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July 2009

Wednesday, July 29:

Dr. Michael P Byron: Consider the Ant (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 28:

Jennifer Hathaway: Diamonds Are a Wound's Best Friend

Monday, July 27:

Dr. Michael P Byron: Pi in the Sky (2 comments)

Sunday, July 26:

Rob Kall: How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Blast Your Reach and Build Your Follower Base (5 comments)

M. Wizard: Newsweek: "The Recession Is Over" (Except for Unemployment and 1% Growth for Years to Come)

M. Wizard: Jimi Hendrix's Doctor Agrees He Could Have Been Murdered

Saturday, July 25:

H.J. Roberts, M.D.: FDA Commssioner Hamburg Should Rescind Aspartame's FDA Approval (5 comments)

Thursday, July 23:

Ben Dench: Science Phantasy (3 comments)

Wednesday, July 22:

Ben Dench: Robot Surveillance Mites (or Panopticism Canceling Itself Out)

Rob Kall: Distracted-- the Coming of a New Dark Age; Rob Kall Interviews author Maggie Jackson (1 comments)

Dinesh Sharma: India's Renewed Tryst with Destiny

Scott Baker: Olivia Judson: Microbes 'R' Us

Tuesday, July 21:

Margaret Bassett: How a Small Town Resembles Facebook

Ben Dench: The Robot Proletariat (4 comments)

M. Wizard: Watch Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Punch Moon Landing Conspiracist Right in His Puss...

Dr. Michael P Byron: Mind and Organization (5 comments)

Saturday, July 18:

Kellia Ramares: Book Review --- Low-Wage Capitalism (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Why You Should Twitter... on OpEdNEws and beyond (8 comments)

Friday, July 17:

Ben Dench: Education

SM Kovalisnky: No Sophistry in Peakian Theory: Metro New York Audience to be Met With Grace and Skillful Argument

Tuesday, July 14:

mojmir Babacek: *Means of Information War Threaten Democracy and Mankind

Saturday, July 11:

Rob Kall: URL Shorteners are For More than Shortening URLs

Friday, July 10:

Joel Wendland: New Science Oriented Radio Show Aims at Working-class Audience

GL Rowsey: Where the Possible and the Impossible Collide: Eleven Photographs by Gregory Crewdson (2 comments)

Thursday, July 9:

DR RAKESH KUMAR: An Astrological analysis of Michael Jackson-the man, the legend.

Joan Brunwasser: Interview with Scoop's Alastair Thompson, Part 2 (2 comments)

Wednesday, July 8:

Allan Goldstein: Forty Years and Counting: The Death of the High Frontier (7 comments)

Tuesday, July 7:

Mark Goldes: FIRE 2.0?

Monday, July 6:

Mumia Abu-Jamal: MICHAEL JACKSON: Master Entertainer (1 comments)

Rob Kall: The Salty Waters of Saturn's Moon Hint at Life

Saturday, July 4:

Stephen Fox: South Africa Woolworth's Removes Aspartame

Thursday, July 2:

Rob Kall: Buzz Aldrin's Mars Vision (2 comments)

M. Wizard: Translation of Russian News Segment on 250 Year-Old Holy Man

Wednesday, July 1:

M. Wizard: Confidante: Jackson Triggered His Death By Mixing Pills In Ploy To Avoid Concert Commitment


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