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June 2011

Thursday, June 30:

Blagojevich Convicted, But Was He Really Guilty? (4 comments)

John Smith: How come the scientific establishment of the United States hasn't collapsed? by Eric Berger (2 comments)

5 Outrageous Examples of FBI Intimidation and Entrapment

50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You (2 comments)

Obama's News Conference: He Criticizes the Republicans, But Will He Follow Through? (2 comments)

John Smith: Bank of America Likely to Settle Case with NY Fed, Pimco, Blackrock for $8.5 Billion

John Smith: "Extend and Pretend" Continues in the Euro Zone, by Marshall Auerback

US Confused Strategy about Pakistan - Shaukat

Wednesday, June 29:


The Congressional Black Caucus on Libya War: The Good, the Confused, and the Hopeless, by Glen Ford (3 comments)

John Smith: From Democracy to Debtocracy. DEBTOCRACY - The documentary about the debt crisis in Greece & Europe

Mark Morford: Michele Bachmann, hell's Barbie

Bachmann is so not ready for presidency, but Pawlenty has the judgment and skills (1 comments)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Those reckless Republicans

Republicans Bungle War-Powers Pushback

Tuesday, June 28:

We Must All Fight Like Greeks - IHWPOP

Paul Krugman: The Old Superstition

Amy Goodman : A nuclear-free future for America

Is the Global Civilization Failing? (4 comments)

Former CIA officer questions EU motives in Syria - Rettman

Activist Emily Good stunned by fallout from video

Monday, June 27:

John Smith: The Elites' Agenda 21 Is Finally Getting Some Airtime (2 comments)

Why Do People Believe Stupid Stuff, Even When They're Confronted With the Truth?

Democracy vs Mythology in Greece (1 comments)

A Message to All Baby Boomers (and Those Who Love Them)

Sunday, June 26:

Obama's Afghan beachhead & Asia - Ghani

Whose Stimulus?

Saturday, June 25:

Paul Krugman and Robin Wells: The Busts Keep Getting Bigger: Why? (1 comments)

As Ray McGovern and Other Americans Head to Gaza, Our Neighbor Says "I'm afraid they're going to kill him!" (1 comments)

Alice Walker: Why I'm joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (1 comments)

Americanism: The US Legacy of War, Imperialism and Racism (1 comments)

John Smith: U.S. orthodoxy on China is nonsense, By Clyde Prestowitz

Philip Geraldi: Something Rotten This Way Comes

Sudan: Geostrategic Genocide Intervention

John Smith: President 'becoming an absolute monarch' on war powers, Dem says, By Pete Kasperowicz

The Perfect Society

John Smith: The new FBI powers, by John Whitehead

Friday, June 24:

Pakistan's Fruitless Dialogue with India - Shaukat

Eugene Robinson: Why does the Afghanistan war go on?

Where did our honor go? - David Rothscum Reports

The Breast Milk Cure - Nicholas D. Kristof (1 comments)

John Smith: Iceland, a country that wants to punish the bankers responsible for the crisis (2 comments)

John Smith: A Planned Depression?

Thursday, June 23:

Something Rotten This Way Comes (1 comments)

NYTimes Editorial: Cloud Over the Court

Matt Taibbi: Michele Bachmann's Holy War

Dana Milbank: Obama's variation on "mission accomplished'

Obama's Tough Balancing Act on Afghanistan (1 comments)

No Food Safety in These Numbers

Wednesday, June 22:

Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Wendell Berry Call for Civil Disobedience on Tar Sands (1 comments)

Republicans do not have the power to block an Elizabeth Warren recess appointment

Al Gore: Climate of Denial

Under Food Tyranny – E.Coli The New Terrorist Threat

At the Mercy of the State

Forty six major US cities face two "lost decades" of job growth, by Andre Damon (1 comments)

Will Bolivia Make the Breakthrough on Food Security and the Environment? (1 comments)

Mark Bittman: NY Times: No Food Safety in These Budget Numbers

The CIA's Fake "Arab Spring" Becoming a Long, Hot Summer of War - Tarpley

Tuesday, June 21:

Jim Lobe: Neo-Cons Are Clearly Worried About GOP

EJ Dionne Jr: How States Are Rigging the 2012 Election

Backward at the F.B.I. -

Banking's Moment of Truth -Joe Nocera

Hypocrisy, Locked and Loaded -

Eugene Robinson: Obama's novel definition of "hostilities'

John Smith: Five of the Nastiest Examples of Wal-Mart Evil, By Sarah Seltzer

Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First - MARK W. EVERSON

Too Little, Too Late -

A.E.P. Protests Too Much -

The NEW Countdown With Keith Olbermann - Clarence Thomas and Conflict

David Corn: Did Chris Wallace Really Say Fox News Isn't Fair and Balanced?

Matt Taibbi -- Out of Power, Right-Wing Hawks Turn Dovish (1 comments)

Monday, June 20:

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- How states are rigging the 2012 election

Justices Have Been Forced To Resign For Doing What Clarence Thomas Has Done (4 comments)

More BANK BAILOUTS: How the Mafia looted your bank Pt 1 Christopher Rice (2 comments)

Sunday, June 19:

For Blacks, a Rift Over Obama

Pakistan's Survial through Unity - Shaukat

Dad was put in prison for profit - Immigrants for Sale

AnonomousRevolution video Christopher Rice

Part 2: How the Economists Facilitated the Crisis and Must Now Be Held Accountable, Stephen Zarlenga

Part 1: How the Economists Facilitated the Crisis and Must Now Be Held Accountable, Stephen Zarlenga

Why Regime Change in Libya?

Steve Benen: Bachmann's latest conspiracy theory is a doozy

Saturday, June 18:

Dana Milbank: Joe Lieberman joining Glenn Beck: a shanda

Friday, June 17:

Who Is James Johnson? - David Brooks

Anthony Weiner and the Manly Men of Yore - Sara lipton

Eric Kingson: With AARP Supporting Social Security Benefit Cuts, It's Time to Burn My AARP Card

What Exactly is the War Powers Act and is Obama Really Violating it? (1 comments)

Joe Conason: Washington's Deeper Immorality

How I Repair the Government and Balance the Budget (1 comments)

Ten Gallon Hats With Little in Them: Basket Case State (6 comments)

How the Corporate Right Divided Blacks from Teachers Unions and Each Other, by B.A.R. Executive Editor Glen Ford (4 comments)

Joel Shatzky: In Defense of Anthony Weiner

Pak Nukes are Secure and Safe - Shaukat (1 comments)

Thursday, June 16:

Sowing the seeds: Can Wisconsin uprising grow nationwide movement? (1 comments)

Republicans slash and spurn

Sheila Dean: The Battle Over Immigration is About to Affect All of Us in a Big Way » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American

John Reed: REPORT FROM TRIPOLI: More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention:" The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B (1 comments)

The FBI Loosens Up, by John Grant

'You Can No Longer Think of Yourselves as Peace Officers': Militarizing 'Lockdown High'

The G.O.P. Presidential Debate -

So No One's Responsible? -

Wednesday, June 15:

Intelligence Test - Dickey

Congressman X is throbbing for you (2 comments)

In Defense of John Edwards

David Corn: What the Palin Emails Really Show (2 comments)

Richard Clarke: China's Cyberassault on America

New Hampshire Debate: The Ghost of George W. Bush (1 comments)

Will the Gaza flotilla be safe from Israel's murderous threats? (2 comments)

Tuesday, June 14:

Don't Be Distracted by Weinergate: The Scandalous "Judicial Insider Trading" of Justice Clarence Thomas, Wife "Ginni" (1 comments)

Pro-Israelis Turning U.S. into Islamophobic Police State by Maidhc " Cathail

John Smith: Bryan's "Cross of Gold" Speech: Mesmerizing the Masses, William Jennings Bryan (1 comments)

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad

WSJ and Al-Jazeera Lure Whistleblowers With False Promises of Anonymity

Monday, June 13:

Mitt Romney for President! Not. (1 comments)

Medicare Saves Money by Paul Krugman

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Gridlocking the lives of the jobless

The Whistle-Blowers of 1777 - the public editor

Why Anthony Weiner Shouldn't Quit (2 comments)

The Whistleblowers of 1777

Who writes Legislation? ALEC does! (1 comments)

James Petras: Afghanistan: Why Civilians are Killed

American Indirect Support to Pakistani Taliban - Shaukat

Pepe Escobar: Eurasian geopolitics face Astana earthquake

Paul Krugman: Medicare Saves Money

Sunday, June 12:

Separation of Church and School

Nicholas D. Kristof: When Food Kills

Why Was This Man Standing At A Podium Before the US Congress? (1 comments)

Blocking Elizabeth Warren (1 comments)

Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Fantasy Nation?

John Smith: Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim (1 comments)

Toronto City Council to Vote on 'Israeli Apartheid'

Subprime Education -

N.A.A.C.P. on Defensive for Suit Against Charter Schools - (1 comments)

Blocking Elizabeth Warren -Joe Nocera

Saturday, June 11:

Let Them Play: Behind FIFA's Decision to Ban Iran's National Women's Team (1 comments)

What if Anthony Weiner rode on Sarah Palin's bus?

I Hated Every Moment Of That Piece-Of-sh*t Show (1 comments)

Why TSA, Wars, State Defined Diets, Seat-Belt Laws, the War On Drugs, Police Brutality, and Efforts to Control the Inter

Decline and Fall of the American Empire (1 comments)

Friday, June 10:

Hedge Funds 'Grabbing Land' in Africa (1 comments)

Eugene Robinson: A plan for Afghanistan: Declare victory -- and leave

Al Qaeda Already Franchised - Shaukat

Wall Street's Latest Manufactured Outrage

Paul Krugman: Rule by Rentiers

John Smith: The Occult Technology of Power

Paul Krugman: Rule by Rentiers

Thursday, June 9:

Lupe Fiasco Right On; Another Match in the Darkness

Weiner vs. Bayh: Which One's A Bigger Scandal?

Israel and the Delusion of Separateness by John Grant

Margaret Thatcher to Sarah Palin: don't bother dropping by

Wednesday, June 8:

Sheila Dean: Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and the Circus -- The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Bob Herbert: The Jobs Emergency and America in Crisis

Tuesday, June 7:

Hey, Media: Here's My Beef With "Weinergate"

Eugene Robinson: Sarah Palin's revisionist ride

Why pharma's patents are a drug on the market

Pawlenty - Eliminate Federal Funding To Any Service Found On The Internet

FDL: Misery Doesn't Love Company by jeffroby

The Mistake of 2010 -Paul krugman

The Depravity Factor -DAVID BROOKS (2 comments)

Monday, June 6:

Sheila Dean: Beat The Chip: New tagless RFIDs & tracking ingestibles go beyond The Chip

Michele Bachmann Said What!?

David Corn: Palin Emails: Coming Friday

E.J. Dionne Jr. -- Romney's flawed view of freedom

Vouchercare Is Not Medicare

What is Sanity?

They Want to Make Voting Harder?

Paul Krugman: Vouchercare Is Not Medicare (4 comments)

Sunday, June 5:

Stephen M. Walt: Do the American people support the 'special relationship?'

The Fed is for Bankers Only

A State which demands the right to protect its borders must define where the border is

Nicholas D. Kristof: Our Fantasy Nation?

Saturday, June 4:

Obama, Pentagon stall on Afghanistan troop withdrawal

Friday, June 3:

Video -- Olbermann's Worst Person of the Day: Sarah Palin


Paul Krugman: The Mistake of 2010

Roger Cohen: A White Woman From Kansas

Thursday, June 2:

The twelve-step program that works, but probably not for you

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Needed: True political courage (1 comments)

GOP Pulls Libya War Powers Resolution from the Floor Because it Might Pass

The Unbearable Lightness of Killing

E.J. Dionne Jr -- Why Paul Ryan is losing the Medicare argument

O'Bama and Netanyahoo's Duelling Speeches (8 comments)

How Republicans Support Our Troops (4 comments)

Cavuto Adopts Beck's Fearmongering: Violent Riots Are Coming To America

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Imperial Eye on Pakistan

Sheila Dean: Susie Castillos TSA Petition to Congress

Wednesday, June 1:

Monsanto gets schooled by 11 year-old boy! We are not fooled by you! Must see! - Youtube - 5 mins.

Bruce Fein - McCain Dethrones the Rule of Law


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