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May 2012

Thursday, May 31:

Obama Still Can't Say "Climate Change"

Central Banker Calls Euro Zone Structure "Unsustainable"

Citizens United Attacks From Justice Stevens Continue

Syria: anti-government groups committed Houla massacre

Supervolcanoes with power to 'destroy civilisation' explode far more rapidly than scientists had believed - and one coul

Russia and US trade blows over Syria

Peter Edelman on "Why It's So Hard to End Poverty In America"

Deadly chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing revealed

KBOO Radio on the Angola 3: Interviewing law professor Angela A. Allen-Bell and Everett R. H. Thompson of Amnesty Intl.

Nick Turse: Hot Drone-On-Drone Action

Wednesday, May 30:

Idaho legislature to take $845 million more dollars from taxpayers in the state

Wisconsin Recall Update: Jump Ball

Meet 'Flame,' The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers

Romney, Sealing Nomination, Steps Up Attack on Obama

Why The Assange Case is Important (2 comments)

A Grand Bargain on Simpson-Bowles? The Press Is Sending Signals But Not Explanations

Worries About Spain Weigh on Euro Zone

Sovereign Bond Yields Falling All Over The Place

New Study What Fires Young Progressives' Views On Activism And Race

War Criminal Charles Taylor Gets 50 year Sentence (3 comments)

"Money for Jobs Not for War"-- American Chauvinism + Reformist Illusions by Larry Everest

UK Court denies Assange Appeal (2 comments)

The Changing Face of "We the People (2 comments)

Tuesday, May 29:

The States: More Bully Politics of Education Reform

Extended Federal Unemployment Benefits Begin to Wind Down

Romney attacks Obama on Solyndra, but Trump steals the spotlight (1 comments)

Do We Live In A Predator Nation (1 comments)

Japan and China to start direct yen-yuan trading

Newly identified computer virus, used for spying, is 20 times size of Stuxnet

Romney's Education Plan Recycles Failed Ideas

Koch Brothers' Americans For Prosperity Goes All Out in Wisconsin Recall--And Denies It! (1 comments)

BBC News uses 'Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre' (1 comments)

Andrew Bacevich: The Golden Age of Special Operations (1 comments)

Ahmadinejad calls for new world order based on justice

Monday, May 28:

GOP Insiders Worry About Romney's Lack of Vision

Anti-abortion group drafting legislation to limit women's right to choose

Five things you can do to guard against Alzheimers

Why Colin Powell Bashed Mitt Romney's Foreign-Policy Advisers Blogger And Romney Campaign Invitee Tells Joan Walsh To "Suck It'

Tony Blair Testifies on Murdoch Ties

A Eurovisionary Contest

Al Jazeera Breaks Through Media Silence with M23 in Congo (2 comments)

Bradley Manning defence team says us army is withholding key evidence (1 comments)

At West Point, Asking if a War Doctrine Was Worth It

Sunday, May 27:

Lloyd's "has plans for euro collapse"

Syrian government denies being behind attack that killed 90

U.S. Seeks Russia's Help in Removing Assad in Syria (1 comments)

A Little question of Corruption . . . (1 comments)

Wisconsin recall election: Scott Walker's fate will have November implications

NATO air strike kills six children: Afghan officials

"Honey, sit down. I have something to tell you." (1 comments)

OWS icon Daniel Murphy on his NATO Summit arrest

FL Official: Gov. Scott's Voter Purge Will Remove Eligible Voters (2 comments)

Saturday, May 26:

Bank woes in Spain threaten Europe (1 comments)

U.S. sailor is 3,000th Afghanistan war death (1 comments)

Activists Speak Out Against Lack of Access to Bradley Manning

House Members Seek Answers From Scott Walker Amid New Evidence of Lying to Congress (4 comments)

Radioactive Release at Fukushima Plant Was Underestimated

FBI secretly creates Internet police

GOP showing small shifts on taxes

Illegalities: Proving the CFTC Allows JPMorgan To Defraud Metals Market

The Hundreds of Words Homeland Security Tracks Online (27 comments)

Idaho prepares for first execution in June (5 comments)

Friday, May 25:

Sherwood Ross: Say Pentagon Spending Is Crimping U.S. Job Creation

THE GOLDEN RING: The Quest for the Presidency (1 comments)

Drone Strikes Continue in Pakistan as Senate Cuts Aid

Security Council 'Unfit for Purpose', Says Amnesty International (1 comments)

Does your MP know C-38 allows FBI agents to operate in Canada?

Unabomber Updates His Harvard University Alumni Book From Prison (7 comments)


Sherwood Ross: U.S. Today Displays Typical Fascist Characteristics (10 comments)

As Recall Election Approaches, Obama Avoids Wisconsin

Thursday, May 24:

Polls: Obama Ahead In Critical Swing States

GOP donor's protest results in cancellation of Wasserman Schultz speech (1 comments)

Veterans Face Ruin Awaiting Benefits as Wounded Swamp VA

China's Once-Hot Economy Is Turning Cold

Israeli Kristallnacht: Africans attacked in Tel Aviv anti-migrant demo (PHOTOS)

Senate fails to agree on student-loan-rate freeze

Cooperative banking has arrived

Members Of New GOP Women's Caucus Voted Against Equality For Women (3 comments)

Senate fight today over Palestinian "refugees'

Can You Hear Them Now? Congo M23 Rebels Tell Their Story (3 comments)

Pakistan: U.S. Drone Strike Kills 10 In North Waziristan

Journalists Arrested, Beaten, Raided, and Held At Gunpoint By Police During NATO Protests

Tom Engelhardt: The Road to Amnesia

Why Do White Collar Fraudsters Never Go to the Prison? (3 comments)

*NATO 3 Being Tortured with "Sensory Deprivation," Posted Police Harassment Video, Now Charged (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 23:

Unreported! Media Malfeasance as 400,000 March in Montreal (1 comments)

Hopes fade for progress at Iran nuclear talks in Baghdad

US Senate mulls unprecedented aid to Israel (5 comments)

Mass arrests as Montreal student protest turns ugly

U.S. senators vote to tie Pakistan aid to supply routes

Pakistani Doctor Jailed for Helping CIA Find Bin Laden

Ambassador Ryan Crocker to leave post in AFghanistan

Bidding War Breaks Out For Ronald Reagan's Blood (1 comments)

An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly (CHART) (1 comments)

*Nepali girl claims to be youngest woman to climb Mount Everest (1 comments)

Obama's Close Call in Kentucky Democratic Primary; 58 to 4 (8 comments)

Over 99% of Federal Reserve Bank Enforcement Actions Are Resolved Without Admission of Guilt - naked capitalism

Anderson to Anderson: Good News in CA!

R-CALF USA Frustrated Over Lack of Response; Submits Second Request for Extension of BSE Public Comment Period

Even Mississippi Doesn't Look This Bad: NC Pastor's Anti-gay (And Anti-Obama), Genocidal Rant Goes Viral! (4 comments)

Tuesday, May 22:

Secret Service sex scandal: Several say they didn't break the rules

Iran's Ahmadinejad to visit China to discuss nuclear issue

Who will drones target? Who in the US will decide?

Ronald Reagan's blood to be auctioned. (2 comments)

Colin Powell undecided on Obama endorsement, open to backing Romney. (2 comments)

Romney's Playbook On Bain Unclear As Attacks Grow

Airing Jewish Dirty Linen: A Review of "The Crisis of Zionism by Peter Beinart (6 comments)

Idiocracy? Study Shows Congress Talking Less Good Than Before

It's Official: Watching Fox News Makes you Stupider

Reality Bites Republicans

The Enduring Secrets of Watergate (1 comments)

IAEA chief says Iran nuclear inspections deal is not far off

Hellman and Kramer: How Much Does Washington Spend on "Defense"? (1 comments)

Monday, May 21:

Vets Toss Medals of Honor, Call NATO Summit a Disgrace (3 comments)

Social justice groups to protest at Amazon company meeting, Thurs. May 24

Notre Dame, Catholic Groups Suing Obama Administration Over Birth Control Mandate

House Passes Back-Door Attempt to Force Tar Sands Pipeline Approval

Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Romney (2 comments)

Psychiatrists Seek New Patients At Annual Meeting; Watch For These New Diseases (7 comments)

Charles Koch + Roger Ailes = Ohio University?

No agreement at G8 summit on deepening financial crisis

Sherwood Ross: Ex-Marine Turned Pacifist Now One of "Hancock 33" (2 comments)

Over The Hill: Why We Need To Be In All Media

Nato summit: US-Pakistan rift widens over supply lines into Afghanistan

Report: Israel to deploy 20,000 commandos in Greek Cyprus

Ellen Cantarow: The New Eco-Devastation in Rural America (1 comments)

Salesian Fr. Itzaina- "Suicide Victims = Stupid & Mindless" (3 comments)

Three NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment (4 comments)

Sunday, May 20:

White House visitor logs show lobbying going strong

Social Security Scandal Averted In Charleston WV Appeals Office (2 comments)

More about Single Payer (2 comments)

How the Mormon Church Shaped Mitt Romney

22 states join campaign finance fight

NATO protesters arrested in Chicago raid held on terrorism conspiracy charges

RNC Chairman Blames Obama For Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads

So... Bill O'Reilly Despises Progressives, But He's Okay with Liberals... Progressive Leaders Comment (24 comments)

Saturday, May 19:

WaPo's Walter Pincus says US is 'going above and beyond for Israel'

U.S. tells G8 Syria's Assad must go, cites Yemen as model (1 comments)

GOP Version of Violence Against Women Act Tries to Push Women Back Into the Home (1 comments)

Influential Ex-General: Cut US Nukes Now

Graham: 'We Should Tell The Iranians, No Negotiations' Until You Give Us What We Want (1 comments)

VIDEO: McCain Says President Obama Will Remain On Arizona Ballot Despite Birther Threats (1 comments)

Prosecutors: Trio Planned to Attack Obama's HQ (1 comments)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Quiet Drama in Philadelphia (15 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: US envoys losing Lebanon--visit by visit?

Bahrain-Saudi Arabia union meant to save US Navy base, by RT

Introduction ]to Natural Selection's Paradox (5 comments)

Clean Air, Clean Minds (5 comments)

Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban (6 comments)

1776 Revolution Much Like Occupy Movement

The Cornucopia Institute: Organic Watergate: Advocates Condemn Corruption and USDA's Cozy Relationship with Corporate Agribusinesses in Organics (1 comments)

*Revolution ANEW (Act Now to Emancipate Women) (4 comments)

Friday, May 18:

Donations to Scott Walker Flagged as Potential Fraud (1 comments)

Mitt Romney's claim that 100,000 auto jobs have been lost under Obama

Greece readies for polls as euro crisis hits Spain

Military Detention Law [NDAA FY 2012]Blocked by New York Judge (1 comments)

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters???

Blowing the Whistle on ALEC in Wisconsin

Thursday, May 17:

Alabama Judicial Scandal Could Taint Many Cases, Not Just Siegelman's (3 comments)

JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon summoned before Senate committee

J Street's Ben-Ami: 'U.S. Congressmen live in fear of pro-Israeli intimidation'

The US military option for Iran is 'ready,' American ambassador to Israel says

I-Voting: A Breakthrough Is Needed

In Romney's "Dream," He Takes Undeserved Credit For Steel Dynamics (2 comments)

Federal court enjoins NDAA

Suppressing the student vote? New residency rules could affect Wisconsin's recall election

Occupy Has Changed the Discussion... and the Song (5 comments)

Indonesia's atheists face battle for religious freedom

G.O.P. "Super PAC" Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama

G8 summit: Obama to press Angela Merkel on eurozone growth package

Barbara Ehrenreich: Looting the Lives of the Poor

Judge Blocks Controversial NDAA (1 comments)

The First Amendment Applies to Foreign Service Officers, Too

Wednesday, May 16:

Romney Campaign Tries to Block Reporters

Peace Activists Demand End to NATO Violence at Chicago Obama Headquarters and Consulates

Judge Reins In Indefinite Detention - Homeland Battlefield Act Portion Found Unconstitutional

Smackdown: ACLU Calls Out Private Prison Giant, Challenges CEO To Public Debate On Merits

NY Police Dept 'Stop And Frisk' Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status

Dropping Planes, Not Bombs: US Attack on Iran with F-22 Stealth Fighters would be Laughable (1 comments)

Catholic bishops threaten lawsuit over administration's birth control mandate (1 comments)

Accidentally Released - Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

Absentee ballots for recall election will not go out on time

Boehner vows another showdown over debt and taxes (1 comments)

Coming This Summer: For $24.95, George W. Bush Will Share His 'Strategeries For Economic Growth'

KS Gov Signs Law Allowing Pharmacists To Block Women's Birth Control

Gates: Israeli Strike On Iran 'May End Up In A Much Larger Middle East Conflict'

New Documents Confirm Koch Was on ALEC Crime Task Force Led by NRA

The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

Natural Money Bomb: an insidious way to blow up Wall Street

Tuesday, May 15:

Campaign Finance Disclosure Decision Means Rove, Others Could Suddenly Have To Disclose Donors

Wendell Potter: Palin's Rhetoric Torpedoed Medicare Savings

The Cases Of Dynasty And Ja'Maya: Fending Off Bullies Can Get You Expelled ... Or Charged With A Felony (1 comments)

Morgan Stanley Shareholder Meeting Interrupted By The 99% Spring Protest Group

Cheesecake Lollipops And Crabcakes: Pennsylvania Taxpayers Have Spent $250,000 On ALEC

GRAPHIC: How The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Uses Its "Spooky PAC" To Funnel Corporate Cash Into Secret Attack Ads

Scalia Turns Advocate Against Obama as Queries Criticized (1 comments)

Federal Appeals Court Permits Suits Against Private Military Contractors for Torture and War Crimes at Abu Ghraib to Pro

Mississippi lawmaker: Coat hanger abortions might come back. 'But hey...' | Video

Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) Staffer Asks Oil Lobbyist 'Partners' For 'Better Coordination And Communication' In Attacking Obama

Red Flags Said to Go Unheeded by Bosses at JPMorgan

Justice Dept. launches criminal probe into JPMorgan's $2B trading loss

Facebook co-founder gives up US citizenship to keep more of his money

Virginia House Rejects Judge Because He Is Gay

Dept. Of Interior Finds 'Nearly Two-Thirds Of Acreage' Leased By The Oil Industry Lies Idle

Report: FBI considering hate crime charges for Zimmerman

Democrats To Boehner: Boehner Waging Debt Limit Fight Due To 'Weak Grip' On Party

Bloomberg's Charter School Battle Detailed in E-Mails

The Choice: Socialism or Fascism (17 comments)

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike

Pakistan signals end to blockade of Nato supplies

Taxmageddon sparks rising anxiety

William Astore: Hail to the Cheerleader-in-Chief! (2 comments)

Want To Know How Drones Will Change America? Look To Israel (4 comments)

16 and Counting: Charter School Lobby Group Quits ALEC Two Days After Being Identified

Gay Donor Pulls Support From Mitt Romney Over Gay Marriage, Asks For Money Back

Phone Hacking Scandal: Rebekah Brooks and four others to be charged with perverting the course of justice

LA TIMES: The Real Romney Bullied and Attacked Other High Schoolers

Monday, May 14:

Occupy Isn't About Electing Democrats--It's About Exposing a Broken System

Vuic: Prostitution and the U.S. military

AIPAC Resolution Demanding War With Iran On House Floor Tomorrow (1 comments)

What Mother's Day REALLY was about

List of Good Things Muammar Gaddafi Done for The People of Libya

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Dems furious with DNC for refusing to invest big money in Walker recall (1 comments)

Carroll Shelby 1923 - 2012

GOP Doubles Down On Anti-Gay Agenda

Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Big Brother Birth Control Surveillance Law (2 comments)

Ron Paul no longer campaigning in primaries (1 comments)

2012 election drowning in secret money - Increase spending at 47% since 2006 midterms

Fundamentalism at the US's corps

Occupy Chicago Prepares for NATO

Why the Obama Campaign Is Confident About Beating Romney

ALEC Memo Instructed Members To 'Navigate Away' From Tough Questions

War Tribunal Finds Bush, Cheney Guilty of War Crimes

Federal Judge Lowers the Boom in Child Pornography Case   (1 comments)

Saudi Arabia Goes Solar - Unveils $100 Billion Plan To Make Solar 'A Driver For Domestic Energy For Years To Come'

Biblical Law - Wisconsin Church Pastor Ordered To Beat Children As Young As 2 Months With Large Wooden Dowels (1 comments)

U.S. Drone Policy Would Have Targeted Jesus Himself

Conservative university implements single-payer insurance plan to save on health care costs (3 comments)

Adding Hurdles for Iran to Clear

Sunday, May 13:

White House & Dems Back Banks over Protests: Newly Discovered Homeland Security Files Show Feds Behind Occupy Crackdown (1 comments)

JPMorgan executives "to resign' over losses

Romney Woos Evangelicals at Liberty University

A united, strong Israel

Israel razes Palestinian structures in West Bank | Reuters

US drone attacks kill ten in Yemen

Sherwood Ross: Polls or No, Obama Could Crush Romney

Pa. becomes most populous state to oppose Real ID

Rand Paul: "There's a 'sickness' in the country."

Chavez After Cancer Treatment in Cuba

Obama Change You Can Count On: $150G to Remain Silent

- -: Suppression of journalists in Honduras undermines democracy

R-CALF USA Calls USDA Proposal to Reform Beef Checkoff Program Far too Little and Far too Late

Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia | Foreign Policy Journal (1 comments)

History: Utoeya island, Scene of Norway's summer camp massacre

Culture war looms as Israel pledges to end ultra-Orthodox military exemptions (2 comments)

Sexual Abuse in Catholic Church- A Decadence of Crime- 1002-2012 (5 comments)

Saturday, May 12:

Bush and Associates Found Guilty of Torture (4 comments)

Monsanto's Deep Roots in Washington

For Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Abuse Cases, a Prosecutor Uses Different Rules

Why It's Epically Important That Obama Endorsed Gay Marriage

From Blogothon: The Axis of Media Indifference (1 comments)

Friday, May 11:

Drone warfare protests May 18 to May 20 in the Bronx and Manhattan

Food Stamp Myth Busting (1 comments)

Recall Bombshell: Walker on Video Touting Plan to Cut Collective Bargaining to Billionaire Donor

Protesters plan to march without permits, shut down Boeing at NATO summit

GOP leaves debt accord in dust

Must Read!!! Kucinich Commencement Speech: Power of Now (16 comments)

Bin Laden Files Dispel Iran-Qaeda Link (2 comments)

Today, ALEC Brings Lawmakers And Big Oil Together To Undermine Clean Energy

Public Meetings with Ex GIPSA Chief Scheduled for Bismarck, N. D., May 16, and Ft. Pierre, S. D., May 18

Why Were These Drugs Approved? (17 comments)

A Look at Libertarian Party Nominees Gary Johnson, Jim Gray (3 comments)

Justice Department Lawyer Has Conflict in SCOTUS Review of Siegelman Case

San Luis Obispo City Council Unanimously Endorses the California DISCLOSE Act, AB 1648 (1 comments)

Yes we can " kill, but no we don't know how to create jobs (6 comments)

Thursday, May 10:

Franklin Graham: Obama is shaking his fist at God

Missing words from 9-11 tribunal: CIA and big-boy pants

JPMorgan Chase Admits Big Losses - $2 Billion - On 'Egregious' Credit Trades At London Trading Desk

Exclusive: NARAL President Nancy Keenan to step down

Matt Taibbi: Journalists Do Not Think Election Will Be Close, Only Say So To "Sell Advertising'

House Approves $310 Billion in Cuts

Justice sues Ariz. sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying he violated Hispanics' rights

Mitt Romney's prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents

Michael Klare: Oil Wars on the Horizon

U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use 'Hiroshima' Tactics for 'Total War' on Islam

Colin Powell's New Book: Finally Admits War With Iraq Never Debated By National Security Council Or Anyone Else...

Medicare Fraud: $5.6 Billion Paid To 2,600 Drugstores With Questionable Billings, Report Shows

The GOP Plan To Protect New York From Iran's Nonexistent Transatlantic Missiles

Bill would make snooping, digital spying by employers illegal

Justice Dept. plans to sue Ariz. sheriff Arpaio

Republicans find lots to love in PhRMA after health reform spat

GOP leaders Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy tell Issa go slow on Eric Holder contempt vote (1 comments)

GOP shies away from offering healthcare reform alternative

China Key to Green Tech Innovation?

Israeli special panel decides to let hunger-striking Palestinian inmates out of solitary

Pew Study: Americans In The Northeast Have More Economic Mobility

Mission Impossible: Finding a Minivan Made in America by Union Workers (2 comments)

America's Dark Night of the Soul (2 comments)

Wednesday, May 9:

Nation reacts to President Obama's support for gay marriage

Why Are Student Loan Interest Rates Set To Double? Thank These Lobbyists Who Helped Kill The Bill

Dan Froomkin: Colin Powell's New Book: War With Iraq Never Debated

Why Is The Jack-Booted Government Arresting All These Nice White Supremacists?

Obama Backs Gay Marriage (9 comments)

Oops! Air Force Drones Can Now (Accidentally) Spy on You for Up to 90 Days!

Rush Limbaugh Appeals To Conservative Women With "Rush Babes For America' (3 comments)

Are Self-Defense Laws "Whites Only"?

Paul Ryan Defends Cutting Food Stamps For The Poor: 'You Have To Get Savings In Some Of These Areas' - Starve Kids!

Walker Set For Rematch With Barrett in Gubernatorial Recall

Cumulus: Limbaugh boycott cost 'millions' (1 comments)

Mail Order Bride Company President Lobbying To Weaken Protections For Abused Immigrants

Job Creation Under Democratic Presidents Roughly Double That Of GOP: Report (4 comments)

GOP Group's Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Is Reelected (1 comments)

Egypt-Israel Gas Issue Becoming Explosive

Carville Says Democrats are Complacent

Photos: Survivors of North Carolina's Eugenics Program | Crackers Will Steal Your Ovaries But No Gay Marriage!

North Carolina's Ban On Equal Marriage Invites Mockery Of The South

IL House GOP freshman to defend Planned Parenthood at presser

Retired couples may need $240,000 for health care (2 comments)

How ALEC Betrayed Conservative Republicans To Screw Over Mom And Pop Stores (1 comments)

Bank Lobbyists Coordinated "Tea Party" Challenge To Senator Lugar To Punish Him For Voting Against Wall Street

Off the Charts: Shrinking Government - Graphic

Switzerland: An Initiative to Establish Basic Income for All (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 8:

Tom Barrett wins Wisconsin recall primary

Romney taking credit for auto industry success

Indiana's Lugar Loses Republican Senate Primary

Student loan plan fails in the Senate (2 comments)

The Dark Side of the Prestigious Marine Barracks (2 comments)

Republicans To Poor: Let Them Eat Bombs!

China expels Al Jazeera correspondent; news channel closes its English bureau in Beijing

U.S. Confirms Afghan Airstrike Mistake

Netanyahu surprise gives Israel grand coalition

Karzai summons US envoy over civilian deaths

Health care increasingly out of reach for millions of Americans

Republicans seek to add more in defense spending

Super PACs Opposed to Super PACs

Celebrity Chef Fires up Youth in Juvenile Detention Center

Noam Chomsky: A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age? (11 comments)


*Pentagon Disputes Bales' Account of Friend Being Wounded, Losing Leg (1 comments)

The 7 Dumbest Things GOP Politicians Have Said About Abortion Recently

Corruption Accounts For As Much As 14 Dollars Out Of Every Tank Of Gas (1 comments)

ALEC Gets a Break From State Lobbying Laws In South Carolina, Indiana, and Colorado

Ten Years of Elevated Military Spending, Still Near WW II Levels (1 comments)

Three NSA whistleblowers warn of secret spying programs that can target anyone - Video

Monday, May 7:

Wisconsin turns against Scott Walker (3 comments)

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney

First jail for US veterans will offer helping hand to a growing problem (1 comments)

GOP plan protects Pentagon, cuts social programs

Mystery death on Skype: What killed US captain in Afghanistan?

Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter (+video)

Terrible New Attack on Abortion Clinic Landlord Delightfully Backfires

93 Year Old Grandmother Suing Pennsylvania Voter ID | ThinkProgress

Whistleblower Victory: EPA scientist who warned of caustic dust from Ground Zero wins job back | The Raw Story

Viral Political Disinformation - Medicare (1 comments)

Divided Congress likely to agree on student loans

Crossroads GPS Argues Ads Attacking Candidates Aren't Political (VIDEO)

Political Iceberg Ahead: Will It Sink Our Democracy? (4 comments)

Ernest Callenbach: Last Words to an America in Decline

Medical marijuana bill passes Connecticut State Senate (1 comments)

Sunday, May 6:

*Public Funeral to be held May 8th in NYC

Rocky Anderson calls for rejection of "lesser-of-two-evils-ism' (5 comments)

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now

Drone Strike In Yemen Kills Al Qaeda Leader Wanted In Cole Bombing Case

Move Over, ALEC--Big Pharma Wants to Write Laws Too (2 comments)

Sherwood Ross: *Little Caution Used in U.S. Drone Assassinations, Authorities Say (2 comments)

House GOP Would Let Domestic Abusers Know Their Victims Called For Help

Sarkozy Concedes Defeat by Socialist Hollande in French Presidential Race (2 comments)

Francois Hollande wins French presidential election

Exit polls: Sarkozy loses in France, Greek voters also turn on leaders

Saturday, May 5:

Guantanamo court hearing for accused 9/11 plotters becomes a 12-hour marathon

New Police Strategy in New York - Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protesters

GOP To States: Stop Looking For Poor Children To Insure! (1 comments)

*Don't Frack the World (1 comments)

Family feud among 'prosperity gospel' religious royalty reveals tax-free luxury living at largest Christian TV network

$80 million later, U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan citing security risks

Arizona bans funding to Planned Parenthood in abortion fight

Romney's useless allies

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 8 in Pakistan

Japan switches off last nuclear power plant; will it cope?

The Worst Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time-Bomb

Welcome to the Anthropocene - Video

About "Those Other Things that Fly" (2 comments) Is Funding Global Warming Denial In Our Schools (4 comments)

Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds SPLC's Crushing Legal Victory Against Notorious Klan Leader

SPLC Investigation, Lawsuit Expose Barbaric Conditions at For-Profit Youth Prison in Mississippi (1 comments)

The Heartland Institute Self Destructs (7 comments)

Murdoch: His Mission in Media -- Politics

Friday, May 4:

Gas Prices Fall 12 Cents Per Gallon Since President Obama Announced Speculation Crackdown (2 comments)

Two Kentucky teens become first in US to be prosecuted for hate crime after targeting gay man - plead guilty (1 comments)

REVEALED: Full List Of ALEC's Corporate Members - Cracker Barrel, Bayer, eBay, HP, UPS, Yahoo, Time-Warner, Miller/Coors (1 comments)

EEOC Ruling on Gender Identity-Discrimination Likely to Impact Federal Contractors

Lou Engle Calls for Religious Right to Channel Confederate Generals to 'Restrain' the 'Homosexual Agenda'

U.S. official faults Ala. immigration law, claims it "diminished access to and quality of education" for Hispanics

Japan to be without nuclear power

Mormon church girds for landmark political race, with Romney as prominent face of the faith (5 comments)

GOP's Violence Against Women Act Would Open Up Undocumented Victims To More Abuse (2 comments)

Ohio Is Everyone's Favorite Place to Find Racists

Obama''s George Clooney Fundraiser Will Be Largest in History

U.S. sets new rules for fracking on federal lands

Voter Registration Down Among Hispanics, Blacks

Heartland Institute compares belief in global warming to mass murder

UN Ambassador: "No Exaggeration - Fate Of The World Depends On Fukushima Reactor 4" (4 comments)

FormerGIPSA Chief to Address Independent Cattle Producers in Dakotas

U.S., China reach deal for Chen Guangcheng to study abroad

Economic Liberty From Philadelphia (3 comments)

Another WTF? Moment In North Carolina: Pastor Caught On Tape Advocating Violence -- Says 'Misquoted' (1 comments)

An Urgent Request on UN Intervention to Stabilize the Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Nuclear Fuel (1 comments)

Very, Very Greedy (2 comments)

*Save The Economy (2 comments)

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention

Thursday, May 3:

May Day Demonstration -- Prague 2012

Media Malfeasance: Corporate News Downsizes OWS, Downplays Murdoch Ruling (9 comments)

The Capitulating Commander - Guantanamo, Taxes and the Stimulus (9 comments)

Darrell Issa drafts contempt order to Eric Holder

Mitt Romney criticizes Obama administration's handling of blind Chinese activist Chen

Methodists Vote Against Ending Investments Tied to Israel

The Virgin Defense Secretary - Rumsfeld still considers himself credible

Boehner Doesn't Want Gay Soldiers Having Equal Benefits

Report Card on Social Security Trust Fund Coverage - An F for the headlines; a C- for the stories (2 comments)

ExxonMobil: A 'Private Empire' On The World Stage

Bill McKibben: The Most Important Story of Our Lives (4 comments)

ALEC's Top Five Anti-Environment 'Model' Laws

Court rejects torture-related case against Bush lawyer (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 2:

Scott Walker's Billionaire Boys Club: Big Money Backs Anti-Labor Agenda (1 comments)

Newt Gingrich Out: Candidate Ending 2012 Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

Rupert Murdoch's Fox broadcast licences targeted

Teachers' Board Become Fifteenth Group To Drop ALEC (1 comments)

Georgia Governor Approves Ban On Abortions After 20 Weeks With No Exception For Rape Or Incest (1 comments)

VIDEO: Wife Of North Carolina's Anti-Gay Amendment Backer Claims It Would Protect The 'Caucasian' Race

Taliban announce "spring offensive' across Afghanistan

Pseudo-Historian David Barton's New Jefferson Book is a Load of Crap -- and a Bestseller (2 comments)

White House expands reach of sanctions on Syria, Iran

Secret Service problems much bigger than prostitutes

FBI Supplied the Anarchist "Terrorists" Arrested in May Day Plot (3 comments)

Pakistan summons US envoy over drone raid

US secures presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014

CEO of a Wall Street Darling Once Was Convicted for the Assault of His Stepson (2 comments)

Lawmaker Ruben Diaz Compares Abortion To The Holocaust (1 comments)

Romney's Plan to Eliminate Affordable Housing Ignites...Silence

FCC urged to revoke Fox broadcast licenses (16 comments)

Is Wells Fargo a Lehman in the Making?

Workers Left Behind - 30+ Years Of Shocking Decline (Chart)

Texas Attorney General Compares Planned Parenthood To Terrorist Organization

Advocates Worry States Are Moving Too Fast On Dual Eligibles -- Those Who Qualify For Medicare & Medicaid

Massachusetts payment-reform bill would overhaul how health-care providers are paid

Republicans Push Out Romney Staffer. For Performance? No, for being Gay

Romney's Former Bain Partner Makes a Case for Inequality and Writes What Will Probably Be Most 'Hated Book of the Year

Behind The Lobbying Effort That Helps Save Apple $2.4 Billion In Taxes A Year

Romney on Spending: Guns Trump Butter

AT&T, Feds Neglect Low-Price Mandate Designed to Help Schools

Witness Alleges Second Shooter in RFK Assassination (2 comments)

Tuesday, May 1:

Occupy Rallies and Mayday March Peaceful in DC: A Journalist's Journal (1 comments)

WWJDD: What Would James Dobson Do? North Carolina Pastor Preaches Violence Against Small Children To Turn Them Straight. (3 comments)

New Stockton Diocese Fr. O'Grady Suit -- Continuing Catastrophe for Cardinal Mahony (5 comments)

Occupy Oakland May Day Photo Report (1 comments)

High Drama as Occupy Asheville Goes to Court (4 comments)

Republicans Won't Offset Cost Of Extending The Bush Tax Cuts

Finally....Factual Details Leading Up To Trayvon Martin Shooting (1 comments)

Richard Grenell hounded from Romney campaign

May Day marches: Activists protest against austerity

Arrests on Lower East Side as May Day Protests Spread

Brennan speech is first Obama acknowledgment of use of armed drones

Leaked Documents Show How Corporations Have Veto Power Over ALEC Bills That Affect Our Lives Every Day

Meet A Corrupt Federal Judge That Ronald Reagan Gave Us

Jeremy Scahill: US Has Become 'Nation of Assassins'

Rwanda: Political prisoner Victoire Ingabire boycotts Kagame's court

Rebecca Solnit: American Dystopia, Fiction or Reality?

GOPers split over how to reform health care

NYPD Investigates May Day Protests Even Before They Begin

MAP: What's Happening Where on Occupy May Day

Rupert Murdoch 'not fit' to lead major international company, MPs conclude

The UN May Have Silenced the Afghan Public

Sheila Dean: DHS's Current Southern Border Enforcement Strategy a Bust, Group Says


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