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October 2011

Monday, October 31:

Bona Fide Crystal Ball: Your Future From Ocean Floor!

Electrical Engineer Disproves Einsteins Relativity Theory: The Ruins Of 106 Years Relativity (15 comments)

Sunday, October 30:

Occupy Wall Street Protester, Arrested And Jailed For 30 Hours, Tells Her Story For The First Time

Occupy The World, The Collective Consciousness And Human Evolution (1 comments)

In The League Of Howard Zinn, Studs Terkel, Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal - America's Vanishing Sentinels (5 comments)

Discrimination And Nepotism In Hollywood (2 comments)

Saturday, October 29:

Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad: Ignorant Is Just A Word (3 comments)

Girl Scouts Of Colorado Welcomes Boy -- If He Thinks He's A Girl By Deborah Netburn

Thursday, October 27:

Occupy Central Park 11/11/2011

louie & ida 1936 cleveland winter

Nathan And His Obligate Carnivore (2 comments)

Basketball Players Still Represent Labor, By David Macaray At Dissident Voice

Tony Fitzpatrick (Pilgrim's Progress), By Charlie Finch Of Artnet Magazine (1 comments)

Palestinian Prisoners Behind Bars And Walls

Wednesday, October 26:

Yes, I Am Experienced, By Charlie Finch Of Artnet Magazine (1 comments)

Vets With Ptsd And Compassionate Cannabis Laws

Femininity And Human Evolution (1 comments)

Let The Rainbow Leaves Of Autumn (2 comments)

Extreme Melting On Greenland Ice Sheet (3 comments)

*Sheep (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 25:

Occu-Pride Territory

To Evolve Or Not To Evolve? The Question Of Our Age (8 comments) Machinations Of People With More Money Than God, By Emily Nathan

What's The Matter With Michigan? The Rise And Collapse Of An Economic Wonder. (2 comments)

Monday, October 24:

Press Release: Tunisia Still Setting Pace In Arab Spring: Democracy Arrives, Warts And All

10,000 Black Men Named George And The March For Jobs And Freedom (3 comments)

Sunday, October 23:

Friday Is New Doomsday, Christian Radio Network Says By Cbc

Saturday, October 22:

Former Federal Air Marshal On Air Safety And Lack Of Viable Whistleblower Protection (3 comments)

A Poem: Crossing The Black Path

MIT Radar System Can "See" Through Walls by Tiffany Kaiser

Study Uses Iphone Accelerometers To "read" Nearby Keystrokes By Max Eddy

Friday, October 21:

Ozone Hole Over Antarctica

Cool News For Warming Skeptics

Press Release: Human Rights Watch On Obama's Decision To Send Military Support To Help Combat Lra Rebels

Researchers Shed Light On Source Of Earth's Water By Marc Kaufman

How Did The Jews Get Over The Holocaust? By Saul Bellow (2 comments)

No Basis For "climate Skeptic Concerns"

Rivers & Streams Influence Co2

Whale, Dolphin Deaths Twice Normal In Gulf

Getting Fit- No More Excuses (9 comments)

Thursday, October 20:

Report from Occupy Marina del Rey CA (1 comments)

Scorpio New Moon, October 26, 2011 (3 comments)

Wednesday, October 19:

"You're Being Shagged By A Rare Parrot"

*Justin Frank, M.D., Puts President Obama on the Couch (BOOK REVIEW) (7 comments)

John Ennis and his documentary, "Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes"

Future Forests to Soak up More CO2 Than Thought?

Permanent Ecosystem Disruption

what's left of hemmingway? (2 comments)

Rats Chew Fiber Optic Wires Leaving Some in Scotland Temporarily Offline by Shane McGlaun

Archaeologists Find Blade 'Production Lines' Existed as Much as 400,000 Years Ago (4 comments)

Tuesday, October 18:

Chris Hedges - a man of our times (5 comments)

"Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia" at Educator's Week at B&N, Edison, NJ, Tues, Oct 18, 6PM

Monday, October 17:

Press Release: New Zealand Oil Disaster Kills over 1200 Birds and Counting

Self-replication of New Materials

How Do I Buy an Ethical Engagement Ring?

Sunday, October 16:

"Mayor Bloomberg's" Occupy Wall Street TV Address (1 comments)

The status quo of electric cars: better batteries, same range (2 comments)

An appreciation of the Spike Lee movie Sucker Free City (1 comments)

I'm Waiting (2 comments)

Somalia's children dying in record numbers

Friday, October 14:

*Alan Wolfe on Political Evil (BOOK REVIEW) (2 comments)

*Are you a blue sheep or a red sheep? (3 comments)

Thursday, October 13:

Libyans find voice in new era of press freedom

Animal Cruelty: Update on Star (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 12:

Corporate by Day, Reflexologist by Night Brenda Makowsky: A Foot in Two Worlds (1 comments)

Most Vertebrates -- Including Humans -- Descended from Ancestor With Sixth Sense (3 comments)

Tuesday, October 11:

Press Release: Is the Wall Street Action Linked to the Arab Spring?

Press Release: Amy Goodman at Occupy Wall Street: Interviewing Hip-Hop Artist Immortal Technique

The Battle of Zucotti Park

Surrealism in Sirte: Libyan soldier strums on guitar as battle rages (7 comments)

Sepp of National Taxpayers Union Joins Fight for Whistleblower Protection (2 comments)

Scientists Implant a Robot Brain in a Rat By Wolfgang Gruener (1 comments)

Mysterious gene may hide a trigger for suicide: study By Linda Nguyen

An Apache named Rubin, his Turquoise Turtle and Thanksgivings

Monday, October 10:

Babies for President!

Shocking ending: Implanted defibrillators can bring misery to final hours

Sunday, October 9:

GLOBAL REVOLT NOW: Occupy Wall Street: Egyptian Activist Goes 'From Liberation Square To Washington Square' (VIDEO) (1 comments)

Saturday, October 8:

Solar More Economical than Coal--already?! (4 comments)

From the F*ck Hollywood Archives, by Michael J. Smith at Stop Me Before I vote Again (1 comments)

Friday, October 7:

Oceans in Dire Shape, Yet Responsible for Life on Land

Emissions into Fuel?

You & Yr. Family are Modified Fish (2 comments)

Too Big to Fail

Thursday, October 6:

Emergency Appeal from Judy White (11 comments)

3M film turns windows into transparent solar panels By Jay Alabaster

Occupy Turtle Island

Vladimir Putin diving discovery was staged, spokesman admits

Church Group Makes 100 Quilts for Lutheran World Relief

First Pictures of Deepest Space (5 comments)

Wednesday, October 5:

Politics Explained

American Autumn

Tuesday, October 4:

Post-Revolution, Libyan Women Seek Expanded Roles

*Understanding the Hebrew Bible with the Help of Harold Bloom and Walter Ong (10 comments)

Monday, October 3:

Roz Savage, Ocean Rower - Rowing towards a Greener future (7 comments)

Autistic Mice Much Like Autistic Humans

Huge Ozone Loss

Arctic ozone loss at record level, by Richard Black of BBC News

How the Immune Sysetem is Activated

Sunday, October 2:

New York 'urban lab' seeks to solve city-style problems

Reporter threatens to identify Murdoch's News of the World hackers in civil suit (1 comments)

Columbine Survivor Warns of Dangers of Anti-depressants (6 comments)

Futuristic Cast Records Muscle Activity, Sims Recovery (1 comments)

Saturday, October 1:

PhotoBlog - Libyan Jew returns home after 44-year exile

Libyan Jew Returns Home after 44 Years

Magic Mushrooms Create Lasting Personality Change

Libya's Berbers Demand Post-Revolution Dues


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