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May 2009

Sunday, May 31:

Sheila Samples: BREAKING: G.M. to Seek Bankruptcy and a New Start

Jennifer Hathaway: Empathy, Sotomayor, and Democracy: The Conservative Stealth Strategy

Margaret Bassett: President Obama Outraged by Slaying of Abortion Provider George Tiller

Grant Lawrence: Ron Paul: US Subsidized North Korea's Nuke Program

Grant Lawrence: Claim: Hendrix Murdered by His Manager (2 comments)

Ellen Brown: #4 Idea on President's Policy Site: Take Back the Power to Create Money (5 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Canadians Throw Shoes to Protest War Criminal Bush's Visit

Sheila Samples: Israel stages biggest-ever war drill (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Barack Obama's Great Uncle Criticises Him over Buchenwald Visit

Sheila Samples: Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for U.S.

Saturday, May 30:

Jason Leopold: Taguba Said He Saw Video of Male Soldier Sodomizing Female Detainee (1 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 30, 2009

Martha Rosenberg: Falling Cancer and Heart Disease Rates? We Can Fix That! (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israeli cabinet to consider loyalty oath for citizens – including Arabs

Sister Begonia: Miami judge awards $1.2 billion in suit against Cuba (2 comments)

Steve Terrell: Most Progressive NM Senator Ortiz y Pino Runs for Lt. Governor (6 comments)

Margaret Bassett: US Army Base Shuts down after Rise in Suicides

Daniel Patrick Welch: Planting Mima's Garden: Kids use reclaimed water and attic heat to honor school founder (1 comments)

Sean Fenley: Hugo Chávez: The Most Popular Leader in the Middle East

Friday, May 29:

Sheila Samples: Netanyahu: "What the hell do they want from me?"

Sheila Samples: U.S. man who gave secrets to Israel spared prison

Grant Lawrence: In America You Can Get 65 Years for Running a Charity (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Blix warns of nuclear race in Asia (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: In Michigan, Bush defends interrogation policies (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: UN probe of Gaza war to begin next week

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 29, 2009

Lynn Buske: Fight for Truly Raw California Almonds Twisting Through Courts

Rick Rozoff: West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO

Paul Fidalgo: Get 'Em (Ready to Vote) While They're Young (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Obama to Announce 'Cyber Czar' for Digital Security

Margaret Bassett: Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act, (2 comments)

Better World Order: Those 9/11 Commission Minders Again - Kevin Fenton

Thursday, May 28:

Sheila Samples: Breaking: US Army moves to DEFCON 2

Jennifer Hathaway: US Military On High Alert as North Korea Ends Truce

Margaret Bassett: Court Officials Turn to Guards, Identity Shields, Weapons to Handle New Threats

Margaret Bassett: Need-based Student Aid in Jeopardy (6 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Pointed Exchanges at Chevron Annual Meeting (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Record High in Q1

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 28, 2009

Sheila Samples: Israel Brings Palestinians to Catastrophe

Sheila Samples: Israel attack on Iran 'desperate act'

Joan Brunwasser: Virtually Voting: Bush's U.S. EAC Chair Cashes In to Head Company Running 'All-Digital' Elections

Sheila Samples: Israeli Settlement Growth Must Stop, Clinton Says

Sheila Samples: GM Reaches Tentative Deal to Give Bondholders Stake in Company

Kay Guinane: Holy Land Foundation Sentencing Raises Questions for U.S. Charitable Sector

Joel Wendland: Light at the End of the Unemployment Line? (May 28th)

Margaret Bassett: How Big aTthreat is North Korea?

Margaret Bassett: Stimulus-Funded Bridge Project gets Under Way in Beaver County

Press Release: *Single-Payer Actions Planned in over Fifty Cities on May 30th (3 comments)

Ann Garrison: Bus riders on the back of the stimulus bus (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape' (22 comments)

Grant Lawrence: California Gov: Limbaugh a "650 Pound Gorilla"

Rob Kall: On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Are Uneasy (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 27:

Sheila Samples: Court: Suspects Can Be Interrogated Without Lawyer (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Former military interrogator says torture cost hundreds 'if not thousands' of American lives

Sheila Samples: Officials gave Bilderberg briefings

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 27, 2009 (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Gen. Petraeus Endorses Obama's Plans To Close Gitmo, End Torture (1 comments)

Danny Schechter: Will All The Financial Reforms Lead to Change or Just Prop Up the Status Quo? (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: Are Bush Crimes Prosecutable? (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Suicide Bomb in Pakistan Kills 30

Darren Wolfe: Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa Harassed by Venezuelan Police State

Ross Levin: Election News Roundup: 5/15/09-5/26/09 - Prop 8 Special Edition

Martha Rosenberg: FDA Waved Through Asthma Drugs Despite Falsified Trials

Joan Brunwasser: Sibel Edmonds: Announcing Project 'Expose MSM' (7 comments)

Tuesday, May 26:

Eileen Fleming: Nobel Peace Prize Laurette VS Homeland Security (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Americans May be on the Hook for $99 Trillion

Margaret Bassett: FRONTLINE/World: Conflict Zones: Pakistan and Afghanistan (2 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Liberals Feel Betrayed By Obama (17 comments)

GL Rowsey: Pakistan on the Brink, by Ahmed Rashid

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 25-26, 2009 (1 comments)

Mikhail Lyubansky: A Latina Judge's Voice

Margaret Bassett: Signs of More Trouble Ahead for Housing Market (1 comments)

thereisnospoon: California is now a Radical Experiment in Government (2 comments)

Odyseus_97: Narco News: U.S. Cocaine-Plane Invasion Spooking Latin America

Sister Begonia: US lawyers ask Afghan court to help Gitmo inmate

Sister Begonia: Israeli report: Venezuela sends uranium to Iran

Sister Begonia: Chavez: Venezuela could leave OAS, join Cuba (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Roadside Bomb Kills Three Americans in Western Iraq

Margaret Bassett: Brazil Floods Displace Thousands

Roger Shuler: Siegelman And Scrushy Should Have Testified In Their Own Defense (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: California Supreme Court Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Sheila Samples: Blue Cross Blue Shield to Launch Ad Campaign Against Obama Health Plan (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel Forces Gaza into Mud Homes

Rob Kall: Obama Chooses Sonia Sotomayor, A Latina SCOTUS Nominee!! (32 comments)

amicus curiae: Fungus and Bugs in your OJ? on purpose.

Monday, May 25:

Grant Lawrence: Myth Busting: The Rich are More Generous than the Poor

Sheila Samples: U.S. Captain Hears Pleas for Afghan Detainee

Bob Richardson: Re: Autism (1 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Susan Boyle Does it Again

Paul Kruger: *Will States Kill on line retail? (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze (2 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Schwarzenegger to Terminate Welfare in California

Rick Rozoff: Shanghai Cooperation Organization: representing half of humanity. (3 comments)

Rudi C. Loehwing: Part Four: What is Codex, exactly?

Margaret Bassett: Healing & Support | National Memorial Day Concert

Sunday, May 24:

Sheila Samples: Powell Jousts With Cheney on Path of Republican Party

Sheila Samples: Spain's Judges Cross Borders In Rights Cases

Rob Kall: N. Korea Conducts Nuclear Test (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: For Baucus, Health Care Is the Issue Of a Lifetime (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Daughter: Cheney Fears Prosecution for Torture

Kitty Antonik Wakfer: Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

B. Ross Ashley: More attempted repression on Guadeloupe

Margaret Bassett: US and Pakistan's Aerial Bombing Will Kill Civilians and Make More Terrorists

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 23-24, 2009 (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Intel experts: Dick Cheney was wrong about Bush administration moves

Ed Tubbs: Remembering Freedom Fries (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Max Baucus: Campaign Finance/Money (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Former S. Korean President Roh Commits Suicide

Bia Winter: Banks use life insurance to fund bonuses

Margaret Bassett: Olbermann: Make Karen Ignagni (AHIP)Your Worst Person

Saturday, May 23:

Rady Ananda: Daughter of Civil War veteran dies at age 94

Sheila Samples: As Israel rages, US plans for Iran war re-emerge (2 comments)

Rady Ananda: Israel used depleted uranium, white phosporus in offensive on Gaza (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: U.S. soldiers first cases in Kuwait with H1N1 flu (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Cheney, Gitmo dominate Sunday shows

Sheila Samples: Cheney Seeks Book Deal on Bush Years and More

Sheila Samples: Green Zone Deaths Raise Security Fears

Sheila Samples: In TV Appearance, Powell Plans To Answer Right-Wing Critics

Sheila Samples: Definitive Account Of Briefings Still Elusive

Leon Thompson: SPECIAL REPORT: Portable Mechanical Device can translate all Foreign Languages

Tex Pitfield: Fools for Fuel (2 comments)

John Little: Fidel Castro, My Life - History Will Absolve Me (2 comments)

Eileen Fleming: Hope for Gaza: Send in the Clowns

Sheila Samples: Liberty University Bans Democrat Club (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama Curtails Bush's Policy of 'Preemption' (1 comments)

Friday, May 22:

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 22, 2009 (1 comments)

Laudyms: Landmark study finds Israeli control in occupied territories 'a breach of the prohibition of apartheid' (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: CA Supreme Court to Issue Prop 8 Ruling on Tuesday

Pam Miles: Appeals Court Ruling means Siegelman remains free until August

Odyseus_97: Some Older People May Be Immune to Swine Flu - ABC News

Margaret Bassett: Democrats Mount Impassioned Defense of Pelosi (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Rx and the Single Payer ALERT (4 comments)

Ben Jealous: NAACP President Asks for Signatures on Petition to Save Troy Davis from Execution (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: National Security-Related Hard Drive Missing

Margaret Bassett: Obama Set to Approve New Rules for Credit Cards

Margaret Bassett: Pelosi Returns to Home Stage

Margaret Bassett: Comprehensive Autism Legislation Introduced in U.S. House

Margaret Bassett: Autism Society Expands Partnership with

Thursday, May 21:

Pam Miles: Siegelman's First Judge Blasts U.S. Prosecutors, Seeks DoJ Probe of 'Unfounded' Charges | Andrew Kreig (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: ctions: Claim: Iraqi Children Raped by US Personnel in Abu Ghraib

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 21, 2009

Sheila Samples: Spain signals end to war crimes, genocide hunting

Laudyms: Another State Rejects Real ID

Margaret Bassett: Chairman Miller Statement at Committee Hearing On Examining the Abusive and Deadly Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Sch

Sheila Samples: Pressure Mounts on Minnesota Governor to Seat Al Franken

Sheila Samples: Israel abuzz with Obama Plan rumors

Sheila Samples: U.S. Pullout a Condition in Afghan Peace Talks

Sheila Samples: Prosecutor: Gaza probe goes on without Israeli OK

M. Wizard: Recession Hits the US Treasury: First April Budget Deficit in 26 Years

Sheila Samples: Humanitarian crisis worsens in Swat

Sheila Samples: Two Americans killed in Afghan blast: military (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite questions (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 20:

Sister Begonia: US Army Paid Bonuses to KBR Despite Questions

Sister Begonia: UN Rights Inquiry on Gaza to Hold Public Hearings

Jason Leopold: Claims Graham Briefed About Domestic Spying in 2001 and 2002 Also Bogus (5 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 20, 2009

Margaret Bassett: McClatchy CEO Sees Good News Ahead for Publisher

Margaret Bassett: Another 6,400 Workers to Lose Jobs at HP

Laudyms: Activists want probe of health insurers

Rob Kall: As Senate Blocks Guantanamo Closing Funding, Habeus Hating Judge Allows Indefinite Imprisonment There (2 comments)

blogger: 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge Official Account of 9/11 (3 comments)

M. Wizard: Obama Looking to Strip SEC of Power and Hand Over to the Federal Reserve (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Iran Puts Israel in Missile Range (3 comments)

Stanimal: Brazil China Ink 10 Billion $ Oil Deal

Grant Lawrence: An American Hero is Fined $5000 by the IRS

Stanimal: Afghan Dies After Incident With U.S. Contractor

Stanimal: 6 Reasons To Rent

Stanimal: Veteran Ill. Sheriff Accused Of Trafficking Pot

Sister Begonia: US contractors 'violated gun policy in Iraq'

Stanimal: Understanding America's Shift on Abortion (3 comments)

Sister Begonia: Netanyahu visits Congress and discusses Iran nukes (1 comments)

Stanimal: Japan's Economy Shrank 15.2% Last Quarter.

Stanimal: Iran To Become Sole Producer of Wide Sheet Steel in the M.E.

Stanimal: FEC: Palin's Shopping Spree Was Legal

Sheila Samples: Army to Restructure Weapons Program, Expand It to All Combat Brigades (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Senate Passes Bill Curtailing Credit Card Industry

Tuesday, May 19:

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 19, 2009

Margaret Bassett: Interns Help Companies Cut Energy Use

Margaret Bassett: FEC Dismisses Claims Against Wal-Mart

Roger Shuler: Why Is There a New Judge in Pennsylvania Case, But Not For Don Siegelman? (2 comments)

Laudyms: Gaza Reality- video (2 comments)

Stanimal: The Return Of The Russian Superpower (1 comments)

Stanimal: USA & Israel At Odds

Odyseus_97: Sri Lanka's Silenced Dissenters Still Speak Volumes |

Barbara Peterson: Bilderberg Fears Losing Control In Chaos-Plagued World

Stanimal: Rumsfeld's Pentagon Published Bible Verses On Top-Secret Intel Reports (1 comments)

Monday, May 18:

Sheila Samples: Pakistan Is Rapidly Adding Nuclear Arms, U.S. Says

Sheila Samples: Boehner Says Pelosi Should Back Up Her CIA Allegations (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Reporting on Secretive Leaders of the World Can Be Intimidating and Maybe Dangerous (1 comments)

Sister Begonia: Minnesota Rejects Real ID Act of 2005

Lance Ciepiela: The 13 People Who Made Torture Possible (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Gates: Years until Afghan forces ready (3 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 18, 2009 (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama and Netanyahu differ in talks

Sheila Samples: Supreme Court Rules Former Detainee Lawsuit Cannot Proceed

Roger Shuler: Siegelman's Judge Committed Fraud on the Court (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: ABC Reports on Missing Rip-Off Investor R. Allen Stanford

Laurence A. Toenjes: Does Congressman Boehner Launder Campaign Money? (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Rangoon Locked Down Ahead of Aung San Suu Kyi Trial

Margaret Bassett: Culver Signs Bill Giving UI $100M

Press Release: AL Guv Deserves New Trial Because of Judge's Grudge Says Whistleblower (1 comments)

Sunday, May 17:

Press Release: BPA Levels in Adults up 70 Percent after Drinking from Plastic Bottles (3 comments)

Stanimal: Sea Change

Odyseus_97: Haiti: the land where children eat mud - Times Online (1 comments)

Stanimal: Myanmar Junta to Try Opposition Leader & Her American Visitor

Stanimal: Kuwaiti Women Win Parliamenarty Seats

Stanimal: Couple Crosses Ocean for Purr-fect Kitten

Ann Garrison: Chouchou Namegabe Nabintu testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte on violence against women in D.R. Congo

Roger Shuler: Siegelman Judge Faces Renewed Call for Impeachment (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Americans for Democratic Action - Voting Records

scott harris: Single-Payer Healthcare Advocates Protesting Exclusion from Congressional Debate Arrested (2 comments)

The Candid Blogger: A Burning Loss of Freedom in America

Sheila Samples: Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

Margaret Bassett: Obama to Visit Russia and Ghana

Saturday, May 16:

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 16, 2009

M. Wizard: Obama Picks Top Polluter Lawyer To Enforce Environmental Laws (1 comments)

Stephanie Westbrook: Colo Rep Jared Polis on Why He Voted NO on the Supplemental

Margaret Bassett: Bill Moyers Journal . Shahan Mufti and Juan Cole

Margaret Bassett: Obama Chooses NYC Health Chief to Head CDC

Margaret Bassett: Minorities Affected Most as New York Foreclosures Rise (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Obama Names Huntsman to China Post (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Rob Kall Interviews Sibel Edmonds (17 comments)

Better World Order: 9-11 Conspiracy Theorists Sue St. Louis (1 comments)

Ross Levin: Election News Roundup: 5/8/09 - 5/14/09

Rick Rozoff: Pentagon Preparing for War with the 'Enemy': Russia (17 comments)

Friday, May 15:

Stanimal: Why Are Boy Scouts Being Trained to Fight Terrorist's?

Stanimal: Fact: We Tortured To Justify War (2 comments)

Stanimal: Moscow Warns Of Future Energy Wars

Stanimal: China/US Navies Try To Resolve Martime Discords

Grant Lawrence: Norway's Socialism Success Makes Her Red with Envy

Stanimal: Taliban Want New World Order (3 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 15, 2009

Margaret Bassett: Prosecutor, Rove End Session on Fired US Attorneys

Margaret Bassett: Insurers get Preliminary OK for Treasury Funds - TARP

Sheila Samples: Netanyahu Asks Pope to Condemn Iran (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: The Carlyle Group Admits Payments of $13 Million to Indicted Middleman to Get New York State Business

Sheila Samples: Shadowy Bilderberg group meet in Greece — and here’s their address

Sheila Samples: Guantanamo Detainee Released to Join Relatives in France

Stanimal: Why Atheist's Have Great Sex (7 comments)

Ed Tubbs: A judge in Georgia, and 5 American soldiers we just killed.

Danny Schechter: Confessions of a Twitter Newbie: Old Guys And New Technology

Robert Arend: Six Insurers Named to Get Taxpayer Aid

Jennifer Hathaway: Lt Ehren Watada Wins Victory: Legal Limbo Continues

Curtis Walker: CA "Green/Environmental" Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls For First New Oil Drilling in State Waters in 40 Years Par

Thursday, May 14:

Richmond Shreve: The rebirth of news (The Economist) (2 comments)

Sister Begonia: House votes $97 billion war funds, despite doubts

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 14, 2009

Laudyms: War crimes against children - new Gaza report (13 comments)

Stanimal: Greece Bans Stiletto Spikes From Ancient Sites

Ritt Goldstein: Diplomatic memos reveal Chinese effort to block Guantánamo prisoner's asylum bid (2 comments)

Stanimal: Spanish Study Finds Cocaine in Madrid and Barcelona Air

Stanimal: Roadkill Cook-Off, Spam Jam Lure Bold Foodies

Stanimal: Massachusetts Bans Drivers of Public Transportation Mobile Phone Use

Sheila Samples: Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

Sheila Samples: CIA Denies Cheney's Request to Release Intelligence Documents

Sheila Samples: Ex FBI-agent refutes Cheney claims on torture

Sheila Samples: Dismay over Obama U-turn on abuse photos (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: For Democrats, Unease Grows Over National Security Policy

Sheila Samples: Obama Moves to Bar Release of Detainee Abuse Photos

Stanimal: FBI Expert Calls Harsh Interogation Techniques Ineffictive

Sister Begonia: Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

Margaret Bassett: Only 3 Percent of Stimulus Spent So Far

Margaret Bassett: Burma Opposition Leader Suu Kyi Faces Trial after Visit by Uninvited American (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: BofA Sells $7.3B Stake in China Construction Bank

Rady Ananda: Ban on Smoking in North Carolina Goes to Governor

Wednesday, May 13:

Jennifer Hathaway: Dahr Jamail: 70,000 US Troops Dead in Iraq (1 comments)

George Washington: Here Are a Few of the Torture Photos Obama Doesn't Want You To See (Pics) (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: OLC Torture Memo Hearing: Sen. Lindsey Graham Does His Best Cheney Impression

Sheila Samples: Cancer Patients Challenge the Patenting of a Gene

Sheila Samples: US detainee abuse 'unprecedented'

Sheila Samples: Obama Reverses Position on Release of Detainee Abuse Photos

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' for May 13, 2009

David Kendall: Sweden's Fix for Banks: Nationalize Them

Odyseus_97: Somali pirates guided by London intelligence team, report says | World news |

Press Release: Veterans culminate week of lobby visit with strong opposition to war supplemental (1 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Oprah's Queen of Empathy Crown Threatened By KFC Giveaway

Margaret Bassett: US 'Afpak' Strategy Troubles Some in US and Pakistan

Margaret Bassett: Actual Bailout May Exceed $10 Trillion (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Stimulus Aid Trickles Out, but States Seek Quicker Relief

Stanimal: Cheerios Cereal Isn't So Wholesome As Package Claims

Ernest: Blind interpreter detained at Philly airport says he has nightmares from arrest | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/12/2009

Ross Levin: Election News Roundup: 4/29/09-5/7/09 (In memory of John Gideon)

Joan Brunwasser: Some US Soldiers Forced to Steal Water in Iraq

Tuesday, May 12:

Sheila Samples: Democrats: CIA is out to get us (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Cheney backs Jeb for president (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Some GIs Forced To Steal Water In Iraq

Odyseus_97: Bloated Empire and the Financial Crash |

Stanimal: Cheney Ramps Up Attacks On Both sides Of the Isle

Stanimal: Signs That Madoff's Family Knew (1 comments)

Stanimal: Liz Cheney Assails the Release of Gitmo Detainee Abuse Photos (3 comments)

Odyseus_97: Haaretz Reporter Amira Hass Arrested Upon Leaving Gaza |

Pam Miles: Bush Dept of Justice calls for harsher sentence for Governor Siegelman (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Franken Replies to Coleman's MN Supremes Appeal (1 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 12, 2009

Sheila Samples: U.N.'s Ban urges Israel to change settlement policy (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Former CIA agent slams Cheney as ‘hypocritical’

Margaret Bassett: Granholm Says Renewable Energy Sector Will Help Grow Michigan Economy

Margaret Bassett: Governor Schweitzer: Montana has Great Opportunities in Biomass

Stanimal: US Borrows 46 Cents for Every Dollar It Spends (3 comments)

Stanimal: China's Exports Sink, But Factory Investment Rises

Laudyms: Army's Prescription to Combat Solider Suicides: Christianity

Monday, May 11:

Laudyms: Wisconsin court upholds GPS tracking by police

Stanimal: 10 Month Baby/Children Orphaned After Parents Try to Save Pet In Fast Flowing River (1 comments)

Stanimal: Taleban Using White Phosphorus, Some Made In Britan

Stanimal: Somali Pirates Have Consultants Track Ships In London

Stanimal: Only Small-Time Afghan Drug Dealers serve Time

Roger Shuler: A Bad Judge Is Handling Mega Lawsuit Against Siegelman Codefendant

Sheila Samples: US: 12 million children face hunger and food insecurity

Sheila Samples: Pentagon review ducks management challenge

Stephen Soldz: Torture increases terrorist attacks, political scientists find (4 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 09-11, 2009

Margaret Bassett: Phosphorus Claim after Fatal Air Strikes in Afghanistan

Stanimal: Thriving Afghan Drug Trade Has Friends In High Places

Odyseus_97: Afghan girl's burns show horror of chemical strike

Sister Begonia: Addressing U.S., Hamas Says It Grounded Rockets

Munich: Killing them softly with air strikes (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: US replaces Afghanistan general

Sheila Samples: U.S. risks "lost decade" due to half-steps: Krugman (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Insurers Offer Obama $2 Trillion in Healthcare Cost Savings

Roger Shuler: Bush Did the Same Thing That Landed Don Siegelman in Prison (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Hamas to Break Gaza Siege with Mud Bricks (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Sorensen says lawyers too silent on torture

Sheila Samples: Iran Releases Journalist Convicted of Spying for U.S.

Margaret Bassett: 5 U.S. Soldiers Are Killed on Military Base in Iraq

Sheila Samples: BREAKING: Five U.S. Soldiers Killed at Baghdad Base

Rady Ananda: Reporter Roxana Saberi freed from Iran prison

sometimes blinded: Fighting Healthcare Reform with Fear

Stanimal: Edwards Staff Had Doomsday Strategy

Stanimal: Cheney Questions Where Gitmo Prisoners Will Land

Grant Lawrence: US Accused of Using Chemical on Afghan Civilians

Stanimal: Concerns Over White Phosphorus Used In Afghan Battle (1 comments)

sometimes blinded: Proposed $2 Trillion In Health Care Savings

Sister Begonia: Pope in Israel calls for Palestinian homeland

Mark Biskeborn: Mexico: A Theocratic Model for Republicans

Sunday, May 10:

Sheila Samples: General Sees a Longer Stay in Iraq Cities for U.S. Troops

Sheila Samples: Parks Fortify IsraelÂ’s Claim to Jerusalem

Sheila Samples: US forces not needed in Iraq: Maliki (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel PM rules out land for peace (2 comments)

Rady Ananda: Sri Lanka Genocide: 378 Tamils die in bombing campaign

Laudyms: Press Buries the GAO's Damning Report on the SEC

Sister Begonia: Exxon begins drilling at Point Thomson in Alaska

Stanimal: Cut Hours, Not Employees.

Joan Brunwasser: The Guardian: Why machines are bad at counting votes

Stanimal: Iran Has Over 300 Presidential Candidates Registered

Saturday, May 9:

Sheila Samples: Iran: Let nuclear disarmament talks begin

Sheila Samples: Group condemns FEMA move to evict thousands of Katrina survivors (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Monsanto loses German GMO court case (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Siegelman Lobbies DOJ To Intervene As Court Deadline Nears

Stanimal: Mass Evacuation Ordered In Swat

Laudyms: Friday Movie Night - Slave Economics Edition

Stanimal: Global Warming's Toll: Glacier In Bolivia Is Gone

Stanimal: Costly Superfund Dredging Set For Hudson River

Stanimal: A Marajunia Tax Next As The Next Revenue Stream?

Stanimal: Obama Officials Talk About Countries Like They Own Them

Odyseus_97: Real Unemployment at 15.8%: Highest Level Since ADA Began Tracking | (5 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Specter Cancer Fund-raising Scandal?

Grant Lawrence: CIA Support of the Dalai Lama No Conspiracy Theory (9 comments)

Odyseus_97: "Gaza II' unfolding in the East

Friday, May 8:

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' For May 08, 2009

Sheila Samples: After Air Force One Flyover, Military Office Director Resigns (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Admits Civilians Died in Afghan Raids (1 comments)

Stanimal: Vietnam Orders Russian Subs

Rick Rozoff: Australian Military Buildup And The Rise Of Asian NATO (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: "They Frankly Own the Place" (2 comments)

Barbara Peterson: S 787 Federal Water Theft (4 comments)

Sister Begonia: Gaza homes destruction 'wanton'

Bia Winter: NC. Mom says "Patriot"Act stripped her son of due process

Stephen C. Webster: Justice Department Drops Case Against War Resister Watada (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: UN chief defends "watered down" Gaza report

Thursday, May 7:

elliot cohen: Taking a Page from the Bush Playbook (1 comments)

Stanimal: Weak Treasury Report Sends Stocks Lower

Stanimal: Survey Reveals Muslim Attitudes (1 comments)

Stanimal: Do You Know Why Mother's Day Was Started?

Grant Lawrence: Church Bans Tai Chi for Wrong Message (2 comments)

Stanimal: Capitalizing On China's Real Estate Correction

Stanimal: Back From Abroad

Georgianne Nienaber: Spin or Advice in NOLA? USACE Pays Huge Price in New Orleans

Sister Begonia: 'Arabs revising peace plan to win Israel backing for 2 states'

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' for May 07, 2009

Roger Shuler: Alabama Jury Awards Almost $6 Million in Employment Case

Rob Kall: N.Y. doctor offers flat-rate care for uninsured

Danny Schechter: American Expressions; A Time for Credit Card Reform (3 comments)

Rady Ananda: US air-raid kills 123 civilians, 30 Taliban in Farah, Afghanistan (4 comments)

Stanimal: US Iraq Blackwater Contract Expires

Stanimal: Government To condemn land for Flight 93 Memorial

Better World Order: Center for Public Integrity names 25 lenders responsible for economic meltdown

Press Release: *Broad Coalition Of Organizations And Individuals Launches "Restore Justice At Justice"- Campaign (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 6:

Mark Crispin Miller: Pentagon denies the awful truth, gets BUSTED! (10 comments)

Mark Crispin Miller: Millions Wasted on Voter Registration in '08 (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: Were Siegelman and Minor Prosecutions True Inside Jobs? (2 comments)

Press Release: New Orleans: As Unemployment Rises So Do Lines at Local Food Bank (1 comments)

Ellen Theisen: 'Daily Voting News' for May 06, 2009

Cyril Mychalejko: Military-backed Mapping Project in Oaxaca Under Fire (2 comments)

boomerang: Looking Back On The Greatest Depression

Stanimal: Interrogators May Have Killed Dozens Of Detainees

Sheila Samples: Swine Flu Likely to Return to U.S. Next Winter

Sheila Samples: AIG bonuses four times higher

Laudyms: Gaza Environment Emerges as a Major Casualty

Sheila Samples: Dems nix money to close Gitmo, say plan needed first

Sheila Samples: U.S. May Add Shots for Swine Flu to Fall Regimen (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Cut Fewer Jobs as Recession Eased

Sheila Samples: Interrogation Memos: Inquiry Suggests No Charges

Sheila Samples: Lawmakers Seeking Consensus On Social Security Overhaul

Laudyms: Cashing in on 'Government Sachs'

Sheila Samples: Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report

E. Nelson: The GOP Plans to Protect Health Insurance Executives and the Current "For Profit Healthcare" System (3 comments)

Cheryl Biren: Maine governor signs gay-marriage bill (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Perpetuating a Debunked Obama Myth

E. Nelson: New "Survivor" Ad Encapsulates the Plight of the GOP

Stanimal: Driver Painting Nails Kills Motorcyclist

Stanimal: Inspectors Find Safety Problems At Nuclear Weapons Complex

Sheila Samples: Senate Democrats Deny Specter Committee Seniority

Tuesday, May 5:

Better World Order: Single-payer healthcare protesters disrupt Senate hearing; Chairman calls for more police

Stanimal: Russia Investigates Helicopter Hunt for Rare Goats (1 comments)

Press Release: Doctors Arrested at Senate "Roundtable" on Healthcare (4 comments)

Jason Leopold: Top CIA Officials Were Given Daily Torture Updates of Zubaydah

Sheila Samples: At Annual Meeting, Pro-Israel Group Reasserts Clout

Sheila Samples: Biden tells AIPAC: Israel must support two-state solution (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Egypt: Israeli nukes 'greatest threat' to security (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Lieberman Gives Iran Three Months - Or Else (1 comments)

Roger Shuler: Is Alabama GOP Governor Caught Red-Handed? (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Church Sues North Coventry for Rights Violation (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Garbage Grows Well on the Mexico-Arizona Border

Margaret Bassett: Salmon Salvation, Perhaps, in Columbia River Basin

Stanimal: Chocolate Powered Race Car

Stanimal: Beer Pong Games Ends With Fatal Shooting

Stanimal: Baby Elephant Hit By Train In India (1 comments)

Stanimal: Afghans say US Bombing Killed Dozens

Stanimal: Swiss Guard Of Pope May Allow Women Into Its Ranks

Margaret Bassett: Analyzing Obama's War Budget Numbers

Margaret Bassett: Pakistani Army Flattening Villages as It Battles Taliban

Stanimal: Navy Unveils New Pirate Fighting Ship (1 comments)

Stanimal: Murtha's Nephew Got Millions In Government Contracts

Sheila Samples: UN pushing Israel toward legal proceedings

Sheila Samples: Obama Seeks End of Corporate Tax Break to Raise $190 Billion

Stanimal: Afghan Taliban Spokesman: We will win the War (1 comments)

Stanimal: Fox News Repeatedly Caught Cropping, manipulating Video

Sheila Samples: Afghan Effort Is Mullen's Top Focus

Sheila Samples: KBR Connected to Alleged Fraud, Pentagon Auditor Says

Sheila Samples: US climate change denier James Inhofe joins Al Gore in fight against soot

Rady Ananda: Gay Boy Wins Right to Wear Dress to High School Prom

Margaret Bassett: Pakistan Expects up to 500,000 Refugees from Swat

Margaret Bassett: Why Presidents Need Contrarians

Stanimal: Outbreak Bad Luck For One Hong Kong Business

Monday, May 4:

Stanimal: Karzai Name Ex-Warlord As Running Mate

Stanimal: Forest Service Closes Caves To Stop Bat fungus

Joan Brunwasser: Interview with Legal Schnauzer's Roger Shuler, Part Two (1 comments)

Stanimal: California Professor Probed After Sending E-mail Comparing Israeli's to Nazi's

Stanimal: Asian markets Rise On China Manufacturing Rise

Better World Order: Proof the FBI Changed Documents, and Vincent Bugliosi Was Wrong

Ellen Theisen: Daily Voting News for May 4, 2009 Conflict of Interest - GA SoS to use unverifiable voting in bid for governor

Sheila Samples: Senators Accuse Pentagon of Delay in Recovering Millions (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: UPDATE: US Afghan Bibles 'confiscated' (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: 4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding

Sheila Samples: Gates seeking to reassure Gulf on outreach to Iran

Sheila Samples: US troops told to witness for Jesus

Rob Kall: Is Army Abusing Children With its Latest Experiment, the Army Experience Center? (107 comments)

Eileen Fleming: The Irish lead the way: Open Letter to President Obama (2 comments)

Stanimal: English Government To Close Lifeline For Iraqi Interpreters In Two Weeks (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: NEWS ALERT: N.Y. Times to File Notice It Will Close Boston Globe

Sunday, May 3:

Joan Brunwasser: Exclusive Interview with Legal Schnauzer's Roger Shuler (1 comments)

Ellen Theisen: Daily Voting News for May 3, 2009

Darren Wolfe: White House threats in Chrysler episode

Grant Lawrence: Swine Flu Mostly Hits Young: CDC Uncertain About Spread

Stanimal: From An Israeli Citizen To Lenord Cohen (2 comments)

Stanimal: Did America Forget How To Make the H-Bomb?

Barbara Peterson: Montana Defies Feds with the Montana Firearms Freedom Act - HB 246 (3 comments)

Steven Thompson: Top Senate Dem: Banks Own Congress (1 comments)

Ann Garrison: Will Gavin Newsom, Face of Israel, become the next governor of California?

Grant Lawrence: Condaleezza Rice on Torture: I Was Just Passing along Orders (3 comments)

Rick LoBello: Sharing the earth with nature and surviving pandemics (3 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: Palestinian Student's Heartfelt Letter to Obama (12 comments)

Saturday, May 2:

Sheila Samples: Israeli Air Force sharpening Arrows for Iran (18 comments)

Sheila Samples: Jack Kemp, former QB and Congressman, dies (1 comments)

John Washburn and David Klein: Daily Voting News Update for May 2, 2009

Sheila Samples: Blaming ‘Media Hype’ for Swine Flu Fears

Sheila Samples: Abu Ghraib Guards Say Memos Show They Were Scapegoats

Joan Brunwasser: RNC Wants Court Okay for 'Vote Caging' Again

Joan Brunwasser: Disclosed: Diebold/Premier's Humboldt County Termination Letters

Stanimal: Mans Savings shredded By Rats

Stanimal: US Diplomats Lauded for china ties

Sister Begonia: Solidarity Day on the 42nd Anniversary of Israel's seizure of Gaza (6 comments)

M. Wizard: The Obama Administration is Moving Toward Reviving the Military Commission System for Prosecuting Guantánamo Detainees (1 comments)

chris rice: May 2nd Global Marijuana march

Friday, May 1:

Ellen Theisen: Daily Voting News' For May 1, 2009. Founded by John Gideon

Danny Schechter: Politicians Are In Office But Banks Are In Power:Time To Fight Back? (9 comments)

Sheila Samples: Five Soldiers -- three American -- killed in Afghan attack

Stanimal: Birdie Boogie, (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Colleges Flunk Economics Test as Harvard Model Destroys Budgets (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israeli settlers attack Palestinian villagers (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Military Says 3 American Troops Killed in Iraq

Sheila Samples: Iran: US lacks discretion to judge others

Better World Order: Contractors paid $1,000 a day to supervise, design torture program (1 comments)

Odyseus_97: Somalis say illegal fishing by foreign trawlers drove them to piracy (1 comments)

Scott Baker: 16 Cattle Drop Dead Near Mysterious Fluid at LA Gas Drilling Site

Kevin Fenton: *Newly Released Memo: Government 'Minders' at 9/11 Commission Interviews 'Intimidated' Witnesses (24 comments)

Stanimal: 8 Year Old Saudi Girl Divorces 50 Year Old Husband (1 comments)

Stanimal: A Tsunami Of Hunger (1 comments)

Stanimal: One of the few Successes of the US Iraq Was Saving It's Ancient Marshes, Now They Are In Peril Again

Stanimal: Pakistan's Blind Dolphins Face Hazardous Existence

Stanimal: Souter to Retire from the Supreme Court

Margaret Bassett: Souter Said to Be Leaving Court in June

Sheila Samples: Schumer: Governor Should Act When Minnesota Court Rules (2 comments)


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