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October 2011

Monday, October 31:

Were U.S. Elections Sold To Corporations So Clarence Thomas Could Reward His Friends?

Matt Taibbi: Another Weapon For OWS: Pull Your Money Out Of Bof A

David Frum: What If Europe Had A Revolution And Called It A Debt Crisis?

The 1% Have A Stranglehold On Politics: New Al Jazeera Documentary Sheds Light On The Koch Brothers

Paul Krugman: Bombs, Bridges And Jobs

Bank Of America's Death Rattle (1 comments)

Sunday, October 30:

David Corn: Can Newt Be The First Openly Mean President?

Occupy Wall Street: No Demand Is Big Enough

Krugman: Social Security Bait And Switch, A Continuing Series

The CIA And The Drug Trade (Eyeopener Preview)

Ny Times, Charles M Blow: America's Exploding Pipe Dream

Saturday, October 29:

Charles M. Blow -- America's Exploding Pipe Dream (1 comments)

Supercommittee Debt Deal? Forget It--Let's Get Real About The GOP

Romney: U.S. 'should Not Play The Role Of Leader' In Mid-East Peace, 'follow' Israel Instead (1 comments)

Friday, October 28:

Exemplary Teaching (Forget Whatever Else You've Heard) (7 comments)

It's Time For Debt Forgiveness, American-Style

The Bankers' Blockade Of Wikileaks Must End (1 comments)

The New Libya: Assassination, Ruination, Broken Promises And Body Snatching - Arbuthnot

Is The CIA Still An Intelligence Agency - Qadir (2 comments)

Julian Assange on BBC "Have Your Say"

Joe Conason: Speaking Up For That "1 Percent' (1 comments)

The Second Gilded Age: Has America Become An Oligarchy?

Why Hippie Culture Is Still Important To Our Protests, By Danny Goldberg At Alternet (2 comments)

L.a.-Based Law Firm Gives More Than $3.2 Million In Services To Help Appeals Judge's Defense By Carol J. Williams

Medical Marijuana Advocates To Protest Obama, Federal Crackdown On California Industry By Peter Hecht

Paul Krugman: The Path Not Taken

Thursday, October 27:

Occupy Movements Resist Police Attacks - Griswold

General Strike & Mass Day Of Action - Occupy Oakland

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan: Do Right By Scott Olsen - Sign Petition

E.j. Dionne Jr --The Vatican Meets The Wall Street Occupiers

Wednesday, October 26:

Stephen M. Walt: The End Of The American Era

U-Turn In Karzai's Stand - Shaukat (1 comments)

Re-Energized Fight At Verizon - Socialistworker

Greece On Brink Of Social Explosion - Counterfire

Pat Robertson: Gop Base Is Becoming Too Extreme

Matt Taibbi: Wall Street Isn't Winning It's Cheating (2 comments)

The Uses Of Haiti's Poor Children: Guinea Pigs For Cholera Vaccines, By Dady Chery | Haiti Chery (3 comments)

Ending The War In Iraq: How Obama's Own Rhetoric -- And George Bush's Pact -- Boxed In The President

Gaddafi Gunned Down In Cold Blood By Sam Greenh

Occupy Wall Street Movement At A Crossroads

Tuesday, October 25:

The Politics Of Occupation - Portland Imc

It's On: Republicans Slam Elizabeth Warren For Embracing Occupy Wall Street

A Rwandan's View: Gaddafi Is Gone; What Are Africans Mourning? (1 comments)

Jesus At Occupy Wall Street: "i Feel Like I've Been Here Before' By Lisa Miller

Police Push Me To The Ground, By Kevin Army, W/ Video

The Scientific Finding That Settles The Climate-Change Debate (3 comments)

Monday, October 24:

The 99 Percent Are Winning (1 comments)

Frank Rich: The Class War Has Begun (2 comments)

The Patriot Act, Cyber-Edition

Conspiracy Against Balochistan Accelerates - Shaukat

Hidden Blessings For Us In Iraq Pullout By Brian M Downing

The Iraq War Is Finally Over. And It Marks A Complete Neocon Defeat

Gop Primary Now A Contest Of Character

E.j. Dionne Jr -- The Gop's Latest Tax Gimmickry: Soak The Poor

Foreigners' Sweetener: Buy House, Get A Visa By Nick Timiraos

Paul Krugman: The Hole In Europe's Bucket

Sunday, October 23:

Is The Keystone Xl Pipeline A Good Deal For Americans?

Muammar Qaddafi: The One-State Solution

American Hypocrisy At Its Finest (1 comments)

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper: Bank Of America's Death Rattle By William K. Black (1 comments)

Saturday, October 22:

Bernie Sanders: America's No1 Socialist Makes His Move Into The Mainstream (2 comments)

The Speech Cantor Chose Not To Give

Should Elizabeth Warren Run For President?

Julian Assange Shows Up At Occupy London Wearing An Anonymous Mask By Nancy Messieh

Friday, October 21:

Pepe Escobar: How The West Won Libya

V For Vendetta Masks: Who's Behind Them?

Herman Cain, The "happy Go Lucky" Darky (2 comments)

Mr. Jones, OWS and The Second American Revolution

Conservative Crime Bill Will Have 'Enormous Negative Impact' By Jeremiah Vandermeer (1 comments)

Sloppy Iran Think

Paul Krugman: Party Of Pollution

Thursday, October 20:

The Neocons Are Coming!

Tea Partiers: The Self-Hating 99 Per Cent

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen: Occupy Wall Street And The Path Of Righteousness

The Federal Reserve Bank ( Inc. ) (5 comments)

Libya under the rule of Colonel Gaddafi -- Video

Occidental Observer: Social Nationalism: The Political Thought of Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus

Wednesday, October 19:

Volcker Rule Divides Regulators -

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Lincoln points Obama to the high ground

Internet freedom in Canada by Crookes v. Newton

Occupy movement: The revolution of 2011?

Verizon Now Spies on Us for Profit - sign petition

The Elite Are Trembling in Their Boots

A Framing Memo for Occupy Wall Street

Naomi Wolf: How I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall St., by Steven Greenstreet (2 comments)

Movin' to Kansas To Beat My Wife

Framing Memo For OWS

US Wavering Approach towards Pakistan - Shaukat

Tuesday, October 18:

Wall Street's Second Occupation: The Rise of the NYPD's Homeland Security State

The game plan in US scenario

Support for Legalizing Marijuana at Record High by Azmat Khan (4 comments)

United States needs to reevaluate its assistance to Israel

99%- Yes, Houston we have a Problem! by Linda Seccaspina

The Meagerness of the GOP Debates, the Smallness of the President's Solutions, and the Need for a Progressive Alternativ (1 comments)

The lessons of "Atlantic Bridge" - UK's American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) affiliate scandal

Terms of the Occupation - Myerson (1 comments)

Monday, October 17:

Matt Taibbi : Why Occupy Wall Street Is Bigger Than Left vs. Right

A Letter from Goldman Sachs Concerning Occupy Wall Street

Five #OccupyWallStreet Myths Debunked

Nicholas D. Kristof: America's "Primal Scream"

50,000,000 strong, human megaphone: End the wars! Stop the corruption! Stop socialism for the rich! (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr -- On family economics, Rick Santorum gets it only partially right

U.S. deaths in drone strike due to miscommunication, report says By David Zucchino and David S. Cloud

Dateline 10/11/2011 | The Brazilian movement for BDS against Israel has begun, by The Brazilian Movement (1 comments)

Lawyers Against the War calls for prosecution of George W. Bush ahead of Surrey visit by Charlie Smith (1 comments)

All Hail the Unknown Organizer!

OWS Salt Lake by Melanie Jae Martin, Open Salon

What Regional Differences Mean for National Consensus

Chris Hedges: A Movement Too Big to Fail

Elizabeth Warren's Appeal

Paul Krugman: Wall Street Loses Its Immunity

Sunday, October 16:

How the Right's Lame Attack on Occupy Wall St. Shows the Poverty of Conservative Ideology

Eliot Spitzer: Occupy Wall Street Has Already Won (2 comments)

Anatomy of a Victory: Occupy Wall Street Wins a Big One

Reign of the Ninety-nine Percenters?

Andrew Breitbart's Pathetic Attempt to Smear Occupy Wall St.

Why Tension Increases in Pak-US Relations - Shaukat

Stephen M. Walt: Where is the U.S.-Iran Confrontation Headed?

Occupy Wall Street Makes Cantor Panic

Saturday, October 15:

Will Israel bomb Iran without notifying the US?

Bean, instead of Bond, in anti-Iran set-up

Friday, October 14:

The Race for Iran

The Stench of Money: Canada's Environment Succumbs to Oil Sands

Missing from Occupy Wall Street: Barack Obama

Assholitics: A Term You Should Know

Yes, We Have a Permit to Occupy - RootsAction

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics (1 comments)

Thursday, October 13:

Defend Occupy Wall Street - sign petition (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr -- The GOP ties itself up in knots

Occupy & Resist

NATO didn't bomb Libya for the 99% (1 comments)

MINUSTAH's Gang Rapes, By Michaelle Desrosiers and Franck Seguy, English translation by Dady Chery

Occupy Wall Street, Denounce the Democrats

New York Times in Support of "Occupy Wall Street"

Wednesday, October 12:

Secret Strategic Games in Afghanistan - Shaukat

Matt Taibbi: My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr - Mitt Romney returns to frontrunner status

The Power of Words

David Corn - VIDEO: Mitt Heaps Praise on Romneycare "Parent" Ted Kennedy

Columbus Day Thanksgiving: Reminders of Euro-America's Historic Brutality Against People of Color --

"Shut that f*****g thing off before I slap you!"

"Secrets of the Little Blue Box" By Ron Rosenbaum

Journalism a la Wikileaks: Ravages of War as Fair Accompli, By Dady Chery

Tuesday, October 11:

"Occupy' Movement Surfaces in Tulsa

The Occupy and D.C. protesters are True Patriots and should wear tri-cornered hats (1 comments)

Viewpoints: Society is built around families, not procreation Share By Norma Ming

Audit of Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion Dollars in Bailouts (2 comments)

A Homeless Blogger in NYC: Homeless 101.2: Happy, Scared, Known, Worried, Engaged, Hopeful, Resolved (1 comments)

"Lawyers With Borders Opposes Occupation of Wall Street" - Brian J. Foley

Protesters Against Wall Street

Bank of America, TBS, MLB... Domestic Whores! | Freedom From The Press - Media Corruption & Government Fraud - Exposed

Israeli High Court Denies Vanunu FREEDOM

Monday, October 10:

Sesame Street's Hunger Crusade - Romano

Karl Rove vs. the Koch brothers

Eugene Robinson: Occupy Wall Street: A timely call for justice

What Everyone is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs - Gawker (3 comments)

Unexpected Benefits: A Defense of Teacher Tenure Boris Korsunsky e

Politico Primary: Down the Rabbit Hole

AIPAC acolytes demand Palestine aid cutoff (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Panic of the Plutocrats (1 comments)

Sunday, October 9:

Conn Hallinan: Why The Drone Wars Threaten Us All (1 comments)

A virtual secret state: the military-industrial complex 2.0

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not - Stryker (1 comments)

An #OccupyWallStreet Protest Song

Screen Grab of Patrick Howley's Original, Unedited Article for The American Spectator

Gaza orphans: on the line of fire (1 comments)

World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes - FilaFireFilms (3 comments)

From Tunisia to "Occupy Wall Street": Who is the AFL-CIO's Stuart Appelbaum? (2 comments)

Saturday, October 8:

What chance a general strike in Manhattan - Kozloff

Friday, October 7:

Impeach the President (5 comments)

David Corn: Obama: Held Hostage No More?

Eric Cantor Uses Palin's Playbook (2 comments)

John Smith: China Fires Back At US Senate Which May Have Just Started The Sino-US Currency Wars (2 comments)

Fears of an economic meltdown in China

10 Things to Know About Wall Street's Attack on America

A Tea People's History: Book Synopsis

Paul Krugman: Confronting the Malefactors

Thursday, October 6:

The Cronyism Behind a Pipeline for Crude

John Smith: Progressive Activism Helps Prevent Wall Street Banks From Receiving a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card, by Miles Mogulescu

CIA Covert Wars in the Islamic World - Shaukat (1 comments)

The 'Getting' of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolution

E.J. Dionne Jr. --A week that transformed the 2012 story line

Nicholas D. Kristof: Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy? (2 comments)

Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it

Russ Feingold endorses Occupy Wall Street: "This will make the Tea Party look like...a tea party."

What Are the Latest Revelations About Koch Industries?

Wednesday, October 5:

Occupy Wall Street is this year's tea party

Fox News Launches An All Out Assault Against Occupy Wall Street

VIDEO -- The Reagan Speech Today's GOP Doesn't Want You To See | ThinkProgress

From Boston with the "99 Percent"

The political issues in the fight against Wall Street

John Smith: Jackals In London Seeking Chaotic Breakup Of Euro

Foreign Aid Slashed To All But Israel

Tuesday, October 4:

Billionaire Koch brothers in the dock over trades with Iran (3 comments)

Nader and Ron Paul together on CNN (8 comments)

US is Irrational State Actor - Shaukat (1 comments)

The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans

A Brief History of Chris Christie Not Running for President

Koch Entertained Justice Thomas At His Private Club

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Chris Christie makes the right call

Yes, the boycott of Israel is legal: 17 Sep 11, by CAPJPO-EuroPalestine

Door-to-Door Surprise Vaccinations in CA School District submitted by Lois Rain

In America: Heckling Israeli ambassador is a crime, heckling President Obama is freedom of speech (1 comments)

Monday, October 3:


E.J.Dionne Jr -- Can the left stage a Tea Party? (1 comments)

Huntsman is of a species in fast decline -- the moderate Republican

Mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge: Is this what civil disobedience looks like?

Paul Krugman: Holding China to Account (1 comments)

Sunday, October 2:

Eric Margolis: Playing Chicken With Nuclear Powers

MUST READ EDITORIAL - Protesters Arrested While Wall Street Crooks Go Free (1 comments)

Wall Street Protests: Which Side Are You On? by Van Jones

An Emergency Program for Anti-Wall Street Protestors: Don't Let Soros Hijack the Movement by Webster Tarpley

'America the Beautiful' accompanies China rocket launch

Revolution is happening in the USA (2 comments)

Saturday, October 1:

Economic Bad Times Just Beginning - Baldwin (3 comments)

Jonathan Turley: President Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties (6 comments)

David Corn: Justifying the Al-Awlaki Attack (1 comments)

OccupyWallStreet: There's Something Happening Here, Mr. Jones

Sorry, but this trader's banking confession was no prank

"Fast And Furious" Just Might Be President Obama's Watergate by Frank Miniter


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