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June 2012

Saturday, June 30:

24 Hours in Israeli Custody: The arrest of an American activist in Palestine

Yitzhak Shamir, Former Prime Minister, Dies at 96

Navy Attempts Culture Change on Sexual Assaults

31 victims identified in widening Air Force sex scandal

National Occupy Gathering Begins in Philly (1 comments)

Darrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications in Congressional Record

Illegal Immigrant Voter Lists Threaten Franchise of Democratic Voters (1 comments)

Syria conference leaves open Assad question

Fragmented unity at Philly's upcoming Occupy National Gathering / Waging Nonviolence

Bear Kosik: How? Be Honest, Open, and Willing (1 comments)

Egypt's Morsi defies military in fiery speech (1 comments)

Julian Assange to sit out standoff over extradition at Ecuadorean embassy

Political finger-pointing on Capitol Hill

Friday, June 29:

Facts Get in the Way of GOP's Fast and Furious Investigation

Coal Ash, Keystone XL Dropped from Transportation Bill

Are We Tired Enough For Real Change? Or Do We Remain Stuck? (1 comments)

Hancock Field protest ends peacefully

4 Reasons Why Republicans Won't Be Able To Repeal Obamacare

Former High Defense Official Warns Against Attacking Iran

Congress passes student loans, highway jobs, flood insurance package; sends measure to Obama

'Heat... Fire... Disaster': What Climate Change Looks Like

Air Force investigates growing sex-abuse scandal (1 comments)

Black Market for Body Parts Spreads in Europe

Latest report: More than 1 million U.S. students are homeless (1 comments)

Vermont Yankee Nuke Gets Shutdown Party July 1

Views from Venezuela: The Elite University vs.the Revolutionary University

How Texas Inflicts Bad Textbooks on Us, by Gail Collins

Radio Host Michael Savage Blames Mind-Altering Drugs Used In Treatment Of Justice Roberts' Epilepsy For Ruling (1 comments)

Sheldon Adelson pledges $10M to Koch brothers venture

Another Domino Falls in the LIBOR Banking Scam: Royal Bank of Scotland | Matt Taibbi

EU to recapitalise banks directly

Thursday, June 28:

Julian Assange told to turn himself in at London police station (2 comments)

In Health Care Ruling, Roberts Steals a Move From John Marshall's Playbook

Official: Battalion commander dead in Fort Bragg shooting

Merkel Seeks Historic Reforms as Euro Crisis Intensifies

UFO at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea Cuts off Electrical Equipment when Divers Get Within 200m

CNN, Fox News err in covering today's Supreme Court health care ruling

Nobody Wins: High Court Backs "Obama/RomneyCare,' Leaves Public on Life-Support (2 comments)

Picatinny engineers set phasers to 'fry'

Update: A Huge Break in the LIBOR Banking Investigation | Matt Taibbi

Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues over new law that could shut it down

Arctic Sea Ice at Lowest June Level Ever

Fukushima Radiation at Record High

Why The Individual Mandate Is Not A 'Massive Tax Hike' On The Middle Class

UK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in irons (1 comments)

Republicans Are Hell-Bent on Putting Women in Their Biblical Place (2 comments)

Nan Levinson: Moral Injury and American War

Top 5 Ways Republicans Have Turned Washington DC Into Their Legislative Playground

BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate As A Tax (1 comments)

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Rights Wrong On Juvenile Lifers

Military Judge Orders Obama Administration to Turn over Proof that WikiLeaks Documents Damaged National Security

Still "SiCKO" After All These Years (3 comments)

Wednesday, June 27:

Romney seeks Washington Post retraction

Dissecting Operation High Roller | Massive Cyber Attack in USA, Europe and Latin America Siphons $2.5 Billion From Banks

New York Attorney General Targets Chamber Of Commerce In Tax Fraud Investigation

Chancellor Merkel Vows No Euro Bonds as Long as She Lives

How They Stole Your Pay/Job (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders: The American People Are Angry (30 comments)

Ecuador Will Cease Participation in School of the Americas (1 comments)

2012 Texas GOP Platform Calls For A Return To Racial Discrimination And Intolerance - Abolish Voting Rights Act of 1963

Why Romney Couldn't Convince The Washington Post To Retract Its Story About Bain Offshoring Jobs

John Boehner: If Supreme Court doesn't strike down health-care law, "House will move to repeal what's left of it"

We don't need no education - 2012 Texas GOP platform bans teaching 'critical thinking skills'

Merkel Refuses to Yield on Eve of Summit Meeting

How Outsourcing Backlash Could Swing the Election in Key States

Poll: Americans Are Losing Confidence in the Nation, Still Believe in Themselves

Better Buildings Challenge Announces $300 Million In Investments For Energy Upgrades Unleashing $2.5 Billion In US Bonds

Challenging Caterpillar

Romney Bravely Takes No Position on Arizona Ruling

Obama prepping thousands of lawyers for election

Pennsylvania Republican: Voter ID Laws Are 'Gonna Allow Governor Romney To Win'

Norquist quits interview when asked about his Fannie Mae lobbying

New York Attorney General To Investigate Chamber Of Commerce's Lobbying Activities | ThinkProgress

No Martyrdom...Yet: Mollie Judith Olgin's Death Hangs On The Life of Mary Christine Chapa. (5 comments)

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal - Investigation

'Epic' Fire Forces Tens of Thousands to Flee in Colorado (2 comments)

Did Arizona Senate Candidate Jeff Flake Lobby For Apartheid In South Africa? The Audio Recording Says Yes

Charts: The Supreme Court's Rightward Shift

OECD Warns US Against Immediate Deficit Cuts

Kucinich lends moral support to postal hunger strike (1 comments)

Tuesday, June 26:

New York primary results: Rangel survives

Willem Buiter: Spain And Italy Will Need Bailouts

Major US Retirement Fund Divests From Caterpillar

News Corp.'s Murdoch Said to Consider Splitting Company

Student loan rate deal reached, Senate leaders say

Prominent Americans urge Ecuador to accept Julian Assange's asylum request

Tom Engelhardt: A Subprime Education in a Subprime World

China Embraces Ponzi-Bonds

VIDEO: Grover Norquist Struggles To Explain Taking Big Pharma Money, His Fannie Mae Lobbying Past

South Africa's Political Wars Resemble Our Own

Jeff J. Brown: *A Tale of Two Democracies: What It Is Like to Vote in the United States Compared to France? (1 comments)

Lockheed Martin eyes layoffs this fall - and throws down first military industrial complex election threat

Most Americans oppose health law but like provisions, By Patricia Zengerle (2 comments)

Drone Documents: Why The Government Won't Release Them (1 comments)

McCain tells interns it's "Vice President Portman'

Koch Brothers Reach Deal With Cato

Widening sex scandal rocks Texas Air Force base

Monday, June 25:

Ann Romney Once Sold a Doped Up Horse (and Got Sued Too)

"Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. Elections in November."

WikiLeaks founder wants guarantee he won't be sent to US

Asylum for Julian Assange -- Former Awardee for Integrity (4 comments)

H.R. 5949 and S. 3276 -- Legislation Reauthorizing Massive Surveillance -- is Being IGNORED. WAKE UP

Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

BRICs Biggest Currency Depreciation Since 1998 to Worsen

Legal Scholar: 'Scalia Has Finally Jumped The Shark'

Supreme Court Declines to Revisit Citizens United

Egypt to Syria: U.S. Supporting Muslim Brotherhood

Lewis Lapham: Will Wonders Never Cease?

Views from Venezuela: The San Juan Festival in Curiepe, Venezuela

Sunday, June 24:

Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe (2 comments)

Julian Assange asylum bid: ambassador flies into Ecuador for talks with President Correa (1 comments)

Bradley Manning lawyers accuse prosecutors of misleading judge

Celebration in Egypt as Morsi declared winner

Rocky Anderson, Presidential Candidate For LGBT Equal Rights (1 comments)

Vigil for Political Asylum for Wikileaks Julian Assange (3 comments)

Seeing Photo Shots Through Facebook Eyes (2 comments)

Healing the Planet as Healing Ourselves (3 comments)

Murdoch phone hacking: 20 more alleged victims expected to sue News International | Media |

Buckingham Palace Climate Change Protest: Four Arrested After Activists Scale Gates Of Queen's Residence

Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms

Saturday, June 23:

Media Silent As Iran Arrests Suspects In Assassination Of Nuclear Scientists

Tel Aviv rally against police brutality turns violent (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Iranian general: military strike would be the end of Israel

*Rove Repeatedly Lies on Fox News About Siegelman Case (7 comments)

Putin worried more about US dollar than euro

Moore, Glover, Stone, Greenwald, Wolf, Ellsberg Urge Correa to Grant Asylum to Assange

Chinese Data Said to Be Manipulated, Understating Slowdown

The Anti-Union Roberts Court

Spain to make bank bailout request

Msgr. Lynn - First Conviction Of US Clergy Official in History (5 comments)

Are Foster Children Overmedicated? Government Seeks Improved Guidelines (2 comments)

*PASSED! Philadelphia City Council adopts resolution to redirect military spending to fund our communities (8 comments)

Nowhere, Nothing, Nada: Rio+20 Draft Text, 283 Paragraphs of Fluff

Israel continues strikes on Gaza Strip

Friday, June 22:

Sandusky Convicted of Sexually Abusing Boys at Penn State (1 comments)

Truthdigger of the Week: Julian Assange

Issa Committee Called for Justice Department Scalp

Politico Suspends Reporter Over Romney Comments

"Invisible War" documentary examines rape in the military (3 comments)

Romney's Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas

Why Is the U.S. Selling Billions in Weapons to Autocrats? (3 comments)

Members Who Supported Massive Giveaway To Big Oil Have Received $38.6 Million From The Industry

Fukushima Plant Faces Typhoon Summer Plus Tornado Threat

As churches get political, IRS stays quiet

Crisis Sentiment Index Falls to Worst Reading since February 2009

Save Rio, Save the Planet (1 comments)

- -: D.C. Protesters March Against Pepco

*Disability Rights: 22 Years after the ADA and still a long way to go (1 comments)

Who is Bankrolling the Jihad Against Climate Change Science? (4 comments)

Bob Bauer, Obama Campaign's Top Lawyer, Demands Retraction From Karl Rove

Romney To Republican Governor: Discussing The Economic Recovery Will Hurt My Election Chances

Thursday, June 21:

Mario Monti: we have a week to save the eurozone

Moody's downgrades 15 major banks - Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan included (1 comments)

U.N. investigator decries U.S. use of killer drones

Moody's Cuts Credit Ratings of 15 Big Banks

Did 9/11 change the CIA?

Dan Froomkin: Yes, Iraq Definitely Had WMD, Vast Majority Of Polled Republicans Insist

Right Wing Group: Preventing Prison Rape Is Too Costly

Taking Back Fair Elections in the United States: Countering the Assault on Voter Rights (7 comments)

John Bryson resigns as commerce secretary, citing recent seizure

Sweden on alert, explosives found near nuke plant

Romney Campaign Said to Ask Scott to Downplay Job Gains

Michael Klare: The Cheney Effect (in the Obama Administration) (2 comments)

Eurozone crisis: Moody's expected to downgrade UK banks, handful of US banks tonight

Re-Empowering Localities (1 comments)

Building a multi-platform media for--and by--the public

Bev Harris: Actual Accenture Voter List Software Discovered and Downloadable to the Public (2 comments)

Eating Is Dangerous (3 comments)

Extreme Civil Disobedience 2012 Organizing NOW (1 comments)

Dan Froomkin: Vast Majority Of Secret Money In Presidential Race Spreads Misinformation: Report

Wednesday, June 20:

Montana Case Could Give Supreme Court A Second Look At Citizens United

Nancy Pelosi Slams Contempt Vote: 'I Could Have Arrested Karl Rove ... But We Didn't' (3 comments)

Karl Rove: Too Clever For His Own Good With Crossroads GPS Secrecy?

Arizona Radio Host Calls Obama "Monkey" and Can't Admit She's Racist (1 comments)

Eric Holder contempt vote: House panel moves against attorney general

Romney plans posh weekend donor retreat featuring Rove and V.P. hopefuls

Lingering Fears Push Spanish Short-Term Borrowing Costs Up

The failure to explain health reform - Whose Fault is it that the Public Doesn't Understand? (6 comments)

Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuador: Australia Betrays Its Own Citizen Journalist (1 comments)

Fast and Furious scandal: House panel votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt

Ron Paul Admits He's On Social Security, Even Though He Believes It's Unconstitutional (1 comments)

McConnell: Tax code benefits the poor and needs to be changed

UK police say Wikileaks founder faces arrest

Obama Faces Middle East Critics

The Nuns' Revolt: Why Benedict's Own "War On Women" Has Backfired. (7 comments)

John Edwards Serially Cheated, Lied to Mistress About MORE Women, Tell-All Reports (8 comments)

Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani sacked for protecting President Zardari's corruption

Tuesday, June 19:

Take Back the American Dream II: Congress Comes to Take Back Progressives (2 comments)

10 Issues To Watch On State Ballot Initiatives This November

Obama's Lawyer Demands Information on Group's Donors

Woman Dressed In Giant Birth Control Costume Will Follow Romney On The Campaign Trail

UN investigator decries U.S. use of killer drones

Wendell Potter: UnitedHealth Group's Misleading Promises To Honor Obamacare Provisions

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

Officials: NSA, CIA, and Israeli military developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

WikiLeaks founder Assange seeks asylum from Ecuador

Republicans Attempt To Raid Food Stamps: Would Reduce Average Monthly Benefit By $90

John Boehner: Obama's immigration move "put everyone in a difficult position' (1 comments)

W.Va. Democrats to skip convention

Human Rights Watch Film Festival at Lincoln Center

Johnson's "The Sorrows of Empire" Becoming Prophetic (1 comments)

Lakeview school sit-in photo report

Alabama Public TV Execs Fired For Not Loving Made-Up Christian History Show (1 comments)

TPP secrets: Obama Handing More Power to Corporations

Take Back America 2012: Despair and Yet Feathered Hope

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett: Playing for Time on Iran

Federal Sub-Contractors: Beware of the Big Guys Who Will Dump You As Soon As the Ink Dries

Why Did U.S. Wait 2 Weeks to Admit Extent of American Causalities in Afghan Attack?

Stewart to Michigan: Vaginas not like Voldemort or Beetlejuice

GOP Senate Candidate Says Businesses Should Be Allowed To Deny Health Insurance To Cancer Patients

Sheldon Adelson, Other Super PAC Donors Have Corporate Bribery Issues

Food Stamp Cuts Could Hit Military Members, Veterans

Executive Pay Is Still Climbing Despite a Shareholder Din

Monday, June 18:

Idaho: Resistence Rising! (1 comments)

Occupy Protesters' Rights Must Be Protected, U.N. Says; U.S. Says Nothing

"Ignore the Poor" Guy Won't Retract #OWS Fabrication (13 comments)

Catholic Nuns Kick Off Nine-State Bus Tour To Protest House Republican Budget Cuts (1 comments)

The Myth of the Postal Service's Finances

Obama picks John Kerry to play Romney in mock debate rehearsals

Sheldon Adelson Injects More Cash Into G.O.P. Groups

Google calls increasing requests to remove political content "alarming' (1 comments)

Socialist Party Wins Absolute Majority in France

Monti warns Italy is flirting with economic disaster

*NATO 3 Indicted. The Charges: We'll Get Back to You on That. (6 comments)

Tom Engelhardt: Till Death Do Us Part

Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA

Auditions for a Romney Running Mate

Join the protest Vigil: No to the Demolition of Susya (3 comments)

Sunday, June 17:

U.S. Sets Another Record on Defence Sales, Already

Has the Drug Industry's Grip On Health Care Become a Pharmageddon? (5 comments)

Greek Pro-Bailout Parties Take Majority, Projection Shows

Read the Disturbing Death Threats Sent to a Top Climate Scientist (1 comments)

Deformed Fish Found Downstream of Tar Sands Mines (1 comments)

Leakers Should Push For Anti-Liebermann Laws

Dangerous Games in Syria

Guantanamo Goon Squads Still Torturing Under Obama (2 comments)

Five million Brazilian farmers take on biotech giant Monsanto

Rodney King found dead

The GOPocrisy of Michigan Republicans -- calling women c--ts and whores is okay, mentioning vaginas gets them censured (1 comments)

Ralph Reed's New Plan For World Domination (3 comments)

Saturday, June 16:

Arizona FBI Probe Linked To ALEC, State Legislators (1 comments)

US reveals accusations against Secret Service

Saudi heir apparent Prince Nayef dead

Eve Ensler and Lisa Brown to read Vagina Monologues in Michigan (2 comments)

McConnell defends political contributions as free speech (2 comments)

U.N. suspends mission in Syria because of increasing violence (2 comments)

UK banks abandon eurozone over Greek default fears

As Violence Escalates, U.N. Suspends Monitoring In Syria

Deadly legacy of Agent Orange spreads to Japan

Federal Reserve: The Middle Class Lost a Generation's Worth of Wealth Between 2007-10

Amazonian Communities Occupy the Belo Monte Dam Site to Free the Xingu River! (3 comments)

'Stop 30 Billion' campaign plasters Los Angeles with billboards

Friday, June 15:

Spain Grazing Junk Status Fuels Contagion Risk

The Campbell diaries: Bush left in no doubt over Blair's support for Iraq war

Rupert Murdoch pressured Tony Blair over Iraq, says Alastair Campbell

Appleton and Livermore Maine pass Local Food & Community Self-Governance (2 comments)

Top UK Award Goes to Journalist Who Exposed Secrets of Afghanistan War

DoD names new sex assault prevention chief

Koch brothers: Inside the Koch World convention as the brothers become a political party unto themselves (1 comments)

U.S. will stop deporting some illegal immigrants who came here as children - The Washington Post

Deadly Syrian Reprisals: Deliberate Killings and Other Abuses (11 comments)

ACLU Study Says Its Much More Costly Incarcerating Older Prisoners (1 comments)

Ian Fletcher - Leak Cracks Open Trans-Pacific Partnership Scandal (1 comments)

Thursday, June 14:

"Parliament must be dissolved' -- Egypt's highest court

House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for Raped Soldiers

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil

British Court Rejects Assange Appeal to Block Extradition

Senate rejects food-stamp cuts

The People Who Brought You The Iraq War - The Emergency Committee for Israel - Release A New Ad: Bomb Iran: Video

Oil Companies That Caused Climate Change Now Fear Its Financial Impacts

Officials want to close campaign finance loophole in Maryland

Michigan May Constitutionally Guarantee Collective Bargaining Rights

New Political Showdown in Egypt as Court Invalidates Parliament

Suicides No. 2 cause of death in military (1 comments)

Nick Turse: The Changing Face of Empire

Nokia cuts 10,000 more jobs as losses deepen

Five Things To Know About The Republican Witchhunt Against Attorney General Holder (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 13:

Interview: Palestinians' bid for full UN recognition "decisive" despite U.S. threats: Erekat

US military using lightweight mini-drones launched from battlefield

Federal prosecutors drop campaign corruption case against John Edwards following mistrial (1 comments)

Sheldon Adelson is giving $10 million to Mitt Romney super PAC

Flame and Stuxnet Malware Share Source Code (1 comments)

"Obama TPP Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises" (24 comments)

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis (2 comments)

Former Giffords aide Ron Barber wins special election for her seat

Tuesday, June 12:

Supreme Court rejects case on alleged torture of U.S. citizen

Power to The People's Attorney (1 comments)

World Bank Warns Euro Fears May Slow Global Growth

George Zimmerman's Wife Arrested for Perjury

KKK group seeks Adopt-A-Highway OK

US - Russia Sending Syria Attack Helicopters (1 comments)

Jeb Bush Takes Aim at Fellow Republicans

Peter Van Buren: The Ultimate No-Fly List

Splitting Hairs in a Multi-Cultural School (1 comments)

Sen. Hatch: DOMA not motivated (1 comments)

Monday, June 11:

Teens Electric Shock Treatment By Staff Called Worse Than Abu Ghraib (5 comments)

ADC Announces Additional Award Recipients

US predicts another Houla-style massacre in Syria

Wendell Potter: Insurance Industry Myths About Uninsured "Young Invincibles" (5 comments)

BREAKING: Governor Rick Scott Announces Florida Will Sue Obama Administration Over Voter Purge

Cities crack down on homeless: Could it be compassion fatigue?

Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early '90s, Fed Says

VanderSloot seeks to help Romney destroy our national parks and monuments (1 comments)

House committee schedules contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder

Afghan president Karzai: US to cease air strikes on residential areas

Pentagon halts program supplying police agencies with weapons (2 comments)

Supreme Court rejects appeals of foreign detainees held more than 10 years at Guantanamo

The EU Is Floating A Worst-Case Scenario Plan For A Greek Exit (1 comments)

Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused of hit-and-run; officials report seizure

Andy Kroll: How the Wisconsin Uprising Got Hijacked

Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre (1 comments)

An Introduction to The Constitution Party

The American Legal System: A Ball Game Played by Lawyers and Jurists The Why of Not Doing the Right Thing by Prof. John

The History of Knowledge: Darkness in the Academy, by Prof. John Kozy

Maimonides Medical Center Grapples With Health Care Uncertainty

The Flame Virus, Cyberwarfare and Obama

Nuclear Waste Storage Rules Thrown Out by U.S. Court

George Soros Warns European Union is Going Down in 3 Months (1 comments)

Sunday, June 10:

Why Unions are Losing the Class War (5 comments)

A Brief Introduction to the Libertarian Party (2 comments)

Russia: We won't back a foreign force in Syria.

Romney Energy Plan Includes Drilling "Virtually Every Part' Of U.S., No Protections For National Parks

Mitch Daniels Says Public-Sector Unions Should Be Abolished

Quran-Burning Pastor Hangs Obama in Effigy

German chancellor rejects US-British demands for "immediate response" to the euro crisis

Five "Stand Your Ground' Cases You Should Know About

" Sea Shepherd" Captain Paul Watson Interview: Waiting on German Justice and a Note From Martin Sheen (14 comments)

Romney Adviser Takes U.S. Political Debate Overseas (1 comments)

Obama Speaks to Progressives At Netroots Nation 2012 (15 comments)

Interviews Discredit "Defectors" Who Say Rwanda Armed Them in DRC (1 comments)

Ryan Predicts No Break in Fiscal Impasse Until Election

Here They Come: Ireland Demands Renegotiation Of Its Bailout Terms To Match Spain | ZeroHedge

Saturday, June 9:

Obama: 'Congress Must Act to Keep our Teachers on the Job'

Spain to accept Europe bailout offer of up to $125 billion to rescue ailing banks

Dan Froomkin: Political Consultants, Media Buyers Gorge On Secret Honey Pot

Sen. Rand Paul: It would be a 'great honor' to be considered for Romney's VP

Suit filed in purge of Florida voter rolls

Earth Wavers On The Edge Of Dangerous Tipping Point (4 comments)

Top German Politician Criticized for Attending Bilderberg Conference

*Subpoenas No Longer Needed! Church Banking Records Siezed =Wrongful Federal Convictions (1 comments)

Friday, June 8:

Syria: West rebuffs proposal to work with Iran to solve crisis

Florida Voter Purge Official Linked to Koch-Funded Efforts to Defeat Obama

Remembering USS Liberty at 'Sad Little Gathering'

Obama blames Congress for inaction on jobs while Romney calls president "out of touch'

Health care law is helping young adults

The Kochs' Double Whammy

Gov. Rick Scott Vetoes Funds For Wrongful Convictions

The Cornucopia Institute: Wildfires Rage at New Mexican Organic Meetings

Agriculture Secretary Appoints Larry Mitchell to Succeed Dudley Butler as GIPSA Chief: Congress at Work to Tie Mitchell'

The Seven Sinister Tentacles of "The Invisible Government", By Richard Cassaro

Corporations Cash in on the Incredible Cost-Cutting Benefits of Health Coaching (1 comments)

44 Percent of Americans Approve of Supreme Court in New Poll (1 comments)

Thursday, June 7:

Republicans poised to hold House, maybe win Senate

Obama TPP Trade Deal Secrecy Insulting, According To Senator Ron Wyden (4 comments)

There's Money in Cruelty: California Chefs Fight Foie Gras Ban (1 comments)

Monday, June 11: A Blockbuster Radio Event on Saving Our Democracy from Duopoly

Clinton: Iran must take steps

Democratic Leader Accuses Republican Leader Of Deliberately Sabotaging The Economy

Driver in diabetic shock killed by cops with pepper spray and Tasers

Bradley Manning defence gets report on WikiLeaks damage to US interests

Romney outraised Obama in May, $76.8 million to $60 million

No Elections, Just Auctions. By Rocky Anderson

Todd Miller: Fortress USA

The Snipers of Jersey Shore (6 comments)

No-one left to trust in Washington, as the shift right continues (2 comments)

Helping To Soothe Your Post-Wisconsin Hangover

Embattled Idaho School Superintendent may lose his job

*Burma's Democracy? President Urged to End War Against Kachin People

Wednesday, June 6:

5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion (2 comments)

Obama Re-Election Map Shaken After Walker's Wisconsin Win

Walker Spent 88% of the Money to Get 53% of the Vote

The Art of Projection (2 comments)

Panetta: Drone attacks will continue in Pakistan

House Bill Takes a Scythe to Spending

Bush Blocked Iran Nuke Deal

North Carolina, Meet Citizens United

Media & Auto Industry Worst For Sharing Your Info To 3rd Party Online "Trackers' (1 comments)

Language Imperialism -- "democracy" in China? (10 comments)

Tuesday, June 5:

Walker Survives Recall Vote (6 comments)

Official: Mubarak's health deteriorating in prison

War on Women, Equal Pay Edition

"Wipe Israel Off Map" Statement Gross Distortion By New York Times (2 comments)

German Press Supports Sale of Submarines to Israel

Qaeda Deputy Killed in Drone Strike in Pakistan

Tom Engelhardt: Assassin-in-Chief

When Sex With Altar Boys Was Profitable: Cardinal Dolan's "Acts Of Charity" Memo Reveals "Pay Away The Lay" Payoffs (1 comments)

FIVE Facts About Mitt Romney's Massachusetts Economy

Free Speech vs. Public Interest: FCC Complaint Against WI Talk Radio Looms Large for Hannity and Limbaugh (6 comments)

Assange guests grilled: Is FBI collecting "evidence' for indictment? -- RT

Monday, June 4:

US Drone Strike Kills 15 Suspected Militants in Pakistan

Justices Refuse to Hear Ex-Governor's Appeal (1 comments)

The New Medical-Credit Record - Patients Are Getting Medically and Financially Shafted (5 comments)

Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'

Wendell Potter: Guess Who Would Benefit From Privatizing Medicare?

Supreme Court Denies Siegelman, Scrushy Appeals (14 comments)

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines (3 comments)

Pakistan: U.S. drone kills 8 suspected militants

Karzai Family Moves to Protect Its Privilege

Meet Alexis Tsipras The Leftist Greek Who Makes Europe Tremble

Beyond Citizens United: Politricks As A Business

LOL Of The Week: Oops"We Just Made An Attack Ad Against The President (1 comments)

Can Too Much Food and Too Little Exercise Explain U.S. Obesity? Not Entirely Say Researchers. (8 comments)

Bill McKibben: Climate-Change Deniers Have Done Their Job Well (2 comments)

Sunday, June 3:

US denies Assange 'secret warrant'

Syrian Houla massacre a "crime against humanity," "tipping point" for U.N. response

UN: No Evidence Rwanda Supported M23 Rebels in Congo (1 comments)

Jeb Bush Takes On Debbie Wasserman Schultz During House Budget Hearing

'Markets are facing a rerun of the Great Panic of 2008': Head of World Bank warns Europe is heading for 'danger zone' on

Syrian crisis will spread to Israel in case of civil war: Lawmaker

Franklin P. Lamb: Exploiting the Houla massacre as Syrian-Lebanese lines are being blurred (2 comments)

Prepare for Disaster! (8 comments)

In Defiance Of US Justice Department, Florida To Continue Voter Purge (4 comments)

Another Flip-Flop? Campaign Aide Says Romney Would Not Offer Relief For Homeowners With Underwater Mortgages

Saturday, June 2:

Corporations Funding Climate Change Denial (1 comments)

Navy to base majority of fleet in Pacific by 2020, Panetta says (1 comments)

Bleeding Syria to Death (3 comments)

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison for role in killing of protesters - (1 comments)

GOP's Austerity Chickens Come Home to Roost (1 comments)

Friday, June 1:

Dan Froomkin: SEC Whistleblowers Waiting For Big Payouts As Rumors Of First Award Mount (1 comments)

Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran (2 comments)

Death for Gays? Not Really a Fringe Evangelical Thought (1 comments)

Occupiers Convince City Of Buffalo To Ditch JPMorgan Chase (2 comments)

Truth and honor are victims of Idaho legislature

2 more charged in Lackland sex scandal

Turkish Court Indicts Senior Israeli Military Officials in Murders of Nine Gaza Freedom Flotilla Passengers (1 comments)

United Vision for Idaho gives a voice (2 comments)

*Hayseed Ruminations

Rare Earth Metals and the Petroleum Fight of the 21st Century (5 comments)

New Plymouth homeowner set to lose home to fracking

Pennsylvania Politics Continues to Override Humane Actions (1 comments)

You have the right to remain silent (2 comments)

After Miami Cannibal Attack, Maryland Student Kills And Eats Roommate's Heart And Brains: Cops (2 comments)


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