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February 2011

Monday, February 28:

How Karl Rove Is Revving Up for a Comeback

Pledge? What Pledge? -

Robert Kuttner: The Left Edge of the Possible

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Why Wisconsin matters

The House's 'Right Brigade' charges ahead

Paul Krugman: Leaving Children Behind

Sunday, February 27:

Speaking About Charlie: How I would work with Charlie Sheen by Dr. Stanton Peele (1 comments)

Robert Fisk: The destiny of this pageant lies in the Kingdom of Oil

Eric Margolis: Gadaffi: Crazy Like a Fox

Indiana Governor Abandons Right-to-Work Bill - UCubed

Help Defend Wisconsin

Daniel Ellsberg's Website (1 comments)

John Reed: War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys' Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks. (by Bruce Dixon)

Cracks in decade-old US-Pakistan partnership

Union-busting in Wisconsin, from JekyllnHyde at The Daily Kos

Frank Rich: Why Wouldn't the Tea Party Shut It Down?

Saturday, February 26:

Israel Shamir: The Art of Cable Cooking

Obama Advisor Sunstein's Peril to Freedom by James Bovard (1 comments)

The G.O.P.'s Abandoned Babies

Why I Am Praying for Thomas Bruce

Tim Geithner: Making the World Safe for Citicorp

Friday, February 25:

Vain Dreams of an Israeli "Ottoman" Empire Crumbling (1 comments)

Behind the Arab Revolt is a Word We Dare Not Speak

David Corn: Roger Ailes' Sex-and-Lies Tale: There Is Something Different About Fox

Kevin Drum: Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin Is Really About

David DeGraw: Analysis of the Global Insurrection Against Neo-Liberal Economic Domination and the Coming American Rebell

Krugman Quotes Naomi Klein 'Shock Doctrine' (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.

Let's produce a progressive tea party (5 comments)

Beijing strangely silent on Mideast uprisings

If Not Now, When?"The United Nations' Arab Human Development Report 2002 warned us about all of this, but the Arab Leagu

Paul Krugman: Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.

Paul Krugman: Shock Doctrine, U.S.A. (1 comments)

Thursday, February 24:

Ex-lawmakers find jobs at firms seeking to shape policy (4 comments)

Palestinian Day of Rage (4 comments)

The people want an end to American support for settlements

Jim Wallis: This is Not Fiscal Conservatism. It's Just Politics

UK arms sales to Libya include tear gas & crowd control ammunition - By CAAT

Spreading Anti-Union Agenda "The game is up when unionized state workers demonstrate a sense of shared sacrifice but Rep

Wednesday, February 23:

Students Lead Struggles for Freedom in Middle East and North Africa

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett: Obama Is Helping Iran (1 comments)

Dana Milbank - Rush Limbaugh binges on anti-Michelle Obama vitriol

Harold Meyerson - Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions

Spreading Anti-Union Agenda

Going for the Jugular in Wisconsin

Lucking Out Inside the Beltway -

Tuesday, February 22:

'We Stand With You as You Stood With Us': Statement to Workers of Wisconsin by Kamal Abbas of Egypt's Centre for Trade U (4 comments)

Voice: Pictures Prove US Drones Parked in Pakistan

Make Everybody Hurt - david brooks

Robert Fisk: Gaddafi raved and cursed, but he faces forces he cannot control

At Grave Risk

David Corn: Government Shutdown: Who Wins -- or Loses?

Allison Hantschel: FDL Late Night: Cheeseheads Unite (1 comments)

Monday, February 21:

Pakistan's Nuclear Folly

Recommended Reading for Republicans -

Keeping Up With the Christies -

E.J. Dionne Jr. - The Tea Party is winning

George Lakoff: What Conservatives Really Want

Why Citizens United and the Attack on Unions Are Linked

The veto and the case for impeaching President Obama - Alan Hart (1 comments)

Tony Blair: Mubarak is immensely courageous & a force for good - by Chris McGreal

Money Won't Buy You Health Insurance -

Why Tahir infuriates the Neo-cons - By Shira Balaghi

Cops Trick Photographer into Stopping for Them

'Don't Resist': The Refrain of Rapists, Police, and Other Degenerates

Wisconsin Power Play

The struggle of Wisconsin workers enters a new stage

Nicholas Kristof: Watching Protesters Risk It All in Bahrain

Paul Krugman: Wisconsin Power Play

Sunday, February 20:

Where are your politics from? From Jekyllnhyde at the Daily Kos

The Human Cost of Budget Cutting (1 comments)

My Polluted Kentucky Home

Recall Scott Walker/

People in Coal Mining Country are "Burden" to Coal Companies

Frank Rich: The G.O.P.'s Post-Tucson Traumatic Stress Disorder

Saturday, February 19:

Mike Huckabee at home abroad on frequent trips to Israel

Charles M. Blow: Empire at the End of Decadence

Nicholas Kristof: In Bahrain, the Bullets Fly

Eat Bugs, Save the Planet (5 comments)

Controversy in Miami (1 comments)

Friday, February 18:

Wisconsin Is a Battleground Against the Billionaire Kochs' Plan to Break Labor's Back

Tea Party Crazy Sweeps America

Defunding the Democratic Party

Joe Conason: Why Do They Hate Social Security?

Paul Krugman: Willie Sutton Wept

Bankruptcy of Borders Darkens "Recovery' Story

Obama kowtows to military-industrial complex


Why Mubarak is out - By Paul Amar

So, you want to make millions? From JekyllnHyde at the Daily Kos.

Thursday, February 17:

Harold Meyerson - Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might be silenced in Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton Talks Freedom as Protester Ray McGovern Is Bloodied (1 comments)

Matt Taibbi: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? (1 comments)

John Nichols: Never Prouder of my State, its Workers and Unions

Robert Reich: Enough with the budget baloney!

Philip Giraldi: A Marc Too Far

US State Dept. has one rule on immunity for consular officials here, another for our guys overseas (1 comments)

Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight Camillo Mac Bica

Wednesday, February 16:

Tim Rutten: Behind the "Birther" Blather (1 comments)

Hillary's Holbrooke Replacement Has a "Sibel Edmonds" Problem

Understanding Social Security in One Easy Lesson

The Great Accountability and "World-Class Workforce" Scam, P. L. Thomas

patrice greanville: Is libertarianism the answer? | The Greanville Post

David Corn: Mitt Romney: Adult or Empty Suit?

Matt Taibbi: Supreme Court Case 1: The People Vs. Hosni Mubarak

The Memoirs of the White House Janitor

What not to say about Lara Logan

Dana Milbank: Boehner the budget hawk shifts his course

David Corn: Obama's Budget: Back to the Future...Again

Tuesday, February 15:

John Boehner -- The tongue-tied speaker

George Lakoff: The "New Centrism" and Its Discontents (3 comments)

The Revenge of Trickle-down Economics

Bob Herbert: Reagan and Reality

Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality

Glenn Greenwald: More Facts Emerge about the Leaked Smear Campaigns

Armageddon for Home-Owners? 12 Facts That Show We're in the Midst of the Worst Housing Collapse in US History

75-Year Prison Sentence for Taping the Police? The Absurd Laws That Criminalize Audio and Video Recording in America

Eat the Future -by Paul Krugman

Running on Empty at the S.E.C.

Monday, February 14:

The Egyptian Revolution enters a new stage

Live Action's edited video attack on Planned Parenthood

Lawrence Davidson: Bush Confronts an Outraged World

The Israel Peace Plan That Still Could Be -

Anti-Muslim brainwashing

Paul Krugman: Eat The Future

Sunday, February 13:

Eisenhower Ends Americans' Right to Travel to Cuba (2 comments)

At Last, Bernie Madoff Gives Back By FRANK RICH (1 comments)

Dynamics of the Revolutionary Wave in North Africa

Preface to a Prelude to Peak Oil by Kelpie Wilson

A Patriot Act Surprise

Nicholas D. Kristof: What Egypt Can Teach America

Saturday, February 12:

A disturbing threat against one of our own--inside Salon

Bob Herbert: When Democracy Weakens (6 comments)

Critique of David Ray Griffin's Fake Calls Theory by Erik Larson

Friday, February 11:

James Zogby: Politics and Nonsense on Egypt

Palestinians can only watch as Egyptians are living their dream

Beyond Reason on the Budget -

Protecting the Whistle-Blowers - (2 comments)

Nicholas Kristof: Avoiding a New Pharaoh

Rumsfeld's "Defender of the Constitution" Award Has Few Defenders (1 comments)

How Will (Tea Party) Patriots Act? by John Tyner

Sheila Dean: Data Intelligence Firms Proposed a Systematic Attack Against WikiLeaks | Common Dreams

Paul Krugman: Abraham Lincoln, Inflationist

Helen Thomas: Advice For the New W.H. Spokesman

Thursday, February 10:

David Corn: When Glenn Beck Attacks!

Wallflowers at the Revolution -by Frank Rich

Nicholas Kristof -- Obama and Egypt's Future (1 comments)

Was he spying for the U.S.? Official charged with killing two Pakistani men tells police he worked for three government

Wednesday, February 9:

Sheila Dean: stalking the ID stalkers -- Part I

Perfectly Imperfect (1 comments)

11 of the Tea Party GOP's Most Ridiculous Policy Ideas (So Far) (1 comments)

Whither Uganda? Election 2011 by Ann Garrison (2 comments)

Dana Milbank - Arianna Huffington's ideological transformation

5,500 mercenaries to protect Us fortresses in Iraq - By Spencer Ackerman

Will Blackwater go vegan after sale to Hippie firm? By Spencer Ackerman

Mark Morford -- How to rule the world for five minutes

Sheila Dean: Alex Jones and the Informational Vacuum

Lessons in Education from South Carolina?, P. L. Thomas

Tuesday, February 8:

Bob Herbert: A Terrible Divide

David Corn -- Glenn Beck: Should Fox Toss Him Out of the Coop?

Dana Milbank - Obama makes corporate America his business

Monday, February 7:

Timothy Egan -- Bonfire of American Vanities

Ezra Klein - Why Obama and the chamber are getting friendlier (1 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Egypt's turmoil as a lesson in humility

Their Real Agenda

Paul Krugman: Droughts, Floods and Food

Sunday, February 6:

7 Worst U.S. Backed Dictators

The Elections Hit Black Power Hard - Time to Start Fighting Back is Now

Eric Alterman: The Conservative Class War, Continued

Nicholas D. Kristof -- Militants, Women and Tahrir Square

Mother Jailed For Sending Her Children to the "Wrong" School

Glenn Beck vs. The Rabbis (2 comments)

Saturday Night at the Movies - Great Political Films Hotlist (JekyllnHyde at Daily Kos)

Frank Rich: Wallflowers at the Revolution

Saturday, February 5:

EDL and UAF stage rival protests in Luton, England - BBC News

How Reagan Sank America by Dan Lieberman

The agenda behind teacher union-bashing, Paul Thomas (1 comments)

Dana Milbank - Don Rumsfeld, playing a dead-end game in his memoir

Carl Bernstein: Egypt Revolt: The White House's Secret Plan for Succession

Tea Party History Lesson (cartoon)

Rebuilding amid the ruins of Reagan's legacy (1 comments)

Friday, February 4:

Obama walks delicate line with Egypt crisis

Mubarak Tips Foes Toward Civil War

Where Are All the GOP 2012 Candidates? Blame Sarah Palin

Police hunt US bought guns smuggled in hold luggage - BBC

Was GOP's Rape Redefinition A Shiny Object Designed to Distract from Heinous Abortion Provisions?

TWiEC: Winds of Change in the Middle East - as Seen By Foreign and American Editorial Cartoonists (JekyllnHyde at Daily (1 comments)

Thursday, February 3:

Swapping a Dictator for a Torturer in Egypt, By James Ridgeway

Watching Thugs With Razors and Clubs at Tahrir Sq.

E.J. Dionne Jr. - A conservative split aids Obama on Egypt

Belief Culture: "We Don't Need No Education," P. L. Thomas

Museveni Regime Denies Kato's Murder was Homophobic (1 comments)

Chomsky: "This is the Most Remarkable Regional Uprising that I Can Remember" (7 comments)

Wednesday, February 2:

Nicholas D. Kristof: The View From Tahrir

Mark Morford: All your problems, instantly solved

Eugene Robinson - For Egypt's Mubarak, push has come to shove

Tuesday, February 1:

CRISIS IN EGYPT: The Brotherhood factor By Pepe Escobar

Nikolas Kozloff: Condi's Bizarre Relocation Plan for the Palestinians (1 comments)

"Goldstone's Legacy for Israel" by Naomi Klein (3 comments)

Ezra Klein: The Senate vs. the future

A Marxist Analysis: Arab Uproar, by Ron Ridenour


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