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January 2010

Sunday, January 31:

Sheila Samples: Snow storm that covered South heads off to sea (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: G.O.P. Hits Its Stride, but Faces Rifts Over Ideology

Mac McKinney: Protest held in Tokyo against US military presence

Sheila Samples: Execution 'likely' for 9/11 suspect (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: With Arms for Taiwan, U.S. Sends Beijing a Message (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Scott Roeder found guilty of first-degree murder in Tiller killing

Sheila Samples: Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyers in Torture Memo Probe (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Drops Plan for a 9/11 Trial in New York City

Sheila Samples: China suspends military exchanges with US

Sheila Samples: Haiti detains Americans taking kids across border

Sheila Samples: U.S. citizen in CIA's cross hairs

Sheila Samples: U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf

the web: 2010 Census Cautions from the Better Business Bureau

Mac McKinney: US Christian group arrested in Haiti on child trafficking charges

Eileen Fleming: Back to Jerusalem: And It's Burning!

Rick Rozoff: Bases, Missiles, Wars: U.S. Consolidates Global Military NetworkBases, Missiles, Wars: U.S. Consolidates Global Military (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Army Investigates Reports of Hakeemullah Mehsud's Death

Saturday, January 30:

Mark Crispin Miller: Dr. Margaret Flowers arrested (again) for supporting universal Medicare (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: The Don Siegelman Travesty: How Neocons Corrupted the Justice System

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Iran Puts 16 More Protesters On Trial ,Payvand Iran News (3 comments)

Mac McKinney: SPARTA BEATING ITS HELOTS: Inside Israeli Land Grabs

Richmond Shreve: The President's Q&A with House Republicans

Margaret Bassett: TN Universities Forge Ties to Corporate World

Margaret Bassett: Two More Georgia Banks Fail, Boosting Total to 32

Margaret Bassett: The Coal Ash Industry Manipulated EPA Data

B. Ross Ashley: IUF Responds to Company Misinformation on ABI/SAB Miller South African Strike | IUF Uniting Food, Farm and Hotel Workers

M. Wizard: TARP Watchdog, Neil Barofsky, To Launch Investigation Into Fed's Secrecy On AIG Bailout

Friday, January 29:

David Fiderer: Sham Transactions That Led to AIG's Downfall: The Ugly Truth Was Hiding In Plain Sight (4 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Nineteen-year-old executed in Iran for waging war against God, Payvand Iran News (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Believe It or Not, Existing-Home Sales Rose 5% in 2009

Margaret Bassett: The Unloved Annuity Gets a Hug From Obama

Margaret Bassett: Citing 9/11, Blair Defends Legacy at Iraq Inquiry

Margaret Bassett: UN in Secret Peace Talks with Taliban

Mark Crispin Miller: "Pilot errors and weather conditions" killed Mike Connell, says NTSB (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Blackwater's Youngest Victim

Michael Thornton: Just walk away - from the American dream (1 comments)

Ezili Danto: Oil in Haiti, reasons for the US occupation, Part 2 (1 comments)

OilGuy: Fix the banks for Good and Save the Middle Class

M. Wizard: US Economy Grows at Fastest Pace Since 2003

Ezili Danto: Oil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the US occupation, part I

Sherwood Ross: Zinn Called War on Terror "Largest Lie" (10 comments)

Scott Baker: Pennsylvania's Gas Wells Booming--But So Are Spills by Sabrina Shankman, Propublica

Elizabeth Ferrari: ANDY WORTHINGTON has generated a prisoner list for BAGRAM

Daniel Geery: Bin Laden for President? (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Administration Considers Moving Site of 9/11 Trial

Margaret Bassett: Senate Agrees to Record Increase in Debt Limit to $14.3 Trillion

Thursday, January 28:

OilGuy: 16 Geopolitical Megatrends that will Affect Every Aspect of your Life: Energy Finance & Health

OilGuy: IEA Receives Harsh Criticism Over Oil Production Figures: Say Goodbye to Cheap Oil

Margaret Bassett: Senate Confirms Bernanke for Second Term as Federal Reserve Chairman

Margaret Bassett: Conspiracy Central: Beck, Birchers to Converge at Conservative Conference

Margaret Bassett: Foreclosures Inch up; Default Notices Dip

Margaret Bassett: A Preview Of Tony Blair's Testimony Before The Iraq War

Margaret Bassett: Senate Votes Along Party Lines to Raise Debt Limit

Margaret Bassett: Bernanke Confirmed for Second Term as Fed Chief

Roger Shuler: Paul Minor and the U.S. Supreme Court's "Corporation" Ruling

Sheila Samples: Soldiers in convoy kill Kabul imam sitting in car (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Karzai says Afghans will need '15 years of help' (1 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Iran Hangs Two Sentenced In Post Election Trials ,Payvand Iran News (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: UK summit unveils new Afghan policy

Sheila Samples: 'Catcher in the Rye' Author J.D. Salinger Dies

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Pelosi cool to Obama's freeze plan

Sheila Samples: Hackers infiltrate House websites

Sheila Samples: The Radiation Boom - As Technology Surges, Radiation Safeguards Lag (2 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Reflections of Fidel: We Are Sending Doctors, Not Soldiers (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: RNC chief Steele opposes purity test for Republican candidates

Sheila Samples: Alito dissents on Obama critique of court decision

Margaret Bassett: Analyzing the Address

Margaret Bassett: State of the Union Speech: Obama Vows to Focus on Jobs

OilGuy: Canada's Alluring Energy Supply Regaining it's Lustre Despite Continued Criticism

Wednesday, January 27:

Sheila Samples: Howard Zinn, author of 'People's History' and left-wing historian, dies at 87 in California (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Ex-Honduran leader exiled, vows return

OilGuy: Intelligence Report from Capitol Hill

Rob Kall: Howard Zinn Dead at 87 (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: New York Times fails to disclose Jerusalem bureau chief's conflict of interest

OilGuy: Despite Financial Constraints, Indonesia Continues to Slowly Modernize its Defenses

Margaret Bassett: Movement Tries to Fix Social Security Inequity

Sheila Samples: Sarah Palin's Tea Party Dinner Disaster

Margaret Bassett: Bloomberg Wants Terror Trial Moved (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Westar settles with DoJ over air pollution suit in Kansas for $3 Million

Kathleen Wynne (With Contributions by Karen Renick): How The American People Can Defeat Unlimited Corporate Money and Influence in Elections (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Senate Democrats eye $80B jobs package

Sheila Samples: Groups ask for federal probe of anti-abortion violence

Margaret Bassett: Under Fire, Geithner Says A.I.G. Rescue Was Essential

Rick Rozoff: With Nuclear, Conventional Arms Pacts Stalled, U.S. Moves Missiles And Troops To Russian Border (1 comments)

Bruce Allen Morris: BREAKING: Oregonians Raise Taxes On Rich, Big Corporations to Fund Critical Services (7 comments)

Susan Galleymore: The Seamy Side of Coal-fired Power

Roger Shuler: Is Alabama Being Led By a Bunch of GOP Sociopaths (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. military teams, intelligence deeply involved in aiding Yemen on strikes

Jennifer Hathaway: A Disaster on US Soil: Please Help the Cheyenne River Sioux (6 comments)

Sheila Samples: President Plans Own Panel on the Debt

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: We don't compromise or recognize Ahmadinejad's government. Payvand Iran News: (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama to announce high-speed rail plan post-speech

Don Smith: Ron Paul: USA is Bankrupt, Quit Buying Bombs or We're Done (1 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Governor Paterson, Shut This Dairy Down (4 comments)

Mac McKinney: The Real News Network: Desperate Haitian Survivors Fight for Food

Tuesday, January 26:

Margaret Bassett: Unemployment Reached Highest Level on Record in 2009

Sheila Samples: U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege

OilGuy: Japan's underused Petroleum Infrastructure Presents Oil Storage Opportunity

Sheila Samples: Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war: Ministers WERE told invading Iraq was illegal, Foreign Office law chief tells Chilcot inq

Sheila Samples: ACORN Smear Journalist Arrested for Alleged Attempt to Bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's Office

Sheila Samples: RNC To Take Up 'Purity' Resolutions This Week

Joan Brunwasser: Exclusive: Group Receives 'Tsunami of Vile Hate' After ABC Exposé on U.S. Military 'Jesus Rifles'

Gustav Wynn: ACORN 'Pimp' Arrested Helping Bug US Senator's Phone (2 comments)

Odyseus_97: Who Controls The Major U.S. Military Contractors?

Margaret Bassett: Examining the Impact of Obama's Plans

Margaret Bassett: Hecklers at Nummi Talks Prompt Call to Police

Margaret Bassett: As Obama Seeks Freeze, Deficit Seen Shrinking Slightly

OilGuy: Energy Legislation in 2010

Lynn Buske: Organic Family Dairies Being Crushed by Rogue Factory Farms

Sheila Samples: Obama Administration's Use of Drones Responsible for Increase in Civilian Deaths

Sheila Samples: Blast Hits Central Baghdad as Attacks Accelerate

Richmond Shreve: Apple's tablet: What happens when the tech lust wears off? | Between the Lines |

Sheila Samples: Obama Would Rather Be Really Good One-Term President

Lynn Buske: *Don't Let Lobbyists Weaken New Organic Dairy Standards

Sheila Samples: Senate Democrats eye $80B jobs package

Sheila Samples: Audit hits State on failures to monitor Iraq work

Kathleen Wells: Congressman Fattah's mandate for health care reform was the nationwide 2008 Election, not the Massachusetts Special Elec

Sheila Samples: Western donors 'back Taliban plan'

Sheila Samples: Mom: Army leans toward suicide ruling

Ted Newcomen: US Government manipulation of the stock market?

Joan Brunwasser: Israel's 'Green Machine' Gears Up for 2010

Eric Lotke: Good Obama Middle Class Help. But What About Jobs? (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: After 34 Years, a Plainspoken Justice Gets Louder

Sheila Samples: U.S. Envoy's Cables Show Deep Concerns on Afghan Strategy

Monday, January 25:

Rob Kall: Lieberman For CT GOP Senate Candidate Replacing Dodd (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: GOP Governor Issues Threats Like a Mafioso (2 comments)

Rob Kall: White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs Suggests Ed Schultz Lies

M. Wizard: December Home Sales Take Largest Monthly Drop In More Than 40 YEARS

OilGuy: Get Ready, The market Has Changed

Sheila Samples: Obama to propose 3-year freeze on non-security spending (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Andre Bauer equates "stray animals' to people on government aid

Sheila Samples: RNC 'census' mailer draws fire

Mac McKinney: Beached Whales Killed by Ingesting Plastic

Mac McKinney: NOAA may prohibit Navy sonar testing at marine mammal 'hot spots'

Mac McKinney: Collision Causes Crude Oil Spill in Texas (1 comments)

David Fiderer: How Paulson's People Colluded With Goldman to Destroy AIG And Get A Backdoor Bailout (5 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Too Much Info on Social Media Aids ID Thieves

Margaret Bassett: U.S. Seeks Warriors in Fight for Internet Access

Margaret Bassett: The Suburbanization of Poverty

Danny Schechter: Moratorium Needed: How To Stop Foreclosures (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Fear of Rising Death Toll: Berlin Reluctant to Follow American Lead on Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Israel to keep parts of West bank forever

Sheila Samples: 'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq after Halabja ruling (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Paul Volcker: the 'Big Man' Behind Barack Obama's Bank Reform

Bernie Sanders: Four Reasons Why Democrats Should Oppose the Bernanke Reappointment (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Senate Democrats ready to send more stimulus funds to states

Mac McKinney: Hugo Chavez Did NOT Accuse the U.S. of Causing the Haitian Earthquake

Sheila Samples: Five US soldiers killed in Afghan unrest

Sheila Samples: Afghan, Pakistan leaders in Turkey for security talks

Sheila Samples: Stakes are high as government plans exit from mortgage markets

Margaret Bassett: Davos Bankers to Lobby Against Obama Reforms

Sheila Samples: TV News Desks Prepare to Wind Down Haiti Coverage

Sheila Samples: Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of the Union Address

Margaret Bassett: UK Officials: British Government Knew Iraq War Was "Illegal'

Sheila Samples: Attack targets Baghdad hotel compounds, kills at least 36 (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: In Obama's decision-making, a wide range of influences

Scott Baker: In Standoff, Insurer Seeks More Control Over Costs By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS, NY Times

Sunday, January 24:

Bobby Ramakant - CNS: Time for grown-ups to listen to young sane voices: Save fuel, save environment

Martha Rosenberg: If You Liked Bovine Growth Hormone, You'll love Beta Agonists

Sheila Samples: Judge dumps suit over Bush-era wiretapping (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: 70-year gag on Kelly death evidence

Sheila Samples: Gates Sees Fallout From Troubled Ties With Pakistan

Margaret Bassett: Bank of China in Bond Sale to Boost Capital

Margaret Bassett: Corruption Rampant in Pennsylvania Coal Country

Sheila Samples: Bin Laden claims airline bomb attempt on Christmas

Margaret Bassett: More Than Academics at Morton Alternative (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: In Japan, U.S. Losing Diplomatic Ground to China

Rick Rozoff: U.S.-China Military Tensions Grow (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel Completing Rebuttal to Goldstone Report

Sheila Samples: Obama Moves to Centralize Control Over Party Strategy

Saturday, January 23:

Sherwood Ross: Academics Express Disappointment With Obama (12 comments)

M. Wizard: Doctors Without Borders Plane with Lifesaving Medical Supplies Diverted Again from Landing in Haiti (1 comments)

Eileen Fleming: 'Christian' Crusaders and Failures of Intelligence in the US Military (2 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Alliance for Democracy Joins National Cry of Outrage Over U.S. Supreme Court Opinion (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: 2 US troops killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Report: US weapon test aimed at Iran caused Haiti quake (2 comments)

Michael Richardson: Demographics may explain Martha Coakley's 3% hand count win

Sheila Samples: Karzai to pay Taliban to lay down their arms

Sheila Samples: Israeli minister: Third war on Lebanon in sight

Sheila Samples: Justice task force recommends about 50 Guantanamo detainees be held indefinitely

Sheila Samples: CEOs to Hill: Quit calling us for campaign cash

Sheila Samples: US sentences former Pentagon official for spying for China (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: C.I.A. Deaths Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Weekly Address: President Obama Addresses This Week's Supreme Court Decision

Sheila Samples: To Gates, Taliban a 'cancer' but part of Afghan 'political fabric'

Sheila Samples: Republicans Strain to Ride Tea Party Tiger

Sheila Samples: U.S. to Appeal Blackwater Decision

Sheila Samples: Supreme Court's Ruling on Campaign Finance Has Consequences for States

Margaret Bassett: Robert Gates Confirms What U.S. Government Has Denied for Months: Blackwater Is in Pakistan

Margaret Bassett: Venezuela Oil 'May Double Saudi Arabia' (2 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Madman and The Little Flower: Glenn Beck Unwittingly Mimics The FATHER Of Hate Radio! (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Academia vs. Reality: Data Bomb Crushes Mortality Numbers in Congo (3 comments)

OilGuy: Oil Market Summary for 01/18/2010 --" 01/22/2010

OilGuy: Oil's Power as a Political Weapon

Ann Garrison: Rwanda's 1994 genocide and 2010 election

Mac McKinney: Evo Morales Sworn-in for Second Term (1 comments)

Friday, January 22:

Bill Stieger: My Cultivated Apathy (2 comments)

Daniel Geery: Four Rational Responses to the Supreme Clowns

Sheila Samples: Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds

Sheila Samples: Israeli drones take over Afghan skies

Margaret Bassett: UK Terror Threat Raised to 'Severe'

Margaret Bassett: President Obama's Banking Speech in Full

OilGuy: India's Vast Energy Requirements Beckon a Nuclear Future

Mac McKinney: Mike Adams: Sick-care America now needs another $1.9 trillion increase in debt limit

William Cormier: 41 industry leaders call on Congress to halt corporate "bribery', RAW Story

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Sociopaths - They Prey on All of Us (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Debt Burden Now Rests More on U.S. Shoulders

Margaret Bassett: 3-Day Slide Sends Markets Down About 5 Percent

Margaret Bassett: In Ohio, Obama Vows to Keep Fighting on Health Care

Margaret Bassett: Opposition Grows Against Second Term for Bernanke

Linda Milazzo: STORY UPDATED: GREAT VIDEO! Los Angeles Fire Heroes Rescue Dog From Raging River (2 comments)

Roger Shuler: Private Investigator Helps Nail GOP Hypocrite (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: China slams US criticism of Internet controls (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Past Decade Warmest on Record, NASA Data Shows (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Adios, Air America

GLloyd Rowsey: Cuban Doctors Waging Arduous Battle For Life in Haiti (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Senators in Both Parties Balk at President Obama's Plan for Deficit Panel

Margaret Bassett: Obama Moves to Restrict Banks, Takes on Wall Street

Margaret Bassett: Obama Proposal May Force Banks to Sell Buyout Units

Marc McDonald: Vitter Continues To Tout "Family Values" (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: AFL-CIO Poll Shows Union Households Boosted Brown in Massachusetts

Ed Tubbs: The American dream and ethos on the edge.

Don Smith: What did the Supreme Court just do to our democracy? |

Thursday, January 21:

Margaret Bassett: Sen. Arlen Specter Tells Bachmann to "Act Like a Lady"

Margaret Bassett: With Populist Stance, Obama Takes On Banks (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Man Steals Soap, Tasered, and Then Dies (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama blasts campaign funds ruling

Sheila Samples: Gates confirms Blackwater presence in Pakistan

Margaret Bassett: Swedish Bank Fee Sets Example for America

Margaret Bassett: Rare Session for Supreme Court

Sheila Samples: Clinton: US, partners will 'not back down' on Iran

Sheila Samples: Liberal talk-radio network Air America to cease operations

Bob Koehler: Supremes on Corporate Personhood

Greg Palast: Manchurian Candidates: Supreme Court allows China and others unlimited spending in US elections

Georgianne Nienaber: Florida Cold Weather Update: 53,000 Fish Lost But Turtles Rescued (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Report slams U.S. for building power plant Afghans can't run

Sheila Samples: Scott Brown carries the weight of great GOP expectations to D.C.

Press Release: Senator Bernie Sanders Statement on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

Sheila Samples: The sequel no one saw coming: Sarah Palin to campaign with McCain

Eric Lotke: It's Official. Corporations Rule. (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: Son of Famed Coach Has Ties to Insurance Fraud

Sheila Samples: Clinton calls for Internet freedoms, inquiry into cyber attack at Google

Cheryl Biren: Media Operations Centre gets backing from Haitian government (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Pelosi says House cannot pass Senate's health-care bill without changes -

Sheila Samples: Obama Trying to Turn Around His Presidency

Cheryl Biren: BREAKING NEWS: Pelosi rejects Senate version of health-care bill

Sheila Samples: F.B.I. Charges Arms Sellers With Foreign Bribes

Joan Brunwasser: Alan Grayson Petitioning Against Looming Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Supreme Court's Key Rulings on Campaign Finance

Rob Kall: Supreme Court Strikes Down Campaign Finance Regulation-- Sets Back Election Reform Decades (46 comments)

Scott Baker: Justices Reject Campaign Finance Limits

Margaret Bassett: A Reformer At The White House

Margaret Bassett: Banks' Derivatives Activity Falls Under I.R.S. Scrutiny

Margaret Bassett: China's Growth Surges to 10.7 Per Cent

Joan Brunwasser: Have you Seen Russia's Monument to 9 11 on New Jersey Shore? (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Securing South Waziristan Could Take a Year: Army

Margaret Bassett: Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Rise on Backlog

Wednesday, January 20:

Joan Brunwasser: Astonishing Report: We're Executing Gitmo Prisoners and Calling It Suicide

Joan Brunwasser: The Hate and the Quake

Joan Brunwasser: Whistleblower reveals how insurers can game healthcare bill

Sheila Samples: 2 U.S. troops killed; Kabul security tight

Sheila Samples: Crimes Against Humanity: Complaint Filed Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bubble bursts on Iran nuclear options

Margaret Bassett: Explore how to Find, Get and Keep Work / Silicon Valley Tech Salaries Down 1%

Margaret Bassett: Google Books Opponents Propose Public Guardian

Margaret Bassett: China to Slow Lending Amid Bubble Worries

Margaret Bassett: Security Lapses Being Addressed, Officials Say

Steve Blank: The Short and Happy Presidency of Barack Obama

Sheila Samples: Israel deports American employed by Palestinian news outlet

OilGuy: America: Export Nation?

Margaret Bassett: FBI Sting Nets 22 Executives Charged with Paying Bribes Abroad

Sheila Samples: Israel withholding NGO employees' work permits - Haaretz - Israel News

Sheila Samples: Doctors Without Borders Plane with Lifesaving Medical Supplies Diverted Again from Landing in Haiti

Roger Shuler: MA Vote is a Rejection of "Look Forward, Not Backward" (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama targets tax cheats seeking government work

Sheila Samples: Aftershock hits Haiti; U.S. troops guard convoys in Port-au-Prince

Danny Schechter: OBAMA ONE YEAR ON: DEMS LOSING, HOW CAN WE WIN? (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama Wades Deeper Into Banking Debate

Eric Lotke: Beyond Massachusetts. A New Coalition to Build Jobs.

Cheryl Biren: New York Times to Charge Frequent Readers of Web Site (1 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Diary of a Madman: Rare Mengele Memoir Unearthed by Auctioneer - In-Depth Exclusive (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Phila DA withdraws criminal charges against Managing Editor (14 comments)

M. Wizard: G.O.P. Takes Massachusetts Senate Seat

Joan Brunwasser: Diebold declares Republican the winner in Massachusetts Senate election (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Coakley Concedes MA Senate Race in Record Time! (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Larijani: US powered Israel's war on Gaza

Tuesday, January 19:

OilGuy: Media and Political Hysteria Over Yemen Hides a Deeper Strategic Matrix of Long-Term Importance

OilGuy: Is the Market Flashing a "Sell" Signal?

Margaret Bassett: Stalled Upgrade Delays Unemployment Checks

Sheila Samples: High court tosses ruling favorable to Abu-Jamal

Margaret Bassett: How Goldman Secretly Bet on the U.S. Housing Crash

Margaret Bassett: The EPA rides Again

Margaret Bassett: Fearing Hackers Who Leave No Trace

the web: Costco - Unbelievable! (2 comments)

Mac McKinney: "The Real News" Video: HAITI: GUNS OR FOOD?

Sheila Samples: Some 390 tons of U.S. ground beef recalled

Mac McKinney: Petition: Food Not Troops, Love Not Fear for the Haitian People

Sheila Samples: Film explores ex-NFL player's death

Sheila Samples: Homeless Haitians Told Not to Flee to U.S.

Roger Shuler: Are Football Star and His Mother Sending the Wrong Message on Aborton?

Kathleen Wells: America Absolutely Needs a National Manufacturing Policy, Urges Senator Brown (1 comments)

Danny Schechter: Disaster in the Disaster: The Aid Mishap Goes On As Haitians Die in Droves (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Security concerns cause doctors to leave hospital, quake victims

Margaret Bassett: C-SPAN Wants to Televise Healthcare Compromise Talks

Margaret Bassett: Shareholders are Citigroup's Biggest Losers

Margaret Bassett: Global Demand for U.S. Assets Rises in November, Treasury Says

Margaret Bassett: Education Grant Effort Faces Late Opposition

Rob Kall: Progressive group steps up offensive against Emanuel (5 comments)

Cheryl Biren: U.S. Air Force drops 55,000 pounds of food, water into Haiti -

Monday, January 18:

Sheila Samples: FBI broke law for years in phone record searches

Sheila Samples: US accused of 'occupying' Haiti as troops flood in

Cynthia McKinney: *An Unwelcome Katrina Redux (3 comments)

Cheryl Biren: U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes - ABC News (2 comments)

Mac McKinney: Doctors Without Borders Cargo Plane With Full Hospital and Staff Blocked From Landing in Port-au-Prince (2 comments)

Press Release: Election Experts Issue 'Orange Alert' for Massachusetts Special Election (1 comments)


Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman: Will Diebold steal Ted Kennedy's seat -" and the Senate? (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Tragic Story of Mike Connell, Bush/Rove/GOP IT Guru, Breaks in Maxim…

Sheila Samples: U.S. Rifle Scopes In Iraq And Afghanistan Feature Bible Verse Citations (1 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Iran arrests Women Journalists and Civil Activists ,Payvand Iran News

Rob Kall: Rob Kall Interview Transcript: Noam Chomsky on Martin Luther King Jr. (10 comments)

Sheila Samples: Race Against Time in Haiti: 'Help us to Go Get Our Children!'

Robert Arend: Cadillac Tax Compromise: Win, Lose, Or Draw?

Roger Shuler: GOP Crusader Proves to be a Hypocrite on Gambling (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israeli army crosses into Lebanon (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel to station German nuclear submarine in Persian Gulf

Margaret Bassett: Ron Gettelfinger: the Man who Conquered Detroit |

Sheila Samples: Al Jazeera English - Americas - Frustration mounts over Haiti aid

Sheila Samples: For 45,000 Americans in Haiti, the Quake Was "a Nightmare That's Not Ending'

Bettye Johnson: To Heal or Not To Heal

Joseph Zernik: *False Imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California (1 comments)

Darren Wolfe: Chavez orders takeover of French hypermarket chain

David Kendall: Steelworkers Form Collaboration with Mondragon, the World's Largest Worker-Owned Cooperative

Robert Arend: The Obama Administration: January 1-16, 2010

Mac McKinney: AWOL: Haiti's absent leader "doesn't like to talk at all'

Rick Rozoff: Afghanistan: NATO Intensifies Its First Asian War

Margaret Bassett: Martin Luther King's Time in Chicago

Margaret Bassett: Militants Launch Rockets in Central Kabul

Sheila Samples: Gun battles rage in Afghan capital

Sunday, January 17:

Mac McKinney: Ortega warns of US deployment in Haiti

Don Smith: Larsen attracts opposition from the left

Marilyn Noyes: Governor Siegelman interview with Lila Garrett Monday morning, January 18

Sheila Samples: New York Times Ready to Charge Online Readers (2 comments)

Roger Shuler: Are Obama and Artur Davis Creating a Train Wreck in Alabama? (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Subsidies Prop up Cotton Country through Downturn

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Iran's political winds are shifting,Loa Angeles Times

Sheila Samples: Fear of the poor is hampering Haiti rescue

Sheila Samples: US accused of annexing airport as squabbling hinders aid effort in Haiti

Sheila Samples: Taliban claim killing 6 US soldiers

Sheila Samples: US drone attack claims 20 lives in Pakistan

Jon Gold: CIA Drone Protest, CIA Headquafters, Langley, VA. - 1/16/2010

Sheila Samples: Fourth death sentence for 'Chemical Ali'

Sheila Samples: Jim Gant, the Green Beret who could win the war in Afghanistan (2 comments)

Greg Palast: The Right Testicle of Hell: History of a Haitian Holocaust (14 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Misleading claims about Safeway wellness incentives shape health-care bill (2 comments)

Cheryl Biren: Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal: Glenn Greenwald

Margaret Bassett: For Antiterror Chief, a Rough Week Ahead as Hearings Begin

Margaret Bassett: Clash of the Titans (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Hamid Karzai Still Weak as Afghan Parliament Rejects Cabinet Nominees

Margaret Bassett: At Least 15 Killed in Drone Strike in South Waziristan

Sheila Samples: 'US exaggerating al-Qaeda threat in Yemen' (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: Foreign troops die in Afghanistan

Saturday, January 16:

Pokey Anderson: On the Ground in Haiti -- Some Charities Report their Efforts

OilGuy: The Tepee Shaped Recovery

Sheila Samples: FBI uses MP's photo for Bin Laden

OilGuy: Oil Prices Fall as Winter Premium Melts Away

Sheila Samples: Senator Murkowski Teams Up Wth Energy Lobbyists to Derail the Regulation of Global Warming Pollution (2 comments)

Don Smith: Republicans siding with Wall Street on Obama bank fee | Raw Story

Sheila Samples: Turkish human rights group seeks to prosecute Barak for alleged Gaza war crimes

Sheila Samples: Obama pitches bank tax to recover bailout costs

Sheila Samples: Iran-Saudi Arabia come to blows over Yemen (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Haiti: Up to 200,000 feared dead

Sheila Samples: P5+1 meeting on Iran 'inconclusive'

Sheila Samples: White House E-mail Archiving Plan Revealed

Sheila Samples: A Presidential Triple Plea for Haiti Relief Fund

Sheila Samples: In Reversal, U.S. Expresses Concern Over Additive to Plastics

Martha Rosenberg: Holiday Dieting--An Oxymoron

Ginger McClemons: Organizing for America | | We Want Our Money Back

Ross Levin: Civil rights and election fraud: New study asks, 'Was Prop 8 straight?' (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Beware of Bond Bubble

Margaret Bassett: Financial Panel's Head Wastes No Time in Going After Bankers

E. T. SIMON: Who removed Aristide? Paul Farmer reports from Haiti (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Nuclear Deceit : The Times And Iran

Friday, January 15:

Sheila Samples: Afghan Govt. Demands Arrest of US "Death Squad" (1 comments)

christian stalberg: *Congress Must Investigate the Mishandling of Blackwater Case and Enact the "Stop Outsourcing Security Act" (2 comments)

OilGuy: Canada's Oil Sands, Tarnished Images and Dirty Commodities

Margaret Bassett: FBI Issues Results of Its Review Into The Fort Hood Investigation

Sheila Samples: Fox hunt: cracks in Murdoch dynasty as TV news chief finds himself in firing line

Margaret Bassett: Foreclosures Top Record in 2009, No End in Sight

Margaret Bassett: JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion in Year

Margaret Bassett: Senior Qaeda Figures Killed in Attack, Yemen Says

Margaret Bassett: Pentagon Report on Fort Hood Shooting Details Failures

Joan Brunwasser: Easily Hacked Voting Systems to be Used in MA Special Election for the U.S. Senate (2 comments)

OilGuy: Lending Takes Another Teeth-Kick

Joan Brunwasser: Maggie Mahar: Medical Workers, Supplies and Money Needed in Haiti: How to Help

Press Release: Nonprofit Warns Candidates Against Accepting Support From The Chamber Of Commerce For Midterm Elections

Sheila Samples: Nato will 'transform' Afghan police security failures

Sheila Samples: Cocaine found in shuttle work area, NASA says

Sheila Samples: Obama will campaign personally for Coakley as Massachusetts Senate race tightens

Sheila Samples: Obama's second try at Mideast peace talks

Sheila Samples: U.S. spending in Afghanistan plagued by poor U.S. oversight

Sheila Samples: Anger over Wall Street's big bonuses resurfaces, despite Obama policies

Mark Crispin Miller: Obama's Info Chief advocates Disinformation and Domestic Covert Ops (12 comments)

Sheila Samples: Pentagon Report on Fort Hood Shooting Details Failures

Sheila Samples: Leno set to return to 'Tonight;' NBC willing to let O'Brien leave network, source says

Sheila Samples: Japan ends refueling mission for US forces

Thursday, January 14:

Don Smith: YouTube - Rep. Alan Grayson: Republicans Hate Government Because They're So Bad At It (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Back in Business: 'E&P' Sold, Resumes Operations

Mac McKinney: Schakowsky Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama asks George W. Bush to assist Haiti relief efforts (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Haiti earthquake in pictures: The unimaginable horror which has torn a country apart

Sheila Samples: Harry Reid can't get past Joe Lieberman flap

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Photos of Iranian professor buried in security-laden ceremony ,Payvand Iran News

Joan Brunwasser: Disease dooming native bumblebees

Mark Crispin Miller: An "independent" healthcare expert, bought and paid for by ObamaCo (1 comments)

Mark Crispin Miller: Hawaii can't afford its next election

Sheila Samples: Army Files Charges Against Single Mother

Adam Bessie: Haitian Immigrant Tells His Struggle to US Citizenship

R-CALF USA: Group Demonstrates AMI's Attack on COOL Not Factual

Ernest Canning: New Study Suggests CA's 2008 Prop 8 Election Results Could be Fraudulent or In Error by Brad Friedman

Sheila Samples: Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson take heat on remarks (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Health care bill taking shape

Margaret Bassett: Labor Market Closes 2009 with no Sign of Robust Jobs Recovery

Sheila Samples: Goldman admits 'improper' actions in sales of securities

Sheila Samples: 150 U.N. staff members remain trapped under rubble in Haiti

Sheila Samples: Obama administration proposes tax hike on financial firms to recoup cost of bailout

Dick Thomson: Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy groups | Daniel Tencer (7 comments)

Tommy News: *Haiti Earthquake Relief: Resources and how to help

Margaret Bassett: Drone Attack Targets Hakeemullah Mehsud

Sheila Samples: Obama to announce bank fee plan

Wednesday, January 13:

Sheila Samples: Clinton cancels Asia trip to help with Haiti earthquake response

Sheila Samples: Al Qaeda linked to rogue aviation network

Sheila Samples: US Senator calls for drone attacks in Yemen (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: State Exports Grow First Time Since '08

Margaret Bassett: Governor Touts Jobs Plan at New Biofuel Plant

Mac McKinney: Man Enough to Say He's Sorry: Guantanamo Bay Guard meets British Ex-Prisoners (1 comments)

M. Wizard: The Fed Earns An Astounding $45 Billion In 2009

Margaret Bassett: Broward Schools Say no Thanks to Race to the Top Initiative

Margaret Bassett: Perry Won't Let Texas Bid for Fed Money

Sheila Samples: In Vt., 9 candidates for governor, other state offices run on secession platform

Margaret Bassett: Google Exit Threatens Chinese Internet, Analysts Say

Margaret Bassett: Foreign Companies Resent China's Rules

Georgianne Nienaber: US State Department Remarks to the Press on Haiti

Sheila Samples: Thousands Feared Dead: World Rushes to Haiti's Aid After Devastating Quake

Sheila Samples: Report: Freedom Around World Declines for 4th Consecutive Year

Roger Shuler: Calling for an Investigation of GOP Corruption in Alabama (2 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Students Say Assassinated Iranian Professor Was Government Critic,

Sheila Samples: World Springs to Action After Quake Devastates Haiti

Sheila Samples: Eight Protesters Die in Volatile Southern Afghanistan Town

Margaret Bassett: Bond Denied for Suspect in Cobb Shooting Spree

Margaret Bassett: Shrinking U.S. Labor Force Keeps Unemployment Rate From Rising

Margaret Bassett: Google Challenge to China over Censorship

Margaret Bassett: Haiti Earthquake Leaves Thousands Dead or Missing (Update5)

Margaret Bassett: Yemen Travel Conditions per US State Department

Ezili Danto: Massive earthquake (7.0) rocks Haiti: Aftershocks reverberating, US sending in rescue troops (3 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Frigid Florida Waters Decimating Fish and Turtles

Mac McKinney: Earthquake leaves Haiti "worse than a war zone' (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Talks to Begin on Creating a Bipartisan Budget Panel (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 12:

Sheila Samples: Kansas judge again backs defense in abortion shooting

OilGuy: The US Finds its Superpower Structure and Capital are Insufficient to Cope with a Transformed World

Darren Wolfe: Chavez Devalues Bolivar 50%, First Time Since 2005

OilGuy: A Limp Oil World

Sheila Samples: Netanyahu: Turkey drift toward Iran is worrying

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Coakley, Brown play on voters' fears in final US Senate debate

Sheila Samples: President Signals Flexibility on Tax on High-Cost Health Insurance Plans

Sheila Samples: As School Exit Tests Prove Tough, States Ease Standards

Sheila Samples: Conan O'Brien Says He Won't Host "Tonight Show' Following Leno

Sheila Samples: Despite warnings, military's use of drones on the rise in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Watching TV shortens life span, study finds

Sheila Samples: CQ: Obama's Winning Streak On Hill Unprecedented

Sheila Samples: Iran nuclear physicist killed: Iran sees US, Israel behind the attack (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: The Khost Attack and the Intelligence War Challenge

Sheila Samples: Five Western troops, including three Americans, killed in Afghanistan

Grant Lawrence: Watch Former President George H. W. Bush Heckled for Helping to Kill Millions

James Stafford: Regulators Seek to Throw Light on Hedge Fund Impact in Energy Trading

Ernest Canning: Progressive Group Issues 'Deadline' for Woolsey to Withdraw Endorsement of 'War Hawk' Harman by Brad Friedman and Ernest

Rick Rozoff: U.S., NATO Expand Afghan War To Horn Of Africa And Indian Ocean (1 comments)

M. Wizard: Only 39% of Americans Believe in Evolution (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Sen. Reid and Son Rory each Considered a Burden for the Other's Campaign in Nevada

Margaret Bassett: Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009 (1 comments)

Ernest Canning: Betrayal? Woolsey's Baffling Endorsement of 'Blue Dog' Harman Riles Progressives by Ernest A. Canning (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Dems stiffen spines on health bill

Sheila Samples: Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater and The Hurt Locker

Monday, January 11:

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Elated And Inflated Rick Warren: More Than $2.4 Million ...In Publicity!

Mac McKinney: Israeli general Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam Denies Iran is Nuclear Threat

Sheila Samples: US Fed maintains secrecy on banks bailout


Cheryl Biren: NJ Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana

Sheila Samples: U.S. To Store $800 Mil in Emergency Gear in Israel

Sheila Samples: Afghans Losing Hope After 8 Years of War

Mac McKinney: Congolese Women and Girls Suffering the Insufferable

Lawrence Velvel: President Conducts Disquisition On New Anti-Terrorist Plans

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: 30 Members of Mourning Mothers Detained in Tehran ,Iran Peyvand News

Sheila Samples: Good government groups give Obama high grades on lobbying, transparency

Rob Kall: Surprise!! Sarah Palin Signs With Fox (6 comments)

Margaret Bassett: NY AG Cuomo Asks 8 Banks for Bonus Information

Bobby Ramakant - CNS: 2010 is Year of the Lungs

Sheila Samples: Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News

Sheila Samples: Democrats launch counterattack to save Harry Reid's career

Mac McKinney: Full-body Scanners at Airports may Damage Human DNA


Margaret Bassett: Israel Shrugs off Mitchell's LoanThreat

Sheila Samples: Mandatory health insurance becomes an issue

Sheila Samples: British reporter Hamer and U.S. Marine are killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Iran can be bombed says General Petraeus

Sheila Samples: US suggestion of sanctions prompts outrage in Israel

Sheila Samples: Three U.S. troops killed in Afghan fighting

Joan Brunwasser: Courts Roll Back Limits on Election Spending

Sheila Samples: Military Deluged in Drone Intelligence

Sunday, January 10:

Sheila Samples: Israel plans wall for Egypt border (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: White House Calls for IT Boost to Fight Terrorism

Sheila Samples: Giving corporations an outsized voice in elections

Scott Baker: Setback in Reykjavik Iceland Blocks 3.8 Billion Euro Repayment to Dutch, British By NRC Handelsblad Staff

Sheila Samples: Will Conan end up at Fox?

Jennifer Hathaway: North American Imams Issue a Fatwa: AGAINST TERRORISM

Sheila Samples: Israeli firm blasted for letting would-be plane bomber slip through (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Afghans agree on handover plan for US-run prison

Sheila Samples: Banks Prepare for Bigger Bonuses, and Public's Wrath

Margaret Bassett: Sunday Mirror Journalist Rupert Hamer Killed in Afghanistan (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Odds Favor a Job Shift for Rahm Emanuel

OilGuy: Oil Won't Last Forever â€" What happens when it runs out?

Saturday, January 9:

Mac McKinney: Cancer - The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Power Disrupted but no Injuries Reported in Eureka Quake

Sheila Samples: Xe aiming for Afghan police training deal

Gustav Wynn: Former Bush Lawyer on Suicide Watch after Bludgeoning Wife (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel says wall helps eject Palestinians (2 comments)

M. Wizard: Supreme Court Ruling Expected To END Limits On Political Contributions From Corporations

OilGuy: Land-locked Central Asian Oil Country Plays Important Role from Vancouver to Vladivostock

Josh Mitteldorf: NYTimes reports Obama's new approach to "Signing Statements" (2 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Study: Monsanto's GMO Corn Toxic, Harmful to Internal Organs (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: White House Aides Said to Chafe at Slow Pace of Afghan Surge

Sheila Samples: U.S. Has Few Resources to Face Threats in Yemen (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: In Pakistan, McCain and Lieberman offer reassurance about relations with U.S.

Sheila Samples: China's lobbying efforts yield new influence, openness on Capitol Hill (4 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: Demonstrations in Tehran: (2 comments)

Friday, January 8:

Don Smith: Washington Post lets conservative lobbyists write its Stories

Sheila Samples: U.S. senators defend Pakistan drone attacks (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: OPR Torture Report Still Under Review, Should Be Released "Soon"

Margaret Bassett: ACLU Sues Library of Congress For Firing Outspoken Ex-Guantanmo Prosecutor | The Public Record

Margaret Bassett: Affordable Housing Ruling a Setback to Cities

Margaret Bassett: Merchants Suffering Along Union Street

Joan Brunwasser: FDA approves Crestor for people who have no health problem to correct

Sheila Samples: In Baghdad, Victims of Blackwater's Nisour Square Bloodbath Want Justice, Not Money

Sheila Samples: Police: Ex-Bush lawyer tried to kill wife by beating her with flashlight (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: University of Alabama Football: The Rest of the Story (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: NBC mulls ending Jay Leno's prime-time experiment

Sheila Samples: Steele comments have GOP aides pleading, 'Get him to stop'

Sheila Samples: In New York Commercial Real Estate, News Is Bad (or Worse)

John Miller: Indonesian General Sjafrie Not Fit for Civilian Defense Post

Cathy Garger: Another DC Area Stand Down-As Radioactive Groundwater Due to Hit Chesapeake Bay by Cathy Garger (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Egypt deports UK MP George Galloway (1 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Wyeth Is As Contrite As AIG (1 comments)

Thursday, January 7:

Sheila Samples: 9/11 Commissioner: Congress shares blame for 12/25 intelligence failures

Emily Levy: New Analysis Shows Proposition 8 Election Results May Have Been Corrupted (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Lockheed Martin to Cut 1,200 Jobs as Pentagon Work Slows

Odyseus_97: McCain, Cantwell sponsor bank bill

Margaret Bassett: Funding for Clean-tech Firms Plunges 33% in '09

Margaret Bassett: N.Y. Fed Told A.I.G. Not to Disclose Swap Details

Margaret Bassett: Chinese Decision on Rates Seen as "Turning Point'

Mac McKinney: VIDEO: Viva Palestina Convoy on Democracy NOW!

Mac McKinney: Listing All Gaza Freedom March Solidarity Action Report Backs (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: US forces in Afghanistan "should expect up to 500 casualties a month'

Margaret Bassett: 2 Ex-Blackwater Guards Charged with Murder

Margaret Bassett: EPI's Guide to Health Care Reform

Margaret Bassett: State Leaders Weigh in on Final Health Care Reform Bill

Sheila Samples: BREAKING: 2 ex-Blackwater guards charged with murder

Sheila Samples: Death Threats Ups Security for Israeli Minister (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Blackwater settles US court cases

Sheila Samples: Cash-strapped Florida health group stops dialysis for poor patients

Sheila Samples: 3 dead, including presumed gunman, after rampage at North Side power company

Rob Kall: Afghan war kills three children a day: report | Raw Story

Sheila Samples: Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention

Sheila Samples: U.N. envoy Eide warns U.S., allies not to ignore civilian goals in Afghanistan

Rob Kall: Rahm Emanuel Reportedly "Fed Up' With Israelis And Palestinians Over Peace Process (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Iowa Bankruptcies up 26% in '09

Margaret Bassett: Danes Study Immigrants After Cartoonist Attack

Margaret Bassett: Jordanian Bomber's Path Remains a Mystery to His Family

Margaret Bassett: Suicide Bombing Puts a Rare Face on C.I.A.'s Work

Sheila Samples: Obama Urges Excise Tax on High-Cost Insurance

Mac McKinney: Viva Palestina Convoy Arrives in Gaza

Wednesday, January 6:

Margaret Bassett: Salazar Gets White House OK for Run

Margaret Bassett: Blackwater and the Khost Bombing: Is the CIA Deceiving Congress?

Georgianne Nienaber: Congo Volcano Still Active: Lava Flow Approaches Goma/Bukavu Road

Will Potter: Appellate Court: Encouraging Civil Disobedience is Not Protected Speech (14 comments)

Sheila Samples: US forges alliance with Saddam Hussein officers to fight al-Qaeda

Margaret Bassett: Hilton San Francisco is Target of Union Boycott

Margaret Bassett: California Facing Unseasonably High Gas Prices

Margaret Bassett: Hilda Solis: 'The New Sheriff in Town'

Sheila Samples: The word 'Negro' on 2010 census form offends some blacks (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: If Health Care Bill Passes, Some Changes Would Start Fast

Margaret Bassett: Antitrust Review Planned of Comcast's Purchase of NBC

Margaret Bassett: Fed Minutes Show Division on Emergency Steps

Sheila Samples: Conservative Mogul Buying Up Reporters to Promote His Regressive Agenda

Sheila Samples: IRAN: New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story

Sheila Samples: S.C. Sen. Graham dismisses county GOP group's censure

Sheila Samples: Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises

Sheila Samples: Alleged Holocaust Museum killer dies in prison hospital

Sheila Samples: Blair to face Iraq war inquiry, big demand for seats

Sheila Samples: Senate panel nears agreement on role of Fed

Sheila Samples: Aid convoy breaks Gaza seige

Sheila Samples: Ex-ministers call for Brown ballot

OilGuy: Sharoudi Emerging as Candidate to Replace Khamene"i as Iranian "Supreme Leader"

Sheila Samples: Slow Start for Military Corps in Afghanistan

Jennifer Hathaway: Hell Freezes Over: Limbaugh Loves Union Hospitals and Socialized Medicine

Robert Arend: The Obama Administration: December 17-31, 2009

Sheila Samples: Officials: Suspected US drones kill 12 in Pakistan

Margaret Bassett: Education Reform: California to Join Race to the Top Rush

Jay Janson: *Shooting Handcuffed Children. The Word Swine Comes To Mind

Sheila Samples: Clash in Egypt over Gaza aid effort

Sheila Samples: Iraq pursuing compensation for Israel nuke attack

Tuesday, January 5:

Sheila Samples: BREAKING: Senator Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election, Democrats Say

Sheila Samples: Former bin Laden bodyguard is among ex-guerrillas in Yemen (2 comments)

OilGuy: Is burying Carbon Dioxide underground a realistic option?

Mike Kuykendall: Democratic Senator Announces Retirement

Mark Crispin Miller & Brad Friedman: Kentucky's Elections "rigged for decades"

Sheila Samples: Palin: US Needs a Leader, Not a 'Law Professor' (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Tensions grow as US heightens role in Yemen

Don Smith: URGENT message from PDA: Call Pelosi and Reid

Sheila Samples: Sen. Dorgan announces retirement

Sheila Samples: Obama Says Failed Attack Could Have Been Disrupted

Margaret Bassett: Iceland Leader Vetoes Repayment for Foreigners

Margaret Bassett: Obama Set to Announce New Security Rules for Airliners

Sheila Samples: Bachmann: GOP Should "Allow Themselves to Be Re-defined By the Tea Party Movement"

Margaret Bassett: C-SPAN: Health Care Talks Should be Televised

Roger Shuler: Why Isn't the Deep South the Most Liberal Region in the U.S.? (4 comments)

Brasch: Pennsylvania Borough Gives Homeless the 'Cold Shoulder' (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Pakistan worried U.S. buildup in Afghanistan will send militants across border

Chantal Laurent: Sacred Avatar "Hometree" is the Mapou Tree in Haitian Vodun

Sheila Samples: Arrest warrants keep Israeli team away from UK (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: UN suspends food aid to one million in Somalia

Margaret Bassett: Israeli Military Cancels UK Visit over Arrest Fears (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Clinton: Yemen threatens region, world

Sheila Samples: Staff Quits After Alabama Congressman Switches to G.O.P.

Margaret Bassett: Health Talks Resume with W.H. Meet

Margaret Bassett: Texas Gov. Rick Perry has Toiled to Steer Clear of George W. Bush's Shadow

Margaret Bassett: Lexington Co. GOP Censures Graham in SC

Don Smith: Hersh: Cheney left servants in Obama's Government, Can "Still Control Policy Up To A Point' (2 comments)

Monday, January 4:

Sheila Samples: Six trucks of explosives 'disappear' in Yemen

Sheila Samples: Bomber at C.I.A. Base Was Jordanian Asset

Sheila Samples: New US plan sees Palestinian state in 2012 but Israel wary

Stephen Crockett: Democratic Talk Radio -"Heroes and Villains of 2009 Awards" (9 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Call for Troop Withdrawal: German Bishop Criticized for Afghanistan Comments

Margaret Bassett: Russia-India Ties Sour in Central Asia

Margaret Bassett: US Spies Walked into al-Qaeda's Trap

Sheila Samples: U.S. troops rely on Afghan police while trying to train them

Sheila Samples: Taliban bomber wrecks CIA's shadowy war

Sheila Samples: Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law

Meryl Ann Butler: Healthcare spending and life expectancy: a comparison of graphs by Andrew Gelman

Sheila Samples: Climate change far worse than thought before (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Yemen rules out US intervention

Sheila Samples: Hamas inmates say torture ends in West Bank jails

Roger Shuler: GOP Governor Drives a Southern Economy Off a Cliff (3 comments)

Danny Schechter: As Economy Declines, Time To Rein In The Banksters (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: US Suspect in Pakistan Defends 'Jihad' Plans

Sheila Samples: New Year Brings New Allied Deaths in Afghanistan

Margaret Bassett: Junta Confirms Elections in Myanmar

Margaret Bassett: North China Oil Spill Threatens Yellow River

M. Wizard: Obama effigy hanged in Jimmy Carter's hometown

OilGuy: Iran to Surge to a Hegemonic Position in the Middle East Without a Major War

OilGuy: Clean Coal - Not as Clean as We Thought

Don Smith: The resurrection of Howard Dean - Kenneth P. Vogel -

Don Smith: Ron Paul's anti-corporatist message: he sounds almost like a progressive (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: Mortgage foreclosures still swamping federal efforts to help

Sunday, January 3:

Rev. Dan Vojir: 140 Million Dead? So What! Christianity's STILL A RELIGION OF PEACE! (7 comments)

Don Smith: Tiger, forget Buddhism, find Christ: Brit Hume on Fox - Faith & Reason

Sheila Samples: CIA Attacker Driven in From Pakistan

Matt Stouler: FDA dupes Interpol to achieve illegal kidnapping and deportation by Mike Adams (1 comments)

Matt Stouler: "WHO "Mr Flu' under investigation for gross conflict of interest" by William Engdahl

Sheila Samples: Iraq to support Blackwater lawsuit in U.S. courts

Margaret Bassett: Cattle Rustlers Ride Wide Open Range of Great Basin

From Democratic Underground, sent by Sparrows: National coordinated campaign unites to revoke corporate "constitutional rights" (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Official Army history finds Bush admin. "hamstrung' troops in Afghanistan

Roger Shuler: "60 Minutes" Spotlights Incompetence at the VA (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: US, UK close Yemen embassies over al-Qaida threats

Sheila Samples: The Safety Net - Living on Nothing but Food Stamps

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: Convert to Christianity! (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Tajikistan Earthquake Leaves 20,000 Homeless

Rick Rozoff: 2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World (4 comments)

OilGuy: Petro Unfriendly California Changing it's Stance on Oil (2 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Before You Take That Antidepressant, Visit This Web Site (6 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Gaza Freedom Marchers' Cairo Declaration: End Israeli Apartheid (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: French Media Caught Red-Handed: Honduras Coup Protest Photo Presented as Iranian

Sheila Samples: U.S. Sees an Opportunity to Press Iran on Nuclear Fuel

Saturday, January 2:

OilGuy: Interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan Set to Collide, with Global Implications

Sheila Samples: Prince Charles tried to stop Iraq war

Joe Quinn: The Underwear Bomber - Crushing Freedom With Phony Arab Terrorism (34 comments)

Sheila Samples: Labor moves quickly on job safety, workers' rights

Margaret Bassett: Supreme Court has Saved Toughest Cases for Second Half

Joan Brunwasser: The Beat Good Riddance to Decade That Began With Theft of the Presidency

Joan Brunwasser: Yummy! Ammonia-Treated Pink Slime Now in Most U.S. Ground Beef (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Schwarzenegger Can't Furlough 3 Unions, Judge Rules

Margaret Bassett: Obama Sets Tuesday Meeting on Air Bomber Security Failures

Sheila Samples: Hamas slams world silence on Israeli military escalation (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Congo Volcano Erupts: Lava Flows Southwest Toward Settlements (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: For Much of the World, a Fruitful Decade

Margaret Bassett: Danish Cartoonist Calls Home Attack "Really Close'

Sheila Samples: CIA base attacked in Afghanistan supported airstrikes against al-Qaeda, Taliban

Sheila Samples: Iran gives West nuclear ultimatum

Sheila Samples: Afghan authorities distance themselves from CIA 'black ops'

OilGuy: Exxon's Built in Escape Hatch From the Shale Gas Game

Margaret Bassett: How Low Can We Go?

Mac McKinney: Linda Moulton on Coast to Coast about Gerald Celente Forecasts Past and Future

Friday, January 1:

Sheila Samples: Limbaugh: Tests show no ailments after chest pain (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: Pakistan Taliban Says It Carried Out CIA Attack

Sheila Samples: French Gaza Freedom March activist killed in Cairo (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: UN's Falk calls for sanctions against Israel

Margaret Bassett: Neel Kashkari's Quiet Path to Pimco

Margaret Bassett: Heavy Toll at Sports Event in Pakistan After Bomb Blast

Sheila Samples: Guantanamo closure fizzled by 'terror threats' (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: McChrystal sees victory ahead in Afghanistan

Margaret Bassett: Afghan CIA bomber 'Was Courted as Potential Informant' (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Researchers: US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza

Sheila Samples: The 'coalition of the willing' in Iraq becomes an army of one

Margaret Bassett: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report

Sheila Samples: Iraqis Angered as Blackwater Charges Are Dropped

Sheila Samples: Terror Attempt May Hinder Plans to Close Guantánamo

Sheila Samples: Suicide bomber invited on Afghan base

Margaret Bassett: The Case of the Vanishing Full-Time Professor

Margaret Bassett: Asia Free-Trade Zone Raises Hopes, and Some Fears About China

Margaret Bassett: U.S. Telecom Firm Pays $3 Million in Fines Over China Business

Margaret Bassett: C.I.A. Takes On Bigger and Riskier Role on Front Lines

Sheila Samples: C.I.A. Takes On Expanded Role on Front Lines


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