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April 2010

Thursday, April 29:

Doug Soderstrom: Lurking in the shadows (1 comments)

Lee Pringle: The rise of the digital cloud

Wednesday, April 28:

Meryl Ann Butler: Walk the Pavement to A-Mazement: World Labyrinth Day, May 1 (5 comments)

Ursula Siebert: Farmville and the Real World (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Defenestrations and God's Warriors

Tuesday, April 27:

Theresa Paulfranz: Poem and Site (2 comments)

Sunday, April 25:

Lee Pringle: Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard! (3 comments)

Thursday, April 22:

M. Wizard: Evidence of Jesus' Life in a Buddhist Monastery? (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 21:

M. Wizard: "737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire". Book Excerpt by Chalmers Johnson

M. Wizard: "Face to Face With Carl Jung"

Monday, April 19:

Rob Kall: This Is Apple's Next iPhone - Iphone 4 -

Sunday, April 18:

Grant Lawrence: The World of Plants: Science Coming to an Ancient Understanding

M. Wizard: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Apr. 18, 2010 --" May 11, 2010]

Allan Goldstein: You Want to be a Writer? Here's Some Advice. (21 comments)

OilGuy: Obama's Energy Policy: A Labyrinth of Contradictions

Saturday, April 17:

Bill Willers: "Anybody's Son Will Do" (2 comments)

Friday, April 16:

M. Wizard: Huge Ball of Light Moving in Sky Captured on Video Tape By Sheriff's Cruiser

Monday, April 12:

Greg Nikolettos: Kevin Rudd's e-Health bill paves the way for PositiveID human implantable RFID microchips (1 comments)

Friday, April 9:

martinweiss: Spring runoff in the Adriatic Sea, by NASA

M. Wizard: 47% Won't Pay Taxes for 2009 (1 comments)

Wednesday, April 7:

M. Wizard: Chopra Blames Own Meditation for Baja Quake

Tuesday, April 6:

martinweiss: Haiku of Matsuo Basho

martinweiss: Haiku of Matsuo Basho

Michael Greenwell: The Demon Haunted World (2 comments)

Monday, April 5:

Eileen Fleming: Dear Christian: Resurrect This and Know That

Sunday, April 4:

M. Wizard: WATCH THE OFFICIAL IPAD VIDEO (I must admit it's amazing...)

Thursday, April 1:

Paul Rogat Loeb: Soul of a Citizen: How the Christian Coalition and MoveOn Helped Save the Internet Together (1 comments)


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