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October 2011

Monday, October 31:

Super Committee: Government Access Groups Rally For Transparency

Faced With Re-Election, Little Action In Congress, Obama Acts Alone

Tax Wall Street To Heal America

Occupy Veterans Movement Growing Across U.S

Washington Post Discards All Journalistic Standards In Attack On Social Security (3 comments)

He Was Standing Stone Still Amid Tear Gas In Oakland -- Clutching The U.s. Constitution

Dan Froomkin: Reagan National Airport To Get Reagan Statue (1 comments)

The Tea Party Pork Binge

Nevada Threatens To Arrest Bankers - Law Makes Foreclosure Fraud A Felony (1 comments)

Maloney, Bilirakis, Engel Introduce Bill Thanking Greece For Blocking Gaza Flotilla (1 comments)

Letters Reveal Eric Cantor Begged For Obama Stimulus Money To Create Jobs

GOLDMAN SUX? Giant Squid Strikes Again at Occupy Wall Street's Credit Union (2 comments)

Volunteer Attorneys Steer Occupy Protesters Through The Legal System

New York Police Are Redirecting 'drunks' And 'aggressive' People To Occupy Protest (1 comments)

Meet The Smart Anthropologist Anarchist Who Helped Launch #OWS (2 comments)

A Drug As Scary As Halloween; Blockbuster Drug Causes Cancer, Tuberculosis And Lethal Infections (16 comments)

UNESCO Grants Palestine Full Membership

Election Laws Tightening In Republican-Run States

US Cuts Off UNESCO Funding As Agency Votes To Admit Palestinian Authority to UN (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street's Success: Even Republicans Are Talking About Income Inequality (2 comments)

Does Occupy Wall Street Have An Agenda Or Need One? (14 comments)

Is A Southern GOPer Conducting A "scam In The State House"?

Historic Elections In Tunisia Set The Tone For The Arab World

Exclusive: 2 Women Accused Herman Cain Of Inappropriate Behavior (6 comments)

100 Kansans March On Koch Industries Headquarters In Wichita (1 comments)

Just Three Corporate Front Groups Spent 13 Times As Much As The Entire Labor Movement To Buy Judicial Elections

Famous Turd Speaks From Msm Punch Bowl

Iran Formally Complains To Us Over Plot Charges

The Real Cost Of U.s. In Libya? Two Billion Dollars Per Day - Thompson

Sunday, October 30:

Wealthy Outsiders Wielding More Control Over Gop

Who Really Invented The Personal Computer? (5 comments)

New Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons (1 comments)

Boulder Seeks To Take Power From The Power Company

The Coolest Solar Manufacturing Technology You've Never Heard Of: The Optical Cavity Furnace

Former Us Chief Prosecutor Condemns 'law-Free Zone' Of Guantanamo

Skeptic Finds He Now Agrees Global Warming Is Real

Richard Wilkinson: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

Quick Message From OccupyDC:

U.S. Plans Post-Iraq Troop Increase In Persian Gulf Military Posts, Kuwait

O Slut! (2 comments)

U.S. Plans Post-Iraq Troop Increase In Persian Gulf (1 comments)

Outside Groups Eclipsing G.O.P. As Hub Of Campaigns

Afghanistan, Iraq Crime Increasing, According To New Report

Goldman Sachs Sued By Hedge Fund For Knowingly Selling Toxic Mortgage-Backed Investments (1 comments)

Human Rights Tribunal Can't Award Legal Costs: Supreme Court By Tonda Maccharles

Saturday, October 29:

Which Presidential Candidates Take The Most Oil And Gas Money?

Officers Unleash Anger At Ticket-Fixing Arraignments In The Bronx

Tear Gas In Oakland Connects The 99 Percent To The West Bank's Struggle For Freedom

Ice Agent During Search: "the Warrant Is Coming Out Of My Balls"

Veterans And Activists Found Guilty For March 19, 2011 White House Action, Article/Closing Statements

Unesco To Vote Monday On Palestine Membership

Scott Olsen 'Cannot Talk' After Injury At Occupy Oakland Protest (1 comments)

The Do-Nothing But Kill Jobs Congress

Obama's Bite-Size Initiatives Reminiscent Of Clinton Reelection

NATO: 13 Killed In Kabul Suicide Bomb Attack (1 comments)

*Justice Breyer Reviews Court History, Skimps On Thomas Dispute

Occupy Protesters Arrested... Again

Chrysler CEO Says Company's Two-Class Wage System Has To Go

U.k. Gives Women Equality In Royal Succession For First Time In 300 Years

State-Certified Texas Gun Safety Instructor Won't Teach Muslims, Liberals, or Anyone Who Voted For Obama

Cuba Will Change Everything That Has To Be Changed, By Bruno Parrilla (6 comments)

Occupy Sf Has A Potty Problem By: C.w. Nevius (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Cuba's "silent Transition" To Free Market Economy (1 comments)

Official - Police Can't 'Baby-Sit' Tenn. Protesters

Friday, October 28:

Partisan Divisions Prevent Congress From Passing Jobs Bills

Ohio Heroes On Path To Deposing Rove (8 comments)

Occupy San Diego Shut Down, Dozens Of Arrests Including Legal Observer And Vets - Derrick

'Rogue Websites' Bill Introduced In Us House - Breitbart

General Strike In Tunisia's Hotels And Travel Agencies - Iuf

U.s. National Security Agency Helps Wall Street Battle Hackers - Shalal Essa & Finkle

Obama Administration Oks Cuts In California's Medi-Cal Program

Sheila Dean: Flash Grenades Pitched At Protestors Rushing To Injured Man During #occupyoakland Raids

ABC And CBS News Both Cut Away Due To Technical Difficulties At Onset Of Oakland Police Violence

National Parks Supports Occupydc

Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods Prohibited In War Zones (2 comments)

Malnourished Man Looked Like Cancer Patient, Doctor Tells Torture Trial By Sherri Zickefoose

Pictured: Charles's fawning letter to Gaddafi discovered at one of despot's palaces

Beware Of Stock Photography. Rep. Rehberg (R-Mt) Finds Out The Hard Way (3 comments)

Canadian Travellers Slapped With Border-Crossing Surcharge By Jason Fekete

It's About Time, Arizona: The Recall Election Of Arizona Senator Russell Pearce (1 comments)

Book 'em, Danno: Police Lineups Becoming A Thing Of The Past By Douglas Quan (1 comments)

OMG!! The Dems' Disastrous "Super Committee" Proposal Is a Killer (1 comments)

Ousted Occupy Atlanta Group Moves To Federally Owned Martin L. King Center

Goldman Sachs Bullies Tiny Credit Union That #Occupy Wall Street Uses (1 comments)

Letter From ACLU & Nat'l Lawyers Guild To Oakland Police Dept. Re: Conduct 10/25/11

Thursday, October 27:

Police Stay Away As Occupy Oakland Protesters Tear Down Fence - La Times

OWS Surveillance (From Satellite?) (1 comments)

Fearful Gadhafi Son Said To Seek Flight To Hague (Not Confirmed Yet)

London Cleric Resigns Rather Than Evict "occupy" Protesters

U.S. Drone Base In Ethiopia Is Operational

Chemical Weapon Stockpile Destroyed At Oregon's Umatilla Site By Kim Murphy

Yahoo Sale Buzz Mounts As Google Said To Be Interested By Christina Desmarais,

Oakland Mayor Quan Recants, Welcomes Occupy Wall Street Back (1 comments)

Donations Suggest Health Care Industry Likes Obama More Than Republicans

Secret Mi6 Documents Warn About Al-Qaeda-Linked Libyan Rebels - Fitsanakis (1 comments)

Veteran Scott Olsen Could Be First To Die At Wall Street Protest - Lopez & Johnson

Elizabeth Warren Clears The Field, As Last Major Primary Competitor Drops Bid

Boehner Pans Democrats' Supercommittee Proposal

Sachs Fiend: Goldman Attacks Occupy Wall Street's Non-Profit Bank (1 comments)

Putting The Move In Occupy Movement

Republican Linda Wall, Virginia House Of Delegates Candidate, Admits Lesbian Affair With Minor (1 comments)

Video: Glenda Beck Mocks Marine Who Protested NYPD Police Brutality (1 comments)

Semper Fi: Non-Active Marines Called To "Occupy"

Quan, Under Attack, Changes Course On Occupy Oakland

Nyt Bureau Chief To Appear On Panel For Islamophobic Organization's Film (1 comments)

Attorney With A Checkered Past Targets Nfl Standout Rolando Mcclain

Participation Or Infiltration? When The Tea Party Comes To "occupy" (3 comments)

Pa Greens Urge Closing 9 Nuclear Reactors

Orange County Health Care Agency Misleads Supervisors on Mental Illness

Los Angeles City Council Denies Equity and Justice to Tenants

Israeli Jets Bomb Gaza Strip

A Witness To The Violence In Oakland

Wednesday, October 26:

European Leaders Agree On Plans To Shore Up Banks In Effort To Contain Debt Crisis

US Threatens Unesco Over Palestine

Scott Olsen Injuries Prompt Review As Occupy Oakland Protests Continue

To The Occupy Movement -- The Occupiers Of Tahrir Square Are With You

Argentina Gives 12 Ex-Officers Life Terms For Murder, Torture In 'Dirty War'

Gop Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans Would Benefit The Rich

A Witness To The Violence In Oakland

Police Cracking Down On Ows Protests Nationwide (1 comments)

Police Attack Peaceful 'occupy Oakland' Demonstrators, Veterans With Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Flash Grenades And Dishon

Wealthy Corporations With A Trillion Dollars Stashed Offshore Lobby For A 'holiday' From U.s. Taxes - Farrell & Mehta (2 comments)

Marine Veteran Critically Injured At Occupy Oakland March - Vasquez

Obama Not Implicated In California Medical Marijuana Crackdown, U.s. Attorney Claims

Anonymous, 'hacktivist' Group, Allegedly Threatens To Destroy Fox News Website (Video)

Oakland Police Assault On Occupy Oakland Seriously Injures Marine Corps Iraq Veteran (28 comments)

General Strike: Nov 28, 2011 - Citizens For Legitimate Government

*Thomas Must Resign, Says Former Judge, Lover (9 comments)

Top Earners Doubled Share Of Nation's Income, C.B.O. Says

Congressional Democrats Offer $3 Trillion Debt Deal

Lawrence Lucus: *Open Letter To Usda Secretary Tom Vilsack (1 comments)

Ryan: Obama 'sowing Social Unrest'

Rajat Gupta, Ex-Goldman Sachs Director, Surrenders In Insider Trading Case

NY Fed's $40 Billion Iraqi Money Trail

Libya: Nato Delays End To Bombing Campaign

Police Arrest 140 Protesters In Oakland

Why Are So Many In The Media Threatened By Occupy Wall Street? (5 comments)

Tuesday, October 25:

Top Candidates Happy To Take Wall Street's Money - Garofoli

Re: War Zone 101 - Oakland, Ca (8 comments)

Next Act In Dc's Kabuki Theater: House Gop Lays Trap For Obama On Jobs Plan

Backing Down: Us No Longer Urging Full-Scale Waziristan Blitz

Afghanistan Would Side With Pakistan In War With Us, Says Hamid Karzai

Police Clear Oakland Anti-Wall Street Protest Camp (1 comments)

Google Data Shows Government Internet Surveillance Far Outstrips Wiretap Requests | Techpresident

Watch - Democracy Now! - Goldman Sachs V. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation

Obama Admin Seeks Permission To Lie In Response To Freedom Of Information Requests - Even To The Courts (34 comments)

Challenging Vatican Old Boys Network (3 comments)

Nepal: Primary Factors Behind Objections Over Bippa (1 comments)

Perry's Economic Plan Would Slash Taxes, Federal Spending On Programs

Your Taxes At Work: Republican Book Deal

Oakland Police Use Rubber Bullets, Flash Grenades, And Smoke Bombs To Evict Occupy Oakland (2 comments)

Taxpayers Are Picking Up The Tab For A Republican Book Deal

Police, Wall St Protesters Fall Into Uneasy Truce

James Murdoch's Future Under Threat

Immunity And Impunity In Elite America, By Glenn Greenwald (1 comments)

"occupy London" Starts Church Row (1 comments)

The Dream That Drives The Occupations

Monday, October 24:

U.s. Rating Likely To Be Downgraded Again

Nurses Protest After Being Arrested At Occupy Chicago Rally - Cbs Chicago

Hunt Henion: Uncovering Recent Canadian Genocide (1 comments)

Us Envoy Leaves Syria Over Security Fears (1 comments)

More States Limiting Medicaid Hospital Stays

Ceo Continues To Tussle With Progressive Blogger (2 comments)

Graphic Info On OWS Origins

Sunday, October 23:

Ugandan Woman Recalls Harrowing Tale Of Captivity, Criticizes Rush Limbaugh

Rugby World Cup 2011: New Zealand Captain Richie Mccaw Hails Triumphant All Blacks After Defeat Of France

Libya Celebrates Liberation: Oct 23, Day 1 Of A New Era (1 comments)

Bank Of America Makes 6.2 Billion Tax Free Dollars In Third Quarter Profits

Clinton Warns Iran Not To "miscalculate' U.s. Resolve As Troops Leave Iraq

Dave Lindorff and Linn Washington, Jr.: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Now: 30 Unconstitutional Years On Death Row Are Enough!

Occupy Chicago: 130 Arrested In City Park Protest (1 comments)

La Vets Demand Housing At Giant Va Campus

Should You Take A Psychiatric Drug For Simple Pain? (3 comments)

Npr Dumping Opera Show Over Host's Dc Protest

If Provable Greed Caused Your Mortgage Trouble, Occupy Your Own Home (2 comments)

Climate Change Deniers Abandon "befuddled Warmist' Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming

Saturday, October 22:

As Libya Takes Stock, Moammar Kadafi's Hidden Riches Astound (1 comments)

Lawmakers Open To Changes In Military Benefits

Oops, They Did It Again!

Huffington Post: Occupy Wall Street: At Zuccotti Park, Conflict Arises Among Occupiers (8 comments)

Key Aide Leaves Bachmann For Perry In Mass Exodus Of Nh Campaign Staff

Wall St. Protest Isn't Like Ours, Tea Party Says (2 comments)

Welcome To The Lawful Bank

The Right-Wing Media Assault On Occupy Oakland

A Color For Occupy Wall Street? (12 comments)

Linn Washington, Jr.: Flushing Out The Corporate Corruption: Occupy Government (15 comments)

Jim Vines: A Conversation With Justin Samuels

"parents For Occupy Wall Street' To Hold Sleepover Tonight In Zuccotti Park In Solidarity With Their Kids - Jilani

Friday, October 21:

Michele Bachmann On Occupy Wall Street: Gop Hopeful Says Ows Protesters Are Dirty, Counterproductive And Potentially Vio

Senate Rejects Bill To Keep Teachers, First Responders On Job

Breaking: Upenn Disputes Cantor's Explanation For Cancellation, Says Speech Was Always Open To The Public

Murdoch Spars With Investors At Annual Meeting

Thomas Hoenig, Big Bank Critic, Nominated To Fdic Board Of Directors

Rob Kall On Tv, Talking About Occupy Wall Street, Capitalism, The One Percent.... (4 comments)

Republicans Block Justice Review Proposal In Senate By David Rogers

Ows Vows To Remain On Nyc Streets

An American Werewolf In The New Uganda: Discredited, Anti-gay "Researcher" Paul Cameron Preys Upon Gays In Moldova (2 comments)

Citizens must speak official languages: Feds by Kris Sims

Republicans Acted With Racist Motives In Alabama Bingo Trial (1 comments)

The 1% Who Get The Gold Mine (We Get The Shaft) (3 comments)

Anne Wagner: Vice-Chairman Of The Merit Systems Protection Board Named In Discrimination Suit (5 comments)

Breaking: League Of Women Voters Files Suit To Block Wi's New Polling Place Photo Id Restriction

Confronting Discimination In The Post-9/11 Era: Challenges And Opportunities Ten Years Later (2 comments)

Judge Rules That Proposition 8 Proponents Must Disclose Campaign Finance Records

Did Citi Get A Sweet Deal? Bank Claims Sec Settlement On One Cdo Clears It On All Others

The Obama Administration: October 1-17, 2011

Lindsey Graham, Economic Hitman: "there's A Lot Of Money To Be Made In The Future Of Libya"

Poll: Nearly 40 Percent Of Financial Advisers Support Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Protesters Find Allies Among The Wealthy 1% (5 comments)

Climate Skeptics Take Another Hit

Despite protesters' pleas, city park closing hours to remain in effect Share By Ryan Lillis

Atlantic Bridge Scandal: Downing Street Pressed For More Detail Of Donors Named In Liam Fox Report

New Campaign To Flush Corporate Control From Congress (1 comments)

Ny Observer: Citibank Protester Talks About Undercover Infiltration In Occupy Wall Street

Israel Pled To Stop Plighting Minors

Revealed -- The Capitalist Network That Runs The World

Thursday, October 20:

Photo Report From Occupy Venice Ca (1 comments)

Military Sexual Assault And Rape 'epidemic' (1 comments)

Clinton Pressures Pakistan To Dismantle Taliban

Federal Trojan's Got A "Big Brother" - Werner

RNs Defend their Ground at First Aid Station in Occupy NY - National Nurses United

Republican Thugs Send Vulgar Messages to Progressive Blogger (2 comments)

Gaddafi vs. NATO: Dying by the Sword (2 comments)

Charts: Three retirement pillars -- your pension, your savings and Social Security. Wall St has two, wants all three! (1 comments)

Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions

Tea Party Group Urges Small Businesses 'Not To Hire A Single Person' To Hurt Obama and US Productivity Prior To Election (1 comments)

TARPing War, by Tom Engelhardt

Beyond The Battlefield: As Veterans Fight For Needed Care, Long-Term Funding Remains A Question Mark

Greg Lemelson of Amvona: All foreclosure purchases in MA may be null and void

Al Jazeera reports Muammar Gaddafi killed in gun battle (2 comments)

Breaking:News Reports that Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte has Finally Fallen

Dan Froomkin: Occupy Wall Street Brings New Hopes To Reformers in D.C. (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 19:

Chris Hedges in Times Square (3 comments)

Occupy Atlanta | "It's not just a bunch of hippies playing bongos' (3 comments)

Federal Judge Grabs Bank Of America's $8.5 Billion Settlement

Sacramento suspends permitting of medical marijuana dispensaries Share By Peter Hecht

NY Times: Shalit deal shows Netanyahu can reach Mideast peace, but won't

Reid Tees Up Key Test Vote On Teacher, Firefighter Jobs Bill

Palestinian UN bid moves step further in UN Security Council

BofA Said to Split Regulators Over Moving Merrill Derivatives to Bank Unit

Who Is Protesting? Occupy Wall Street Demographic Survey Results Will Surprise You (1 comments)

*Judging The Judge: Citizens Must Unite After 20 Years Of Clarence Thomas (6 comments)

Florida Bank, Used as ATM by Insiders, Won TARP Loan But Now Teeters

Protester wants to change system - Jackson

Clinton lands in Kabul for talks with Karzai, other Afghan leaders (1 comments)

On final day of bus tour, Obama teams up with first lady to push aid for veterans

Lack of cash brings rail projects to a standstill

Revealed: the link between Liam Fox donors and Tory HQ

GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Restrict Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet

Occupy Wall St: Naomi Wolf arrested, condemns 'Stalinist' erosion of protest rights (1 comments)

Who's Irrelevant Now? (1 comments)

Federal Reserve Regional Banks' Links With Finance Industry Raise Conflict Of Interest Questions

Oklahoma Abortion Law Blocked

CNBC's Melissa Francis To Joe Scarborough: 'You Are The Problem.' Are Fueling Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

Alabama's HB56 and the Dark Side of Fake Economic Fixes (1 comments)

Julian Pike, Ex-News Corp. Lawyer, Says Company Misled Parliament Over Phone Hacking

Liam Fox report -- the unanswered questions

Network News Runs Video of Former Marine Confronting NYPD During Protest

UK Standards Comm. Plans Inquiry Into Atlantic Bridge, affiliate of Koch Brothers' ALEC (1 comments)

Murdochs' Infighting Clouds Future of News Corp.

Interview With a Tea Party Leader Who Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement (20 comments)

Debate: Republicans Unite Against Atheists (42 comments)

Republican Party In South Is Infested With Indian Gaming Cash

Social Security to hand out first raises since '09 By Stephen Ohlemacher

UN chief: East Jerusalem settlement plans are unacceptable by Akiva Eldar

CSPI to file lawsuit against General Mills for selling 'fruit' snacks that contain no fruit (1 comments)

Bloomberg Says "Tent City' Goes Beyond Free Speech

Tuesday, October 18:


CHART: Thanks To "The 99 Percent Movement," Big Media Finally Covering Jobs Crisis And Marginalizing Deficit Hysteria

Occupy Oakland.

Report from Occupy Berkeley

U.N. Report: Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners

Cain Used Campaign Funds to Buy Autobiography From His Company

Clinton offers Libyan leaders aid, encouragement (3 comments)

2012 GOP hopefuls take their show to recession-battered Nevada

A Wealthy Republican Has Grandchildren on Food Stamps (8 comments)

Supreme Court to decide on reach of global human rights law (3 comments)

Israel, Hamas Swap Prisoners in Deal That May Spur Talks (1 comments)

From a single hashtag, protest circled the world: Decentralized, leaderless 'Occupy' movement mobilized thousands

Second California pension fund votes against Rupert Murdoch

In Print: The Occupied Wall Street Journal (2 comments)

Letter to a Dead Man About the Occupation of Hope, by Rebecca Solnit (1 comments)

Scientists Solve Puzzle of Black Death's DNA By NICHOLAS WADE (1 comments)

1 Marine vs. 30 Cops at Occupy Times Square

UK's ALEC Affiliate - Atlantic Bridge - Implodes With Scandal, US's ALEC Falls Under Scrutiny (1 comments)

Kentucky Judge Issues Order To Halt Political Attack Ads - Politics News Story - WLKY Louisville

Alaska Woman Joins Protests with "Occupy the Tundra", by Yereth Rosen, latimes

How the FBI's Network of Informants Actually Created Most of the Terrorist Plots "Foiled" in the US Since 9/11 - Aaronso

Monday, October 17:

In Less Than A Minute Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wall Street To The 1 Percent

One Marine versus 30 New York Cops in Liberty Plaza

I AM NOT MOVING - Film short compares Occupy arrests with words by US officials calling on other countries to respect fr

America's Secret Empire of Drone Bases: Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time, by Nick Turse

Gaddafi Stronghold Bani Walid Falls (2 comments)

Iran says happy to examine US plot allegations

Nine Months After Giffords Shooting, GOP Congressman Jokes 'You Have To Have Shot Someone' To Win Office In Arizona

Huckabee Incites Anti-Union Crowd To Violence: Deflate Car Tires and Block Ballot Boxes Advice From Preacher??

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett Would Pay No Income Tax Under Cain's 999 Plan

More Americans than Chinese can't put food on the table

You Know Things Are Bad When Doctor Visits Plunge 8% Year-Over Year

Veterans' unemployment outpaces civilian rate

*My Priorities if I Were the President of the United States: Peace, Dignity and Prosperity (1 comments)

Obama Official Defends Controversial Immigration Policies by Gretchen Gavett (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Lebanon's Palestinians require UN action to obtain civil rights (1 comments)

Two, Three, Many Wall Streets, by Amy Davidson of The New Yorker Magazine

AMAZING Video: Veteran Protests Heavy-Handed Police Tactics In NYC: 'This Is Not A Warzone!' Police Flee... (5 comments)

Sherwood Ross: *U.S. Can Demand Arbitration of Alleged Iranian Plot

Could a Private Investigator Uncover the Truth Behind a Mysterious "Suicide"?

Obama allies' interests collide over Keystone pipeline

CHARTS: Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About...

Chris Hedges' Interview on CBC with Kevin O'Leary (5 comments)

Citibank customers arrested (with help of Citibank employees!?) - Video (1 comments)

The Basics on the Latest Murdoch Scandal - Gouging Advertisers and Covering It Up - Again

Boston Unions Join Occupy Boston Actions

Occupy Wall Street Trying to Settle on Demands

Sunday, October 16:

"We Won't Be Iced Out!': Philadelphia Occupation Plans to Stay for the Long Haul

"Beyond the Dream": MLK Memorial Dedication (2 comments)

Occupy New Plymouth- Day 3 and Report on New Zealand Occupy Movement (3 comments)

Revealed: Fox's best man and his ties to Iran's opposition

Occupy Assange: 'Corrupt banks, corrupt cash'

Words, computer analysis and new windows into a psychopathic killer's soul by Jeff Hancock

Wikileaks: Sir Richard Branson plotted to oust Mugabe (2 comments)

Occupy Lexington, KY - In Your Faces, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell!!!

Pizza Magnate Herman Cain -- The Koch Candidate

Senate Report: The Last Big Corporate Tax Cut Did Not Create Jobs

NYPD'S Cardona Previously Attacked Protesters (5 comments)

Wall Street protesters march to Times Square

Fresh Uganda Oil Find "Africa's Biggest"

NYPD can't mass arrest 50K marchers in Times Square, police horse killed trying

Saturday, October 15:

US drone strikes kill over 100 in 2 days

Wall Street Protests Spread Globally, With Rome Violence, Calm Elsewhere

Rallies Across the Globe Protest Economic Policies

Pelosi Left Out of Leaders Meeting on Super Committee (4 comments)

Insiders voice doubts about CIA's 9/11 story (4 comments)

Photo of the Week

Occupy protests spread to cities around the world

Occupy Protests Go Global: 951 Protests Worldwide and Counting (2 comments)

New Website Lets You Livestream The Global 99 Percent Movement

Tax Cuts For Wealthy Americans Cost Treasury $11.6 Million Every Hour: Report

Activist, Lech Wałęsa, Who Reagan Called 'One Of The World's Greatest Labor Leaders' Coming To Support Occupy Wall Str

Cost of Tax Cuts to You

How to Make the 'Free Market' Work for the 99%

John Grant: Thugs on the Job: The NYPD, Protecting and Serving...Wall Street (4 comments)

VIDEO: Republicans Change Their Tune On The 99 Percent Movement

'Occupy Central' rally may hit Rat Race, by Simpson Cheung, South China Morning Post

Friday, October 14:

Senators Raise "Serious Concerns" About State Department Study on Tar Sands Oil Pipeline (1 comments)

A Texas-Sized Giveaway To Big Oil

White House kills insurance program for long-term care

Wall Street Sit-In Goes Global Saturday

News Corp investors to vote against Murdochs

Rick Perry officials spark revolt after doctoring environment report | Environment | (2 comments)

The Tale of Two Assassination Plots (1 comments)

Labor Unshackled in Libya: Victory for striking oil workers

A New Dawn: Occupy Wall Street, Midnight to 9 a.m., 10/14/11

Social Media Support For The 99 Percent Movement Has Doubled In The Last Eight Days

US to send troops to Uganda to help fight LRA rebels (2 comments)

#OCCUPY WINS! Bloomberg backs down - MoveOn

By the TCBH! Collective: Here's a Story You Won't Hear about from the MSM: TCBH! Wins a Project Censored Award!

Who's the 1%?

Coffee, Tea, or Us: How Leaders and "Followers" Feel (2 comments)

Alabama Is Not the Only State Where Obama Has Helped Persecute Members of His Own Party (1 comments)

BREAKING: #OCCUPY WINS! Bloomberg backs down! (Video) (1 comments)

Gary Sick: US Iran claim defies belief

Hedge Fund-Bankrolled Emergency Committee For Israel Smears Occupy Wall St. Protests As 'Anti-Semitic'

Thursday, October 13:

One Libyan who is Confronting the Chaos in Libya's Prisons

Amnesty International seeks George W. Bush's arrest (3 comments)

Libya: Gaddafi's Hometown Sirte Is At The Mercy Of Revolutionaries (10 comments)

GOP 2012 Contender Roemer Decries Free Trade, DC Political Corruption

Charles M. Young: Urgent Call to Action: Go to Zuccotti Park Now!!! (9 comments)

Should They Stay or Should They Go: Officials Threaten to Shut-Down Florida Occupation (7 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: Police to evict Zuccotti Park protesters

Let Women Die?! (1 comments)

Action Alert: WFP and MOVEON call on supporters to keep Zuccotti Park open tomorrow (1 comments)

Scott Brown accused of plagiarism (1 comments)

Hey America, Iran still isn't threat No. 1

Ex-CIA warns US 'dangerously wrong' on Iran

NBC News: Kelly: Protesters Won't Be Able to Bring Sleeping Bags Back Into Park After Cleanup

Chomsky answers Occupy Wall Street OWS Critics (8 comments)

Dan Froomkin: Repatriation Tax Holiday Push Shows Congress Turning Deaf Ear To Occupy Wall Street

Notorious Siegelman Prosecutor Has Lined Up a Curious New Job

Who's behind the Wall St. protests? (2 comments)

Lynn Buske: Major Agribusinesses Competing with Organics on the Cheap, "Natural" Food Products with Toxic Chemicals and GMOs Deceivi (2 comments)

The All-American Occupation: A Century of Our Streets Vs. Wall Street , by Steve Fraser

Lynn Buske: ACTION ALERT: USDA Proposed Rule for "Animal Disease Traceability"

NYT: Gulf shrimp are scarce, as are answers - US news - The New York Times - (1 comments)

Murdoch Media Scandal: David Cameron in firing line as Kelvin MacKenzie hits out

Analysis: Alleged Assassination Plot Doesn't Fit Past Iranian Behavior - ProPublica

Wednesday, October 12:

Angelina Jolie Visits Libya as UN Ambassador (1 comments)

Ex-CIA officer says US may be "dangerously wrong' on alleged Iran plot - Fitsanakis (3 comments)

NYSE website unavailable for 30 minutes Monday - Krudy

US drones fly from secret Kenya bases - PressTV

High Court Allows Mumia to Breathe, But He is Still Condemned to Social Death - Ford

Occupty the Hood Cleveland

BP and partners face $45m in fines over Gulf oil spill (1 comments)

Wall Street Journal circulation scam claims senior Murdoch executive

Defenders of Mary Ward, 82-Year-Old Facing Eviction, Join with Occupy Wall Street to Fight Foreclosures - Thrasher

Saudis don't name Iran in condemnation of alleged murder plot

Fluoride rejected - taranaki-daily-news (1 comments)

Used-car salesman as Iran proxy? Why assassination plot doesn't add up for experts (1 comments)

GOP Goes On Record Against Jobs (Again)

Iran complains to UN over US claim

Rob Kall On RT TV-- talking about police and the future of The OWS Occupy Wall Street Movement (13 comments)

Occupy DC, Day 7: Dreary But Defiant


Remember The Schnauzer Who Inspired A Blog

Wall Street Sees "No Exit" From Woes

NYTimes Sues The Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT Act

7 Economic Lies Exposed in Two Minutes

Occupy Wall Street in Salt Lake City

Go Directly to Jail: Do not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200; Feel Really Good About It (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 11:

The Woman Who Knew Too Much (1 comments)

Netanyahu seeks to legalize outposts built on private Palestinian land

Crime pays for police

Israel and Hamas agree to a prisoner swap deal that will see Shalit freed

Senate Republicans vote to kill Obama's jobs bill; White House and Congress already moving on

Occupying Wall Street: The Start of a New American Movement

No New Penalty Trial Likely: US Supreme Court Confirms 3rd Circuit Ruling Lifting Mumia Abu-Jamal's Death Penalty

Portraits of "We the People" by Linda Seccaspina (1 comments)

Occupy New Plymouth (3 comments)

Netanyahu Announces Deal to Free Shalit

Boston police arrest 50 from Occupy Boston movement for trespassing

Chris Christie to endorse Mitt Romney

Why Do These Koch Industries Neighbors Have Cancer? (VIDEO)

David Plouffe on Protesters, Herman Cain, Senate Jobs Vote

Letter to Israeli Supreme Court Justices RE: Mordechai Vanunu

Obama's Failing Emails Where Did the President's Mojo Go? by Bill McKibben (1 comments)

Microsoft Gets Green Light For Skype Acquisition by MICROSOFT

Waging A War on War Budgets

Here's the Poster Boy for Greed on Wall Street

Wendell Potter: "Occupy Wall Street' Should Also Take Aim at Health Insurance Companies (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Panetta to Netanyahu: "Israel may not survive the current Arab/Islamic awakening" (7 comments)

Monday, October 10:

Ex-worker sues US intelligence agency, blames anti-Islamic bias for lost security clearance - AP

Unison ballots 1 million public sector workers on strike action - Guardian (1 comments)

A GOP assault on environmental regulations (1 comments)

Republican debate: Expect the unexpected (1 comments)

Romney: Wall Street protestors seeking scapegoats

Warren draws $3 million in first weeks of Senate bid

The Joy of Religion (2 comments)

Al-Qaeda Joins Intelligent Americans (again)

World Food Prize Recognizes Leadership in Agriculture, but More Policy Support Is Needed to Feed the World's Hungry

Howley and other Journalists Funded By GOP "Vulture Capitalist' Paul Singer Campaign To Smear Wall Street Protests

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - To those who Occupy: We stand with you

The Marriage of a GOP Power Couple Is on the Rocks (1 comments)

Ariel Dorfman, Salvador Allende Has Words for Barack Obama from the Other Side of Death

To General Atomics: Stop Making DRONES (3 comments)

Mob Wars On Wall Street: GOP Viewed Skewed As Usual (2 comments)

Sunday, October 9:

Army and police massacre protesters at Maspero (Cairo) - 3ARABAWY (2 comments)

Premiums Skyrocketing Where Health Insurers Have Their Way With State Legislators, As in Maine (4 comments)

The Life and Times of "Mother of Yemen's Revolution'

Libya conflict: Gaddafi town Sirte 'close to falling'

Cain calls Occupy Wall Street protesters "anti-American' (1 comments)

Julian Assange: 'Journalists are war criminals' (2 comments)

One Step Closer: Lieberman Calls for No-Fly Zone Over Syria (1 comments)

"Unprecedented" Arctic Ozone Hole Develops In 2011: Inaction Risks "Future Nasty Climate Change Surprises Far More Serio


Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread Across the Country With No Clear Unified Message

Occupy Wall Street protesters running out of space

"Hacked" -- Uncomfortable truths of hacking scandal exposed in new London play

Social Issues Pose New Test for Mitt Romney

Rasmussen Releases Occupy Wall Street Poll | Americans polled gave decent favorable ratings of 99 Percent protestors

99 Percenter Rebukes Corporate Fronts Like FreedomWorks, But Welcomes Regular Tea Party People

Conservative 'American Spectator' Writer Admits "Infiltrating' 99 Percent Movement To "Mock And Undermine' It

Sherwood Ross: New 9/11 Probe Can't Come Soon Enough (12 comments)

John Lewis: I support OWS protesters

Occupy Santa Fe: Photo Essay (5 comments)

Alabama Law Makes It A Felony For Undocumented Immigrants To Have Water At Their Homes

Saturday, October 8:

The World vs Wall Street - sign the petition

State Department readies Iraq operation, its biggest since the end of World War II

Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen (1 comments)

Steve Jobs and Drug Policy by Glenn Greenwald (3 comments)

Michael Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street is trying to destroy jobs (3 comments)

Nobody's Nerfect, Not Even Steve (2 comments)

Alabama immigration threat: prove your legal status or lose water supply

Occupy Seattle images (1 comments)

GOP Blames Obama for Encouraging Anti-Wall Street "Mobs" (4 comments)

Orrin Hatch: OWS Rallies Will Turn Into Riots (7 comments)

Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters

Libya Celebrates Probable Africa Nations Cup Berth protesters pepper sprayed at Air Space Museum

Sheila Dean: WaPo:Suit alleges banks and mortgage companies cheated veterans and U.S. taxpayers

Sherwood Ross: Bush Wars In Middle East Are In U.S. Tradition (2 comments)

Super Committee: Under the (Foreign) Influence?

U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill - Shameless Imperialism (1 comments)

Obama to Issue 'Wikileaks Order'

Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch must go, says UK pensions group

Koch Subsidiary Told Regulators It Has 'Direct and Substantial Interest' in Keystone XL

As Marines Occupy Wall Street, Republican Rep. Paul Broun Calls Protests "An Attack Upon Freedom'

Day 2 DC Occupation of Freedom Square (7 comments)

Friday, October 7:

Dan Froomkin: Jalaluddin Haqqani, Once CIA's 'Blue-Eyed Boy,' Now Top Scourge For U.S. In Afghanistan

Philly Commish sets rules on civilians' pix (2 comments)

Computer Virus Reportedly Hits U.S. Drones (2 comments)

Environmentalists Sue Government Over Tar Sands Pipeline

Are You Mentally Ill? If You Drink Too Much You Are, Says Big Pharma (5 comments)

Journalists Attacked by NYPD At Occupy Wall Street Protests - Intel Hub (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: Who Wants to Hijack the Movement - Tarpley (2 comments)

Sirte residents turn anger on Libya's new government - El Gamal

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City - NYC General Assembly (1 comments)

Scores dead as army and deserters clash; U.N. says 2,900 killed in Syria crackdown (2 comments)

Update from OTHER occupation sites (1 comments)

Afghanistan War: Ex-Commander Stanley McChrystal Says U.S. Started War With 'Frighteningly Simplistic' View Of Country (1 comments)

Inside the ALEC Dating Service

In Recording, Qaddafi Urges Followers to "Rise Up"

Obama To Issue Executive Order On Classified Info, After WikiLeaks

Homeownership rate experiences biggest drop in 70 years

Corporate Greed is on the Table: The Occupation Movement has Broken Through a Wall in America

Reuters: Secret Death Panel informs Obama White House (1 comments)

Anti-War, Anti-Wall St. Protest Hits DC

70 Killed in renewed suicide attacks in Mogadishu

Thursday, October 6:

9 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs (2 comments)

Press Release: So Much for Racial Stereotypes: Steve Jobs Was Half Arab-American (2 comments)

Cleaning the Augean Stables: Libya's anti-Corruption Unit to Hunt Missing Billions

The people-powered 99 percent movement

Samuel Wilson, aka Uncle Sam

message from Chinese activists and academics in support of Occupy Wall Street - China Study Group

Saudi police open fire on civilians as protests gain momentum - Cockburn

Calif. pot dispensaries told to shut down (7 comments)

Legalizing Crowdfunding (1 comments)

Livestream reporting Occupy San Francisco cleared by riot squads

Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list" (1 comments)

CEO With Deep Pockets Has Children on Food Stamps (2 comments)

Sarah Palin 2012 Decision: Former Governor Not Running For President

'Staggering' Fraud Uncovered At Army Corps Of Engineers

Andy Kroll: Flat-Lining the Middle Class (2 comments)

The Rally: Taking Back the Dream: A Photographic Essay (2 comments)

Tainted Canteloupes Cause Pregnant Woman To Miscarry As GOP Still Fights To Gut Food Safety Laws

Linn Washington, Jr.: Right After All: Marx Hits Mark on Cruelties of Capitalism (25 comments)

Dada Pranakrsnananda arrested on Brooklyn Bridge (1 comments)

Alabama loses workes as immigration laws takes effects -Phillip Rawls (10 comments)

Apocalypse on Capitol Hill: Lawmakers who love to vote no.

NY police use pepper spray as protests gather momentum

Wednesday, October 5:

Syrian Insurrection Set to Gather Momentum

Millionaire Tax: Senate Democrats call for surtax on millionaires as way to pay for Obama's jobs plan (2 comments)

Erdogan brands Israel a regional 'threat' (1 comments)

New video of NYPD beating protesters tonight with batons, it's nasty (2 comments)

China and Russia veto UN resolution condemning Syria

President Obama goes on the attack, to Democrats' delight (1 comments)

Update: Police arrest at least 20 Occupy Seattle protestors

Take Back the American Dream: Day 3

Dan Froomkin: Lawrence Lessig's New Book On Political Corruption Offers Protesters A Possible Manifesto

Back Home, and Homeless | Welcome Home, Troops -- XXOO, Wall Street

Steve Jobs Dead: Apple's Great American Genius Dies of Cancer (Photos and Videos) (16 comments)

Nation's Largest Nurses Union Says Tax Wall Street To Heal America

Anti-equality, gay-hating groups fight to keep donors anonymous in Minnesota

Live blog: Unions march on Wall Street - International Media Coverage Explodes As Crowds Grow

Strike by Greek civil servants shuts down government - Becatoros (1 comments)

VIDEO: Corporate Media Mocks The 99 Percent Movement

Poor Maine Residents Resort To Bartering For Health Care With Yardwork, Housekeeping

Take Back the American Dream: Yesterday's (10/4) Press Conference

Obama urges Congress to free up frozen aid as Palestinians feel the chill

More Bodies Surfacing: Two Mass Graves Found Near Tripoli

Fraud in Corps of Engineers contracting charged

Minneapolis, St. Paul Police Agree to Pay $100k to Settle Lawsuit After Arrests of Amy Goodman, Producers of Democracy N

Universities Are All Too Happy to Accept Cash From Shady Sources (3 comments)

Democracy Now! Social Justice, Antiwar Protesters to Occupy D.C.'s Freedom Plaza in "October 2011" Protest

Perry's N-gate Reminiscent of Cheney's Racism-Charged Hunting (1 comments)

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke On Occupy Wall Street: "I Can't Blame Them'

Poll finds 1 in 3 post-9/11 veterans believes neither Iraq nor Afghan war was worth fighting; convinced public has littl (1 comments)

Legal Immigrant Thrown In Jail Because Of Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 4:

Anonymous Threatens to 'Erase NYSE from Internet' - Poeter (3 comments)

Donald Rumsfeld, Al Jazeera's Abderrahim Foukara Have Incredibly Contentious Interview (VIDEO) (1 comments)

700,000-Member Strong Communications Workers Of America Announce Support For Occupy Wall Street

Pam Geller Linked Anti-Muslim Activist Calls For Mass Murder Of Congressmen, Muslims, Liberals And Journalists (Updated)

Billionaire Bet: Warren Buffett Challenges Rupert Murdoch To Release His Tax Returns

Candidate-Specific Super PACs Offer End Run For Maxed-Out Donors: Study

Take Back the American Dream, Day 2: "Something's Happening Here"

GOP Rep. Denounces Norquist And His No New Taxes Pledge (1 comments)

Secret Docs Show Foreclosure Watchdog Doesn't Bark or Bite

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms | Video

Environmentalists: Pipeline review biased

JP Morgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million To NYPD On Eve Of Protests

Defendant in Most Ironic Lawsuit Ever (David Barton v. Some People Who Said Stuff About Him) Responds

Did Federal Judge in Immigration Case Benefit from Organized Crime?

Dick Durbin urges customers to leave Bank of America (1 comments)

*Reform Teams Should Fight for the Dream, But Do It Better (2 comments)

The End of America's Pacific Century, by John Feffer (1 comments)

The Man Behind Pakistan Spy Agency's Plot to Influence Washington

Monday, October 3:

GOP War on Voting: New Laws Could Block Five Million From Polls (1 comments)

Syria accused of torturing relatives of overseas activists

Take Back the American Dream, Washington, DC

With Obama jobs bill near dead, White House plans fall push for passage

US nixes Israeli unilateralism on Iran

By Charles M. Young: The Sluts Shall Lead Us: Before, During and After the Deluge on the Brooklyn Bridge (1 comments)

Republicans expect to win in 2012 (1 comments)

'Israel chooses settlements not peace'

Clean Energy Cons | 62 House & Senate Republicans wrote letters seeking clean energy-related loan guarantees, grants

How Unequal We Are: The Top 5 Facts You Should Know About The Wealthiest One Percent Of Americans

Joy in Education

Protest First, Make Demands Later

Here's a Nominee for "Stupidest Thing Ever Said by a Democrat"

Texas Chemical Plant Explosion: Industrial fire spreading quickly at Waxahachie chemical plant

Free Marketers Going After Occupy Wall Street --Danny Schechter (14 comments)

In Afghanistan, the West and allies fight a murky foe

Peter Van Buren, How the American Taxpayer Got Plucked in Iraq

Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist Had Cozy Relationship With State Department Staffers, New Emails Show

State For Sale: How Ed Gillespie Engineered A GOP Takeover Of State Legislatures Before 2010 Census (1 comments)

"WikiLeaks' soldier, Bradley Manning, nominated for Nobel peace prize (2 comments)

Thousands hit Manchester streets to protest austerity cuts - RT (2 comments)

Sunday, October 2:

Press Release: Shell "DIRTY" Oil Paid Nigerian Military to Put Down Protests (1 comments)

U.S. Defense Secretary to arrive in Israel to discuss Iran nuclear program (1 comments)

Cheney wants Obama apology for saying Bush administration 'overreacted to 9/11' (1 comments)

Christie Team Assessing How Fast a 2012 Campaign Could Be Mounted (2 comments)

Supreme Court term will include cases highlighting extent of federal power

BOMBSHELL: Koch Brothers Made Illicit Payments, Stole Oil On Fed Land, Lied To Authorities, & Made Illegal Sales To Ira

Judge: What Did Breitbart Say + Pay For ACORN Videos?

DNC chair: GOP wants to beat Obama at expense of economy

Occupy Wall Street Movement Growing -- Day 16

Wall Street protests spread to other cities

Wall Street readies assault on Elizabeth Warren (2 comments)

Citibank follows BofA debit card fee with a checking account fee (1 comments)

Australian pension fund attacks News Corp, Murdoch

Sanders: GOP Obstructionism "Unprecedented"

The American Fall: whither the Wall Street protest movement?

Sherwood Ross: Obama Double Crosses The Environmentalists (6 comments)

Hacking Elections: Federal lab reveals remote controlled hack could work on paper-ballot op-scan systems too (1 comments)

45 million Americans are now living on food stamps (1 comments)

News Corp investors urged to drop James Murdoch from board

The Obama Administration: September 16-30, 2011 (3 comments)

The 3rd of this October and Vanunu Mordechai (1 comments)

"Peace Talks" and the Pieces of the Holy Land (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street: 700 Arrested in a Standoff on the Brooklyn Bridge

Suspicious powder delivered to Ocean Ridge home of Biden's brother

Thousands March in Boston, 24 Arrested

Mayor Bloomberg: "We'll See" If The City Will Let Occupy Wall Street Continue (2 comments)

Saturday, October 1:

On the News With Thom Hartmann: MT Follows VT's Lead on Path to State-Level Single-Payer Health Care

Police Arrest About 500 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge (1 comments)

Y E S!! Judge Rules Florida Prison Privatization Unconstitutional

In Greece, Barter Networks Surge As They Did In Argentina Post 2002 Crash (3 comments)

Gingrich says he's smarter than GOP rivals

Netanyahu: Iran's anti-Israel stance proves our need to be recognized as Jewish state

John Smith: Freedom Isn't Free at the State Department. The Only Employee at State Who May Be Fired Because of WikiLeaks


Rewarding Failed C.E.O.'s (1 comments)

California prisoners launch second hunger strike Share By Sam Stanton



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