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October 2011

Monday, October 31:

Job Creation? Businesses Prefer Root Canal (4 comments)

Return Of The Burning Times (2 comments)

The Occupiers' Responsive Chord (8 comments)

The Logical Outcome Of The Occupy Movement (1 comments)

'Idolizer Of The Market': Paul Ryan Can't Quite Hear The Catholic Church's Call For Economic Justice (1 comments)

A Master Class In Occupation (8 comments)

Peaceful Reform Or Violent Revolution? (3 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine VIII: Stefan Meister

Occupy Wall Street Unites The 99% (1 comments)

Collective Interest Vs Self Interest (1 comments)

Imploring OWS to Protect Themselves by Hailing REV. KING'S Condemnation of Wall St.'s Wars

Occupy Wall Street At Valley Forge, By Tom Engelhardt (1 comments)

A Warning To The Economic And Political Elites: Listen Now (37 comments)

The Ruse Of Withdrawal From Iraq (2 comments)

Netanyahu Threatens Gazans With Death (2 comments)

Living Under Israel's Boot (1 comments)

*Want To Stop Wall St? Stop Giving Your Money To Wall St. (6 comments)

*Stephen Zarlenga's Address To Occupy Together (1 comments)

Steve Jobs Represented Much Of What's Wrong With America's Economy Today (3 comments)

Sunday, October 30:

Occupying In The Shadow Of Frank Rizzo

Cain May Not Be A Flash In The Pan (1 comments)

The Never-Ending Eurofiasco (2 comments)

Unmasking October Surprise "debunker" (5 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine VII: Otto Luchterhandt

Report From Occupy Kingman,az--Some Of My Immodest Proposals

Occupy Barstow, California (1 comments)

What Is Freedom Artwork At Occupy Wall St

The Last Fight For Eden: OWS Vs Oligarchy (4 comments)

Toke Up The Revolution: Why Marijuana Is An Anarchist Weapon (12 comments)

America Bests The Big Bad Banks! (3 comments)

Publication And Progress At The Speed Of Thought (1 comments)

Libya: War Without End (1 comments)

Eurozone Bailout Deal: Hold The Cheers (1 comments)

Ahlam And Nezar, A Palestinian Couple Released In The Prisoner Exchange

What Would Steve Do? Jobs, That Is (2 comments)

Saturday, October 29:

Remember What They Did In Oakland (2 comments)

This Time It's For Real (20 comments)

How The Wounding Of A Vet Who Dared To Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent (6 comments)

Report From OO Occupy Oakland

Thundercrack (1 comments)

The Syria Imperative (9 comments)

The Rupturing State Of America (1 comments)

Looking Back To Move Forward: Resuscitating The Ailing U.s. Economy (26 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine VI: Nina Jeglinski

A Call To A.R.M.S (All Revolutionary Minded Sojour[Ner]S)

The Effects Of Tax-Financed Spending V. Debt-Financed Spending (36 comments)

"Occupy Wall Street" -- Strategy For Expansion (3 comments)

The Tipping Point: The #generation Begins To Move Beyond '68 (2 comments)

William Cormier: A Marine Was Almost Killed By The Oakland Police And Our President Is Ignoring The Brevity Of Our Survival As (2 comments)

A Patch Of Pumpkin Heads (5 comments)

Inevitable Retreat In Afghanistan

Police Can Also Be Traitors (8 comments)

Eurozone Bailout Deal (3 comments)

Anti-Imperial Voices (1 comments)

Friday, October 28:

Real Wimps Go To Tehran Via Baghdad (1 comments)

#surround The White House To Stop Keystone Xl

Arlene Engelhardt,: *Pacifica National Board Condemns Actions Of Oakland Mayor

A View From the Villa

The Ten Rules Of Terrorism: Art That Tests The First Amendment (2 comments)

Occupy The Winter Of Our Discontent (11 comments)

*The American Crisis: A Common Sense Deficit Reduction Proposal (7 comments)

Banks Cry Wolf

Hillary For President Talk Is Just Another Nasty Way To Slam Obama (2 comments)

American Crisis Politics (2 comments)

Are Tax Cuts The Driving Force Behind Job Creation And Economic Growth? (1 comments)

Moving Toward A Fairer, More Just Society, Restoring The Meaning In The Inscription On Lady Liberty

Iraq: Now Can We Apologize? (14 comments)

Licenses Of Security Companies Revoked In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

When The Whistles Don't Blow (2 comments)

Philly Greens Call Curfew, "new Jim Crow"

Understanding Tunisia's Elections Results (1 comments)

Occupy, The 'Battles Of Oakland', And The Face Of US Police Abuse (5 comments)

*Fed Up With Wall Street And Congress (1 comments)

What Cain is Able to Say. But Does it Slay the Facts? (5 comments)

Capitalism, American Style; Symbol Of Greed, Political Corruption (15 comments)

Despite Police Violence, Occupations are "SO Not Over" (3 comments)

*Nebraska Medicaid Attacks Continue And Now My Life Is On The Line. (3 comments)

Americans: Awash In Spin (18 comments)

Why Republican Voters Can't Make Up Their Mind (3 comments)

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding Us Policy

America: Still The Post-Modern White Man's Burden? (2 comments)

General Strike: Where OWS Needs To Go (11 comments)

Thursday, October 27:

Agent Provocateur (1 comments)

The Trick (5 comments)

Why The Far Right "supports" The Occupy Movement (1 comments)

We Shall Not Be Moved: Police Repression, Official Mendacity And Why OWS Has Already Overcome (4 comments)

Palestinian Prisoners Are Not "unpeople" -- They Are Children Of God (1 comments)

Life Among The 1% ...a Letter From Michael Moore (14 comments)

Oakland Police Riot: The Imperial Boardroom Strikes Back (1 comments)

October 1, 2011: The Day The Future Crossed A Bridge (1 comments)

A 51St State For Armed Robotic Drones (3 comments)

Thirty Years Of Unleashed Greed

Economist Ravi Batra Offers Some Political-Economic Insights To The Occupywallstreeters (2 comments)

Occupy Earth, By Chip Ward

How The West Won Libya (1 comments)

Forgiving Student Loan Debt Is Not Supported By America's " General Assembly" (9 comments)

*Demand To Get The Money Out Of Politics: A "one Demand" For Occupy Wall Street?

America's Predicament: The 7Th Billion Human On Planet Earth (7 comments)

A Love Fest In The Hindu Kush (1 comments)

We The People Support Occupy Wall Street; Why Doesn't Congress? (7 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine V: Lars Handrich

Naked, Bloody Imperialism Or "We Came, We Saw, He Died" (7 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Libya Dispatch Revulsion, Resistance & Angry Words From Tripoli University (3 comments)

Importance Of Deism Made Crystal Clear By Victim Of Religious Violence (21 comments)

Animated Videoclip About Globalization (2 comments)

Trajectory Of Middle East Conflict

OWS Is Both Footloose And Noah's Arc

Lance Ciepiela: *Top 11 Ways Big Brother Loves You (2 comments)

Haitians Have A Saying: "washing Your Hands And Wiping It With Dirt." (2 comments)

Decolonization: Annals Of The Culture Of Politics, Part 3 (1 comments)

A Manifesto For The Occupy Movement (2 comments)

Why Libya Was Attacked (3 comments)

Hazardous Hydrofracking In America

Anti-Defamation League Pledge For Unity On Israel (6 comments)

Wednesday, October 26:

Mlb Files Suit On Manner Of Exposed Finances: As Cba Approaches Expiration

Common Dreaming (4 comments)

Lomir Ale In Einem For Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

The #occupywallstreet Report Card (4 comments)

The Second American Revolution Has Begun (6 comments)

"Brisk, but with feeling'--my ET Hall of Fame remarks (1 comments)

The Multivitamin Battle (2 comments)

The Perry Tax -- A More Confused Trojan Horse

The Occupy Movement: More Of The Same Or Real Change? (2 comments)

Success Formula For The Occupy Movement (9 comments)

Obama's Iraq Duplicity

Occupy Movement Is Becoming Leaderfull (4 comments)

I Woke Up One Morning And The War Was Over (2 comments)

The Forces of Repression Attempting to Suppress Occupy Movement

Jean Ziegler: "the Cannibal World Order" (8 comments)

Iraq: Just Another War Without An End

Libya: Another Lost Nato War

Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation (1 comments)

Ezili Danto: Paul Farmer Relieves Himself On Haiti's Dying Cholera Victims (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 25:

Wall Street Is Still Out Of Control, And Why Obama Should Call For Glass-Steagall And A Breakup Of Big Banks (3 comments)

Us Army Assaults Its Biggest Fan (8 comments)

The Right Wing Got A Pariah And The OWS Got A Hero: When The Vatican Shrugged (5 comments)

Numbers Justify Occupy Movement (2 comments)

Barbara Ehrenreich, Homeless In America (9 comments)

The "Occupied Territories" A Meme of Power to Describe All the OWS Locales (11 comments)

Dorothy, We're Not In Texas Anymore -- Perry's Economic Plan Unveiled (13 comments)

Wars + A Military Empire + Massive Borrowing = Monumental Debt, A Looming Disaster (2 comments)

Have Two Dying Banks Managed To Trick Us Into Paying For Their Next Bailout? (6 comments)

Why The Left Won't Accept Success (8 comments)

Taboo - Or Not Taboo. Make That 15 Commandments. (1 comments)

Iranian Influence In Iraq? Inconceivable! (1 comments)

The Presidential Battle For Latino Voters Will Be Fierce

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine IV: Alexander Rahr (1 comments)

*Not Quite Dead ~ Moral Righteousness (2 comments)

Outside The Box: Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

Suicide Notes: Whenever I See, Hear Or Read (7 comments)

What Next For Libya? (1 comments)

Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills

Monday, October 24:

*Occupy Wall Street Current Official Demands, Voting Closed Oct. 21, 2011 (5 comments)

Reflections Of Fidel: Nato's Genocidal Role, In Libya And Before. (2 comments)

All I Want For Christmas Is An Occupation (3 comments)

Obama Announces Us Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

I'll Take Bologna, With A Side Of Pepper Spray, Please?

Why We Shouldn't Be Selling The Right To Live In America (10 comments)

Top-Funded Purported Progressive Org Gets Another DLC Right Wing Democrat (4 comments)

Why OWS Is The Next Republican Boogeyman (1 comments)

Republican's Score On Job Creation!

Are Regulations Killing US Jobs? (2 comments)

Occupy Your Lawn (7 comments)

Occupiers Have To Convince The Other 99 Percent (19 comments)

Plans Leaked For NYPD Strategy To Break Up Occupy Wall Street: Operation Disturbance (Not Real)

"Safe, Legal, Ethical, And Effective"?: It's Time To Annul The Pens Report (2 comments)

Mixed Messages On Gaddafi (1 comments)

Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans

Move Over, Grover (1 comments)

Reckless Endangerment -- Totally Corrupt America (11 comments)

Sunday, October 23:

The First Amendment And The Obligation To Peacefully Disrupt In A Free Society (4 comments)

Justice For Casey Sheehan And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Others (2 comments)

Neocons Blame Obama For Iraq Disaster

Switching Focus From Iraq To Iran (5 comments)

Murderland (8 comments)

Will Rick Perry Kill Another Innocent Man?

The Cold Hand Of Ice Could Destroy Your Family! (1 comments)

Fbi Using Racial, Ethnic Profiling To Snoop On Us Citizens, Aclu Charges

I Talk To Colonel Sherburn, Y2011

Why We Need Tariffs on all Imports (21 comments)

Humiliation And Death As A Tool Of National Policy (3 comments)

Global Economic Crisis Deepens (2 comments)

Citizens United Against Citizens United: A Grassroots Campaign to Restore Democracy (5 comments)

Saturday, October 22:

The Flat-Tax Fraud, And The Necessity Of A Truly Progressive Tax (12 comments)

Everybody's Son

Photo Essay; The Occupy Movement As Evolving Community: A Beautiful Phenomenon (21 comments)

Withdrawal Symptoms: Curtain Rises On Second Act Of An Endless War Crime

A Remaining Realm Of American Excellence

The Numbers Racket (1 comments)

Falling For New Neocon Propaganda (5 comments)

Qe4: Forgive Student Debt (35 comments)

Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs Sets Charlie Rose Straight On Our Current Economic Predicament And How To Get Past It (15 comments)

First, Do No Harm: We Must Remove, Replace And Reactivate (10 comments)

Hillary Clinton On Qaddafi: We Came, We Saw, He Died (4 comments)

Occupy Asheville -- 2Nd Week Update -- 10/18/11 (1 comments)

Obama Keeps Iraq Promise....almost Three Years Late (3 comments)

Occupy Together Movement Is Democracy At Its Best

Franklin P. Lamb: Targeted For Assassination By NATO? (1 comments)

*Martin Luther King, The SCLC And Occupy Wall Street (2 comments)

A Poem About "leaving" Iraq (1 comments)

Unable To Get Simeone Fired, Npr Drops "world Of Opera" (11 comments)

Libya: A Brutal, Gratuitous Slaying, The New World Order In All Its Transparent Barbarism (14 comments)

President Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Should Silence The Naysayers (4 comments)

A 92-Year-Old Icon Of The '60S Marches With Occupy Wall Street (7 comments)

The Republicans Have No Sense Of Shame! (2 comments)

Doubts About Gaddafi's Reported Assassination (14 comments)

Israel Arrests Palestinians While Releasing Others

Friday, October 21:

The Derivatives Flap -- Is Bank Of America Headed For The Glue Factory? (3 comments)

Obama And Interventionism (Everywhere) (3 comments)

Ending The Iraq Catastrophe (1 comments)

Another Buy Nothing Day - More Meaningful This Year?

On The "death' Of Mumar Gaddafi (16 comments)

William Cormier: This Isn't Politics -- It's A Crime Being Perpetrated Against The American People (6 comments)

Jewish Woman Sues American Israel Public Affairs Committee Supporters For Assault (1 comments)

Where Are The Drugs On Wall Street? (4 comments)

Urgency, Wicked Problems, Common Causes, Clear Solutions (3 comments)

Real Change Or Do We Stay Stuck (1 comments)

Britain, France, Us: "and The Winner Is ..."

"time For Outrage" -- Wall Street And The Banksters Are The New Third Reich! (1 comments)

What Would Jesus Protest? (19 comments)

The Mounting Anger And Frustration Of Main Street Shakes The Pillars Of Wall Street (14 comments)

The Essence Of The Occupy Movement, "redress Of Grievances" (3 comments)

We Want Our Voices To Be Heard (5 comments)

What Quantitative Easing Really Means (1 comments)

From Peaceful To Purposeful (2 comments)

An Alternative To The One-Puppeteer System

The New American Revolution: Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

The Right Revolution: Crucial Reasoning Against Human Farming (1 comments)

Drinks Are On The House (And Senate)

Gaddafi: Dead Or Alive? (3 comments)

Class War In America (3 comments)

The End Of History (22 comments)

Why Cain Was Applauded For Trashing The Unemployed

Bring In The Drones: Agent Provocateurs And Moral Protest (4 comments)

Thursday, October 20:

Petraeus's Cia Steers Obama On Policy

Tsa Arrests Me For Using The Fourth Amendment As A Weapon (Tales From The Edge Of A Revolution #2) (2 comments)

The Real Vampires: An Insider's View Of Banks (9 comments)

Charles M. Young: Yes, It Is Immoral to Vote for Obama (13 comments)

How And Why Our Federal Reserve Has Been Forced To Bail Out European Banks (16 comments)

Let Them Eat Keller

The Clear Soluton to the Occupy Wall Street Revolution (4 comments)

Emperor George and the Lost War In Iraq (2 comments)

Hank Skinner: Unjustly Sentenced to Death (1 comments)

Hillary Clinton in Tripoli (5 comments)

Wednesday, October 19:

'Theater of the Absurd': Netanyahu and His Endgame in Palestine

NPR Gets Producer Fired for Occupying (2 comments)


How to Regain Our Democracy (12 comments)

Israel Needs Better P.r. (2 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine III: Peter Hilkes

The National Interest vs. Child Soldiers

Occupy Wall Street Visited (5 comments)

I've done the math, Mr. Cain (2 comments)

Denver & Colorado state police follow unlawful orders (1 comments)

The Austerity Death-Trap (7 comments)

Clarity vs Willful Ignorance

'Pinkwashing' has me seeing red

Dancing With Devils in Broad Daylight

Response to Rachel Marsden's op-ed on Occupy Wall Street claiming protesters are welfare junkies (2 comments)

Shouldn't OWS Protestor Signs Say "What about the other 98%"? (2 comments)

OWS, Occupy Wall Street, Oligarchical Wall Street (1 comments)

Family Values: The Roman Rigor of Obama's Death Squad (3 comments)

Where the Wild Things Are

Resurrection Cities (1 comments)

The Son of Africa Claims a Continent's Crown Jewels (4 comments)

Economic Reform Newsletter: Occupy Everything Movement, What Is Money?, A Banker-Led Lincoln Assassination?, Iceland (1 comments)

My Second Letter To Protestors (1 comments)

Rodrigue Tremblay: The Decline of the United States of America: The Moral, Political and Economic Causes (2 comments)

Drones Enable Corporate Power

Confronting Congressman Canseco, Texas Dist 23, with some Inconvenient Truths

Breaking the Fall (7 comments)

Time to Allow Farmers to Once Again Start Growing Hemp (7 comments)

Israel's Not So Generous Offer (3 comments)

Let Them Worry About Us

Why the OWS Movement is a HUGE Success (8 comments)

Occupy Movement Too Big to Ignore

An Integral Progressive Critique/Appreciation of Occupy Wall Street

*Harold Bloom and Walter Ong Can Help Us Formulate a More Rigorous Critique of Biblical Fundamentalism (1 comments)

"We Called Ourselves the Children of Malcolm" --An interview with Billy X Jennings of It's About Time BPP

Weather Extremes as the 'New Normal', and the Most Destructive Project on Earth. (6 comments)

*The American Financial Crisis (1 comments)


Evangelical Healing Or Sanctified Manslaughter? British Deaths Allegedly Result From Nigerian Preacher's Scam. (1 comments)

Boycott Big Bad Banks until Congress Bans Their New Fees! (3 comments)

*Who is the grand-master of civil war in Burma?

Die Ubermenschen and Germany

Lori Spencer: Occupying America: Sowing the Seeds of a Second American Revolution (46 comments)

Obama's Imperial Arrogance (1 comments)

Major Media Liars Never Quit

Tuesday, October 18:

We Are Not Your Human Resources (3 comments)

Obama and the "Terror Plot Thriller"

10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement

Occupy Life (1 comments)

Prisoners, Refugees, Gandhi's and Free Radicals

The "Isness and the Oughtness" of Hope, Change and the American Dream" (7 comments)

Report from the Occupy Flagstaff Protest Oct. 15, 2011 (video) (1 comments)

A Witness to History (2 comments)

The Morality Of OWS: U.S. Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas vs. The Christian Right Establishment (9 comments)


Toward Human Rights (Humanitarianism) (1 comments)

You Don't Have to Occupy the Streets to Protest

In the Wings, the Great White GOP Hope (3 comments)

Next Steps for the Occupy Movement (2 comments)

OWS is Only the Beginning (17 comments)

Cain's Black Voter Fantasy (3 comments)

Why the Occupy Movement is Critical for America (24 comments)

Clarifying the purpose of Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

Pro Nukes & Anti Nukes heat up their messages: will it make a difference? (1 comments)

Economic Tremors (4 comments)

Life in East Jerusalem

Monday, October 17:

Bursting Leon Panetta's Spending Spin Bubble (VIDEO) (1 comments)

UN Torture Report Stirs Pressure for Congressional Response

Poor in America (2 comments)

We Are Not Your Human Resources (4 comments)

The Rise of the Regressive Right and the Reawakening of America (2 comments)

Who Ya Gonna Believe: Would You Buy A Used Iran Terror Plot From The Man? (3 comments)

now that we're all awake

More Garbage Medical Headlines: Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer; Death from MultiVitamins (6 comments)

Obama on the Ramparts (1 comments)

The Economy: It's the Poverty, Stupid (1 comments)

Hemp Versus the Status Quo (1 comments)

Facts or Fiction on the Wall Street Occupation (4 comments)

A Movement Too Big to Fail (26 comments)

The Job Creators (14 comments)

The Innate Value of "Dumb" Questions (2 comments)

*Key Themes/Questions for the Candidates to the Presidency of the United States of 2012 (1 comments)

Police action in Denver against "Occupiers"' assembly blatantly unconstitutional

From Me Culture to We Culture: There is an Alternative (1 comments)

Occupy Philadelphia: The Kick That the Left Really Needed (12 comments)

*Unveiling The Monument But NOT King's Condemnation Of U.S. Wars for Wall St. (3 comments)

Why continue two useless wars? (2 comments)

The Coming Second Civil War in the United States: Will We be Enslaved by Corporate Governance? (1 comments)


Freedom Rider: Occupy Wall Street, Denounce the Democrats (1 comments)

Operation Occupation: The Dems Try to Seduce the Occupation Movement (16 comments)

A Plot by Iran? Or a "False Flag" or "Wag the Dog" Operation? (6 comments)

Occupying a "Street" Will Ultimately Fail (3 comments)

The Beginning Is Near (2 comments)

Worldwide Protests in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street (1 comments)

Herman & Hillary: The Simple Solution vs. The Hard Truth

That New Bank Debit Card Fee Is Probably Worse than You Think! (3 comments)

America's Multi-Headed Monster (1 comments)

Lies, Damn Lies, and NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

Sunday, October 16:

Quds Force II - The Storyline Repeats Itself (5 comments)

How Christian Fundamentalism Helped Empower the Top 1% to Exploit the 99% (23 comments)

Occupy's first legacy: Re-establishing the power of the Commons

Relaxing and learning at the Occupy Wall Street Protest (2 comments)

At Least PRIMARY the Imposter of Hope, Change and Integrity (3 comments)

*Who is the "99 Percent?" And: O'Reilly Must be Sued. (1 comments)

Who ARE the 99% (really?) (13 comments)

Obama May Triumph--America Loses (1 comments)

Slaying The Jabberwock (1 comments)

OWS Movement's Demand is Clear; Real Change (5 comments)

The Message and Strategy that is Needed by Occupy Wall Street (2 comments)

Does GOP Cocaine= Koch-Cain? Are Koch bros Buying GOP Pres Nomination by Supporting Herman Cain? (7 comments)

Obama vs. Jobs; Hope vs. Reality (6 comments)

Rotary Dial Politics in an iPhone World (4 comments)

Occupying Our Time (3 comments)


Ongoing Israeli Human Rights Abuses (1 comments)

Israeli/Palestinian Prisoner Swap

The Second Herzl

Saturday, October 15:

The Untimely Death of Long-Term Health Insurance (2 comments)

Setting a price tag for Israeli supremacy

Washington and Iran: The reckless policy of provocation (1 comments)

The LA Times notices the "double standard" on Iran

My Open Letter to Protestors and Other Citizens Who Don't Like How the Economy Works (3 comments)

Is Mitt Romney a Neocon Purist?

Tea Party versus the Occupy Movement (12 comments)

Those Pesky Renditions Again!

Exposing The Pink Collar Ghetto: When Women War Against Other Women (10 comments)

Non-violence is critical to the success of all Occupy movements (6 comments)


The Breeze

140 Colleges Stage Protests in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Pushing the Envelope for Confrontation with Iran (1 comments)

Libyan Loyalists Resist NATO, Rebels and Propaganda (1 comments)

Friday, October 14:

*Protecting OWS Demonstrators with Martin Luther King Jr. Words and Image

Summer Reese: *Pacifica Foundation Supports Occupy Wall Street and Whistleblower Rights (1 comments)

An Insidious Threat to the Occupy Movement (21 comments)

Occupy Wall Street and the 'Crime' of Non-violent Dissent (3 comments)

The Occupation is the Message (3 comments)

99% of Us are Part of the 99% (1 comments)

The military may be open to gays, but it is far from offering equality

Obama and the corruption of big oil (5 comments)

This is not a what's right -what's left game. It is not a sports contest.

Will Our Nation Experience Another Kent State? (14 comments)

Occupy With Purpose (3 comments)

All for one aim: Multi-pronged approach to fight hunger (1 comments)

150 anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Occupy Wall Street and "The American Autumn": Is It a "Colored Revolution"? (7 comments)

The implausibility of an Iranian plot (2 comments)


Shutdown of OWS Averted, Cleanup and Clear Out Ruse Cancelled This Morning

Occupy Wall Street -- Volunteers Spiff Up Young Occupiers with Suits, Haircuts (4 comments)

Who Killed the Economy? Accounting Parasites (13 comments)

Linn Washington, Jr.: DA Williams Should Do the Right Thing: Alford Plea Offers a Way to Free Mumia and End an Injustice

OCCUPY WALL STREET: Separating Fact from Media (4 comments)

Beating Up on Iran (2 comments)

Abbas, UN Membership and Peace Talks

The Triumph of Dogma, and a Sad Goodbye to David Frum (2 comments)

Thursday, October 13:

The Unthinkable: a Cain Versus Obama Match-Up (1 comments)

Will OWS Protesters Target Brookfield Properties, Zuccoti Park Owner Forcing Cleanup (5 comments)

Rick Perry's Revolutionary War "History" (1 comments)

Petraeus' CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot (6 comments)

Punching a Hole in Bubbles of Denial and Addiction: Late Capitalism and Its Discontents of the American Autumn (5 comments)

Occupy Repatriation

American Stories

Accountability -- Just Do it (9 comments)

If a Republican Were President (2 comments)

Occupied -- What Now? (21 comments)

Wall St: "Needed -- a new old economic primer'

Why We Believe Lies (3 comments)

*Free Speech & Civil Rights in the PR Age of Obama

The 1% and Capitalism (1 comments)

Canada Pursues U.S.-Style Security and Foreign Policy (2 comments)

Pre-Occupied... and Feeling A Wind Change (1 comments)

The Extreme Fallacy of the "8-Block" Model of Middle/High School Scheduling (1 comments)

Five Sure-fire Ways to Drive the Right Wing Crazy (26 comments)


*Health Insurance and Wall Street (6 comments)

*Two Dollars and Shattered Dreams (2 comments)

Storm the Bastille! (1 comments)

Occupy Portland--Phallic Banks--a Closer Look (4 comments)

*Worker Ownership Cooperatives are Our way out of This Mess (3 comments)

George Carlin "They don't give a (bleep) about you. At all, at all. at all" (3 comments)

Paradigm Shift: Occupy Wall Street redefines activism

Is Mitt Romney's Mormonism a Cult? (3 comments)

Iran Falsely Charged with Fake Terror Plot (2 comments)

Major Media Liars Report Fake NATO Victories

The Suicide of Liberty (16 comments)

Wednesday, October 12:

Six Demands to Make of Wall Street (6 comments)

A Letter to the #Occup(iers): The principle of Non-contradiction (2 comments)

Obama Joins Bush and Clinton, Will Sign Trade Agreements Betraying Workers (2 comments)

How to End the War(s) (10 comments)

How The Occupy Wall Street / OWS Movement is Like the Space Program (11 comments)

Ex-SDS leader seeks to herd Wall Street protest behind Obama (4 comments)

The "very scary" Iranian Terror plot (9 comments)

Free Market v. Government Intervention

This October, 'fall' for a dog from a shelter

PA Greens endorse Occupy Movement

On the Confused Criticism of the Clearly Defined Protest (1 comments)

Why Are the Powers-that-be in America So Afraid of Cuba? (5 comments)

An Addiction to WAR, an Obsession with Power is Crippling America (11 comments)

Update from Our Freedom Plaza (1 comments)

Do we want a capitalist dystopia? The GOP does. (1 comments)

*China and Madoff Fraud Parallels and How All U.S. Trade is Adversely Affected

Centrism In America: Dead On Arrival (2 comments)

Another Stolen Election

Franklin P. Lamb: 'US MUST STOP FUNDING ISRAELI CRIMES' (2 comments)

World Day Against The Death Penalty

Why the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Will Occupy A Lot of Media Attention? They understand PR

Visa, MasterCard Already Taking Advantage of Durbin's Loopholes - Retailer Gouging Continues (1 comments)

The GOP's Presidential Dilemma (2 comments)

Occupy Movement About to Erupt in Solidarity on College Campuses (14 comments)

The Big Club and Their Big Plan (11 comments)

New SCOTUS Decision In Abu-Jamal Case Is Good, But Not Enough

Fighting for the Soul of the American Dream (1 comments)

Troubled Eurozone Finance Capital

Tuesday, October 11:


Changing of the Guards: The New Road of the Occupation Movement (3 comments)

Too Big to Fail

Noise (1 comments)

*Barack O'Bailout Feels Occupy Wall Street Protesters' Pain. (1 comments)

Wells Fargo joins the Banks of Infamy! (9 comments)

When Being Rich Makes Us Poor, People Should Occupy Wall Street

Bernie Sanders: Wall Street Protests (8 comments)

QE - Quantitative Easing or Questionable Economics? (6 comments)

Freedom Plaza Protesters Settle In (1 comments)

You're No Truman - That Populist Bulldog Didn't Just Growl (3 comments)

News, Observations, Humor and Tragedy (2 comments)

HB 56 Hurts Alabama's Economy More than it Helps

Trade War? We Already Had A Free Trade War And China Won (1 comments)

Report From Haiti: Where's the Money?

France Contra Mundum: The French Revolution Betrayed (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: CHALLENGING CAPITALISM (1 comments)

Cheap Hope

'Here Comes Trouble' Indeed

Why Herman Cain Can Peddle the Delusion Racism is Dead

*An Awakening in the Belly of the Beast (1 comments)

Franklin Roosevelt Explains Today's Economic Crisis (Part 2) (2 comments)

Why the Wall Street Protestors Can't Quit (3 comments)

It is time for all men and women of good will to come together

Organizing the Occupation (8 comments)


HARD RIGHT UTOPIA (3 comments)

And The Hate Goes On: Has The Death Of Matthew Shepard REALLY Made A Difference? (4 comments)

A Little Off the Top---Some Clear Message for Occupy Wall Street (2 comments)

We Must Take And Carry The Torch

UN silent despite no grounds for NATO war on Libya


Occupy Wall Street Sieges New York City (1 comments)

Justice for Kenneth W. Ford, Jr., (Falsely accused of Espionage) (1 comments)

Obama's Depression (3 comments)

Israeli-Style Peace and Justice (1 comments)

A Report on Occupy Ft Lauderdale (2 comments)

*Netanyahu: Master of Deception (3 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine II: Wilfried Jilge (2 comments)

Monday, October 10:

Anatomy of a Deception: How a Conservative Magazine Attempted to Discredit the Occupy Movement

Occupied: A Vision for Wall Street (1 comments)


Mixed Messages

Anatomy of a Deception: How a Conservative Magazine Attempted to Discredit the Occupy Movement (10 comments)

"Studying" GI Suicides: Congress Cops Out (6 comments)

Ezili Danto: Bill Clinton has more power in Haiti than Haiti's president: The holocaust continues (3 comments)

Crisi Pleas from Occupy Boston: Help Needed Tonight! (2 comments)

Here's to Truth and Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (3 comments)

Fairy Tales, Death and Middle East Peace (3 comments)

Freedom Plaza DC; Breaking News (3 comments)

Steve Jobs, the Internet, and Revolutions at the Speed of Thought (4 comments)

Doing Nothing for Profit -- World Money Problems Explained and a Solution

Why the Elites Are in Trouble (11 comments)

Occupy's crystal-clear message: Quit ripping us off

You're No Truman -- That Populist Bulldog Did More Than Growl (11 comments)

Dear 1%: (3 comments)

The next #OccupyWallStreet might not be tweeted (3 comments)

We are the 99% (1 comments)

Columbus Day - As Rape Rules Africa and American Churches Embrace Violent 'Christian' Video Games (6 comments)

Occupy Washington DC: We Danced Waiting for the Police Who Never Came (1 comments)

Those Who Say Occupy Wall Street Movement Should Go To Washington Don't Get It (25 comments)

William Cormier: Violence Could Be Coming To "Occupy Wall Street' Protest And Other Cities As The GOP Brands The Protests As Dangerous (8 comments)

To Serve and Protect; America's Institutional Fallacy (4 comments)

Social Justice Occupations Head Everywhere (1 comments)

Dominant Finance Capital Institutions (1 comments)

Sunday, October 9:

Kol Nidre at Occupy Wall Street: "Prayer is meaningless unless it is subversive"

Freedom Plaza Action in D,C. An Update (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: Republican Hypocrites And Politics

Our Forgotten Dream: Our Common Dream: Our American Dream

"Occupy" Participants Beware: Agents Provocateur Like The One at Air Space Museum Are Threat (46 comments)

The Invisible Wounds of War

Update on Occupy Asheville, NC. 10/9/11 (7 comments)

Blacks Get Hurt The Worst (3 comments)

DRONE WARS: The Obama Administration's Very Slippery Slope! (6 comments)

Making Sense of Syria (5 comments)

NATO Brussels Summit Claims Successful Afghan and Libyan Campaigns (1 comments)

Why Republicans continue to worship Reagan (3 comments)

Hope at Last? The Path Out of the American Nightmare (6 comments)


*Needed: Robust 21st Century Jobs Corps that smartens - AWSC (1 comments)

Saturday, October 8:

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Press Passes (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party (4 comments)

GI Suicides: A National Disgrace (10 comments)

Pepper-Sprayed for Peace (1 comments)

15 Years of Giving Voice to Women and Transgender Prisoners in California --An interview with CCWP (1 comments)

Reporter And Occupy Wash Dc Protesters Pepper Sprayed At National Air And Space Museum (26 comments)

The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party (5 comments)

The More Enemies, The More Honor

A Plaza Called Freedom

American Civil Libbb... Blibbb...uh... It's Time for a Nap!

Alpaquero: Call for Constitutional Amendment

Racing young horses at reckless speeds needs to stop (1 comments)

A Citizens' Campaign for a New National Security Policy (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Longtime Police Strategy: Instigate A Brawl

Booze, Schmooze, but Not Any News: The "Today" Show Fourth Hour (4 comments)

Stop the Machine Occupies Washington (2 comments)

Anti-Defamation League Assails Palestinian UN Membership

Day One

Whose Side Are You On: The Moral Clarity of Occupy Wall Street (6 comments)

Friday, October 7:

President Obama Doesn't Deserve the Knock from Wall Street Occupiers (8 comments)

Fed Up and Taking to the Streets, But What are the Demands?

The Politics of "Occupy Wall Street': Sanders and Progressives Endorse, Ron Paul Sympathetic, Obama Silent (2 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now (2 comments)

Should Obama Face a Challenge in the Democratic Primary? (14 comments)

US Envoys from Hell

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now (38 comments)

Occupying The Heart Of The Beast: Observations, Impressions And Images From Amid The Multitudes In Liberty Plaza (3 comments)

Franklin Roosevelt Explains Today's Economic Crisis (2 comments)

Occupy Portland Is Born with Ten Thousand Strong

Occupying a Common Cause (2 comments)

The media knowledge gap

Prayer Killed the Baby (3 comments)

*THE FULL-EMPLOYMENT ACT OF 2011 (2 comments)

*A Nation Speaking With One Voice (1 comments)

Rein in Wall Street and rescue the middle class (4 comments)

R U One in 300 for Justice? (8 comments)

Remember the Movie, "The Ugly American?" It's Being Remade, Starring the GOP (3 comments)

The "getting" of Assange and the smearing of a revolution (3 comments)

Occupy Asheville, NC & the "Jubilee !" idea. (1 comments)

*King Would be Marching on Wall St. Where Wars Are Made - Not in Washington

Parlez Vous MBAis? (1 comments)

Yesterday, "Freedom Plaza" Protest Action in Washington, D.C. (1 comments)

How to Fix the Economy (1 comments)

It's the Water, Stupid: The Perils of Clearcutting (2 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: Surrounding the Bull (1 comments)

Wall Street Runs America (3 comments)

New York Times Bashes Outspoken World Leaders (6 comments)

*Police Brutality - "Enhanced Law Enforcement Techniques" (7 comments)

The Moral Imperative of "Activism" (2 comments)

Thursday, October 6:

*THAT WAS QUITE A WEEK! (1 comments)

People Power

*George W. Bush - A Convention Against Torture (6 comments)

Hope at Last? The Path Out of the American Nightmare (2 comments)

*Educating all special learners including the most gifted (1 comments)

Evolution -- or Revolution? (1 comments)


Occupy Washington DC Report and Photos (11 comments)

Why WALL STREET is the WRONG STREET and the reason REPUBLICANS DON'T really WANT THE PRESIDENCY. (9 comments)

Rodrigue Tremblay: *Big Brother: America's Police State Mentality in the Electronic Age (1 comments)

Execution by secret WH committee (8 comments)

What Do They Want? Justice (2 comments)

Palin No Longer GOP's Worst Nightmare, and Obama Best Dream

What We Want (2 comments)

It's Easier to Occupy Wall Street Than it is to Change It

RE: "The Deeper Origins of the Economic Crisis" (5 comments)

Libyans Resist NATO's Killing Machine (4 comments)

Palestinians Protest Israeli Prison Hell

Wednesday, October 5:

Reagan's "Greed Is Good" Folly (8 comments)

People Are Mad as Hell, Let's Help Them (1 comments)

US Killings in Yemen: Good Politics at Home, But a Quagmire Abroad (5 comments)

OCCUPY Your City and Make History (1 comments)

I Am In

It's time to name the tea party politicians (and their sponsors)--and call them out (1 comments)

#OccupyWallSt, Then #OccupyKSt, Then #OccupyMainSt (7 comments)

Occupy Wall Street SHOULD Be International and Hyperlocal (13 comments)

A Comment on Occupy Wall Street's First Statement (4 comments)

Lack of Patriotism could mean the end of an era in USA (6 comments)

"Mowing the grass' in Yemen

Perry, Perry Quite Contrary, How Does Your Campaign Stink? With Racist Camps and Looney Champs and Bachmann in the Pink! (1 comments)

Time to Re-Think Columbus Day (3 comments)

After the Wall Street Protests: How to change America's political direction (5 comments)

Politicians Beware: The Boomers Are Coming And They Wont Play Dead (4 comments)

Occupy Wallstreet, Decolonize Washington, Liberate All (1 comments)

The day, Obama joined; OCCUPY WALL STREET (21 comments)

New York Times: Distorting and Suppressing Truth for Power (2 comments)

Israeli Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid: Crimes Against Humanity (13 comments)

Tuesday, October 4:

Follow the Money: Behind Europe's Debt Crisis Lurks Another Giant Bailout of Wall Street (9 comments)

What's Missing: Non-Electoral Politics (4 comments)

Putting the Lie to the Republicans (3 comments)

That Giant Sucking Sound and East Coast Wealth: Will the U.S. Split Apart? (3 comments)

Two Miscarriages of Justice (2 comments)

The Iron Heel of Jack-Boot Fascism - A Jack London Perspective

Occupy Wall Street Protests Spreading, There's a Need to Focus on the Core Issue, Money in Politics (2 comments)

Letter from a Banker (6 comments)

Right Dithers, Left Withers (3 comments)

Beyond the Palestinians' Crisis

Occupy-Wall-Street Actions Bloom All Over-- Post Your Reports and Images on Opednews (9 comments)

Where are the Libyans going?

"We're Mad as Hell and We're Not Going to Take it Anymore" (31 comments)

*War Crimes - Start at the Top Like at Nuremberg (11 comments)

NYPD Needs to be Told They're Protecting the Ones Gambling With Their Pensions (3 comments)

More Failures to report by The Media and Censorship by WIKIPEDIA: Regarding Vanunu and Israel (1 comments)

The Demise of the Republican Party? (5 comments)

Why is the U.S. war in Afghanistan such a central issue?

Will Warren Buffet Join 'Occupy Wall Street'?

Christie Makes It Official; GOP Must Choose From Hacks and Extremists... And Obama Drops A GOP Talking Point Gift (3 comments)

Fuel for Occupy Wall Street's Fire (5 comments)

Learning not Teacher evaluation should be the emphasis of media (3 comments)

Killer Cell Phones: Why Honeybees Are Dying Worldwide (12 comments)

Global Warming, It's Not political and It's Not Complicated (7 comments)

Are We Winning Yet?

Not a Two-Party System, but One Two-Headed Monster (2 comments)

Bailout Roulette

Israeli State Terror Belies Wanting Peace

To Win in 2012 'Democrats Are Going to Have to Distinguish Themselves From the President' (5 comments)

Rebuild the Dream in the Streets (5 comments)

Monday, October 3:

Supersize Me (1 comments)

They Shoot Americans, Don't They?

Israel's Window to Bomb Iran (1 comments)

*Take My Backyard, Please! That's funny, Occupy Wall Street has gone national. (3 comments)

The People's Broadcast News (3 comments)

*Second-Wold Nation Status For the US Is Imminent (2 comments)

*The Simple Solution -- the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution (9 comments)

Neutralizing Citizens United Won't Get Big Money Out of Government--Reducing the VALUE of Political Influence ONLY way (3 comments)

Americas Descent Into Legal and Moral Degeneracy (9 comments)

The Mystery of a Trickle Down Economy (3 comments)

Police State Justice Under Obama (2 comments)

Palestinian Freedom Later, Not Now

The Day America Died (52 comments)

Why the New Security Zone along the Canadian Border? (19 comments)

Olena Tregub: The "Kyiv Post's" Survey of German Experts on Ukraine I: Introduction

Sunday, October 2:

Radix Malorum Est The Man (3 comments)

Has American Journalism flat lined?

Westward Ho! For the Arab Spring

700 Arrested in NYC, Dozens Arrested Among Thousands Protesting Bank Of America in Boston at Citibank (9 comments)

*Occupy Wall Street: Look deeper, a new democracy is waiting to be born (14 comments)

Holy Megabucks, Batman! The Astounding Popularity of Superhero Movies (3 comments)

Chris Christie -- Can a Fat Governor "Run" for President? (10 comments)

Do we need to have a candidate entrance exam? (2 comments)

Black America and Obama: A Dilemma (1 comments)

*Why Democrats must embrace Occupy Wall Street (15 comments)

Scott Walker, ALEC Alum (5 comments)

Where are the grown-ups? (42 comments)

Congressional Anti-Internet Freedom Bills (1 comments)

Abbas Feeling Heavy-Handed Pressure (1 comments)

Saturday, October 1:

"No Wedding No Womb" Might Save Lives--Are We Content With That? (11 comments)

Enduring Terror Double Standards (1 comments)

Reclaiming Adam Smith (17 comments)

Obama fundraising drive targets the wealthy (1 comments)

Obama boasts of assassinating American citizen in Yemen (2 comments)

There's Something Happening-- BIG!! Are You In? (40 comments)

The American Jobs Depression, and How to Get Out of It (4 comments)

Mutiny on the Titanic (2 comments)

Christie Won't Fit in at the Tea Party (2 comments)

Why is USA targeting Pakistan? (4 comments)

Is Protest Still Optional? (14 comments)

Keep the Death Penalty to Encourage Prison Reform?

Class Warfare: More Than The Money (12 comments)

Ill-Winds Blowing in the Horn of Africa: US Complicity in the Somali Crisis (2 comments)

Thought Crime and the French State (2 comments)

*Fair Markets And Compassion Should Determine A New Immigration Reform Plan (34 comments)

*Combating Stress in Police Work and Preventing Crime, Terrorism, and War (2 comments)

Elizabeth Warren - a Lady with a Capital "L" (5 comments)

Patenting "The Staff of Life" is Ruinous to Iraq's Agriculture (2 comments)

Changing the Role of the Elite Capitalist

Rick Perry and ALEC (5 comments)

An appreciation of the movie The Killer Inside Me (2 comments)

Mary Wentworth: *TROY DAVIS WAS FRAMED (3 comments)

He's Dead, But Is It Legal? (4 comments)

See Charles Koch Flip Flop on Social Security [VIDEO]

Bear Raiders: How Short Sellers Fleece Investors (9 comments)

Palestinian UN Membership Roulette

Prison Hell in America (8 comments)

Absence of Evidence: The Progressive Policy of Imperial Murder (3 comments)


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