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March 2010

Wednesday, March 31:

Tom Over: The world still can't wait, says activist against US Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq


GLloyd Rowsey: Six More Arabians and a Cow, by Dede Schuhmacher (2 comments)

Tuesday, March 30:

Doug Soderstrom: Just Another Mercenary Child

Grant Lawrence: Child Preaching or Child Abuse?

Mac McKinney: Channel 4 (UK) Dispatches: CHILDREN OF GAZA

Jill Jackson: The Hour of No Power (1 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

Kimberly Wilder: Can Male Hatters be Feminists?

Margaret Bassett: Gary Nabhan Remembers Stewart Udall

Doug Soderstrom: Full Circle

Grant Lawrence: Originator of the Gaia Theory: Put Democracy on Hold to Save Planet from Stupid Humans (1 comments)

Monday, March 29:


Gail Davis: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows (5 comments)

Don Smith: Got Warm Feelings? - BusinessWeek

Sunday, March 28:

GLloyd Rowsey: What's the Matter with Obama? A European View. (1 comments)

Joan Wile: Michael Moore: A Love Story (5 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Former CIA Officer: Bloggers are "the Paul Reveres of Our Generation"

Hamma Mirwaisi: Iran and Iranian: Mandane of Mede the Kurdish Princess from Median Empire

Joe Giambrone: LOGORAMA - Exclusive: The legal questions behind an Oscar winning Short

Saturday, March 27:

GLloyd Rowsey: Eight More Paintings by "Undiscovered" Artist Tracey Levine (3 comments)

Mac McKinney: PHOTO ESSAY: The Anti-War March in DC, Mar 20, 2010, Part 2 (2 comments)

Friday, March 26:

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Iranian People's Struggle for Freedom, Part VI: The1953 MI6 - CIA, Coup in Iran (10 comments)

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Libra Full Moon March 29-30, 2010

Hamma Mirwaisi: Iran's influence are used in Iraq after the Elections by Hamma Mirwaisi

Richmond Shreve: Breaking the Race Barrier -- YES! Magazine (1 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Oh, The Humanities! | The New Republic

Thursday, March 25:

Paul Rogat Loeb: Soul of a Citizen: Vaclav Havel, Barack Obama and Unforeseen Fruits

Jeffrey Dach: Fosamax Study Denies Femur Fracture Link (2 comments)

Jim Miles: Behind the Wall - Book Review

Theresa Paulfranz: Response to Article by Robert Jenson [poetry]

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: The last Supper

Leonce Gaiter: Tearing Down the Walls: In Praise of Joe Henry

GLloyd Rowsey: Title: Nine Paintings of Sportspersons by Wayne Kohler (5 comments)

Tim Hjersted: A Life Exercise for When We've Been Hurt by Someone

John Little: The Shock Doctrine III - a book review (8 comments)

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: Collateral Damage (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 24:

Mac McKinney: Global conference rejects bans on trade in bluefin tuna, polar bear

Joan Brunwasser: Part Two - Filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman Discusses "Choice: Then and Now" (6 comments)

Tuesday, March 23:

Mac McKinney: PHOTO ESSAY: The Anti-War March in DC, Mar 20, 2010, Part 1 (6 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman Discusses "Choice: Then and Now" (8 comments)

Margaret Bassett: A Curious History of the C.I.A.

Brasch: Centerfield Song

Monday, March 22:

Mac McKinney: Health Care Reform Bill Dooms America to Pharma-Dominated Sickness and Suffering

Joan Brunwasser: Ariel Sabar, Author of "My Father's Paradise, A Son's Search for His Family's Past"

martinweiss: Where, Oh Where Is Chris Trybis?

Deacon Solomon: Book Review: London on London (6 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Brian Turner, A Warrior Poet | Here, Bullet

Sunday, March 21:

martinweiss: *Petroleum is Pervasive (13 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The Truth Behind the Chicago O'Hare UFO Sighting

Mac McKinney: VENCEREMOS: The Spring of a Renewed Anti-War Movement, March 20, 2010 (1 comments)

Jim Miles: Bases of Empire - Book Review (2 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: ARABBOY: A Youth in Germany--or the Short Life of Rashid A., tells about her Childhood in Berlin

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: 'Oh Sweet Child' Wounded Soul! [poetry]

Meryl Ann Butler: Shamrock Marathon Rocks On

Don Smith: Streetfilms | Fixing the Great Mistake: Autocentric Development

Border Jumpers: Getting Water to Crops

Saturday, March 20:

Margaret Bassett: Stressful but Vital: Picking a Nursing Home

Tim Hjersted: An Experiment: Loving More, Judging Less (3 comments)

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: A Soldier's Lament

GLloyd Rowsey: Ten Portraits of Women by Wayne Kohler (3 comments)

Friday, March 19:

Mac McKinney: The Great Paradigm Shift, Part 2 (Revisiting Reich): the Rise of Matriarchy and Collapse of Patriarchy (w/Videos) (2 comments)

Scott Baker: Have Conditions in the Laboring Class improved from Henry George's Time to our Own? (2 comments)

Border Jumpers: 1,500 Words About Uganda

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: A Soldier's Lament

martinweiss: Gardens provide peace of mind to soldiers at war, by Dean Fosdick

Dave Berman: Emotional Freedom Technique Helps Viet Nam Veteran Overcome PTSD (3 comments)

Paul Rogat Loeb: 'Soul Of A Citizen' Excerpt: Taking Money Out Of Politics: A Grassroots Effort For Clean Elections (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: The Questions Education Reformers Aren't Asking (2 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Fosamax Induced Fractures, More Bad News

GLloyd Rowsey: Five Paintings and Four Paintoons by John Ohannesian (4 comments)

Ron Jacobs: Of Course Narcs Are Crooked.... (1 comments)

Thursday, March 18:

Frosty Wooldridge: Part 7: overpopulation in 21st century America--quality of life in an overcrowded world

Grant Lawrence: A People's History of the Great Irish Famine and What it Means for us Today

Grant Lawrence: Native Youth Suicides: What Can Be Done about it?

Mac McKinney: Russell Means on the Great Paradigm Shift: the Rise of Matriarchy and Collapse of Patriarchy (w/Videos) (20 comments)

Wednesday, March 17:

Mac McKinney: Saving Our Oceans: The Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Up In The Air: Film Review

Tuesday, March 16:

Mac McKinney: Deceptive arguments are being made in California's water wars

Mac McKinney: Celebrate World Water Day 2010 this March 22 (1 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Michael Wood Reviews Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (1 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: World bicycle adventures: Corridor of the Giants in South America (1 comments)

Dean A. Banks, MCIWD, DD: Album Review: Live It On The Outside

Monday, March 15:

Joan Brunwasser: The Woman Who Just Might Save the Planet and our Pocketbooks (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Discussing American Ennui with Clinical Psychologist Bruce Levine (19 comments)

Saturday, March 13:

Mac McKinney: Native American Commandments (4 comments)

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: VENEZUELA: Yukpa indian and environmental groups appeal for help in national campaign (1 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Part 5: Overpopulation in 21st century America--poisoning our world

Margaret Bassett: Deciding on Care for Elderly Parents in Declining Health

Friday, March 12:

Jim Miles: Three Kings - Book Review

Grant Lawrence: Gross National Happiness: What We Can Learn from Bhutan's Buddhists (3 comments)


David McCauley: Moon Dance

GLloyd Rowsey: Six Paintings by Local Artist Wayne Kohler

Deborah Emin: Alia Akkam and The Q Note

Jim Miles: Misadventures of the Most Favored Nations - Book Review

Margaret Bassett: Doris Haddock Is Dead at 100; Walked for Campaign Finance Reform

Thursday, March 11:

Gustav Wynn: "Get The Facts": High Fructose Corn Syrup Industry Launches Distraction Campaign (11 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Survivor Speaks out on Israel's Attack on USS Liberty

Mac McKinney: Job Creation Begins at Home

Paul Rogat Loeb: 'Soul of a Citizen' excerpt: The Real Rosa Parks

Scott Baker: Bill Moyers Journal: Marcia Angell (Video)

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Pisces New Moon, March 15, 2010

Wednesday, March 10:

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.: Poem: A Soldier (1 comments)

Mac McKinney: GEORGIANNE NIENABER REPORTS: Haiti Recovery: "We Can Grow Our Own Chickens"

Joan Brunwasser: Randi Cairns and Home Front Hearts, Part Two (3 comments)

Daniel Geery: Model Behavior for Republicans and Democrats (and us)

Margaret Bassett: US Campaign Finance Activist Granny D Dies at 100

Theresa Paulfranz: Earth Justice (2 comments)

Stanton Peele: Siblings are More Challenging than Gender Change - the Movie

Grant Lawrence: Gus Porter: the American Mountain Man's Harrowing Experience with Healthcare in Canada

John Little: Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine - a review part 2 (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 9:

Joan Brunwasser: Randi Cairns and Home Front Hearts (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The Phoenix Lights 13 Years Later

Peter Hankoff: Questioning Dolphins (3 comments)

Monday, March 8:

Mac McKinney: KILLER IN THE OCEAN: PSA Shows Life in a Sea of Plastic

GLloyd Rowsey: At the Movies with Michael Wood â€" The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta (3 comments)

Rob Kall: No Anti-Right Wing Shout-outs, But the Progressive Message Won Big at Oscars (20 comments)

Michael Moore: Let's Watch the Oscars Together -- Right Now! ...from Michael Moore

Sunday, March 7:

Frosty Wooldridge: Part 4: Overpopulation in 21st century America--nobody ever dies of overpopulation (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Timothy Geithner: Inside Man

Michael Greenwell: Catch 22 (the film)

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: UK professors to delve more into BBC reporting on Venezuela and Chavez... (1 comments)

John R Moffett: Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse

martinweiss: The Ethical Dog, by Mark Bekoff and Jessica Pierce

Mac McKinney: Dedicated to Rachel Corrie: Occupation by Johnny Punish

Saturday, March 6:

Stanton Peele: The Problem with Having a Light Comedian as Our Historian in Chief (6 comments)

David McCauley: Dogs & Cats (1 comments)

Mac McKinney: Virginia AG orders colleges to stop protecting gays (3 comments)

Mac McKinney: Help Provide Missing Haiti Coverage (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: A Writer Invites Russia to Engage Its Painful Past (2 comments)

Don Smith: Do Kinder People Have an Evolutionary Advantage? | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet (1 comments)

Friday, March 5:


martinweiss: Common Weedkiller Turns Male Frogs Into Females, by Maggie Fox (10 comments)

Rob Kall: Archaeological Find in Turkey: 11,000 Year Old Temple Reshaping Human History

Richmond Shreve: Thermite Evidence?

GLloyd Rowsey: Amy Larocca Reviews Two Books About Gypsy Rose Lee

Thursday, March 4:


the web: Did any Arabs save Jews during the Holocaust? (3 comments)

Paul Rogat Loeb: Soul of a Citizen: What Cynicism Costs Us (7 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Divorced Before Puberty

GLloyd Rowsey: Four Pictures of California Trees, By Imogen Cunningham (6 comments)

Wednesday, March 3:

Grant Lawrence: Was the Buddha Murdered for His Progressive Teachings? (4 comments)

Border Jumpers: Valuing What They Already Have

Ursula Siebert: What Does "Certfied Organic" Mean? (9 comments)

Rob Kall: Old Age, From Youth’s Narrow Prism (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Depression's Upside (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: It's The Real Thing! Union Work at Coca-Cola in Columbia Like 'Carrying a Tombstone on Your Back' (2 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: At the Movies with Michael Wood â€" A Serious Man, Directed by Ethan and Joel Coen

Don Smith: Are we better off without religion? (2 comments)

Tuesday, March 2:

Mac McKinney: We May Lose the World's Coral Reefs (6 comments)

Mac McKinney: (Satire) MARIE SAYS: LET THEM EAT CAKE! (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Charles Bowden on The War Next Door

robert braunstein: Rain

Marta Steele: Both Sides Now: "Reunion" with Judy Collins

Monday, March 1:

Mac McKinney: Plastic rubbish blights Atlantic Ocean (2 comments)

Mac McKinney: Massive Iceberg Collision Could Alter Ocean Currents

martinweiss: Filmmaker's videos show the underlying bonds of humanity

Grant Lawrence: Israeli Apartheid Week a Global Event (2 comments)

Jim Angleton: The Chemist's War (1 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: Passionate Colors: A Quilt Show Photo Essay (8 comments)


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