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July 2011

Sunday, July 31:

'Task force' to respond to Israeli protests

Forget Compromise: The Debt Ceiling Is Unconstitutional (65 comments)

Bloody Sunday in Syria: At least 136 killed

The Battle to Save Democracy (4 comments)

America's Big Speed-Up: No Wonder the Jobless Rate is Staying at Depression Levels (2 comments)

City of San Diego Pays $1.8 Million for Death of Motorcyclist (1 comments)

Saturday, July 30:

Congressional leaders struggle to work out bipartisan debt deal (1 comments)

Jim Lobe: US accuses Tehran of deal with al-Qaeda (2 comments)

Government Debt is not the Problem Dan Lieberman

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama's Jobs Council, Is Moving Jobs And Economic Infrastructure To China At A Bliste (4 comments)

Libyan Rebels Make Western Advances (3 comments)

Brutal Tool of War Continues: Mass rape leaves scar on DR Congo village (2 comments)


Data Shows All of Earth's Systems in Rapid Decline

Sherwood Ross: The United Loony Bin of America (2 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables Show Haiti as Pawn in U.S. Foreign Policy, By Katie Soltis of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA)

Debt-limit deadlock; Senate kills Boehner bill

Friday, July 29:

World Reacts To Debt Debacle: "Irresponsible,' "Worst Kind Of Absurd Theatrics,' US Politicians A "Laughing Stock (7 comments)

Sept. 11 Revealed Psychology's Limits, Review Finds

Congress and White House are Making Things Worse: Moody's Economist John Lonski Warns of Double-Dip Recession Risk

Dan Froomkin: Big Oil Companies Post Huge Profits On High Gas Prices

Sherwood Ross: FBI & CIA Tried to Get Lawyer To Betray Arab and Muslim Clients (3 comments)

Lead birther Orly Taitz still on case, questioning Obama's Social Security number

Here's How We Can Take a Couple Steps Back From the Brink (7 comments)

Women among hashish army, and war criminals - Jalalzai (2 comments)

Nixon White House may have bugged Pentagon leadership - Fitsanakis (1 comments)

For Boehner, Surprise Ending to a Wrenching Day

Pakistan Faces Unjust World Order - Shaukat

Thursday, July 28:

The American People Are Angry (13 comments)

Conyers—saying "We've had it!"—calls for protests at the White House! (1 comments)

Bachmann Defends Using Federal Loans She Denounced: "It's Almost Impossible To Buy A Home' Without Them | ThinkProgress

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: How Right Wing Engineered Embrace of Debt Reduction Over Job Creation (1 comments)

Bachmann Declares Husband Off Limits In Campaign -- After Slamming Michelle Obama In '08 | TPMDC

Top Libyan rebel commander killed amid spying allegations

Dan Froomkin: Credit-Rating Agencies' Threat To Downgrade U.S. Debt Could Be A Bluff

Official Asks UN to Launch Probe into Assassination of Iranian Scientists - FNA

Palin To Keynote Iowa Tea Party Event

GOP Shuts Down FAA To Aid Delta's Anti-Union Efforts, Delta Collects Millions In Extra Profits | ThinkProgress

Debt ceiling vote delayed: John Boehner down to the wire with vote count

Norway Terrorist Anders Breivik Purchased High-Capacity Gun Clips From The United States | ThinkProgress

News of the World targeted phone of Sarah Payne's mother

Fracking Operations Cause Thousands of Earthquakes in Arkansas | Ban Issued

Arctic scientist who exposed climate threat to polar bear is suspended | World news | The Guardian

9/11 Responders, Residents With Cancer Don't Qualify For Government Aid

U.S. report recommends ending loan guarantees to Israel at end of 2011 (1 comments)

Never Visit a Murdoch Website Again with This Helpful Browser Add-On

Murdoch Paper Hacked Phone It Gave as Gift to Murdered Girl's Mother

Sherwood Ross: PRO FOOTBALL POISED TO GROW (1 comments)

Israeli and Palestinian Women Take a Rare Trip to the Beach

Dateline: July 28, 2011: Will U.S. Default? $4.8 Billion Investment Says Yes, by ABC News

Cost of Treating Veterans Will Rise Long Past Wars (2 comments)

Bar Association Punishes Lawyer for Telling the Truth (5 comments)

We are the United States of America, the greatest country on earth. We don't default. (25 comments)

Decaying infrastructure costs U.S. billions each year, report says

Ranks of hungry children swell, worrying doctors

Africa's "Gay Question": Ghana Teeters On The Brink Of A Holocaust ...Just Like Uganda (5 comments)

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Playing Ball With the Pentagon

Boehner: Republicans Want Chaos In Order To Force Bigger Cuts (3 comments)

Dead beat Dad Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $117,000 in back child support (4 comments)

The Fingerprints of US Right-Wing Christian Terrorism on Norway Killings (2 comments)

Bob Fitrakis on New Evidence of 2004 Stolen Election in Ohio (5 comments)

Dead Men Do Tell Tales (Of Rigged Elections)

First-hand account of Torture at Guantanamo (1 comments)

Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election

Wednesday, July 27:

Sheila Dean: How MORIS, a New Police Tool for Face Recognition Works - Digits - WSJ

Governor Otter Tackles Questions about China Business Dealings

How good is the banking system?

John Smith: Donate The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik, by Kevin MacDonald

Sheila Dean: NIST'sGrant asked to distinguish federated ID proposal from FICAM

Scotland Yard called in over Breivik's claims he met 'mentor' in UK

Murdochs were given secret defence briefings

Israelis reject Netanyahu's housing plan

Iran vows full support for Palestine

Florida Looks for the Lowest Bidder as It Privatizes 30 State Prisons

Bush vs. Obama on Spending: It's No Contest

Israeli Army storms Freedom Theater in Jenin (1 comments)

Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth (1 comments)

US to oppose Palestinian UN bid (2 comments)

Three lies about taxes -- the definitive myths taken-down

Harry Reid's Debt Ceiling Plan: Auction Off Spectrum | Reuters


After Signing Law Disenfranchising ID-less Voters, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Closes 10 DMV Offices

Confessed Oslo Killer's Lawyer Tries to Connect Some Dots for the Public

Tuesday, July 26:

Writers Cited in Breivik Manifesto Have Spoken at U.S. Military Colleges as Anti-Terrorism Experts (2 comments)

Help-Wanted Ads Exclude the Long-Term Jobless

House Republicans delay vote on Boehner debt plan

Pawlenty, Bachmann trade barbs in make-or-break Iowa

Chance favors the concentration of wealth - Morrison

Prostitutes, Strippers, and "Judges Gone Wild" (7 comments)

White House threatens to veto GOP debt-limit plan; Boehner works to get conservatives on board

The Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michele Bachmann's District

What Sharia Is and Isn't--Panel at Center for American Progress (6 comments)

VIDEO: WI DMV Tells Boy His Bank Account Doesn't Show Enough "Activity" To Get a Voter ID

The White House Now Conceals Plan to Cut Social Security (4 comments)

Speeches by Obama, Boehner achieve political ends, but little else

White House Pact With Industry To Push Genetically Engineered Plants (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Pentagon and Peace Corps Need To Switch Budgets (2 comments)

Tomgram: Mike Davis, The Coming Economic Disaster (1 comments)

John Smith: China to Build a 50 Square Mile City in Idaho? (1 comments)

Wisconsin sees dramatic prison-based gerrymandering in new state, county, city districts

WI: Senate Republicans Make Taxpayers Finance Corporate ALEC Group

The Blue Eyes Of Terror Challenge The World (2 comments)

And Now..."Radiation Is Good For You." But DOE Cancels Pitch. (1 comments)

Police Brutality Protest, West Chester, PA

Monday, July 25:

Obama, Boehner press debt-limit arguments in national addresses (1 comments)

Boehner overheard leaving Capitol: "I didn't sign up for going mano-a-mano with the President of the United States." | T

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Slams GOP Photo ID Restrictions

New Court Filing Reveals How the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Was Hacked | Truthout (1 comments)

While rich kids take jets to camp, poor ones lose books and the rest of us wait for the budget ax to fall (1 comments)

Wealth Gap: US whites, Minorities, Where R U? (1 comments)

The Disturbing "Super Congress" that is being Created as Part of the Debt Negotiations

Is Decline of the West Inevitable? (2 comments)

Governor L. Douglas Wilder to Speak at Road Scholar Program on Martha's Vineyard

Franklin P. Lamb: Seeking context and understanding from Libya's youth (1 comments)

Kucinich: Protect Social Security; Numbers Show Lifting the Caps Works (2 comments)

Why Is Karl Rove Planning to Visit the Backwoods of Alabama? (3 comments)

Sherwood Ross: U.S. Imperialism Creating Police State at Home (16 comments)

Palestine, Israel, the U.N., and America's attempted Quartet sophistry by Daniel Levy | The Middle East Channel

Dan Froomkin: Free Trade Deals: Lobbying Fever Foreshadows Winners, Losers

New Court Filing Reveals How the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Was Hacked (1 comments)

Your Brain on PMS

WI: This is What Voter Suppression Looks Like (1 comments)

Sunday, July 24:

U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes

Patronizing Gadhafi Criticises Egyptian, Tunisian Revolutions (2 comments)

Nato war crime: Libya water supply

'Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body (1 comments)

Predator Drones and the International Mafia, by Dr. Reza Pankhurst

U.S. wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq contracting

Boehner: GOP ready to act alone on debt deal

Kucinich, Ron Reagan, Jr, Randi Rhodes and others speak at forum, mostly defend Obama (2 comments)

'Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body

Israeli police arrest dozens following Tel Aviv housing protest

Saturday, July 23:

Israel paper sketches West Bank expansion

Former NSA official says mismanagement continues at spy agency - Waterman (1 comments)

Retired Army Gen. John Shalikashvili, former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, dies

Lawmakers Renew Push to Reach Deal on Cutting Deficit

Blind Eye - Sunday's Poem (4 comments)

Congress departs with FAA set to partially shut down

James Murdoch's News of the World Scandal Defense Crumbles

Suspicions About Former Editor in Battle Over Story Complicate Hacking Scandal

A Stealth Presidential Race (1 comments)

"10 Commandments Judge' Running for President (1 comments)

Sen. Coburn: Gang Of Six Budget Cuts Will Only Hurt Those "Sucking Off' Programs (3 comments)

Anonymous, LulzSec: "Your threats to arrest us are meaningless' - Tsukayama

Friday, July 22:

Petraeus uses misleading data to claim progress in Afghanistan - Hughes

35% Spike in Northwest Infant Mortality May be Linked To Fukushima

MInnesota Nurses Strike for Patient Safety - Gaus

Press Release: Islamophobia Rears its Ugly Head Again, but Norway Attacks Might not be Foreign Terrorism Expert Cautions/Profile Update (6 comments)

Obama-Boehner talks collapse; each side blames the other (4 comments)

Life Rules: Why So Much Is Going Wrong Everywhere at Once and How Life Teaches Us to Fix It (3 comments)

Fox Sets The Tone: If U.S. Defaults, Obama's To Blame (1 comments)

The Hostage-Taking Just Keeps Coming - This Time The FAA Shuts Down (9 comments)

Matt Taibbi: Corporate Tax Holiday in Debt Ceiling Deal: Where's the Uproar? (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Feltman brandishes the Dahiyeh Doctrine but seeks a fig leaf

The Giving Trees: Five Trees You've Never Heard of that Are Helping to End Hunger (1 comments)

Anonymous, LulzSec Vow to Hack on

Cenk Uygur Suggests To Keith Olbermann That MSNBC Trades Honesty For Access (2 comments)

Afghan Judges Accuse U.S. of War Crimes (1 comments)


Tea Partiers Menace Peaceful Moveon Group at Park (Video) (2 comments)

New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Fed audit tells the awful truth: It's socialism for the rich, and dog-eat-dog for all the rest of us (Bernie Sanders) (3 comments)

Obama and Boehner Close In on Deal to Cut Debt Nearly $3 Trillion

Tom Coburn: President Obama Will Back Down On Budget Bill Veto Threat (VIDEO)

Thursday, July 21:

States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures

NSA spooks win fight to keep secret possible ties to Google - McClatchy

US intelligence agencies getting better at classifying cyber-attacks - Windrem (2 comments)

Cenk Uygur Press Conference: I Left MSNBC So I Could Tell the Truth

US aid may be flowing to Afghan insurgents - Luce

It's Not Default of Obama: Jail GOP Deadbeats for Debt Crisis (3 comments)

Huntsman campaign manager Susie Wiles resigns

James Murdoch's Testimony Called Into Question by Former News of the World Executives -

How Murdoch's Times of London and Fox News Coordinate Their Deceitful Reporting on Climate Change (1 comments)

Population Connection - Press Release: House Foreign Affairs Committee Takes War on Women Global

Federal Reserve Actively Preparing For The Possibility Of U.S. Default

No 'Legislative Pardon' for Boeing's Violation of the National Labor Relations Act

The Greek austerity measures expalained - By France 24

Michele Bachmann's headaches

Will FBI Raid Yield New Abramoff-Related Sleaze in the Deep South? (3 comments)

U.S. debt cut to AA+ from AAA

Sherwood Ross: Famous Dogs of American Presidents

Kids Trapped Inside Border Politics

Libyan Rebels in Zlitan Capture Key Government Commander

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Washington's No-Friends Franchise (1 comments)

Bookseller Borders Group to liquidate, eliminating over 10,000 jobs

Are You Taking Pills You Don't Need? Here Are Some Reasons Why (4 comments)

Freshman House Republicans: Cost-Cutters, Except When the Spending Is Back Home

Kathy Nickolaus' Got a Brand New Bag (& Investigator) and Other WI Election-related News

New court filing reveals how the 2004 Ohio presidential election was hacked (14 comments)

Wednesday, July 20:

Disaster Warning on 'Gang of Six' (1 comments)

Europe Takes Bigger Role in Mideast Peace Push

Abortions via 'telemedicine' are safe, effective

One of News Corp's largest shareholders is demanding reform calling present leadership 'corrupt'

Dayton signs budget, Minnesota shutdown ends

Birth Control Cheaper Than Babies

West Calls Wasserman Schultz "Vile"

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead (2 comments)

Did Saudi Arabia Attack Us on 9/11? (3 comments)

Reagan Would Chastise Republicans for their Stance on Debt Ceiling (1 comments)

130 Republicans Who Are In Congress Today Voted To Hike The Debt Ceiling Under Bush Without Hostage Threats (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Libya's Palestinian Refugees and the current crisis

Shutdown of FAA possible in House-Senate clash

Koch Brothers Trolling For Interns to Work at Right Wing Orgs (1 comments)

Nearly 10 Years Ago Today, The U.S. Began Borrowing Billions To Pay For The Bush Tax Cuts

Leona Helmsley, Paul Ryan, Tea Party RepubliCONs: "Only The Little People Pay Taxes" It's a CON Job Worth Exposing.

The Obama Administration: July 1-17, 2011 (1 comments)

Creating the Illusion of a "Domestic Terror Threat" (1 comments)

Israeli warplanes target northern Gaza (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 19:

Sherwood Ross: Murdoch Operation Small Change Next to U.S.-UK Eavesdropping (4 comments)

New Zealand investigates 'suspicious' Israeli Spy Activity - Fitsanakis (1 comments)

Arms Trade Treaty May Bypass Anti-Riot Weapons - Deen

30 Years in Prison For Saying the Wrong Thing? How The FBI Entraps US Citizens To Feign Success Against Terror

Great white shark jumps from sea into research boat

News Corp to replace Rupert Murdoch (1 comments)

Arab League slams seizure of Gaza-bound ship

News International 'deliberately' blocked investigation

House pursues balanced-budget bill; need for backup plan acknowledged - The Washington Post

New twist in anthrax case; Justice Department lawyers contradict FBI findings

Bachmann Staff Reportedly Rough Up Journalist Asking Migraine Question

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Could be Biggest Ever

More Washington Doublespeak on Social Security (4 comments)

Obama hails deficit-reduction plan gaining momentum in Senate - The Washington Post

Stress-related condition "incapacitates' Bachmann; heavy pill use alleged (4 comments)

Microsoft Posts $250K Reward for Rustock Botnet Herders

US officials met with Gadhafi govt.

Dignité on the last leg of voyage to Gaza (1 comments)

Murdoch Apparently Attacked With White Foam During Hearings

Tomgram: Christian Parenti, Staff of Life, Bread of Death (1 comments)

League of Women Voters: We Need Volunteers for WI Recall Election!

British Phone Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead

Coming in 2012: Genetically modified front lawns and the mass spraying of neighborhoods and playgrounds with RoundUp (8 comments)

Children as young as 7 being trained to fight on the front line against Gaddafi - Daily Mail (1 comments)

New of the World phone hacking whistle blower found dead - Greenhill

He's back! Sheen's returning to TV with new sitcom

Monday, July 18:

Dan Froomkin: How Foreign Money Can Find Its Way Into Political Campaigns

Syrian deserter: 'It was like a war against your own people'

Phone-Hacking Scandal Leads To IPCC Corruption Probe Of UK Top Police

News International susidary paid $655 million to cover-up another case of espionage and anticompetitive behavior

News of the World Whistleblower Who Outed Andy Coulson Found Dead

Traitor or Whistleblower? The Divided Life of Bradley Manning

Minnesota: Chance for quick budget deal fades

Caught Scissorhanded: Sean Hannity Edits Obama's Answer at Press Conference (39 comments)

"We are sorry" says Murdoch

Obama & the Case of the Insurance Claim

Did One GOP Thug Reveal Too Much About Himself In a Recent Threat? (2 comments)

Elizabeth Warren may be "wild card' in senate race (1 comments)

GOP's hard right shift in debt talks may put deal at risk

Rupert Murdoch's Belated PR Offensive Sunk (1 comments)

Nelson Mandela is 93: His Legacy Is Contested (2 comments)

Israel navy attacks rights monitors boat

Sunday, July 17:


Libyan rebels 'fighting Gaddafi forces in Brega' (2 comments)

Obama Passes Over Elizabeth Warren, Names Cordray for Consumer Protection Bureau

Obama presses case for "something big" on social spending cuts (1 comments)

Consumer agency won't be led by Elizabeth Warren, source says

*National Popular Vote Returns to California (9 comments)

Casey Anthony walks free after acquittal in daughter's death

BREAKING: UK 'Serious Fraud' Watchdog Opens News International Probe (1 comments)

News Corps Scandal Claims New Victim: Britain's Met Police Commissioner resigns

Thoughts on yesterday's American Dream meeting (1 comments)

Katuah Earth First! Rocks Asheville With No Nukes Action (1 comments)

Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone-hacking allegations

Speakout for Good Jobs Now Tour, Miami, July 16th Event

James Murdoch's involvement in BSkyB set to be considered

CONFIRMED: Murdoch Protege, Rebekah Brooks Arrested in Phone Hacking Scandal (2 comments)

News International Ex-Chief Rebehak Brooks Reported Arrested

Oak Park drops charges against home gardener Julie Bass, but hits her with two other misdemeanor crime charges (1 comments)

Saturday, July 16:

Last day in jail: Casey Anthony set for release

Woman accused of groping TSA agent (3 comments)

OH Gov. Kasich urges public school graduating class to serve “The Creator” (1 comments)

75,000 US veterans face homelessness

Les Hinton sacrificed, but the worst is yet to come for News Corp (1 comments)

Barack Obama meets the Dalai Lama at the White House (1 comments)

Dateline, July 15, 2011: It's Friday, and Iraq Still Isn't Asking the Military to Stay, by Spencer Ackerman

Michele Bachmann officially leaves her church (1 comments)

Banned: Robert Greenwald's video indictment of KBR and other military contractors (1 comments)

Mumbai Blasts: Possible Suspects by Kashif-ul-Huda

Friday, July 15:

Thousands of Israelis and Arabs march in Jerusalem to support Palestinian independence

Ahmed Wali Karzai's killer had been a Taliban foe

Employees: Are You Dressing for the Job? (1 comments)

Marcus Bachmann says his clinics not anti-gay

Executive Who Ran Murdoch Unit at Time of Hacking Quits

Dateline, July 15, 2011: U.S. drone strike kills at least 50 in Yemen (1 comments)

U.S. recognizes Libyan rebels as legitimate government (3 comments)

Burzynski documentary reveals true agenda of FDA and cancer industry to destroy cancer cures that really work (6 comments)

Report: Prosecute for White House rights abuse crimes or other countries must

Thursday, July 14:

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza (1 comments)

Minn. gov. offers GOP concession to end shutdown (1 comments)

Who REALLY Killed 4-Year-Old Jadon Higgenbotham? (5 comments)

Democrats bash Cantor over debt talks

Hacktivism Moves from Pranks to Problems

Joshua Green: Michele Bachmann's Church Says the Pope Is the Antichrist (1 comments)

Israeli police will not face trial over death of Palestinian girl

Dan Froomkin: Dodd-Frank Provision: Human Rights Groups Call On SEC To Finalize Rule

Wall Street demands action on debt ceiling, deficit

Why Did the FBI Launch a Raid on Mississippi Choctaw Gaming Facilities? (2 comments)

Israeli ship attacks international solidarity boat crew off Gaza coast (1 comments)

Debt Political Theater Diverts Attention While Americans' Wealth is Stolen (4 comments)

Tomgram: Bill McKibben, The Great American Carbon Bomb (1 comments)

October Surprise Evidence Surfaces (1 comments)

John Smith: No More Privacy: Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Eve

Rupert Murdoch Drops British Sky Broadcasting Bid

Boehner: Dealing With the White House 'Has Been Like Dealing With Jell-o'

US runs secret facility in Somalia - PressTV

Wednesday, July 13:

Obama Walks Out Of Tense Debt Ceiling Meeting: Reports

Bernanke: Fed would supply more stimulus if needed

Human Rights Watch Cites Rebels for Abuses in Captured Towns

CNN to Air Report on Taxpayer Funded Fake Former Terrorist (2 comments)

Moody's puts U.S. ratings on review for downgrade

ACT NOW - SEN. ENERGY COMMITTEE PROMOTING NUCLEAR by Nuclear Information Resource Service

John Smith: Egypt Refuses IMF Loan Offer - Banksters want more Blood!

John Smith: Spaniards question why they should pay for Libya bombs

Western funded genocide: Ethiopia and the Ogaden

Ray McGovern on the Gaza Blockade

Florida Judge Continues Whitewash of Siegelman Frame-up (3 comments)

News Corp. Paid No Taxes After Profiting $10B (Yet Rec'd $4.5B In Refunds) (9 comments)

Phone-hacking scandal reaches US

Murdoch's News Corp. Received Billions in U.S. Tax Refunds (1 comments)

Inside the October Surprise Cover-up

News Corp. Withdraws Bid for BSkyB - Murdoch Revisits Sale of All UK News Operations As Investigation Expands

Counter-Terrorism Policies More Dangerous Than Terrorism (2 comments)

15 Conservative Legislatures Trying to Upend Constitution

Sherwood Ross: *CIA Likely To Continue Criminal Ways Under Petraeus (1 comments)

Representative Moran (and 25 others): Conned by the Concord Coalition

Ahmad Karzai: From dishwasher to drug kingpin

Obama, Republicans Struggle to Reach Budget Agreement

The secret history of Monsanto, Agent Orange and the mutilation of innocent Vietnamese (3 comments)

Tuesday, July 12:

Anonymous threatens police over phone hacking and Julian Assange cases

Dan Froomkin: Congress Increasingly Staffed By Former Lobbyists

McConnell Says 'Real Deal' Not Possible With Obama (1 comments)

Cantor's secret memo for $350 billion in Medicare, Medicaid cuts

WI, Beware: It's Recall Election Day, and Right-Wingers Are Reportedly Robocalling Voters to Tell Them to Stay Home

Rick Perry Partners With "Apostle" Who Thinks the Statue of Liberty Is a "Demonic Idol"

GAB Shutting Down Non-Partisan Exit Polls in Wisconsin

The Rodeo Clown Comes (Ideologically) Home To Texas: Glenn Beck Will Live Deep In The Heart Of Right Wingnuts (4 comments)

Joe Lieberman and his Medicare Gift

John Hagee, Martin Luther King, Jr: Birmingham Alabama and the UK

Demonstrators storm U.S. Embassy in Damascus

Sovereign Citizens Aren't the Only Lawless Rogues on the American Frontier

With John Boehner bailing, Eric Cantor ascends as GOP voice

United States: Investigate Bush, Other Top Officials for Torture

Clinton says Assad has 'lost legitimacy'

Alan Grayson is Running and Why He Will Kick Ass This Election (23 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Making Earth a Global Free-Fire Zone

James Ridgeway: Mass Psychosis in the US

Monday, July 11:

Israel used Facebook to stop European Palestine activists

Evidence Found: Full Body Airport Scanners Cause Cancer? - Berman (2 comments)

Jackson Mississippi School Shackles, Handcuffs Students - SPLC (2 comments)

CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA - Shah (2 comments)

Sign Petition to End Marijuana Prohibition - NORML

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Could 'News of the World' Scandal Cost News Corp. Its U.S. FCC Licenses? - Weprin

Tanya Somanader: The GOP's Debt Ceiling Debacle

John Smith: Israeli Historian: Palestinians Are Biological Descendants of Bible's Jews, by Philip Weiss

Conditions, Health Risks Sicken Colonias Residents/ Emily Ramshaw

John Smith: Putin brands US as 'hooligans' for printing money

Pakistan holds doctor who tried to collect bin Laden DNA

Gordon Brown and 9/11 victims possibly hacked by News International papers (1 comments)

The Middle Class Is Being Priced Out of American Universities (3 comments)

Arizona Citizens Recall Senate President

Tomgram: Barbara Ehrenreich, The Fog of (Robot) War

We are NOT a Banana Republic! (7 comments)


Iceland, a country that wants to punish the bankers responsible for the crisis

Rep. Ryan Tastes The Grapes Of Wrath

Corporate Take Over in Wisconsin

John Boehner's Budget Vision Crashes Into Divided Congress

Obama Leans on G.O.P. for a Deal on Debt Ceiling

Sunday, July 10:

France backs "political solutions' in Libya crisis (2 comments)

Seven US-led troops die in Afghan war

Dennis Kucinich looking for a political home, needs our help? (16 comments)

Minnesota government shutdown looms - Fight Back

Carlos Montes pleads "Not guilty,' supporters pack courtroom - Fight Back (1 comments)

Billionaires try to celebrate Minnesota shutdown and their low tax - WAMM

Jamie Leigh Jones Loses Rape Case (1 comments)

US to 'defer military aid' to Pakistan

Patient gets world's first artificial trachea

TSA screener sticks traveler's iPad down his pants, steals $50,000 in other electronics (2 comments)

McConnell denies GOP trying to sink economy to hurt the president

GOP gets one last shot at Consumer Protection bureau before it opens

The News Of The World Scandal Could Cost Rupert Murdoch His FCC Licenses

Bachmann's Aide Hides $10M Secret (2 comments)

News International - ruthless, without conscience or morality

Why Water is the New Oil

Tea Partiers And GOP Christians Respond To Criticism With Death Threats (2 comments)

John Smith: Big banks foster false hope with lottery-style principal forgiveness

Michele Bachmann -- a sign of Electile Dysfunction Disorder (18 comments)

Wisconsin Repubs "make dramatic changes" in electoral maps to keep themselves on top for years to come

How Hannity's "Fair and Open" Screeners Censor Liberals

Teen Unemployment Hits 24.5% - Forbes (1 comments)

Sixteen Senators Ask DOJ To Investigate Potentially Illegal State Voter Disenfranchisement Laws

Saturday, July 9:

In book, Nagin tells very different Katrina story

Boehner abandons efforts to reach comprehensive debt-reduction deal

Paid Sick Leave - One for our Side (5 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: NATO's War Against Libya's Civilians

Sanders Warns of Devastating Cuts in Social Security (6 comments)

Israel to deport pro-Palestinian 'fly-in' activists within 48 hours

Rep. Gosar Staffer Quits After Violent Twitter Posts

Moving Forward to a New Digital Gold Standard

National Education Association Principles (6 comments)

In Shift, Prosecutors Are Lenient as Companies Break the Law

Famed Argentina Singer Facundo Cabral Shot Dead

Rupert Murdoch's Son Could Face Charges in U.S. and U.K.

Bill Clinton: GOP War On Voting Is Most Determined Disenfranchisement Effort Since Jim Crow

US House OKs $649bn military budget (1 comments)

Clinton swears in Dan Shapiro as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Three more US banks shut down

Tim Murphy: Report: Bachmann Clinic Performs Ex-Gay Therapy

Friday, July 8:

Saturday July 9th is the Birth of a New Nation - South Sudan

U.S., U.K. and Canada sanction Iran

US caught off-guard by Iran sanctions (1 comments)

Military Suspends "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

More than 25% of Cuba is forested, by Lino Luben Pérez of Granma International

Are You Afraid to Display a Bumper Sticker? You Should Be. (1 comments)

David Cameron Orders Two Inquiries Into News of the World Tabloid Scandal

Pakistan: Mullen remarks irresponsible

Space Shuttle Atlantis Lifts Off for Last Mission

Job Growth Falters Badly, Clouding Hope for Recovery

'Israel fears Gaza aid programs'

Bachman: "I Hope" Rising Unemployment Will Help Campaign (3 comments)

Bloomberg to Preside at Gay Aides' Wedding (1 comments)

The Murdoch Empire at Risk (3 comments)

Global 'train wreck' coming - Martin (2 comments)

Israel serves airlines with 'blacklist'

Thursday, July 7:

Dan Froomkin: House Republicans Propose Slashing Congressional Budget

Obama's debt talks alarm Democrats about Social Security

Japan's tsunami recovery stalls

Egypt Revolution Prepares for Friday's One Million March

Breaking News: President Obama declares himself an Independent (3 comments)

News Of The World Closing: Paper May Be Free To Destroy Records

GOP Jobs Bill: Union Workers Replaced With Prison Labor Under Scott Walker

Hypocrisy Central: As Governor, Pawlenty Approved Funding Increase for Planned Parenthood

Why Do the Police Have Tanks? The Strange and Dangerous Militarization of the US Police Force (1 comments)

Murdoch's Phone Hacking Scandal: Police to contact 4,000 people

Andy Coulson, former NOTW editor, to be arrested over phone hacking tomorrow

VICTORY!! Big Loss for Big Media and the FCC: Court Rejects Media Consolidation Push (2 comments)

Study Finds Benefits in Health Insurance for the Poor

Minnesota models the partisan divide

Libya Rebels Seize Town, Advance on Tripoli on Two Fronts

Tomgram: Chase Madar, A Medal for Bradley Manning?

NATO airstrike kills 8 Afghan children (1 comments)

Wednesday, July 6:

Pakistan expels US, UK army trainers (1 comments)

NATO tankers attacked in Afghanistan (2 comments)

In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts

100 Iraqi lawmakers demand departure of U.S. troops

TX Miracle -- Rick Perry Doubled Debt, Then Balanced Budget Through 'Amazing' Accounting Gimmicks

Phone hacking: families of war dead 'targeted' by News of the World

UN slams Israel over Nakba violence (1 comments)

Three US troops killed in Afghan war

US: Court Orders Immediate Halt To Gay Military Ban

Advertisers Pull Murdoch's News Of The World Ads As Cameron Backs Inquiry (1 comments)

The world owes a debt to WikiLeaks' whistleblowing (1 comments)

John Smith: Repeal of The Glass Steagall Act Has Produced The Highly Leveraged Investment Imbroglio,

Michele Bachmann's husband shares her strong conservative values

The Inside Story of Medicare Fraud at a Major University

John Smith: Elements of bathos in Greek tragedy, by Mahir Ali

Tuesday, July 5:

Medicare and Medicaid Could Lose Billions in Budget Talks

Press Release: Amnesty International: Report Reveals Crimes against Humanity in Syrian Town of Tell Kalakh

US police smash camera for recording killing - Al Jazeera (6 comments)

The Indignant: People & Power - Al Jazeera

CEO Pay in US Soared 23 Percent in 2010

Global race on to match U.S. drone capabilities (1 comments)

Speculating with our Food (9 comments)

Walter Mondale to help end Minnesota shutdown

Concerns rising over US plans to build massive plutonium bomb factory in Los Alamos (1 comments)

Strauss-Kahn accuser sues NY Post for "prostitute' report

Israeli airstrikes hit eastern Gaza

Activists' plan to break Gaza blockade with aid flotilla is sunk

French flotilla boat sets sail for Gaza (1 comments)

An Agency Builder, but Not Yet Its Leader

MSM Garbage Dump TV Must Find New Filler As Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty (6 comments)

MSM Garbage Dump TV Must Find New Filler As Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty (3 comments)

Coverup in the Siegelman Case Now Extends to the U.S. Senate (10 comments)

Odyseus_97: Iraq War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers (1 comments)

Tomgram: Andy Kroll, The 60-Year Unemployment Scandal (1 comments)

Conservative columnist David Brooks calls GOP unreasonable (8 comments)

July 4 Message from Hubbard

Monday, July 4:

Palestinian sports groups challenge UEFA on Israeli hosting of 2013 Under-21 football tournament

Segregation in the land of limousine liberalism, by Daniel Denvir (1 comments)

U.S. Spies Can't Stop Buying Fake Microchips from China - Estes

Swoop on 'CIA spies' sets back Hezbollah - UPI

Israel, Turkey scramble to reach compromise on UN Gaza flotilla report

Strauss-Kahn to Face New Sex Charge in France (4 comments)

Apparently Hacked, a Fox News Twitter Account Sent Out Alarming Posts

Mike Allen: What Bill Clinton thinks of GOP 2012ers

Warm Ocean Layers Undermine Polar Ice Sheets

Hacker Dumps Details of the Internal Florida Voting Database Online

When Scientists Take to the Streets It's Time to Listen Up (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Libya's Neighbors Prepare for NATO's Boots Countdown to Invasion (3 comments)

The Obama Administration: June 16-30, 2011 (1 comments)

Sunday, July 3:

Regional Geopolitical Powerhouse Turkey Recognises Libya Rebels

Little-known Republican McCotter opens White House bid

Freedom Flotilla Updates and Commentary (1 comments)

Scary reports from Bev Harris's Black Box Voting (2 comments)

"Deplorable!" -- The "Quartet' Comments on Gaza

George Will: Constitution is "Anti-evolutionary Device"

Seven Billion Souls and Counting

Teams Gauge Oil Spill as Exxon Says Damage Limited

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: "Torture Crimes ... Shielded" by Salon's Glenn Greenwald

Passengers on Flotilla Start Open-ended Fast at U.S. Embassy in Athens (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: "Victory by Ramadan" Scenes From Tripoli (1 comments)

Sheila Dean: Microsoft Wins Patent For Internet Spying Technology -- InformationWeek

Activists suspect Israeli spooks behind flotilla woes (2 comments)

Saturday, July 2:

Netanyahu's big fat Greek Wedding (1 comments)

Today in Rape Culture: New York Post Calls DSK Accuser a "Hooker" (4 comments)

The New York Times' Broken Record: Whoops! We Rushed to Judgment, but the Charges Are Not True! (1 comments)

Dominque Strauss-Kahn's accuser was hotel hooker (4 comments)

Breaking News and Updates: US Boat To Gaza Captain Charged with Felony, Leaders re-think Flotilla Movement (5 comments)

2010 One of Two Warmest Years on Record

Obama compromises early again, on deficit reduction

'Greece caves into Israeli intimidation' (5 comments)

Afghanistan: Tense times for delicate US-Taliban talks - BBC

No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown

For the GOP, it's Romney, Bachmann and, maybe, Perry (1 comments)

Microsoft patents spy tech for Skype -

Friday, July 1:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accuser's Prison Connection

Deadline tightens for Congress, White House on debt limit

Unemployment: No Extended Benefits For People Laid Off From Now On

Koch Industries Foreign Subsidiary Admits Making Illegal Donations | TPMMuckraker

Press Release: Freedom Flotilla Live Blog for Viewers

Tripoli Refugees Stream Into Libya's Mountains

Press Release: Huge Protests Grip Syria

Pregnant Women Who Lose Babies Face Criminal Charges In Mississippi, Alabama | ThinkProgress

WI Supreme Court Justice David Prosser Angrily Snatches Microphone From Local TV Reporter

Michele Bachmann, Corporate Welfare Queen, Just the Tip of the Corporate Welfare Iceberg

Strauss-Kahn Release Raises New Questions (24 comments)

On Gospel Cruise, Huckabee Acolyte Admits Obama's Race Is A Problem (1 comments)

Ginsberg vs. NCSU

Government May Be Violating Tobacco Companies' 1st Amendment Rights (6 comments)

Strauss-Kahn released from house arrest

Torture Ok, Perps Slip Away

Roger Ailes' Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News (2 comments)

Cops beat, pepper spray and use Tasers on disabled boy (2 comments)


Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy (10 comments)

Treasury Secretary Geithner considering leaving post after debt talks


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