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November 2009

Monday, November 30:

Michael Moore: An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore (14 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: The Tiger Woods Beatdown (12 comments)

Norman Solomon: The Hollow Politics of Escalation (1 comments)

Mark Crispin Miller: On the climate change debate, who's gagging whom? (5 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Politicizing the Experience of Having a Special Needs Family Member (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: As to Afghanistan, this Thanksgiving it was ‘Thanks, but No Thanks.' (3 comments)

George Washington: Climate: We Can ALL Agree On Two Things

Chris Hedges: Addicted to Nonsense (6 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Just Another Cyber Monday

James Brett: Open Letter to Iran (2 comments)

Robert Parry: How the War Hawks Caged Obama (1 comments)

Jim Miles: Imperial Inertia (4 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: What's the carbon/health footprint of another senseless war? (1 comments)

Joe Parko: Divided We Fall (8 comments)

David Swanson: *Afghanistan: Our 177th Colony (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: More Arrests in America's War on Islam (2 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Teflon Dick: How Cheney Uses Media For Protection (18 comments)

Dr. Keith Hilton: Honoring two great white management gurus"Peter Drucker and Russell Ackoff (1 comments)

Ralph Lopez: *Afghan Villagers Take Revenge for Civilian Casualties (2 comments)

Chaz Valenza: 'Use Cash Movement' to Ignite a Monetary Revolt (5 comments)

robert dodge: *The Cost of War (2 comments)

MC Kean: V.A. Fails to Diagnose and Treat Vets to Save Money: Implications for Health Care Reform?


Sunday, November 29:

Glen Ford: Americans Are Deeply Involved In Afghan Drug Trade (7 comments)

Tommy News: *Take Action: World AIDS Day is Tuesday, December 1st

Eugene Elander: Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due!

Robert Davidson: Was Asthma Clinical Research Study Subject “Ghosted”? (1 comments)

Cindy Sheehan: "The killing is right and proper" (11 comments)

Steven Leser: What I want to hear from President Obama about Afghanistan (6 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate Version 2.0 (7 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate Version 2.0 (4 comments)

James Nimmo: LGBT News: Aggressive or Passive

Saturday, November 28:

shamus cooke: The Devastating Consequences of a Corporate Health Care Bill (32 comments)

Alex Knight: Giving Thanks to Inspiration - Review of "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community"

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: New push in Venezuela's agrarian reform arouses violent verbal PR reaction

NISHOREN: New GMO Food Additives To Be Introduced Without Full Safety Appraisal (3 comments)

David Kendall: Dr King Spanks Obama: Part 4 (3 comments)

mikel weisser: Current Comedy: “Democrats Rising!”

Bennet Kelley: Rumble in Little Rhody: Patrick Kennedy Takes On The Bishop And The Church's Moral Myopia (2 comments)

Roy S. Carson: VENEZUELA: Hugo Chavez' big mouth! Woops ... he's gone and done it again! (3 comments)

Dan Fejes: Through the Looking Glass With the DOJ (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: War Crimes, Exploitation, Abuse, and Suffering Brought to You by the 'Big Lies' (8 comments)

Chaz Valenza: A Simple Plan to Screw Big Banking. Use Cash. (23 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Thanksgiving; Time with Family. No Thanks (1 comments)

Friday, November 27:

David Michael Green: How Dare You Clean Up Our Mess? (8 comments)

Dave Berman: Book Review: "am I being kind" by Michael J. Chase

Cindy Sheehan: You Get What you Vote For! (42 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: No JFK Moment for Obama on Afghanistan (3 comments)

Bob Burnett: Why Can't Democrats Get a Backbone? (40 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim Denied Parole

michael payne: President Obama prepares to “finish the job” and follow Lyndon Johnson into history (4 comments)

MC Kean: *Health Care Reform and the making of Strange Bedfellows

Arthur Shaw: Venezuelan revolutionaries in 2008 have given a dazzling performance

Robert Davidson: Are Big Pharma and the PDUFA to Blame for Healthcare Mess? (8 comments)

Susan Galleymore: A View from the Faultline (3 comments)

Ari Bussel: A Rite of Passage

Jay Janson: *34,000 Additional Troops Not Worth the Life of One Afghani Child (2 comments)

Thursday, November 26:

Michael Roberts: Generals Not Always Right (2 comments)

Eric Walberg: Canada 's Guantanamo


Jim Hightower: Giving Thanks for America's Good Food Movement

Steve Clemons: Thankful that Obama Has Helped Make Dissent and Debate Patriotic and Safe Again (2 comments)

Don Williams: Go ahead, hug that tree and give thanks (2 comments)

Stan Stahl: Thanksgiving 2009 (1 comments)

Joe Perez: Thanksgiving is the Gayest of Holidays (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Afghanistan as Sports Event, Sexual Fantasy and Detour From the Hero's Journey (28 comments)

Ralph Lopez: *Fire Insubordinate McChrystal Now! Civilian Government! (1 comments)

Charles Brown: FDA, mercury not affected by Obama's 'change' (1 comments)

Jeff Cohen: Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance (8 comments)

Mikhail Lyubansky: Thanksgiving's Many and Complicated Needs (2 comments)

Wednesday, November 25:

Thom Hartmann: 80 years ago today (3 comments)

Steven Leser: Video of Steve Leser's debate with Stuart Varney on Fox News' Your World Regarding Cap & Trade and Climate gate (14 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Sing Along: “Thank Heaven, for Little Girls . . .”

Kevin Gosztola: TPM Writer Falsely Represents Single Payer Press Conference as Anti-Sanders Event (3 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *PUT Cheney/Bush On Trial For The 9/11 Attacks (2 comments)

Elayne Clift: Women Scientists and the Nobel Prize

Fred Cederholm: Thanksgiving ... it was a time of fellowship, remembrance, and gratitude...

Lora Chamberlain: Stand Against This Surge In Afghanistan, WE CAN NOT AFFORD WAR NO MORE! (2 comments)

Suzana Megles: A Presidential Turkey Pardoning

Charles Foerster: U.S. Foreign Policy: Blinded by Self-Righteousness, Greed & Arrogance; Held Together with Stupidity (2 comments)

Elayne Clift: On the Backs of Women: The Politics of Betrayal (1 comments)

Bruce Cain: *Petition for the Immediate Re-Legalization of Marijuana (1 comments)

James Brett: Jobs! Can They Not Hear and See? (9 comments)

Mary Bell Lockhart: Debunking Conservative Talking Points on Health Care

Sheila Dean: *Fusion center data consolidation effort failing, Texas seeks public input


P. Orin Zack: Short Story: "A Hard Box to Think Outside Of" (13th in a series)

Ted Newcomen: New Anti-Islamic Working Class Group Rattles British Government

David Model: A Tax Increase for What? (2 comments)

Allan Goldstein: I Could be Even More Thankful

Harvey Wasserman: Still more fluff, lies and radiation from TMI and the new nuke media machine

Stephen Lendman: New Report Shows Ten States Face Fiscal Crisis (3 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Single Payer Advocates Address Deep Flaws in Democratic Health Bill (5 comments)

Tuesday, November 24:

Bina Shah: Patient Capital and Power

earl ofari hutchinson: It's Official: Afghanistan Is Now Obama's Baby

Russ Buchanan: How the Democrat Party Lost Its "ic" (11 comments)

Ray McGovern: Obama: Profile in Courage, or Cave-In? (24 comments)

Rabbi Michael Lerner: Obama's Declining Popularity (13 comments)

Wayne Madsen: NSA eavesdropping more widespread than reported (4 comments)

George Washington: Instead of Fixing the U.S. Economy or Creating Jobs for AMERICANS, Obama Will Spend The Money in Afghanistan and Iraq

Dave Lindorff: UK Inquiry: Blair Conspired with Bush as Early as February 2002 to Plot Iraq Invasion (12 comments)

Josh Mitteldorf: Afghan War: Realities on the Ground

Lawrence Velvel: Let Us Now Seek Competent Men. (2 comments)

Janet Weil: *Barbara Lee Still Speaks for Me! (2 comments)

Monday, November 23:

Sheila Samples: God Has Left the Building... (6 comments)

Patricia Mailloux: How to Win in the Game of Life

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Manhattan Declaration: The Christian Right Declares Global Warfare, Giving Africa The Gift Of ...Fear (2 comments)

P. Orin Zack: Short Story: "Striking the Set Piece" (12th in a series)

Franz J. T. Lee: Fifth or New International? Preliminary Food for Human Emancipation

David Glenn Cox: What goes around comes around (1 comments)

Siegfried Othmer: *Thoughts on Afghanistan (1 comments)

Daily kos: The Real Irony of Psalms 109 (3 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Bah, Humbug! (2 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Allowing China a Dominant Role in Afghanistan's Future (1 comments)

Rob Kall: China Buys Hummer Brand-- Further Evidence of a Shock Doctrine Assaulted America? (17 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Rejecting the Narrative for Health Reform in America, Believing in a Better Way (9 comments)

paul roberts: A Trial That Will Convict Us All (34 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Targeting Muslim Charities in America (3 comments)

Roger C. S. Lin: Taiwan: Search for a Non-Chinese Identity (1 comments)

Sunday, November 22:

Mary MacElveen: NY State Assembly Member, Marc Alessi wins my Founding Fathers award

Lance Ciepiela: A Real Revolution in the Making in the US Health Care Industry (1 comments)

Richard Girard: The Social Element of Social Capitalism

Kiilu Nyasha: America's Supermax Prisons Do Torture

winston: Any involvement in Afghanistan is futile.

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: After a visit to the Ana Soto Socialist farm in Venezuela, I say hell to the begrudgers! (1 comments)

Thomas Farrell: *The Catholic Bishops' Views About Contraception and Abortion in the First Trimester Are Ridiculous (4 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Is Sean Hannity's Political Talk Hampering Our Children's Critical Thinking? (21 comments)

NancyT: Organized Crime Fighting (1 comments)

Robert Parry: The Madness Returns

Barbara Bellows-TerraNova: The Wrath of a One-Breasted Woman, Bereft of Advice (1 comments)

Susan Galleymore: The Tea Party as Good Beginning (1 comments)

Saberi Roy: Are the Terrorists Homeward Bound? (2 comments)

Mary Shaw: What's Thanksgiving Really All About? (4 comments)

Bryant Welch: Fort Hood: A Harbinger Of Things To Come? (6 comments)

Jason Paz: The Anti-Death Squad; the Right to Live (1 comments)

P. Orin Zack: Short Story: "Foreclosed Future" (part 11 of a series)

PETA: Tormenting turkeys: Not in the holiday spirit

shamus cooke: Obama's Fraudulent “Job Summit”

Richard Clark: *New JFK assassination bombshells (16 comments)

Jerry West: A Fish Story

PETA: 4-H: Cruel to animals and kids

Ann Garrison: Planting bio-fuels, in Rwanda, while Rwandans go hungry

michael payne: China vs. U.S.: economic power vs. military might; which will prevail? (11 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Germany's Sleeping PTSD Crisis (1 comments)

Saturday, November 21:

Emily Spence: Towards Resolving Thanksgiving Contradictions (2 comments)

Daniel Tilson: Bad News For American Women Comes In Threes (4 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Would Americans be Pro-Wars if They Had to Pay for Them with Higher Taxes? (11 comments)

James Nimmo: Oklahoma Homo-Haters Trying Their Best for an Arrest


Liz Grover: *My Experience in Afghanistan & My Message to President Obama

Alen Salerian: Betrayal by JFK's Four Trusted Men: McNamara, Bundy, Hilsman and Forrestal (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The GOP's Limbo Rock and How ‘Low' Can We Go? (1 comments)

Mark Sashine: Fasheism (3 comments)

Rick Rozoff: Rumors Of Coups And War: U.S., NATO Target Latin America

Jason Paz: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied (3 comments)

Susan Galleymore: Melissa - Raped! -- For Band of Buddies War Series (3 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Rosaries, Rostrums, and the God's Awful Truth

James Brett: The End of an Era?

Dan Fejes: The Long Climb Back (2 comments)

George Washington: Is America Finally Starting to Stand Up To Wall Street? (2 comments)

Friday, November 20:

Ray McGovern: McChrystal to Obama: Fogh You; McChrystal Testing the Limits (15 comments)

David Michael Green: A Show About Nothing: The Placeholder Presidency of Barack Obama (9 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Weak Public Option Myths That Liberals Believe (7 comments)

David Swanson: IRAQ MASH

Chaz Valenza: What the Economists Aren't Saying: Americans' Finances in Tatters, Bankruptcies to Skyrocket (6 comments)

Jim Willie: Zinc Dimes, Tungsten Gold & Lost Respect (6 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Will James David Manning Be Tried As A Martyr ... Or As An Idiot? (3 comments)

James Brett: Reasons Not to Abandon Afghanistan

Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: My Comrade is an Octopus;The case for the war in Afghanistan: (16 comments)

Bob Burnett: Creating the Jobs America Needs (2 comments)

Jordan Thornton: *A Bush in Obama's Clothing? UPDATE: Qom Site Clean

Richard Mathis: Rogue en Vogue

Muhammad Khurshid: Another Army Takeover Is Imminent In Pakistan (2 comments)

Angola 3 News: The Arrest and Torture of Syed Hashmi --an interview with Jeanne Theoharis (4 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed (5 comments)

Thursday, November 19:

Andreas Umland: Understanding the Orange Revolution: Ukraine's Democratization in the Russian Mirror

Mick Youther: *Do You Know Afghanistan?

Jim Hightower: Obscenely Rich Bankers Claim to Do God's Work -- They Can Go to Hell (8 comments)

Grant Lawrence: President Obama: The Agonizer-in-Chief (7 comments)

Richard Cummings: Going Rogue;A Missed Opportuity

Richard Wise: If Health Reform Fails: Insurers' Double-0 “License to Kill”

Michael Collins: HHS Task Force Mammogram Recs Slammed (11 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Media Disseminated Myths about Obamacare

Bob Patterson: Ambush Alert! (1 comments)

Ronnie Manns: What's the Difference between a Rhino and a Dino?

Saberi Roy: Obama's Visit to Asia - Taking Up Real Issues (3 comments)


Pam Rasmussen: One year later...and the doors to the world's largest prison are still sealed shut (1 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Perfect storm approaching the United States while leaders snore and citizens sleep (11 comments)

Wednesday, November 18:

Dana Jill Simpson: Are Alabama Democrats being mislead into believing that Senator Shelby can block with a blue slip the appointment of an (1 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Criminal Injustice (3 comments)

George Washington: January 9th: National Citizens Day (5 comments)

David Swanson: Why Can't We Do to DC What We Did to Seattle? (3 comments)

Ralph Nader: Dear President Obama; Who Are You Getting Your Afganistan Advice From? (8 comments)

Uri Avnery: Federation? Why Not? (3 comments)

Jason Paz: Martin Luther King and Unjust Laws Today

Jay Janson: *Hu Jintao Abides US Surveillance, Suspects in Prison, Torture, Rendition, Massacres (6 comments)

Noeline Clayfield: *Accountability

Suzana Megles: Is Corporal Punishment Always Bad?

Saberi Roy: Obama's visit to Asia – Taking up Real Issues (2 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Is the "Tea Party" Really An Appropriate Name? (3 comments)

Press Release: J Street Responds to Sarah Palin's Comments on Settlements (18 comments)

Rob Kall: Flashback from 2003: A Positive, Liberal Vision of The Future; 37 Ways Democrats Will Make the USA Better. (11 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Universal Single-Payer Healthcare Coverage: An Economic Stimulus Plan (3 comments)

Tuesday, November 17:

Mary MacElveen: There are far more powerful women in our lives instead of Sarah Palin (4 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Temporal blindness and overpopulation in America

Kellia Ramares: *Open Letter to House Progressive Caucus (Except Kucinich & Massa) (4 comments)

Arthur Shaw: Colombian dictatorship is a puppet that doesn't need strings

David Glenn Cox: 2012, Agree to Agree (1 comments)

Stephen Fox: World's largest aspartame maker Ajinomoto is trying to rename it AMINOSWEET! (7 comments)

Richard Clark: *New evidence of the terrible social and personal costs of excessive income inequality (5 comments)

Chris Hedges: The New State Solution (1 comments)

Dahr Jamail: U.S. Army Underreporting Suicides, Says GI Advocacy Group (1 comments)

Paul Rockwell: Welcome Home, Soldier. Now Shut Up

John Nichols: Democrats to Obama: Get Out of Afghanistan (2 comments)

Robert Parry: The Ugly Truth about Jobs (10 comments)

Mark Karlin: Harry Reid: Speak Wobbly and Carry No Stick (1 comments)

Rob Kall: REAL Bottom-Up Job Creation Ideas (12 comments)

David Swanson: They Should Get a Union (1 comments)

Scott Baker: Dealing with Anti-Semitism from a Jewish Perspective (29 comments)

Dan Fejes: On What Planet Does Barney Frank Spend Most of His Time? (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Tell Congress to Go To Hell With their Current Health Reform (68 comments)

Don Williams: *Say No to a New Nuclear Bomb Plant (3 comments)

David Swanson: KSM and MSM (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Based on a article: I am sick of game-playing politicians

Jesselyn Radack: Breaking Justice Dept. Corruption in Birkenfeld Case: U.S. Gave UBS Kingpin Immunity (4 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: For Obama it's one (term) if by war, two if by peace (3 comments)

Monday, November 16:

Steve Elliott: Marijuana Decrim, Frank Chopp and the Case of the Missing Balls

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Eminent Domain and America (6 comments)

HPatricia Hynes: Mercenaries in the Marketplace of Violence

Michael Fox: Going Vogue (3 comments)

Samuel Lipari: *What if Health Care Reform is Defeated? (1 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Psychiatrist warns of potential for violence among returning Marines (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: A Rogue with Lipstick (1 comments)

Brasch: Rush to Judgment: Talk Radio's 'Truth Detector' Blows a Fuse--Again (13 comments)

David Sirota: Afghan Escalation Would Make One-Year Pentagon Budget Almost As Big as Entire 10-Year Health Bill (9 comments)

George Washington: Can We Save America? (10 comments)

Manfred Wolf: The President and the Talk-Show Host

winston: What type of military strategy is needed in Afghanistan? (6 comments)

Dave Lindorff: President Obama: Don't Lecture China on Censorship (5 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Massive Die Offs, Eco System Collapse, Don't Worry About It (19 comments)

Jay Janson: *Obama Will Speak Less of U.S. Leadership When He Gets to China

James Raider: Show Trial Goes To New York

Ray McGovern: Shining Light on Roots of Terrorism (17 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The Struggle for Net Neutrality

Martha Rose Crow: Imaginary Gold Bullion: How Deep Does the Plunder of the World's Resources Go?

Angola 3 News: Confronting Human Rights Abuses in US Prisons --an interview with Bret Grote of HRC/Fed Up! (1 comments)

michael payne: American exceptionalism: a delusional concept (3 comments)

Fidel Castro: The Annexation of Colombia to the US (3 comments)

Sunday, November 15:

George Washington: "War ALWAYS Causes Recession" (2 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: DOES THE USA ARMY NOT KNOW THAT THE KOCH DOESN'T REALLY LIKE FOREIGNERS—AT ALL? Why is USA army moving from Heidelberg (5 comments)

Joe Quinn: Reviving the War of Terror: Patsy framed in Secret Team psy-op to generate public support for wars (4 comments)

Dahr Jamail: Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan (3 comments)

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: PSUV Congress approaches: Venezuela's Chavez opens far reaching, resonating debate

Alen Salerian: November 1, 1963 (1 comments)

Curt Day: Will America Have the Courage to Do ...

Daniel Tilson: *Just Say No To Blue Dog Democrats (2 comments)

cumhur özkaya: Friedrich Engels and David Beckham have became advertisement hero

David Swanson: Asking Republicans for a Favor (9 comments)

Eddie Scher: Poseidon Resources Hits Up Taxpayers for $1/2 Billion

Ann Garrison: Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative Group on Rwanda

Ann Garrison: TV doc on copper mining in D.R. Congo nominated for investigative reporting award

Grant Lawrence: Silly Texas Gov. Rick Perry Pretends to Think Fascism is Socialism (8 comments)

A. Scott Piraino: No World Order (4 comments)

Anthony Lukashuk: The Turning of the Tide (1 comments)

GERAL SOSBEE: University of Texas & FBI Unlawfully Seek a Way to Arrest this Target (1 comments)

Cyril Mychalejko: Manufacturing a Terror Threat in Latin America

Jerry West: The Propaganda of War (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Bestseller That Isn't: Going Rogue Hits Bestsellerdom With A Wimper! (2 comments)

Brian Cooney: Militarism is Distorting and Bankrupting America

Ed Tubbs: Afghanistan Troop Increase: The Costs not Calculated (1 comments)

William Fisher: Obama's Dilemma: Prison Corruption a Symptom of How Sick We Are in Afghanistan (1 comments)

Allan Goldstein: Nadal Hasan and the Vices and Virtues of Political Correctness. (3 comments)

David Glenn Cox: No Ordinary Utensil (5 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF SECRECY - a think-piece begun in 1975 (3 comments)

Brock Novak: The Dictator Antidote - Low Oil Prices (aka "The 70/90 Protocol") (1 comments)

Steve Best: Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: Total Liberation By Any Means Necessary (1 comments)

Jason Miller: Death Park Slaughterer: “We euthanized 312 deer in 3 nights"” (4 comments)

Saturday, November 14:

Tommy News: *We Must Stop The Gun Violence: The Way Forward (1 comments)

Jason Paz: Our Health System is More Deadly Than Taliban (4 comments)

Emily Spence: The Choice Ahead: Entrenched Fossil Fuel Dependence Or Climate Change Management (16 comments)

Hargrove: Desperately Seeking White Female Heros (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: On Abortion, Hypocrisy Reigns Among Blue Dogs, Republicans and Christians (4 comments)

George Washington: Would Our Government Really Start a War to Try to Stimulate the Economy? (7 comments)

Judith Gordon: Healthcare and Campaign Finance Reform

Rob Kall: Obama Keeps Shrinking Those "Little brain" White Male Penises (78 comments)

R.H. Smith: State of Emergency: Why Bill Lockyer Should Be Governor of California (2 comments)

David Model: The Chimerical Enemy of NATO in Afghanistan (3 comments)

Richard Clark: *Why we must nationalize the Federal Reserve (17 comments)

Mary Shaw: In Trying 9/11 Suspects, Holder Gets It Right and Wrong (8 comments)

Judith Gordon: Will we ever get Campaign Finance Reform? (7 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Friday Remains Worst For Peshawar, NWFP Capital (1 comments)

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: VENEZUELA: Talking to Fundacomunal leader Luis Tona about popular power...

Sheila Dean: The costs and burdens of governed identity

Donald de Fano: Lou Dobbs: Mr. Republican (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Islamophobia: An Irrational Rage Among People Who Can Barely Spell Islamophobia (3 comments)

David Michael Green: Twenty Years From Now, You Will Lie To Your Children (2 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Obama Nominates Monsanto Rep For Agricultural Trade Post (9 comments)

Friday, November 13:

Cindy Sheehan: President Obama DOES NOT Speak for Me! (14 comments)

Bettye Johnson: *The Real Reason Behind Anti-Abortionism (8 comments)

Eric Walberg: Russia-India-China: The Bush curse

Mark Biskeborn: Mexico: Land of Dire Straits and Reaganomics

Aetius Romulous: Give Iran "The Bomb"

Richard Girard: Batting the Hornet's Nest (2 comments)

George Washington: Defense Spending Creates Fewer Jobs Than Other Types of Spending

Rick Rozoff: Fort Hood, Veterans Day And Defending America (2 comments)

Thomas Farrell: *Bishop Tobin Is Un-American for Denouncing U.S. Rep. Kennedy (3 comments)

James Nimmo: Feeling Like a Lost Raffle Ticket? (1 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: The Recent Change In The Name Of Our Country. (2 comments)

Peter Wedlund: US Congress and Middle East Conflict

background n015e: *Sen. Tom Coburn, MD and the Hypocritical Oath (1 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Ron Paul is right: Audit the Federal Reserve Bailout Money

David Swanson: *Authoritative Rejection of Afghanistan War (9 comments)

Mark W. Bradley: Finally, a Septicemic Blutwurst Worthy of the Congressional Sausage Factory

laurie dobson: *Put Obama on Notice Against Afghanistan Escalation

Nima Shirazi: GOLDSTONEWALLED! | US Congress Endorses Israeli War Crimes (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Guantanamo Action: Holder to try 5 in NYC, White House Counsel Resigns (13 comments)

Ezili Danto: *Letter to UN for release of investigative reports on UN rape of Haiti women, children by those pledged to protect them

Thomas Farrell: *Archbishop Burke: No Communion or Church Funeral for Pro-Choice Catholics

Chris Herz: No responsible leader can afford to ignore the implosion of US democracy (1 comments)

Sheila Dean: Dahr Jamail on censorship & supression of GI resisters

Rev. Dan Vojir: When Violent People Come Out Of The Woodwork (1 comments)

Alen Salerian: A Peace Award for Robert McNamara

Rafe Pilgrim: Is it Later than We Think for President Obama to Do the Right Thing?

Ralph Lopez: *Bill Moyers Calls for Draft if Obama Escalates in Afghanistan (6 comments)

Bernie Sanders: Health Care for All Americans (VIDEO)

Bob Burnett: Get Tough, Obama (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: As morally cherry-picky as it wants to be (5 comments)

Michael Morrissey: Hello Vietnamistan, Goodbye Obama

Hayesml47: A Party of the First Part? (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Fort Hood Tragedy Sparks Islamophobic Response (1 comments)

Jason Paz: Americans Should Take a Lesson from History (1 comments)

Fred Cederholm: There's no such thing as a jobless recovery!

Thursday, November 12:

thepen: Delightful New "Medicare For All" Video And Fax Action Page, "I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican"

Chris Floyd: Systemic Success: Blood Money and Black Gold in Iraq

michael payne: Will President Obama Dig a Deeper Hole in the Graveyard of Empires?

Chaz Valenza: Six Reasons to Screw Wall Street Now

Doug Korthof: *San Diego's failure to treat sewage costs us money

Jon Faulkner: Obama's Short And Unremarkable Presidency (4 comments)

James Brett: The Illusions of Arrogance

paul roberts: Myths of Our Time (28 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Health Care Reform: DOA (2 comments)

David Swanson: Come Together Right Now

michaelslevinson: Uncle Sam Shazam

Jason Paz: From Elitists to Grassroots They Get It Wrong (1 comments)

Jason Paz: What if Sirhan Sirhan Had Missed? (9 comments)


Craig Harrington: America's Nuclear Ambition

Jim Quinn: FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH (1 comments)

Mark Karlin: Once Again, Jon Stewart, Decimates FOX's Credibility and Makes Hannity Confess (1 comments)


David Swanson: *If the Congressional Progressive Caucus Were Progressive (4 comments)

Rory OConnor: Media, Money & Sun Myung Moon

Kevin Gosztola: Obama Should Consider Public Option When Deciding Future of Afghan War (1 comments)

Michael Collins: How We Got to Zero: General Eikenberry's Hail Mary (8 comments)

Wednesday, November 11:

Rob Kall: Obama Rejects all Four Afghanistan Plans (26 comments)

Ward Harkavy: Bear Stearns Fraud Verdict: E-mails As Proof of Guilt? That's So 20th Century

paul roberts: America's Dismal Future (16 comments)

George Washington: Financial Reform Doesn't Need to be Complicated (3 comments)

George Washington: Military Spending is INCREASING Unemployment and REDUCING Economic Growth

Rowan Wolf: A True Gift for Veterans - Peace (1 comments)

Steve Fournier: Fort Hood Mystery (12 comments)

Ralph Nader: Health Ins. "Reform" Over: Dems Failing the People, Republicans Disgracing Selves (13 comments)

Ed Tubbs: A Veterans Day Preamble (3 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Honorable and Faithful Service (3 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Where Does Single-Payer Go From Here? (Part 1)

Mickey Z.: More Militant Vegans, Less Ethical Butchers

Dean Hartwell: Truth Hurts but Myths Ruin the USA

Stephen Lendman: Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine (4 comments)

Ann Garrison: Three Reasons to Support African Greens

Tuesday, November 10:

Tom Hayden: Why die for Karzai? (4 comments)


Eugene Elander: And the Berlin Wall Came Tumbling Down!

Ari Bussel: Tough Choices

Muqtedar Khan: Major Test for Muslims and Americans (4 comments)

Tommy News: *Urgent Action Alert: New York State Marriage Equality Vote Scheduled!

Grant Lawrence: Nearly Half of Congress Millionaires While Only Earning 6 Figures (6 comments)

Thomas Farrell: *Congress Should Pass Public Funding for Abortion in the First Trimester

Thomas Farrell: *Speak Up for the Health Care Bill, President Obama!

Paul Rogat Loeb: Eight Reasons the Democrats lost Virginia & New Jersey--and How to Recover (1 comments)

Jason Paz: US Defensive Tactic: Lying about Enemy Nukes (1 comments)

Aref Assaf: Please Do Not Call Me!

Hamad S Alomar: Hillary, Religion, Mideast and Fort Hood

Daniel Tilson: Baseball and Politics

Rick Rozoff: Twenty Years After End Of The Cold War: Pentagon's Buildup In Latin America

Jeff Mackler: Mumia Abu-Jamal faces new execution threat

David Swanson: Our Debt to Italy

Chris Floyd: Talking Blues: Gitmo Gets Harsher Under "Progressive" Rule

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Liberals and the "W" Word (9 comments)

Richard Wise: Women Take Charge: "The Lysistrata Solution" (11 comments)

Robert Parry: Why Lieberman Blocks a Public Option (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Obama's War and Remembrance Day (2 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Lieberman Gets Another Visit from the Grassroots for Single-Payer (Updated) (1 comments)

Richard Girard: Social Capitalism (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Top-down blowback; The GOP Discovers that the Grassroots Bites Back (35 comments)

martinweiss: *A National Insanity (4 comments)

Brasch: Legacies, Celebrities, and Media Skanks (4 comments)

Ari Bussel: Blaming America - Planting Discord in Los Angeles (8 comments)

Jan Kuenzl: The Empire Strikes Back- Internet Censorship in the Middle East (3 comments)

Chris Hedges: Afghanistan's Sham Army (2 comments)

Monday, November 9:

Dennis Kaiser: Another Law Against People About to be Passed (4 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The Weight of Visions (6 comments)

Ann Garrison: San Francisco energy policy disconnects from San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi's (1 comments)

Hargrove: Fort Hood Shooting: Was Nancy Pelosi Right? (17 comments)

AlexH: Dump the Republicans; They are Destructive to America! (5 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Let the Games Begin! (3 comments)

Robert Parry: Blaming the 'Dithering' Obama (1 comments)

sibel edmonds: In the Name of a General, his Son, a Spook & the Godmother of Neocons (1 comments)

George Washington: Big Bankers Say They're Doing God's Work ... Are They Right? (12 comments)

Holly Sklar: Change Wall Street Can Believe In

Rob Kall: Guaranteed; Initial Senate Bill Will Not Have A Public Option (17 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The Combat Experience: The Child and the Video Tape and the Horror. (8 comments)

Olga Bonfiglio: 20th Anniversary of the Opening of the Berlin Wall

Stephen Lendman: Paid Lying: What Passes for Major Media Journalism (6 comments)

michael payne: The U.S. gives yet another pass to Israel; but the world will not (9 comments)

Nicholas Smith: Marriage Equality Vote On Tuesday- Contact NY Senators!

Susan Galleymore: No surprise on the House's support of Ros-Lehtinen/Berman resolution (1 comments)

Dana Gabriel: Passing on the Mantle of Deep North American Integration

David Glenn Cox: The Great Disconnect (1 comments)

shamus cooke: The Coming U.S. Budget Attack (4 comments)

Brian Downing: Leaving Afghanistan (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Time to call it what it is, and to demand it become what we were promised

Jay Janson: *“A Federated State Like Switzerland is the ONLY Solution for Israel/Palestine” Yehudi Menuhin (1 comments)

Sunday, November 8:

George Washington: One Reason that the Stock Market is Rising While Unemployment is Soaring (10 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: The Senate, Not the House, is the Name of the Game on Health Care Reform (1 comments)

Mark Sashine: Nuremberg Laws- USA Y2009 (7 comments)

Dave Lindorff: In America, Selfishness and Lack of Solidarity Know No Bounds (6 comments)

Lee Stranahan: Kucinich's Brave Health Vote Vs. Obama's Failed Promise (2 comments)

Midge Potts: Why I Chose to be Arrested Demanding Senator Lieberman Stop Taking Insurance Industry Money (1 comments)

Mary Shaw: Rendition Prosecuted Abroad While U.S. Courts Do Nothing (4 comments)

Rob Kall: House Passes Weak Public Option Health Care Bill, Selling Out Women's Rights. Includes Democrats Who Voted Against Bill (54 comments)

Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich: Why I Voted NO (22 comments)

Ward Harkavy: Fort Hood's Killer Shrink: Was He One of the Army Docs Pressured to Misdiagnose PTSD in Soldiers? (5 comments)

Saturday, November 7:

Robert Parry: A Special Report -- The Crazy October Surprise Debunking (2 comments)

Harold Hellickson: Political system earns a mulligan (2 comments)

Richard Girard: Racing to the Bottom (3 comments)

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: Fort Hood Mass Homicide: American Muslims react with grief & fear of backlash (4 comments)

Kellia Ramares: The Dangers of Voting on Civil Rights (1 comments)

Eileen Fleming: Hillary, Congress Bury Goldstone Report, Shirking Accountability for US Role in Gaza Raids (9 comments)

David Swanson: How to End Wars (9 comments)

George Faulkner: Republicans Issue Easy-To-Read Health Care Reform Bill (the “Pat the Insurance Companies Act”)

Michael Collins: Foreign Contributions and the Supreme's Overdue Decision on Campaign Funding (1 comments)

Jay Janson: *Veterans Day is for many: ‘Veterans Lied to and Ashamed Day' (3 comments)

PETA: Leading Alzheimer's researcher: Animal experiments will not help humans (1 comments)

Mariangela Pino Landau: TRUTH IS WHAT THE DARKNESS MOST FEARS - Facing Our Own Soul (1 comments)

Jay Janson: *I Was One Reason Why They Build The Berlin Wall

gone: From Corporate Seize to Shining Sleaze

Lani Massey Brown: EACs Disappointing Election "Glitch" -- We can't fix the voting machines, so let's blame the ballots.

Mary MacElveen: The Stony Brook University Hotel is: Jobs, Baby, Jobs

Friday, November 6:

James Brett: Talking Our Way Out of the Great Recession

Dave Lindorff: Unemployment Up Dramatically! Stocks Rise! Huh? (2 comments)

Dennis Kucinich: Why is it we have finite resources for health care but unlimited money for war? (24 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Pray For Carrie Prejean!

Frosty Wooldridge: About the Social Contract: Our society and the future

Jim Quinn: THE NANNY STATE (2 comments)

Mariangela Pino Landau: Truth is What the Darkness Most Fears - Answering The Call

ASimpleEquation: Conservative's Blind Support of Our Troops, Adoration of Glenn Beck and Their Unintended Defense of the Big Lie (1 comments)

Dr. Odeen Ishmael: Odeen Ishmael: South-South cooperation advanced by ASA Summit

Elizabeth Woodworth: Trust: What Obama Needs Most

Brian McAfee: Asian Natural Disasters-A Harbinger Of Things To Come? (2 comments)

Rick Rozoff: Kosovo: Marking Ten Years Of Worldwide Wars

Daniel Tilson: Bell Rings for Florida Voters (1 comments)

Susan Galleymore: Ryan, Recruited! - Band of Buddies Series

Roland Michel Tremblay: Humankind's future: social and political Utopia or Idiocracy?

Elaine Brower: American Values: Upside Down or Just Twisted? (9 comments)

Bev Harris: Tools to help examine Maine's controversial rollback of gay rights (2 comments)

Douglas Drenkow: Election Lesson: It's right -- not Right -- to be Democrats.

Lawrence Velvel: Memorandum of Objector, Lawrence R. Velvel, In Opposition to the Position of the Trustee and SIPC on Net Equity.

William Fisher: Most Happy Fella!

Bernie Sanders: Too Big to Fail - Too Big to Exist (11 comments)

Bob Burnett: What if McCain Had Won? (11 comments)

G J Lau: Republican Anarchists Continue Climate Obstruction (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Honduran Accord Solidifies Coup E'Etat Rule (2 comments)

Thomas Farrell: *Is the New York Times Anti-Catholic for Publishing Maureen Dowd's Criticisms of the Catholic Church?

Thursday, November 5:

Eugene Elander: A Tale of Two Dicks

David Michael Green: Can You Hear Us Now? (1 comments)

paul roberts: The Evil Empire (27 comments)

Mary MacElveen: In light of Fort Hood: Michelle Bachmann, shut the hell up! (4 comments)

Press Release: The Single Payer Vote Today; From Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers (7 comments)

David Swanson: Between Hate Speech and Adoration

Don Williams: On Obama's role in New Millennium Writings (1 comments)

CODEPINK: Stop U.S. Meddling; support Afghan women at the table

Kevin Gosztola: VIDEO of Healthcare Action in Lieberman's Office (3 comments)

Richard Wise: GOP Health Reform: “The Insurance Industry Profit Enhancement Act” (2 comments)

John Jonik: *Reject the CORPORATE OPTION for National Health Care (2 comments)

Michael Fox: Tea Party vs. Two Party (3 comments)

Wednesday, November 4:

Bruce Dixon: If Democrats Don't Pass Health Insurance Reform This Year, What Do We Lose? And What Do We Gain? (1 comments)

David Swanson: Weiner Amendment Vote on Friday Will Fail and Serve as a Cover for Removing Kucinich Amendment (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Will a Landslide Bring You Down? (5 comments)

William Rivers Pitt: Little Joe (1 comments)

PETA: The land of the free?

Tommy News: *Take Action: Civil Rights Marriage Equality Loss in Maine Needs a Nationwide Protest Response.

Ivan Hentschel: Lieberstami

michael payne: General McCrystal challenges the President's authority; who will prevail? (10 comments)

Dean Hartwell: Democrats Must Take Sarah Palin Seriously (9 comments)

Ken Scott: *Cure Congressional Corruption Act of 2009 (6 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Heal Hitler! (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Challenge To Birther, Obama Hater And Alleged "Reverend" James David Manning: Show Us YOUR Documents! (2 comments)

Steve Beckow: *The Black Hats Must Go (1 comments)

Bettye Johnson: The Forgotten Symbol Dan Brown Omitted From The Lost Symbol (3 comments)

rob balsamo: *9/11: Speeds Reported For World Trade Center Attack Aircraft Analyzed (2 comments)

Richard Clark: *The Trillion Dollar Bank Job Continues Under Our Noses (5 comments)

Robert Parry: How Two Elections Changed America (1 comments)

Karyn Strickler: *Carbon Cuts: 350 is Not Adequate (1 comments)

kate loving shenk: So Much For A Representative Democracy

Jason Paz: Book Review: How Aid Hurt Palestine by Anne Le More (5 comments)

Frederick Alexander Meade: Is Obama “Playing the Game?” (1 comments)

winston: Dithering!

arn specter: The High Costs of Today's U.S. Defense Budget

Anthony Wade: Mike Bloomberg Buys New York City – Thwarts the Will of the Voters

Eileen Fleming: Parliament, Mordechai Vanunu, Kuttab, Congress and Goldstone

Ann Garrison: *No Rule of Law in Rwanda

Judy Swindler: *Lollygagging By Mitch McConnell Denies 200,000 Americans Unemployment Benefit Extension

Arthur M. Howard-Scotoni: The Complification of Health Care (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: 2010 Looms: Democrats Crash and Burn in Virginia and New Jersey (7 comments)

Dwayne Hunn: *Building New Armies Builds World Peace?

William Fisher: And Where Was A.G. Ashcroft? A.W.O.L. (1 comments)

Rob Kall: America's Love Affair with Obama; Showing Signs of Fraying (34 comments)

Allan Goldstein: The Real Lesson of Tuesday's Election: DO Something

Bill Hare: How About the Post 9/11 Deaths of Afghan Peasant Farmers

Paul from Potomac: *Sellout On The Great Lakes (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: House Resolution Designates Venezuela a State Sponsor of Terrorism (2 comments)

Hussain Abdul-Hussain: National Geographic vs. the Syrian regime

Mary MacElveen: Why so many Democratic losses? (4 comments)

robert dodge: *Rethinking Afghanistan - Alternatives to War (1 comments)

Jim Miles: Reflections on Michael Moore's "Capitalism" (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Dick Cheney and the Divorce Court Fabergé egg. (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Prisoners of War: The Homeless in Seattle, and Savanna, and San Diego, and . . . (2 comments)

Michael Fullerton: Swine Flu Madness

Richard Clark: *Why on earth is Obama continuing the war in Afghanistan? (4 comments)

Steven Leser: The Meaning of Election 2009 and Grading Obama's First Ten Months (13 comments)

Tuesday, November 3:

George Washington: Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People

Tommy News: *Historic Hate Crimes Legislation Becomes Law, President Obama's Remarks (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Sit-In at Pelosi's Office After Breaking Promise on Kucinich Amendment (3 comments)

Chris Floyd: The Inhuman Stain: Saying Yes to State Terror (1 comments)

Elaine Brower: Seven Activists Faced Trial in Philadelphia but Charges are DISMISSED! (4 comments)

Ray McGovern: Heeding George Kennan's Wise Advice

Kathleen Bushman: Joe and the Democrats (5 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: What Physicians Know (3 comments)

Ann Wright: Congressman Brian Baird Challenges Congressional Leadership's

David Glenn Cox: Rogue Nation

Sherwood Ross: Tortured in far-off Countries: Obama Resuming G. W. Bush's "Extraordinary Renditions" (3 comments)

David Model: Not Again has Become Not Another One: Genocide in Ethiopia

Ann Garrison: *Broken bones and arrests at Rwandan Green Party convention

Elayne Clift: Getting Away with Murder...and Rape

shamus cooke: Proping Up a Broken Capitalism (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Stay Out of the Red States, if You Want to be Healthy. (4 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Voters Are Not Stupid! (3 comments)

Ezili Danto: *Perlitz remains behind bars - HLLN says "No More Secrecy" (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: PHILIPP ROESLER, of Vietnamese Descent. to Head the Health Ministry in Germany, as his own Party Plans to Push for more

Eric Walberg: NATO vs CSTO: The Fog of War (2 comments)

michael payne: America Resembles a Ship Without a Rudder; or a Compass (1 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Hannity and Limbaugh: The Sinful Downfall of Broadcasting in the USA (6 comments)

Rory OConnor: Iraq & Afghan Wars: Just Give Me Some Truth

Scott Baker: *A Progressive in Florida is running TODAY (3 comments)

Midge Potts: *Insurance Reform Is A Joke!

Joe Walsh: Healer Arrested for Leafleting

Monday, November 2:

Chris Hedges: Opium, Rape and the American Way (9 comments)

Miles Mogulescu: Calling Out the House Progressive Caucus: Are You Men and Women, or Are You Mice? (3 comments)

Ward Harkavy: CIT Bankruptcy: Taxpayers Stiffed on Company's Bailout Billions While Execs Reap Bonuses (6 comments)

Marcy Winograd: Big Pharma's Biologic Bonanza (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Meet the New Boss?? (12 comments)

Jon Faulkner: The Liars Reign Supreme As The Nation Withers (4 comments)

Tom Engelhardt: Too Big to Fail? Afghanistan as a Bailout State

Ellen Brown: Cut Wall Street Out! How States Can Finance Their Own Economic Recovery (4 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Country Joe, Kenny Rogers and Obama (3 comments)

Robert Parry: Cheney and the Plame-Gate Cover-up

Mark Sashine: Moronic Joe Evokes Uncle Joe Stalin (7 comments)

Russ Buchanan: None Dare Call it Bribery: Is the Public Option America's Political Crucible? (13 comments)

Scott Baker: *My Personal Offer to the Financial Robbers: Prepaid Banishment (2 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: One Year On, Obama's "Yes We Can" is Now "Incremental Change We Can Believe In" (11 comments)

William Fisher: Justice Delayed... (4 comments)

David Swanson: Between Hate Speech and Adoration (3 comments)

Stephen Lendman: FBI Kills Islamic Cleric, Arrests Followers, for Being Muslims at the Wrong Time in America (3 comments)

Maidhc Ó Cathail: Israel's European Lobby (3 comments)

robert braunstein: A Toast to Health Care Reform (and future sellouts) (2 comments)

Tommy News: *TAKE ACTION: Get Voters out to the Polls and ROCK THE VOTE!

Martin Carbone: *1 to 2 % Home Mortgages -- why not? (2 comments)

Michael Collins: Failure by Design - The "Public" Option (7 comments)

Sunday, November 1:

Elayne Clift: Before You Buy Pink...Think (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Blue Dogs' Fundraising Plummets (22 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Solution to Poverty: Allow Rich Men More Wives (12 comments)

Krishna Hari Pushkar: Asking for a Rethink on US Immigration Diplomacy

Rev. Dan Vojir: That Was The Week That Was: A Warren Uganda Guam Palin Bennny Kind Of Week

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl: Atlantic Yards, Shadow Government, and Albany Frozen in Amber

Daniel Tilson: *Florida Republican Party Rotting From Top Down

Sheila Samples: Rack 'em and Screw 'em, Boys! (4 comments)

Richard Wise: Lieberman on Health Reform: Disingenuous or Dishonest? (8 comments)

Eugene Elander: Et tu, Joe?

James Raider: The UN – A New World Power Through Climate Change Fears? (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): More than any person in history, Obama trashed a chance to create a gloriously better world. (9 comments)

Lani Massey Brown: Sequoia: Open Software Can't Count Votes & Elections Still Won't Work (17 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Natural Gas - Not All It's Frakked Up To be (2 comments)

David Swanson: The Two Percent Robustness

Nemat Sadat: Why Post 9/11 Afghanistan is Berlin of the Cold War? (1 comments)

The Project on Race in Political Communication: Teaching Tool: The Advantages and Limitations of a Race-Themed Political Cartoon

Rob Kall: Accusing Election Fraud, Corruption, Karzai Opponent Withdraws From Election, Raising More Questions for USA (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Photo Essay part 3: Heroes Fighting for Single Payer Arrested in Philly For Civil Disobedience (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Part 2: Photo Essay: Heroes Fighting for Single Payer Arrested in Philly For Civil Disobedience (2 comments)

Mary Shaw: Legislating Inequality: Last year in California, this year in Maine? (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: California, Maine, Same-Sex Marriage Laws and Getting Stoned Shariah Style. (25 comments)


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