Any Other Name (3 comments)

Workers March to Demand Better Conditions from Walmart. (9 comments)

Justice for Palestinians in the US

QE Shell Game

ACLU Sues CIA Over Drone Killings (5 comments)

Saturday, September 22:

Elimination of Welfare by Democrats (1 comments)

Paul Winger: Constitutional Amendment: Stop the Corporate "Coup d'etat"! (8 comments)

Best Hope or Worst Enemy? (2 comments)

How the Mitt Romney video killed the American Dream (68 comments)

The GMO debate is over; GM crops must be immediately outlawed; Monsanto halted from threatening humanity (22 comments)

Why QE3 Won't Jumpstart the Economy -- and What Would (10 comments)

How sports can appease interrnational relations

"Lucky" Voters Can Pick Romney (1 comments)

GOP now God's Own Party (5 comments)

World Without Torture: The Responsibilities of the West (8 comments)

In Defense of Free Speech (3 comments)

Blasphemy- From Books to Cyber Mode (21 comments)

The Case for and Intimate Relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene (34 comments)

OWS/S17 -- The Untold Success Story (5 comments)

Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Long Knives Target Iran (2 comments)

Score One for Hedges v. Obama (4 comments)

Friday, September 21:

Romney Is a Corporation Masquerading As an Individual for President (5 comments)

Butt Out, Bibi (5 comments)

Why Muslims need to embrace a Politics of Moderation (1 comments)

What Mitt Romney Really Represents (16 comments)

Elizabeth Warren Wins the "Which Side Are You On?" Debate (6 comments)

*Why the Minimum Wage Shrinks (6 comments)

How to "Speak American" When You GOTV (3 comments)

Mitt Romney, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As The Worm Turns: Could Chick fil-A Be A Traitor To The Anti-Gay Marriage Industry? (1 comments)

Campaign 2012: Playing the Israel Card

Open the Debates: Demand inclusion of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson! (6 comments)

US Media War on Islam

Bailout Fraud and Unaccountability

Obama officials' spin on Benghazi attack mirrors Bin Laden raid untruths (4 comments)

Thursday, September 20:

The Video That Could Doom A Candidate (9 comments)

All Together Now (1 comments)

How to Save the GOP (1 comments)

3 Ways to Make Your Vote Count in a Money-Soaked Election

Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win (2 comments)

Court Puts Obama's Vague Indefinite Detention Power on Hold (1 comments)

Israel's Future if it Continues on its Present Course: a Worldwide Boycott, Isolation and Castigation (14 comments)

Double Down Mitt" or Just Mitt the Unfitt (16 comments)

Veteran Op-Ed writer denied prison visit for identifying herself as a journalist (6 comments)

Apartheid Never Died In South Africa. It Inspired a World Order Upheld by Force and Illusion (7 comments)

Name Changed to Dick! (1 comments)

Iran will launch its national internet next week but not for the reasons you might think

Romney's "47 Percent" Knock Won't Hurt Him with A lot of White Guys

Not a gaffe, but the real Romney (4 comments)

Iran And Sanctions - Chess Or Checkers?

No Security Without Community (2 comments)

Two US Marines Deaths Caused by British Royalist Propaganda Exercise

One-Man-Revolution Resorts to Music. Releases Woody Guthrie Remake. "This Land Ain't Your Land" (2 comments)

Attacking American Sovereign Soil Diminishes the Rights of Religion (8 comments)

Obamatrons, Romneyites, & The Escalating Descent Into Insanity (8 comments)

Hypocrisy not Democracy in America

Unconditional Surrender in Chicago (2 comments)

Obama Wins A Round in His Quest to Imprison Americans Without Trial (4 comments)

Various matters: cyberwar, last gasps, and hate speech (1 comments)

Race-Based Romney-Speak (1 comments)

Wednesday, September 19:

What might Netanyahu do when his American mob tells him Romney won't win?

Italy 1, CIA Torturers 0 (4 comments)

USS Romney goes Titanic (3 comments)

The Real Mitt Revealed (2 comments)

Fat of the Land: Empire's Empty Offer (2 comments)

Hearts and Mines (1 comments)

Did Jesus Have a Wife? If So, How Does That Change Things- Open Thread (38 comments)

The Bible, Christians And True Believers (3 comments)

The First Year Anniversary of Occupy-- and the beginning of the Toppling of Top-Down Power (25 comments)

Rocky Anderson: Rocky Anderson Writes Response to Tom Hayden (4 comments)

Time to End the Lesser of Evil Choice for President (12 comments)

The Moslem World's Rage; Justified or Misplaced?

Bill McKibben: The 350 Parts Per Million* Solution? (2 comments)

Fearing backlash on Christians in Egypt: American Coptic Church denounces the anti-Islam movie (1 comments)

Ayn Rand and Ron Paul: Will the Real Libertarian Please Stand Up? (33 comments)

Clash of Civilizations? Perhaps Not. (1 comments)

Maybe Islamic protesters have good reason to complain. (2 comments)

Starlight and Shadows

*America Put Thousands of 9/11s on Defenseless People Overseas that Remain Unavenged (5 comments)

How A Mitt In The Making Was Foiled: Fighting Romney's Beastly Bourgeois Babbity Elitism With The Wisdom Of Auntie Mame (5 comments)

On Occupy, Anarchism, & Corporatism: A Response to Don Smith (18 comments)

The Innocence of Muslims: Sam "The Imbecile" Bacile, Religious Freedom and Free Speech (10 comments)

How Mitt The Unfit Blew the Election! (6 comments)

GOP May Be Required By Law To Post Warning Label

Chicago's War on Education (2 comments)

Syria's Divided Opposition

Politicians Swear to "Never Forget" 9/11 Victims " Then Slash Healthcare for Heroic First Responders

Unlike Afghan leaders, Obama fights for power of indefinite military detention (7 comments)

Tuesday, September 18:

Republicans to 47% - You are "parasites" (13 comments)

U.S. Veterans Urge Canada to Let War Resister Stay

Religion And History (4 comments)

Ballot Access for Third Parties (5 comments)

Can We Tear Down Christian Beliefs A Little More? (10 comments)

The Continuing Power of Karl Rove (3 comments)

Veterans to Stand Firm as Afghan War Enters Year 12

Does President Obama Want to Cut Social Security by 3 Percent? (2 comments)

Will the 2012 Presidential Election Be Stolen? (2 comments)

On the Appeal of Anarchism, a Response to Don Smith's "Are Anarchists in Occupy Aiding Grover Norquist?" (17 comments)

Jerry Springer Islam (2 comments)

Respond to Right Wing Job Lies With Bottom-up Tax Cuts and Quitting Global Trade Agreements (22 comments)

GOP Tries Again to Tar Obama as Soft on Defense

A Sea Change in US-Israeli Relations? (8 comments)

The Delusional Mr. Romney (5 comments)

They Dislike Us For More Than Bad Movies (2 comments)

The Military Spending Cut Scare (2 comments)

Infinite quantitative easing (QE3) now initiated; the final chapter of America's financial blowout has begun (5 comments)

Boy Scouts Or Altar Boys? Child Abuse Cover-ups In The News Again, So What's The Difference? (3 comments)

Re: The Obama-Netanyahu "Rift:" October Surprise Anyone? (2 comments)

The Breadth and Depth of Voter Suppression Should Scare Us All (10 comments)

Is Mainstream Media Biting The Bullet For Homeland Security (5 comments)

September Surprise in Chicago

Netanyahu at It Again (1 comments)

Monday, September 17:

Morons With Movie Cameras (3 comments)

Crisis Priorities

Free Speech or Inciting to Riot? -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Chicago school teachers give us all a lesson (1 comments)

The Howling: Embassy Riots Pale Next to State Terror Tempest

Why the Mideast Exploded, Really (3 comments)

Ryan Runs Into the Truth (1 comments)

After 225 Years, It's Time to Respect Constitutional Rights of Workers

Netanyahu's Influence Peddling into the U.S. Presidential Election (6 comments)

We Won -- For Now (8 comments)

It Sucks to be You! (2 comments)

The recurrence of September 11 has unleashed a flood of comments, some more understandable and cogent than others, but

Contemplating Reparations and Punishments After We Win The Class War (49 comments)

Let's Have More Political Parties (15 comments)

Money Printing Madness (2 comments)

Wisconsin Anti-Worker Law Struck Down

Nuclear Roulette (3 comments)

Sunday, September 16:

Missive from an Outpost of Empire (1 comments)

Romney Sacked Again

All aboard the New Silk Road(s)

Inside The Strange Hollywood Scam That Spread Chaos Across The Middle East

Eric Holder, where are you? (1 comments)

The CIA's Islamist Terrorist Network (3 comments)

Developing A Flea Market Economic Philosophy: The No-Trust System and Getting People in The Streets (19 comments)

Harvey Pekar, Graphic Art and Israeli State Policy (1 comments)

Conservatives, Democrats and the convenience of denouncing free speech (7 comments)

Why Romney and Ryan are Going Down (2 comments)

Dem Convention Absence Shows John Edwards' Real Tragedy: Poverty on the Back Burner (5 comments)

Rocky Anderson: If you're not angry... (25 comments)

*Citizens United and the Balance Between Free Speech and Fair ElectionsThe United States Supreme Court issued a 5-4 rulin (1 comments)

Chicago Teachers Union Sellout

Fed Panic (2 comments)

It's Us or the Nukes (1 comments)

Saturday, September 15:

Fat Pythons And Hungry Humans: Last Week's Real Economic Story (1 comments)

No "Red Line" for Israel (3 comments)

Brother Obama, Where Art Thou? (5 comments)

Two Cheers for the Fed: At Least It's Not Obsessing About the Budget Deficit (3 comments)

Protest in Ramallah

Grass Roots Democracy (2 comments)

America and the Muslims (19 comments)

Are anarchists in Occupy aiding Grover Norquist? (63 comments)

Netanyahu-- Liar, Fraud, Cheney Mini-Me-- Trying to Influence US Presidential Election (25 comments)

Dogwhistling Past Libya

Finding the Real Self (2 comments)

Muslims or Mormons? (1 comments)

What "The' Really Means.

Get Your Future Back: P. J. Cultor's Plan for Young People to Take Over America Now (2 comments)

A Judge Who Judges

Can We Turn Hate Into Reason?

A Judge Who Actually Judges (1 comments)

Why I Want Barack Obama to Win, But Won't Vote For Him (23 comments)

Why lawyers make better Presidents (2 comments)

Capitulation in Chicago? (4 comments)

Obama v. Netanyahu (5 comments)

The New American Reality (3 comments)

Vote For the War Criminal -- It's Important! (18 comments)

Friday, September 14:

Romney Suffers From Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Romney Puts Bush Back in the White House (1 comments)

US Media Distorts Iran Nuke Dispute

US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude (3 comments)

Anti American protests in Muslim World Provoked by Egyptian born American Coptic Christian

So You Think It's Easty To Get An ID Card? Think Again

Failing the Test: Obama and Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Must Go (2 comments)

*Third Constitution of the United States--Latest Revision, September 7, 2012 (7 comments)

The Betrayal of the American Dream; Excerpt (1 comments)

The Tinderbox Speaks Again: Why Can't We Learn from Our Middle-East Debacles? (11 comments)

The Separate Security Interests of the United States and Israel (3 comments)

Welcome to Romneyland

Stop the dolphin slaughter--stay away from marine-mammal parks

Curry-Jolie: Neatly packaged warmongering duo (2 comments)

The Election-Year 'Free Market' Scam (2 comments)

Marco Rubio, "Faith," and the Coming Religious Wars (1 comments)

Not for the Faint-Hearted (2 comments)

Mitt Obamafied Photos-- Non-Verbal Facial Expressions Can't Lie (9 comments)

What to do about American Politics (8 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Searching For A Way Forward

We're Doomed (3 comments)

Rahm Emanuel's Privatize Chicago Plan (1 comments)

The tragic consulate killings in Libya and America's hierarchy of human life (10 comments)

Thursday, September 13:

We Are Already Where We Were Afraid We Would Be (7 comments)

How A Hate-Driven Anti-Muslim Film Led to the Death of Four U.S. Diplomats (4 comments)

Better off with Mitt?

The Chord From The Distant Past: From A. Griboedov To C. Stevens (7 comments)

Mr Blowback rising in Benghazi (1 comments)

Romney's Jaw-Dropping Incoherence

Great Expectations: Benghazi-Style Blowback an Integral Part of Terror War System

Mitt Romney's Psychiatric Symptoms (125 comments)

Golden Moments

The Wrong Way to Save Money on Health Care (1 comments)

Is any party truly the party of the Jewish people? (3 comments)

The Chicago teachers strike and the war on teachers

If I Led Egypt and Was Dealing With the Possible Cancellation of the USA's $1.5 Foreign Aid Grant (1 comments)

The New Ground Zero (2 comments)

The Revolution From Above (15 comments)

Blowback (19 comments)

U.S. Muslims condemn killings of American diplomats in Libya (1 comments)

Romney's Foot-in-Mouth Disease is Terminal (4 comments)

Corporate Media's War on Public Education (4 comments)

German High Court Capitulates to Bankers

When It Comes To The DoJ And Wall Street, Don't Call It "Justice"

Wednesday, September 12:

U.S. Deploys Warships, Marines To Libya (1 comments)

Today is September 12, 1984 (1 comments)

What's it All About, Bibi? (1 comments)

7 Groups the FBI and Corporations Have Classified as "Terrorists" (2 comments)

Funding Teachers Doesn't Get Embassies Attacked (3 comments)

iPhone Fingerprint iNsecurity

Democrats Pander to Israel Lobby (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The Pope and the Palestinians

Canada preps for war with Iran (8 comments)

Occupy at Two: Moving Forward (3 comments)

Islamophobia And Free Speech: Are Jones-Fueled Riots At Two Embassies Justified? (3 comments)

*Occupy the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches (1 comments)

Romney Demonstrates Frightening Diplomatic Incompetence In Face of Libya/Egypt Embassy Violence (25 comments)

The Environmental Antiwar Movement

Chicago: America's Epicenter of Resistance (1 comments)

It's the Occupation, Stupid

Tuesday, September 11:

Moody's in a Mood

Why Bush, Cheney and the Neocons Failed to Protect America from al-Qaeda's Vicious Attacks (17 comments)

NYT: White House Didn't Stop 9/11 Because It Thought "Bin Laden Was Merely Pretending To Be Planning An Attack" (3 comments)

Eleven Years Later

Democracy Takes A Hit -- An Analysis (1 comments)

The Worst Teacher in Chicago (24 comments)

The Truth about 9/11 Isn't Black or White - It's Time our Media Reflected This (4 comments)

The Neocons and 9/11 (1 comments)

911-- They Won (61 comments)

Recycling Wood Allen (1 comments)

Iraq War Redux Is Pure Insanity (2 comments)

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 (22 comments)

Chicago Teachers v. Rahm Emanuel (4 comments)

State Terror: Official Israeli Policy

Monday, September 10:

The Real Reason For The Afghan War? (14 comments)

Romney's Audacious Corporate Raid (2 comments)

Union Solidarity Forever? (1 comments)

The US is Broke -- Not! (35 comments)

The Method to the Post 9/11 Madness (6 comments)

The Biggest Economic Challenge of Obama's Second Term (1 comments)

Forget Iran, It's Israel's Nuclear Gun Pointed at Obama's Head (5 comments)

The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy? (3 comments)

The Presidential Debates, Why 3rd Party Candidates Can't Get In (4 comments)

Don't Throw Acid on Islam's Face

The Great Deregulator (3 comments)

Growth Is the Problem (3 comments)

Obama Has a Bounce. So what? (48 comments)

You Don't Know What Happened On 9/11/01 (8 comments)

Stand up to Cancer or Bow Down to Industry? (2 comments)

Canada-Iran: Canada's diplomatic disaster (2 comments)

Civilian (2 comments)

"We" Don't Owe $16 Trillion; and You Don't Owe $50,000 (14 comments)

God Hates Liberals: Anthropomorphizing The Creator To Win Elections (3 comments)

Political Stability in Italy -- A contradiction in terms?

Charles M. Young: Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places (1 comments)

Applying for a Job in 2015

Grade Inflation; Education Degradation (2 comments)

Obama v. Romney on Issues Mattering Most (1 comments)

Living Under Israeli State Terror

America's refusal to extradite Bolivia's ex-president to face genocide charges (1 comments)

Sunday, September 9:

Both CNN and Glenn Beck's "News" Site, Smear Former FL Gov. Charlie Crist as "Turncoat" (2 comments)

Cap'n Mitt and the Pirates of Cracker Bay

Obama vs. Romney: The Popularity Contest (2 comments)

The Hypocrisy of the Democrats (3 comments)

Chick-fil-A, the Party of Hate, and the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination (2 comments)

Don't Take My Vote For Granted (32 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Sure Obama caved again on Palestine but will he benefit?

Real Unemployment at 23% - Dampening the Excitement (29 comments)

Canada: Selling Its Soul to America (4 comments)

Legitimizing Illegal Spying (1 comments)

Is Palestine a Lost Cause? (3 comments)

Saturday, September 8:

the Democratic Party is a Big Fraud (2 comments)

A Test for the Right's Machine (1 comments)

Spinning Bad Financial News Into Good (11 comments)

Assange case: Sweden's shame in violating human rights (6 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Peggy Noonan's Only Problem with Rush's Attack on Fluke: He Should Have Called Her Different Names (5 comments)

Future- In-The -- Past. Praise Hitler, Y2012 (22 comments)

America's Dismal August Jobs Report

Debunking debunking (2 comments)

Obama and Romney: The Hearts and Souls of two Centrists (1 comments)

*Vote Absentee and Forget About ID (1 comments)

Libertarian World Economic Forum Tracks the Dive of the Libertarian US Economy -- And a New Successful Societies Scale (2 comments)

The Unspoken Reason For the Rise and Fall 0f America (11 comments)

How Nonprofits Inadvertently Provide Cover for Political Donor Laundering (1 comments)

Thoughts on Anti-Corporatist-Duopoly Ways to Approach the 2012 Election (62 comments)

NancyT: Oped: Soundtrack for Social Change (1 comments)

Bogus Iranian Nuclear Threat (2 comments)

Irrational Draghi Exuberance (3 comments)

Friday, September 7:

Party Poopery, with Confetti (7 comments)

Are We Entering A New Era of Human Consciousness -- Or Will We Remain In The Same Negative Paradigm? The Choice is Ours. (4 comments)

The Night An Unscripted Moment of Democracy Surprised the Democrats (5 comments)

Romney's Wrong Economic Answers (5 comments)

Silence is Golden: What Democrats Aren't Saying in Charlotte

The Jobs Report and the Election (1 comments)

Defending the Indefensible

How Do You Ask a Thing to Be the Last Mistake in a John Kerry Speech? (1 comments)

Wayward Democrats Pose Danger to President Obama (1 comments)

Obama Ruling Shields Torturers (15 comments)

The Message From Both Parties Is That Americans Are Disposable (30 comments)

The Obama Administration and the Cover-up of CIA Torture

Mark Kastel - The Cornucopia Institute: OP-ED: Brouhaha over Organic Food Health Claims - Providing Balance (3 comments)

Enough Already: Overcoming Crisis Mentality and Us verses Them Thinking (5 comments)

Nuclear Experimentation: Year 67. (1 comments)

Unemployment, Homelessness, and Debt: the Plight of the Young (2 comments)

American Muslims remain in the dock 11 years after 9/11

What a Navy Seal's Testimony Says About the Maturity of American Justice (3 comments)

Not All Republicans are Islamophobes But All Islamophobes are Republicans (1 comments)

How even the Paralympics is no time to sit-out on the Iran bashing

Saving Medicare: A bipartisan compromise

President Romney" -- How to Prevent Those Two Words From Ever Being Spoken (16 comments)

Obama vs Romney: The Popularity Contest

Democrats Throw Palestinians Under the Bus (5 comments)

Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election (1 comments)

Thursday, September 6:

Saving Obama, Saving Ourselves (1 comments)

The Myth That Japan Is Broke: The World's Largest "Debtor" Is Now the World's Largest Creditor (5 comments)

And Now -- the President!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (6 comments)

Will the GOP steal America's 2012 election? (5 comments)

Bill Clinton Forms Barack Obama's More Perfect Union (4 comments)

NATO: It's Lost its Meaning, Sense of Purpose; Will it Survive? (1 comments)

Editorial: Family Research Council Attacks on SPLC Dishonest (3 comments)

Why I'm a Democrat . . . (7 comments)

Will AB 2530 Unshackle Childbirth in California? --An interview with Tina Reynolds and Vikki Law (1 comments)

Revolt of the Rich: Have Our Financial Elites Already Seceded from America? (8 comments)

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Fars News Agency Interviews Lendman

Make my day, Mitt (1 comments)

Romney's Success at Bain Capital: The Business as Scam Model

Wednesday, September 5:

Video: A Real Democrat Gives One of the Best, Most Kick-A** Political Speeches I've Ever Seen! (1 comments)

Obama Campaign Brags About its Whistleblower Persecutions (14 comments)

Back to the Future with the GOP (1 comments)

For Hayward, BP Stands For "Back In Play" (1 comments)

The Most Important Political News This Week

Rogue Mormons Turn Chauvinistic Exceptionalists (14 comments)

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America's Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (3 comments)

*HR 4133 - Commitment to support a "Jewish" State? (3 comments)

The Shark and the Warthog, a Fable

The Sheer Hypocrisy of Our Diplomacy vis-a-vis the Actions We Take in Reality

How Do We Get People Into the Streets? (9 comments)

The Actual Emphasis of Clint Eastwood's Alleged Rant or What should happen at the Democratic National Convention (1 comments)

Three More Denied Entry to Jeju Island

Searching for the 100th Monkey (8 comments)

Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat (9 comments)

Netanyahu: The Mouth that Roars

Tuesday, September 4:

The Liberal Way to Run the World -- "Improve" or We'll Kill You (2 comments)

Israel Says: Rachel Made Me Do It -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Keeping Them Honest (1 comments)

And Now, the Democratic "Snoozathon" in Charlotte (1 comments)

Election Countdown

Organizing Against War Within a War Party (1 comments)

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Risky Business

Celebrate Labor Day by Voting Democratic! (2 comments)

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U.S. casualties in Afghanistan August 2012: A closer look (4 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Is the Syrian Crisis Being Leveraged to Weaken Hezbollah? (1 comments)

Picture This: The Church Of Obama-Hate Is Alive! ...And Well ... And Out For Blood! (3 comments)

Trans Pacific Partnership: The Siren Scream to Patriots! (5 comments)

Does p*ssy Riot News Story Have Hidden Agenda? (3 comments)

All roads lead to Tehran: 16th Non-Aligned Movement summit ends Iran's isolation

Pakistan rules out handing over Dr Shakeel Afridi to US

Sucking Up Shamelessly to Israel (3 comments)

This Land Is Their Land (2 comments)

Monday, September 3:

No Accountability for Torturers (8 comments)

Labor Day Without Jobs: Exposing the "Job Creator" Fraud (6 comments)

Labor Day: Team America, Including Workers, Built That

Paul Ryan's Labor Day Promise to American Workers: Candy and a Sports Schedule (2 comments)

Shunning Evil: Tutu Sets Example in Call for Blair and Bush Indictments (7 comments)

Canada proves the decline of unions is not inevitable (1 comments)

Romney's New Global-Warming "Joke" (3 comments)

Life Is Sacred (21 comments)

*USA, Inc.? Voter, Forbid! (1 comments)

What Is The Meaning Of Labor Day?

Writing Down Rants

Let's Have Another War (1 comments)

Bona Fide Eurozone Crisis

Could a state for Greater Kurdistan be on the horizon? (1 comments)

Sunday, September 2:

Defyin' the Ever-lovin' Lyin' Blitz (1 comments)

*Burma must end Kachin war to show sympathy for refugees

Sharia! Coming Soon to a Town Near You! (11 comments)

*Romney: 'Audacity of Hope' (1 comments)

Mitt Romney -- the Accidental and Reluctant Candidate (6 comments)

Each 'Key Finding" of the Freeh Report is A Misleading Deception (28 comments)

IAEA Report Shows Iran Reduced Its Breakout Capacity (1 comments)

Don't Count Out the Labor Movement (4 comments)

A Thief Lurks in the Shadows: Stealth of the Trans Pacific Partnership (5 comments)

The Theocon War on MAINSTREAM Women -- Or, Don't Tread On the Female Majority (1 comments)

'You' 2012!! (1 comments)

Sadly, It Seems Like Everything Has Become Political. Right-wing hate speech can ruin friendships. (13 comments)

12 Steps to Overcoming Addiction to Voting for the "Lesser of 2 Evils" (40 comments)

The Slings and Arrows of Obnoxious Fabrications (1 comments)

Election 2012 and the media: a vast rightwing conspiracy of stupid (8 comments)

Rape is Rape and Stupid is the Republican Agenda (2 comments)

Empire's Last Gasp: A two-act scenario

Why Clint's Speech Tells Us That the GOP Chastity/Anti-abortion Platform Is a Great Big Scam (2 comments)

NAM Leaders Support Iran (1 comments)

Israel Uses Palestinians for Target Practice

Why You're a Lot Poorer Than You Thought You Were (1 comments)

Saturday, September 1:

Totalitarianism in the US: An Accident Waiting to Happen (16 comments)

Afghanistan: The Final Curtain Call for NATO?

Romney's Reference to the Mormon Church Employee Retirement Fund and Bain Capital. (1 comments)

The Big Lie--History Repeating Itself (1 comments)

Try something novel when all else fails (5 comments)

Ralph Reed: From Purgatory to Power (1 comments)

Clint Eastwood: Don't Quit Your Day Job (5 comments)

How Republicans Live with Themselves: Devolution and Decadence (9 comments)

Beating up on the minority delegates (3 comments)

*Asking Jimmy Carter to Help End the Deadly Occupation of Poor Afghanistan (1 comments)

Searching for Buzzwords to Describe Republicans; Revisiting 2004-- (3 comments)

It's Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is That it's Not Rampant (2 comments)

US Justice Department Closes CIA Probe with No Charges in Torture, Murder of Detainees

Romney/Ryanism in Tampa

Netanyahu in New York (2 comments)

A Republican Dance of Treason? (33 comments)


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