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February 2012

Wednesday, February 29:

Occupy SF Protesters Really Close to Forming People's Reserve Credit Union (1 comments)

Argentine advice for Greece: "Default Now!' -- RT (1 comments)

David Corn: Did Private Spy Shop Get US Intel From Bin Laden Raid?

9 Santorum Speeches That Make Me Want to Throw Up

Why Do We Need a Volcker Rule?

Edward DeMarco Refuses Foreclosure Fix Favored (1 comments)

Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney's acceptance speech, in (mostly) his own words

The Need for a Black Agenda, by B.A.R. Executive Editor Glen Ford (1 comments)

Americans Are Bailing Out on Banks Too Big to Care; Credit Unions, Partnership and State-Run Banks Offer Alternatives (6 comments)

Tuesday, February 28:

Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum's rhetoric goes to the extreme

Why Democrats Have a Problem with Young Voters

Blown Away: How the US Fanned the Flames in Afghanistan

Greenwald: The NYPD spying controversy: a microcosm for the 9/11 era

Monday, February 27:

The March of Christian Dominionism 1: What Is Christian Dominionism? (6 comments)

Over Last 10 Years, General Electric's Effective Tax Rate Was 2.3%

Syria, Iran and the Obama Doctrine

Sunday, February 26:

Paul Krugman: What Ails Europe?

Obama Won't Back An Israeli Strike On Iran (4 comments)

Washington's War in Yemen Backfires

How the 2012 Primary Has Revealed a GOP on the Verge of Collapse (2 comments)

Saturday, February 25:

Single-Payer Health Care Is Coming To America-Are We Ready? (2 comments)

Ted Turner: Stop Keystone pipeline before it's too late (3 comments)

George W Bush in 2012 Election -- The Man Who Wasn't There (1 comments)

How Israel Could Remove Assad Diplomatically and Bring Peace to Syria (1 comments)

Friday, February 24:

Frank Rich on the National Circus: The GOP's Season Finale Bombs

A Dangerous Resolution

Why We Must Occupy Our Food Supply

Amy Goodman -- How far can Russ Feingold push campaign finance reform?

Matt Taibbi: Arizona Debate: Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost

How Drone War Became the American Way of Life

Those weak losers who care about "law"

Paul Krugman -- Romney's Economic Closet

Thursday, February 23:

Why Super PACs Are Even More of a Scam Than You Might Have Thought

Dan Froomkin: Obama Corporate Tax Plan Would Create Big Winners And Big Losers

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- President as an alien

The Predictable Presidency and an Edge on Consensus (1 comments)

Specious Free Exercise Arguments Can't Hide the War on Contraception

Birth control: The right's still winning

Gail Collins: Four Dudes and a Table

There Is Nothing Constitutional About State-Mandated Transvaginal Ultrasounds

Harvest America or Invest in America

Wednesday, February 22:

Tucker Carlson: 'Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated'

Mark Morford: How to be more like Satan

David Corn: Does Santorum Believe Obama Is Part of a Satanic Plot?

Tuesday, February 21:

A wedge divides progressives and women in Washington State

Experts Say Iran Attack Is Irrational, Yet Hawks Are Winning the Debate (1 comments)

In Book, Feingold Offers Insider's View of Senate Post-Sept. 11

Pelosi, Speier Request Justice Department Examination into Possible Violations of Federal Law in San Francisco Foreclosu (1 comments)

Why Romney Is Collapsing | Eliot Spitzer

Juan Cole: Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran

Joe Conason: Desperate Fantasy: Can Jeb Bush Save The GOP? (5 comments)

Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him

Transborder Data Flows at Risk

Beating the Drums of War, Again

Monday, February 20:

The Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Tobacco Sales In California: Fewer Smokers Is Bad For State Budget (1 comments)

Will The Supreme Court Reconsider Citizens United? (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Ideological hypocrites

Free Bradley Manning! (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Pain Without Gain

Sunday, February 19:

Bruce Springsteen: 'What was done to my country was un-American' (2 comments)

Municipal Bonds Are Sometimes Still Lost in the Fog

Saturday, February 18:

Virginia ultrasound law: women who want an abortion will be forcibly penetrated for no medical reason

Hungry for Freedom, Starving for Justice: a story of hunger striker Adnan Khader

The Invincible Military-Industrial Complex

Charles M. Blow -- Santorum's Gospel of Inequality

Playboy Interview: Paul Krugman

Republicans Are Unprotected On Contraception

OPINION: A Black Woman's "Life of the Mind" is Her Own: Melissa Harris Perry

"Top GOP Senator" To ABC News: If Romney Loses Michigan, "He Will Publicly Call' For Jeb Bush

Face the Truth: Racial Profiling Across America - Short Video Documentary

Friday, February 17:

Iran: false nuclear fears cloud the west's judgment (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Moochers Against Welfare

Thursday, February 16:

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police, An Open Letter to Chris Hedges (5 comments)

While He Was A Senator, Rick Santorum Voted With President George W. Bush Over 95% Of The Time

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Carol J. Adams, author of "The Sexual Politics of Meat," Weighs in on PETA Ad

Gail Collins: Why Congress Has No Date for the Prom

Amy Goodman: The Afghan War's Nine Lives

Giving Away the Store: The Black Political Class as Bystanders and Looters, by Bruce A. Dixon (1 comments)

9 things the rich dont want you to know about taxes - By DC Johnston

Poor, White, and Republican : The New Yorker (3 comments)

Iran seems an unlikely culprit for the attacks on Israeli diplomats

Wednesday, February 15:

The Right-Wing Media's Discipline Machine

Illusion of Recovery: Feellings vs. Facts (1 comments)

Mark Morford: Santorum, the bishops, and you

DEA digging into San Francisco's medical marijuana dispensaries | Chris Roberts | Local | San Francisco Examiner

Black Hawks In Boston: The American Military Empire Comes Home (1 comments)

Syria Slaughters, Hamas Terrorizes: Public Relations Firms Advance their Cause

Tuesday, February 14:

GOP Goes All-In Against Birth Control (And More!) (3 comments)

SYRIA: NATO's Next "Humanitarian" War?

President's 2013 Budget Revives 1603 Solar Tax Credit, Eliminates $4B in Fossil Fuel Subsidies : Greentech Media (1 comments)

Frank Rich: Who in God's Name is Mitt Romney?

Money and Morals - Paul Krugman

Monday, February 13:

Thomas Friedman: We Need a Second Party (9 comments)

Saturday, February 11:

Robert Fisk: From Washington this looks like Syria's 'Benghazi moment'. But not from here

Enemies of the State: Koch Brothers (5 comments)

MJ Rosenberg: Iran War: What Is AIPAC Planning? (1 comments)

Gail Collins: The Battle Behind the Fight

Attacks on Disclosure - For Some Citizens United Did Not Go Far Enough In Allowing Secret Donations

It's Time To Occupy Mainstream Media

Van Jones: Bank Settlement: $25 Billion Down, $675 Billion to Go

Friday, February 10:

David Corn: Dr. Gingrich and Mr. Newt

Decline Watch: Is the U.S. Constitution going out of style?

5 Big Lies About the Phony 'War on Religion' (2 comments)

Kevin Drum: Why I'm Feeling So Hard-Nosed Over the Contraception Affair

Paul Krugman: Money and Morals

We Really Do See Differently--Liberals and Conservatives

The Top Twelve Reasons Why You Should Hate the Mortgage Settlement

Thursday, February 9:

Bradley Manning's Own Defense Appears To Concede He's No Hero

An Education in o-Occupation

Robert Redford: Keystone Pipeline Facts

E.J.Dionne Jr -- Clint Eastwood, Rick Santorum and the limits of pessimism

Wednesday, February 8:

Dear Ronald Reagan: Thanks for Wrecking America (1 comments)

Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised That Susan G Komen for the Cure is Anti-Women

Mark Morford: How to be outraged in America

Tuesday, February 7:

Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis: Truth, Lies and Afghanistan

The Payroll Tax Fight

U.S. Jews Should Heed Top Israeli Soldiers Who Oppose Bombing Iran - The Daily Beast (1 comments)

Monday, February 6:

How to Score a Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Deal

Pentagon Whistleblower: Truth, lies and Afghanistan

E.J. Dionne, Jr -- The Citizens United catastrophe

Saul Alinsky, Who? |

Paul Krugman: Things Are Not O.K. (1 comments)

Sunday, February 5:

Stephen Colbert is winning the war against the Supreme Court and Citizens United (1 comments)

Maureen Dowd: The Great Man's Wife (3 comments)

Saturday, February 4:

Top Of The Pyramid Billionaires, Secretly Buying The 2012 Election (2 comments)

Susan G. Komen's priceless gift

Charles M. Blow: Romney, the Rich and the Rest

Friday, February 3:

David Ignatius: Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?

Barry Lando: Iran: Only Half the Story

Robert Fisk: We've been here before -- and it suits Israel that we never forget 'Nuclear Iran'

Leon Panetta's explicitly authoritarian decree

Faced with good news about economy, Romney dissolves into incoherence (2 comments)

Lizzie Phelan: New York Times video interview with Lizzie Phelan (14 comments)

Paul Krugman: Romney Isn't Concerned

Thursday, February 2:

E.J. Dionne: Mitt Romney won in Florida but lost overall

Joe Conason: What Happened in Florida Won't Stay in Florida

Why Record Black Male Unemployment Remains Invisible to the First Black President

Wednesday, February 1:

Ezra Klein: Doing the math on Obama's deficits

San Francisco Dispensaries' Annual Sales Estimate: $41 Million | Legalization Nation (3 comments)


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