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June 2011

Thursday, June 30:

Obama backs trillions in "painful spending cuts" (2 comments)

Libya Update, Featuring Media and Congress as Daffy Duck

Why President Obama Still Says No to Gay Marriage (1 comments)

UK Police Stop & Search Striking Citizens to Prevent Possible 'Hooliganism' (2 comments)

Leak Reveals New Border Vigilante Group on Arizona Border

The New York Times' Favor and Fear

Authorities Find Bomb Apparently Targeting Immigrants in Arizona

The Democrats' Quisling President

King George III Won: Happy Fourth of July! (4 comments)

Breakfast Food

The Labor Movement in Oregon Takes a Step Forward

America the meatless--we're one step closer

Insurers' Bait and Switch (1 comments)

Atomic Energy: Unsafe in the Real World

Israel Has Outsoiurced the Illegal Blockade to Greece (2 comments)

*Economic Reform Newsletter: Is the Debt Ceiling Constitutional?

Meaner Tougher IMF with Lagarde (1 comments)

Observations On The Day (38 comments)

Wednesday, June 29:

Responsibility, Accountability and "The Slippery Slope" (1 comments)

*IKEA's dangerous little secret

U.S., Israel escalate threats against flotilla, including U.S. citizens (3 comments)

Postcard From Greece: This Should Not Be About Austerity, It's About The Future Of Democracy (2 comments)

John Dean Knows How to Get Rid of Clarence Thomas (12 comments)

Jesselyn Radack: Government Accessing Journalists' Phone Records

Yes to Violence, No to Sex

Philip Tegeler: Learning from the past: How to remake the secondary mortgage market

When a Socialist Speaks for Most Republicans, Who Speaks for You? (1 comments)

Chill Bill: The US Military's A/C Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan Gives Me the Shivers

If Brazil Has to Guard Its Rainforest, Why Does Canada/U.S. Get to Burn Its Tar Sands? (2 comments)

Health & Food Cutbacks For the Poor to Continue, So As To Keep Taxes Low For the Rich (2 comments)

Fukushima Spews, Los Alamos Burns, Vermont Rages & We've Almost Lost Nebraska (33 comments)

Part 3: Teaching and Contrasting Cultures "Blowin' in the Wind" (1 comments)

*Tales Of A Female Nothing! Dear GOP God, It's Me, Jillian... (66 comments)

Bridagier Ali a scapegoat for rising anti-Americanism in Pakistan Army (1 comments)

Still Celebrating, Still Mourning: NY's Vote Accentuates The Best, The Worst, And The Disillusioned Of America (1 comments)

Mugged then Shot (9 comments)

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda (2 comments)

The Business of America Is War (7 comments)

Memoirs of Torturers (2 comments)

How the Republicans have Booby Trapped Their Own Party (1 comments)

The King's Champion (12 comments)

A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy (43 comments)

Tuesday, June 28:

*Call Rep. Rangel: Urge a House investigation of Clarence Thomas' latest ethics violations. (1 comments)

A Greek Tragedy

Gaza and Thoughts of a Starving Ireland

Kathy Malloy: Too Many Monkeys (1 comments)

My Apologies to @AndrewBreitbart (3 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: "After you Brother!" Gadaffi stays and Obama leaves? (1 comments)

How Greed Destroys America (1 comments)

Michele Bachmann for President, Say What? (4 comments)

A Republican Surprise!

Afghanistan to Erect Monument Honoring American Soldiers (2 comments)


Press Release: Human Rights Watch: Libya: Warrants Send Strong Message to Abusive Leaders (3 comments)

The Broken Court of Dreams (2 comments)

The Bilderberg Group: Sealing the world's fate behind closed doors

The Insurance Industry's Scheme to Circumvent Reform and Make You Pay More Than Ever for Health Care (3 comments)

End the 21st Century "Shoganaism" American-style--"Yes, We Can!"

'Winning Arguments' - Apex of Human Reason? (3 comments)

Jim Quinn: UNFORGIVEN - PART FIVE (6 comments)

Failure to Trickle Down and other Taxing Realities

Immigration Reform and U.S. Security

Kathy Kelly: *Staying Human: Preparing to Sail to Gaza, by Kathy Kelly (3 comments)

Don't Sell Out Pell Grants

Selling the Revolution (6 comments)

Sheen Trumps Palin: Media Roots Writes for Project Censored

Redefining "Q.E." from "Quantitative Easing" to "Qualitative Enhancement" (3 comments)

*Roberts 5 strike another blow for plutocracy: Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett (6 comments)


Industries gaining and losing jobs since 2008 (Charts)

FBI Entraps Two More Muslims (2 comments)

Can The Fed Stop Quantitative Easing? (5 comments)

Are You Just Too Liberal, Too Anti-Constitution, Too Anti-American To Be Saved? GOP Tea Party Says Yes! (16 comments)

Doomsday Prophecies (2 comments)

Republican Debate - Stealth Agenda of Gingrich and Cain

Monday, June 27:

Use This Reverse Cell Phone Directory To Find Out Who Called Your Mobile (2 comments)

Turkey on its way to European Union (1 comments)

The intersection of religious morality and secular law

*Mr. Presidents and Prime Ministers: Tear Down This Wall! (1 comments)

Foreign Aid and the Economic Crisis

Right to Rent: Will the Obama Administration Finally Fix Housing? (1 comments)

Netroots Nation Talks About Voters Evolt! (2 comments)

Et Tu, AARP! (5 comments)

Should Casey Anthony Testify? (1 comments)

The Death of Newspapers and Journalism (6 comments)

When the Public Rises, We'll Want an Ally in Congress (1 comments)

Three Ways Democrats Could Choose to Lose in 2012, and What They Can Do to Avoid It (1 comments)

Would You Like Marlboro Tattooed on Your Lungs or Kool-Aid On Your Throat? (23 comments)

TSA claims it will soon stop molesting little children, but not adults, veterans or senior citizens

G20 and Food Security: Excess Speculation Should Stop

Breaching Gaza's Siege Update (2 comments)

Israel Toughening Conditions for Palestinian Detainees

Whom Does The Law Serve? (14 comments)

Sunday, June 26:

Spirits of Justice Going to Gaza (11 comments)

Proud to Be a Vermonter (1 comments)


Massaging the Monolith: Confusing Signals from the Persian Devils

America, The Winter Nightmare (9 comments)

Not Your Conservative's Patriotism (3 comments)

Repeat. Repeat. Re-what? (2 comments)

The Casey Anthony Photo that Dominates the Trial (5 comments)

Troops Obama Are Withdrawing Have Been Replaced By Allies (1 comments)

In this Country at Least, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (11 comments)

The Day the Earth Stood Nil (5 comments)

Being A Republican In 2011! The New And Improved GOP! (25 comments)


The Obama Withdrawal Plan: Too Little, Too Slow; It's Time to Defund These Wars (3 comments)


Could state-owned banks have prevented our financial crisis? (19 comments)

Politics is to Blame for Islamophobia Rise in US, says UCB/ CAIR Report (1 comments)

Banker Occupation of Greece

Saturday, June 25:

Israel and the Roots of Disaster

The Lie Behind the Afghan War (2 comments)


The Boom And Bust Of China's Rise

Sharia, not in America (4 comments)


The tyranny of the "moneymen" (2 comments)

Violating Palestinian Rights

Breaching Gaza's Siege (3 comments)

Sacred Mantras (1 comments)

Taking Back The American Dream: Us, Not The Politicians (3 comments)

Impeach Now or Forever Hold Up Peace (3 comments)

Friday, June 24:

Are Customers Better Off From Airline De-Regulation? (6 comments)

War Economy: The Selling of Afghanistan, 2011 (1 comments)

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann turn their backs on the Bible (13 comments)

Corporate Crime of the Week: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

*ALEC Writes The Laws Restricting Voting! Why Is Coca-Cola Helping Them? (8 comments)

Book Review - Thom Hartmann, Unequal Protection (2 comments)

Afghan War: No Vietnam Redux (9 comments)

BDS update: Fighting apartheid on land and sea (2 comments)

Lt. Dan Choi: Proud to Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Bradley Manning (1 comments)

On the Dole


Overlooking the Consequences: World Leaders Ignore Major Planetary Crisis (2 comments)

Submitted for Your Consideration (1 comments)

Freedom Riding to Gaza

Bigotry of Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and other Republicans (1 comments)

Questions Remain in Government's Anti-Cigarette Campaign (11 comments)

Turkish - Israeli Relations

Permanent US Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations Planned

2012: Who's Going to Vote? (1 comments)

Thursday, June 23:

Truth Must Abscond with Power: More on Gore's "Climate of Denial" (9 comments)

Obama Quickens Afghan Withdrawal in Face of Pressure for Peace (1 comments)

If Obama is Playing Politics with the Afghan Troop Removal Then It's the Right Kind of Politics

Michigan's Law to Take Away Local Vote And Appoint Managers is Challenged (7 comments)

Obama Leaves Door Open to Long-Term U.S. Afghan Combat

Reflections on Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan


Imperial President Obama Pretends Not to Wage War (11 comments)

The Gore Score (1 comments)

The Empire Strikes Back


Obama's 10,000 Troop Spit In The Ocean-- Not Even Close to Good Enough (30 comments)

Lions and tigers and E. coli

Scalia Brings Sharia Law and Blank Paper Law to Supreme Court (1 comments)

The Political Half-Quit: Sarah Palin Couldn't Do Better Than GRACIE ALLEN (7 comments)

Sentimental Mass Murderer; As the husband kills, the wife comforts (29 comments)

Obama's Orwellian Logic in Libya (11 comments)

TrueVote Shows Dems Won WI, IL and PA Senate Elections in 2010 (7 comments)

McCain/Kerry Support Imperial War on Libya (1 comments)

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

The Land of Unlimited Inequality

More Treachery at the Fed?

Wednesday, June 22:

Death Rains Down from Above on both Sides in Libya (21 comments)

Local News Stations Engage in Covert Consolidation to Circumvent Media Ownership Rules

Kathy Malloy: Dirty Laundry

Jose Antonio Vargas Is an American Hero

*Stop the iPhone Kill Switch (1 comments)

Thanks To Those Who Irritated Me! (12 comments)

Addressing Eleven Years of War, Lies, and Bipartisan Corruption (5 comments)

Bill Clinton's Legacy of Denial (6 comments)

The Canary in the Coal Mine or The Shot Heard Round the World? (3 comments)

SCO vs Bilderberg: Where are real decisions being made? (1 comments)

For the Love of Our Country (8 comments)

Elections in Turkey: More of the same (1 comments)

Afghanistan, It Is Time to Leave (6 comments)

Journalism with a Smerc: Gullibility and Fiction at the Philadelphia Inquirer

America's Human Lab Rats (9 comments)

A Jewish King and Queen of England? It's Possible (11 comments)

June Has Busted Out All Over: With Sex, God, Love, Hate ... And Exploding Right Wing Brains (2 comments)

Ditching Grandma: Reexamining the Era of Economic Irresponsibility (10 comments)

Tim DeChristopher at Netroots Nation: Obama Administration Pursues Activists Like Previous Administrations [VIDEO]

*Barbara Boxer Tells Pres. Obama to Withdraw 30,000 Troops by End of Year (1 comments)

America's Barbaric Death Penalty

Bahrain Sues to Suppress Police State Terror Truths

Misshaping the Middle East

Michael Collins: Questions for The Money Party -- Why Negative Job Growth for 11 Years? (11 comments)

Glenn Beck Will Hold a Rally In Jerusalem (3 comments)


A 20-Point Plan to Shrink Black Atlanta

One way or another, it's past time for Rocky Mountain wolves to be delisted (2 comments)

*Why Winston Churchill would Deplore Fox News (15 comments)

UN Fiddles While Syria Burns

Tuesday, June 21:

The Real Culture Wars (14 comments)

An Open Letter to the Tea Party from a Concerned Liberal

FEMA Denies Aid to Black Minnesota Tornado Victims (2 comments)

The Endgame on the Debt Ceiling

The supreme court's free pass on sexism for Walmart

Obama Forfeits Peace Prize - 'Outgunning Bush Not Peacemaking' (1 comments)

Ryan's Family Gets Rich, Vets and the Poor Get the Shaft (7 comments)

10 Reasons to Oppose the War in Libya (1 comments)

Alabama's Immigration Law: The New Jim Crow (2 comments)

Dear Mr. Santorum, Democrats have made America exceptional (1 comments)

Gay Marriage and History (5 comments)

Green Lantern (2 comments)

Ego Carbon -- Fossil Fuel Egotists Help Ruin the Planet (2 comments)

Empire State Rebellion: Liberty Park (5 comments)

Heed the Warning Signs; America is Edging Ever Closer to a Societal Implosion (54 comments)

Obama impersonator at Republican Leadership Conference: Over the line or just fine? (Video) (1 comments)

Honor Flight: Remembering history close to home, wondering about the future (2 comments)

Catholic Church Expanding Beyond Roe v. Wade (10 comments)

*Stopping the Corporate Coup d'Etat (4 comments)

October 2011 Movement to Global Allies: American Empire Obstacle to Peace and Justice at Home and Abroad (1 comments)

MoveOn's plan for a mass movement (5 comments)

Afghanistan Withdrawal: Obama Lied (8 comments)

Wall -- Martians (5 comments)

Wrongfully Banishing Professor David Protess (1 comments)

Remembering Brian Haw

No-Life Zone: Deeper and Deeper Into the Mire (2 comments)

Monday, June 20:

Depak Chopra vs. Sarah Palin (17 comments)

Fukushima nuclear disaster and a major spike in the U.S. infant mortality rate! (11 comments)

*League of Women Voters: ACTION ALERT: Election Reform at Stake

This Hero Didn't Stand a Chance (2 comments)

Obama Wins Nobel War Prize (3 comments)

The Endgame on the Debt Ceiling (2 comments)

The Three Wings of the Republican Party (2 comments)

A Call to Arms for Wealthy Progressives

If the Titanic sank today, here's how the President, the media and Wall Street would spin it (satire) (2 comments)

How the Mayors Debated and Passed an Antiwar Resolution

Lies, Damn Lies, and Liberating Wars

Supreme Court to Women of Wal-Mart: You're on Your Own (12 comments)

The Super Rich Sabotage the Arab Revolutions (3 comments)

Good and Bad Capitalsim (10 comments)

Why Regime Change in Libya? (1 comments)

It's About Face! (6 comments)

Americas biggest threat? (2 comments)

IĠd Like to Report a Crime (3 comments)

Are We Desperate Enough in America to Have a Successful Rebellion? (7 comments)

Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (Part II)

Entrapping Innocent Muslims (1 comments)

Ezili Danto: Farrakhan press conference denouncing UN and US imperial war on Libya (1 comments)

Sunday, June 19:

Make American Jobs The Agenda (1 comments)

How Much Does That Bacon Really Cost? (11 comments)

The Malevolent Government vs. the Beneficent Markets: The Myth of Free Markets (1 comments)

Obama DOJ's War on Free Speech & Activism (5 comments)

Private Prisons and the American Police State (5 comments)

Supreme Scumball-- Clarence Thomas-- More Ethical Issues Emerge (15 comments)

Tahrir Square in Manhattan

Dozens of Father's Days; Decades of Grief (4 comments)

Deny! Deny! (1 comments)

Obama's John Yoo Moment-- Cherry Picking Lawyers to Break a Major Law (11 comments)

Saturday, June 18:

70 Years. The Marble of Lieutenants (3 comments)

Gaza: Cradle of Killing -- Americans Too (14 comments)

Ron Paul: Champion of greed, not liberty (16 comments)

Waging Another Unconstitutional War (7 comments)

How and Why Is a Real Democratic Agenda Being Suppressed? (5 comments)

Total Ecology Economics (3 comments)

*ASEAN urges for urgent peace dialogue in Burma

The Syrian Peoples Rebellion, They Are On Their Own (10 comments)

Duplicitous Congressional Posturing on Libya (27 comments)

Friday, June 17:

NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template (4 comments)

Feingold to Netroots Nation: Call Out Corporate Democrats (4 comments)

Bob Gates' "Business" of Lying (1 comments)

The Internet Grows Up: Goodbye Messy Adolescence (6 comments)

Let the Sunshine in! (2 comments)

Jobs, It's all just common CENTS! cause that's all we can afford! (1 comments)

Theistic Bigotry: The Reality of Denying Fantasy

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

If a House Fell on the House (the HR) . . . ?

We Get Hate Mail (130 comments)

Peter King's witch hunt continues with second anti-Muslim hearing (2 comments)

Fight cancer with your fork (2 comments)

The U.S. In Afghanistan: Meaningless Military Success, Profound Moral Failure (2 comments)

Mr. President, U.N. Resolutions do not trump U.S. Law (1 comments)

The Fukushima Big Lie Flies High (5 comments)

*Anthony Weiner RESIGNED! Wait, what about VITTER?

Twenty Questions, Stupid

Bloombergvilles of the Future

Weiner-Gate; A Symptom of Flaccid Democrat Syndrome (6 comments)

Coalition campaigns and the 2010 race for Minnesota's Governor. (1 comments)

The "Rape in Libya" story - Our Military's Latest Fairytale

Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege

Obama's Tipping Point (6 comments)

Working America's Dismal State

Thursday, June 16:

Heartbreak Hotel: Georgia Judges and the National Mortgage Fraud Epidemic (7 comments)

Clarence Thomas Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief with Weiner Downfall (12 comments)


"The City" Of London - Citadel of the Bankster Mafia (5 comments)

UVA/Reagan War Hawk Defends Obama's War

Factchecking the Media: More Questions About the Libyan Sex Atrocity Reporting (3 comments)

March on Washington (2 comments)

The Great New Jersey Turnpike Stall, 1971 (1 comments)

Is Our Leftist/Socialist Military Setting an Example That Many of Us Don't Want to Admit? (15 comments)

Yasmeen Ali (Special to ThisCantBeHappening!): A Pakistani Perspective: Is US Threat to Block Pakistan 'Aid' a Blessing In Disguise?


The Vestibule of Hell

Weiner to Resign (37 comments)

Pakistan army's commercial ventures slammed (1 comments)

Turkey and the Arab spring: Learning to walk again (1 comments)


"You Know They Do It In The Pool, Don't You?" When Gay Rights Become Civil Rights In Hazard, KY (4 comments)

Seven Defects of American Governance -- Part 3 (1 comments)

A Rational View of Global Health Insurance (5 comments)

"The Politics of Cancer" (13 comments)

Dismissively Ignoring Hard Times (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 15:

America: Once the Most Respected Nation in the World; What Happened? (41 comments)

Fig Leaf Nation (7 comments)

Spain's "Indignant Ones'

"Regime Change" Right Here in America

Does the Punishment Fit This Crime? (2 comments)

Why the Republican War on Workers' Rights Undermines the American Economy (5 comments)

(A Review of) The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice, by Peter Corning (3 comments)

Whither Revolution in America? (10 comments)

Donald R. Soeken,: *Disturbing Financial Fraud in Healthcare (3 comments)

Seven Republican Dwarfs (7 comments)

Good News for Constitutional Conservatives in Two CA-Related Court Rulings, But Very Bad News in WI

Ralph Reed and the People Who Want to Impose a "Christian" Version of Shariah Law on America (10 comments)

Our first responsibility is to accept it (2 comments)

We Americans Are in Need of Deep Reflection and Soul Searching (1 comments)

Congress Members Sue Obama to End War (4 comments)

Congressman Weiner Should Stay (81 comments)

Can Rep. Weiner Be Helped By Psychotherapy or Should He Just Resign? (4 comments)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Reinstates Anti-Union Law (4 comments)

Solitary Watch Confronts Torture in US Prisons --An interview with James Ridgeway and Jean Casella (1 comments)

*Are We on the Brink of Burying Nuke Power Forever? (4 comments)

2010 State Department Human Rights Report on Bahrain

Rescind President Obama's 'Transparency Award' Now (5 comments)

Tuesday, June 14:

Reflections on the 40th Anniversary of the Pentagon Papers (1 comments)

GOP Debate: Michele Bachmann and Six Guys (1 comments)

Neocons Trade Medicare for War

I Regret To Inform You That Your Country Is Suffering From A Severe Case Of Palinosis (1 comments)

Did Qaddafi Really Order Mass Rapes? Or is the West Falling Victim to a Viagra-strength Scam? (8 comments)

Israel Is Going to the Dogs (6 comments)

The Revolution Will Not Be Deactualized (9 comments)

Stephen Higginson Should Explain the U.S. Government's Motives in the Ashton O'Dwyer Case

Paul Newman explains the Republican Party. (4 comments)

Rescind Obama's "Transparency Award" Now! (1 comments)

CNN's 'WikiWars' Documentary Exploits Character of Julian Assange to Cast Doubt on WikiLeaks (2 comments)

*What Does The Ryan Plan Do To Medicare And Medicaid In Your District? Check Out The Numbers! (3 comments)

Remote Control Killing Like Sport (19 comments)

Why the Pentagon Papers Matter Now (4 comments)

Monday, June 13:

Sound And Fury (4 comments)

The Republican Party Declares War on the American People; Time to Fight Back (20 comments)

The Great Recession's Lasting Effect On This Generation's Entrepreneurs

*Grover Norquist Rules The GOP Without Ever Being Elected! More Tyranny On The Right! (2 comments)

*Does the NSF Stand for Needless Science Funding? (1 comments)

Confessions of a Welfare Recipient (3 comments)

About bloody time, it is! (2 comments)

Torture Accountability After All? (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Big Brother Wants Your Garbage

On Tap From America's Sexiest Demagogue -- 'Prophesies of Palin' to Unify Holy-Rollers (3 comments)

The Swamp of Washington and the Morass of the Economy (5 comments)

Obama Embraces The Money Party (2 comments)

Just Because She Smiles . . .

Wis. Protesters Share Iraqi Shoe-Thrower Award

No Justice in Kafka's America (9 comments)

On "The Issue Of Character" And Empire (4 comments)

David Lindorff, Sr.: No Guarantee: Wisdom with Age

Workers of the world unite; the "moneymen" are coming (2 comments)

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally and Enriching Life


Hung. Hung Over. Hung Up. Hung Out To Dry

Clash of the Half Wits (1 comments)

Money Talks Louder than Wasted Lives

The REAL "Sissy Boys" And What They're Doing To America! (4 comments)

The Deception of Compassion and other Near Enemies (1 comments)

Extra-judicial killings in Pakistan (3 comments)

EU and NATO Policies in Eastern Europe: Contradictory or Complementary? (2 comments)

*A "Silver Bullet" - Create Millions of Secure Jobs Without Deficit Spending" (3 comments)

*President Obama will have Record Money Raising Campaign for 2012!

OH, MY GOD, the USA State Department has declared my island (and me to be part of Mainland China)! How would you feel? (6 comments)

New Hampshire or Bus: Sarah's No-Campaign Campaign Tour (3 comments)

Mountaintop Removal: Environmental and Human Destruction for Profit

Sunday, June 12:

The Weiner Dilemma

If the President Won't Do Something About Jobs, Who Will?

Police State Much? (7 comments)

IT'S THE DEBT, DUMMY (1 comments)

*Ryan To Dems: Quit Your Demagoguing! Just Step Aside And Let Us Kill Medicare And Seniors! Seriously, It's A Bold Plan! (1 comments)

Constraining the Corporation (6 comments)

EVOLUTION OF THE UFO - we don't need no steenking aliens (1 comments)

In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded U.S. oil interests before the war

*ALEC: One Stop Shopping For Legislation Meant To Be Shared By Each And Every State! ALEC Writes Our Laws! (3 comments)

Obama Trusted the Wrong Economists (1 comments)

Freedom Flotilla II -- "Stay Human" mission to Gaza

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts (2 comments)

NATO's Afrika Korps Escalates War Of Attrition Against Libya (1 comments)

When the Levee Breaks (2 comments)

The Rich Are Destroying the Economy (2 comments)

Guys think with their Wiener! SURPRISED? (1 comments)

*Corporate Theocracy: The Death Of Democracy, The State By State GOP Extremist Goal (21 comments)

*Three Cheers for American Exceptionalism! (4 comments)

Is there a Rise of American Stoicism, American " Inshallah", and possibly American "Shoganai" (2 comments)

Obama's Slipping Popularity (4 comments)

What If UK Drops Out of All US Wars?

Interview with Finian Cunningham: Bahrain and the U.S. Role (1 comments)

10 Weiner rules for the Congressman that the rest of us learned in kindergarten (explicit) (17 comments)

Saturday, June 11:

A Brown-haired Young Man (1 comments)

10 stories more important than Weinergate (3 comments)

If the President Won't Do Something About Jobs, Who Will? (16 comments)

The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media (9 comments)

Fukushima - The Elephant in the Room (22 comments)

Liar Weiner, liars everywhere (4 comments)

Illegal Immigration and Other Criminality (9 comments)

"Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away", and Some Not So Gracefully

Will Obama and the Supply-siders Inadvertently Drag Us Into Another Great Depression? (36 comments)


The Obama Doctrine: Lawless Imperial Aggression (Part II) (2 comments)

The Stalled Recovery, Smoke and Mirrors, and the Carnage on the Street (8 comments)

Friday, June 10:

Hemp, The Great Green Hope (10 comments)


Conquering the Beast Within and Without: Maintaining a Sibling Rivalry with Big Brother (3 comments)

Jewish American Teenage Hero Lucas Koerner takes on two World Powers

What Will The Left Do About The Continuation Of The Iraq War? (2 comments)

Solar Storms, CME's, and All Things Considered. Are you Ready?

We Can No Longer Remain Passive and Indifferent, It is Time for Collective Action, Part 2 (1 comments)

Roll Over, Karl Marx (6 comments)

Jesselyn Radack: *Prosecution Against Drake Collapses; Drake Pleads to Minor Charge (4 comments)

*Speak Out Against Voter Suppression in PA

Sit back, relax"this won't take too long

You Don't Want a Smart Meter for Electricity - How About No Meter At All (5 comments)

The Mythology of Individualism (18 comments)

Care for the vulnerable and profit don't mix (1 comments)

Amnesty International Launches Global Angola 3 Campaign

Adopt, don't shop, for your four-legged friend (2 comments)

Palestinian Divisions on Statehood

Sarah Palin: Do you Support the First Amendment? (16 comments)

The Obama Doctrine: Lawless Imperial Aggression (5 comments)

Details Emerge on Dan Wolfe, Breitbart's Source For Weinergate as "BornFreeCrew" Implodes - UPDATE (6 comments)

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi and the Tragedy of Iraq, Part 2: We've Got Problems, We've Got Problems (5 comments)

Thursday, June 9:

Why the President Must Come Up With Demand-Side Solutions, And Not Go Over to the Supply Side (6 comments)

A Call to Action: Tell Federal Judge Filipe Restrepo He Needs to Go Back and Study His Constitution

The Fight for Peace Heats Up (3 comments)

Skating to the Financial Abyss (6 comments)

Three Deadly War Myths

Time for Those Subpoenaed in WikiLeaks Grand Jury Investigation to Setup Support Committee? (5 comments)

June 14th Economic Rebellion Update -- This Is What Decentralized Resistance Looks Like

US vs Islamic Militants: Invisible Balance of Power (9 comments)

Where America Is and What We Can Do About It (1 comments)

To Republicans: Political Advice on Medicare

Blue Shield's PR Coup (4 comments)

Missy Wants a Bridge (7 comments)

It's Time We Started Talking About the Bosnian Genocide (3 comments)

*US Invested Heavily in Hitler Compensated Europe's Jews with Arab Land - Therefore: [Parts 2 & 3] (3 comments)

*US Invested Heavily in Hitler Compensated Europe's Jews with Arab Land - Therefore: [Part 1] (3 comments)

Excerpt of IAEA report on Fukushima nuclear crisis (1 comments)

Grassroots Get "Fertilized" on in North Carolina by Their Own (1 comments)

Understanding Pakistan

RIP? News Coverage of Local Government (4 comments)

Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You! (3 comments)

The Emperor Wears no Clothes in Theory: Theories Underlying Major US Policies are Problematic (3 comments)

The Growing Powers of the Executive Branch (6 comments)

*Is Israel Plotting...or Stumbling toward...Mideast War? (1 comments)

A Victim Of The Masses?: Piers Morgan Gets Ann Coulter To Admit That She's Really Marie Antoinette! (1 comments)

Seven Defects of American Governance -- Part 2 (1 comments)

Butchery vs. Surgery: A Political Health Plan for the Middle East (1 comments)

New Evidence: Federal Government's Egregious Treatment of Americans during WWII (1 comments)

Global Economic Crisis Deepening (1 comments)

IMF Financial Terrorism

*Should al-Qaeda have the right to bear arms? (45 comments)

Wednesday, June 8:

Feeding frenzy over latest political sex scandal nothing more than a distraction (8 comments)

Nary a Clue: American History for Twits (3 comments)

A Need for a Compassionate Teaching? (3 comments)

Neocons Spin Two "Lost" Wars (4 comments)


What sort of relationship are you looking for? (2 comments)

Declining Democracy (17 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Israelis prepare to emigrate and Palestinians to Return!

The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness (1 comments)

We Can No Longer Remain Passive and Indifferent, It is Time for Collective Action (17 comments)

Exit Free (1 comments)

The Continuing Loss of Our Political Representation: Part I (2 comments)

Pakistan for Sale

San Francisco Is Damned!: Will the "Tales of the City" Town Withstand The Coming Onslaught Of Violent Rhetoric? (2 comments)

A Nation On a Self-Destructive Path; The Dismantling Of The Middle Class (10 comments)

U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and an Integrated North American Command (2 comments)

The Midnight Lies of Sarah Revere (3 comments)

The Duality of Polarity (1 comments)

Corporate Profit Versus Life on Earth (9 comments)

Torturing Bahraini Doctors

Internet Censorship Bill Introduced (4 comments)

The Impossible Distance: A Choice to Kill (3 comments)

Sarah Palin is National Traitor (10 comments)

Tuesday, June 7:

*US Invested Heavily in Hitler Compensated Europe's Jews with Arab Land - Therefore:(Part 1) (1 comments)

Torture Awareness Month (4 comments)

Libya: Connect the dots--you get a giant dollar sign (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: The Ol' Skedaddle (1 comments)

Have you ever had a bronchial infection? (1 comments)

Some Much Needed Comic Relief from Lee Camp: Fu@k Apathy! Fight Back! (Video)

Walker Removes Painting of Homeless/Low-Income Children from Gov.'s Mansion (6 comments)


Inside the DHS: Former Top Analyst Says Agency Bowed to Political Pressure (1 comments)

Muhammad Never Tortured Prisoners of War (1 comments)

Slain Writer's Book Says US-NATO War Served Al-Qaeda Strategy (1 comments)

The Bush Effect -- The Morons Are Coming! (22 comments)

Why Are Our Most Potent Advocates Committing Political Suicide with Their Sexual Behavior? (26 comments)

The Success of Failure (4 comments)

Volunteers of America Got to Revolution (3 comments)

Humala Wins Peru's Presidential Runoff (2 comments)

America's Imperial War on Libya (3 comments)

The Edwards Prosecution -- They have better things to do (6 comments)

Roadmap to the Poorhouse

Secret Wars Of CIA Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions Of Dollars

Monday, June 6:

Tracking, Explaining and Understanding the Cleverly Organized Crimes of Banksters (18 comments)

*New Yorkers: tell Mayor Bloomberg to invest in public schools, not slash their budgets!

Overcoming Ballot Box Blues

Propping up Limp Dems: 'Zank Heaven for Rightwing Girls' (4 comments)

Glued to the Weather Channel While the World Burns (7 comments)

Change You CAN Believe In! (6 comments)

Impeachment or an obsolete Constitution?

Socialism and Nazism- The Two Big Differences (11 comments)

Gen. Keane Keen on Attacking Iran (3 comments)

The Water Is Wide: Building a Revolution

Ecuador's Increase In Social Spending Has Lifted Many Out Of Poverty (2 comments)

Our Tahrir Square: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th

Naksa Day Commemorates Decades of Israeli State Terror (1 comments)

Bahrain and an Interview with Finian Cunningham

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bio-engineered to produce human fatalities (8 comments)

Sunday, June 5:

Could Palin Be Convenient Pawn for New World Order? (4 comments)

The John Edwards Case; Justice or Personal Vendetta? (11 comments)

How the empire will prevail -- Will Washington Foment War Between China and India? (17 comments)

Ethical Lessons from Kanazawa: Recommendations for Writers and Editors (5 comments)

But What About My 401 K? (2 comments)

Three Strikes and You're Hot: Time for Obama to Say No to the Fossil Fuel Wish List (2 comments)

Republican BS (2 comments)

"President" Romney's White (Male) House

Open Letter to President Barack Obama from E.coli 0104:H4 (4 comments)

Jack Kevorkian Meant Well (3 comments)


Why are the Taiwanese workers of today hyper-focused on Mainland China? Is it inevitable or a bad bias to be overcome/? (2 comments)

Building Connections and Gaining International Perspectives in Taiwan and East Asia (1 comments)

Pick Your Poison (2 comments)

Liars, Thieves, Murderers! (4 comments)

Taiwan Health Issues: Growing concerns about malpractices have seen company officials arrested and assets seized (1 comments)

Ilyas Kashmiri reportedly killed in US drone attack in South Waziristan

The Evil That Will Not Die (18 comments)

Calling for a National Holiday in Recognition of Whistle Blowers and Profiles in Courage! (8 comments)

Atlanta's Proposed Transit Fare Hike Will Hit Poor and Blacks Hardest (1 comments)

A Derelict Congress Unwilling to Exercise Its War Powers (5 comments)

The Last Dance: Prom Night in America

Continuing Bahraini State Terror (2 comments)

Former Political Prisoner Geronimo Pratt Dies (1 comments)

Saturday, June 4:

Republicans propose another recession (6 comments)

"Living beyond our means" -- What means? The Banksters Own Our Means. (3 comments)

The question is: Are you completely nuts? Are we? (6 comments)

Making the US Economy "Scream" (3 comments)


Dogs and Cats for Dinner? (14 comments)

Please, Treat Me Like a Dog; Thoughts On Jack Kevorkian (12 comments)

*Defend The Clean Air Act

Ayesha Nariman: *A FAIRER TWO-STATE SOLUTION (1 comments)

Kucinich: End the Fed & Create Full Employment (22 comments)

Doctors on Israel's Forty-Four Year Occupation (1 comments)

America's Addiction: Waging Illegal Wars

Policymakers have made another Depression Unavoidable (8 comments)

Friday, June 3:

An inside look into the Arab dictators' playbook (2 comments)

Cell Phones, Cancer, and You (10 comments)

RACHEL Avnery; a Memorium (4 comments)

I Am A Dissident (3 comments)

Freedom Rider: The Obama Surveillance State (5 comments)

Come Out Come Out - It's bright out here

Is Osama Alive Or Really Dead? (2 comments)

Ratko Mladic Arrest: The Uses and Hypocrisy of U.N. "Genocide" (6 comments)

Double-Dip Recession: It Can't Happen...But It's Happening (1 comments)

Forty-Four Years of Occupation

The US and Israel: A Failed Marriage (3 comments)

Thursday, June 2:

Strauss-Kahn's plot thickens with the identical charges of Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar (1 comments)

*US Occupation of Iraq: When, oh When will it End? (3 comments)


"We've Never Seen Such Horror" -- HRW's Chilling New Report on Syria (4 comments)

Thoughtcrime: USA (1 comments)

The Truth About the American Economy - Part 2

McCain Dethrones the Rule of Law (7 comments)

Silent Season

Our Crumbling Infrastructure: This Time, It's Personal (2 comments)

Jobs Fix Deficits (2 comments)

WikiLeaks Through the Looking Glass: A Panel Discussion in a School of Journalism Classroom (6 comments)

Bachmann in my bubble - Nooo (1 comments)

The Anthony Weiner "Affair" (8 comments)

Who is Behind the Abduction and Killing of Saleem Shahzad?

My Neighbors and the Real Rapture (6 comments)

Mladic and international justice: Age of deception


A Viable Society Requires A Viable Citizenry

Venezuelans Mobilize Agaisnt Obama's Sanctions (2 comments)

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (9 comments)

Is That Even Legal? (8 comments)

States Harming People Most in Need (2 comments)

Escalating an Asian Arms Race

Hail Caesar! (12 comments)

Wednesday, June 1:

The Truth About the American Economy (10 comments)

One Year After Debunking Breitbart's "Slander," CNN Welcomes Him Back As Newsmaker

Kathy Malloy: In Flander's Field

Capitalism (17 comments)

The Republicans' New Found Affinity for Civil Discourse (4 comments)

The Mysterious Robert Gates

Over My Dead Body! (3 comments)

Geithner and Goldman, Thick as Thieves (3 comments)

What This World Needs: More Inspiring Protest Mentors, Like Diane Wilson (1 comments)

Seven Defects of American Governance -- Part 1 (1 comments)

Now Pakistan Is Not A Safe Place For Journalists

Wrinkles Cost Money. What The Nation's Elderly Need Now: Facial Spackle And Fake IDs (1 comments)


Netanyahu's War on Gaza (2 comments)


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