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June 2012

Saturday, June 30:

Dear Michelle: Are you There, There? (2 comments)

Never Again? What About Syria? (3 comments)

Daphni Rides Again

The Naked and the Dead: Raw Hubris is Still the Rule (4 comments)

Why Nancy Pelosi is Smiling

Romania: U.S. Escalates Missile Brinkmanship Against Russia

Rupert Murdoch May Be a Convenient Demon, But the Media is a Junta (3 comments)

Forgotten Casualties of the Vietnam War

Our New Narrative - Who We Are (1 comments)

Roberts Rules of Order (1 comments)

John Roberts, unlikely hero of the left wing (1 comments)

Manchin -- Tomblin & Rahall Have A Duty To Attend Democratic Convention (1 comments)

Who Would you Save, Assange or Pinochete? (4 comments)

What Universal Healthcare Means to Americans (6 comments)

Big Win for Predatory Healthcare Giants (9 comments)

Summit Fatigue

Syria & The Phantom

Friday, June 29:

Combined Maritime Forces: U.S.'s Global Naval Force in the Arabian Sea (1 comments)

Presbyterians Next Up for Divestment Vote

Roberts Embraces Right's Fake History

Don't Kid Yourself. It's Still a Corporate Court. Here Are 10 Lessons From CEO Roberts

Reports of Troop Movements Near Syria's Borders (3 comments)

The Righteous Road to Ruin (15 comments)

Watergate: The Hidden History and the 2012 Elections (2 comments)

Surrogate Pinatas (1 comments)

Kashmiri American Council leader begins two-year imprisonment (1 comments)

The History of Occupy Women of Tampa (OWT) (4 comments)

House Not Holder is Contemptible (2 comments)

More Jokes From the Penn State Trustees (1 comments)

Sandusky Nation: The Powerful Abuse the Weak (2 comments)

The Terrorist Government of the United States (6 comments)

Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report on Syria

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric (1 comments)

Hooray! We Won Something ... Maybe (1 comments)

Thursday, June 28:

Times/HBO: A Flower For "Poppy" Bush (3 comments)

O brother, where art thou?

Roberts' Switch (5 comments)

Supreme Court Leaves Romney in the Cold

U.S. Tests New Interceptor Missile For NATO System Deployment (2 comments)

Dead On Arrival

How Iran Might See the Threats

It Was A Pleasure (1 comments)

"Welcome to Cuba," Says the Disgruntled Right: Roberts Saves the Day(s) for Obamacare

Time for Congress to Impeach Justice Antonin Scalia (4 comments)

Gone Banana Republic (1 comments)

OMG Obamacare Survives the Supreme Court... With Roberts' Help (37 comments)

Can The World Survive Washington's Hubris? (13 comments)

Let's Get Beyond Left "Groupspeak!" (6 comments)

No July 4th Celebration for Me Should Obamacare be Struck Down

The Adidas Controversy: Wage Slavery and the Shackling of Black Youth (2 comments)

*Why Obamacare Failed

The Morally Corrupt But Brilliant Secret Strategy of the Military/Industrial/National Security Complex (7 comments)

State of War in Syria

Commemorating Anti-Torture Day

Wednesday, June 27:

United Nations' Leaks Against Rwanda Pollute Press Pool (14 comments)

Labor's Got to Get Serious About Amending to Overturn 'Citizens United' (1 comments)

This Is Your Life! (1 comments)

As Empire Consumes America, a Pervasive Silence Engulfs Our Society (5 comments)

The Price of Political Purity (9 comments)

*US Live Fire off N. Korean Coast Celebrates US War 10 Facts of History Condemn US (1 comments)

Do We Have a Right to Internet Privacy or an Obligation to Disclosure? (1 comments)

Meet My Best Teachers

Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom": What's Good, and What's Missing (3 comments)

Fighting for the Soul of the Carpenter's Union (2 comments)

Magnitsky Bill Drags Senators into Foreign Plot (1 comments)

Ex-US President Indicts Obama as Assassin (35 comments)

The Robin Hood Tax (3 comments)

Truth Be Damned: Palin Revives 'Death Panels' Claim (2 comments)

The Tea Party Shtick

American Autumn: An Occudoc

Black American, Afghan, Pakistani, and Yemeni Children are Targeted by Good Ole' Americans and Obama Drones the Black Bo (7 comments)

What Exactly Is the Neoconservative Movement? (14 comments)

Advancing the Ball for War on Syria (2 comments)

Boland Amendment Redux (1 comments)

Tuesday, June 26:

Excluding Outsiders or Coming Together for the Common Good: What's the True Meaning of Patriotism? (1 comments)

Try Thinking for Yourself (1 comments)

No Help from Romney if Supreme Court Scraps the Health Care Law

If It's Tuesday . . . (1 comments)

The Trans Pacific Partnership, Yet another Opportunity to Chop-Shop America (3 comments)

WPost's "Fact-Check-Gate"

The Regulation Monster

The Hijacking of Arab Spring, and the Media's Complicity (1 comments)

Why Media's Health Care Reform Coverage Was Even Worse Than You Thought

It's Time to Examine the "Job Creators" by David George

Supreme Court: Enemy of Democracy (42 comments)

The End Is Near (7 comments)

Egyptian military and Brotherhood in high stakes game of brinkmanship

Will Peace Prize Winners Duke It Out Over Drones And Human Rights? Carter Calls Obama To Task. (2 comments)

Manufacturing a facade of democracy in Egypt

Syria and Turkey's phantom war (1 comments)

Syria Blamed for Turkish Provocation (1 comments)

Monday, June 25:

Supreme Court: More Elections for Sale

NATO War Council To Target Syria

India on an Edge (1 comments)

Romney and the Rise of the Corporate Super-predator Class (3 comments)

Consensual Stupidity (2 comments)

"There are Marxists in India?" Economist Prabhat Patnaik on the global crisis

Politics Will Again Trump Law in Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling (1 comments)

Why We Fight (7 comments)

A heart wrenching incident in northern Afghanistan (1 comments)

There Is No In-Between: Stand With The People Or With The Oppressors (6 comments)

*War & Vermont #2

Obama's Second Latin American Coup (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders reacts to: Supreme Court Rejects Montana Law Limiting Campaign Contributions/Citizens United (1 comments)

*Sandusky Child Abuser Sickness but Americans Murdering Children Collaterally is a Life Style (5 comments)

Angela Merkel should be asked to leave office or to learn from history (2 comments)

Do Pedophile Clergy And Their Enablers Get What They Deserve? (1 comments)

"No Religion is an Island" -- Challenging Injustice in a Community That's Not "Our Own" (1 comments)

Jewish Federation Puts Kibosh On Extremist Islamophobe Pamela Geller (4 comments)

Obama's Leaked Diary

Unanswered Question Remains about Sandusky Case (9 comments)

Obama's War on Democracy

War of Words Over Turkish Aircraft Incident

HBO's Newsroom Kicks Ass, Scares the Hell Our of Right Wingers and Probably the MSM (8 comments)

Sunday, June 24:

Grand Tradition: Obama Does it the Old-Fashioned Way in Honduras (6 comments)

John Sheirer: New Book Reclaims "Liberal" as a Patriotic Compliment

Chiaroscuro: The Art of Rembrandt . . . and Romney?

Franklin P. Lamb: Are Palestinians Being Scapegoated Over Army Killings in Lebanon?

WPost's Kessler Earns 4 Pinocchios

Views from Venezuela: From Left to Right (6 comments)

Inequality Apparently Increasing (1 comments)

Whose Spring? The CIA's Hand In The Rise of Islamists And International Terrorist Groups (4 comments)

Document condones violence at September DNC in Charlotte (12 comments)

"Christian" Lies Regarding Prayer In the Military (4 comments)

Heading for Economic Collapse (3 comments)

High Court Produces a Politics of, by and for Corporations (2 comments)

Destroying Susiya Village to Save It

Saturday, June 23:

How Citizens United Killed the Gettysburg Address

Rocky Anderson Campaign: NM Independent Party Chooses Rocky Anderson for President (6 comments)

Romney cover-up of his tax returns, offshore tax shelters and outsourcing profits must end

The 2012 Presidential Election (1 comments)

Fear Not the Apathy (2 comments)

*War & Vermont #1 (1 comments)

In 10 years security conditions have worsened for Afghan women (2 comments)

An Unfortunate Case of Jilted Lovers (4 comments)

Gulf of Tonkin Redux? (4 comments)

"The stakes are very, very high - for people and for the planet...for peace and prosperity," says U.N Secretary-General (3 comments)

Cold War Politics Redux

Israel Reneges on Hunger Striker Deal

Friday, June 22:

Our Muslim Brothers (2 comments)

NATO Expands Military Network To All Continents (2 comments)

44 Senators Tell Obama To Do Israel's Bidding (6 comments)

From "Racist," To "Dick," To Heckling: How The Press Treats Obama (4 comments)

Rio+20 and You (4 comments)

Women and Sustainability: Women and Business Development at Rio+20 - An Interview with Tess Mateo (1 comments)

Food For Thought As We Await The Supreme Court Ruling (1 comments)

New World Order Blueprint Leaked (59 comments)

Real Monetary Reform (3 comments)

The Most Anti-Environment Congress in History: Here's the Record (1 comments)

The Psychology of Conservatism (6 comments)

Channeling Mel Gibson: Bill Donohue's War Against All Things Non-Catholic Is Heating Up ...Against Jews. (5 comments)

Will Lynch Trial Update-- D.A. Takes Court Case Into Twilight Zone (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Imam Musa Sadr's Remains Discovered in Libya

Turkish Plane Reported Shot Down in Syrian Airspace (1 comments)

The Vietnam War and the Struggle For Truth (6 comments)

Election Theft; An American Plague Spreading Around the World (11 comments)

Obama's Statement on Fast and Furious (4 comments)

Obama vs. Romney: The Economy (1 comments)

Wisconsin Redux: Self-flagellating Progressives Continue to Miss the Real Problem (5 comments)

American Patriotism in Hyper-Drive (11 comments)

Jill Stein: (Presumptive) 2012 Green Party Presidential Nominee (5 comments)

CIA Arming Syrian Insurgents

Western Hypocrisy on Iran's Nuclear Rights

Thursday, June 21:

An Impossible Dream (3 comments)

Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Cheney Effect (in the Obama Administration) (1 comments)

Republicans Stick the Knife in the Backs of American Workers Again (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Debate over the Economy & Women, & Why Dems are Losing Both (4 comments)

Vagina: say it loud, Lisa Brown (1 comments)

Iraq: NATO Forges New Strategic Partnership In Persian Gulf

Struggling on Empty Stomachs for Justice

Is a Rising Anger, Frustration and Distress Propelling America Toward a Societal Eruption? (29 comments)

Health Care: Give the People What They Want (3 comments)

Barack Obama - The More Insidious Evil (9 comments)

A Terraist Letter to all the Real Terrorists

*It's Not Nice To Scapegoat Mother Nature

Interview with Kevin Gosztola: The Political Persecution & Inhumane Punishment of Pfc. Bradley Manning by Larry Everest (5 comments)

What's not going on at Rio+20 - and why Aussie plonk is 'ecocider' (3 comments)

Why Congress Won't Touch Jamie Dimon: JPM Derivatives Prop Up US Debt (8 comments)

Reviving And Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing (2 comments)

The Conservative Closet

What About Some Corporate Patriotism! (2 comments)

How The Current Situation In Legal Education Came To Pass.

Syrians Prepare For A Long NATO Winter

Could A Treason Trial Be In The Air? Newly Declassified 9/11 Docs Reveal The Real Enemy: George W. Bush (40 comments)

Election Fraud in Egypt (7 comments)

5 Great Things About America...That Aren't True Any More (5 comments)

Bear Kosik: Plan of Action (7 comments)

UN Monitors Spy for Washington

Israel Declared an Apartheid State

Wednesday, June 20:

Dimon in the Rough: How Wall Street Aims to Keep U.S. Regulators Out of Its Global Betting Parlor

History Is The Enemy As "Brilliant" Psy-Ops Become The News (4 comments)

It's No Fun Being An Illegal Alien

You Mean Muslims Make Art? (1 comments)

Saudi Arabia: Persian Gulf Of Strategic Interest To NATO

Julian Assange's Artful Dodge (7 comments)

President Correa, Please Protect Julian Assange From My Government (3 comments)

President Obama as "Warrior-in-chief" (1 comments)

Protests Against the Military Coup in Egypt, Acquiescence of the "Quiet" Coup in the U.S.

Bush v. Gore has lessons for us; Read Health Decision

Bernie Sanders: Label Genetically Engineered Food (2 comments)

Training Killers in the Classroom (16 comments)

A Matter Of Honor (8 comments)

There For Amy: How Health Care Reform Benefited One Iowa Couple

Last Hours for Montana (2 comments)

An Open Letter To Tony Perkins: Why I Celebrate Gay Pride Month And Not Self-Righteous Pride Month (2 comments)

Tortured Punished, Torturer Cleared: The Story of Ahmed Abu-Ali.

A Brief Introduction to the Green Party (8 comments)

Public Opinion Power: Free Choice (1 comments)

Wake Up and Smell the Radioactive Waste (3 comments)

Putin/Obama Talks

Palestinian Footballer Wins Release

Tuesday, June 19:

Unconstitutional Uses of Drones Must Stop (3 comments)

"Apocalypse Now' Vogue Engulfs Chicken Littles (8 comments)

My Vote is Worth Something ...

Liberals Working for the Right (3 comments)

Assange asks Ecuador for asylum (4 comments)

Austerity Not a Greek Goal (2 comments)

"Financial uncertainty" good for the poor, not for the rich

Why Republicans Worry About Hurting Corporate Feelings (1 comments)

Showdown with the Generals -- The Future Direction of Egypt's Revolution (1 comments)

Interpreting Progressive Militarism: An Exchange with David Atkins

Silent Spring For Us? (8 comments)

*Reflections on the Vatican's Condemnation of Farley's Book JUST LOVE (2 comments)

Pharmed Out

Will Lynch Trial This Week -- Justice: Where the Hell Are You? (9 comments)

It's a BLACK Thing (1 comments)

*State-wide Foreclosure Moratorium: How to Get One (7 comments)

Will the Principles of Environmental Justice Make Their Way Into Rio+20?

Barack Obama and the Pitfalls of Priestliness

I Don't Want to Conquer the World. They Can Count Me Out. (5 comments)

Fraud at the Polls

Israeli Turned Palestinian Activist

Monday, June 18:

Klepetromilitatorship (1 comments)

Obama vs. Romney: The Framing Matchup, Round One (5 comments)

U.S. Implementing Afghanistan And Kosovo Models For Syria

Mad Cow Rampant in Wisconsin (2 comments)

Amnesty's Shilling for US Wars (15 comments)

Paul Ryan (and Mitt Romney) Versus the Nuns (2 comments)

White Hot Anger (3 comments)

Obama's DREAM Gambit

Rio+20: A Defining Choice (1 comments)

Parabolic Thinking (10 comments)

The Ongoing Multi-Trillion Dollar Heist That Continues to Shrink America's Middle Class (12 comments)

Securing education in Afghanistan (2 comments)

Occupy Will Be Back (9 comments)

Military Coup in Egypt

The Myth of Economic Growth (GDP growth) (1 comments)

The Good Imperialism (6 comments)

The Food and Drug Administration: A Healthy Part of the Government or Another Bureaucratic Mess?

Why We Need Tariffs on all Imports (10 comments)

All Eyes On Damascus: NATO And SCO Set To Face Off In Syria

Scandal escalates to defame the Chief Justice of Pakistan

Prolonged Solitary Confinement on Trial --An interview with law professor Angela A. Allen-Bell

The Failure of Peace Without Partners

Washington Arming Syrian Insurgents (1 comments)

Palestinian Footballer Near Death

Sunday, June 17:

The Supreme Court Should Rule with the People (2 comments)

Drone Me Down On The Killing Floor

Dying in Idaho (2 comments)

Inscrutable Icons of Liberaldom (2 comments)

Eat Me

Ten reasons why Mr. Obama will lose the Presidential race in 2012. (102 comments)

The First Casualty (47 comments)

Only The Chinese Have Two Eyes (1 comments)

Beware the corporate media: indispensable midwife to imperial assaults (10 comments)

Obama's Progressive Credentials: The LGBT* Community (2 comments)

Hollywood Exclaims: Stop Mistreating Deceptive Politicians! (Video Included Below)

The Psychosis of Monotheism

Can the Tea Party Clean Up Its Racist Act?

Washington's Imperial Brinksmanship (2 comments)

Europe in Crisis (2 comments)

Dimon, Simpson, Geithner: This Week's Three Horsemen of the Corporate-Politics Apocalypse (1 comments)

Saturday, June 16:

Dude, That Is So Killer (4 comments)

Five Years and Counting: Israel Creates and Manages Its "Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza" (1 comments)

Romney and the Right: They Hate him...But They Hate Obama More (1 comments)

Ponderings on the New Politics of Extremism (1 comments)

How Tea Partiers Diss the Framers (1 comments)

My Illegal Abortion (14 comments)

Libya: New AFRICOM And NATO Beachhead In Africa

*Better NO Health Care, Housing or Jobs for Amers Continuing to Mass-murder Overseas (3 comments)

#ShellFAIL: Private Arctic Launch Party Goes Wrong

Scoundrel Media Support for Obama (2 comments)

Gaza Blockade's Fifth Anniversary (1 comments)

The True Face of Egypt's Military (6 comments)

Manhunt (1 comments)

Friday, June 15:

Greed & the Pain in Spain

Admissions on Nixon's "Treason" (2 comments)

Now 11,000 voter histories missing; Purge rates as high as 35% of wrong histories (2 comments)

Sweden, Twitter, and when a Progressive icon becomes the darling of the Right (1 comments)

Fight cancer with food (1 comments)

Why Exactly Does Romney Want Fewer Firefighters, Police and Teachers? (1 comments)

A Culture of Coverup: Rape in the Ranks of the US Military (4 comments)

GOP wages war against jobs

Court Dissolves Freely Elected Parliament in Egypt, a Coup in the Making? (2 comments)

Intervention Uber Alles: A Forced March to Progressive Militarism (1 comments)

Writing Off The Elderly (23 comments)

Republican Spin: Impressive, Isn't It? (17 comments)

China's Land Policy

Indiscretions Qualify McGurk for Diplomacy

10 Reasons Obama Can Win (8 comments)

Dying Empire (8 comments)

The Extremist and The New Yorker: Will The "Bully Pulpit" Piece Dampen Bryan Fischer's Climb To Political King Maker? (3 comments)

Bear Kosik: A Developmental Educator's Plan to Address America's Political Problems (7 comments)

Atlas Drugged: A Review

Presidential Medal of Freedom Hypocrisy (1 comments)

JPMorgan Chase on Capitol Hill (1 comments)

Thursday, June 14:

Three anti-NATO protesters brought to Chicago court in chains

U.S. Exploits Syrian Situation For Showdown With Russia

A Red State Rebuke to Religious Fear-Mongering (3 comments)

A Back Door to the Public Option (3 comments)

9/11 Truth in the WSJ? (40 comments)

Media Backsliding on Iran Nukes

Fluxing Around

The Sociopathic Party Prepares to Take Total Control of the U.S. Government (76 comments)

Why do white collar criminals, especially banksters, have so little to worry about in the USA? (7 comments)

The GOP Holds President Obama, Not Holder in Contempt

See You at the Club: Fed Fat Cats Dip Into the Till (2 comments)

Traitors in America; Packs of Benedict Arnolds (79 comments)

Raw $ewage Politics (1 comments)

Obama's Progressive Credentials - The Middle and Working Class

NFL Hall of Fame has the chance to right a wrong with Jerry Kramer

The Supreme Court Should Rule with the People; Repeal the Mandate (11 comments)

Olympism Profiteering, Exploitation and Corruption (1 comments)

Stepped Up Russia Bashing (2 comments)

Wednesday, June 13:

The Art of War, With a Glass of Wine (1 comments)

Congress: The Fine Line Between Partisan And Treason (5 comments)

Why The Economy Can't Get Out of First Gear (5 comments)

Back to Square One in Egypt? (2 comments)

Economic Reform Newsletter: Are we lurching towards a one-world government? (6 comments)

VOCAB WARS -- Should Civilizations Compete for Terminologies? (11 comments)

Who's Jerkin' McGurk Now?

Casey Anthony - Me, Myself, and I (3 comments)

Misleading Ironies of Nuclear Experimentation (2 comments)

Hype, False Hopes, and the U.S. Imperialist Agenda Behind Iran Nuclear Negotiations (1 comments)

Iraq and Iran: A Partnership Made in America (2 comments)

Supreme Court to Discuss "Citizens United" Tomorrow in Light of Montana Supreme Court Challenge (3 comments)

A.P. Scare Report: A 'Brutal' Socialist Future Facing France (1 comments)

Single Payer: Moving Forward In The States (7 comments)

*The 1% Do It; So Can the 99%: Hire Police Protection! (9 comments)

Despite Exuberance Many Vaccines Do Far More Harm Than Good (3 comments)

U.S.-Israeli War Against Syria Moves To The Next Stage: A Media Coup (1 comments)

Supreme Court Approves Police State Harshness (2 comments)

Spain: The Latest Shoe to Drop

Tuesday, June 12:

The State of the Anti-War Movement (4 comments)

The Triple-D Sisterhood (5 comments)

The Dark Continuum of Watergate (1 comments)

Pentagon's Last Frontier: Battle-Hardened Troops Headed To Africa (3 comments)

Montana Citizens United Case Hanging in the Balance (1 comments)

Probe commission finds Haqqani behind the memo seeking US support against Pakistan's powerful army

Rejecting the Accolades of Unjust War: Iraq, Afghan War Vets Throw Back Medals, March with Thousands Against U.S. Wars (1 comments)

Hubris as the Evil Force in History (32 comments)

The "Fiscal Cliff"? A Hoax. The Democrats' "Long Game"? A Myth. This Is the Real Budget Battle (1 comments)

Now, You See My Fists? (5 comments)

Food Fights Exploit Class, Income Splits (4 comments)

The Vatican Scandals: A Never-ending Story (1 comments)

Did Our Public Airwaves "Win" it for Walker? (16 comments)

Pressure Builds for War on Syria

Contagion Affects Europe (2 comments)

North Dakota considers eliminating property tax (7 comments)

SYRIA : Media Lies Historically Leading Us To (another) War.

Monday, June 11:

Veto the Poor, Enrich the Already Rich (3 comments)

Iran Boosts Interest in Suspect Site

Madness of Late-Stage Capitalism (7 comments)

Unspeakable Things: The Liberals' Clumsy Dance Across Obama's Killing Floor (10 comments)

Political Pragmatism Must Overcome Public Cynicism (2 comments)

In The Name Of My Father, Part Two: In the shadow of the corporate state madhouse (3 comments)

Rocky Anderson Campaign: Listen to Rocky Anderson This Evening

Is Obama's "Tough" Guy Image Making Backfiring?

Israel Upside Down (1 comments)

Tight Race for Giffords Seat Sends Big Signals About November

Wisconsin Recall Results: Why Some People Don't Vote Their Self-Interest (12 comments)

America's Street Priest (4 comments)

The Army's Flawed Resilience-Training Study: A Call for Retraction (3 comments)

Joining "Bishop" Eddie Long, Prosperity Preacher Creflo Dollar Gets Support From His Fans...ala Mommy Dearest (3 comments)

China's Culture Distorted by Western Translations (6 comments)

Municipalities Bet Wrong on Interest rates. (1 comments)

Congress Members Duped by Foreign Agitators -- Again!

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue

The Globalization of Propaganda And The Rise of The Alternative Media (2 comments)

Sunday, June 10:

Brett McGurk, Embarrass-ador to Iraq

The Monday Sermon: Is There Any Morality In The Upcoming Bloodshed Of The Culture War? (2 comments)

Pure Transformation or Persistent Deterioration? What Next Wisconsin? America? The World? (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Expelling Diplomats undermines the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and needlessly endangers Americans

 Compassion - Where Has It Gone  (3 comments)

Afghanistan should focus on welfare of masses

US Senator Joe Manchin And The Tax Cut Fairy (3 comments)

Tomgram: Andy Kroll, How the Wisconsin Uprising Got Hijacked (1 comments)

US military lobbies for war with Syria (1 comments)

Even Obama's Dog's draws Racial Fire (1 comments)

Rosa Luxemburg: "Proletarian Women, the Poorest of the Poor, the Most Disempowered of the Disempowered"Hurry to the Fron (2 comments)

We Don't Need to Sacrifice Social Justice for Good Economic Performance (4 comments)

Anti-Muslim bias lawsuit against the US Commission on International Religious Freedom

How "Liberal Bias" is Brainwashing America (10 comments)

Stepped Up Media War on Syria (3 comments)

Targeting Bahraini Human Rights Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer

Saturday, June 9:

The Loss of American Democracy (2 comments)

New Jersey's 9th CD Voters Say No to AIPAC (2 comments)

Killer Capitalism - Greek crisis produces fatal medicine shortages (19 comments)

True Independence: Advice for Building Resileint and Self-Sustaining Community (8 comments)

Have Sum, Will Cavil (3 comments)

America's Student Loan Racket (3 comments)

David Sanger's War on Iran

Labor Just Needs to be Flexible (4 comments)

Friday, June 8:

Why the Public's Growing Disdain for the Supreme Court May Help Obamacare (1 comments)

The War of Lies

Southeast Asia: U.S. Revives And Expands Cold War Military Alliances Against China

Broken Shards Of The Heart (8 comments)

The Spread of Sacrifice Zones

Spot a Sociopath: 10 Red Flags To Avoid Being Swept Under the Influence of a Charismatic Nut Job (11 comments)

Obama Ramps Up CIA Drone Strikes into Pakistan

*Syrian Massacres: "Enough is Enough!" (11 comments)

Charles M. Young: Elmer in Dairyland

Bishops Attack Religious Freedom; Vatican Attacks Nuns (5 comments)

Second Thoughts on Publicly Displaying 10 Commandments (7 comments)

The Facebook Debacle

*End [Their Federal Reserve System = An Exclusive Banking Cartel] (8 comments)

Occupy Asheville Trial: "Not Guilty!" Citizen Journalist Wins Appeal (1 comments)

Ultra-Progressives Are as Bad as the Tea Party (29 comments)

Blessing in disguise

More Syrian Blood on Obama's Hands (30 comments)

Endangered Press Freedom in Israel

Thursday, June 7:

The Heartbreak in Wisconsin (10 comments)

The Almost Scoop on Nixon's "Treason" (1 comments)

The plutocrats who bankrolled the GOP primaries -- and what they want in return (10 comments)

Bill Clinton is a Prime Asset, Not Liability for President Obama (4 comments)

Pension Envy Promotes Serfdom (4 comments)

Greece and the Euro: Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover (8 comments)

Drone Wars, Kill Lists: A Dark, Deplorable Chapter in America's History (11 comments)

What Happened and Why (11 comments)

Why We Have To Raise Taxes On The Rich And End The Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy (And Bill Clinton Agrees)

Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin (3 comments)

Martian School. Reading Ray Bradbury in Russia (3 comments)

Clinton Pledges Increased Military Assistance to Georgia for New Conflicts (2 comments)

Pre-election rigging in Pakistan: Zardari regime's plan to damage independent judiciary unveiled

The drug days of summer horse racing

We Are Dehumanizing Society

On Keeping The People Divided, Distracted, And Controlled (4 comments)

Remembering Bob Chapman (1 comments)

Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

Can We Get Along Without Authorities? (12 comments)

Where is Eric Holder? (2 comments)

Wisconsin: The Final Nail in the Coffin of American Democracy (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 6:

As Language Goes (2 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Colin Powell: Another War Criminal Cashes In (5 comments)

Do Republicans Lie More Than Democrats? Here's What's Circulating... (1 comments)

*Rocky For President (11 comments)

Wall Street Journal Plays Both Sides Of Third-Party Tracking Debate (3 comments)

Some Post-Mortem Thoughts on Wisconsin Recall Election (2 comments)

Lessons from Gov. Walker's Win (4 comments)

You Say You Want a Christian in the White House (3 comments)

Jefferson, that commie rat (redux) (3 comments)

Facing Facts in Wisconsin: Progressives and Workers Were Sold Out by Obama and the Democratic Party (6 comments)

Is Iran Really a Nuclear Threat? (1 comments)

Can You Spare a Mill for Mitt? (1 comments)

Afghanistan between two fires

Conceiving and Birthing Real Change! (3 comments)

Do American workers have the Stockholm Syndrome? (3 comments)

What is Bill Gates "Charity" Really Up To? (1 comments)

North Carolina Legislature Prepares to Ban Sea From Rising! (2 comments)

Walker Victory: Democrat Fail and Wisconsin Crazies (48 comments)

A simple question in search of a simple answer

Gerald Wright: Planting our way out of this recession (1 comments)

Clergy Abuser Represents Catholic Church & Sacred Wine

Trumped by the Dorkusians: Donald Trump's Evil Plan to Conquer the Planet (Satire) (1 comments)

A necessary addendum to Paul Craig Roberts' Article: Financial Collapse At Hand (9 comments)

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court

Tuesday, June 5:

Chomsky: America's Rank Hypocrisy -- Why Is it Only an "Atrocity" When Other Countries Do It? (3 comments)

Sorting Out the Facts about Iran (3 comments)

Alan Simpson: The Washington Elite's Attack Dog (3 comments)

Killing by PowerPoint (2 comments)

The Big-Lie Coup d'Etat (6 comments)

War Drums for Syria? (3 comments)

The "Blame Obama" Syndrome (21 comments)

Collapse At Hand (27 comments)

Syrian Army Casualties Rise as West Inflames Civil War (1 comments)

Summertime Hunger Spike

Not Only the Cows Are Mad (1 comments)

US Defence Secretary Increases Military Ties with Vietnam (1 comments)

NATO: From the North Atlantic to the South Pacific

Crisis Economic Conditions

Reason for Hope and Despair in Palestine

Monday, June 4:

THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 8: The CIA-Army Intelligence Mambo) (2 comments)

The United Nations is Failing Syria

Going Rogue: The Audacity of Assassination (5 comments)

Recall Monday (1 comments)

Behind Super-Sized Sodas, a Deeper Danger (4 comments)

The Charade is Over -- Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime

"Middle-Class Millionaires"? Dissecting a Democrat's Misguided Move

Scott Walker Tries to Buy an Election -- and a State

American Exceptionalism to the Rescue

What would George Think? (10 comments)

Austerity in the Midst of a Depression - Mad, Bad and Immoral (4 comments)

Encourage immigrants and émigrés of the world to unite and demand better treatment before so-called legal regimes

The Monday Sermon: What if Your Church-Going Community Wants You To ...Die? (5 comments)

Northern Light (4 comments)

The Implications of Tomorrow's Recall Election in Wisconsin

Video: Rob Kall Speaking at Occupy G8 on Bottom Up Economics (1 comments)

Wisconsin's Final Recall Hours: From Jackson Browne to Get Out And Vote (1 comments)

*Inviting Atomic Catastrophe (4 comments)

*Witnessing Self-Determination (2 comments)

Wisconsin's Recall Election

Discrimination Against Arab Communities in Israel

Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People? (5 comments)

As tensions mount with China -- US to shift bulk of Navy ships to Asia-Pacific

Sunday, June 3:

Bill McKibben, Climate-Change Deniers Have Done Their Job Well (3 comments)

Deliberate media propaganda (3 comments)

The Tragic Flaw of John Edwards

Birds of a Feather: The Hardcore Faith of the Ruling Clucks (3 comments)

THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 7: The hand-off from De Mohrenschildt to the Paines) (2 comments)

Those Unfortunate Men In The Land Of The Free (3 comments)

Can Edwards Recover Like Clinton? (7 comments)

Opposing Doctrines: Putin v. Obama (3 comments)

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre (5 comments)

Unraveling the Welfare Safety Net - Europe Moves Closer to Banktatorship (12 comments)

Saturday, June 2:

Conservative Courage and Other Myths (2 comments)

Why the right, the GOP and some Dems fear Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Wall Street (4 comments)

Birthers, Billionaires and Fox: The GOP Freak Show in Full Effect (1 comments)

Israel Uber Alles (1 comments)

Pentagon Prepares for Confrontation in the Asia-Pacific (4 comments)

Beware of R.A.T.S. (3 comments)

Obama's role in the selection of drone missile targets (4 comments)

Starving and Broke: Yemen's Renewed "War on Terror"

The Job Stall (3 comments)

Obama Emerges as the US Warrior President (2 comments)

Putting Talk Radio on Trial at the FCC (5 comments)

A Killer In the White House (1 comments)

Are Sin Taxes an Example of the Tyranny of the Majority? (9 comments)

Rosa Luxemburg What Say the Citizens of This Business as Usual Narrative of Change? (1 comments)

Occupy the Psyche (7 comments)

Too Many Lies -- Too Few Facts -- Too Much to Lose (1 comments)

Risking Global War (4 comments)

Baghdadi Mohmoudi Faces Torture and Death in Libya

Liberty And Freedom But Only If You Are A Man (3 comments)

Friday, June 1:

Obama at Large: Where Are the Lawyers? (12 comments)

Karl Rove's grand slam (5 comments)

Showing that Hostage-Taking Works (4 comments)

Job For Sale! (1 comments)

*Saving our Health Care: Look to the Roots (2 comments)

Let's All Say "Cards on the Table," Again! (1 comments)

The oddity of Dr. Skhail Afridi case

A Poet's Protest: An Address by W.S. Merwin at SUNY, Buffalo, October 1970 (2 comments)

Proud to be an Extortionist! (1 comments)

The Green Light to Rape: What Happens When we Fail to Prosecute the Rapist (3 comments)

*American Government Global Achievement Overlooked (3 comments)

The Disease is our Monetary System (15 comments)

Culture Shock Oman: Modesty in the LR (2 comments)

Mexico 2012: AMLO up in polls; dismantling the authoritarian state? (1 comments)

American Trifecta: Broken Political, Economic and Justice Systems (4 comments)

*The Instant solution to the new Depression: debt-free money (8 comments)

Living Without Your Name

Charles M. Young: The Hatfields & McCoys & Democrats and Republicans (8 comments)

The Orthodox

Zoos: Don't 'get the party started' (3 comments)

Mad Mitt (6 comments)

Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy (1 comments)

Obama Prioritizes War

*Bodies are Dropping as Real Men are Demanding an End to Unmanliness (2 comments)


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