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September 2012

Sunday, September 30:

Former Collaborator of ACORN "Pimp" Lays Bare Plot Aimed at Obama Pastor (4 comments)

Supreme Court Faces Crucial Cases in New Session

US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000 after confused firefight | World news | (1 comments)

Is Iran Telling Us Something We Don't Want To Hear? (3 comments)

Republican Jewish Coalition Gives iPads To Woo 'Volunteers'

Jimmy Hoffa: no visible sign of remains, but forensics lab to weigh in, By Mark Guarino

More suspicious voter forms found in Florida

Saturday, September 29:

Tortured Law in Texas (1 comments)

Mysterious Bayou Sinkhole Continues to Cave In: Radiation, Hydrocarbons Detected (15 comments)

Kofi Annan: Tony Blair could ultimately have stopped Iraq war

Obama, Romney place dueling calls to Israel's Netanyahu (1 comments)

Debt Swallows Everything in Spain

Friday, September 28:

Sumatran earthquakes in April were part of tectonic plate breakup

Homeless children in shelters on the rise in NYC but many are turned away (1 comments)

Service Members Sue Defense Secretary Over Alleged Military Rapes (1 comments)

Hundreds of Thousands of Greek Citizens Participate in General Strike (2 comments)

New Yorkers fight back against NYPD fascism with a rally for The Community Safety Act (2 comments)

The Geography of Nope - Timothy Egan (1 comments)

MEK, Iran Exile Group, Removed From U.S. Terror List (1 comments)

Is Your Child Mentally Ill? Yes, According to Big Pharma Funded Doctors (8 comments)

Sweden should issue assurance it won't extradite Assange to USA

Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion to Settle Suit Over Merrill Deal (1 comments)

LIBOR Lending Rate Gets Overhaul -- Banks' 'Self-Regulation' Casualty Of New Regulations (1 comments)

Supreme Court To Revisit Corporate Liability For Human Rights Violations (1 comments)

Pollsters think Obama is ahead because that's what voters are telling them

Netanyahu: Iran Almost Capable Of Building A Cartoon Bomb (1 comments)

Netanyahu's "red line" mocked on Twitter (1 comments)

Romney's Plan to Win Virginia: Lyme Disease

Israel and Iran; The Entebbe Option (1 comments)

9/11 official story doubts becoming more mainstream (4 comments)

Blasphemy or democracy? Egypt cleric tears up, burns New Testament at US Embassy, By Ayman Mohyeldin

Endorsed by the CForward PAC, How Progressive Are the Nonprofit Eight? (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Park Curfew Violated Rights of Occupy Chicago Protesters Arrested Last October

US News & World Report: Can Public Banking Finance the New Economy?

Thursday, September 27:

100 Million to Die by 2030 If World Fails to Act on Climate

Bob Fitrakis: Vote counting company tied to Romney (8 comments)

Bradley Manning lawyer alleges slow trial is "an absolute mockery" of rights

Torture in Texas (1 comments)

868,000 New Jobs -- Obama is in the Green on Job Creation

U.S. Officials Opening Up on Cyberwarfare (1 comments)

The Last Battle: Efforts to provide mental health care for war veterans falling short

US general charged with adultery, other sex crimes

US calls Assange "enemy of state"

Transcript of Julian Assange Address to UN General Assembly-- Wikileaks (2 comments)

Rebecca Solnit: We Could Be Heroes (3 comments)

Nontaxpayers are Overwhelmingly the Elderly and Students, by Mark Thoma

Democrats Try To Defeat Biggest Tea Party Stars

The Meticulous Political Dance of a Manic Media (10 comments)

*2012 Presidential Race Decided Upon Swing Vote States

N.F.L. Reaches Labor Deal With Referees

Wednesday, September 26:

"We're Here to Defend Your Vote"

Julian Assange Addresses UN General Assembly (video) (5 comments)

US calls Assange 'enemy of state' (1 comments)

Working dog reunites with handler during bedside hospital visit

Anti-cuts protests erupt on streets of Athens and Madrid (3 comments)

Legendary crooner Andy Williams dies at 84

Police Harassment leads to injury: NYPD abuse victim arrested while in hospital for treatment (2 comments)

DARPA Continues Human Experiments to Create Military Super Soldiers (1 comments)

UC Davis Settles Pepper Spray Lawsuit with Personal Apology From Katehi... and $1,000,000. (3 comments)

America: A Corporate Police State? (8 comments)

Indignados ignite!

Activist Post: The Sovereign Man is the Real Prisoner (2 comments)

Large-scale fraud in US court records is linked to failing banking regulation, detailed in a paper, peer-reviewed and pu (3 comments)

New sex assault directive calls for review of basic training procedures

One Third Of Athens Businesses Shuttered

Tuesday, September 25:

Obama and FEMA Create Civilian Army Trained in Domestic Preparedness

Strange Senate Race (1 comments)

Activist Post: Homeland Security is Working for Monsanto

Washington Post polls: Obama lead in Ohio, edge in Fla. hamper Romney path to victory

Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal

Sherwood Ross: Ryan Begged For Obamacare Bucks for Kenosha

Jordan on the brink: Muslim Brothers mobilize for King Abdullah's overthrow

Lehman to pay creditors another $10.5 billion

Dan Froomkin: National Voter Registration Day: The Time To Register Is Now

Two Romneys, by Jill Lapore at The New Yorker Magazine Online (1 comments)

South African armed forces protect multinational mining interests (2 comments)

Andrew Bacevich: Even Dumb Ideas Have Consequences (1 comments)

Fighting to keep recently won Zadroga Act Funds: How could America forget so soon their sacrifice

Monday, September 24:

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law In Jeopardy As Next Court Case Opens

Jewish Democrats warn Netanyahu to stay out of US presidential election (6 comments)

Ecuador proposes Assange compromise

Among some Paul Ryan backers, disappointment at Romney campaign trajectory

David Ignatius: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Israeli threats, nuclear program and Syria

Paul Craig Roberts Interview Transcript (4 comments)

Egyptian Leader Mohamed Morsi Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties

Study: ID laws could deter millions

Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan (1 comments)

Large-scale fraud in the courts of the State of Israel, peer-reviewed by international computing experts

State court ruling deals blow to U.S. bank mortgage system

The US is still Executing Teens and Locking Kids Up for Life (3 comments)

Sunday, September 23:

Voter ID law is Republican agenda masquerading as crime-fighting legislation

Anti-Islam film: US condemns Pakistan minister's bounty

CEO Files FOIA To Determine Role USDA Played In Beef Industry Group

Democrats use 47 percent comments to dog Romney in Ohio (1 comments)

Romney pulls in big bucks in southern California

When Is A Terrorist No Longer a Terrorist? (2 comments)

Bank of America to lay off 16,000 workers

Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education, By Les Leopold

Saturday, September 22:

Take a Look at What Paul Ryan Did to His Own Congressional District, and Be Very Scared for Your Country (1 comments)

Philosophy of Public Lying (1 comments)

Voter ID Laws Take Aim At College-Student Voters

Student Loans: Debt for Life (3 comments)

NYSE Pays a Paltry $5 million Fine for Giving Private Customers a Trading Head Start

Harry Reid Claims Romney "Manipulated' His Returns To Show He Paid Taxes

Friday, September 21:

Unproductive and unloved, Congress heads home

Ex-VP Dick Cheney says US should fight back against protests in Islamic world (2 comments)

Did Romney Don Brownface for appearance on Spanish-language Univision? (1 comments)

Army colonel threatens to sue top general for "concealing truth about Islam" (3 comments)

Iran and Israel face off at IAEA meeting

Probe: 6 women paid by Secret Service for sex in Colombia

Koch Brothers Cashing In 220,000 Acres of Tar Sands Holdings

U.S. to remove MEK Iranian group from terror list, officials say (1 comments)

President Hassan Shikh Mohamud pledged a "new Era" for Somalia

Final "Surge" Troops Leave Afghanistan

Every State Taxes Its 1 Percent At A Lower Rate Than Low-Income Households (3 comments)

GOP retreat on taxes likely if Obama wins

Chick-fil-A releases internal document, says donations "mischaracterized' as doubts grow

Will Pennsylvania Execute a Man Who Killed His Abusers? by Liliana Segura

Greece: Access to Food and Health Care Is More and More Difficult

The radical right-wing roots of Occupy Wall Street (8 comments)

3 Mile Island nuclear plant shuts down unexpectedly, releases radiation in steam (1 comments)

Thursday, September 20:

Quebec Student Protests Succeed-- Tuition Rates Rolled Back

Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Defends Romney, Says 'Lazy' People Also Shouldn't Vote

The Cornucopia Institute: Stonyfield Chairman Throws Weight/Commitment behind Proposition 37 in California (1 comments)

Mother Jones- GOP to Jobless Vets: Drop Dead

Developing Community Resilience in Tough Times (11 comments)

The Panic of 2007 and Blind Faith in Fatally Flawed AAA Ratings (1 comments)

Pawlenty Quits Romney Campaign for "Sexy" K Street Gig

Feds Break Own Rules To Buy Chinese Solar Panels For Gov't Offices

World Bank sees Palestinian fiscal crisis worsening

Veteran benefits bill heads to vote as Democrats plead for end to GOP blocks

Shock findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early (5 comments)

Lewis Lapham: The Rule of Money (2 comments)

It's Official the US is a Police State (5 comments)

ACLU takes CIA to court as agency denies existence of drone program

Wednesday, September 19:

None of Trayvon Martin's DNA found on George Zimmerman's gun, test results show

Keeping Obama Off Vermont Ballot? (1 comments)

Jimmy Carter's Grandson on Role in Leaked Mitt Video: "Poetic Justice'

Ben Stein: Hillary Clinton should resign

Romney Defends Blunt Comments Captured on Video

Tough tactics leave Emanuel bruised in fight with Chicago teachers

AIPAC thanks Obama for 'steadfast' support of Israel

FBI arrives in Libya to probe deaths of four Americans

Mitt Romney: "Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace"

Between Iran and a Hambone

Greece: Unemployment Climbs Steadily; So Do Prices (3 comments)

Open Letter to President Suzanne Bennett Johnson, American Psychological Association (1 comments)

Charles M. Young: The Birthday of Occupy: Reflections on New York's Fattest (3 comments)

Tuesday, September 18:

Nuclear Power on the Line in Vermont?

Egypt orders arrest of US-based Copts over film

Romney video: Palestinians not interested in peace

Obama chides Romney for writing off big part of America

Chicago teachers vote to return to classroom after 7-day strike; classes to resume Wednesday

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Demands Review Of Voter ID Restrictions

U.S. Warns Judge's Ruling Impedes Its Detention Powers

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Sent Back

American Politics Go Deeper Than Politics (2 comments)

U.S. judge dismisses rapist's bid to halt case over Yokosuka assault

Doctor Tells How To Get Off Dangerous Psychiatric Drugs in New Book (4 comments)

Jen Marlowe: The "Secret" Revolution That Could Set the Middle East Aflame

Monday, September 17:

David Corn: SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

Iran warns of IAEA 'terrorist infiltration'

Panetta: Curbing suicides is a top goal

German to Ban US Pastor Terry Jones From Entering Country

Obama hits China with trade complaint on autos

'Social Voting' Really Does Rock the Vote

Rebecca Solnit: Success is for the Stubborn

CIA Stressed Imminent 9/11 Attack Beginning In May 2001 (7 comments)

Saki Knafo: Occupy Wall Street: What Happened? (2 comments)

*Colorado PBS Runs 9/11 Film Sponsored by 9/11 Families: Experts Reject Official Story, Present Evidence of Demolition (2 comments)

Sunday, September 16:

Chicago mayor will sue to end teacher strike

Iran issues ominous warning against Israel attack (1 comments)

NY police arrest 51 OWS protesters ahead of movement's 1st anniversary

Karzai condemns killing of civilians

Occupy/Black Bloc Tactics Debated (1 comments)

Chicago Teachers Union Extends Strike

In Poll, Obama Opens Medicare Edge Over Romney

Embassy attack, protests: Are they really about a movie? (9 comments)

Iran on brink of nuclear bomb in six-seven months: Netanyahu (2 comments)

Doctors, others billing Medicare at higher rates

3rd Afghan inside attack kills 4 US troops

Occupy Wall Street returns for one-year anniversary as NYPD report arrests

Bill Clinton Rides Again but This Time He Keeps His Pants On (5 comments)

Woman to lead Air Force training after sex scandal

Megaupload Wins Fight in New Zealand Court to Pay Its Bills, By Jeremy Kirk

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US Ambassador in Libya

Greece: Neo-Fascist Rampage Protected By Police; Strikes Gather Momentum (1 comments)

Saturday, September 15:

Romney hits Obama on looming "fiscal cliff"

Assange gets an Aboriginal passport (1 comments)

Rick Santorum: 'Smart People' Will Never Be On The Conservative Side (1 comments)

Judge throws out Walker's union bargaining law (1 comments)

Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants Covered Up

Tax-Deductible Spin: How Super PACs and churches have more in common than you think (2 comments)

Laptops For Soldiers Program Still In Need Of Computers (1 comments)

Libya Is In Play (1 comments)

Greece demands billions for German war crimes: Relations between EU partners plunge to a new low

A Harvard MBA's radical quest to erase his debt, By John A. Byrne

Friday, September 14:

Paul Ryan tosses red meat to eager conservative crowd

US election system criticised over finance rules and voting restrictions

Facing criticism, Netanyahu denies interfering in U.S. vote

Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks (2 comments)

Kansas Considers Removing The President From Ballot After Birther Challenge

Utah's Rocky Anderson Runs For President Criticizing Two Party System (1 comments)

China calls Romney's accusations as "false as they are foolish"

Greece: EU President Calls for "Federation of Nation-States": Is Greece the Example? (1 comments)

The Cornucopia Institute: Iconic Organic Industry Giants Missing in Action (1 comments)

Thursday, September 13:

House passes stopgap funding bill to keep government open until after election

No protest before Benghazi attack, wounded Libyan guard says

Government Wants To Stop Suicide Without Stopping Suicide-Linked Drugs (1 comments)

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers | Threat Level |

Jimmy Carter: Citizens United, "Financial Corruption" Threaten Democracy (4 comments)

China's Shadow Banks Are Collapsing

What's in a Seed? (5 comments)

NEA President Van Roekel Statement on Chicago Strike (1 comments)

Romney: "Can't imagine saying no' to Netanyahu meeting

Rich-Poor Gap Widens to Most Since 1967 as Income Falls

Tom Engelhardt: Washington Invested in War

Anti Muslim Hate Video Goes Hyper Viral in 24 Hours (18 comments)

MapElection: A "video game" that lets you "play with matches" (3 comments)

AP: California man confirms role in anti-Islam film

Embassy Attack in Libya: US Probing Whether it Was Pre-planned

Wednesday, September 12:

Obama's Unconstitutional NDAA 'Detained Indefinitely' by Federal Judge (7 comments)

Israel Interferes In US Politics: More Hostility To Obama On Iran (1 comments)

Netanyahu trying to overthrow Obama: Israeli opposition leader (1 comments)

Glenn Beck Returning To TV With Dish Network Deal (1 comments)

US debt collectors cash in on $1 trillion in student loans

Jill Stein Polling at 2% in CNN poll

"Non-Citizen" CO Voters Not Actually Non-Citizens; "Dead" TX Voters Not Actually Dead

Japan's Finance Minister Commits Suicide on Suicide Prevention Day

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev says punk rock band should be freed (2 comments)

Conservatives hammer Romney for skimping on policy details

Why We Should Support The Chicago Teacher's Strike

Gas Prices Hit $8 In NJ, PA. In Lukoil Protest

Meet the TPP: A Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions (2 comments)

Muhammad Film Triggers Violent Protests in Cairo and Benghazi

German High Court OKs Permanent Bailout Fund with Reservations

Germany Wants Greece in the Eurozone: Why Kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg? (4 comments)

Canada: Class Action Lawsuit Against Church, State And Big Pharma Is Given Green Light, by Gillian (3 comments)

Homeland Security Envisions Being Able To Detect Crime Before It Happens (14 comments)

The Cornucopia Institute: Bush Era Organic Scandal Ends in $7.5 Million Settlement

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Is Killed

Tuesday, September 11:

In unusual snub, Obama to avoid meeting with Netanyahu (3 comments)

In anti-U.S. protests, Egyptians burn embassy's flag, Libyans set fire to consulate

3 Ways the GOP Has Already Disenfranchised Thousands of Swing-State Voters

Southern whites troubled by Romney's wealth, religion

Chicago mayor and union spar on second day of teachers strike

Nation marks 9/11 anniversary with somber ceremonies

Bold Civil Disobedience Actions Blockade Entrance to Site of TPP Negotiations in VA (2 comments)

Survivor of US Military Rape in Japan Allowed to Pursue Perpetrator in US Courts (3 comments)

Peter Van Buren: Our 9/11 Torturers (2 comments)

Student Loans: Debt for Life, By Peter Coy

The Economic Religion of Finance Capitalism

What Did President Obama Say to the Nonprofit Sector on Thursday Night? (6 comments)

Monday, September 10:

We are at war

Taser Death Autopsy Overdue

Dan Froomkin: Minority Voters To Be Intimidated

U.S. Completes Formal Handover Of Bagram Prison To Afghans

Anniversary of 9/11 marked under cloud of health problems, funding fights

'60 Minutes' Interview: Former Navy SEAL Who Participated In Bin Laden Raid Offers Details About Operation (VIDEO) (2 comments)

Afghan Taliban threaten to kidnap and kill Prince Harry

War-Weary US is Numbed to Drumbeat of Troop Deaths (1 comments)

Food banks run short as feds give out less

Congress to Face Angry Farmers

Union: Chicago teachers to go on strike

Statement Opposes Obama's Repressive Assault (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: *NATO Expansion Held Threat To World Peace

Activist Elders Challenge Candidates & Voters to New Vision of America; National Council of Elders to Release Greensboro

Jeremiah Goulka: Confessions of a Former Republican

Greece: The Troika Demands the Dismantling of Greece's Labor Law

New Pennsylvania Voter ID Ad compares love of country with possession of Photo ID (7 comments)

Obama's Bush-Era Incoherence on Constitutionality of NDAA (15 comments)

Sunday, September 9:

Wave of attacks kills at least 64 in Iraq

US Export-Import Bank backs $2 billion loan for UAE nuclear plant

Race for Vermont Governor Could be Three-Way (3 comments)

Romney says he won't cut taxes on rich, will keep some of Obamacare provisions

Not acting on nuclear Iran is Obama's "biggest failure," Romney says

Obama hits Romney with new Medicare study (1 comments)

Clinton Tells Russia Sanctions Will End, but Congress May Disagree

Saturday, September 8:

Tornado touches down in Queens and Brooklyn

Critics Slam Obama Deployment of U.S. Troops to Guatemala for Drug War

Ex-prosecutor claims O.J. Simpson attorney tampered with glove (1 comments)

Honolulu Residents Mark Verdict in Palestinian Protest Case

Friday, September 7:

Police State? There's An App For That! (1 comments)

Tremendous CES Tenants' Rights Victory!!! Governor Jerry Brown Signs Rent Online Bill!

BREAKING: Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down, Allows Local Officials To Set Early Voting Hours

Unhappy Anniversary: Republicans Have Blocked The American Jobs Act For One Year

US puts Haqqanis on terrorists list, no impact on Pakistan

Eastwood Says His Convention Appearance Was "Mission Accomplished' (2 comments)

Democrats play the blame game on Israel platform flap

Prince Harry In Afghanistan Flying Apache Copters

More than 50 million face hunger in the US

Beyond Monsanto: Rekindling a Healthy Earth in the Face of Corporate Farming (4 comments)

Bill Clinton's Prepared Speech at #DNC2012

Transcript of Barack Obama 2012 Acceptance Speech

Obama Makes Case for 2nd Term: "Harder' Path to "Better Place'

Thursday, September 6:

How Genetically Modified Corn Is Creating Super Worms

Worries intensify over Syrian chemical weapons

Dan Froomkin: More Information On Government Surveillance Of Americans Needed, Group Says

Central Bank to Snap Up Debt, Saying, "Euro Is Irreversible"

Still in search of the American dream (3 comments)

Romney Goes to Vermont

Netanyahu Cancels Security Meeting After Leak

California Slaughterhouse Reopens. No Risk to Consumers Found--Just Animals. (1 comments)

Protesters hinder work on pipeline

Libyan Alleges Waterboarding by C.I.A., Report Says

Pentagon lists 66 countries as eligible to buy US drones

John Feffer: The Dumbing Down of American Foreign Policy

U.S. Returns Seized Domains to Streaming Links Site (After 18 Months)

Greece: Out-And-Out War Against Wage Earners

Brigham Young's GG-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

Wednesday, September 5:

MORGAN STANLEY: "The Global Economy Is Sinking Ever Deeper Into The Twilight Zone"

Woodward book chronicles Obama's fiscal policy battle with congressional Republicans

Flawed organic foods study really just a media psyop to confuse the public about organics while pushing GMOs (4 comments)

U.S. lays out examples of "gross negligence" by BP

GOP Platform Declares Medicaid Unconstitutional

Iran Supplying Syrian Military via Iraq Airspace

DNA's "Junk' Now Seen as Lever Controlling Health

Panama Red Gets Fed up with the Fed (1 comments)

Many Financial Advisors are not Telling Clients the Advantages of Waiting to 70 to Collect Social Security (1 comments)

Hurrah! We Did It! Protests, Petitions, Articles, Letters Got NBC to Cancel Deplorable War is a Game Show (8 comments)

#DNC2012 Favorite Quotations (14 comments)

Foolproof way to defeat romney! (6 comments)

The Montpelier Manifesto

Sustainable Transportation gains momentum at Rio+20

Greece: Jobless Rate Could Reach 29% Next Year

Associated Press: Why does Social Security need 174,000 bullets? (5 comments)

Tuesday, September 4:

Progressive Runs to Lose, to Help Democrats

Ohio Secretary of State Refuses To Comply With Early Voting Court Order

MLK sighting? No, it's Rev. Dr. William Barber, on fire with political zeal! (video) (1 comments)

U.S. nears deal for $1 billion in Egypt debt relief: source

Money and People Leave Spain as Economic Gloom Deepens

June Foodstamp Recipients Hit All Time High As Three Times As Many Americans Enter Poverty As Find Jobs

Mass Murders: Domestic and Foreign (1 comments)

And it's 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Who are we Voting For?

Nick Turse: The Pentagon's Bases of Confusion (1 comments)

News Media Blind Again to GOP Racism

Greece: Decades of Social Progress Reversed (2 comments)

'We'll make a killing out of the food crisis...'

Monday, September 3:

The Fed Audit - Newsroom: Bernie Sanders - U.S. Senator for Vermont

CIA chief Petraeus pays surprise visit to Turkey

Euro zone factories faltering as core crumbles

Eastwood Gets Unemployment Wrong (1 comments)

Iran came with guns loaded

Nuclear Experimentation Killed Free Power (1 comments)

U.S. Is Weighing New Curbs on Iran in Nod to Israel

U.S. Companies Conduct Fire Drills in Case Greece Exits Euro

Sunday, September 2:

Farzana, "2 Million Friends' and a Ceasefire in Afghanistan

U.S. Reduces Participation in Drill with Israel

'Unrevealed Secrets' About UFOs To Be Described By Ex-Military During Lecture

Struggling Spanish Consumers Now Face A Crippling Tax Hike

Greece: City Workers Clash With Police; Calls for a General Strike (1 comments)

Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who founded Unification Church, dies at age 92 (1 comments)

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Campaign 2012: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing. (4 comments)

Saturday, September 1:

Lawsuit charges that Nazi gold funded Vatican ratlines

Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms

US "downsizes" missile exercise with Israel

America's most hated industries

League of Women Voters of Utah

China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency -- Now the Americans will find a reason to go to war against China !

America Is a Tribe - Not a Business (3 comments)

Russians Rushing to Arctic Drill Sites


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