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February 2011

Monday, February 28:

Are conservatives mean, greedy, and stupid? A response to Lakoff (3 comments)

The GOP Plan to Cut Social Security ... Starting Right Now (11 comments)


Kicking the Vietnam Syndrome

Why we Must Fix Health Care. (1 comments)

The Perfidy of Government: Evidence v. Denial (26 comments)

Cantor's Excellent Question and How We Should Answer It (1 comments)

Sam Hamod: America Being Led Into War by Chickenhawks Again (1 comments)

Ron Paul Endorses National Write-In Presidential Election Protest (1 comments)

Could Syria Be Next? (3 comments)

No Other Way Out (2 comments)

*How Rick Perry is Screwing America

Kathy Malloy: The People -- United -- Will Never Be Defeated

We Face a Global War on the Middle Class (1 comments)

The Communist Takeover of America (22 comments)

Crimes Against Dogs (1 comments)

Julian Assange: At the Forefront of 21st Century Journalism (11 comments)

The Rebellions in the Arab World and in Wisconsin, Sililarly Motivated against Tyranny

Will ABC News' "Made in America" Series Avoid Their Boss, Disney?

Matewan to Madison

A Long Strange Journey: 17 Years And Counting

Scott Walker Moves America to Resistance: No-Spine Democrats Step Aside (4 comments)

TheTen Reasons The Banksters Get Away With Fraud (9 comments)

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (1 comments)

Spreading Activism for Change (1 comments)

A Crazy Prophet (3 comments)

Sunday, February 27:

The Sole Remaining Stupidpower of the World (2 comments)


Where is Obama? (9 comments)

The Peace Movemnt and The Roller Coaster Ride of US War Policy (3 comments)

Playing cards with a man named "Doc"

*Congress: Study War Some More

Why All Workers Should Support Unions

Gates Agrees, Bush's Wars Were Nuts

Crushing Workers in Wisconsin Has National Effects

Condi Weighs In: The Politics of Self-Rehabilitation (2 comments)

Ed Lytwak: What A Difference 40 Years Makes (1 comments)

A Government Shut-down Imperils the Power of Congress (10 comments)

Sam Hamod: Robert LaFollette Turns Over In His Grave: Poor Wisconsin, How A Cruel and Corrupt Man Became Governor

Middle East Protests Continue for Unmet Demands

America's Total Surveillance Society (4 comments)

VIDEO: Dylcia Pagan and Cisco Torres Talk Politics (2 comments)

Saturday, February 26:


Of the Radical and the Quaint (1 comments)

Italian newspapers reveal how Berlusconi's government has been arming Gaddafi (2 comments)

Class struggle emerges in Saudi Arabia


What was Wisconsin Gov. Walker Talking About? (1 comments)

War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis

Lost Horizons: The Degradation of the Democratic Dogma (4 comments)

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? -- a synopsis of Matt Taibbi's recent article and interview (14 comments)

Dedicated to Unions, the Saviours of the Working Class (1 comments)

What the governor REALLY said, when he said what he said (1 comments)

ABC-TV: Oscar-Worthy, But Journalistically Unsound (1 comments)

WI Governor Scott Walker Shunned; Asked to Leave Restaurant (47 comments)

Divided We Fall (3 comments)


Santorum Gets His Anti-Christian-Anti-History Totally Wrong, So We Have To Set Things Straight! (3 comments)

Institutionalized Arab Inequality in Israel

Hidden Provisions in Wisconsin Bill (10 comments)

Friday, February 25:

Senior Bashing Is Back In Season (3 comments)

War uber alles (50 comments)

It's On to Cali and a Real Good Time! (2 comments)

Taiwan has moved closer to becoming a smoke-free country by lowering cigarette sales by 13 percent over the past year (6 comments)

Declawing: Taking a hatchet to a cat's nail (7 comments)

*Threatened Government Shutdown a Crime Worthy of Mubarak--or--Marie Antoinette

Egypt/Turkey-Israel: "A clean break'

The U.S. Government Must Stop Supporting Repressive Regimes (5 comments)

Pat Robertson's Legal Loss (11 comments)

The Primitive Conservative Psyche (28 comments)

Koch Brothers "Prank" No Laughing Matter (14 comments)

From the Capitol in Madison to the Shores of Tripoli

The Constitution: Egypt's Job One (1 comments)

Driving Mad

Capitalistic Democracy (2 comments)

Beating the Bloggers Blues in Berkeley CA

GULF CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM calls for Gulf Monarchies to abandon absolutism and to adopt European-style Parliaments

California's 36th Congressional District up for grabs (1 comments)

Former Guantanamo Detainee Denies Islamic Emirate Has Been Set Up in Eastern Libya (1 comments)

Ronald Reagan: Setting the Record Straight (2 comments)

Ironically, Anti-Union Republicans Need Unions (19 comments)

Wisconsin's Spirit: Courage for Other States to Emulate (1 comments)

One-sided war in Wisconsin (1 comments)

Thursday, February 24:

*In Defense of Invective and Name-Calling (Against Rob Kall) (6 comments)

Budget Crisis? Duh, Tax the Rich! (4 comments)

International Women's Day and the Launch of UN Women

Back to the Backroom? Legislation Threatens Women's Right to Abortion

The Rise of the Proletariats: Time to Revisit Marx?

PayPal cuts off Bradley Manning Legal Defense; Backs Off under Grass Roots Pressure

U.S. Backs Japan In Looming Confrontation With Russia

A Tale of Three Nations: Freedom, Religion and the Rights of Women (3 comments)

It's Really Hit The Fan!: How Obama's "DOMA Dump" Brought Out The Self-Righteous, The Insane And The Just Plain Stupid (4 comments)

Questioning Fiscal Conservatives Talking Points -I (1 comments)

The Republican Shakedown (2 comments)

Dear Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, Please Walk the Talk and Investigate DOD and Cut Spending while Supporting Americans, (1 comments)

"So THIS Is America??? (1 comments)

*If Petraeus is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity What About Us? (& Obama?) (2 comments)

Obama Calls Out Slackers with 'Forfeit for Failure' Plan, Takes Salary Hit (7 comments)

The Incredible Shrinking Budget Debate: Why the Only Choice We're Being Offered Is Between Bad and Worse (2 comments)

The Heartening Resistance to Tyranny in Wisconsin

The People of Wisconsin Need to Trust Their Governor and the Federal Government (4 comments)

A Father Speaks for His Son Who Was Killed by Israelis on The Mavi Marmara (3 comments)

Afghans for Wisconsinites (1 comments)

Libya Learns from US Right's Approach to Wikileaks-- Treats Journalists as Terrorists (3 comments)

Leslie Gelb's Unconvetional Wisdom (4 comments)

American Dream or American Sword? (3 comments)

*World Freedom Day is Sunday, March 6, 2011 (1 comments)

Union Busting in America

Wednesday, February 23:

What Are the Opportunities In Wisconsin (8 comments)

Gaddafi: Megalomania Devolving into Evil as Rebellion Heightens (Videos Updated) (2 comments)

The Push of Conscience and Secretary Clinton (14 comments)

Egypt's Invisible Labor Movement (3 comments)

What Will Qaddhafi Do? (1 comments)

Israeli media "fears" the new Egypt (1 comments)

Freedom Rider: Wisconsin Assault on Workers (1 comments)

"We're Broke," Say the Rich, and the Poor Must Pay (10 comments)

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys' Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks.

Wisconsin's Political Crisis Is a Good Deal More Serious Than Its Fiscal Crisis (1 comments)

Betting on Arianna

US Economics: One Big Ponzi Scheme (2 comments)

What Gov. Walker Won't Tell You (2 comments)

The Fortress Like Siege of Tripoli by Qaddafi, a Humanitarian Rescue May be Needed (1 comments)

Right Wing Israel Supporters Coming More Out of Closet To Attack Obama (10 comments)

Humanitarian War vs. Humanity (2 comments)

The nations who armed the Arab dictatorships -- Pot, Kettle, Black? (2 comments)

The Democratic Party's "Far Left" Used to be Considered Just Common Sense (2 comments)

The Battlefield

Rebellion Rages from the Middle East to the Midwest; the Fight Over People's Rights (4 comments)

Part 1 of 3: Abortion, birth control, common sense and reality (3 comments)

Wisconsin: Ground Zero to Save Public Worker Rights (1 comments)

*You Can Count on the Elite to Seal Its Own Fate (3 comments)

Tuesday, February 22:

By Brent Budowsky: Dems need a liberal Reagan (3 comments)

The Continuing Republican Effort to Fracture and Thereby Politically Disable America's Great Middle Class (13 comments)

The Last Real Election (6 comments)

Next Step for Mid-East Democracy: Leadership

How US Businesses in Libya Made Certain They Could Operate in the Rogue State (1 comments)

Libya Collapses - People Hold the Line Under Brutal Attacks

OEN Policy on Vaccinations, Autism, and Disease Prevention (33 comments)

Liberal Media under Siege?

Wisconsin turning point for Obama? (2 comments)

Qaddafi Next in Line to Fall?

The Vision of Heaven and Hell from the Windows of a Bus (1 comments)

Protests, Power, and the Longer Storyline: Lessons from Revolutions Past (1 comments)

Where Are We Going? Food and Water May Overshadow Politics (1 comments)

Did Roosevelt's Racism Cause WWII? (1 comments)

*Human Life Should Be the Priority! (4 comments)

*From Me and Rep Speier

Surprisingly Bigots Back Black History Month Observance

Dear Frank Rich: Irving Picard is No Pecora re: Madoff

Protest to resistance then perhaps rebellion to revolution (1 comments)

The Musings of a Liberal Patriot (3 comments)

Oil, Terrorism and Technology (1 comments)

Teaparty Uses Dirty Tricks to Reverse Public Narrative in Wisconsin Over Scott Walker Assault on Workers Rights (4 comments)

How They Stole America (31 comments)

Multinational Corporations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Poverty Eradication (1 comments)

On, Wisconsin: The Legacy of "Fighting Bob" LaFollette (1 comments)

Waging War on Chicago Workers

MSNBC, HuffPo Finally Air Wilkerson's First Hand Evidence on Iraq War "Hoax" (10 comments)

Monday, February 21:

The Security Budget vs. the Necessities of Americans (1 comments)

Sally McMillan: U.S. Vetoes Settlement Resolution (5 comments)

Fighting the 5 fascisms in Wisconsin & Ohio (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Common Sense (6 comments)

The Coming Shutdowns and Showdowns: What's Really at Stake (4 comments)

Confessions of Frustration (1 comments)

Should Black History Month Celebrate Civil War History? (2 comments)

A Town Hall Meeting, Republican Style (1 comments)

New Afghan Plan: Countering Loss Ego's ousting Counter-Insurgency

The Banks Are Shooting Their Own Feet (1 comments)

Huffington's Plunder (9 comments)

The Malicious Prosecution of Ashton R. O'Dwyer, Jr. (1 comments)

How Democracy Could be Hijacked -- Anatomy of Egypt's Revolution (3 comments)

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Speaks: What WikiLeaks Cables Say About His Address

Nonviolent Activism Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

Roots of the War on Terror in the Reagan Regime (1 comments)

Talking Clean, Acting Dirty: How Energy Apartheid Hurts African Americans

Tyrants of the Dollar

Republcians embrace Existentialism

Revolution Handbook for Americans (4 comments)

The Arab World: a revolution for human rights, democracy and freedom

Romantic Love will set us Free (1 comments)

*First, they attacked PBS and NPR. Now this?

Calling a Spade .. A Spade ! (2 comments)

Youth vote helped elect Obama; Will it be as important in 2012?

Wisconsin Union Busting: Convoluted Economics? (1 comments)

Bahrain riots alarm oil-rich Persian Gulf states with restive Shiite minorities

Continued Middle East Protests and Violence

The Benefits of Repealing Child Labor Laws (3 comments)

Another Murder Victim's Parent Speaks Out Against Death Penalty

The Money Party on the Road to Ruin (5 comments)

Tea Party Stooges Join Wisconsin Protests (1 comments)

Sunday, February 20:


*We Must Close Down the National-Security State (1 comments)

Shivering: How Can Americans Live When Heating Aid is Cut Off? (1 comments)

President's Day or Presidents' Day? (1 comments)

Waking Up In Wisconsin (1 comments)

*Why didn't any banksters go to jail? -- and other mysteries of the U.S. political economy (6 comments)

"What Am I Supposed to Do?" The Case for Self-Sufficiency Made Personal (24 comments)

A fire in New York is being fought by bottom feeders (1 comments)

Investing in Deform (vs reform) and (Corporate) Results

Mideast Meets Midwest: Joining the Surge Against Corrupt Elites

Forked tongue (1 comments)

What is wrong with the world. (3 comments)

How to Win in Wisconsin and Beyond (1 comments)

Keep Federal Dollars Coming for Cancer Research

In Yemen, regionalism may force civil war, not revolution

"This Week in WikiLeaks" Podcast - MENA Protests & WikiLeaks' Influence

*We Have Our Invitation to The Class War in Wisconsin (48 comments)

Name-calling works, if you can make it stick (8 comments)

*UPDATE: Wisconsin! from (1 comments)

Revisiting the FBI's Dirty War on Black America

The Republican Hate Narrative Against Public Employees and Unions (3 comments)

The School: On Revolution (9 comments)

Execution - There must be a moral to this story (including a screenplay excerpt on the same theme) (3 comments)

Reactions to Aristide's Impending Return

*Zero Reserve Banking? (6 comments)

Obama on Palestinian Rights: Nyet

GOP Plays Hardball With Women and Planned Parenthood (3 comments)

Saturday, February 19:

William Norman Grigg: 'Don't Resist': The Refrain of Rapists, Police, and Other Degenerates

WikiLeaks Cables: US Lied About Bala Baluk Massacre, Red Cross Concealed Truth (1 comments)

Africa: Global NATO Seeks To Recruit 50 New Military Partners

The Reason We are Becoming a Second Rate Nation (1 comments)

Wisconsin to Washington: GOP declares war against workers

The Genie is out of the Bottle (1 comments)

From her grave, my aunt castigates Republicans (2 comments)

Shafting America's Seniors on their Social Security! (2 comments)

BE PREPARED! And BEWARE! Of Those Family Values Scoutmasters!! (1 comments)

Solving the Healthcare Enigma II (2 comments)

Ochlocracy (1 comments)

Vetoes and LEADERS! (2 comments)

It's Not Just Wisconsin, People! (8 comments)

Profiles of the Targeted: FBI Wanted to Talk to Me About My Trip to Israel and Palestine (9 comments)

Shaukat Qadir: Why Pakistan Cannot Release the Man Who Calls Himself Raymond Davis (1 comments)

Time to Topple Corporate Dictators (23 comments)

How Angry Are You? Time To Channel and Say It Smartly (89 comments)

The Same Old Soap

Is This the Beginning of The Second American Revolution? (1 comments)

US Workers: Resurgent or Waging a Rearguard Action? (8 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables: Human Rights Watch's Torture Allegations Threaten Bahrain Government's Credibility

Friday, February 18:

Residents of Razed Afghan Village Dispute U.S. Case for Destruction

The Worries of a Public Sector Worker (2 comments)

Newsday chooses Palin over Protesters in Print Edition (3 comments)

Anatomy of Egypt's Revolution (Part Two)

Obama to cut funding for American poor but increases funding for Israel and other foreign nations (3 comments)

Debating the Two-Party System

Mortgage Fraud! Mollusks! Taxpayers Rush to Invest

Breaking news: House votes to defund Planned Parenthood (2 comments)

The USA MATRIOT Act (2 comments)

Hapless Players in History's Trilogy of Global Government (1 comments)

*We fiddled as Rome Burned

The United States Must Begin a 12-Step Program for Hypocrisy (4 comments)

Clinton and Gates Preaching "Restraint" (1 comments)

They Only Lock Up Heroes in Quantico (2 comments)

" . . . a (Republican) man hears what he wants to hear and all the rest is lies and jest . . ."

Wisconsin to Washington: GOP declares war against workers (1 comments)

The Abu Salim Massacre: Cables on Libya's Continued Impunity for 1996 Killings


Can Football be Played Safely? (1 comments)

US-Egypt: "Why?'

American Educator: The Truths You Need to Tell your Children and Grandchildren about the Ronald Reagan Administration

Why I won't watch Westminster (1 comments)

Will Egypt Let Women Lead? (1 comments)

Gabriel Donohoe: This Monetary Reform Bill Will Surely Loosen The Banksters' Bowels (3 comments)

What Can Americans Learn From Egypt (5 comments)

Sexual Assault Coverage by Media Shows Double Standard, Paternalism, and Sexism (8 comments)

Middle East Protests, Violence and Strikes Continue

Egypt's Spirit Lands in Wisconsin

Thursday, February 17:

Obama's FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of Class War (10 comments)

Barack Obama: Militarist/Corporatist Candidate For President In 2012 (3 comments)

Debate Over Raymond Davis Release Touches Off Suicide, Protests in Pakistan (1 comments)

The Republican Strategy (4 comments)

Building Progressive Message Amplification, Part 2 (4 comments)

USA MATRIOT ACT (4 comments)

Ray McGovern Bloodied at Clinton Talk (8 comments)

Home Sweet Wall Street

Anatomy of Egypt's Revolution -- Conditions and Consequences (1 comments)

Now Journalism Under Threat In Pakistan

America is a Military State (1 comments)

Your voice is important to today's House decision about federal funding cuts to public broadcasting

Short-Counting the Taliban

Hillary Hypocrisy? Clinton Calls for Free Speech, while Vet Arrested, Abused Before Her Eyes for Exercising Free Speech (9 comments)

Obama's Change: More Tyranny and Oppression (2 comments)

The Revolution is Televised (2 comments)

The Iraq war: lies exposed, what now? (3 comments)

Sharia Law in US: It's happening (1 comments)

Independent Voters Are On the Move. Two-Party System BEWARE -- Tunisia and Egypt Can Happen Here! (5 comments)

Palestinian September 2011 Deadline Doomed

Christian Right Revenge: "Fund Your Own Damned Disease!" (1 comments)

Democracy in Egypt, Repression in Puerto Rico

Mubarak was the Easy Part (1 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables: Repression Has Effectively Limited Libyans' Vision for Reform

Important New Information on Aafia Siddiqui's Case

America's Enemies in America

Those Who Can Teach; Life Lessons Learned

Wednesday, February 16:

It's Not About Who You Know, It's Who Knows You (1 comments)

Clarence Thomas, Again (Or More) (2 comments)

Aljazeera: Egyptians Defy Call to End Strikes (1 comments)

*Clean Air Act under attack!

How to End US Reliance on Dictators (1 comments)

Sociocide: Iraq Is No More (4 comments)

The US as Israel's Enabler in the Middle East -- Who's Serving Who?

"Rome is Burning Folks, Didn't You Get the Memo?" (1 comments)

Tourism Boycott for Egyptian Reforms (1 comments)

Forcing Congressional Accountability: Why Our Government Would Fear Wikiarguments More than WikiLeaks

Hi Sarah Palin circa 2006. It's Me Again. (3 comments)

Tea Party Crashes: The Most Unpatriotic Act (7 comments)

Media, Mergers, Capitalism, and Popular Democracy (7 comments)


Middle East Protests Continue

Obama's Anti-Populist Budget (1 comments)

Tuesday, February 15:

Can the Egyptian People Sustain Their Momentum to Continue to Push for Deeper Change? (3 comments)

GRAPES OF WRATH - 2011 (2 comments)

The Income Gap and the Egyptian Revolution (1 comments)

The Phony Phony

NYSE Euronext - Deutsche Borse merger Shouldn't Be Approved (1 comments)

Licence to kill (1 comments)

Time for the U.S. to Cease Support of the Museveni Regime in Uganda (1 comments)

The Shame Of Being An American (11 comments)

Why We Should Raise Taxes on the Super-Rich and Lower Them on the Middle Class (4 comments)

GOP to Dems: If Jobs Are Lost, Then So Be It (4 comments)

House GOP Rejects Requirement That Patriot Act Surveillances Be Conducted in Compliance With the Constitution (2 comments)

The Ghost of Ancient Hellas (3 comments)

Democracy? Not So Fast!

Iraq: The War Americans Forgot

US-Egypt: Cookie-cutter cuisine

Guarding the Mosque, Church, and State Divide (1 comments)

Capitalism brings an end to capitalism

Will people's revolution spread to Israel? (1 comments)

*Cultural Barbarians Storm the Arts, Sciences & Education (1 comments)

John Smith: Islam and the clergy: two great obstacles in the way of imperialist penetration

How Many Progressive Budget Analysts Does It Take to Notice the Military? (7 comments)

A New Beginning for Middle East Nations; the Beginning of the End of U.S. and Israel's Domination and Control (2 comments)

Egypt's Wake Up Call To All Americans! (1 comments)

What next for Egypt after Mubarak? (1 comments)

Journalism 2.0 or Journalism vs. Corporate Propaganda

The Right to Bear Arms for National Defense. Wrong! (9 comments)

Memo to Congress: Show Us the M-O-N-E-Y! (Part 2 of 3)

18 days in Egypt; 19 days in Nepal: transformation the rationale (1 comments)

*Big Agra and big Pharma rule in Washington (2 comments)

Americans Are Being Lied To (2 comments)

Progressive Criticism of Arianna Huffington's AOL Merger Deal and Her Response (32 comments)

Spending Cuts as Magical Realism (3 comments)

A night at the moives

New dietary guidelines are 'fishy' (1 comments)

Always do the right thing (because 99 is not 100)

Your First Step toward a More Responsive Government (2 comments)

Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak's Ouster

Egypt's Military Declares Martial Law (1 comments)

Has There Been An Egyptian Revolution? (16 comments)

Monday, February 14:

US Losing, But Still Obama Will Be The Hero (3 comments)

. . . on Valentine's Day (2011 and forever)

Power to the Truck Drivers! (4 comments)

In the Public Interest: Civic Institutions Essential for Egypt's Revolution (3 comments)

Limbaugh, Beck Troubled by Egyptian Democratic Reform (4 comments)

*Here Comes Another Bubble, and a Crash That Will Dwarf the Last One, Unless . . . (16 comments)

Mourning Iraqi Wives, Children on Valentine's Day (3 comments)

Obama, Saying We Need Education to Win the Future, Cuts Pell Grants $100 Billion (38 comments)

Missouri case needs to be reviewed by the Supreme Court

Where is Our Revolutionary Fervor? (12 comments)

John Thune Nails Conservative Vision At CPAC (4 comments)

Love Lessons from Abu Ghraib (1 comments)

The Worst Thing Ever Invented (3 comments)

Egypt's E-Volution: Power to the Peoples! (1 comments)

Rights Groups Weigh In On Mubarak Resignation (1 comments)

Egypt at Dawn's Early Light (2 comments)

Renewing the Patriot Act (12 comments)

Sunday, February 13:

Sam Hamod: The Heritage of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Future of Egypt

Bob Schulz - We the People: LESSONS FROM EGYPT (1 comments)

Palestinian Papers -- Another Tale in the Long Saga of Betrayal

Green Tea Anyone? (2 comments)

America's schizophrenic religious message for kids

Once Upon a Time in the Evil Empire (2 comments)

Kennedy, Nixon Launched Political TV Era

Egypt, USA (5 comments)

The IMF Protection Racket (5 comments)

Who Will Win the Republican Primary? (3 comments)

As the World Turns

The Two Roads Out of Recession

18 days in Egypt; 19 days in Nepal: transformation the rationale (2 comments)

Obama Shouldn't Allow Republicans to Frame the Debate as How Much Spending Should Be Cut (4 comments)

Yet Another Illinois Congressman Expresses a Need for My Guidance (1 comments)

Welcome to Phase 2 (10 comments)

The Tyranny of Silence (3 comments)

Ordinary Algerians Losing Confidence in Bouteflika Regime (1 comments)

*No One Curious What CIA is Working On at the Moment in Egypt? (4 comments)

Hold the Celebration: Egypt's Struggle Just Began (11 comments)

Saturday, February 12:

Stand up for the Prez (11 comments)

Press Release: Haiti's Shaky Democracy: Bwana Clinton, Fraudulent Elections and the Return of Aristide

The Insurers' Real Agenda for Change (9 comments)

The Market for Progressive Groups and Websites (11 comments)

Torturers R Us: The Continuity Kid Does Cairo (4 comments)

Questions Post Egyptian Revolution? (12 comments)

Tsunami in Egypt

*Pang-Long Treaty has reached 64th Anniversary, But no Ethnic Equal Rights as yet

US aid to Pakistan linked to Raymond Davis' release (3 comments)

Yemen opposition strongman involves tribe, violence in politics (1 comments)

Food Democracy Now: *Tell President Obama not to cave to Monsanto! (7 comments)

The Exultation in Egypt

Patience and Middle East Democracy (1 comments)

Mubarak's Failed Bait and Switch

Who Says Republicans Have No New Ideas? (2 comments)

Friday, February 11:

Our Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of the Egyptian People & Disgusted at the Spineless Sheep Most Americans Have Become (25 comments)

Will AOL Join Huffington's Call to Prosecute Bush Crimes? (2 comments)

ASSANGE COVERED SPACE NUKES PROTEST: NASA Computers Hacked Before Galileo Plutonium Launch (1 comments)

Eliminating AmeriCorps Would Produce More Costs Than Savings (1 comments)

Adding Insult to Injury, in My Senator's Office (5 comments)

Hard Lessons from the HuffPost Sale (1 comments)

Jews and Spiritual Progressives Welcome Mubarak Resignation; But Not a Military or "Security" Force Coup to Replace Him

Our Man in Cairo (1 comments)

Tyrants Beware! The Egyptian People Have Done It! They've Driven Mubarak Out! (7 comments)

FOX NEWS INSIDER: "Stuff Is Just Made Up" (4 comments)

Diplomatic impunity in Pakistan (1 comments)

Carnival of Capitalistic Anarchy (2 comments)

Charge and Arrest Mubarak and His Generals (8 comments)

Egypt Army Spokesman: Army Not an Alternative to Authority Demanded by Egyptians (Update) (2 comments)

Republicans Renew War on Women (6 comments)

Comments On SIPC's Answers Of January 24th To Questions Asked By Congressman Garrett.

John Henry, a Story of Redemption (5 comments)

Arianna Huffington: The Cookie Who Cares (14 comments)

Forces Behind the Egyptian Revolution (6 comments)

Aristide Gets Diplomatic Passport to Go Home (1 comments)

Israeli and PA Forces Suppress Solidarity with Egyptians

NARAL Pro-Choice America Fights Back (5 comments)

UPDATE: In His Quest For A New Inquisition, Is Bryan Fischer Leaving A Trail of Tears For Himself?? (1 comments)

WMD and Radical Islam: The Dubious Case for a Suleiman Solution (1 comments)

AL-CIA-DA - US created terror ... Oil Wars (4 comments)

Egypt in Crisis, Self-governed Cairo, and the Emergence of Egypt's Civil Society

The Tahrir Blues

Thursday, February 10:

Africa Month: Piecing Together Tanzania's Fractured Wildlife Corridors

TSA Invasion (2 comments)

The Sun Is Rising In The East, Again

The Good Old US of A (1 comments)

The NOW and The Olive Branch (3 comments)

Julian Assange's Extradition Hearing Resumes Friday

American Family Association Official Has New Target: Native Americans (4 comments)

Saving Boy W. George's" Errr Face (1 comments)

Cry Freedom: Cairo Crowds Shred the Lies of the Power Players

A Cry From Guantánamo: Adnan Latif -- "Who Is Going to Rescue Me From the Injustice and the Torture I Am Enduring? (1 comments)

America is No Example of Democracy (1 comments)

Obama's Ironic Legacy Might be That He Continued an Unconstitutional Act (5 comments)

U.S. Thanks and Encourages Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials (13 comments)

Ronald Reagan, Mental Health, and Spin . . . Man Behind the Myth (2 comments)

Egypt's Focus Largely Ignores Palestine

Wednesday, February 9:

The Corporate Power's Big Grab: "Big Government" vs. "Small Government" (1 comments)

How to Spot an Internet Bully (3 comments)

Making Complaint Matter Part Three: Why Class-Action Lawsuits Cannot Replace a Class-Movement Uprising (3 comments)

Last Thoughts on the Super Bowl (1 comments)

With 2012 Coming Up and Arizona Receding, Sarah Palin Remains the Dominant Conservative (4 comments)

Should Religions be Held Accountable for Their Promises? (13 comments)

U.S. Should Be Able to Support Democracy (13 comments)

Egypt, Reagan, Obama: U.S. Hypocrisy Is All That Really Trickles Down (2 comments)

Oh, The Horror! Of the Financial Crisis (4 comments)

British Anti-terrorism Policy Reviewed, but Made Worse

The Importance of Telling Our Progressive Stories (2 comments)

How to Put America Back to Work (3 comments)

Nonviolent Activism Is Middle Eastern (2 comments)

From Stalemate to Checkmate -- Meet Egypt's Future Leaders (1 comments)

ACLU, EFF Release Details on Motions Related to Their Fight Against a DOJ Twitter Order (2 comments)

The False Narrative of the Corporate Media: Obama Becoming Business Friendly

An American's Personal View from Cairo, with Allusions to Black Literature (1 comments)

Economic Prosperity and Happiness: Is There a link? (1 comments)

*Can We Stop the Continuing Decimation of America's Middle Class in Time? If So, How? (19 comments)

Obama's Budget Ax: Why the Neediest People Should Be the Most Afraid (1 comments)

Hey Obama, Read WikiLeaks (2 comments)

Egypt and Tunisia Refresh the Tree of Liberty

The Trustee's Complaint Against JP Morgan Chase (3 comments)

*Yes We Can; Yes We Must Abolish Nuclear Weapons NOW! (3 comments)

Grassroots Support for Aristide's Return

People Power v. Duplicity in Egypt and Washington (1 comments)

The Fairness Draft (3 comments)

Tuesday, February 8:

America's Stay-at-Home Ex-President (4 comments)

Giffords' Shooting, Tea Party Hate Speech and Mainstream GOP (3 comments)

Nathan Runkle: From Farm to Fridge (1 comments)

Egypt's Democratic Uprising Reminiscent of Philippines, Haiti in 1986

US Extremism Not Surprising (5 comments)

Obama's Deal with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (2 comments)

"Orderly Transition," or "Nothing Burger" Reforms? Benchmarks for US Policy in Egypt (3 comments)

Outsourcing Social Cost or the "Socialization" of Cost!

Don't shoot, he's our SOB!

A North American Security Perimeter Threatens National Sovereignty (1 comments)

RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War

Frank Wisner in Cairo -- The Empire's Bagman

Obama's Rhetorical Leadership: Cutting the Bad Guys Off at the Pass (8 comments)

Egypt and Tunisia Refresh the Tree of Liberty

Google Executive Wael Ghonim Re-Energizes the Egypt Revolution

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Mubarak's Thirty-Year Dictatorship

Monday, February 7:

Calling Obama a "Polarizing Figure" Hits the Nail Right on the Thumb (1 comments)

Surrealpolitik: Arab Revolt and the Dream of 'Palestine' (2 comments)

*Patriot Act Vote on Tuesday

Reflections on Liberal Zionism (24 comments)

Tell Old Pharaoh... (1 comments)

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The Spirit of the Egyptian Revolution

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More Torture Unpunished (2 comments)

Briana Waters: Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism (1 comments)

Field Notes on American-Style Democracy

Kleptocrats at Work (9 comments)

Sunday, February 6:

NYT's Keller Disparages Assange (2 comments)

Walk Like An Egyptian (2 comments)

For Egypt, Bread Is As Important As Freedom

Super Bowl Commercial for the Dead Patients (4 comments)

Karaoke journalism & the 'lamestream' media circus (2 comments)

Blending Media with Public Education for the Twenty-first Century? (4 comments)

The Empire Struggles on While Obama Repeats the Same Rhetoric (2 comments)

Making Complaint Matter Part 2: Why Class-Action Lawsuits Cannot Replace a Class-Movement Uprising (1 comments)

*Obama and the alfalfa plant (6 comments)

Who is the Real Opposition in Egypt?

The Tea Party Hostess

How Wikileaks could Enhance Our Collective Awareness

*Protesters Being Tortured While Obama Blabs About "Transition" (3 comments)

Africa Month: Turmoil in Egypt Continues, Battle for Nile Waits

WE SHOULD KNOW WHOM WE OWE: Disclose Saudi Loans to US (1 comments)

New Rove Dirty Tricks?

The Super Bowl and Violence Against Females (9 comments)

At Stake in Egypt: Reading Gaza Mom

Haiti Update: Electoral Runoff and Aristide's Status

We're All Egyptians Now!

Ronald Reagan, Enabler of Atrocities (5 comments)

Saturday, February 5:

Goldstone Report Details a Massive Crime Scene in Gaza (18 comments)

Reagan Celebration Hides Brutal History (3 comments)

A Spark Becomes A Flame: Uprisings Shake The Arab World!

NATO Surrenders Europe To U.S. Global Missile Shield Project

Can We Peace Grandmothers Foment an Egypt-style Revolt and End our Wars? (1 comments)

Why Black History Is important (3 comments)

Class, Counter-Revolution And The Vanguard Party

The Coming Media Convergence (4 comments)

School of Dictatorship

Egypt! (1 comments)


Franklin P. Lamb: As Tahrir Square goes so goes the Middle East? (1 comments)

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A Little Talk With Myself

Revolution in Egypt: An example to us all

The Battle of Narratives Over Egypt (2 comments)

'Day of Departure' Aftermath, Mubarak Resignation from NDP, and Military Plans for Tahrir Square (2 comments)

El Salvador's Sweatshop Economy (1 comments)

End Game in Egypt (3 comments)

Friday, February 4:

WikiLeaks Cables Illuminate Why Yemenis Held "Day of Rage" (2 comments)

Greg Mitchell: Bradley Manning: Forgotten No More (2 comments)

The Cellphone/Wi-Fi Controversy (4 comments)

Rumsfeld Overheard: "War Lies Are Cool Now" (4 comments)

Villa in the Jungle?

Ronald Reagan: The Father of the Debtor Nation (3 comments)

Can The US and Israel Break Their Addiction to Fascist Dictators (8 comments)

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Samuel Lipari: *Obamacare Marketplace Exchange Coined by Senate Candidate Goes Live

Pima County, AZ Sheriff Dupnick (1 comments)

Obama's crocodile tears over Egypt's violence (1 comments)

*Mubarak's Plan to Exploit Coming Chaos, 5,000 Injured, Why Days Matter

Obama's gambit: Holding Egypt for Holder (1 comments)

The Eastern World, It is Exploding

US-Israeli Strategy Crashes in Egypt (1 comments)

The Individual Mandate in the Health Care Bill: Why We Should Trade Broccoli and Asparagus for Hot Dogs and Apple Pie (7 comments)

*Madoff Mess and Its Implications For Our Children (2 comments)

Making Complaint Matter: Why Class-Action Lawsuits Cannot Replace a Class-Movement Uprising (3 comments)

Berkeley Journalism featured in Smoking Typewriters (1 comments)

Walking Like the Egyptians (2 comments)

My Experience In ICU (2 comments)

California Prop 14 is GOOD for All States Because Political Parties are Un-American (7 comments)

*Kristoff: "Pro-Mubarak" Attackers are Government-Sponsored Thugs, Photographic Proof (1 comments)

The Modern American Plague: Six ways to protect against its destructive toll (2 comments)

I Declare the People's Global Revolution

Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Gery Chico, "Willing to Entertain" a Racist, Segregationist Policy

Report from 2050: Epilogue - Why This Century is Special (2 comments)

Trustee's Complaint on JP Morgan

Report from 2050: Water - Fluid of Life, Victim of Our Indifference

Soon Coming to a Neighborhood near You (4 comments)

America's Happy Talk Media: No Jobs is Good News!

Unplug the Signal 2011 Project: Engagement of Signal Disruptors (1 comments)

How not to make Congress more responsive to voters: the Congressional Reform Act of 2011 hoax (1 comments)

*Free Trade Song - "Free Trade Raining on Our Parade" by Citizens For Equal Trade

Is This the "Day of Departure" for Mubarak? (1 comments)

Foie gras a faux pas (1 comments)

Free Trade Created the Chinese Model (1 comments)

Report from 2050: The Holocene Extinction

More on being a Mom: Valuing each child as a unique being (2 comments)

The Judicial Crackdown on Jury Rights Activists in Florida (9 comments)

Global Climate Change: Missing in Action (3 comments)

A Bad Deal for Georgia's At-Risk Children (3 comments)

Lawless FBI Intelligence Gathering Practices (3 comments)

After Mubarak: What's Next? (2 comments)

Thursday, February 3:

Police Brutality -- Americans Are Oppressed, Too (29 comments)

Wake Up Call for U.S. Empire: Egypt an Opportunity for a Transformational New Beginning (3 comments)

Greg Mitchell: "Cablegate" to Date: A Unique List of What's Been Revealed (1 comments)

Ten Reasons Fox News Doesn't Really Care About The Egypt Story (2 comments)

'Following Orders' Never a Defense for Immoral Acts (8 comments)

Bold Declaration from Egypt Blogger Brutalized and Detained by Mubarak Forces

Egypt Buries the Myth That Obama Would Botch a Foreign Crisis (2 comments)

Bradley Manning Support Network Continues to Call Attention to Manning's Detention (2 comments)

A Tale Of Two Mass Murders

Pro-Mubarak Forces and Police Thugs Attack Journalists (1 comments)

Genocide in US and Canadian Residential Schools (1 comments)

Alan Dershowitz Supporting Tyranny? (1 comments)

Revolutions Know No Color (13 comments)

Wednesday, February 2:

Egypt: Will U.S. And NATO Launch Second Suez Intervention? (1 comments)

U.S. Chickens Come Home to Roost in Egypt (2 comments)

Breaking: Eddie Long, Ephren Taylor and The Church Brawl: Black Churches Assaulted by Greed and Power. (5 comments)

By David Lindorff: A Marine Remembers: Learning to Kill, Learning Not to Kill (3 comments)

Today Saw a Violent Turn of Events in Cairo (1 comments)

Pricing Human Organs (4 comments)

Is This How We Treat Our Female Soldiers? Families seek answers about daughters' "Non-Combat" deaths (7 comments)

*No Internet Kill Switch

I Feel Ashamed of My Country (3 comments)

Africa Month: The End of the Great Migration

The Collapse of the Mubarak Regime and the Re-birth of Egypt (2 comments)

Where is This Economy Headed, Really? (14 comments)

Judging the Judges Needed-- The Lesson of the Impeachment of Porteous (4 comments)

Proof of US Government Support for Egyptian Uprising (9 comments)

They Don't Even Try to Hide it Anymore (2 comments)

Programmers "frank, direct, negative" on PBS' Need To Know

The Catholic Church and Italian Politics

Reaching students who can't remember before the war (3 comments)

State of the Union: War on Terror Goes On and On, and On" (1 comments)

Let My People Go! Watching the Birth of Unitive Consciousness in Tahrir Square (1 comments)

Corporate Power vs. National Interest Capitalism (2 comments)

After Mubarak, what? (3 comments)

Reagan Revisionism: Planned Centennial Commemoration Hoopla (1 comments)

Tuesday, February 1:

Egypt People's Revolution

Accelerating to Third World America: One Third of Home Occupants Rent and Eighteen Percent of US Homes Vacant (22 comments)

Stocks Up, Houses Down, And What This Means for Most Americans

A People's Uprising Against the Empire (1 comments)

An injury to one is an injury to all! Support the Egyptian Revolution Everyone - This is About Us All (Videos)

Luxury and Desperation A Block Apart in Haiti Today (1 comments)

Debts Should be Honored, Except When the Money Is Owed to Working People (3 comments)

The Rise Of The Mimic Men (And Women) (1 comments)

Scandals and Sociopaths: The Psychology of American Politics (8 comments)

Power in Action -- The Making of Egypt's Revolution (2 comments)

This Ain't Ike's Grand Old Party (7 comments)

Why Jews Around the World are Praying for the Victory of the Egyptian Uprising (1 comments)

Rummy Gets "Defending the Constitution" Award (1 comments)

Progressives, Unite -- War is Still the Health of the State (4 comments)

Over two Million in Cairo Demand Mubarak to Step Down

Unfolding drama of Raymond Davis


The Great Unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire (6 comments)

The "Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme" Hoax (30 comments)

Four Good Reasons America Got It Wrong in Egypt (2 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables Show Mubarak Not Very Open to Reforms or Freedoms for Egyptians

Decades in the Making: The U.S. Police State

On "political dialogue" and "principles" (2 comments)

Food Prices Cited as Major Trigger For Egyptian Upheaval-- What is the Future of the Dollar There?

Crime and Punishment (5 comments)

Sins of Silence at the USPS (2 comments)

Rights Groups Speak Out On Egyptian Protests

Abusing Palestinian Children

Egypt's Revolution: Obama Backing Regime Change?

The hidden roots of Egypt's despair (4 comments)

The New Civility: Another Day, Another Lip Lock


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