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April 2012

Monday, April 30:

North Korean "Satellite": Is Missile Defense the Correct Response?

Unexceptionalism -- A Primer

Rep. Allen West Calls Democrats Nine-Foot-Tall Aliens

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Connecticut's death penalty message

Mitt Romney's Nutty Professor

Sunday, April 29:

Paul Krugman: Wasting Our Minds

US Senator Manchin's Public Statements Show Lack Of Decision Making

Saturday, April 28:

Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem

Friday, April 27:

This supremely Republican supreme court

Chevron's Quarterly Profit Is Up To $6.5 Billion, Production Is Down, Tax Rate Is Still Lower Than Yours

"If Paul Ryan Knew What Poverty Was, He Wouldn't Be Giving This Speech"

Paul Krugman -- Death of a Fairy Tale (1 comments)

Thursday, April 26:

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Romney's principled, radical view for America

Does the V.A. Get It? Mental Health Crisis For Returning Soldiers (3 comments)

Ready for the Fight: Rolling Stone Interview with Barack Obama

Wednesday, April 25:

What Israeli hasbara won't hide

Bill Moyers Video: Eric Alterman on How Liberals Need to 'Toughen Up'

Dial M for Murdoch

Tuesday, April 24:

Wars of Attrition from Vietnam to Afghanistan

Chomsky on Declining Empire, Occupy and Arab Spring (3 comments)

Monday, April 23:

The War on Women

An 'Update' To The Bush Years?

Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics' Homes (1 comments)

Obomber's Great Ideas Revisited

Derivatives: The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks (1 comments)

Mitt Romney's secrets

E.J. Dionne Jr -- How to beat Citizens United

Frank Rich on How Conservative Donors are Buying This Presidential Election

Czechs stage mass rally in protest against government

Sunday, April 22:

Paul Krugman: The Amnesia Candidate (1 comments)

The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state (1 comments)

Despair, Suicide and the State (2 comments)

Stigmatizing Resistance to Authority (7 comments)

Saturday, April 21:

When In Need Of Political Distraction, Bash The Poor

In Nothing We Trust (4 comments)

How Obama Became a Civil Libertarian's Nightmare (16 comments)

Friday, April 20:

Comment: No Veteran in the White House

Eugene Robinson -- Republican rhetoric that damages the nation

Is Vermont's Governor Surrendering to Monsanto?

How America Came To Torture Its Prisoners

FAA regulation of drones will challenge our privacy expectations

David Corn -- Romney's Message: Obama's Not a Real American (1 comments)

Iran and Israel must both work for a nuclear-free Middle East

Racism in the Postracial Nation

A Punishment BP Can't Pay Off

Thursday, April 19:

How We're Footing the Bill for Violent Crackdowns on Dissent in the Middle East

America's Religious Divide: Why Mitt Romney Is Hobbled

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Think Again: Jews are Still Liberal

Charles M. Blow -- Focus, People, on Romney vs. Obama (1 comments)

Yet Another Obama Big Lie: Mortgage Fraud Investigation Not Even Staffed (1 comments)

"The Assault on Public Education", by Noam Chomsky,

Wednesday, April 18:

Joe Conason: What Mitt Romney Seems To Believe (And Why He's So Disliked)

Maureen Dowd -- Phony Mommy Wars

Is Georgia Waiting for Its Jobless to Just Kill Themselves?

Tuesday, April 17:

Romney Latest Attack On The Poor And Middle Class: Eliminate HUD

If 25,000 people rally in midtown, is that a story? Occupy watchers wonder, where is the press?

Ralph Nader: Little Difference Between Obama, Romney (1 comments)

Where Your Taxes Go: War (1 comments)

How "Centrist" Democrats Are Helping Conservatives - and Failing America's Moms (8 comments)

Monday, April 16:

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Why the NRA pushes "Stand Your Ground'

Beyond The Battlefield: From A Decade Of War, An Endless Struggle For The Severely Wounded

The freedom W had -- and Mitt lacks

Report: The Impact on Inequality of Raising the Social Security Retirement Age (1 comments)

Sunday, April 15:

Paul Krugman: Europe's Economic Suicide

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington

Melinda Gates: Let's put birth control back on the agenda | Video

Having an Abortion When No One Called Me a Slut (1 comments)

Saturday, April 14:

Nicholas D. Kristof -- A Veteran's Death, the Nation's Shame

Health Care You May Want to Vote For

So How Much Is The GOP Going To Pay Moms? (1 comments)

Friday, April 13:

Joan Walsh: Ann Romney should apologize! (2 comments)

Iran Nuclear Talks: Six Powers to Pursue Selfish Interests in Istanbul

Matt Taibbi : Yes, Virginia, This Is Obamas JOBS Act

Mitt Romney's Pledge to the 1%

Think Again: The Ryan Budget Show, Part 2

Mitt Romney's Troubling Views on Religion in Government

How Occupy Co-Opted (1 comments)

Email snooping IT admins like 'Dracula in charge of the blood bank'

Paul Krugman: Cannibalize the Future

Thursday, April 12:

Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives (1 comments)

George W. Bush on the 'Bush Tax Cuts'

How Did Mitt Make So Much Money and Pay So Little in Taxes?

The Obama administration's disturbing treatment of whistleblowers

The real war on moms

Libya: So it was all about oil after all! (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne, Jr -- How Santorum boxed in Romney

Soros: European Crisis Enters "Less Volatile But "More Lethal Phase"

Smart ALECs Get Their Due

Matt Stoller; Why Is the Left Slice of the Democrats Getting Crushed? - naked capitalism (10 comments)

Wednesday, April 11:

Joe Conason: What's In A Name? George W. Regrets Dubbing Those "Bush Tax Cuts'

Joseph P. Kenedy II: The High Cost of Gambling on Oil (1 comments)

Gates Foundation drops ALEC (but why was Bill Gates funding it?)

Tuesday, April 10:

'Israel's Government Has Reacted Absurdly'

Why Obama's JOBS Act Couldn't Suck Worse

Progressive Achilles' heel: A lack of an 'entrenched, nationwide infrastructure of state and local policymakers'

Monday, April 9:

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Obama levels straight shots at Supreme Court and Ryan budget

Paul Krugman: The Gullible Center

Sunday, April 8:

Human's Best Teacher: Nature (1 comments)

Cultural Liberalism Is Not Enough

US filmmaker repeatedly detained at the border

Living as a 'Sub-Human' in Sweden

The Bull Market - Political Advertising, by McChesney and Nichols (2 comments)

The Top Short-Term Threat to Humanity: The Fuel Pools of Fukushima

Saturday, April 7:

Andrew Sullivan: There's so much bad religion right now

Moyers guest: Ordinary people are the world's only hope

What are the real choices in 2012? Rocky, Barack, Mitt (1 comments)

Friday, April 6:

David Corn: How Romney Fibs -- and Gets Away With It

Doubts about a Mideast Arms Race (1 comments)

Why Not Get the Law and Politics Right in Iran? by Richard Falk of F.P.J.

Why We Need an Open Debate on Israel

Paul Krugman: Not Enough Inflation

Thursday, April 5:

How Can We Help President Obama Today?

Lack of Competition Stifles Refinance Program for Underwater Homeowners - ProPublica

The powerless American worker (2 comments)

A Budget to Rebuild America

A History of FDA Inaction on Animal Antibiotics

Wednesday, April 4:

REPORT: Voter Suppression 101 and ALEC's Model Voter ID Laws

Dan Froomkin: Karl Rove's NAACP Analogy Runs Afoul Of Law, History

Maureen Dowd: Men in Black

Tuesday, April 3:

David Corn: The Times Gets It Wrong on the Debt Deal

The Student Loan Crisis -- From Cradle to Grave

May the Loudest Bullhorn Win!

Thoughts on the Femnist Movement by Lisa Giuliani (6 comments)

Should Israel be American Jewry's football team?

"Two Sources of Power": Van Jones On Need for Obama Re-election and Build Occupy-Like Mass Movements (1 comments)

A Message From A Republican Meteorologist On Climate Change: Acknowledging It Does NOT Make You A Liberal

Here's What An 'Extraction Economy' Looks Like

REVEALED: The Democrats' devious plan to compromise with the Republicans (1 comments)

Coal Consumption Drops to Lowest Level Since 1996 : Greentech Media (1 comments)

Monday, April 2:

Come Home America at Nullify Now! Philadelphia

E.J.Dionne Jr.: The right's stealthy coup

How Americans spend money, compared with other countries

A Guide To The Trayvon Martin Killing (1 comments)

The Case Against Passion (1 comments)

The Myth of the "Knowledge Economy"

Tyler Durden: Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure

Sunday, April 1:

Paul Krugman: Pink Slime Economics

More states privatizing their infrastructure. Are they making a mistake?

Misunderstanding Jesus's Execution (1 comments)

A review of the Citigroup Prediction on US Energy

The conservative grip on power

Gail Collins: More Guns, Fewer Hoodies

The Savage Arithmetic of the Pre-Existing Condition

Shock. Obama Move Gives All Water in America To US Military, bySorcha Faal


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