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June 2010

Wednesday, June 30:

Terrence Aym: Coming Solar Storms Could Slam US into Third Depression (4 comments)

martinweiss: Phytoplankton Bloom Off Iceland, by NASA

robert braunstein: Same Trick (2 comments)

Psychology Girl: Environmental and Animal Groups: Views on Hunting (13 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Omega Institute's Elizabeth Lesser on "Broken Open" and Personal Transformation (3 comments)

Tuesday, June 29:

martinweiss: Sowing Traditional Knowledge, by Evaggelos Vallianatos, Truthout/OpEd (6 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Notes from a Wyoming sheepwagon

Judith Acosta: Verbal First Aid in the Face of The Unspeakable (1 comments)

Ralph E. Stone: Nordic Mysteries: The Millennium Trilogy (1 comments)

Judith Acosta: Verbal First Aid and Attachment in Children (2 comments)

Monday, June 28:

Mac McKinney: Hands Across the Sand Movement Makes a Bold Visual Statement Against Offshore Drilling

Mark Soifer: The Talking Heads

Joan Brunwasser: Bill McKibben's Straight Talk on the Environment

Martin Pribble: The Search for Hollow Unicorns (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Robert Byrd, Senate's Longest Serving Member, is Dead (3 comments)

Sunday, June 27:

Mac McKinney: Toxic Air in the Gulf? And Where are the Health Precautions?

Jeeni Criscenzo: Look what they've done to my ocean (7 comments)

Mac McKinney: BP DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS VIDEO! (1 comments)

Mac McKinney: Photo-Essay: Haiti After the Earthquake, Part 8: a Weds Morning Sojourn thru Port-au-Prince

Joan Brunwasser: Jenna Blum, best-selling author of "The Stormchasers"

Saturday, June 26:

Mac McKinney: BP Oil Spill Corexit Dispersants Suspected in Widespread Crop Damage (11 comments)

martinweiss: The Truth About Vegetarianism, by Lierre Keith (1 comments)

Judith Acosta: A New Tool for Risk Management in the Workplace: Verbal First Aidâ„¢

GLloyd Rowsey: Pariahs Can't Be Choosers, a book review by Bernard Porter (2 comments)

Martin Pribble: Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there (5 comments)

Mac McKinney: June 26: UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Friday, June 25:


martinweiss: Report: Toxins Found In Whales Bode Ill for Humans, by Arthur Max (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: J. Kim Wright, J.D.: Working to Transform the Legal Profession, Part Two

John Bradstreet: Don't Underestimate the Importance of Calcium to Your Health (2 comments)

Martin Pribble: In heaven, everything is fine (6 comments)

Aurora: Hands Across the Sand - Say NO to Offshore Drilling! (1 comments)

Aurora: Detroit Urban Agriculture, Reclaiming Motor City.

Thursday, June 24:

robert wolff: REALITIES (3 comments)

Wednesday, June 23:

Rob Kall: World Cup 2010: US restaurant to serve World Cup lion burgers (1 comments)

Jim Arnold: Soccer is succor fer succers (6 comments)

Kanuk: The day I was almost abducted and killed by a child predator (2 comments)

Theresa Paulfranz: I Can Not Be a Part of Culture-Death/Planet-Death (1 comments)

Larry Wohlgemuth: God: "That Touchdown Jesus Thing Was Hideous" (5 comments)

Tuesday, June 22:

Joan Brunwasser: J. Kim Wright J.D.: Working to Transform the Legal Profession (11 comments)

Margaret Bassett: The Runaway General

Ralph Stone: ClimateGate Controversy Updated (2 comments)

Martin Pribble: A Universe Without Meaning (18 comments)

robert braunstein: Look What We Killed

Allan Wayne: BP Tops Tower of Babel. God Gives Up. Rare Photo of Heaven's Gate. (8 comments)

Scott Baker: Center For Biological Diversity: GULF DISASTER: END OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING NOW (1 comments)

Monday, June 21:


Martin Pribble: Science vs Religion? (3 comments)

Jefferson Adams: THINK DAMMIT!!!!

Aurora: Where is the Spill? - Gulf Topography. Washington's Blog (2 comments)

Aurora: Drowning in Oil - The American Dream

Sunday, June 20:

Mac McKinney: Black Water (BP Version) - Gulf Oil Spill Doobie Brothers Parody

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Summer Solstice (4 comments)

Michael Greenwell: Great Missing the Point Moments in History - Two - Crop Circles (22 comments)

Marc Estrin: TEA FOR TWO, OR... (1 comments)

Jonathan Dickau: What Do Adults Do? (8 comments)

Saturday, June 19:

robert wolff: War on the World (7 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: Here's What Makes The Bible a Holy Magical Book (11 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Why Natural Thyroid is Better than Synthetic (4 comments)

Friday, June 18:

martinweiss: Oceans Choking on CO2, Face Deadly Changes, by Michael Perry (3 comments)


Kevin Anthony Stoda: For Our World Literature Teacher Friends this Summer

Mac McKinney: Photo-Americana: Chinatown, San Francisco, from Friday Evening to Saturday Afternoon

Thursday, June 17:

Joan Brunwasser: The Musical Bliss of Barnaby Bright (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Syria's Bashar al-Assad warns of Middle East conflict

Jim Miles: Quicksand - Book Review

Martin Carbone: Quotation collection

Jefferson Adams: Struggle and Isolation NUMBer 9

Jefferson Adams: Tipping Point - A Poem

Wednesday, June 16:

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD: Alternative Therapies in the Treatment of Cardiac Injury. (1 comments)

Todd Kashdan: Why Does Religion Persist? (3 comments)

John Little: Elecricity for Venezuela - Rednecks in Chavezland (43 comments)

Tuesday, June 15:

Mac McKinney: BP Hiding Oiled Animal Carcasses? Put a Grand Down on Yes

Aurora: Mars Once Had a Huge Ocean, Study Suggests (1 comments)

Monday, June 14:

Rob Kall: Nasa warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation - Telegraph (3 comments)

Mac McKinney: "Ominous" Pre-Katrina Conditions Now in Atlantic (2 comments)

martinweiss: Like Humans, Chimpanzees console victims of aggression, by Charles Q. Choi

Georgianne Nienaber: British Petroleum Rebuffs Better Boom Barrier (4 comments)

Mac McKinney: Roger Waters - "We Shall Overcome" (for Gaza)

Sunday, June 13:

Eileen Fleming: There's Nothing Christian about Zionism (31 comments)

Mac McKinney: Flight over BP Oil disaster Day 52 with Marine Biologist, Dr. Carl Safina

Shelby: *What is an Underground Blowout? And could it spread to other wells? (3 comments)

Alexandra Bonifield: Long Way Go Down: Immigration Play Review (1 comments)

Ritt Goldstein: *IS NUCLEAR POWER THE GULF TRAGEDY'S 'OTHER SHOE'? (12 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Ready for Something Different? - Try Zumba!

Saturday, June 12:

Mac McKinney: Photo-Essay: Haiti After the Earthquake, Part 7: a Tour of Haiti's University and Educational Hospital

Carol Everhart Roper: Gulf Oil Spill- Is BP ignoring a green solution? PART III - the Armageddon scenario (9 comments)

Jonathan Dickau: Rising above "us against them' thinking (13 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Bioidentical Hormones According to Chris Woolston of the LA Times

Friday, June 11:

Theresa Paulfranz: Planethood as I Would

Thursday, June 10:

Mac McKinney: Another Israeli Fabrication Exposed: About that Crazed Jihadist Wielding a Dagger at Commandos (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Jamie Ford, author of best-seller "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet"

the web: Youtube Humor; What Happens When BP Spills Coffee

Wednesday, June 9:

Margaret Bassett: Whitman on the right, Brown on the left, voters in the middle -

GLloyd Rowsey: Eight Paintings by the Famous Contemporary Artist George Condo (6 comments)

Kanuk: Living Dead: 'Lost' versus 'Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes' (1 comments)

Tuesday, June 8:

martinweiss: BP Gets Break On Dumping In Lake, by Michael Hawthorne (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Limbo Land: Brownfields for Green Energy

Caroline Myss: Mother Nature Has Politically Come of Age (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Rick Hasen and The Election Law Blog

Liz Rich: Easy Activism: Breast Center Website Seeks Daily Clickers

Monday, June 7:

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Gemini New Moon, June 12, 2010 (3 comments)

Gurmeet Singh: Joran Van Der Sloot arrested, an Astrology Analysis (2 comments)

Sunday, June 6:

Jefferson Adams: No Sorrows - A Poem

Colin Donoghue: Do we need to eat animal products for optimum health? (9 comments)

Phillip Bannowsky: Memoir: Grumbling and Ruminating (1 comments)

Saturday, June 5:

Mac McKinney: A Belated Tribute to Dennis Hopper, Rebel with AND without a Cause

Mac McKinney: RUSSELL MEANS: Parallels between the Destruction of the American Indian and the Destruction of the Palestinian People (13 comments)

Mac McKinney: Meet Rachel Corrie: Her Last Interview (3 comments)

Susan Benjamin: BookExpo America: (1 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: One for the Hopper, by Charlie Finch (1 comments)

Friday, June 4:

Mac McKinney: AVAAZ PETITION: Gaza: investigate the raid, end the blockade

Alexandra Bonifield: Corpus Carma in Dallas:108 Productions' Corpus Christi

Margaret Bassett: Green: Oil, the Loop Current and the Atlantic

Thursday, June 3:

Mac McKinney: Denis Halliday Urges Irish-Americans to Defend the Rachel Corrie

Don Smith: The secret powers of time. [VIDEO] (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 2:

Michael Green: Building What? How SCADs Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight: The 9/11 "Official Story" and the Collapse of WTC Building Seven (1 comments)

martinweiss: Nigeria's Agony Dwarfs Gulf Oil Spill, by John Vidal

Mac McKinney: BBC Video on the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty: Dead in the Water

Tuesday, June 1:

Mac McKinney: Photo-Essay: Haiti After the Earthquake, Part 6: Life on the Street in the Heat and the Markets

Mac McKinney: CNN: Eyewitnesses Recount Israel Flotilla Raid - One American's Powerful Testimony

Mac McKinney: BBC: Gaza flotilla - Eye witness accounts of Israeli raid


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