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May 2011

Tuesday, May 31:

Syed Saleem Shahzad: Suspicions Fall on Pakistan's ISI in Journalist's Death - The Daily Beast

Wisconsin Dems 6. Wisconsin Republicans 0.

Kloppenburg Concedes WI Supreme Court Election, Cites 'Widespread Irregularities', Says Problems Found During 'Recount S

8 Million Killed by Terrorists (from government supported group)

UN Seeks Probe after Torture and Slaying of Syrian Boy

Ag Gag 2011: What Does Agribusiness Have to Hide in Iowa?

Spain: Working class revolt breaks out - Snowden

Engelhardt, Welcome to Post-Legal America (1 comments)

Tornadoes Prove That Spencer Bachus Is a World-Class Tool

As Physicians' Jobs Change, So Do Their Politics

Strike Updates: Color Revolutions (MUST READ) (2 comments)

John Smith: Grand Theft Pentagon: Tales of Corruption and Profiteering in the War on Terror, By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR (1 comments)

"Whose Vote?? OUR VOTE!!!" WI Protest for Election Integrity (1 comments)

EXCLUSIVE: WI State Election Board Failed to Review Minutes from Waukesha County 'Recount' Before Certifying Supreme Cou

Monday, May 30:

Syria video points to "shoot to kill' policy of security forces

They lifted 1.5 billion Thursday and Friday from banks

Libyan Rebels Distribute Rules on POW Treatment.

John Smith: The Cluster Bombing of Misrata: The Case Against the USA (1 comments)

Anger as US arms dealer takes over running of Scottish nuclear bomb base

McConnell: Ryan Medicare plan "on the table' in budget talks with Obama, Democratic lawmakers

Over 100 Libyan Army Personnel Defect from Gaddafi

Karzai Gives "Last Warning" Over Civilians Killed in NATO Attack

Thank George W. Again, by Abby Zimet of Common Dreams (1 comments)

Sunday, May 29:

Video of Arrest of People Dancing at Jefferson Memorial (2 comments)

Gen. Cartwright, poised to lead Joint Chiefs, had his shot derailed by critics

Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban

Easy Rider Revisited: You May Prefer the Old Version (4 comments)

Will Bachmann Back Out? Challenged by 10th Grader to Debate

Financial Reform: Another Opportunity About to be Trashed?

Oregon Senator Wyden freezes second Internet censorship bill

Michelle Alexander on California's 'Cruel and Unusual' Prisons

The 'Christian' Dogma Pushed by Religious Schools That Are Supported by Your Tax Dollars (1 comments)

Elections supervisors in key counties refuse to implement new law

Mass protests demand "second revolution" in Egypt

Saturday, May 28:

House Passes Bill Authorizing Endless "Worldwide War"

Suicide car bomb kills 32 in Pakistan

Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza

GOP freshmen get a tough lesson in politics (1 comments)

In further case of censorship, the BBC deny Palestine's right to exist | Jody McIntyre | Independent Notebook Blogs

By blocking its leader, GOP constrains new consumer bureau's reach

Michele Bachmann has 'calling' to run

Eye-Opening Facts About Our Bloated Post-9/11 'Defense' Spending

Thom Hartmann Characterizes Fox News "Makers vs. Takers" Show as Further Attack on Middle Class (1 comments)

Dan Choi - Moscow Gay Pride - Twitter In Jail | Mediaite (2 comments)

Cleaning up City Squares in Democratic Spain

The Capture of Ratko Mladic: Can We Hope For Justice? (1 comments)

US, Israel fearful of Rafah reopening

Friday, May 27:

Vivid Footage: Misurata Airport Bears Battle Scars

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Label Suit 'a Fraud' (1 comments)

DNC chair Wasserman Schultz: Don't make Israel a partisan issue (VIDEO) (3 comments)

McConnell: "Significant' Medicare reform will happen before 2012 election (1 comments)

Obama, GOP unveil competing plans for job growth

Clinton arrives in Pakistan to smooth relations

Rick Scott vetoes record $615m from budget

Iraq's Sadrists stage mass rally to demand total U.S. withdrawal

Patriot Act Extension Signed By Obama

John Smith: Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater's Founder, By MARK MAZZETTI and EMILY B. HAGER

Eighth Grader Executed for Scaring a Cop (4 comments)

John Smith: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities, By Steve Kangas (1 comments)

John Smith: Iran's Press TV Comes Under Attack in Britain

Bachmann, Palin compete for the same space?

G8: Libya's Gaddafi 'should go', say world leaders, including Russia

Pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian students at Calif. campus join to blast activist (1 comments)

Fed Wrist-slap for Wachovia Shows Drug War Farce (2 comments)

Dick Cheney Worships Earth!

Hatch Bill Would 'Unlock' Non-Wilderness Public Lands

Judge Takes Huge Dump; Makes Many Feel Better

Scott Walker blows over $1 BILLION on unnecessary highway projects

Thursday, May 26:

Right-Wing Media Compare Gore To Fringe Preacher Who Incorrectly Predicted Rapture

Disaster aid under new scrutiny

Your Brain on $4.50 per Gallon Gas (2 comments)

8 US-led soldiers killed in Afghan war

CIA to search bin Laden compound

Obama, other world leaders, open G-8 summit in France

Boehner: Medicare played "small part' in N.Y. defeat (1 comments)

Dan Froomkin: IRS To Take On Karl Rove? Tax Laws Could Take A Bite Out Of Secret Political Spending

Arizona immigration law: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law Penalizing Business For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

DOJ threatened to cancel all flights to and from Texas if state passed anti-TSA groping bill (1 comments)

You Never Know

Andy Worthington: The 14 Missing Guantánamo files

Are Black Public Officials More Likely Than Whites to be Prosecuted in the Deep South?

Sarah Palin's Moves Suggest She May Run After All

Rand Paul Would Mask Reforming the Patriot Act to Pander to the NRA

Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Ass-Backwards in the Middle East (1 comments)

John Smith: Blackwater serves corrupt states (1 comments)

Is Fukushima now ten Chernobyls into the sea? (7 comments)

Will Indignation Salvage Spain?

Sherwood Ross: California's Overcrowded Prisons Typical, Not Exceptional

John Smith: Supreme Court upholds order for California to release 46,000 inmates

Bill O'Reilly Converted to Socialism! (1 comments)

There's a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

Replacing Strauss-Kahn; "Pro-bank bailout" Lagarde is a shoo in (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 25:

Assange: We Target Government Conspiracies (1 comments)

Gingrich takes few questions, avoids press at N.H. town hall

After Republican election defeat, Senate rejects GOP budget plan that would overhaul Medicare - 2chambers - The Washingt

Suspect in Ariz. shooting rampage found incompetent for trial (1 comments)

Press Release: The Arab Awakening Begins the Liberation of Gaza: Egypt to Open Rafah Border with Gaza (4 comments)

Perry signs sonogram before abortion bill into Texas law

John Smith: The Iran-9/11 Connection, by Philip Shenon (1 comments)

Gaza: Egypt 'to open Rafah crossing to Palestinians'

Rob Woodall Won't Give Up Government Health Care 'Because It's Free' (VIDEO) (2 comments)

Ten Rules On How to Fire An Employee--And Not Get Sued (3 comments)

John Smith: Genocide-ignoring lies in Obama's Mideast speech, By Dr Gideon Polya

Four Health Myths You Probably Believe Are True (1 comments)

Public Employees Offer Solutions. Examples.

The Wake-Up Call: House GOP Seeks Big Cuts To FDA, Food Safety Inspectors

'US puts Israel before its own people' (2 comments)

Tuesday, May 24:

Africans in Libya say Tricked into Fighting for Gaddafi

Press Release: Syria Civilian Death Toll Surpasses 1,000 at the Hands of the Assad Regime

Medicare Issue Swings Dem To Win NY Election Long Held By GOP (6 comments)

Democrat Wins Upstate New York Congressional Race

Cantor Says Congress Won't Pay For Missouri Disaster Relief Unless Spending Is Cut Elsewhere

Why such a warm reception for Benjamin Netanyahu at US Congress?

White House Beefs Up Online Rapid Response by Sam Stein

Are Your Children Safe at Church by Chris Rice

Dispatch From Tripoli--NATO's Feast of Blood (15 comments)

Report: Stimulus Recipients Owe Hundreds Of Millions In Taxes

NATO launches largest airstrike against Gaddafi regime

Dana Milbank: Republican presidential candidate Pawlenty bends his truth-telling - The Washington Post

Sherwood Ross: Has Ron Paul Gone CO? (5 comments)

Strike Updates: Saudi Arabia

John Smith: Germany Mediates Secret US-Taliban Talks, By Susanne Koelbl and Holger Stark

How To Fire An Employee--and Not Get Sued

Dilip Hiro, Pakistan's Other Partner


'Spirit of Rachel Corrie' bound for Gaza

Monday, May 23:

Apocalypse Postponed: Radio host now says Judgment Day coming in October (6 comments)

Sen. Scott Brown: Why I don't back Paul Ryan's Medicare plan

Sheila Dean: Obama proposes DHS as worldwide cybersecurity agency

John Smith: And You Thought The North American Union Was A Conspiracy Theory

Saying No to Permanent Global War (8 comments)

Medicare Cuts Unpopular In Swing States, Polls Suggest

Libyan Boats Are a Lifeline for Rebels in Misurata

EU backs Obama's call for Mideast peace treaty based on 1967 borders

Obama repeats call for Israel's pre-1967 borders as negotiating basis

Justice Department, SEC investigations often rely on companies' internal probes - The Washington Post

States cut back efforts to provide drugs for HIV, AIDS - The Washington Post

NY Times: Kucinich, Losing District, Looks Very Far Afield

Sec. Clinton Has A Choice: Protect Americans or Profit The Kochs (2 comments)

Breaking News: GOP Will Run Nobody for President in 2012 (1 comments)

Coming to Indiana: Random House-to-House Searches by Police With No Warrants, No Cause

Ron Ridenour: Will Sri Lanka's Tamils Get Some Measure of Justice from the United Nations?

After tornadoes, rural disaster area faces relief challenges

Rebecca Solnit, When Institutions Rape Nations (1 comments)

Lilly Ledbetter Encounters Many Hurdles on the Road to Equal Pay (3 comments)

'Taliban leader Mullah Omar killed'

Aftermath of the Worst of the Misrata Siege

Sunday, May 22:

Uncloaking the Koch Brothers (from GRITtv)

Sherwood Ross: Depression, Not Recession, Rocks U.S. Ghettos (3 comments)

Amy Goodman's Speech at the Seattle Green Festival

Pawlenty running for President

Photographer Anton Hammerl 'killed by Libyan troops'

Palin's Rumored New Home in Arizona Revives 2012 Speculation

Mixed reactions to unfulfilled doomsday

Obama reassures Israel supporters

Israel approves nearly 300 settlements

Democrats, Republicans agree to four-year extension of Patriot Act powers

Barack Obama: US 'would repeat Bin Laden raid'

Daniels Decides Against Republican Presidential Bid

My brother, uninsured and recently diagnosed with AIDS... (2 comments)

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos (3 comments)

Livni praises Obama, Calls For Netanyahu Resignation (1 comments)

Saturday, May 21:

Broadcaster silent as Judgment Day hours tick by

Sherwood Ross: Ignorance of the Past Cripples U.S. Foreign Policy (3 comments)

*June Trial Looms As Obama DOJ Crusades Against Critics (23 comments)

Republican Governor Popularity Plummets, From Ohio's Kasich to Florida's Scott to Wisconsin's Walker - The Daily Beast (2 comments)

FBI Performs Damage Control for Big Pharma (1 comments)

John Smith: Interview April Gallops Attorney 911 Pentagon Survivor sued Cheney, Rumsfeld, Meyers

John Smith: US, Losing the War, Seeks Further Talks With Taliban?

The Believer Machine - CIA Can Use HAARP On Rapture Days (1 comments)

Netanyahu's Ill-Advised White House Tantrum Over Obama's Mideast Speech

GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

Obama's Peace Tack Contrasts With Key Aide, Friend of Israel

Turkey threatens Israel with retaliation

Iran mulls imposing sanctions on US

Deaths in NATO oil tanker fire

'Netanyahu to buy Obama support'

Obama Calls for Mideast Peace Deal Based on Israel's Pre-1967 Borders

Friday, May 20:

Airstrikes cripple Gaddafi regime: NATO

New York Regents Add Test Results to Teacher Evaluations -

Brzezinski and Woodward Speak at Inaugural Al Jazeera U.S. Forum

Tale of the Tapes: Wisconsin's 'Dog-and-Pony Show' Faith-Based Supreme Court Election 'Recount' (2 comments)

Patriot Act Extension Agreement Reached By Congressional Leaders

Sherwood Ross: How Celtics Guard Chris Herren Battled Back From Addiction

House Dems push recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren

China Gives Pakistan 50 Fighter Jets - Perlez

Netanyahu: No return to 1967 borders

Tale of the Tapes: Wisconsin's 'Dog-and-Pony Show' Faith-Based Supreme Court Election 'Recount'

Obama Nominates a Bushie for EEOC Position (1 comments)

China 'asks USA to respect Pak sovereignty'

Coburn Writing Own Budget

Thursday, May 19:

Sebelius, Democrats say House Republican budget would affect seniors "on Day One'

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was trying to torpedo the dollar (5 comments)

Perry for president? He says no, but Rush Limbaugh says don't rule it out (1 comments)

Afghans killed in protest over NATO night raids

Did a GOP Conspiracy Target Both Don Siegelman and Gray Davis? (1 comments)

Helping Mentally Ill in New York State

The Skeletons are Coming out of the Closet for Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Republican right sets the tone for bipartisan assault on Medicare

The Wall Street Sex Complex and the case of Strauss Kahn (3 comments)

Former Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow released from jail | Mail Online

John Smith: The Fight Against USURY, by Jüri Lina (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 18:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Resigns From I.M.F. (1 comments)

Press Release: Jeremy Scahill on Erik Prince's Private Army of "Christian Crusaders" (video) (1 comments)

Brooklyn High School Seniors Prove There Can Be an Anti-war Youth Movement

John Smith: Strauss-Kahn, Eliot Spitzer and 'soft assassinations' , by Michael T. Bucci

Dorothy Parvaz: Inside Syria's Secret Prisons

Dan Froomkin: Oil Subsidies Repeal Blocked By Industry-Bankrolled Senators (CHART)

White House: No Alternative To Raising Debt Ceiling (1 comments)

West Wing briefing: For budget deal, "Gangs" less important than Obama, GOP leaders

Has Al-Qaida Named a Bin Laden Successor?

Fewer Emergency Rooms Available as Need Rises

Obama imposes sanctions on Syrian leader, 6 aides

Pakistani troops fire at Nato copters after airspace breach

Newt Gingrich Digs Himself In Deeper: "Any Ad Which Quotes What I Said On Sunday Is A Falsehood' | AlterNet

Senate Blocks Bill to Eliminate Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

Gang of Six at 'impasse' as Tom Coburn drops out (1 comments)

Feingold: 3 Dems deserve 'shame'

Birther Commemorative (Teaparty?) Mug

An Independent Investigation Is Needed on Mysterious "Suicides" in Alabama

Judges Who Refuse to Recuse Taint Our Justice System (21 comments)

Stay Human Convoy: Stay Human Convoy: So many things to see, so many people to meet... (1 comments)


Sheila Dean: Eleven Privacy and Civil Liberties Groups Urge U.S. to Uphold Privacy Values in E.U. Negotiations

The Obama Administration: May 1-16, 2011

One Lawman With the Guts to Go After Wall Street (7 comments)

Tuesday, May 17:

Blog Warfare: Right-Wing Sock Puppets Pretending to Be Liberals Assault Progressive Websites (2 comments)

Former IDF Spokesperson and Southern Brigade Commander to Testify in Corrie Civil Trial

The Great Switch by the Super Rich

Syria: Targeted Arrests of Activists Across Country

International Monetary FundRSS Related articles, background features and opinions about this topic. * Print *

Nick Turse, Obama and the Mideast Arms Trade

Could the Koch Brothers' Money Express Run Afoul of the IRS?

Stay Human Convoy: The Buffer Zone: realities of this accursed siege (1 comments)

Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes (1 comments)

Kloppenburg Responds to Shameful 'Journal Standard' Editorial Mocking Need for WI 'Recount'

4 US soldiers killed in blast in Afghanistan

Monday, May 16:

Gaddafis Named as International Criminal Court Suspects

N.Y. State Investigates Banks' Role in Fiscal Crisis

the DSK set-up. IMF Chief Caught in a Honey-Trap (154 comments)

Supply Side Economics, The Bush Tax Cuts & John Boehner Completely Discredited

The New Yorker's Damning Dissection of "Leak" Prosecution of Thomas Drake (2 comments)

Jeb Bush's education ideas draw national attention

How federal worker pensions might be targeted

Donald Trump: I won't run for president

At least 12 killed as Israel fires on Palestinian protesters

Clown Donald Trump Announces He's Not Running For President

Franklin P. Lamb: Majesty and massacre at Maroun al Ras (1 comments)

Stay Human Convoy: Voices of Resistance in Gaza (2 comments)

Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?

Endeavour Lifts Off on Its Final Flight

William Norman Grigg: 'Why Did Police Kill My Dad?'

Sunday, May 15:

The 'Gamble Report' -- A Defeat for Mikey Weinstein and His Forces of Satan? (2 comments)

The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide

Press Release: UPDATED: Palestinians Slain in "Nakba" Clashes with Israeli Troops/OpEdNews Contributor Arrested (2 comments)

'Blair created pack of lies on Iraq war'

Obama seeks to promote more oil drilling in Alaska, offshore - The Washington Post

Obama administration remains divided over future of U.S.-Pakistan relationship

Rob Kall: There's A Bottom Up Tidal Wave Underway. Will You Surf It? (5 comments)

How United is the UK?: Is Britain Heading for a Break-Up after Latest Scottish Elections?

Pride in Obama Makes his Trip to Memphis all the Sweeter (1 comments)

FCC Commissioner Baker's blatant conflict of interest

Stay Human Convoy: In the name of Vittorio Arrigoni, the 'Stay Human' convoy has entered Gaza (1 comments)

Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home (3 comments)

Pruitt-Igoe documentary: Myths, Ghosts and Survivors of a colossal urban policy failure (1 comments)

Corporate war on public education has Americans all over---students, parents, teachers---linking arms, and fighting back

It's Time to Break Up AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and the Rest of the Telecoms (4 comments)

Gulf Residents Say No to Congressional Push for Faster, Dangerous Drilling (4 comments)

Press Release: Fascist Eric Prince, Blackwater Founder, at it Again (37 comments)

Osama died in 2001: MSNBC hit piece unwittingly reveals corroboration for Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik's assertion - Watson (1 comments)

Huckabee says he won't run for president in 2012

Saturday, May 14:

Blackwater Founder Forms Secret Army for Arab State

High School Sophomore Challenges Bachmann To Basic "Fact Test' On U.S. Constitution

Benghazi Libyan Police Have New Priority: Fighting Crime

March On Wall Street: Thousands Of Teachers, Advocates Rally Against Bloomberg Cuts (PHOTOS)

Pakistan may cut Nato's Afghan supply line after Osama bin Laden killing

Koch brothers under attack by leftwing film-maker

Obama's Religion Problem: White House Funnels Money to Discriminatory Religious Groups

I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack

George Mitchell Resigns: What Envoy's Awkward Exit Signals for Mideast

Rift Deepens Between U.S. and Pakistan Over Bin Laden

Huge Profits for Health Insurers as Americans Put Off Care

Mitch Daniels, Architect of US Debt Crisis (6 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The tide has turned in favor of the Assad government (3 comments)

Feel like you're being robbed every time you fill the gas tank? Blame Wall Street (1 comments)

Friday, May 13:

John Smith: Leaving Afghanistan, by GWYNNE DYER

Russia warns West against 'Libya scenario' in Syria

May 15: Join the Call to Demand the Right of Return in New York City! - uspcn

The Remarkable, Lurid and CRIMINAL Story of Now-Former Sen. John Ensign (& Accomplice Sen. Tom Coburn)

ABC News and New York Times – Army Investigation Over False Accusations Ruined Our Lives, Say Muslim Soldiers

Supporter of WikiLeaks suspect to sue feds

Inhofe: Biggest Problem For Gitmo Detainees Is Obesity (VIDEO)

Obama Seeks Ways to Continue Air War in Libya

America's Largest Newspaper Launches a Nasty Attack on Grandma and Grandpa

Haley Barbour Shrugs As Mississippi Floods (1 comments)

Italian FM: Gaddafi likely injured

Matt Taibbi: The People vs. Goldman Sachs

Humanity Hitting the Resource Ceiling

Terrorists Have Rights Too: What International Law Says about the Killing of Bin Laden

Feeling Deceived Over Homes That Were Trump in Name Only (1 comments)

U.S. interviews 'hostile' bin Laden widows, with Pakistan officials -

Wisconsin Democrat Senator Herb Kohl to retire

From Dr. No to tea party godfather: Ron Paul says he's running for president a third time

A Dirty Game: Promoting Polarization To Insure Partisanship (2 comments)

Update On The Tension Mounting In Uganda: To Kill Or Not To Kill Gays? (1 comments)

Thursday, May 12:

Was the Killing of Osama bin Laden Legal?

Scorpio Full Moon, May 17, 2011 (2 comments)

'Gaddafi is the Terrorist': Derna Denies being al-Qaida Hotbed

Sad Refrain from Bahrain

House Republicans Shred Constitution With Backdoor Proposal of Permanent War (5 comments)

Mitt Romney's authenticity appeal on health care

McConnell demands spending cuts, Medicare overhaul for deal on debt limit

TEPCO now confirms nuclear meltdown in Fukushima reactor No. 1 (13 comments)

27 UW students cited during sit-in protest - PFB

Catholic Professors Criticize Boehner in Letter (1 comments)

Obama Seeks Reset in Arab World

Dan Froomkin: Democratic Senator Calls Big Oil Execs Selfish, Unfeeling -- And Unbeatable

Many Problems Observed in Milwaukee 'Recount' of WI Supreme Court Election - But No Media Reports!

Jimmy Carter's October Surprise Doubts (3 comments)

Elgan: How to Pop your Internet 'Filter Bubble' (1 comments)

Philippine president proposes to evict 500,000 slum residents from Manila

Guantanamo Bay detainees' family members may be allowed to visit - The Washington Post

Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich Defend Oil Companies Against Democrats

William Astore, A New Age of "Enlightened" War (1 comments)

Are You Addicted to Starbucks? (3 comments)

John Smith: Greater China: Bo Xilai focuses multiparty vision, By Francesco Sisci

Democrats Increasingly Scared Of Angering Corporations, Survey Says

Lenny Isenberg: Fraud in Education: The Case of Lenny Isenberg--and Us!

Sony Gaming System Hacked: Lessons for Electronic Vote Counting (1 comments)

Rabbi says President Obama's half brother will press for the release of convicted Israeli spy

Wednesday, May 11:

Press Release: Rape of women in DR Congo Tops 1000 a Day

Athens Grinds To Halt During Austerity Protest - PFB (1 comments)

Billy Graham hospitalized with pneumonia

Millions of Underage Facebook Users, Survey Finds

9/11 Truth and the Collapse of Steel Framed Buildings (4 comments)

Trump holds court at Nashua Chamber luncheon (1 comments)

Dan Froomkin: Reassessing The Cost Of The Post-9/11 Era, Post Bin Laden

John Kerry Heads For Pakistan To Soothe Fury Over Osama bin Laden Raid (6 comments)

Khan challenges Pakistan to reject all help from US

Vanunu demands revoking of his Israeli citizenship

Republicans push drilling off California coast; Democrats say no

Obama's Terror War Misses Domestic Targets

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: "Slut Walk" Anti-Rape March Coming to Australia (1 comments)

Focus on Peace at The Seventh Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair (video)

Osama bin Laden's Nose, Shoulders and Left Ear (17 comments)

Charles Koch hires himself a pair of trusty profs at Florida State, and if the faculty don't like it, they can lump it

DOE Rejects Firm Radiation Release Limit For Its Sites GEORGE LOBSENZ

Calls Mount to Push U.S. Troop Presence in Iraq Past 2011

'Iran's response to Israeli raid severe'

Tuesday, May 10:

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange given peace prize - PFB (1 comments)

Senate Democrats push to end tax breaks for big oil companies to cut deficit

Lawmakers threaten to subpoena White House budget official

U.S. commander: Bin Laden's death doesn't end Afghan war

US Assassination Campaign Continues - Democracy Now!

Hunting bin Laden (4) - Doug Craig


News organizations press White House to release visual proof of bin Laden's death

Omar Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden Son: Sea Burial Demeaning, Killing 'Criminal': Report - Reuters

David Corn: Does an Al Qaeda "Anthrax Operative" Own New York Pharmacies?

Another Good One: Official Cause of the Black Hawk Crash is "Warm Ground"

NATO launches new precision strikes against Gadhafi forces

Morale plunges among troops in Afghanistan

Gingrich's Wife May Play Big Role in Campaign

Press Release: Osama bin Laden Mission Agreed in Secret 10 Years Ago by US and Pakistan

Boehner demands trillions in spending cuts in exchange for lifting debt ceiling (1 comments)

Pakistanis disclose name of CIA operative

Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, No Pro Football? No Problem. (1 comments)

The Weather Ain't What It Used to Be (5 comments)

Sheila Dean: YouTube - Activists Confront Condoleeza Rice at Stanford University

Monday, May 9:

Methane contamination of water rises near to shale gas sites, study shows - PFB

Misrata Rebels 'Push Back Gaddafi Troops'

Action Alert - Committee to Stop FBI Repression

U.S. Braced for Fights With Pakistanis in Bin Laden Raid

Interview with Osama bin Laden. Denies his Involvement in 9/11 (4 comments)

Corporate Martial Law: Public Schools Auctioned Off to Highest Bidder (2 comments)

Wis. Supreme Court Recount Extended In Waukesha County

Syria protests: UN voices concern over cut-off Deraa


Sheila Dean: Schumer proposes 'no-ride list' for Amtrak trains - US news - Security -

Mastermind of Terror a Doddering Old Fool (1 comments)

Human Rights Watch to Gaddafi Regime: End Indiscriminate Attacks in Western Mountain Towns (2 comments)

Democrats Hope to Use Oil Company Tax Breaks to Pay Down Deficit

Unpatched DLL Bugs let Hackers Exploit Windows 7 and IE9

Primary Election 2012: Conservative Fears Of Permanent Welfare State May Create Wild Ride

Why Won't Pakistan Let the US Talk to Osama's Wives? (1 comments)

Major Facebook Hack: This is Sick!! (8 comments)

After Bin Laden Hit, U.S. Aides Raise Dubious Hopes for Peace

Mitch Daniels: The man who could reshape the Republican field

Monica Goodling Ruling Shows That Legal Watchdogs Have No Teeth (6 comments)

As States Battle for Cash, Insurance Concerns Grow -

Gingrich says he will announce presidential bid Wed. on Facebook, Twitter

We'll Get Around to the Trillion Dollars When We're Good and Ready, Senator...

America: Land of Dopes

John Yoo, author of 'torture memos,' debates Oregon's federal public defender Steven Wax

Andy Kroll, Welcome to the McJobs Recovery (2 comments)

Sunday, May 8:

Sheila Dean: Senate Intel Chair: Torture Did Not Lead To Bin Laden In Any Way | TPMDC

The Obama Administration: April 16-30, 2011 (1 comments)

US says it wants access to bin Laden widows

China sees a role amid Pakistan-U.S. rift - the Hindu

Is Osama bin Laden killing legal? International Law experts divided - Business and Law

Did Nato Ships Leave 61 African Migrants to Die on High Seas? (1 comments)

A Highly Praised Schools Bill Hits Some Snags

While Bahrain Demolishes Mosques, White House Stays Silent

Obama's national security team was sharply divided over Osama bin Laden raid

Wisconsin Republicans rush legislative agenda before recalls

Kucinich Eyes a Left-Coast Address

Cheney: Waterboarding not torture, reinstate it

Obama presses Pakistan over Bin Laden's support network

Academic Freedom Under Attack? Interview with Prof. Neve Gordon (3 comments)

Villagers Bemused by Hunt for bin Laden's Trail

Press Release: Bahrain Activists to Go on Trial in Military Kangaroo Court

US Government to test anthrax vaccine on CHILDREN? (1 comments)

Five Surprising Truths About the Killing of Bin Laden

Saturday, May 7:

History: Bin Laden family's relations with the United States greater than supposed (1 comments)

Ignoring Trump's Record of Racism

Balochistan unrest: A new debate - Frontier Post (2 comments)

15 year old girl slammed into wall by Phoenix cop - PFB

'Mad hatters' gang of middle-aged women blamed for Detroit crime spree - PFB

Bob Woodward: Death of Osama bin Laden: Phone call pointed U.S. to compound -- and to "the pacer"

Wisconsin Republicans Rush Agenda Before Recalls By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Senate Republicans Introduce Bill To Abolish The EPA

Press Release: Libya: Attacks against Misratah Residents Point to War Crimes - Amnesty International

Sheila Dean: POLL: Should we repeal the Real ID Act?

In The Public Interest From Charity to Justice

Friday, May 6:

New Torture for Misrata: Gaddafi Army Firing Grad Rockets Loaded with Chinese Anti-Tank Landmines into Port

Fidel Castro slams 'assassination' of unarmed bin Laden - Darlington

Shuttle worker's launch-pad death a suicide

Dan Froomkin: Torture May Have Slowed Hunt For Bin Laden, Not Hastened It

Boehner Names New House Chaplain


Revoking my Israeli Citizenship by Vanunu Mordechai

Cost of bin Laden: $3 Trillion by Tim Fernholz and Jim Tankersley

David Barton's Lies in Action: Randy Forbes Reintroduces 'Spiritual Heritage' Resolution

US gains 244,000 new jobs in April. How strong is the economy? -

Alabama's GOP Delegation Voted Against Funding for Tornado Forecasting (11 comments)

Pakistan's bin Laden Scapegoat

One in seven Americans receiving federal food assistance

Deborah Interviews Gary Endelman (VIDEO) (IMMIGRATION REFORM SERIES) (1 comments)

The Liquidation of Bin Laden: A Military or Media Operation? (2 comments)

Answer: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

GOP Rivals Hit Obama on Foreign Policy Despite Bin Laden Killing, Hit Harder on Economy

5 G.O.P. Hopefuls (Who?) Flock to First Debate of '12 Race

Thursday, May 5:

U.S. government contracts reveal Miami journalists on the payroll - Reporters for Hire

CIA spied on bin Laden from safe house

Cindy Sheehan to lead protest in Sacramento - PFB

Afghan Taliban likely to rethink ties to al-Qaida - Riechmann

Hollywood considers Osama bin Laden movies - Oldenburg

Administration Grows Frustrated As Conversation Shifts From Bin Laden To Waterboarding

CIA Sets up Laboratories along Borders to Smuggle Hallucinogenic Drugs to Iran - Fars News Agency

Blackwater's New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft

Obama Didn't See Bin Laden Being Killed:CIA Director Reveals 25 Minute Video Blackout/MailOnline

Assault on US workers' rights accelerates

Washington's official story unravels, confirming extra-legal execution of Bin Laden

GOP leaders divided on prospects for Medicare deal with Democrats

Clinton seeks to use Gaddafi's seized funds to aid Libyan people

Are Deadly Tornadoes a Sign of God's Wrath on the Deep South? (1 comments)

Brady Center Names Utah's Gun Laws Craziest (3 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Osama Dead and Alive (1 comments)

Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture

Online Poker Caused Osama Bin Laden's Destruction - Mitchell (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 4:

'Hundreds jailed' over Syria protests - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Rainbow Warrior testing waters off Fukushima - Greenpeace (3 comments)

Budget talks: Republicans offer to seek common ground with Democrats

Gaddafi Forces Shell Port while "Red Star" Loading Wounded and Migrants

Stop the Dangerous Bills For More Drilling (1 comments)

Negotiations over the debt ceiling have officially begun

Kathy Malloy: Not In Our Name

Israel Shamir: US Knew Where Osama Was Since 2005

WI's Supreme Court Election 'Recount' is a Mess

FBI Warns that Fake bin Laden Video is a Virus (1 comments)

Obama will not release bin Laden photos, White House says

Front-Runners MIA for Opening Republican Debate

Obama will NOT Release Photos of Bin Laden (13 comments)

Major University Hires a President With Ties to Medicare Fraud (3 comments)

How Wall Street and the Toxic Philosophy of Ayn Rand Are Destroying Our Retirements

Stop The Money (1 comments)

Known Liars Saying "Trust Us" is Not Proof (1 comments)

Osama Bin Ladin's killing paves the way for Israel to bring focus back to attack on Iran. Zafar Khan

FDA approved Big Pharma drugs without effectiveness data (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 3:

David Corn: Bin Laden Op: Obama Bets the House

Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden's sea burial

What If Bush Did It? A Nation Celebrates What It Is Told

Working Americans suffer most as debt collectors go wild - PFB

Fall & Winter - Film Makers

CIA Chief on Osama Raid: U.S. Ruled Out Involving Pakistan

Unanswered questions on US raid that killed bin Laden (2 comments)

We're Not at War with Islam, But Let's Do Everything We Can to Make it Look Like We Are

The Battle for Tomorrow - my new book (1 comments)

Julian Assange: Facebook Is 'Appalling Spy Machine' (VIDEO)

Rule Would Discourage States' Cutting Medicaid Payments to Providers

Bin Laden Killing Fuels Debate About U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan

Bin Laden death: Views from Pakistan

Jeremy Scahill: JSOC: The Black Ops Force That Took Down Bin Laden

The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden: A Spiritual Response (1 comments)

Another week, another vote (or two) to defund health-reform bill

Tomgram: Adam Hochschild, War Redux (1 comments)

Dissecting the Economic Debacles of the George W. Bush Administration (1 comments)

Julian Assange tells students that the web is the greatest spying machine ever (2 comments)

Big Shots Slide Show

John Smith: Photoshop Image of Bin Laden, Allegedly Killed In Abbottabad

John Smith: Hedge Funds Speculators and Their Poverty Premium. The short sale protection racket known as hedge funds is a speculato

Wisconsin Recount Update: Town Officials Didn't Count Votes

Wisconsin recount is a mess, and the "Government Accountability Board" won't look into it

Right-Wing Hoaxster Smears Labor Educators

How is Censorship Accomplished

Bills would transfer oversight of terror cases

Monday, May 2:

Right-Wing Media Accuse Obama Of Making Bin Laden Death All About Himself

Sherwood Ross: If Obama Got Terrorist Bin Laden, Is George Bush Next?

Osama Bin Laden's body 'identified by sister's brain'

John Smith: Federal Reserve Press Conference

Inside The Raid That "Killed" Bin Laden

Let the budget battle begin; congressional leaders dig in for long fight

Dan Froomkin: Obama Succeeded Where Bush Failed: Osama Bin Laden Rhetoric And Reality

John Smith: Bretton Woods II - The Final Enslavement of Mankind

Iranian state TV carries report of Israeli build-up

John Smith: Geithner Exempts a $30 Trillion Derivatives Market From Regulation and Oversight, by Robert Oak

Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan wins the men's event at the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow, by Wikiped

Was Osama Bin Laden Really the No. 1 Threat Facing the United States? (5 comments)

Flashback: George Bush Not Concerned about bin Laden

The Media Are Our "Carnival Barkers" As Facts Fight Truths (1 comments)

Al Jazeera: The African 'Star Wars' -- chasing oil and defeating China in Libya

BREAKING: Ding-Dong bin Laden Dead, Really, Really, Really Dead (2 comments)

Sunday, May 1:

Afghan children killed in US-led strike

Bin Laden Dead, U.S. Official Says

Osama Dead, Killed Open Thread-- What's Your Take? (215 comments)

Osama bin Laden is Dead, Obama Announces

Osama bin Laden killed

Shortages of key drugs endanger patients

How the Arab Spring remade Obama's foreign policy

Gulf Clean Up Workers Complain About the Human Toll of the BP Oil Disaster

In Search for F.B.I. Director, Administration Seeks a Shared Philosophy

Russ Baker: The CIA-Pentagon Shuffle: The Fake Story and The Real One

Obama moves from serious to silly at correspondents' dinner (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Panic from the Houses of Congress and Aipac? (4 comments)

NASA: Last launch of space shuttle Endeavour delayed again, next try not before week's end

Republicans go to N.H.; Romney's 'hang' gaffe

Getting "More Crop Per Drop" to Strengthen Global Food Security

Press Release: Libyan Gov't: a Gaddafi Son and 3 Grandchildren Slain in Missile Attack - No Corroboration in Initial Media Tour (3 comments)

Facebook accused of removing activists' pages - Malik

Obama, Congress renew push for austerity measures (1 comments)


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