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May 2012

Thursday, May 31:

Too Much Power for a President

Rupert watch: Tony Blair lying at the Leveson Inquiry - (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 30:

America's murderous drone campaign is fuelling terror (1 comments)

Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney a unicorn? Fighting "birthers' with their own ploy

Good News for Obama! They grow on trees! (2 comments)

How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren (1 comments)

Bradley Manning, America's martyr for open government

Tuesday, May 29:

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney's Economic Failure in Massachusetts

Monday, May 28:

Two Parties, Zero Principles - Rocky Anderson 2012

Birth Control and Government - Uncle Sam was an Abortionist

Paul Krugman: Fiscal Phonies

Sunday, May 27:

War Inc. Shifts Homeward (7 comments)

Black Bloc Anarchists and State Terrorism, by Rob Urie

Them Who Shall Be Asked For Papers, by Nezua at El Machete (1 comments)

Congress Ready to Get Started on Bush Tax Cuts -Jennifer Steinhauser

Saturday, May 26:

I Didn’t Vote for Obama in 2008, but I’ll be First To Do So in 2012 (6 comments)

Charles M. Blow; Louisiana-- World's Prison Capital

Why Is General McChrystal Teaching an Off-the-Record Course at Yale?

Friday, May 25:

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Conservatives used to care about community. What happened? (3 comments)

Mitt Romney and the Women Who Don't Love Him (2 comments)

Paul Krugman: Egos and Immorality (2 comments)

Sleepless in Jerusalem

Can NATO survive? -- Inside Story Americas

Egos and Immorality Paul krugman

Thursday, May 24:

Dear SCOTUS: We Love Citizens United!

Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal

Freedom Rider: The Non-Campaign of 2012, by BAR's Margaret Kimberley (1 comments)

When Squeezed, is the Church "Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy?"

Mark Morford: All the states that hate you

Wednesday, May 23:

Jeffery Toobin: Do We Still Need the Voting Rights Act?

Interview With Economist Paul Krugman on Euro-Zone Rescue Efforts

Congress isn't just stalemated, it's broken, experts say

The Eight Worst Campaign Surrogates

Even Worse Than Democracy, by Anthony Gregory

Finance trumps Democracy in Europe by Amartya Sen (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 22:

What Is It With North Carolinian Pastors?

Is Texas Waging War on History?

Cory Booker and the Bain of Private Equity (2 comments)

Monday, May 21:

Penn Jillette Goes On Epic Obama Weed Tirade (short video) (6 comments)

Is The GOP Deliberately Sabotaging The Economy? (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne: A choice of capitalisms

Memo To Mitt Romney: How Many Dead Jews Have You Baptized By Proxy?

America's Human Lab Rats (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Dimon's De'ja Vu Debacle

Sunday, May 20:

Rather Outspoken

Are Democrats Bent on Political Suicide? (2 comments)

Saturday, May 19:

Pharoah Bloomberg: Paying Workers Enough to Live Is 'Communism' (3 comments)

Five Facts That Put America to Shame (2 comments)

The Age of Innocence -

Friday, May 18:

Obama May Be Off The Ballot In Arizona -- Is It Crazy Birtherism Or Plain Old Voter Suppression? (AUDIO & VIDEO) (12 comments)

Paul Krugman: Apocalypse Fairly Soon

Thursday, May 17:

The Student Debt Bomb (1 comments)

The Inequality Speech That TED Won't Show You - Restoration Roundtable (1 comments)

What Happens If Scott Walker Wins Is No Good at All

Predator Nation: How Endless Drone War Is Turning the Promise of America into a Promise of Death

Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: JP Morgan Blow-Up is Not a "Hiccup' -- It's a Giant, Ugly Warning

Mr. Boehner's lamentable desire to repeat bad history (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Romney's phony embrace of Bill Clinton

Rocky Anderson May Just Rock the World | Global Voices For Justice

The Anti-Science Streak in Federal Marijuana Policy - Conor Friedersdorf - National - The Atlantic (1 comments)

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich won't soon be forgotten - The Root DC Live - The Washington Post (1 comments)

Victoria Grant, 12, Hits Lecture Circuit To Explain How Canadian Banking Is A Fraud (VIDEO) (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 16:

Our Politics Is A Mess, But Only One Party Is The Cause

The Chamber of Commerce's Dark Money Days May Be Over

Mark Morford: How to have your big gay moment

Nurses vs. High-Speed Traders | Why would nurses get mixed up in an issue like that?

RAND: How to Defuse Iran's Nuclear Threat - Bolster Diplomacy, Israeli Security, and the Iranian Citizenry

RMI30: What We've Created Together (Video) (1 comments)

Bank Protesters Too Young To Comprehend Economy Says Romney (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 15:

How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors Studio's James Lipton

Colin Powell Owes Us an Apology, Not Another Excuse (2 comments)

Romney's Weasel Problem

Eugene Robinson -- Romney's economic plan is short on specifics

Haiti to Be Fleeced of Its Gold By Canadian Mining Corporations | By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery

Here's a Fellowship, There's a Fellowship: The Struggles of a Christian Activist in the Inactive Church

Monday, May 14:

How John Roberts Orchestrated Citizens United (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Why We Regulate

Sunday, May 13:

Harming the Troops

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney, the Unlikable Presidential Candidate

America the Possible: A Manifesto (2 comments)

Saturday, May 12:

Dog-Whistle Watch: What Coded Messages Will Mitt Send At His Liberty U Speech?

What Jamie Dimon Doesn't Know Is Plain Scary

How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform

Richard Branson: Marijuana Will Help Economics

Friday, May 11:

Game Over for the Climate (2 comments)

Joe Conason: The Only True Way To Save Marriage From Obama

How to End This Depression, by Paul Krugman at the N.Y.R.

Paul Krugman: Easy Useless Economics (2 comments)

Thursday, May 10:

The Kiss of Rupert Murdoch

President Obama won't be 'swift-boated' on Bin Laden's death

Sexual violence in the U.S. military

Frank Rich on the National Circus: He's Evolved!

Rocky Anderson on Pot!

Afghanistan's massacred innocents have names (1 comments)

Gay Marriage: Why Obama Couldn't Wait

Wednesday, May 9:

Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney won't stand up to his own party

Pick Me, Mitt Romney (Short Video / NSFW) (1 comments)

Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention (2 comments)

Rocky Anderson on Drugs (3 comments)

Medicare fraud: What you need to know

Tuesday, May 8:

The Best, Most Disgusting Reporting on Food Safety

Monday, May 7:

Obama's top 50 (2 comments)

Are Religious People Less Compassionate?

Bill Keller: Murdoch's Pride Is America's Poison

Political Capitalism in Action, by Wendy McElroy (2 comments)

Sunday, May 6:

Paul Krugman: Those Revolting Europeans

An Open Letter To All Conservative Christians

Ehud Olmert to CNN: Right-wing Americans thwarted Israeli-Palestinian peace accord

Is the NYPD Out of Control? New Lawsuit Takes on Bloomberg's 'Private Army' (1 comments)

The Book of Mitt (1 comments)

Barack Obama's Private War

Bishop Spong - Essay; Vatican vs. the Nuns

Saturday, May 5:

If Obama wins, what would he do in a second term? (2 comments)

Prison Planet Mind (4 comments)

Nancy Pelosi: Medical Marijuana Busts

Friday, May 4:

David Corn: Romney's Biggest Fib?

Paul Krugman: Plutocracy, Paralysis, Perplexity (1 comments)

Thursday, May 3:

Charles M. Blow -- Things That Really Matter

Paul Krugman on How to Fix the Economy -- and Why It's Easier Than You Think

Frank Rich: The National Circus: A Noun, a Verb, and Osama bin Laden

Wednesday, May 2:

May Day and the Ass Bomber of Ray Kelly's Dreams

Gene Lyons: How The GOP's Golden Boy Works His Con

Why Is the Conservative Brain More Fearful? The Alternate Reality Right-Wingers Inhabit Is Terrifying (1 comments)

Democrats Have Moved to the Right, Not the Left

Unexceptionalism - A Primer (2 comments)

The GOP's Hot Potato

Tuesday, May 1:

The Republican War on Women Is A Myth! It Is All An Illusion! Republicans Love Mom and Apple Pie! (1 comments)

Who is the Real Reactionary - Is Ron Paul More Progressive Than Obama (1 comments)

The Empire Strikes Back: Attack of the Drones

Failed Icelandic Bank To Sue PriceWaterhouseCoopers For "Deliberate" Auditing Errors (1 comments)

The Truth About The U.S. Corporate Tax Rate The Right-Wing Media Doesn't Want You To Know (2 comments)

This May Day, Remember That Big Money Is The Reason American Workers Don't Have More Rights -- And Income

Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&'s Sake!

"Re-Capturing the Friedmans"


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