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April 2009

Thursday, April 30:

Yuriy S. Polyakov, William B. Eimicke, Ibrahim M. Musaev, Sergey V. Polyakov: Is Sustainable Development of Deserts Feasible? (4 comments)

M. Wizard: Every Boy Has the Right to Play the Blues.....

Wednesday, April 29:

Vi Ransel: Cartography

Lewis Larsen: Why Thomas Friedman is wrong about the National Ignition Facility

Laudyms: Golden Rice and Hazards of GMOs (19 comments)

John R Moffett: Dinosaur Murder Plot Thickens (9 comments)

Tuesday, April 28:

Rady Ananda: Swine Flu in Perspective - Ron Paul video (15 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Monsanto's Global Pollution Legacy (12 comments)

Saturday, April 25:

Lewis Larsen: "Cold fusion: please, may I have a cup of tea?" Dr. Bob Park (1 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Earth day failed again 39 years later (5 comments)

Friday, April 24:

M. Wizard: Murray Perahia Plays Moonlight Sonata

Amanda Lang: Torture Memos - Waterboarding Put To Song (1 comments)

Thursday, April 23:

M. Wizard: Court Upholds Divorce by Text Message

M. Wizard: Head of the University of Virginia's Department of Psychiatry Pioneering Work on Reincarnation (1 comments)

William Cormier: Norton Anti-Virus Fails The Test - Beat by Free Software! (9 comments)

Wednesday, April 22:

Laudyms: Sleep Scientists: Research Twisted to Justify Torture (Updated)

Grant Lawrence: The Flow of Life is Found in the Truth of Life (8 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: "Jesus" Saves, by Jerry Saltz (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 21:

Jason Paz: Holocaust Memorial Day

The Candid Blogger: Astronaut Mitchell: "We Are Not Alone" (1 comments)

Better World Order: Active Thermitics Made Simple

Monday, April 20:

Amanda Lang: Live Cam Bald Eagle's Nest + Chicks (1 comments)

Sunday, April 19:

Better World Order: Transcript from Visibility 9-11; A Basic Chemistry Lesson with Dr. Niels Harrit | (1 comments)

Saturday, April 18:

Richard Volaar: What I'll Miss About the Web: The Silly-Bus of Life (2 comments)

Rady Ananda: Beyond Cash: Bartering as high-tech trade (2 comments)

M. Wizard: Charles Barkley Calls Limbaugh "Unpatriotic" and Hannity & Beck "Idiots"

M. Wizard: Norman Mailer on Technology as the Devil's Tool (4 comments)

The Candid Blogger: FEMA Manual Admits Existence of UFO's (1 comments)

Friday, April 17:

GLloyd Rowsey: Albert Watson, Photographer Extraordinaire. Part 3: The Las Vegas Pictures (1 comments)

The Candid Blogger: You Can't Tell a Book by its Cover (1 comments)

Thursday, April 16:

Amanda Lang: You have to see this: surprising audition by Susan Boyle on 'Britain's Got Talent' - A reality TV blog by The Baltimore (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 15:

John R Moffett: Was it Nanotech-Thermite or Phasers that took down the WTC? (87 comments)

Mark David: What happens at absolute zero? (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 14:

Bill Hare: Fritz Lang's Historical March (3 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Understanding the Nontarget Effects of Genetic Manipulation (14 comments)

Monday, April 13:

M. Wizard: Obama Flies Pizza Chef From St. Louis to White House to Make Dinner for his Family (4 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Albert Watson, Photographer Extraordinaire. Part 2: Revolutionary China in 1979 (1 comments)

Deanna Zandt: AmazonFAIL: How Online Social Tools Can Wreak Havoc-and Repair It (4 comments)

verb: Reality, an Enormous Interference Pattern? (2 comments)

Saturday, April 11:

Eileen Fleming: Resurrections, Revolutions and Making Christ Contemporary (1 comments)

Friday, April 10:

M. Wizard: Almost As Many Americans Under 30 Believe Socialism is Better Than Capitalism as Vice Versa (3 comments)

Ritt Goldstein: Floods, Mold, Cancer, and the Politics of Public Health (6 comments)

Andrew Glikson: The War Against Science While Rome Is Burning (14 comments)

Thursday, April 9:

Better World Order: Wake Up and Smell the Aluminothermic Nanocomposite Explosives- Jim Hoffman (16 comments)

Tuesday, April 7:

James Brett: Dark Energy (4 comments)

Regina Cornwell: Intervale Green Apartments: Green, Affordable-and for Low-Income Women (2 comments)

Yup Farming: Independent studies refute GMO safety claims (67 comments)

Monday, April 6:

Margaret Bassett: The Red Desert that Breaks Annie Proulx's Heart

Sunday, April 5:

M. Wizard: Exhibit of Paintings by Bob Dylan

M. Wizard: Newsweek; "The End of Christian America" (5 comments)

Better World Order: Explosive Residues: Energetic Materials and the World Trade Center Destruction -

Saturday, April 4:

Rady Ananda: Poison on the Platter - Full length (1 comments)

Better World Order: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe- The Open Chemical Physics Jou

Vi Ransel: Stampede!

Mike Kuykendall: Stem Cells May Cure Deafness (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 1:

Rob Kall: Notes from a High Powered Local Writers Group (3 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Monsanto's Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers (3 comments)


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