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August 2011

Wednesday, August 31:

Obama's Jobs Plan: Will it be Policy Miniatures or Give em Hell? (3 comments)

Return of the Malaise (2 comments)

In America The Rule Of Law Is Vacated (40 comments)

Libya: NATO Acquires Military Outpost In Third Continent (1 comments)

Dead Man Talking (4 comments)

In Libya, a Bloodbath Looms (3 comments)

New Report on Key Public Safeguards -- Who Can Vote -- Who Did Vote


Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions (5 comments)

The MSM Continues to Perpetuate Fallacies About Haiti (2 comments)

King's True Legacy Comes From Right Action (8 comments)

How Capitalism Works (28 comments)

*American Public Education At A Crossroads (11 comments)

US or the War Machine (3 comments)

Libyan Rebel Army Led by Rehabilitated al Qaeda Linked Terrorists (21 comments)

Israel's Operation Summer Seeds

NATO's Genocidal Rape of Libya (2 comments)

*5th Annual Whistleblower Conference in Washington Invites all OEN Readers (5 comments)

Tar Sands Arrests on Obama's Doorstep (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 30:

Cheney's Alternative History of Hurricane Katrina Response Concludes: 'Heck of a Job, Bushie!' (3 comments)

Do Liberals Have to Be Losers? (2 comments)

Time Finally Ran Out for "Atiyah'

Dead Letters: More Confirmation of the Mass Murder that Marks the Modern World

Perils of Palin, Outing of Obama -- When High & Mighties Tumble

A Government Out of Control (3 comments)

Glenn Beck Accuses Me and of Destroying the Country: We Must Be Onto Something (2 comments)

A Story...The Last Whistleblower (14 comments)

Epitaphs for the Living (3 comments)

BART Protests continue in San Francisco CA

Meet The New American Sweatshop (1 comments)

On the Secret US Cable on Australians Recommended for Australia's "No Fly" List for Links to Anwar al-Awlaki (1 comments)

Things They Never Taught Us in Grad School (7 comments)

The Mean Spirited Face of America (9 comments)

God's Ambulance Chasers Didn't Budge This Time: Irene Wasn't Profitable Enough! (1 comments)

The Great Health Care Takeaway (1 comments)

*Global Economy is broke, Asia should take the lead to fix it

New Nuclear Facility in Los Alamos signals start of new Nuclear Arms race

Toxic Lead to Cover Iowa Killing Fields

NATO Style Liberation

Monday, August 29:

Sun and Sanity (36 comments)

President Obama's job creation mirage (1 comments)

Photo gallery: NATO bombs bring democracy to Europe, Asia and Africa

To The Shores of Tripoli

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: A Blinding Ignorance Behind an Ugly Hatred (3 comments)

Teabaggers; Children of the Sixties? (15 comments)

Perils of Palin, Outing of Obama -- When High & Mighties Tumble (4 comments)

The Election March of the Trolls (9 comments)

Surreality: Against Inner Exile

The Rise of Another CIA Yes Man (4 comments)

President Obama's Continuing White Problem (9 comments)

Why My 9-Year-Old Neice Is Smarter Than Our Genius President (11 comments)

Book Review -- No More National Debt, by Bill Still (4 comments)

Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law (91 comments)

Ten Reasons to Move Cheney's Book to the Crime Section (20 comments)

The Miserable Ones (4 comments)

Cautioning Progressives on Ron Paul? How About Comparing Paul to Obama? (33 comments)

Super PAC's Corrupting the Electoral Process, A Brave New World (1 comments)

Keep On Rockin' (3 comments)

Obama, QUIT NOW! (11 comments)

Washington Threatens Palestinian Statehood Bid (3 comments)

NATO's Ugly Face (2 comments)

Sunday, August 28:

Why Professional Football Matters (10 comments)

The Chapter That Went Missing From Dick Cheney's Book (2 comments)

The Medicine Show (2 comments)

Save Our Schools; Let Us Never Forget the Mission, March, and Movement (2 comments)

Bachmann's $4,700 Makeover (3 comments)

*The Need for a New Social Contract (1 comments)

Downsizing Sprawlopolis: Flabby City, Fit City (1 comments)

Timebomb in Euroland: "Tick...tick...tick..." (4 comments)

Sticking It to Ron Paul (44 comments)

Welcome to Colonialism 2.0 (3 comments)

Western Military Intervention in Libya - How Will It End? (11 comments)

It's Time For A National Institute of People's Medicine. (1 comments)

Revenge of the "Inferior Races": Standing Race Theory on Its Head (2 comments)

The Commodification of Tim DeChristopher (5 comments)

*The Truth Nobody Seems to Want to Talk About (5 comments)

Waiting for Irene (1 comments)

2001-2011: A decade of civil liberties' erosion in America -- Part Three

The 13 Psy-Ops Against You (5 comments)

Manufacturing Opinion, Today's Mainstream Media

Never Forgive, Never Forget (1 comments)

Saturday, August 27:

Speculation: The Osama bin Laden Death Hoax (12 comments)

The Tyranny of Opinion Polls (12 comments)

To The Shores of Tripoli (5 comments)

A Troubled City Reveals Troubling Times

New War Rationale: "Protect Civilians' (2 comments)

Summer Winds

Drowning Government in a Hurricane (Why Wait for a Bathtub?) (2 comments)

Follow-Up Comments on Palestinian Statehood Vote

Rebel Assassins Terrorizing Libyans

Idiot Wind: The Eternal Return Of The Politics Of The 1970s (2 comments)

Friday, August 26:

Dead Sirte: Another Murderous Twist in NATO's Coil of Lies (2 comments)

Progressives Who Oppose Gun Control (65 comments)

Going to the October Event in the District of Corruption? (7 comments)

No Way to Honor Dr. King (2 comments)

God Answers The Balanced Budget Amendment Nonsense (14 comments)

American Muslims alarmed at CIA-NYPD covert surveillance (1 comments)


Dr Albert Ellis: Assorted Evils of Capitalsim, Libertarianism, and Objectivism (10 comments)

The Trouble with Gold (14 comments)

rain, the sacred river

Media Roots -- Afghanistan: Endless War for Resource Control (5 comments)

Mayday! Mayday! (6 comments)

Martha's Vineyard & Obama: Possible Dreams (1 comments)

Is Peace Possible When Dealing With Israel? (13 comments)

Is Media Credible Or Are Journalists Divorced From The Truth? PR Agency CEO Says Beware!

Fairness Doctrine Demise Gives Rise to the Public Interest (3 comments)

2001-2011: A decade of civil liberties' erosion in America -- Part Two (1 comments)

Tiptoeing Towards Theocracy (5 comments)

General Assembly Palestinian Statehood Vote (1 comments)

Libya: Keep the Freedom Flame Alive (3 comments)

Why You are Going Broke Filling Up Your Car (5 comments)

How to stop the Tea Party: a response to Sam Harris (18 comments)

Thursday, August 25:

Stormy Weather

NancyT: Generation Waking Up - Kickstart the Dream! (1 comments)

This Labor Day We Need Protest Marches Rather than Parades (4 comments)

Orange Jumpsuits/Double Standards

Five reasons why a constitutional amendment is the wrong way to get money out of politics (6 comments)

The Economic Sinkhole (1 comments)



America's newest national monument debuts dedicated to the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King , Jr. (1 comments)

2001-2011: A decade of civil liberties' erosion in America -- Part One (1 comments)

Comments On The Second Circuit's Decision On Net Equity In The Madoff Case

NATO's Libya War: A Nuremberg Level Crime (4 comments)

Wednesday, August 24:

The Dumbest Rally of All Time (3 comments)

The Link Between Climate Change and Geological Disruption: Can Global Warming Be A Cause of Earthquakes? (15 comments)

Lessons from Libya's Sovereign Wealth Fund

Hackers, Worms, and Israel-USA Collusion Versus Gaza-Palestine and Human Rights (3 comments)

Fascist Tendencies in Russian Higher Education: The Rise of Aleksandr Dugin and Moscow University's Sociology Faculty (2 comments)

Amnesty for the Indefensible (8 comments)

9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything? (56 comments)

Stripping Democracy One Bill At A Time, the ALEC Way (19 comments)

YOUR DAILY LAMA (45 comments)

TAX THE POOR! (5 comments)

He's Not Serious (2 comments)

Obama's Wars on Humanity (3 comments)

Libya War: It Ain't Over Till It's Over

Tuesday, August 23:

Sweet and Lowdown: A Crude Analysis of the Libyan Liberation (4 comments)

Health Insurers to Consumers: Want to Know What You're Buying Before You Buy It? Only If You Pay for It (4 comments)

Why Not Hire the Young to Build Their Own Future? (1 comments)

Why Is President Obama So Anxious to Cut Social Security? (7 comments)

Clay Claiborne: Helter Skelter: Qaddafi's African Adventure

Mitt Romney, Dark Prince of Oligarchy, Battles the Demons of Democracy (3 comments)

Rick Perry -- Big Pharma president?

Will "Americans Elect" Their President in 2012? (2 comments)

Beware of Rick Perry, the French cuff cowboy (1 comments)

Inconvenience Yuppies or Freedom of Speech?

*UPDATED* Help NY's Attorney General Stop Obama's Whitewash of Major Mortgage Fraud (4 comments)

How Oligopoly Plus Oligarchy is Leading to "Corporate Communism" in America (15 comments)

Sanders Demands Regulators Obey Law on Oil Speculation (5 comments)

Verizon; Going Increasingly Wireless and Increasingly Shameless (2 comments)

Pollsters Siding with Obama-- Should Poll Generic Dem Against GOP Candidates (29 comments)

Libya and the West (2 comments)

What If There Were an "American Spring"? (3 comments)

Sheila Dean: OpBart televised coverage plagued with fatigue, excuses

*Will Burma's President do more tangible political improvement?

Today's Austerity Measures Are Taking From Us, Our Once Great Dream (1 comments)


Society's Cohesion, Fairness, and the Cuts

Our View: Cutting Medicare benefits will cost the nation (1 comments)

A Letter To The President The One I Voted For... (3 comments)

Hacking Our Elections With Big Money And Power (4 comments)

NATO's Planned Bloodbath in Tripoli (4 comments)

The Royals and the Riots. Where Has That "Queen Mum Spirit" Gone?

Monday, August 22:

Looters, Rioters, Bankers, Petitioners and the Rest of Us (21 comments)

Cry Baby CEOs! (1 comments)

TV Networks "Monetize' Politics

A Conscious plea from a kindred spirit (1 comments)

Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing Santorum Respects "Gay Decision" (1 comments)

Why I hate Apple

Ukraine's Achievements After 20 Years of Independence: Answers for a Survey by the "Kyiv Post" (1 comments)

Evil Joy (12 comments)

Fox "News" Viewers Attacked By Brain-Sucking Aliens (3 comments)

'Whatever it is, I'm against it' (7 comments)

Airport Screening Policy: Repression or Discretion (3 comments)

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

Hypocrisy Runeth Over in Wisconsin and Ohio (2 comments)

Enough Mr. President! No More Compromise, Capitulation, Vacillation; Time for Bold, Decisive Action (14 comments)

Tax the Rich -- a Libertarian Case (10 comments)

Why Huntsman is my choice for the Republican nominee (1 comments)

The Fed's Unprecedented Generosity (20 comments)

October2011 Movement Urges Solidarity with Oil Pipeline Tar Sands Protesters (2 comments)

*The_Desperate_American:a manifesto (11 comments)

Mr. President: Your Moment of Truth Has Arrived (13 comments)

OpenLeaks Founder Destroys Cache of Unreleased WikiLeaks Documents (6 comments)

New York Times: Lying about Libya and Palestine

Palestinian Right of Self-Defense

Sunday, August 21:

Francis L Holland: Brazil vs United States on Color-Associated Parity (1 comments)

Process of Elimination: The West's Rapid Slide Into Slaughter

To live within our means, let's leave Iraq (5 comments)

NO Turning Back: Arab Spring Revolutions Restate Region's Priorities Despite US Disconnect

The GOP's Phony "Plantationism" Charge Against Democrats

No True Justice for the West Memphis Three (3 comments)

Luddites and Dominionists -- Like the Rich -- Are Different From You and Me (3 comments)

Sarah Palin Releases Web Video (1 comments)

Karachi Blood Bath (3 comments)

Anna Hazare: a cup of tea in a storm (1 comments)

Fracking Hurting Health Right Now (6 comments)

Democrats need to move forward (3 comments)

THE LONDON RIOTS: Looking beyond the visible (7 comments)

Monsanto and the Mortal Danger to Traditional Agriculture (6 comments)

Can Labor Confront Obama Over Jobs? (3 comments)

"Step Right up!' Snake Oil for Sale (3 comments)

Another Israeli False Flag? (5 comments)

A Republic of Minds (7 comments)

When the irrational is considered rational (1 comments)

Saturday, August 20:

Ileagal loans in Iceland ? parliekment always helping the banks

Stock Tip: Be Worried. Workers are Consumers. (2 comments)

Are the Koch brothers afraid of the facts? (19 comments)

The Coming Dim Ages (1 comments)

The Outcast (7 comments)

Caught? Fake conservative identities re-writing the web? (3 comments)

The Return of the Generals (2 comments)

Review: 'The Whistleblower' Humanizes a Character Often Targeted & Vilified by Society

The President on Martha's Vineyard in the Lap of Luxury Hammering Out a Jobs Package

Bear Country

Falsified New York Times Middle East Reports (4 comments)

Lemmingly, We Roll Along (18 comments)

Jobs -- Saving the Middle Class (2 comments)

Friday, August 19:

Murdoch in Free Fall - Credibility Gone Billions to Follow (29 comments)

John Kerry, the Lazy Senator Who Would Not Learn (3 comments)

Slip-Sliding Away (1 comments)

Tea Party Terminators (2 comments)

It's Too Late To Save The Obama Administration. Can We Still Save Ourselves? (7 comments)

S&P and the Bilderbergers: All Part of the Plan? (15 comments)

Social Origins of the Tent Protests in Israel (6 comments)

These tourist traps are the pits (1 comments)

*Rat Poop in the Pancakes (13 comments)

The Kids Count (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders: America Needs a Bold Jobs Plan (3 comments)

Murdoch's Web of Corruption Continues To Demand An Independent Investigation

The Ruthless GOP: Positioning Itself to Destroy This Nation's Social Safety Net (8 comments)

And So It Has Begun

Here Comes Mr. Rick!

Why S&P deserves their own downgrade (1 comments)

US vs S&P: It's About Time, But... (1 comments)

President Obama's Black Jobs Dilemma (1 comments)

Innovation and Progress (1 comments)

Why Did Capitalism Fail? (4 comments)

Eretz Yisrael: Lawless, Corrupt and Dysfunctional (2 comments)

RIP: America's Anti-War Movement (9 comments)

Thursday, August 18:

Francis Holland: Why Anti-Poverty Messaging Doesn't Work in the US (13 comments)

Has The Third Party's Time Arrived? (17 comments)

Cost Cutting and the War on Drugs (4 comments)

Enough With the Scare Tactics, Secretary Panetta

What we have to fear isn't just fear (8 comments)

The Window and The Mirror (2 comments)

Media Snake Oil: Latest Texas Reagan Clone (3 comments)

Now Obama must lead (5 comments)

Does big tobacco have the RIGHT to lie?

Is Globalism Reversing? (4 comments)

The President's Bold Jobs Bill (Maybe) (5 comments)

Punishments Don't Fit the Crime: In Pennsylvania, It Costs $2 for 'Access to Justice,' (But You Still Might Not Get It)

Intervention in Libya: Humanitarian or War Crime (2 comments)

Is Anyone Enforcing the Animal Welfare Act? (1 comments)

Whether It Is The Terror Crisis Or The Debt Crisis, The Solution Is Always A Super Dictatorship (5 comments)

What Might Martin Luther King Say To Obama Now? (15 comments)


Abercrombie & Fitch And Jersey Shore: Sex And Hypocrisy (1 comments)

The New York Times or the Mullah's times? (6 comments)

Kucinich Building Support for the National Emergency Employment Defense Act; "Time to Get Real about Creating Jobs" (20 comments)

Rick Perry: Extremist White America's Evangelical Hope (2 comments)

Wednesday, August 17:

Wisconsin Democrats Score Two More Recall Wins as Voters Reject a GOP Governor's Anti-Labor Agenda

Looting with the lights on (3 comments)

How Austerity Is Ushering in a Global Recession (4 comments)


Seven Years After Outfoxed, Murdoch's Empire Continues Corruption (2 comments)

Original Investigation: Who - and What - Are Behind the "Official History" of the Bin Laden Raid? (3 comments)

Rick Perry's Glenn Beck Problem

How Republicans avoid angry constituents...outsourcing? (3 comments)

The Biggest Little Hypocrite in Texas (7 comments)

BART Shutdown of Cell Phone Services Part of Wider Crackdown on Protest (8 comments)

Islamic Reasons Why the Syrian President Must Go (1 comments)

The Tea Party, Chicken Little and the Mob Mentality (3 comments)

The Military-Industrial Complex: The Danger Within (1 comments)

The President on the Road in Iowa Attacking Republicans, Finally (5 comments)

Cooking the Books: The Republican Recipe

We Need Better Solutions (16 comments)

From The Fed To JFK To 9/11: A Hidden History of High Treason in America (2 comments)

How CEOs Loot their Companies: Get a Nodding Bobble Head Board of Directors (2 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Why Michele Bachmann? (3 comments)

Daily Rogue State Israeli Lawlessness

Falsified Major Media Reports on Libya (83 comments)

Did Tenet Hide Key Info on 9/11? (3 comments)

Tuesday, August 16:

Did Tenet Hide Key Info on 9/11? (14 comments)

Iraq Withdrawal? Don't Take it to the Bank (1 comments)

Osama bin Laden Won (14 comments)

Dangerous Voyage To Site of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty (4 comments)

Drill Baby, Drill

The Dangerous Reagan Cult (4 comments)

"The UN must again choose between capitulation and credibility" (2 comments)

PA Green Party Opposes Privatization of Wine and Spirit Shops (2 comments)

My Last Animal Rights Protest? (1 comments)

Long Live Elvis Presley: The King Of Rock And Roll (2 comments)

Democrats must push back (6 comments)


Looting Frenzies: Thinking about the Federal Reserve while Nursing a Cheap Beer (8 comments)

The S&P Downgrade Market Plunge Myth (1 comments)

Capitalism's New Era (1 comments)

*Donna Hicks on Dignity and Conflict Resolution (BOOK REVIEW) (1 comments)

Why the New Healthcare Law Should Have Been Based on Medicare (And What Democrats Should Have Learned By Now) (32 comments)

More Anonymous Photos from S. F.

Anonymous vs. BART PD in S. F.

SF's BART Pulls Third World Dictator Move; Cuts Cellphone, Internet Access To Prevent Protester Communications (25 comments)

America Defaults -- On Credit and Credibility (3 comments)

Working For The Mob - Tea Party Candidates (1 comments)

UK Riots 2011 -- A "Social Revolution" Yet to Take Place

Questioning the Fox News Way (2 comments)

British Home Secretary Teresa May - Anything But Clear on the UK Riots! (1 comments)

Bernanke Pledges to Screw Your Grandmother for at Least Another Two Years (1 comments)

Unraveling: The truth is out. Every AT&T argument about the supposed benefits of this merger has now been proven wrong.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Reviews of Mihesua, Sheehi, Boyle

Room 101

Economic End Times (3 comments)

Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands

Michele Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of Race

*Save Medicare and Medicaid by Issuing Debt-Free United States Money (1 comments)

False Equivalence

Monday, August 15:

Any Decent Dem Candidates Available for 2012? (5 comments)

Ann Coultergeist: Gays Love Me! I'm Their Judy Garland! I'm Delusional! (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Wifely Submission (10 comments)

Need A Job, Jillian? First, Tell Us The Date Of Your Last Period! (36 comments)

Sweden: Living with the far-right

Beam Me Up, Scottie . . . (4 comments)

The Impending Demise of Globalism; How It Will Cripple Corporate America (10 comments)

Virginia Militarized (1 comments)

*The Universally Unconstitutional War on Drugs (3rd edition) (7 comments)

Accounts of Inspiration (3 comments)

"Coddling the Super Rich" (1 comments)

*And the GOP Leadership is Silent (5 comments)

Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue (1 comments)

New York Times Disinformation, Denial and Suppressing Vital Truths (1 comments)

Iowa debate, straw poll mark further rightward shift by Republicans (1 comments)

Sunday, August 14:

Darrell Issa Thinks He Is Qualified To Be A Judge! After So Many Times Being Arrested, Maybe He Is! (25 comments)


The Death of the Mythical Middle (4 comments)

Who Started The London Riots?

Philly Greens Oppose Philly's Stop-and-Frisk

Get Those Rioters and Looters Back 'Intae The Body o' The Kirk'. (3 comments)

The Wolf State Takes Out Its Claws In A Looted London (1 comments)

Homeowners Need Zealous Advocates (1 comments)

*The Raging Grannies and The Contract For The American Dream (3 comments)

The Wretched "War on Terror" and the Rule of Law (6 comments)

*River Irrawaddy becomes National Cause of Burma

Outlook for Peace Dim if Perry Elected President (9 comments)

Class warfare? It is the wealthy who wage it relentlessly (9 comments)

October 2011 - Why I will Be There (2 comments)

Ames Straw Poll Winning Bachmann's Problem With Reality (51 comments)

YouTube Star Rebecca Black Quits School Over Bullying (1 comments)

Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children

Dire State of America's Children (3 comments)

Talking to Regular People Regarding Economic Reform (5 comments)

Saturday, August 13:

CA Dem Party May Dump Progressive Caucus for Proposing Primary Challenge to Obama (5 comments)

The Riots in Britain Could Foreshadow What Happens in the U.S. (19 comments)

Skin in the Game (1 comments)

Republicans directly to blame for S&P credit downgrade (9 comments)

Shiny Happy Corporate People

Bachmann "Submission" Question Highly Valid (16 comments)

How Dare They! (1 comments)

Obama "Confers" with CEO's to Jump Start Weak Economy and Reduce Unemployment, Please! (3 comments)

Congressional Junkets to Israel

Riots Across Britain: Perhaps More than Meets the Eye (2 comments)

Tea Party terminators (1 comments)

Special Ops: The New Face of War

Gov. Rick Perry Crazy like a Fox

Once again: Why Obama won't--and can't--be Roosevelt (1 comments)

*Romney says corporations are people, so why aren't HMO hoodlums going to jail? (9 comments)

Friday, August 12:

Life in an Age of Looting: "Some Will Rob You with a Sixgun and Some with a Fountain Pen" (6 comments)

The Grubby Species (2 comments)

The Tipping Point: When Do Americans Hit the Streets? (66 comments)

Dichter's Law

Obama's Misdirected 'Courage' (4 comments)

Lost in the Debt Ceiling Debate: The Legal Duty to Create Jobs (2 comments)

Is China Encircling India?

*If This is Your Job, Watch Out!

Republican Cover Girl

The Iceberg Cometh: Retaking the USA (5 comments)

How 'bout that Tea Party (10 comments)

Keeping a Curious Bush Secret (1 comments)

Rick Perry's Texas Miracle Con Job (1 comments)

Ray Anderson: Enlightened CEO and Environmentalist (2 comments)

The "Pre-Saturday Night Live" Republican 2011 Iowa Debate (43 comments)

Will UK Prime Minister Use Riots as Excuse to Block Access to Social Media?

One, Two, Three, What Are Liberals Fighting For? (5 comments)

A Punishing Educational Curriculum (2 comments)

New York Times Support for US Imperial Wars

Repression in Israel and Bahrain

Understanding Mitt Romney (2 comments)

Thursday, August 11:

The Military: Closer to You Than Your Family (5 comments)

Iowa GOP Debate -- Shoveling Manure and Short Term Memory Loss (18 comments)

A Parasite On The World (10 comments)

A "Cute" Depression is an Ugly Thing (8 comments)

America Is In Decline Because Of The Institutionalization of Stupidity (22 comments)

The Xinjiang attacks-- a move on the Pakistan game board?

The Food Modernization Act is dead. Long live the Act! (1 comments)

Lynn Buske: International Organic Scandal: Major Canadian Grain Exporter's Certification Suspended (1 comments)

I have a Dream"COP 17

Working Class Hero-A Rock and Roll Epistle (1 comments)


Africans Buy The Bullets The French Use To Kill Them

Obama Living In No Man's Land (5 comments)

Infrastructure Investments in an Age of Austerity (3 comments)

Coming Home (4 comments)

John Reed: The Greatest Show on Earth (1 comments)

A budget for a dysfunctional national family (1 comments)

How the Koch Brothers Mess With the Texas Environment (Revised) (3 comments)


Rewarding the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class: Bad economics, bad citizenship (2 comments)

Could the Pentagon Be Responsible for Your Death? The Military's Marching Orders to the Jihadist World

When You Play the Plutocrats' Game, They Win: On Civility and Half Measures (10 comments)

Pathetic Presidential Platitudes Prompt Primary (2 comments)

The Psychology of Activism (3 comments)

Al Gore for president (13 comments)

Anonymous Anarchism: The Yang of Globalization (1 comments)

Imperial Plans for Libya Post-Gaddafi

Sustaining Protest Energy in Israel

Wednesday, August 10:

Knock Off the Run Hillary Run Chatter (3 comments)

It's Time to Educate our Children for Them, Not the Corporations (11 comments)

Down and Out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: What I Would Do If I Were Obama

Compensate Victims of U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: After the Ransom (5 comments)

Tugging Humanitarian Heartstrings In the Name of Empire

*The H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.S.Y. Act: Making politicians mean what they say, or else...

The Real Conservative in the Race: How a Republican Wins in 2012 (2 comments)

On Americans (Not) Getting By (Again) (1 comments)

Why Britain is Burning (2 comments)

The Divided Left (13 comments)

Another Bailout Joins the Goofball Economy (2 comments)

A Proposal for Honoring Type B Political Activists

The Economic Illiterates Step Up the Attack on Social Security and Medicare (2 comments)

California Prison Crisis Sparks Statewide Hunger Strike --An interview with Isaac Ontiveros of Critical Resistance

US Lost Its Way from Omaha Beach (2 comments)

Why do the Brits riot? Because they can! (1 comments)

Democracy Died First in Wisconsin -- Long Live the Oligarchs (36 comments)

The Recall Elections in Wisconsin, What They Say for Wisconsin and the Country (3 comments)

London Riots: A Symptom of the 'Burning' & 'Looting' of UK Public Services (16 comments)

The Bogus Debt Crisis as a Diversion From the Jobs Crisis (6 comments)

Trying to Slay the Citizens United Dragon (3 comments)

Ten Unbelievable News (Satire)

Why Do We Not Read about Christian Terrorists? (3 comments)

Growing Israeli Tyranny

The Greatest Depression (3 comments)

S&P: The Genius of a Flexible Conscience (3 comments)

The Summer of Their Discontent (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 9:

Free Download: Scariest Horror Flick Ever (5 comments)

Death Panels Really Do Exist! (3 comments)

*Wall Street HMOs use government funds, fraud, to pad profits, outgrow S&P 500 by 25% (1 comments)

Does Your Congressperson Represent You -- Or Israel? (3 comments)

John Olen: London is Burning -- Is the U.S. Next? (1 comments)

Why the President Doesn't Present a Bold Plan to Create Jobs and Jumpstart the Economy (6 comments)

Clay Claiborne: In-Depth Look at the Assassination of General Abdul Fattah Younis

Marcus Welby, M.D. Had it Right: House Calls Save Money and Improve Care (1 comments)

Mourning The Death Of Candidate Obama (3 comments)

Dylan Ratigan: Three Ways Our Government Could Trigger the Creation of Many More Private Sector Jobs in America (15 comments)

Squash your carbon footprint: Go vegan (1 comments)

United States Foreign Policy Must Positively Adapt To A Middle East In Transition (7 comments)

America's Death Spiral (1 comments)

Did The American People Lose Their Triple-A Credit Rating or Was It Stolen? (7 comments)

What's a President Not to Like About a Line-Item Veto? (1 comments)

Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So (11 comments)

Nullifying the Future -- Tyranny of the Minority (2 comments)

The Freak Show

Uranium Safe to Eat With a Spoon! (3 comments)

Tea Party Types say: Next Overboard, Lifeguards! (5 comments)

Joining the Missing Links: Towards Shaping a Better Indian Muslim Community (3 comments)

Obama's Tipping Point (15 comments)

Between a High Debt and a Hard Place (1 comments)

Military Industrial Complex at 50 - A National Conference in Charlottesville, Va.

*U.S. Notes: The debt-free, no tax, no borrow, no inflation, jobs program (9 comments)

New York Times Opposition to Palestinian Self-Determination

No Joy in Mudville (2 comments)

Poor Standards: 4 Steps to Ending the Rating "Agency" Racket

Stop Sacrificing US Soldiers for Afghan Debacle (4 comments)

Monday, August 8:

The Bad Deal (1 comments)

*The only hope: A Palestinian Revolution

GOP Would Love Nader's Fantasy of a Party Challenge to Obama (7 comments)

The S&P Debt Downgrade: What It Means (11 comments)

Game Over

Abu Ray: Libya Dispatch: Lies, Damn Lies and Government-sponsored Trips (2 comments)

Slouching Toward a Double Dip, For No Good Reason (1 comments)

AAA AAA: What is Quantitative Easing? (3 comments)

They Died in Vain; Deal With It (15 comments)

On the Formation of a Nationalist Party (1 comments)

Gabriel Donohoe: Beware The Risen People, Part 1 of 3: Global Banking -- A Criminal Syndicate Of Tyrants And Thieves! (12 comments)

Call it the "TEA PARTY Downgrade" (24 comments)

Putting America's future in the hands of the class dunce (6 comments)

Imaginary Nation (1 comments)

Companion Animal Cruelty (5 comments)

The Markets. The Markets. Who Are These "Markets" We Are So Beholden To? (1 comments)

October 6, 2011 -- The Experience of Living the Struggle! (1 comments)

Escalating Street Protests in Israel

Destabilizing Syria (20 comments)

Hannity Transcript Censored After Viagra Gaffe Goes Viral (7 comments)

Sunday, August 7:

Slanting Rafik Hariri's Assassination

*Mayor Bloomberg's Bold New Initiative Is Magnanimous (3 comments)

The Market Has Spoken: Austerity Is Bad for Business (31 comments)

How to Think About Standard and Poor's Downgrade (1 comments)

Proportional represenation allows minority views to be heard (3 comments)

Hope Less? (3 comments)

Cambodia's Curse, Mexico's Manana, Reckless Endangerment Stateside

Super Congress: A Financial Death Panel That Will Help The Banks Loot & Rape America (17 comments)

The Middle Must Rise (10 comments)

*Parasites, Power and Politics (4 comments)


European eyes see US "debt deal" costing the earth (4 comments)

Useless. Useless.

Vilifying Muslims in America (1 comments)

America's Cratering Economy

Will the US Have a Generation Z Revolution? (14 comments)

Saturday, August 6:

Stop Sacrificing US Soldiers for Afghan Debacle (1 comments)

Why S&P Has No Business Downgrading the U.S. (23 comments)

Pakistan TV Report Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden's Death (98 comments)

Corporate America: Facilitators of War, Killers of Jobs, Destroyers of Democracy (17 comments)

"Dog Days' for US Economy

In Praise of Anger (2 comments)

ARREST STANDARD AND POOR'S: Debt Ceiling Conspiracy in the Open (12 comments)

Forget Primarying Obama: Can You Say "Democrats for Romney?" (A Father-Daughter Exchange) (14 comments)

It is Time to Help the Syrian People (2 comments)

Are We Hypocrites? (5 comments)

10th Anniversary of PDB "Osama Determined To Strike in US" (1 comments)

30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died ...a letter from Michael Moore (12 comments)

Eric Cantor Has The 'Shiniest Balls' Of All! The 'Shiny Ball' Corporations That Pay For Cantor's Loyalties! (18 comments)

Eric Cantor Has The 'Shiniest Balls' Of All! The 'Shiny Ball' Corporations That Pay For Cantor's Loyalties! (4 comments)

Rude Awakening (1 comments)

The Debt Ceiling Debacle, S&P's Credit Downgrade and "Boobus Americanus" (4 comments)

Friday, August 5:

Who in the World would trust Standard and Poor's? (24 comments)

Hiroshima Day Reflection on Nuclear Weapons (1 comments)

The Hiroshima Myth (2 comments)

"WORKERS ARE READY = WAR" (4 comments)

Assad and Gaddafi: Joined at the Hip (2 comments)

A Democratic Primary Challenge to President Obama? (15 comments)

"How Goodly Are Thy Tents" (1 comments)

Theater of the Absurd

Weeding Out The Crap From The National Dialogue (14 comments)

Truman Lied, Hundreds of Thousands Died (16 comments)

How the US media marginalizes dissent (1 comments)

Can We Please Call a Nut a Nut?

Creating Evidence Where There Is None (32 comments)

The Political War Takes A Pause But Will Be Back (5 comments)

Hedges' Choice Of Words Is Unfortunate (2 comments)

Where Have You Gone, Anthony Weiner?

Obama: It Became Necessary to Destroy the Economy to Save It (10 comments)

Dr Albert Ellis with help from Jimmy Walter: Contradictions and Tautologies of Capitalists, Libertarians, and Objectivists Economics

Decoding the White House Strategy on Preventing 'Violent Extremism' (14 comments)

The Debt Ceiling Crisis: Let's Get Personal (4 comments)

Israeli Street Protests: Suppressed by US Media (3 comments)

Filling Prison Beds for Profit (1 comments)

The Republican's Double-Dip, and What Must Be Done (10 comments)

Thursday, August 4:

Writing the Tea Party Epitaph is Not Just Premature but Absurd (5 comments)

Greed + ignorance + racism= the new GOP (9 comments)

New pipeline to challenge Obama's promises (3 comments)

Us against Them (2 comments)

What Gives Me Hope (1 comments)

"We Would Rather Die In Our Dread" (2 comments)

SPINning Syrian Protests

Enormous Defense Cuts? (1 comments)

The Flowers of Madness (5 comments)

Killing For Cause

God is a Weapon (13 comments)

The Recovery Is Dead, Long Live the Recovery (3 comments)

They Think Of Us As Slaves ( small note with big conclusion) (5 comments)

ACLU's New Project to Uncover Details on Law Enforcement Use of Location Tracking (3 comments)

The Space Race then, The "Small Race" Now (13 comments)

Charles M. Young: Incentivize the Prosecutors (1 comments)

*The Battle Hymn of The Republicans (29 comments)

*The Debt Strike Pledge (4 comments)

NATO's Libya War Unraveling (12 comments)

Budget Cutting Perfidy (1 comments)

Tawfik Mansurey: The Assassination of a Four Star General Uniting the People by Surmounting Brigade Chaos

Wednesday, August 3:

Obama on the Backs of the Poor (8 comments)

Shop and Shoot (7 comments)

What Happened to the Bill of Rights in Kalamazoo? (3 comments)

Debt Crisis? Obama Plays Role of Corporate Party Soldier (7 comments)

Fatal Vision: Last Bad Deal Gone Down (2 comments)

The UN, NATO and Cannibals in Washington want the people of Somalia, Haiti and Libya to die quietly (9 comments)

The Hostage Crisis Continues: Why Obama Can't Pivot to Jobs and Growth (2 comments)

Going Inside a Shooter's Beliefs

Obama's debt deal is even worse than we thought (1 comments)

Enough Equivocation: Obama and His Democratic Comrades are Right-Wing Republicans (20 comments)

Fight To End The Most Base Form Of Exploitation

Egypt, Example to the World

Debt Ceiling Deal Trickery: A Catalyst for an Uprising? (23 comments)

Debt Deal Delusions: Debt to Gross Domestic Product Ratio (11 comments)

Wisconsin, Not Washington, Shows Us What Democracy Looks Like (9 comments)

*The Tea Party Goes After Jobs And Kills The Tooth Fairy, Too! Angry Now? (22 comments)

Hard Right Extremism in America and Europe (5 comments)

Tuesday, August 2:

Obama as Trojan Horse: Or Twenty Straight Years of Republican Rule (9 comments)

Credit Hooligans Hold US Hostage (7 comments)

Another Manufactured Crisis (2 comments)

Four Myths About the "Deal" -- and Four Ways It Can Hurt You (1 comments)

Response to Rob Kall: Economy 2.0 (1 comments)

Don't Let The Door Hit'cha... (3 comments)

Time to Turn the American Economic Model Upside Down? Consider alternatives to consumption and growth (38 comments)

Mocking the Gaza Flotilla (4 comments)

The First Step to Making America a "Center-Left" Nation (1 comments)

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (45 comments)

Obama to Negotiate with Panama Over Rights to the Erie Canal (3 comments)

Obama Gave More than Republicans Expected Got Less Than They Offered (29 comments)

Why aren't there more felony indictments for lab animal abusers?

Nathan Runkle/Mercy for Animals: Breaking News: Texas Calf Farm Owner Receives Probation, Fine for Cruelty to Animals...... (1 comments)

Are Our Subways Safe? (3 comments)

Touting "Innate" GOP Advantage, Wash. Post Ignores Wash. Post (1 comments)

Fake Debt Crisis Strikes Blow at Safety Net

Obama should be impeached, but the Republicans would prevent that


Dr Albert Ellis with help from Jimmy Walter: Capitalist/Lib's unrealistic attitude toward economic planning (2 comments)

Dr Albert Ellis with help from Jimmy Walter: Myth of the "Free Market" (1 comments)

Punishment for NSA & DOJ Overclassification in Drake Case (2 comments)

Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal (4 comments)

Israel: Rogue State Land of Inequality

Monday, August 1:

Everything You Need to Know About Obama, The Brad Blog Already Told You in 2007... (1 comments)

To Whom Do We Now Turn? (18 comments)

Debt Wreck at Welchers' Corral -- Five Uneasy Lessons (10 comments)

The New Republicans... and Hope (37 comments)

The Lesser-Evil Choice Invites Self-Defeat

The Obama Sell-Out: It Was Obvious From The Start (2 comments)

The President's Failure to Uphold the Constitution (2 comments)

Obama's Capitulation to the Tea Party (2 comments)

Debt Ceiling Deal a Blow to Women's Economic Security

The myth of Obama's "blunders" and "weakness" (51 comments)

Reading Nietzsche in Starbucks (2 comments)

No matter what happens on August 3, it's time to abandon this government (1 comments)

Will the Murdoch News Corporation Apologize for the Damages Done to Black Americans? (1 comments)

The Real Problem (1 comments)

*Burma needs wide-ranging international pressure for political change

*Obama's $1 trillion subsidy to big business insurers (1 comments)

The US Drone Program, Terrorism & the Debt Ceiling Talks

America's Financial and Societal Foundations Rapidly Sinking (8 comments)

Fresh Evidence That Health Insurers Value Profits Over People (13 comments)

Debt Crisis: There's a Simple Story for Obama to Tell, So Why Doesn't He Tell It?

*last minute Desparate Duopolist Deception/Sell-out to Raise Debt Ceiling (1 comments)

Congressman Joe Wilson, Tea Party Patriots, and the Rise of "MeCorp" (2 comments)

Coward- In- Mischief (16 comments)

Ransom Paid

Libya: What America's Media Won't Report (7 comments)


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