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September 2011

Friday, September 30:

The Fun Of "Fuck" (3 comments)

John Smith: In the shadow of Hermes- The Secrets of Communism, by Jüri Lina (2 comments)

Sharks in Trouble

Thursday, September 29:

Eighty Acres or Two Asses?

Little Threat from Asteroids (says NASA) (2 comments)

Why do bloggers blog? (1 comments)

Glad I Missed That! (10 comments)

John Smith: 400 MPG" Or Conspiracy Theory? by Eric Peters (5 comments)

Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad: The Dangers of Not Understanding Autism/Book Excerpt (1 comments)

Wednesday, September 28:

The Longest War - near sighted and narrow focus (3 comments)

Tuesday, September 27:

Press Release: Syria: Inside the Secret Revolution

Attention, Alabama Republicans: Siegelman brought Toyota to Huntsville, nobody else (2 comments)

Brainwashing is Real, Part 2: Office of the Surgeon General "Statement" on Brainwashing (13 comments)

Wanna Be a White Boy (or Girl)? Change Your Clothes (12 comments)

Unraveling Planetary Evolution

Neglect at Edgefield Federal Prison Causes Inmate to Lose Toes (4 comments)

Monday, September 26:

In Tripoli, Libyans reclaim their streets

Scientists discover virus that kills all types of breast cancer "within seven days' By Stephen C. Webster

Sunday, September 25:

Why Obama Is Necessarily Disappointing Us, and What We Can Do about It. (8 comments)

Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at Cern By Jason Palmer (2 comments)

Find a New Home Besides Earth (10 comments)

Saturday, September 24:

The Surreal Ruins of Qaddafi's Never-Never Land (2 comments)

where's the poem

Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality By Todd Starnes (2 comments)

Friday, September 23:

Extreme Sheep LED Art (1 comments)

Palestinians Submit Statehood Request to UN

UARS Terror (2 comments)

Republicans and well scripted moments (1 comments)

Thursday, September 22:

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue U.N. Seat (3 comments)

Autumn Equinox, Libra New Moon & Aries Full Moon 2011 (1 comments)

Energy Production from Wasted Heat

Wednesday, September 21:

Libya's Main University Prepares New Term for a New Dawn

World Population Will Hit 7 Billion On Oct 31, 2011 in India Says UN

Tuesday, September 20:

Oceans Can Mask Global Warming (4 comments)

Inexhaustible Energy Source: Easily Made Hydrogen?

Monday, September 19:

The Tenth Anniversary of 9/11: What Does It Mean to Persons of Faith? (20 comments)

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines - Adams

Mercedes-Benz F 125! looks like the future, runs on hydrogen By Tim Stevens (1 comments)

Amish men jailed over orange safety triangles by REUTERS (5 comments)

Sunday, September 18:

Clay Claiborne: Why is Chris Hedges calling for UN "boots on the ground" in Libya? (10 comments)

Elwha Dam removal illustrates growing movement By Juliet Eilperin (1 comments)

An Appreciation of Joaquin Phoenix, Nicole Kidman, and Matt Dillon in the movie To Die For

Saturday, September 17:

Planet Like 'Star Wars' Tatooine Discovered Orbiting 2 Suns By Charles Q. Choi (1 comments)

Brainwashing Is Real and It's Really Not Therapy (11 comments)

Deep Green Resistance: Review of a book that claims to have answers (2 comments)

Common Scents

Friday, September 16:

Benghazi: The Uprising

How to Develop Solar Energy

Nobel Prize Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming (6 comments)

Strike in Frisco evokes nostalgia

Australia passports introduce transgender "x' option

The Last Jewish Prophet A review of Gilad Atzmon's new book, The Wandering Who? (2 comments)

Thursday, September 15:

Arctic Ice Melt Threatens Life on Earth (22 comments)

Trees Cool Global Climate

Wednesday, September 14:

Vegetable Orchestra in Action (2 comments)

Loud commercial volume: CRTC tells broadcasters to knock it off By Sarah Schmidt, Postmedia News

What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? (3 comments)

Tuesday, September 13:

10 Worst Weather Disasters and Why

Monday, September 12:

Clay Claiborne: Racism in Libya (4 comments)

Doctors United Demand Integrity in Medicine! America Needs HR 2472 (4 comments)

earth note 156

Peer Pressure Hardwired in Yr. Brain (1 comments)

Second Warmest U.S. Summer on Record: Texas Wins!

Saturday, September 10:

Ten Years After 9/11: What We Know and Where Do We Go? (5 comments)

Friday, September 9:

Early Tool-maker Fossil May Rewrite History (1 comments)

(An Appreciation of) Gatsby at 86, by Charlie Finch (4 comments)

Thursday, September 8:

Pisces Full Moon, September 12, 2011 (2 comments)

Clouds Amplify Climate Change, Don't Cause It (2 comments)

Trapping Pollutants

John Smith: Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be held accountable Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be held (6 comments)

Supermodels deliver (almost) naked truth about climate change, (1 comments)

Wednesday, September 7:

Little Mosque on the Prairie (3 comments)

Learning to Evade the "Black Tax" on Our Stories

Tuesday, September 6:

The Gift of Understanding (1 comments)

Gadhafi regime's long-held secrets opening to view

Science Offers Yet More Hope. We just need to act on it. (12 comments)

Those who forget the past . . .

Bedrock Nitrogen may Buffer Climate Change

Calling All Couch Potatoes: The excuse we need is at hand!

Phase one of world's first commercial spaceport is now 90% completed - in time for first flights in 2013 By Damien Gayl (1 comments)

Jill Herendeen: On Labor That Only Women Do (1 comments)

Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness By Kate Kelland

Monday, September 5:

Powerful Women's Rally in Tripoli

Full List - All-TIME 100 Best Nonfiction Books - Time Magazine

What we learned from Sundance 2011 (2 comments)

Sunday, September 4:

Jeff Smith: The Progress Report: America's Most Famous Forgotten Man (1 comments)

Saturday, September 3:

Post-Gaddafi Libya stresses forgiveness, Muslim theologian runs stabilisation team

Stem Cells Tell Hair To Grow (6 comments)

Friday, September 2:

Article seven, Constitution of Massachusetts (3 comments)

Hunted by regime, Tripoli activist kept flame of protest burning

How the Youth Culture of the 1920s Reinvigorated America (3 comments)

Green Anole Lizard's Genome Sheds Light On Vertebrate Evolution, by Science News

Thursday, September 1:

Dahr Jamail: The return of the BP disaster?

Press Release: Here we go again? Massive oil slick forms near Deepwater Horizon site (5 comments)

Cutting Soot: Fastest, Most Economical Way to Slow Global Warming? (6 comments)


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