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December 2011

Saturday, December 24:

Merry Christmas: The Tale Told Throughout the World and What it Means to Us Today (6 comments)

Friday, December 23:

Holiday Thoughts, 2011-2012

Wednesday, December 21:

My Back Pages: 99% and Bob Dylan (2 comments)

Software Developers and Insomnia: Pushing Beta Brainwaves to Extremes. (1 comments)

Sunday, December 18:

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer -- Farewell to Arms Video (2 comments)

Life's Conundrums

Still Looking for the Right Christmas Present? (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 13:

Are stereotypes unfairly stereotyped? (2 comments)

Saturday, December 10:

Time Magazine's Top 10 Songs of 2011

Rigid Mind Control or Creativity? (6 comments)

Wednesday, December 7:

The Existential Crisis: How Does it Affect the Kids? (11 comments)

Tuesday, December 6:

Earth-like Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star

Eat, Drink and Be Merry (1 comments)

"The Most Important News Story of the Day/Millennium" (13 comments)

Thursday, December 1:

The 3 Steps to God (9 comments)


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