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December 2010

Friday, December 31:

David Corn: Can POTUS Beat Back the Obama Hate Machine in 2011?

Paul Krugman: The New Voodoo

FDL: We Screwed Ourselves with Success

Thursday, December 30:

Almost Everything is a Crime in America Now: 14 of the Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For (1 comments)

Hands off the Web

E. J. Dionne, Jr. -- When will liberals learn? (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 29:

David Ignatius: Questions for Gen. Petraeus

My Parents Were Executed Under the Unconstitutional Espionage Act

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010

BAR's Glen Ford's Most Recent Comment on Haiti (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 28:

The media and Obama: Image and reality

VanunuLeaks: Dubai and Spies

Social Security in Perspective, Part III A conversation with William Greider By Trudy Lieberman

Robert L. Borosage: Bushwacking Obama: Conservatives Call for "Fixing" Social Security

Attack Tyranny at its Weakest Link--Enforcement, by Kevin Carson

The Data and the Reality -

David Corn: The Top 10 Political Moments of . . . 2011

The New York Times backs the attack on WikiLeaks

Eugene Robinson - Danger ahead for the GOP

Monday, December 27:

How to Derail Financial Reform -

Of luxury cars and lowly tractors, by P. Sainath, The Hindu News

Steve Benen: The Washington Monthly

Bob Barr: WikiLeaks May Spawn New Sedition Act (1 comments)

Howard Kurtz: The GOP's 2012 Fantasies

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Don't spin the Civil War

Obama and the Passions

Paul Thomas: Statistics obscuring real education challenge

Sunday, December 26:

Paul Krugman: The Finite World

The Forgotten One: Bradley Manning (3 comments)

The Looming Crisis in the States

Nicholas Kristof: The Big (Military) Taboo (1 comments)

Thieves' Paradise -

The U.S. needs to get tough with Israel (1 comments)

Frank Rich: Who Killed the Disneyland Dream?

Up Against the Empire: Celebrating the Rebel Jesus (1 comments)

Saturday, December 25:

David Corn -- Obama vs. McConnell: Who's the Grown-up?

Jehanzeb Dar: Jesus was Palestinian and why it matters

Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning: Sign Our Letter

Osama bin Dead awhile (1 comments)

John Reed: Kosovo: Europe's Mafia State. Hub of the EU-NATO Drug Trail (3 comments)

Eric Boehlert: Jon Stewart Did What Pundits and Reporters Should Have Done

Friday, December 24:

The FCC Splits the Internet in Two

President Obama's Washington Bubble of Isolation

Details and implications of New U.S. Sanctions ahead of Jan. Talks

Paul Krugman: The Humbug Express (4 comments)

Thursday, December 23:

A Holiday Message from Ricky Gervais: Why I'm An Atheist

'Israeli War Crimes' signs to go on Metro buses (4 comments)

Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions (2 comments)

Why Is Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Back in the News?

Commentary: Rich politicians will take care of their own

U.S. Military Attache in Israel: Ahmadinejad Like "Little German Guy With Moustache" (1 comments)

Assange Calls Fox Hosts Criminal

Pepe Escobar: For CIA drone warriors, the future is death

Wednesday, December 22:

Ezra Klein - Why has the lame-duck session been so productive?

Dana Milbank - The rise of the Petulant Party

Amy Goodman: President Obama's Christmas Gift to AT&T (and Comcast and Verizon)

David Corn: The Long Wait for Sarah Palin's Emails

Club of anti-Semitism Wielded in Ontario Legislature Against Jew

Tuesday, December 21:

Feds order farmer to destroy his own wheat crops, by Mike Adams

Are you smarter than a Fox News viewer? How about a CNN viewer? Take our quiz to find out

Social Security in Perspective, Part III

Larry David: Thanks for the Tax Cut!

Monday, December 20:

Greg Palast Busted by BP's "Police" in Azerbaijan

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange: 'Terrorist' or journalist? (1 comments)

Fox Slammed by L.A. Times -- 'Shouldn't Call Itself a News Organization'

Haley Barbour: I don't remember the civil rights era being that bad

R.H. Smith: CALIFORNIA ISN'T BROKEN, Bill Lockyer & Stephen Levy

Richard Cohen: There Goes the Sun

Dana Priest, William M. Arkin -- Monitoring America

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Even progressives need CEOs

The Government's one-way mirror

Paul Krugman: When Zombies Win

Jim Corr: Top-down engineered financial crash designed to take over Europe

Sunday, December 19:

Justice Scalia and the Tea Party -

Estate taxes aren't a levy on the dead by Charles M. Kelly (1 comments)

Don't confuse capitalism with government by Charles M. Kelly (2 comments)

Church and state must remain separate by Charles M. Kelly (1 comments)

Best Ideas of a Decade -

American investors bailing out in economic recovery by Charles M. Kelly

The Tax-Cut Deal -

David Corn: Does Sarah Palin Now Need the 'Lamestream' Media?

Steve Benen: When Propaganda is a Poor Substitute For News

Richard Falk: The delusions of the peace process

Counterinsurgency Outsourcing: America's New Mercenaries

Pepe Escobar: Emperor Waits in Wings With Waterboard

Taking Stock of WikiLeaks | STRATFOR

Frank Rich: The Bipartisanship Racket (4 comments)

Saturday, December 18:

Dan Froomkin: New Obama Scientific Integrity Memo Is Late And Vague

Protectionism is result, not cause, of unemployment, Charles M. Kelly

WikiLeaks sets the stage for the 'No-Send List', by Richard K. Moore

Republicans Best President Obama on Tax Cuts, Appropriations

Jon Walker: In Tax-Cut Capitulation, House Democrats Again Redefine Pathetic

Michael Tomasky: A temporary win on tax for Obama

Former top AIPAC official states that passing US secrets to Israel is routine for the Israel Lobby

John Pilger: Protect Assange, don't abuse him

Friday, December 17:

Sheila Dean: Daniel Ellsberg Arrested

Bradley Manning: WikiLeaks Alleged Source's Life in Prison

Dan Froomkin: After Bucking Holbrooke's Advice On Afghanistan, Obama Invokes His Name

Round Up Washington's Usual Prospects -

P. L. Thomas: Fire Teachers, Reappoint Rhee!: Legend of the Fall, pt. III

Getting to Assange through Manning, by Glenn Greenwald

Wall Street Whitewash -

Paul Krugman: Wall Street Whitewash

Simon Tisdall: Will the Afghanistan war break Obama's presidency?

Thursday, December 16:

David Corn: John Cornyn's Earmark Hypocrisy

The New York Times and WikiLeaks

Middle East peace process: Dead but not buried

Matt Tabbi: Bernie Sanders Puts Barack Obama to Shame (5 comments)

Michael Brenner: Obama's War on Wikilieaks -- and us

DJ Jaffe

Gail Collins: The Crying Game

Julian Assange: Australia`s Gov`t Silent on Death Threats Against Citizens, Attacks Only One Messenger

Wednesday, December 15:

Glenn Greenwald: The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention (3 comments)

Conn Hallinan: Israel, Obama and the Bomb

David Corn: Richard Holbrooke's Unfinished Business

Tuesday, December 14:

Obama's a Sell-Out on Taxes? Not So Fast (2 comments)

We Support WikiLeaks

Mere Hours Left to Save Net Neutrality

Why Obama's Tax Deal May Be an Even Bigger Disaster Than You Think

Steve Benen: Hudson's Inexplicable Error

Fair Game Director Doug Liman Responds to Judith Miller

Monday, December 13:

Sheila Dean: Espionage Act: Information Clearing House: ICH

Dan Froomkin: Summers, Unapologetic To The Bitter End

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Can Obama find his morning in America?

Eric Margolis: IN THE MIDEAST, THE US IS A HELPLESS GIANT (2 comments)

Oath Keepers: "Guardians of the Republic" (3 comments)

WikiLeaks and Press Freedom: Is Treason a Civic Duty?

Robert Kuttner: Social Security: The Coming Cave-in

Wikileaks' Assange to be indicted by Secret Grand Jury in Virginia

Paul Street: Obama Isn't Spineless, He's Conservative: Reflections on Chutzpah, Theirs and Ours

Paul Krugman: Block Those Economic Metaphors

Sunday, December 12:

Gerald Celente on WikiLeaks and More: WikiLeaks Trail-Blazes Journalism 2.0

Clancy Sigal: A disappointed Democrat? You bet

James Fallows: An Unfortunate Decision by Peter Orszag

Julian Assange's Fully Informed Jury | The Point

Al Jazeera Fights Back:The US Govt is After our Integrity

Saturday, December 11:

Falling T-Bond Threatens Illusion of Fed Control -- Rick's Picks

Filibernie's Greatest Hits

5 Awards For the World's Most Heinous Climate Villains

Friday, December 10:

Pakistan elites turn blind eye to war

Naomi Cohn: How unemployment is becoming an age-old problem

Naomi Wolf: Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States

Blocking WikiLeaks: Can Free Speech Be Protected on a Private Internet?

Understanding Justice as a System

David Corn: Tax-Cut Deal: Sympathy for the President

Paul Krugman: Obama's Hostage Deal

Thursday, December 9:

Obama Threatens Social Security


Andy Barr: Palin to Haiti with Franklin Graham

Jennifer Kottler: Millions More for Millionaires

Dan Froomkin: Obama's Huge Would-Be Gift To The Scions Of The Super-Rich

Judge dismisses case challenging targeted killing of US citizens by Obama administration

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Casting liberal allies aside will hurt Obama in the long run

The Deafening Silence About the War in the Deficit Debate

Wednesday, December 8:

Nobody represents the American people (6 comments)

Dan Froomkin: While Whacking Critics, Obama Gets Facts Wrong

Ron Paul: What We Need Is More WikiLeaks

Mr. Galloway Returns (1 comments)

The World from Berlin: Assange's 'Martyr Status' Further Damages US Reputation

Carl Hiaasen: Congress takes care of the rich

Bush V. Gore Decision Looks Even More Disgraceful 10 Years Later

David Corn: Walking Dead: Congress Edition

Tuesday, December 7:

Will Joe Lieberman's Next WikiLeaks Target Be The New York Times? (3 comments)

Juan Cole: Leaks Suggest Iran Is Now Winning in the Middle East

Katrina vanden Heuvel - Obama: On the way to a failed presidency?

Dianne Feinstein: Prosecute Assange Under the Espionage Act (4 comments)

WikiLeaks has exposed Vichy Britain and our pro-American elite (1 comments)

Sam Stein: McConnell's Antics Compelling Dems To Push Filibuster Reform

Ted Turner Urges One Child Policy to Save Planet

Julian Assange: Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths (2 comments)

Paul Thomas: The truth about failure in US schools

Monday, December 6:

Dan Froomkin: Petraeus: Afghanistan 2014 Deadline Not A 'Sure Thing'

Kevin Drum: Fighting WikiLeaks

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Can Democrats step up their game?

Ellsberg Calls for Boycott of Amazon

Robert Kuttner: What Now for the Democrats?

Editorial: John Ensign's Sordid, Unethical Tale

Paul Krugman: Let's Not Make a Deal (2 comments)

Sunday, December 5:

The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange - David Samuels - International - The Atlantic (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders: There is a war going on in this country – the super rich against the rest of us.

UK protesters spied upon by undercover police - Guardian

WikiLeaks' Pakistan, Yemen Cables Expose Unchecked Executive Power, 'Hatred for Democracy' by Ernest A. Canning (1 comments)

Frank Rich: All the President's Captors (1 comments)

Saturday, December 4:

Dana Milbank - Charlie Rangel's censure, House's disgrace (1 comments)

Moment of Lies: Galbraith Attacks Lack of Evidence for Frantic Deficit Fear Mongering

The Big Economic Story, and Why Obama Isn't Telling It (1 comments)

Mahmoud Abbas needs to call Snap Elections in Palestine

Libertarian Activist to Stand Trial for Videotaping Cops in Mississippi | Pixiq

Julian Assange: Wanted by the Empire, Dead or Alive by Alexander Cockburn

Justin Raimondo: WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia's Growing Influence

Friday, December 3:

Julian Assange's rape case: is Sweden just making it up as they go along?

Eugene Robinson - Tax cut fight highlights Democrats' missing convictions

WikiLeaks Under Attack: Glenn Greenwald Debates Critic of the Site

Dan Froomkin: On Jobs, Robert Rubin Points In The Wrong Direction Again

Steve Benen: Health Care Cruelty in Arizona

Julian Assange answers your questions

Kevin Drum: Is It Finally Time to Reform the Filibuster?

Tax Cut Extension: The GOP's Fiscal Time Bomb (3 comments)

P. L. Thomas: The Education Celebrity Tour: Legend of the Fall, Pt. II

10 Phony Scandals the GOP May Waste Your Tax Dollars Investigating

Thursday, December 2:

Paul Krugman: Freezing Out Hope (3 comments)

Jane Hamsher: The Game is Rigged (1 comments)

Jeremy Scahill: The (Not So) Secret (Anymore) US War in Pakistan

Wikileaks chief: What will he do next?

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Obama's dangerous debt compromises

Henry A. Kissinger, George P. Shultz, James A. Baker III, Lawrence S. Eagleburger and Colin L. Powell - The Republican c (1 comments)

Julian Assange: wanted by the Empire, dead or alive

Obama, the Great Placator, needs to throw some elbows

Wednesday, December 1:

A distorted revolution

Pepe Escobar: The Naked Emperor

Kevin Drum: Time for Some Logrolling

Jack Shafer: The leaked cables make it impossible for Hillary Clinton to continue as secretary of state (1 comments)


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