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December 2010

Thursday, December 30:

The Bread & Puppet Museum (2 comments)

Wednesday, December 29:

Science and Islam: How Islamic Culture Advanced Science and Civilization (7 comments)

Putting the Record Straight on the Lamo-Manning Chat Logs

Monday, December 27:

BBC News-The printed future of Christmas dinner

TIME Interviews Woody Allen

Photo Essay: Christmas Snow Storm Hits Norfolk, Virginia (3 comments)

Saturday, December 25:

Decision Points: The Review (10 comments)

Thursday, December 23:

A Nazi Christmas: Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men?

Tuesday, December 21:

Cost-competitive renewable energy systems are in the birth canal! (3 comments)

Sunday, December 19:

Enjoy Snitchin'? There's an App for That...

Saturday, December 18:

Your Aps Are Watching You

The Atlantic: "The End of Men" (1 comments)

Winter Solstice & Lunar Eclipse Overlap for the First Time in 456 Years

Thursday, December 16:

Record Number Of Eagles In Sanctuary Hints At Species Comeback (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 15:

Hanna Rosin: "New Data on the Rise of Women"

NYT: Was There "Something" Before the Big Bang...The Sequel (1 comments)

Tuesday, December 14:

New York Times: Was There "Something" Before the Big Bang? (6 comments)

A Zoo Of Our Own Making: We will kill for empire and a parking space (5 comments)

Saturday, December 11:

Zack Scores With "Networking for People Who Hate Networking"

"The Buddha Wasn't a Buddhist" by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Ted Turner: "I'm Almost to the Edge of Poverty" (1 comments)

Tuesday, December 7:

Self-Publishing Offers No Hassle and Big Potential Profits. Is It For You?

Sunday, December 5:

To Orwellian Governments Around the Globe, Censoring = Fortifying the Censored!

Friday, December 3:

New Link in Chain of Life

Thursday, December 2:

Second Genesis on Earth? Arsenic-Based Shadow Biosphere Life Discovered

Wednesday, December 1:

kim jong-il looking at things (1 comments)


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