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July 2012

Tuesday, July 31:

Harry Truman and Memory of Mass Murder (1 comments)

Hillary Clinton Launches Neo-Colonial Tour of Africa

Awesome! (1 comments)

Nature of the Beast (5 comments)

Un-Favorite Son (2 comments)

Mitt Romney: Richer Means Superior

Oligarchy or Democracy? (2 comments)

Where's the Outrage: Nobody Seems to Care as America's Becomes a Police State (5 comments)

Is Israel fixing The intelligence to justify An attack On Iran? (3 comments)

New FDA Warning: Chic Fil-A Controversy May Cause High levels Of Self-Righteousness And Stupidity (4 comments)

Elizabeth Warren Gets the Obama "Next Presidential Candidate" Slot at Democratic National Convention (66 comments)

Wendell Potter: Wendell Potter: Only in America Could Cost of Care Bankrupt Victims of Violence Like in Aurora, Colorado (25 comments)

CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat (3 comments)

Major Media Admit Presence of Foreign Militants in Syria (1 comments)

Boys with toys

Monday, July 30:

Pentagon Chief Rallies Arab, Israeli Allies Against Syria, Iran

Rommageddon (1 comments)

Romney in Israel Issuing Threat to Iran (1 comments)

The Terrible Economy and the Anti-Election of 2012 (2 comments)

Romney Ups the Ante in Israel

The Perversion of Scholarship (10 comments)

Western complicity exposed -- Europe and US richly reward Israel for pariah status (4 comments)

Escape From Economics (15 comments)

Israel and the Temple Mount (1 comments)

Georgia City Fighting Sunshine Laws - (1 comments)

How we know what we know about Syria (7 comments)

Permanent War: Official US Policy (3 comments)

Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming? (1 comments)

Sunday, July 29:

Conservative Millennials, Boomers & Libertarians All being Conned (10 comments)

NBC Invents War-o-tainment

Hate on Social Media Against President Obama Soars (1 comments)

Barack Obama commands, Hillary Clinton soars, Mitt Romney insults (3 comments)

Genuine Political Fakes vs. the Ultimate Fake Fake (4 comments)

Incentivizing Economic Growth (1 comments)

The Death Penalty Debate - A Third Point of View (3 comments)

Hit us when we're down. (17 comments)

Indentured Democrats are Hardly the Champions of the People !

*New Bag Regulation (1 comments)

Answering Grief With Guns: What the Anaheim government must do next (5 comments)

Mary Wentworth: The Greens: A Party Whose Time Has Come? (9 comments)

TSM, CYS and DPW Failed the Victims of Jerry Sandusky (3 comments)

Still Looking for Truth at Penn State (1 comments)

High Stakes in Syria (4 comments)

New York Times on Israel's Democracy

69 Nations Have More U.S. Troops Than Olympic Athletes (13 comments)

Saturday, July 28:

Romney Camp Wants Anglo-Saxons (Master race?) in the WH (8 comments)

The Olympics: London When Penn State Went Straight (1 comments)

Welcome to the Kurdish Spring (2 comments)

Power Training for Nonviolent Action by George Lakey (7 comments)

Talking Zionism (7 comments)

Post-Neoimperial Upheavals: Twilight of the Narcissists (2 comments)

Has the US Given Israel a Green Light To Attack Syria?

U.S. Campaign Against Syria: Years In The Making

What if the Catholic Church Responded to Its Sex Scandal The Way the NCAA Did to Theirs? (3 comments)

The Vatican b*tch-Slaps San Francisco: The "Father Of Prop 8", Salvatore Cordileone, Appointed New Archbishop (7 comments)

Is the World Yet Safe for Israel and Jews? (15 comments)

Academic Imperialism -- China lost in translation (4 comments)

Tax Dollars Better Spent on Life or Death? (1 comments)

Darkness in a once Light arena. (4 comments)

Grab Bag -- No Fruits; All Nuts! (3 comments)

The Herpeticus stupidis Virus Revisited

Baptist Church in Mississippi votes to ban black wedding

The Socialism of McCain, Graham, Ayotte (2 comments)

Just What Country is Threatening the Other?

*Bernie Sanders Calls Federal Reserve "Socialism for the Rich" After $16 Trillion Secret Bail-Outs, Also to Foreign Banks (6 comments)

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities

Torturing Children: Official Israeli Policy

Romney Promises LIBOR-Scandal Banksters He'll Score for Them (2 comments)

Friday, July 27:

Protectors of Wall Street (7 comments)

The Vanity of Perfectionism (10 comments)

The Freeh Report, Joe Paterno and NCAA Sanctions (36 comments)

Guess What % of Americans Know Military Spending Is Increasing (1 comments)

False Equivalency? I Think Not (3 comments)

What the Majority of Founders Really Meant by the Outdated Amendment #2 (20 comments)

Endless War (5 comments)

A Republican Manifesto: Beware the Suntanned Socialist (1 comments)

Climate Refugees: A Human Cost of Climate Change (3 comments)

Terror Games: Syria, Russia and the Olympics (10 comments)

"Occupy:" Phase Two (3 comments)

Renewing Democracy: Shifting the Paradigm (4 comments)

ID Laws Only Part of a Larger Problem (1 comments)

Sunshine Still Blocked at Penn State

Americanism Redefined (3 comments)

The Left Should Declare Its Independence From the Democrats (32 comments)

US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria

Thursday, July 26:

In The Land Of Never Was: The last, desperate hours of Climate Chaos deniers -- and capitalist rah-rahs -- (13 comments)

U.S. Uses NATO For Black Sea Military Buildup (1 comments)

Why Language Matters in An Election Year

What's Really Important About Women Trying to Have It All (1 comments)

It Takes a Village Idiot: Romney's Artful Distortion of Obama's "You Didn't Build That" Quote (1 comments)

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun (10 comments)

Why the Death Penalty Debate for the Batman Massacre Shooter (1 comments)

Four More Years of Warrantless Surveillance

The Man Who Invented "Too Big to Fail" Banks Finally Recants. Will Obama or Romney Follow? (2 comments)

Anti-Gun Control Groups Spent 17 Times As Much On Lobbying As Pro-Gun Control Groups Last Year (1 comments)

Reopening a Critically Important Debate: Are Democrats and Republicans Exactly the Same? (18 comments)

Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods: Whose Side Are You On?

Hotter Than . . . . (1 comments)

Syria: Washington's Latest War Crime (7 comments)

Climate Change and the Next U.S. Revolution (3 comments)

Help Stop the Suffering of Richard Lewis (Shocking Video Included) (1 comments)

Workers Rights Are Fundamental Human Rights (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders: The Road to Oligarchy (5 comments)

Eroding U.S. Federal Oversight of Genetically Engineered Crops (1 comments)

Democrat and Republican "Reality Shows" (6 comments)

The Cost Of Christofascism: Family Research Council Begs $35 Million To "Advance The Christian Worldview" (6 comments)

The Greek junta never fell. It simply changed masks.

Do Russians Love Their Children Too? (1 comments)

Wanted: Graphic Images Depicting the Duopoly and/or Corporatists and Corporatism (6 comments)

Left-Right Terminology Doesn't Work, Time for a new Paradigm (27 comments)

Are Bluedogs Just Pre-Lobbyists? (1 comments)

The Bizzarolies (1 comments)

Obama/Romney: Start Debating the Prison-Industrial Complex (3 comments)

Wednesday, July 25:

Lawless Domestic Spying

China Riding High in Polls (1 comments)

Bernie Sanders (and 2 Million Angry Americans) Versus the Billionaires (4 comments)

Israel Pins Bombing on Hezbollah to Get EU Terror Ruling

Romney's Choice: Vetting Veeps

Syrian blood etches a new line in the sand

First They Came For the Soda" (15 comments)

How (PROFITABLE) Giant multinational corporations Pay ZERO Taxes (1 comments)

Timothy McGettigan: Don't Bother Apologizing for Joe Paterno (3 comments)

When Will the New York Times Show Some Spine? Access Journalism at its Nadir (3 comments)

The Aurora, Colorado Shootings: Some Impertinent Questions (3 comments)

Chomsky and Vandana Shiva Agree: We Have Lost the Commons (4 comments)

*Learned Helplessness (5 comments)

What is God Saying to Colorado? (3 comments)

Rolf Kunnemann*: New Global Food Security Index Ignores Key Issues, May Lead to Wrong Policies (1 comments)

Romney's retroactive tax returns

Tripp Slips Up With "I Hate You" And "Fagg*t". Does Palin Parenting Mirror The New Teabagger Family Values? (2 comments)

Subterfuge - the 'American Way' (4 comments)

Some people need antidepressants, but not as happy pills (2 comments)

*The TSA is a fraud (1 comments)

It's the Guns -- But We All Know, It's Not Really the Guns... a note from Michael Moore (10 comments)

Intense Anti-Assad Propaganda (1 comments)

Syria Threatens No One

Tuesday, July 24:

Triptych: Sugaring Over Evil, Looting the World, Opening the Ark (1 comments)

When Guilty People Escape All Punishment (1 comments)

Fallout From Aurora: While America Still Weeps, The "Virtuous" Vultures Cackle. God's Ambulance Chasers To Follow? (2 comments)

Why We Dither on Climate Change (12 comments)

"American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People's Lives" (3 comments)

Georgia Wants to Execute Warren Hill and Violate the Constitution (2 comments)

Mitt Romney, His Father, and the Mother of all Republican National Conventions (2 comments)

John Q. Camarillo: Aurora: A Response to the Conspiracy Theorists-- No Rhyme or Reason...What We Really Fear (15 comments)

Aurora Massacre: Helping the Victims Cope (5 comments)

Tricks, Traps and Accountability (3 comments)

Raising the Minimum Wage Is Cheap and Easy

Attacking democracy in Paraguay (2 comments)

Eroding Social Justice in Spain

Approaching Financial Abyss

Monday, July 23:

Poverty Issue Missing on the Presidential Campaign Trail (5 comments)

Gun Control Money In The Wake of the Aurora Shooting (7 comments)

Who the F#&% Is William Brownfield? (2 comments)

False Gods and Monsters: The Terrible Costs of the Joe Paterno Cult at Penn State (5 comments)

Finally, Fact-Checking Romney's Lie

The Color Revolutions (1 comments)

While America Weeps, "Virtuous" Vultures Cackle, Fred Phelps Demurs and God's Ambulance Chasers Are Foiled (2 comments)

Just Another Day

Imperialism and "dictators' (3 comments)

The Sinking Economy: "We're going to be up the creek for the next 100 years or so" (17 comments)

The Minimum Wage Is So Low That It's Immoral -- and Foolish (1 comments)

Congress Cowers to Terrorist-Enabling NRA (4 comments)

America's Twisted Notion of Freedom (2 comments)

Left, Right, Left, Right (6 comments)

The IMF, the Former European Division Chief, his Mea Culpa and his Disgrace (2 comments)

Would You Please Repeat Your Question, Jake?

The Free Market (6 comments)

The Specious, Stupid Arguments Against Gun Control (113 comments)

Will Downing St. Memo Recur on Iran? (3 comments)

"Justice" for Bradley Manning? (4 comments)

The Careerists (11 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Now's not the time for Hezbollah to cut and run

Crazy While Locked Up! (2 comments)

Hello to All My Facebook Friends (3 comments)

Welcome to the New Syria (2 comments)

Washington's Plan B for Syria (1 comments)

Stoking Fear Ahead of London Olympics (2 comments)

Sunday, July 22:

The Sky as it Falls

The Aurora Bill (2 comments)

Michele Bachmann: Suffering from diarrhea of the mouth (1 comments)

A Nation of Wildebeest (1 comments)

The Cost of the Left-wing's Ongoing Vendetta Against Reagan (28 comments)

Journalism v. Propaganda (9 comments)

Lex Luther and World Domination (1 comments)

Media Violence Comes Home to Roost (6 comments)

Dying for Justice in Israel

Saudi Arabia Rocked by Protests (1 comments)

I Won't Close the Lemonade Stands (2 comments)

Saturday, July 21:

Alexander Cockburn and the Radical Power of the Word (1 comments)

Suicide Bombers of the World, Unite

Goodbye, Old Friend

What Candidate is Dumb Enough to Run a No Money Campaign? (1 comments)

It Takes a Village, and Some ... The Attack Against Israelis (4 comments)

Labor and Wages

*Obama Calls Shooting People "Evil Senseless" Righteously Continues to Order Thousands Shot (2 comments)

Poverty and Extreme Wealth on Long Island (3 comments)

Will the Population Downsize Soon? (4 comments)

From Hopeless to Hopeful

Living Under the Gun (9 comments)

Obama And Adam Smith (2 comments)

Did You Hear About the Shooting? (5 comments)

Titanic Banks Hit LIBOR Iceberg: Will Lawsuits Sink the Ship? (19 comments)

To the People of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District (3 comments)

Spoiling for Another Lebanon War (1 comments)

Security Council Showdown Aftermath (1 comments)

Why Reporters Are in the Firing Line (1 comments)

Even Batman Massacre Won't Make Guns an Issue in Presidential Race (1 comments)

Friday, July 20:

Pelosi On a Mission (2 comments)

Romney "Goes for the Gold" in London's Libor Village

Advantage to Mr. Romney

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math (11 comments)

Actually, Guns Do Kill People (6 comments)

Queers Need Not Apply: The Boy Scouts of Amerika Continue to Disappoint (7 comments)

*The Competitive Double-Standard: The Olympics versus Global Trade (1 comments)

Vermont's F-35 Dogfight Getting Rough (3 comments)

Prop 34: Truth, Indeed, But Not The Whole Truth (3 comments)

Dark Night of the Dark Knight (15 comments)

*The Cost of Free Trade (3 comments)

Claras: Greek Steel Workers Strike: 264 days of struggle

"Adil" Means "just" in Arabic (3 comments)

Copenhagen Aspires to be the First Carbon Neutral Capital in the World

The Catalyst for a Middle East Conflagration Rests with Israel's Obsession with Iran even with Syria in the Headlines (1 comments)

*Ann Romney Confuses "you people" with We The People (7 comments)

Think Different: What Apple Can Teach America (6 comments)

Peace Needs a Chance

Rupert Watch, Murdoch Faces Shareholder Rebellion in UK (1 comments)

What is George Zimmerman Thinking

Syria Roulette

Israel Likely Behind Bulgarian False Flag (5 comments)

Thursday, July 19:

Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson quotes (1 comments)

Israel Creates A Settler "Samaria" University

Republican Party Transformation (2 comments)

A Festering Wound (6 comments)

'Retro' Romney's 'Immaculate Resignation' (3 comments)

Not Global Warming?! (10 comments)

*Threshing "tef" in Ethiopia (1 comments)

*Stop Governor Jindal's Creationist Voucher Program (1 comments)

The Libor Scandal In Full Perspective (40 comments)

Big Business Has Become Disconnected from the Well-Being of Most Americans (2 comments)

The Crisis of Manufactured Debt (2 comments)

Blair, War, Olympic Deals and a Glimpse of Another Britain (2 comments)

Gareth Porter: Netanyahu -- Unlike Olmert -- Refuses Explicit Iran Attack Threat (2 comments)

Three Simple Fixes To Nearly Everything (3 comments)

Fighting 21st Century "Evil" in American Politics (1 comments)

Citizens Protest PA Prison Expansion at Graterford Prison

The Freeh Report and Joe Paterno (2 comments)

Occupy the Tea Party (6 comments)

Say It Ain't So, Joe: Another Sports Legend Bites the Dust (66 comments)

Dred Scott, Citizens United, and the Future of the Democratic Party (4 comments)

1998: So Close to an End for Sandusky - Who Interfered and Why? (5 comments)

Mitt Gets Worse: One Negative Ad Campaign We Hope Goes Viral (2 comments)

The Real Bain Capital Story (7 comments)

US Cities Going Bankrupt (9 comments)

Divorce Scuttles Shotgun Likud/Kadmina Wedding

Wisconsin Recalls Finally Check and Balance Scott Walker (5 comments)

Wednesday, July 18:

Hillary Clinton's Incendiary Global Tour

Romney vs. Obama on Regulation and Big Money

"We Have Met the Enemy, and It is Wal-Mart!" (2 comments)

Blood on the (Bain) tracks (4 comments)

Carnival Deception: While Mitt and Barry Posture, the Imperial Beast Plods On (2 comments)

Israel's Annexation Plan

Mitt Romney's New Lie (2 comments)

It Appears That The Madoff Scam Was Not, Repeat Not, A Ponzi Scheme. (3 comments)

The Past Is Prologue

The No Billionaires Campaign (20 comments)

Keep The Paterno Statue But Change the Message (8 comments)

Viva Le Tour! Viva Lance and the Tour Riders ! (1 comments)

The New York Times in New England (2 comments)

Minnesota Town Bans Signs in Yards Unless They're Pro-War

*Israeli Air Force to Conduct Training Exercises in United States Under Fast-Tracked Aid Bill

Be Careful Who You Lionize: Bio of Barton's Hero Devours His "Founders Bible" With Slavery, Incest And Homosexuality (2 comments)

ICRC Supports Imperialism for Profit

Olympiad Readiness: Militarized London Total Policing (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 17:

Are Rape Jokes Ever Funny? (6 comments)

U.S. Extends NATO Interceptor Missile System Into Persian Gulf

Voluntary Commitments--The Way Forward After Rio+20?

Think Political Conventions Don't Matter? Think Again

"Egypt's Presidential Election: Emancipation Not on the Ballot" by Larry Everest (1 comments)

America's Drones Are Homeward Bound (2 comments)

Disclose Act Fails, Political Donors Remain Undisclosed

Harassing the Whistleblowers (4 comments)

Technology doesn't cause inequality -- deliberate policy change does

Shameless Tax Loopholes

Clinton in Cairo

America Edges Ever Closer to a Military Confrontation with China and Russia: (12 comments)

A Terraist Letter Written on Behalf of Mother Earth (2 comments)

Drones in the New York Times: in defense of face-to-face Mafia Hits (34 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Why Iran should take the US led sanctions issue to the International Court of Justice (1 comments)

A Better Way To Finance Public Projects (6 comments)

Escape From Freedom (6 comments)

Nothing Civil About Washington's War on Syria (1 comments)

World Economies on Life Support (1 comments)

Monday, July 16:

Extinction Level Event . . .? (3 comments)

Syria, The Movie: Monsters and Defectors (1 comments)

The Battle of Blair Mountain (6 comments)

War On All Fronts (23 comments)

The Truth is" The Truth Is (6 comments)

Immigration, Racism & the Courts

Romney's "Fact-Checker" Cover-up (1 comments)

Republican Argument Supports Democratic Opponent -- Ooops! (1 comments)

Growing a Climate Resilient Food System (4 comments)

Fraudulent and fictitious

Propaganda War on Syria

Protesting Social Injustice by Self-Immolation

Sunday, July 15:

If At First You Don't Succeed

Unions focus on grassroots organizing, not helping the Democratic National Convention make ends meet

Poverty in the LGBT* Community (2 comments)

So You Think Joe Paterno is a Liar? (8 comments)

The vicious walking U.S. zombie (8 comments)

Nationalism vs. Capitalism: Guess Which One Wins? (5 comments)

What Protestants Could Learn from Ron Paul (13 comments)

This Global Financial Fraud and its Gatekeepers (6 comments)

Romney, Perfect Foil for A Republicrat Incumbent? (25 comments)

Global instability, feedback, and your survival (3 comments)

We are all Spaniards Now (1 comments)

Restoring Impotence

Is Syria Worth World War III? (5 comments)

Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

Criminalizing Dissent in Israel (1 comments)

"What Kind of Peace Are the Congo UN Peacemakers Keeping?" (1 comments)

Saturday, July 14:

Iran Sanctions: War by Other Means (3 comments)

Abolishing War: One Last Step (7 comments)

Clinton Engineers Expansion of Asian NATO to Contain China

*Playing Bank (1 comments)

Fee-For-Service is Not the Problem (3 comments)

Every Building Should Be Sustainable, Not Just Green (1 comments)

The Romney "Fact-Checking" Scandal (6 comments)

The Real Libor Scandal (17 comments)

Barclays and LIBOR, Just the Tip of the Iceberg (2 comments)

Absurdity Rules the World (21 comments)

Romney Only Talks, Never Says Anythingthing (2 comments)

Voting rights in America under attack (1 comments)

Scoundrel Media Warmongering (1 comments)

Washington's Man in Tripoli

Friday, July 13:

The Selling of American Democracy: The Perfect Storm (3 comments)

Two Faces

Falling Through the Cracks (16 comments)

Covering Up Debacles: The Sandusky Affair and the Vietnam War (2 comments)

The Problem is The United States (1 comments)

Bohemian Grove & Reagan's "Treason" (1 comments)

*Illinois Politics

Baltimore City the Catalytic Force in Bias Suit Won Against Wells Fargo

Can the GOP Pry some blacks away from President Obama? (1 comments)

Mitt Romney: No There There (1 comments)

Rev Billy Talen: The Somber Act of Placing Large Pink Polka Dots on Bulldozers (3 comments)

*Indie Film 'The Last War Crime' Debuts at Cannes--but Censored in US

*Tokyo Conference Fails, Insures Civil War in Afghanistan

*Sec. Clinton in Laos Observes US Crimes Against Humanity Still Ongoing (4 comments)

What If Reagan Had Warned of Climate Change? (3 comments)

Prop. 34: It's time for the truth

UK Democracy in Terminal Decline

News Digested (2 comments)

Thursday, July 12:

The LIBOR Scandal -- And Why It's Important (17 comments)

Mitt Romney: The New Teflon Man (3 comments)

The Template: NATO Consolidates Grip On Former Yugoslavia (1 comments)

Stop NATO: Digest for July 7-12

A Hydra in Damascus (1 comments)

Moyers & Taibbi Explain How the Wall Street Mafia Holds America and the World Hostage (19 comments)

2012: Aristocracy or Democracy

Creative Extortion (3 comments)

MITTALLICA -SONG-youtube:'Exit Right, Telling Lies, Pay banks,man,-Your Etchasketch is my command'-pro singer as 'Mitt' (1 comments)

Addressing population growth for a sustainable future

Not all Texans are idiots!: A Tribute to Annette Sanford (1 comments)

PSU and Paterno Not Guilty - McQueary Testimony Proves It. (25 comments)

Begging For A Boycott: Google's "Legalize Love" Campaign Forces The Right To Take It's Medicine (2 comments)

*Markets Are for Me

Bad mother, useless human being

International Law Revisionism

Whitewashing Criminal Fraud

Wednesday, July 11:

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo ...

Information Overload: Driving a Stake Through the National Security State (3 comments)

What the Frack!?! (1 comments)

The Real Battle in 2012 and Beyond (2 comments)

The Nightingale's Nest: Lamenting the Soul's Enclosure (5 comments)

Nuclear Foxes In Charge of the Nuclear Hen Houses (1 comments)

The Heart and Soul of America, the Middle Class, is Being Destroyed by the Massive Power of Corporatism (8 comments)

Ralph Nader Lists 11 Books You Should Read (2 comments)

Syrian Crisis Escalating, Kofi Annan's Diplomatic Efforts with Iran Unacceptable to the U.S.

Cheapening Bravery, And Drone Pilots (10 comments)

Video: Rob Kall On TPP-- Kill ALL the Trade Agreements (2 comments)

Next Step for Post-Revolution Egypt; Trash the Top Court Judges

Before the Collapse (8 comments)

Romney and Surrogates Counterattack-- "Obama Outsourced." The Problem Is... (6 comments)

A Few Good Women: Response to "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" (5 comments)

Hillary Clinton, Queen of Hearts (12 comments)

Denis Rancourt's Struggle for Justice (1 comments)

Media Scoundrels Endorse Sham Libyan Election

The Truth About Obama's Tax Proposal (and the Lies the Regressives are Telling About It) (8 comments)

Tuesday, July 10:

There will be hell to pay for NATO's Holy War (3 comments)

As Evidence Mounts, DC Insiders Worry About Holder's Inaction On Wall Street Crime (6 comments)

The Citizens United Trap for Republicans (5 comments)

Capitalism in an irrational political system (5 comments)

Why I'd Vote for the SAFE California Act (2 comments)

Societal Transformation: How Radical Does It Need to Be? (1 comments)

The "America-Held-Hostage" Narrative (2 comments)

Follies of the Middle Class (4 comments)

To prevent reopening of graft cases: President Zardari clips powers of the Supreme Court

The Revolution Equation (11 comments)

Crashing at the Intersection of Women's Rights and Voting Rights (9 comments)

40 Is The New 70 (2 comments)

The Federal Budget for Dummies: Tax Cuts + Increased Spending = Red Ink (1 comments)

Scamming America With Jesus, Part II: Militaristic "Prophet" Lou Engle Wants 100,000 ex-Gays To Become Faith Healers (2 comments)

Should Military Use Our $$ to Sponsor NASCAR Teams? (3 comments)

Beyond Politics: Equality and Safety for the LGBT* Community in Prisons

The Mystery of Arafat's Death

Virginia's Political Asset

What Ever Happened to Shame?

Will Minnesota Be Next To Succumb To The Lie Of Voter Fraud

Stolen Haitian Relief Money (3 comments)

Clinton: Assad's Days Are Numbered (1 comments)

Monday, July 9:

Current TV and the American Media (3 comments)

It's All True ... Everything They Tell You Is A Lie

NATO Steps Up Activity In Mediterranean, Syria Responds

It's Just Parchment, Get Over It (2 comments)

Everything They're Telling Us About False? (1 comments)

After the Fireworks Have Faded: Intimations of Bosons Among a Cacophony of Bozos (4 comments)

The DC Blackouts and Global Warming (3 comments)

Two fists full of dollars for Romney

Texas Justice: 22 Years on Death Row

The Silence on Global Warming (3 comments)

How to Think; A remedy for a nation of the blind (17 comments)

Countering the reactionary Right on the Radio

Corporations Funneling Millions to Tax Exempt Non Profits Avoiding Disclosure (1 comments)

Opednews is Covering the Most Important, Threatening, Hopeful Issues and Angles. Help Us (4 comments)

Scamming America With Jesus: Why Faith Healers Are Immoral And Bad For Health Of The Country (3 comments)

US Invasion Without Traditional War (5 comments)

Sham Libyan Elections (1 comments)

Israeli Judicial Harshness

Sunday, July 8:

Iran won't crack (4 comments)

750,000 PA Voters Without State-Issued Photo ID Could be Disenfranchised Under New GOP Law (1 comments)

Afghan women's plight (1 comments)

William Hartung, Why No One Notices Our MAD Planet

Pro-Divestment Presbyterians Win By Losing

The Wall Street Scandal of all Scandals (4 comments)

Gov. Nikki Haley Rejects Gardasil: A Moment of Sanity in a Sea of Corporate-Sponsored Confusion

The Collapsing US Economy And The End of The World (23 comments)

A Child Grows Up (4 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: "Israel disses US while seeking "bi-lateral alliance' with Russia

*Bury My Heart In Electoral Politics (2 comments)

The Worst Person in the World? (23 comments)

Romney's Disastrous Prescription for the Black Jobless Crisis

Bullying, Bluster and Imperial Arrogance 101 (3 comments)

Israel: land of Inequality and Injustice (1 comments)

Saturday, July 7:

Ben Franklin on Justifiable Assassination (6 comments)

Beyond Politics: LGBT Workplace Discrimination

How do you deal with life long friends that just don't care? (15 comments)

U.S. Egypt Policy in Limbo (1 comments)

The Affordable Care Act Survives (4 comments)

The Matrix of Four Mental and National States (1 comments)

Will Lynch Found Not Guilty of Beating Rapist Priest (9 comments)

Land of the Persecuted, Home of the Distressed: A Year of Oppression in Review (1 comments)


Who Is So Hell-Bent On Getting Assange? (24 comments)

Libor Scandal Reflects a Cesspool of Financial Fraud (9 comments)

Dismal Jobs Report Reflects Economic Decline

Poisoning Arafat (2 comments)

The Jobs Doldrums and Obama's Future (1 comments)

Friday, July 6:

Did Reagan Know about Baby Thefts? (1 comments)

Vetoing Voter ID Is the (Historically) Republican Thing to Do

Is Obama's Corporate-Friendly Approach Really "How Liberals Win"?

GOP hopes USA fails

Crime of the Century

Imperial Hubris: Clinton Demands Russia And China "Pay The Price" (5 comments)

SCOTUS Overturning Montana Law is the Catalyst for a Constitutional Amendment

The Picking-a-President Dilemma (1 comments)

Defending Obamacare: 5 Basics (2 comments)

Why Are We Playing Russian Roulette With the Sun? (6 comments)

The Crises of Costs and Social Costs (1 comments)

Lyndia Storey: Friends of the Sea: (2 comments)

Deficit, U.S. Default, and Economic Stimulus versus Austerity (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street Metamorphosizes-- And it's Beautiful and Fun (29 comments)

Mr. President, Members of Congress (1 comments)

The Day I Almost Robbed a Bank (4 comments)

*Declaring Our Interdependence (1 comments)

Corporate Brand Obama - The 'Kill List' Assassin (2 comments)

Israel Likely Killed Arafat (1 comments)

Unresolved Iran Nuclear Talks

Thursday, July 5:

Oil and Illusions (2 comments)

It's Complicated (2 comments)

Jolting the Democratic Party from Its Stupor (31 comments)

Method to Allen West's Madness (1 comments)

How Not to Get Big Pharma to Change Its Ways (2 comments)

The "Sorry" State of American Diplomacy

America Leads the World --- in Waging War, Creating and Selling Weapons of Destruction (5 comments)

*The Great Unraveling Continues (4 comments)

A Country For Sale

Catholic Bishops Fortnight Fiasco: Government Grants Freedom, Not God (14 comments)

Sign of Elite Rule: Health Care Casino

Strait History and Iran's Options (5 comments)

Selling Off Greece to the Occupier

A citizen's view of July 4th (1 comments)

Pennsylvania Politics Continues to Trump Health and the Environment

NATO's Global Open Door Policy

TPP: A Trade Deal from Hell (5 comments)

John McCain, A Veteran Was Demeaned In Your Name. Will You Step Up To Defend Her? (4 comments)

Stealth Trade Agreement Secret Negotiations (3 comments)

Wednesday, July 4:

A Post 'Arab Spring' Palestine

Beyond Politics: Bullying (2 comments)

It's Time to Re-Declare Independence - Politically, Economically and Spiritually (5 comments)

Judge Threatens Gag Order on Lawsuit to Protect Ballot Privacy

U.S. Marines: New Deployments From Black Sea To Africa And Beyond

Ezili Danto: Haiti: If I could reach CNN's audience on the 4th of July (3 comments)

July 4, 2012: What to Celebrate and Other Days to Remember

How Scalia Distorts the Framers

Jefferson is Spinning (1 comments)

It's Time to be Honest About Obama (11 comments)

Is Homophobia Curable? (4 comments)

Anderson Cooper Comes Out! The Media Explodes! Homophobes React! Multitudes Yawn! News At 11! (3 comments)

My First Experience with the Occupy Movement (1 comments)

Restoring My Rights by Leaving a State Job (5 comments)

*Michael Moore, ACA, and the Single Payer Solution (3 comments)

Banking on Zeros

The Battle of the Rich White Guys (4 comments)

Mexico 2012: Students Protest at Electoral Institute; AMLO & others face tough decisions

PRI Regains Mexican Presidency

US Intelligence Says Turkish Warplane Downed in Syrian Waters

The "Younger" Games: Phony Age War Strikes Again ... and Again ... and Again

Tuesday, July 3:

Shamir's October Surprise Admission

Michael Moore Talks About SCOTUS, Occupy, Weasel Democrats and Obama (22 comments)

Can Americans Escape the Deception? (21 comments)

Welcome to 'Democraship' (2 comments)

Patriotism July 4, 2012

New Israeli Leader Balks on Iran (1 comments)

Support Negotiations Not War with Iran (2 comments)

The Freeloader Tax (6 comments)

Donald Rumsfeld Returns to Georgia

Mexico 2012: Students Occupy Plaza, Present Evidence of Fraud (2 comments)

Bain Bombshell Bottom Line: ROMNEY LIED. What Now? Whither Matt Rhoades? (5 comments)

Bad Things Happen in the Dark (1 comments)

Lynne Stewart Loses Appeal

Yitzhak Shamir's Criminal Legacy

Monday, July 2:

The Longest War: Overcoming Lies and Indifference (2 comments)

War On Independence (6 comments)

A Wall Street Gambling Tax: The Remedy to Inequality (5 comments)

Aiding the Evolution (5 comments)

*And the Deductibles (1 comments)

*Has Our Defense of Freedom Made America Less Independent? (1 comments)

Confronted by Hypocrisy

Are We About to Be Enslaved by the Central Banks of the World? (10 comments)

Time to Get Crazy (21 comments)

No Road Back (3 comments)

Trans Pacific Partnership: Corporate Escape From Accountability (12 comments)

Government by the Banks, for the Banks: The ESM Coup D'Etat in Europe (4 comments)

News from Athens via StopCartel Livestream 7-1-2012 (1 comments)

Our incredible predicament in America: the American Dream (5 comments)

Pentagon and NATO Rehearse for War in the Baltic Sea

The Fate of Health Care and the November Election (2 comments)

Attendance Reforms Still Needed in Schools & Universities of the Arab World (8 comments)

Would The Morality of a "Christian Only" Country Be ... Truly Moral? (1 comments)

A Victory for Obamacare, A Defeat for the Left (4 comments)

Record Heat, Ferocious Storms, And Godzilla: The Anti-Environmental Industry Is Melting In A Sea Of Ridicule (2 comments)

BREAKING: Computer Fraud in Mexican Presidential Election

Failure in Geneva

Profile of Institutionalized Racism (1 comments)

Mitt Romney and the New Gilded Age (4 comments)

The TPP and Our Moral Bottomline (3 comments)

Sunday, July 1:

Why Romney Bothers to Address the NAACP

Occupy's National Gathering: Seize the Moment! (3 comments)

Seeking a Visa for Dr. Wee Teck Young, Peace Activist

Buzz Windrip is Alive and Well

Ex-Militia Blogger Who Spawned Fast And Furious Scandal Predicts Armed Insurrection Over Health Care Decision (2 comments)

Limits To Wealth - Economics As If Gross Disparity Mattered (1 comments)

Let's party like it's ... 1997

New Israeli Deputy PM Undercuts Strategy of Pressure on Obama

Footlong Hot Dogs of the Apocalypse (3 comments)

Plumbing New Depths of Inanity in the Tea Party Crowd (2 comments)

Perpetual Peace

Capitalism, Socialism, or Fascism? (3 comments)

Judicial Judo (2 comments)

In A Police Materialist World, Might Is Right! (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Netanyahu to Obama on election: When we say jump, you say how high? (3 comments)

Roberts: The Completely Consistent Conservative. (3 comments)

Africa: U.S. And NATO Build Neo-Colonial Proxy Forces

Mexico 2012: Students March, and a Mexican Spring Begins? (2 comments)

Obama Planning More War (5 comments)

Spurious Terrorism Indictments (2 comments)

Polish Senator's Startling New Allegations about the CIA Torture Prison in Poland (5 comments)

Bernie Sanders, Nurses: We Still Need 'Medicare for All' (1 comments)


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