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August 2012

Friday, August 31:

Labor Day 2012 and the Election of 2012: It's Inequality, Stupid (5 comments)

Master of Mischief

Bloc Party: Pantomime and Power in the Imperial System (4 comments)

Romney World's Freedom from Fact

Mitt Romney: His Party Is the Problem

Are Republicans 'Crazy?' Not If You Follow the Money (2 comments)

The Real Convention Is on the Yacht, "Cracker Bay"

Portland is Like Algebra (1 comments)

A Man Running for the Senate who "will accept no money for his campaign" (1 comments)

A Potpourri of Lies, Innuendo, Racism and of course, Mitt and Paul! (1 comments)

How Republicans Live with Themselves: The Entitlement of Hypocrisy (3 comments)

George Romney for President (1 comments)

My Mother Night, Night

Romney Campaign's Rove Strategy With Eastwood as Metaphor (13 comments)

Somalia's Transition. A never-ending story

Who Will Speak for the Endangered Jeju Coral?

The Challenge I Tried To Post On OEN And Was Rejected (28 comments)

Selling War as Smart Power (8 comments)

Mitt Romney: The Great White Hope

Analysis Reveals Freeh Report Wrongfully Condemns Paterno (19 comments)

A Frenzy of War Talk--Israel's Outrageous Threats to Attack Iran (4 comments)

Anti-Iranian Rage

Waging War on Leaks

Thursday, August 30:

What Chris Christie Failed To Say In His Keynote Speech

Have we really reached the point where Paul Ryan can just lie and it's ok? (6 comments)

4 Things You Must Remember to Escape Nietzsche's "Slave Morality' (5 comments)

Romney's Hunger

Politics and Carbohydrates

Pakistan forms a high-level committee to look into Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's case

Is There a Way Beyond Israeli Madness? (9 comments)

Restore Americas Voice Foundation and Mike Huckabee Petition to take back Affordable Health Care

Morsi delivers his calling card

THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 9 - Oswald Takes Center Stage As An Intelligence Asset) (1 comments)

No Longer America? (5 comments)

Tropical Storm Limbaugh Lashes The Poor, Democrats And Obama. Leaves Only Remnants of GOP "Compassion" In Its Wake! (6 comments)

Romney Poses Greatest Danger to the Supreme Court (1 comments)

You're Burning, Man!

China and Russia: The Growing Alliance That Won't Be Intimidated by America's Global Aspirations (8 comments)

Meet the industry that makes the Koch brothers look poor (VIDEO) (1 comments)

Poverty: The New Growth Industry in America (5 comments)

Housingdammerung: The story behind the fake numbers

Putin Is Demonized While Democracy Fails In Amerika (18 comments)

Former Chairmen of Penn State's Faculty Senate Repudiate the Freeh Report and Decry Unjust NCAA Sanctions (2 comments)

Anderson Campaign Team: Labor Day and Beyond: Justice Party USA (5 comments)

Media Scoundrels Promote Permanent War (2 comments)

Israeli Soldiers Break Silence

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA (10 comments)

Wednesday, August 29:

Obamobedience (3 comments)

Gaps in India's "Iran" bomb case

How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth (6 comments)

His Supporters Treated "Atrociously," Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney

What Todd Akin and His Fellow Bible Believing Travelers Like Paul Ryan Really Mean and Want When They Say Women Who Have (3 comments)

Rachel Corrie Presente! (4 comments)

RNC vs DNC - Will Medical Marijuana Decide The Election? (34 comments)

Dying for an Education (7 comments)

Constitution Provides Tools to Defend State Law Restricting Money in Elections from Citizens United Challenge

Who is Mitt Romney

Murdoch's Journal pushes tragic Fukushima flim-flam (3 comments)

Syria: We Can Learn A Lot From The "Small Stuff" (1 comments)

Who's For Getting Real? (8 comments)

Settler Attacks on Palestinians

The Low-wage, No-raise Economy (4 comments)

The Complete Irrelevancy of the National Political Party Conventions

Stand your ground, Republicans!

Syria's "false flag' terrorism, Houla and the United Nations

ThirdEyeOfTheStorm: *Dear Corporation (1 comments)

The War-Making Power of Baby Fears (5 comments)

Circus Shenanigans in Tampa (5 comments)

Israeli Court Legitimizes Murder (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 28:

Chris Christie at the Republican National Convention (8 comments)

Israeli Court Blames Rachel Corrie: She "Put Herself in a Dangerous Situation" (5 comments)

Gotta Keep The Loonies On the Path (1 comments)

This is Pure Meanness

Romney Pledges a Fed That Will Screw Workers (3 comments)

U.S. Congressmen Compare Undercover Investigators to Arsonists and Terrorists

About Face, Bloody Hell

Why Is God Punishing the GOP With Storms? Three Wrath-Provoking Possibilities (1 comments)

Romney Can't Attack Akin and Give Ryan a Pass -- They've Been In Lockstep For Years (4 comments)

How and Why Is Global Corporate Capitalism Obsolete? (13 comments)

George W. Bush as Hurricane Isaac (3 comments)

The Western Onslaught Against International Law (17 comments)

Respose to Laura Stein's Criticism of Libertarianism (79 comments)

Dr. Frankenstein and the APA's Decade of Monstrosities (3 comments)

Silent Alarms About American Education (10 comments)

How Republicans Live with Themselves: The Honor of Thieves (3 comments)

Anti-Syrian Blame Game (1 comments)

Palestinians Living in Firing Zones

Monday, August 27:

Another Media Clown Show Stupifies Minds About Penn State (23 comments)

Game of Thrones Guy, George R. R. Martin, Opposes Attacks on Voting Rights

Send in the Clowns!

Simply a-PAUL-ing (2 comments)

Film Highlights the Temptations and Perils of Blind Obedience to Authority (2 comments)

Domestic Terrorism American Style -- An Analysis (2 comments)

Paul Ryan Struggles With the Inconvenient Demands of Democracy

Vague Civil Society advocacy in Nepal: a context of under-cared peace process (1 comments)

EXPOSED: Official Game Rules of American Politics (satire) (4 comments)

When Clean Energy Is Not Enough (4 comments)

Book Review -- The Mirage of Our Lives

Bipartisan Campaign Unmentionables

The Ethics Of Survival Vs. The Politics Of Christofascism: Why Voting For The GOP Is Heading For Moral Bankruptcy (1 comments)

Wage Cuts Hit Millions of US Workers (3 comments)

Washington Opposes Peace

Historic Tehran NAM Summit

What happens when they start killing Christians? (32 comments)

August 27th and the Strangest Dream (2 comments)

Sunday, August 26:

Report: Wife of WI GOP Legislator and Photo ID Restrictions Advocate, Committed Voter Fraud (3 comments)

Todd Akin and Right-Wing Science (7 comments)

Excelsior, Neil, The Citizen Of The Universe (3 comments)

Evolution of Government and Why Libertarianism Doesn't Work (34 comments)

The Whitest of White 2012 GOP Convention (3 comments)

Summer in the GOP Asylum: "Who are these guys?" (3 comments)

America: How Exceptional? (7 comments)

The RNC Arrives in Tampa and With It, Martial Law (11 comments)

US Media: Examine Thyself (2 comments)

Inventing an Iranian Threat (1 comments)

Getting Away with Torture in Israel

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right ... And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong (1 comments)

The Children Are Still Dying: Violence is Not News

Saturday, August 25:

The Fountainhead (14 comments)

The South gathers in Tehran (2 comments)

Neglecting the Poor: Invisible Americans Get the Silent Treatment (1 comments)

Banker Bill Harrison's Bogus Brief for (Broken) Big Banks

If you Like NAFTA, You'll Love TPP (7 comments)

Is Mitt Romney a Racist? (15 comments)

Norway terrorist Breivik sentenced to 21 years in prison (1 comments)

Seat Filling for the Stars: Sitting Pretty or Slave Labor?

Winning the Abortion Wars: Cong. Akin, the GOP, and Religious Authoritarianism (3 comments)

America -- Have some Shame for such Anti-Women "Shared Values" (8 comments)

Mormonism, Mockingbird and NBC (21 comments)

Risking Nuclear Armageddon (1 comments)

Trillions Stashed in Tax Havens (6 comments)

Friday, August 24:

The New Statesman must correct its error over Assange and extradition (2 comments)

A Forgotten RNC (2 comments)

A Lynching in Alabama (2 comments)

Four Ways Ohio Republicans are Already Stealing the 2012 Election (28 comments)

Obama's Buds Sunstein and Wolf Overboard! (2 comments)

The Minimum Wage is a Disgrace, and Raising it Would be a Boon to the Whole Economy (2 comments)

Washington, Are You Listening? (1 comments)

Egyptian Military Checkmated (1 comments)

Romney's Lying Machine (4 comments)

Should More of the Blood Be on the Train Tracks? (1 comments)

America's Descent into Poverty (56 comments)

Mad Women Descend on the Republican Convention (4 comments)

At the Heart of the Abortion Conflict (42 comments)

Will Our Apathy Make Russia Our Future (2 comments)

Entrepreneur in Empire State Saves World Economy (3 comments)

U.N. Secretary General Going to Iran despite U.S. and Israeli Objections (6 comments)

Karl Rove's Monstrous Second Act: The Romneyan (3 comments)

To Vote -or-Not To Vote (7 comments)

Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry (3 comments)

War of Words on Iran

Saving a Failed System

Thursday, August 23:

The Human Cost of War on Iran (2 comments)

Corrie Family Waits For Tuesday Verdict (1 comments)

Realpolitik blurs US red line on Syria (8 comments)

Blow, Blow, Blow the Man Down . . .

The America That Once Championed Human Rights, Freedom And Democracy Is No More (37 comments)

The Pussies, The War On Women And My Childhood Encounter With A Patented Demagogue (12 comments)

The Tide Begins to Turn on the Sandusky Scandal (4 comments)

Why Veterans For Peace Will be Protesting the RNC and DNC (3 comments)

Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?

One Percent Pathologies (3 comments)

Right Wing Brain Shut-down-- Super-Pacs depend on it. Democrats Don't Get it (7 comments)

Response to a Call (by a Libertarian) Not to Vote (8 comments)

They'll "legitimately rape" the rest of us too

Red Gold: Mining Governance in Chile

Romney Tax Return Provides a Window to His Soul (18 comments)

No sir, it's not about a Photo ID (2 comments)

Romney's Albatross (1 comments)

Troubling Israeli Religious Fundamentalism (2 comments)

New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 22:

The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange (8 comments)

This Was The Year That Was ... Great (1 comments)

Medieval Times (3 comments)

The Pursuit of Julian Assange is an Assault on Freedom and a Mockery of Journalism (2 comments)

GOP Convention Will Formally Endorse the Todd Akin Platform

Still Praising Ryan as "Fiscal Hawk"

Milestone for Women Achieved by Affordable Care Act (2 comments)

This Election is a Moral Referendum (1 comments)

When Prisoners Work the System Works (2 comments)

Mormonism vs. Nazism and the Helmuth Hubener Legacy (2 comments)

I'm moving to Iran...why are you looking at me like that??? (5 comments)

Political Campaign Lunacy

New Evidence that THC (in marijuana) Is Effective Against Cancer and Other Diseases (12 comments)

Welcoming a Warmonger to Town on Wednesday (2 comments)

Millions Mad March - Just Fill In the Frickin' Blank (1 comments)

The Great White Backlash, The Dog Whistle, and a New Civil War (52 comments)

Some Orthodox Reflections on the (P)ussy (R)iot Case (6 comments)

Whose Secrets Is the US Protecting These Days? (4 comments)

Republicans Gone Wild (2 comments)

"Charities Will Pick Up The Slack ... But I Sure As Hell Won't!" Ryan's Tax Returns Scream Massive Hypocrisy. (4 comments)

Do US Prisons Violate European Human Rights Law? --An interview with Hamja Ahsan and Aviva Stahl (2 comments)

Report From Iron Mountain: Peace Would Be All Hell (1 comments)

From OIC to NAM: Iran's peace offensive (2 comments)

Why Election Campaigns Are a Waste of Your Time (3 comments)

On the Duty of Fiscal Disobedience (3 comments)

Syrian False Flag Planned?

Lawless National Security Letters (4 comments)

War fever as seen from Iran (2 comments)

Tuesday, August 21:

Thirsting for Justice (2 comments)

"Courage" in Washington Doesn't Have the Same Meaning (1 comments)

The Fanatical GOP (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Beyond Todd Akin: Framing Women as NonHuman or Invisible (25 comments)

The Great 'Dictator' (13 comments)

A Fourth Rail Only With Higher Voltage

*Demonic David Rockefeller Fiends Dulles Kissinger Brzezinski - Investor Wars Korea thru Syria (2 comments)

A Vision for the Future from Kazakhstan (1 comments)

Copy Cat Crime -- What Can Be Done?

The "Heart of Everything" is Almost Lost (6 comments)

*Should Nader have Won the 2000 Election in Florida? (4 comments)

What's MPC & MPS got to do with me? (1 comments)

The reality of the US-Israel relationship (1 comments)

Paul Ryan; Mascot or Running Mate?

Homeland Security Prepares for Civil War (115 comments)

How the corporate media lies to you (1 comments)

Dems Spent $1.5 Million to Help Akin Win. Did GOP Do Same? (3 comments)


FRC's Values Voter Summit Hits Critical Hate Mass On Sept. 14th. Will There Be Anyone Or Anyone Left To Love? (1 comments)

The Missing Option to Defuse Iran Threat (2 comments)

WikiLeaks and Free Speech (15 comments)

Impromptu: A Pocket Full Of Fleas (6 comments)

Turn out the lights, the party's over (5 comments)

Japan: America's Imperial Proxy

Anti-Iranian Hysteria (1 comments)

US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan -- and the west stays silent (7 comments)

Monday, August 20:

A Few Words About Joe Paterno (9 comments)

Paul Ryan's Rage For The Machine

There Ain't No Justice in Putin's Russia: Closing Statements from p*ssy Riot (28 comments)

Pussy Riot, The Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony (3 comments)

Social Contract Theory for Occupiers: What Law, Culture and History Tell Us (1 comments)

Pussy Riot's Appeal for Justice (1 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: The Ohio GOP has already moved 3 ways to steal America's 2012 election (1 comments)

Flying Monkey Monday

Forgetting the Why of the New Deal (1 comments)

With Romney-Ryan, GOP Becomes Grand Old Private-Equity Party

The War in the Shadows (7 comments)

Amerika's Future is Death (23 comments)

Jesus Christ: Middle Eastern Terrorist (5 comments)

Pakistan's Security of Nuclear Arsenal in the News after Taliban Attack

Franklin P. Lamb: Grim reality but also hope for Lebanon's Palestinians this Eid al Fitr (1 comments)

Britain's Olympic sized hangover

Al-Jazeera, Others Spread Counterfactual Stories about Litvinenko, Arafat

Wieder . . . Shon GENUG! (2 comments)

You Say You Want a Revolution of Values? (4 comments)

A Movement Afoot To Eradicate Citizens United (2 comments)

The Radical Agenda of Rand and Ryan (1 comments)

Does income tax punish the rich? (3 comments)

AIPAC Wants War on Iran (1 comments)

Agent Orange: A Deadly Legacy (1 comments)

Let's Start a Medicare and Social Security Action (MASS Action) Party! (1 comments)

Sunday, August 19:

The Ultimate Chinese Opera

On the Road to Ryan and Ruin -- An Analysis

A Law Enforcement Alternative to War in Syria (1 comments)

Putin's p*ssy Problem: From America with Love (22 comments)

Corporatism is Killing America (19 comments)

How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps (31 comments)

Ecuador and Julian Assange's Asylum (2 comments)

Report: A tale of two very different Swedens (2 comments)

Vladimir Putin and the Crime of Dissent (8 comments)

The US orders a new round of sanctions on Iran (Satire) (1 comments)

Dangerous Anti-Iranian Warmongering (1 comments)

Julian Assange: Political Refugee (4 comments)

Saturday, August 18:

Ryan: A Stock Rightwing, V.P. Hitman (3 comments)

An Israeli October Surprise for Obama? (2 comments)

Tax Policy in New Mexico

Imperialist lawlessness and the witch-hunt against Julian Assange (5 comments)

Mitt's 13% Tax (6 comments)

Dump Biden Talk, Just That Talk

You Live In a Fascist State (5 comments)

The Ides of Madness

Vouchering an Educational Adventure (3 comments)

Work: What We Do. (1 comments)

Silencing Dissent in America (6 comments)

Bahrain Imprisons Human Rights Leader

Friday, August 17:

Binyamin Netanyahu: Mad or Crazy? (1 comments)

CloseReading: Are Joe Biden's "Gaffes" Accidental? Or Brilliant? (22 comments)

All (War) Roads Lead to Mecca

Paul Ryan's Faux Populism (2 comments)

Decent Men vs. Strutting Ogres (5 comments)

Israel's Power Play on Obama

Imperial Affront: Ecuador Will Face US Wrath for Asylum Decision (3 comments)

Rage Against Paul Ryan (1 comments)

On Social Security, Say It IS So, Joe! (1 comments)

Dialogue with A Yellow Dog Democrat (3 comments)

Syria: Turning Back the Clock on the Arab Spring (20 comments)

Karma attack and Pakistan army's operations in volatile tribal areas

How Confucian Are We? The Rise of Confucianism in Europe (8 comments)

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and the Rocks of Justified Discontent (1 comments)

The "Under 1 Percent" in Helicopters to the Hamptons Blanket Long Islanders With Raucous Noise (1 comments)

The Greek Grassroots Challenge to the Politics of Austerity (1 comments)

Romney, Ryan, Rand: The Republican Trinity

How President Obama Created Paul Ryan (1 comments)

Israelis Against War on Iran (4 comments)

Another Anti-Iranian Hate Group

Thursday, August 16:

Israel Delivers "Or Else" Demands to Obama (8 comments)

An Honest Letter to Al Gore (1 comments)

Ryan's War on Women (3 comments)

Ecuador President Rafael "We Are Not A Colony" Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo (11 comments)

The Sham "Terrorism Expert" Industry (2 comments)

Vague language and dishonest rhetoric cloud tax-cut debate (1 comments)

Bailing Out the "Bailout" (5 comments)

*The Vatican vs. the LCWR = Theory (Doctrine) vs. Practice (Spirituality) (1 comments)

Ecuador to Washington and Britain: Go to Hell (19 comments)

A parked car is no place for kids or animals (1 comments)

Remember Mubarak? (1 comments)

Can a "Bank Fair" be a Useful Tool for Increasing Socially Responsible Banking?

Desperately Seeking: A Sustainable, Climate-Friendly Food System (3 comments)

Prescriptive Math Teaching Impedes Real Understanding (1 comments)

*Burma: Government says peace plan while its army keeps on maneuver

Chick-fil-A Comes Home To Roost: Righteous Assassination Attempt At FRC Erupts In Finger Pointing ... And Hypocrisy (3 comments)

Greece: Reduce the Population to Poverty to "Attract Foreign Investment"? (2 comments)

Prop 37 Solution to Walmart's Untested, Unlabeled, Toxin Spliced Corn (1 comments)

"The way it 'spozed to be" - RAND and U.S. foreign policy history (1 comments)

Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? (13 comments)

Are You Experienced

Russia in the Middle East: Return of a superpower? (2 comments)

Paul Ryan Does A 360 Degree About-Face On Ayn Rand (3 comments)

Romney's Gaffes Abroad Show That His Numbers Don't Add Up

The Power of Training for Direct Action (2 comments)

Impromptu: One Nation Under Drone (5 comments)

The American Way (3 comments)

Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Wednesday, August 15:

Beaten Down, Isolated, Angry, And Distracted: "Awake we share the world; sleeping each turns to his private world." (5 comments)

The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology (2 comments)

The Left Has No Voice (9 comments)

Atomized America of Late Capitalism (1 comments)

Railroaded (2 comments)

Paul Ryan IS the ticket... (2 comments)

Leading by Example: The Dutch Prepare for Climate Change (4 comments)

Mitt No Longer Wants to be President... (1 comments)

Cynicism: More Dangerous than Psychopathology (9 comments)

Bernie Sanders: As Social Security Turns 77, the Most Successful Program in American History is Under Fierce Attack (7 comments)

And The Taxpayer Pays: Adam and Eve, Dinosaurs, Benevolent Simon Legrees and Nessie Peacefully Coexist In Jindal's Schoo (1 comments)

Romney's Southern Strategy Gambit

You Can't Make This Stuff Up! (3 comments)

100 Anniversaries for 2013

What Next in Syria?

Colonizing Nations 101

Predicted in Summer 2011 Trends Journal: Paul Ryan Pick Political Suicide (10 comments)

Tuesday, August 14:

BIG LIES in the Grand Jury and Freeh Reports, a New Poll and "Framing Paterno" (8 comments)

The deadly Israeli and the mad Turk (3 comments)

Meaningless and Misleading Campaign Reportage: Landlord Romney

Meet Paul Ryan (3 comments)

Representative Ryan's Far-Right Agenda: The Media Can't Take the Truth

Happy Birthday, Social Security! Now About Your Gift ...

Democracies Don't Start Wars, But Fake Democracies Sure Do!

Israel is the victim? (2 comments)

The Usual Surprises- In The Mirror (1 comments)

Really Paul Ryan? You Chose Ayn Rand Over Dorothy Day? (1 comments)

"The Dark Knight Rises", Media Violence, & Social Change (6 comments)

Revolution, Evolution, or is it "Revolutionary Evolution"? (3 comments)

America is Not Broke! (12 comments)

War Without Mercy in Syria

Goldman Sachs Free to Keep Stealing (1 comments)

What if the Empire Project Fails in Syria?

Monday, August 13:

Ryan Pick Marks Further Shift to the Right in US Presidential Campaign

Franklin P. Lamb: Is the Sinai Peninsula rejoining the resistance?

The Incredible Lightness of Being Dick Cheney (4 comments)

*Wisconsin Death Trip (3 comments)

NBC's Celebrity Warriors: "They barely survived the first week!" (1 comments)

Time to Boycott the Election (30 comments)

March of the Mysogynists (58 comments)

Criminalizing Dissent (18 comments)

Romney-Ryan Bet on "Greedy Geezers" (1 comments)

Upcoming OIC meeting: Scheming for back stabbing Muslim Ummah (1 comments)

Helping Hands: (2 comments)

Job Policies: An Experiment (2 comments)

A Solution for Correa, Assange and Justice For Us All (8 comments)

Did Freeh Frame Joe Paterno?

Romney and Ryan: Deadly Duo To Seniors, Gays and The Poor, Savvy Saviors To Pulpit Pimps (6 comments)

Can You Call It Martial Law? (4 comments)

Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan, Does it really matter? (21 comments)

How the GOP Chose Its Vice Presidential Candidate Four Years Ago (The Devil and Mrs. Palin) (1 comments)

A Terraist Letter to Insight

The Ryan Factor

Obama Defends Freedom of Religion: Be Not Afraid of Mitt Romney (2 comments)

The Republican Right Gets What it Wanted: A Ryan-Romney Ticket (5 comments)

Drumbeat for War on Iran

Paul Ryan's Socially Destructive Agenda (1 comments)

Sunday, August 12:

The Ryan Choice (2 comments)

The Democratic Party Sleeps on FDR's Legacy (5 comments)

Israel's "Bomb Iran" Timetable (7 comments)

Attorney General to U.S. -- Nothing to See On Wall Street, Folks, Just Move Along (2 comments)

A Second Chance for Second-Class Justice?

- -: Concerning Unnecessary Humans (1 comments)

How Occupy has defined the election (2 comments)

Three Cheers for Mitt's Yankee Tax Shrewdness (7 comments)

Do You Think Obama Was the First to Order Assassinations? (63 comments)

Government doesn't take away your freedoms; corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and corporations do (4 comments)

Generation "D" Is Not Movin' Out (3 comments)

Austerity Hastens Economic Decline (1 comments)

Bahrain's War on Freedom

Bloody Spring (8 comments)

Saturday, August 11:

The Unlikely Path to Peace With Iran (3 comments)

The World's Muslims: Unity and Diversity

GREED, RACISM AND APATHY - The new axis of evil (15 comments)

Afghanistan -- The Eleven-year Old Debacle (1 comments)

Cody the Cardboard Cowboy (1 comments)

VP Ryan--A Nightmare for the Poor and Minorities

The Know-Nothing Candidate -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Romney Blows It, Picks Paul Ryan (2 comments)

The Next Election: High Stake Outcomes Based on Non-issues (17 comments)

Should You Vote for the Best Candidate? (4 comments)

The 2012 Presidential Election a Referendum on Stimulus versus Austerity: Who's Right (or Wrong) Obama or Romney? (1 comments)

What's Wrong with this Picture? (1 comments)

Unconscionable Media Warmongering (1 comments)

Israel's Neoliberal Hammer Strikes

Friday, August 10:

Paul Ryan? Seriously? (44 comments)

American (jihadi) Idol (1 comments)

Lies, Damn Lies, and War Lies (2 comments)

Counter-frame It! How to Stop Using Their Words (6 comments)

Erasing W (1 comments)

Future Building? Listen Now and Demonstrate You Hear Us

Half a Billion Dollars and All We Got Is This Lousy Election? (4 comments)

The "Wedge" That NOM Created: Black Hebrew Israelite Threatened To Rape And Kill During Gay Day. (2 comments)

Rio+20: A move towards more sustainable transportation

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting debate should be about guns not religion (1 comments)

What Incites Occupy Movements and What They in Turn Must Display: Contempt (2 comments)

A Temple and a Mosque; Worship in America

Blaming Obama and Romney Equally (4 comments)

Impromptu: British Humbug (3 comments)

Management Education: Planting the Seeds of a Sustainable Society (1 comments)

*The Story Behind My Dad's Incarceration (4 comments)

The Inconvenient Truth of America's Nuclear Madness (Part I)

America's Drought of Political Will on Climate Change (3 comments)

No Place to Go (4 comments)

New York Times Style Debates

Crimes Against Humanity

Thursday, August 9:

The Media Myth Surrounding Obama's Negative Campaign (1 comments)

Soldiers Who Refuse to Kill

Could President Obama be Black President Obama? (1 comments)

The "Perfect Storm", Gathering Momentum, Heading Straight for America (5 comments)

Baffled, Befuddled, and Bamboozled: Penn State Trustees and NCAA are Sinking (7 comments)

Full-Scale War in Syria (1 comments)

Another Mossad False Flag? (1 comments)

Ten Swing States Could Decide the 2012 Election; Obama Leads in Nine of Them (7 comments)

Ter-ror-ism (Noun): When OTHER People Do What We Do (4 comments)

Wednesday, August 8:

Education Profiteers Gather In New York To Cheer Privatization Of American Schools (4 comments)

WPost Again Defends Romney

Dean Baker on CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare (5 comments)

How the Chosen Ones Ended Australia's Olympic Prowess and Revealed a Secret Past (1 comments)

The Dispossessed Majority (37 comments)

The Step Down Revolution of Ted Cruz (4 comments)

Tony, It's Just Chalk (2 comments)

All eyes are on Greece and Spain, but is Italy the real "Sick Man of Europe"?

Hillary Clinton's World Affairs (2 comments)

An Autocracy with Secret "Legal" Memos Undergirding the Authority which "Caesar" Operates (1 comments)

American Guilt (3 comments)

VIDEO: U.S. Guns, The Awful, Shocking Truth (1 comments)

The Flames Of Chick-fil-A Are Still Burning While The Intolerance Gap Widens In A Battle Nobody's Winning. (1 comments)

Obama's War on Humanity (1 comments)

Stoking False Threats (5 comments)

Tuesday, August 7:

7 Ways to Beat the Ballot Bandits (3 comments)

Irrelevant But Not Meaningless

I Know You Are, But What Am I? (1 comments)

Why The Democratic National Convention Matters (7 comments)

Beating Back the CEO Attack on Social Security and Medicare (3 comments)

Turkey: NATO's Neo-Ottoman Spearhead in the Middle East

The Hidden Epidemic of Murder by George Black (2 comments)

Mitt Romney's Sturmabteilung (1 comments)

Stop rigging system against small business (9 comments)

Bomb Iran Fever (5 comments)

Dangerous Mischaracterization In NDAA Ruling--And the Need to Resist Government Repression on the Right Basis (1 comments)

U.S. Moving Towards War in Syria (43 comments)

Mitt Romney's healthcare heaven (1 comments)

Euro-US far-right groups anti-Muslim rally again flops (1 comments)

Mitt Romney's Core Values

The End of Free Money, Or How the World's Biggest Welfare Nation Lost Its Privilege (5 comments)

Best Southern Corporate Editorial Ever (1 comments)

The devil STILL has us death dancing at Fukushima (1 comments)

Review of Edward Klein's Book "The Amateur" (1 comments)

Lawyers, Guns, and Money (1 comments)

To War or Not to War (1 comments)

Cybersecurity Bills Threaten Freedom

Monday, August 6:

Happy 151st Birthday, Federal Income Tax! (2 comments)

Slow Democracy (1 comments)

Shootings at Sikh Temple Test the Founding Faith of America

Days of Infamy

The GOP is Galloping Away From Conservative ... To Crazy (7 comments)

Syria's Pipelineistan war (1 comments)

Authoritarianism Masquerading Behind a Fig Leaf of Democracy (5 comments)

Rights of Demonstrators in Palestine

How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul (22 comments)

Beyond the Two-State Solution (1 comments)

No Motive In Sikh Temple Shooting, But We Can Guess: Why Oak Creek Stands In Stark Contrast To Aurora (13 comments)

Wendell Potter: It Took Public Shaming Via Twitter to Get Big Insurer to Cover Grad Student's Cancer Care

The Science of Genocide (61 comments)

Remembering the Other Weapon of Mass Destruction (2 comments)

Try this jobs program (1 comments)

Dear Barry (1 comments)

Death Squad Atrocities in Syria

Targeting Chavez (1 comments)

Sunday, August 5:

$26 Trillion of Bankster Fraud & Theft According to Ron Paul, Alan Grayson and Bernie Sanders (24 comments)

Another Mitt-Stake: Romney's 2012 World Tour (9 comments)

Obama the Pioneer (4 comments)

Next Year in Tel Aviv (4 comments)

The Director Of The Opponent's Fate (3 comments)

Rex 84: Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America (17 comments)

Sanctions on Iran - Good or bad? (3 comments)

Cheney Gets Palinized in Tea Party Food Fight (14 comments)

*Job Creation Requires a Multitude of Approaches; Not Simply Relying on the Fed (5 comments)

The Militarization Of Education (2 comments)

Day of Infamy at General Assembly (2 comments)

World Bank Opposes Palestinian Sovereignty

Hey, Sarah Palin! Some "Marxists" Here Want a Word With You (14 comments)

Saturday, August 4:

Will the Peasants Go Medieval On Bankers? (5 comments)

Censoring the Whistle! (1 comments)

Romney declares war: Not qualified to command (1 comments)

Open Letter to RNC Chair Reince Priebus and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (2 comments)

Obama does Syriana (2 comments)

Towards A "Soft Invasion"? The Launching of a "Humanitarian War" against Syria (2 comments)

Pathetic, Deplorable; a Government and Society That Allows People to be Slaughtered by Monstrous Assault Weapons (15 comments)

US, Pakistan appear to make little headway in intelligence chiefs talks

Education -- Heading to Mediocrity for the Many

Chick-fil-A: Building Communities of Idiots One Greasy Chicken Sandwich At A Time (3 comments)

The Positivity of Sustainability (3 comments)

Single-Payer Healthcare after the Supreme Court Decision (1 comments)

THE Economic Question of the Election (1 comments)

*Is Mitt Romney a Wimp, as NEWSWEEK Claims He Is? (3 comments)

Bazooka Economics

Mad Dog Leaders Threaten Humanity (6 comments)

Friday, August 3:

General Assembly Vote On Syria: World Gone Unipolar - And Mad

*Mitt Romney versus Walter Ong on What's Important in Our Western Cultural Heritage (2 comments)

The Greatest Show on Earth (3 comments)

Friday's Jobs Report: More Lies From "Our" Big Brother (16 comments)

How Can We Live, Without Our Lives? (5 comments)

More on "Vanity of Perfectionism" (9 comments)

Reflections on a Medical Career Robert S. Dotson, M.D. (7 comments)

Tightening the Noose on Iran (3 comments)

Consumers can convince companies to do the right thing

Rags to Riches and Riches-to-Rags (1 comments)

*Village Vacancies (9 comments)

Glamor, Guts and Gams: Why Mika Should Never Take a Vacation (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Obama Trumps Aipac, Romney, Republicans on yet more Iranian sanctions

ThirdEyeOfTheStorm: Who Do You Trust? (11 comments)

Pal Palsimon: Wasted Medicare Resources (1 comments)

The Next Stage in the Destruction of Syria (4 comments)

Selective Journalism: How Western Media Manipulates Information and Context to Conform to Official Narratives on Iran's (3 comments)

Unofficial Reports: Al-Qaeda's Chief Financier Bandar Bush Is Dead (3 comments)

Global Climate Change: Intervention Required (1 comments)

Human Rights Abuses Continue in Myanmar as Western Governments Ease Sanctions

Olympians Medal in London, While the NRA Meddles in Harrisburg (3 comments)

Torture called legal for 10 years, but "we don't torture" (3 comments)

Illegitimate Sanctions on Iran (1 comments)

The Austerity Hoax

Romney Visits Culturally "Superior" Israel; Totally Ignores the Occupation (2 comments)

Thursday, August 2:

One Nation Under God? (3 comments)

Romney Breaks Silence Towards The Press (3 comments)

Dire Train (5 comments)

History on a Billboard -- Fanatacism on the Ground -- An Analysis (1 comments)

Romney's Revolutionary War Bungle (1 comments)

"F" The Bureaucracy! The White House Can Help Homeowners Right Now (14 comments)

Eat Mor Bigots (5 comments)

Mike Caddell: Bible Belt Report: Culled Kept Pols Picking on Cowpokes' Museum

Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians (1 comments)

Are Republican Governors Ready to Kill Tens of Thousands to Placate the Tea Party? (22 comments)

The Mexican Dilemma: Can a Fraudulent Election Engineered and Supported by the Country's Power Elite Be Invalidated? (1 comments)

Politics Of The Turd Sausage

Remembering Gore Vidal (2 comments)

Washington's Total War on Syria (3 comments)

Mr. President, Focus here, not over there (3 comments)

Wednesday, August 1:

Gore Vidal and the Unfinished American Revolution (1 comments)

The New Jim Crow: Massive Disenfranchisement Returns

I Scared Gore Vidal (2 comments)

Bob Fitrakis: Defender of Democracy -- In Memoriam: Gore Vidal (1925-2012)

Extremism Normalized (7 comments)

NATO's Secret Kurdish War: Turkey Prepares Iraq-Style Attacks Inside Syria (1 comments)

Greece: What fresh hell for the newly poor? (1 comments)

Defects of and in the comments on my What the Majority of Founders Really Meant by the Outdated Amendment #2 (1 comments)

Neoliberal Education Reform Is What's "Not Fair": A Response to Dana Goldstein (2 comments)

Only "Lone Wolves" Commit Terror? (2 comments)

Call For A Counter-Witch Hunt: Investigate Government and Congressional Ties To Christian Theocratic Extremist Movement! (6 comments)

The Supreme Court and "Playing Politics:" The Upper Upper House of the U.S. Legislature

A Paid-No-Taxes, Lying, Flip-Flopping, Supremicist: The Morality Of Romney As Seen By Harry Reid ... And Gore Vidal. (1 comments)

U.S. Political Madness and Obsession with Iran (1 comments)

Where is Prince Bandar? (2 comments)

Congress Pushing Postal Service into "Manufactured Default" (2 comments)

"My Country Right or Wrong"; NO! If it's Wrong, Then Make it Right" (1 comments)

book excerpt from The Media Ecosystem: Reoccupying the Collective Imagination (1 comments)

Veterans For Peace National Convention in Miami to Feature Alice Walker, Phil Donahue

The Next Four Years (7 comments)

The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst (15 comments)


Mr. Obama's Return to the era of Jim Crow (5 comments)

Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed (1 comments)

Capitalism Failed (5 comments)

Deranged Angels of Self-Preservation (2 comments)

The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare (5 comments)


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