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January 2011

Monday, January 31:

Noir City, Gaslight, and War Crimes

William F. Buckley Jr's Redeeming Feature (2 comments)

Press Release: How to Get Around Mubarak's Attempted Media Blackout: Links Here

Customer Value-The enduring marketing mantra (1 comments)

don't reveal your muses or sources

Weyburn Carbon Storage Project Enters a Critical Phase

Sunday, January 30:

"Let them eat cake" (3 comments)

Aquarius New Moon, February 2-3, 2011

A Gulf Fisherman Prays his 'White Gold' is Untainted by Oil (2 comments)

Ramblings #5 - Summer 1948 Lake George (1 comments)

Saturday, January 29:

"America Plops and Fizzes": An interview with poet, Andrew Rihn

I Soon Shall Find My Ki (Song) (2 comments)

Less God and more democracy

3 Selections from Truisms, 2 Selections from Living, and 1 Selection from Survival, by Jenny Holzer (7 comments)

Friday, January 28:

Mass Extinction Linked to Climate Change (4 comments)

Telephone Madness (2 comments)

Thursday, January 27:

America: Incarceration Up, Education Down

Liana Clark: The Impact of a Mug: A Souvenir Story (6 comments)

Meet Jennifer Rexford, the Human Face of Thousands Exposed, Sickened, Lied to and Abandoned by BP and the Gov't (3 comments)

Remembering Edward Said

Ellen Singer Talks Us Through Living with Cancer

Highly Charged Political Films Nominated by Academy (1 comments)

Rudy Camp: Local Business 2011: How Google Niche Marketing Impacts Local Market Potential

Wednesday, January 26:

Carson Street Shuffle Pittsburgh (1 comments)

Evolution by Mistake (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 25:

Ramblings KIDBITS#1 Guessing Ages (1 comments)

Video: Stephen Colbert Mocks Olbermann, Hilariously, With Lightning Bolts (2 comments)

Burns Night

Gambling: A Malignancy that Thrives on Euphoric Hope Called "ACTION" (2 comments)

Monday, January 24:

Jesse Ventura Sues TSA in Pat-Down Smackdown (3 comments)

Hello Kitty Mysteriously Disappears from Prisoner's Mail at Edgefield (4 comments)

10 Reasons not to Read This (Political Edition) (1 comments)

Twentieth-Century Success Story: Poor Immigrant Family Achieved American Dream Through Music (2 comments)

NY Times: By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN: Jack LaLanne, Founder of Modern Fitness Movement, Dies at 96 (2 comments)

Sunday, January 23:

a VERY Young Activist Striving to Preserve Coral Reefs

NOAA: 2010 Tied For Warmest Year on Record (1 comments)

SurfRider on the Oil Spill Commission Report Finds Systemic Failure

The Underside, by Fred Reed

Leaders- Are they really born or made? (1 comments)

Saturday, January 22:

Celtic Pub Recreated in Downtown Evanston (5 comments)

Speaking While Upset: Moving from Destructive to Constructive in 6 Simple Steps (5 comments)

Women and the Arts Will Mostly Likely Change the World (2 comments)

Friday, January 21:

West Coast of Florida: Waves of Money, Crime Breakdown, Utilities, Water, Toxicity, Gulf Gusher and the Coming Collapse (1 comments)

Dahr Jamail: Uphill Battle: Gulf Coast fighting for Recompense (2 comments)

Riki Ott: BP's Promise versus What BP Really Means: Some Insights on Making People Hole (Whole) and Just Us (Justice) in

Lexapro For Hot Flashes Medical Victimization (4 comments)

Thursday, January 20:

Kurt Stone on his "Memo to Sarah Palin" (14 comments)

Haiti in the hands of the NGOs - Christophe Wargny (1 comments)

An Awakening is Going to Come (1 comments)

Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog (4 comments)

Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help (4 comments)

Wednesday, January 19:

Reported Leak Casts Doubt on Favored Solution for Global Warming (6 comments)

The Tiger Mom in (Scientific) Perspective (20 comments)

"Energetic Limits to Economic Growth" by J. Brown et al.

Tuesday, January 18:

Very:Light Verse (1 comments)

You're Never Too Old: Retiree Discovers Passion For Teaching Drama (2 comments)

*Reflections on Grace Elizabeth Hale's A NATION OF OUTSIDERS (Book Review) (3 comments)

The Power of Awesome (4 comments)

The Educated Debtor

Two Who Sparked the Second American Revolution (2 comments)

Monday, January 17:

Gay Teen, Driven from high school, becomes stage performer

The 13th Zodiac-- Ophiuchus (2 comments)

Sunday, January 16:

We All Win When We Evolve Away from Fear: Personal and Societal Wellbeing and Positive Music (4 comments)

Update on Single Payer from Dr. Margaret Flowers (7 comments)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science--The Atlantic

*James Martin's Book About Spirituality (BOOK REVIEW) (1 comments)

Paving the Way to Happiness: Knowing your Purpose (1 comments)

The Authoritarians (9 comments)

Saturday, January 15:

Julie's Life as Muse (and More) for AJ Jacobs

Reagan, Reagan and Alzheimer's (3 comments)

U.S. Schools Are Still Ahead -- Way Ahead (1 comments)

Friday, January 14:

My Friend Hercules (9 comments)

Cancer Full Moon, January 19, 2011 (1 comments)

JFK 50 years later: great goals for a great nation (1 comments)

Eco-ruin 'felled early society' , BBC

There are 310,800,000 suspect terrorists in the USA (2 comments)

The 'Thud' Experiment, by D.L. Rosenhan

*Who Was Marshall McLuhan, and Why Is He Important Today? (2 comments)

violence in our bowels by e b bortz

Extending Human Vision - The Work of Arthur C. Pillsbury (1 comments)

SAVE ENERGY - Make a change for the better

Life embodies friendship, compassion, happiness, sorrow, love and pleasure

Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.

Afghan Road to Hell Paved with Rubicon Intentions. (4 comments)

Thursday, January 13:

Naomi Klein: The Search for BP's Oil AND Finding It (5 comments)

Research paper: Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition (1 comments)

Your Horoscope Sign Has Probably Changed; New Zodiac Sign Dates (3 comments)

Remedies Are Made of This

Haiti Slow to Rebuild in Aftermath of Devastating Quake

Whistleblowing former Federal Air Marshal Spencer Pickard on Air Safety (1 comments)

Dahr Jamail: The Tragic State of the Gulf of Mexico: Sampling Reveals Oil and Dispersants on Mississippi Coast (4 comments)

Wednesday, January 12:

Meteorology, Ecology, and the Future of Our World (1 comments)


Resurrection Omen: Haiti's Historic Iron Market Completely Renovated & Open For Business

Some Sarah Palin Palindromes (2 comments)

Tuesday, January 11:

The Devil's in the Details: More Tales from Edgefield Federal Prison (22 comments)

Haitian Art Life Heals After Quake

Haiti's Year of Devastation

Dark Beauty, by Craig Lambert (1 comments)

For the Democrats Who Repeatedly Vote for the Corporate Parties (1 comments)

Monday, January 10:

Gerald Celente : Internet nuke bomb waiting to go off in 2011 (2 comments)

Alien Territory (2 comments)

American Way

How To Set Up to Record Video From TV With Your iPhone or Smart Phone

Humans Wore Clothes 170,000 ya

Climate Change to Continue to year 3000; Best Case Scenario

A Short List of Virtues Recommended For Psychotherapists

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO's) and the World's Food Supply (4 comments)

Ten Time-Transcending Recommendations from Ten Great Minds to Start a Great Year (2 comments)

Sunday, January 9:

Press Release: A Cairo Christmas Carol: Egypt's Muslims Attend Coptic Christmas Mass, Serving as Human Shields for Christians (4 comments)

Considering a Utility, Energy Audit: A Contractor's View (5 comments)

BP Liquid crude oozing from just below the surface -- Storm will take oil "far inland" says official (VIDEO)

Could the Proposed Department of Peace Have Intercepted the Tucson Gunshots? (36 comments)

Dahr Jamail: Illnesses Linked to BP Oil Disaster

Saturday, January 8:

Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on the (1 comments)

Did Kanye Create a Monster? (6 comments)

Reflections on a Snowy January Day in 2011 (4 comments)

Friday, January 7:

Alexander Cockburn: The American Way of Torture

Positive Music Awards: A Fanfare of Harmony (2 comments)

Thursday, January 6:

Winter Transfor-Memories

The Pope Has a Big Bang Theory (based on what, we don't know)

A Few Words In Defense of the N-Word, in the Novels of Mark Twain (52 comments)

Mexican Drug Cartel Cease-fire Offer, by Daniel Hernandez, LATimes (1 comments)

Glen Greenwald: Wall Street Fat Cats flip Public Service Workers the Bird

Advice To GLBT Kids Coping With Bullies (5 comments)

Solitary Purdah

Wednesday, January 5:

One year after the earthquake, Haitians wonder whether international aid is keeping their country poor

MELODY'S DEMISE (4 comments)

Short cut to BIG Bucks ! WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE (1 comments)

Dreams and Do You Want to be Healed? (1 comments)

Protect Your Family from Bad Drugs

Tuesday, January 4:

Just How Badly Have BP and the Obama Admin Damaged the Planet?

Blind Adherence to Free Market Ideology May No Longer Serve Us Well (1 comments)

Monday, January 3:

Fatima Shaik: Review of 'A Free Man of Color': A Historical Play with Modern Signifance

Press Release: Challenging Propaganda Stereotypes: War and Peace in the Quran and Bible (7 comments)

Astrological Predictions for 2011 - by Dr Rakesh Kumar (3 comments)

Sunday, January 2:

Wake Up, Mom: Gender Differences in Accepting Sleep Interruptions (1 comments)

Creative Rebellion versus Capitalism, by T.M. Elkins

Life at War by Denise Levertov

Patricia A. Smith: What You Won't See Happen in 2011 (5 comments)

Saturday, January 1:

Happy New Year from the World to the World! (Video Playlist) (1 comments)

one one eleven (1 comments)


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