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February 2009

Saturday, February 28:

M. A. Khan: Emerging Muslim Freethinkers and the Battle of Civilizations (2 comments)

Kenneth Theisen: U.S. State Department report exposes extensive human rights abuses in Afghanistan by U.S.-backed government

John S. Hatch: Psycho Sam (7 comments)

Ralph Lopez: *Obama'stan: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss (3 comments)

Kenneth Theisen: Obama's DOJ follows lead of Bush regime again: It asks court to cover-up NSA surveillance secrets by dismissing case (1 comments)

Elayne Clift: Growing Up in a Glass Bowl: Malia & Sasha in the White House

David Swanson: Why Dems Liked Mukasey Better Than Holder (1 comments)

Jack Lindblad: Assembly Candidate Lindblad urges a No Vote on LA Charter Amendment B (2 comments)

James Raider: America's Overnight Transformation (1 comments)

Jane Hamilton: U.S. Rep Fred Upton Steals Land From The Black Residents of Benton Harbor

Rev. Dan Vojir: Rush Limbow-wow: King-maker or King-breaker?

Harold Hellickson: Patterns: Evolution from New Ideas to Profound Human Impact

Gene Messick: Fallacy of Believing in a War Economy

Melvin A. Goodman: Caveat Emptor: Obama Getting Economic Briefings from CIA (1 comments)

Eugene Elander: Bobby Jindal and Volcanos

Kathryn Smith: *Ask your Representative to Co-Sponsor the State Secrets Protection Act, H.R. 984

Jim Quinn: *As Goes GM, So Goes the Nation

Eric Walberg: US-Canadian relations: A first 'first' for Obama

Mickey Z.: Pawns with Lawns (1 comments)

Melvin A. Goodman: The Washington Post and Russian-American Relations

Clutton Patsika: The stumbling blocks to Zimbabwe unity

Deb Della Piana: Gaza by the numbers (9 comments)

Patrick Lafferty: Dealing with Iran : Anything but transparent. (10 comments)

Anthony Romero, ACLU: *Ask Obama to Let Human Rights Groups Independently Examine Conditions at Guantanamo

Richard Hirschhorn: Barack Obama and Michelle-separate no more (1 comments)

Philip Greene: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth (7 comments)

Donna Smith: A Mother Asks President Obama To Be Honest About Healthcare (5 comments)

Theresa Paulfranz: Magnetic Flip and What it Might Mean

Dottie DeHart: The Rise of Democracy 2.0: Five Reasons Why Web 2.0 Is Changing the Face of American Politics (1 comments)

Claras: Eight Reasons: Why the Parthenon Sculptures must be returned to Greece

Iftekhar Sayeed: A Bangladeshi Bluestocking (2 comments)

John Toradze: Interview with a UBS AG account holder

MGurney: An Agenda for Real Change

Richard Girard: The Tao of Government (14 comments)

Herbert Hoffman: When Partisanship Trumps We, the People

William Cormier: Nuremberg Trials Provide Legal Precedent For Prosecuting Purveyors Of Hate (28 comments)

Matthew T.: There and Back Again : The economic crisis, race, and the U.S. narrative (1 comments)

Elayne Clift: Economic Security: A Woman-Centered Perspective

William Falzett III: Racking Up the Wealthiest 2% of Americans (7 comments)

Jane Stillwater: "No on 8" goes south of the border: Gays in Puerto Vallarta (2 comments)

Janus Adams: To Michelle Obama, and Her Sister 'First Ladies' (30 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Rachel Maddow's guest, Paul Rieckhoff raised a salient point (3 comments)

Deborah Emin: Please tell us the truth my dear Republican citizens (7 comments)

Dick Overfield: New Mexico Chooses Hatefulness and Intolerance (2 comments)

Rakesh Krishnan Simha: America's Most Desperate: Why 35.5 Million People Are Going Hungry

Friday, February 27:

Betsy L. Angert: Where is the restraint in spending? (4 comments)

Richard Volaar: Outsourcing: The Evolution of Irresponsibility

Grant Lawrence: Obama--The War President (7 comments)

Vi Ransel: Where the Wild Things Are

Bill Hare: Obama and the Major Paradigm Budget Shift from Reagan

Don Siegelman: *Karl Rove is all out of second chances. (6 comments)

Oscar Heck: The More We Can Dissuade Disrespectful, "Crazy, Lunatic and Imbecile" Gringos from Coming to Venezuela, the Better... (3 comments)

Peter Tatchell: Iraq's underground queer railroad

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Lot, Lotto, and Casino Capitalism (4 comments)

Bob Koehler: Kids for Cash (1 comments)

Barbara Ehrenreich: How a Man Was Thrown into Gitmo and Tortured for Clicking on My Article (38 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Citigroup must die in order to make way for stronger banks to thrive (7 comments)

Jack Lindblad: Assembly Candidate Lindblad urges a No Vote on LA Charter Amendment B

Rowan Wolf: Capital One Take and Double Take (13 comments)

Dave Lindorff: America's Stupid Health Care Debate: Keeping Some Ideas Off the Table (18 comments)

James Brett: Apocalyptic Republicanism (4 comments)

mikel weisser: Current Comedy 2/23/09: Not Only of Cowards

William Dunkerley: Alice in Wondergrad: An Adventure in Russian Media Fantasies

Rev. Dan Vojir: Chris Buttars Will Raise Jesse Helms From The Dead On Satruday Feb. 28!

Monika Mitchell: *Vive La France - The Red, White and Blue of It (1 comments)

Ed Komarek: Why the Meltdown Has Only Just Begun (8 comments)

Jay Janson: *MLKjr' Condemnation of Predatory Capitalism Again Deleted in Black History Month (1 comments)

Stella Adams: Putting Race Explicitly into the CRA (17 comments)

Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak: *Swat (The region where this new laws will be implemented): Implementation of Nizam-e-Aadl (Justice System), hopes and wo (1 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Enter the Era of Engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan (3 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Problematic Southern Culture: The Lost Cause Movement (18 comments)

Randy LoBasso: The Great American Hysteria

Allan Goldstein: Mostly, We are Idiots. So How Did We Elect a Genius? (45 comments)

Bob Burnett: How Bad Is It?

Norman Solomon: Where the Money Goes (2 comments)

Ralph Nader: What if there were "Academy Awards"- for civic heroism? (3 comments)

Stephen Lendman: US Discriminatory Immigration Policy Toward Haitians (2 comments)

Jason Miller: Averting the China Syndrome (6 comments)

Thursday, February 26:

Bob Cesca: The Wingnut Revolution (3 comments)

David Michael Green: America's Two-Party System (3 comments)

Doug Morrison: Religion is what keeps the poor from killing the rich (4 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Things to Come--A Green Economy or an Eco Nightmare? (2 comments)

Matoska: Government, Planning and the Politics of Water

Curtis Walker: *The Citicorp/Citibank Recovery Plan: The Missing Link (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: It Matters. (6 comments)

Chris Bowers: Yes, A Massive Ideological Shift Has Happened (6 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Elephant In The Room: Christofascism Defined (16 comments)

Robert Parry: The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda (12 comments)

Sandy Shanks: Absurd Rhetoric: Violations of Common Sense (3 comments)

MJ Creech: Re-counting the Toilet-Paper Audit Trail in Ohio (2 comments)

FrenchieCat: Facts about Pres. Obama, Social Security, Medicare, and Tax Free Savings Accounts (3 comments)

Don Williams: On Cormac's Fire, Updike's Passing, Planets Like Dust, And MOuntaintop Removal

Joan Wile: Grandmothers OF America, Unite! (1 comments)

Steve Bhaerman: The Shift Has Hit the Fan: Welcome to the Sane Asylum (5 comments)

Sitafa Harden: Yikes! GOP Foiled Again as Jindal's Speech Flops (1 comments)

Rabbi Michael Lerner: A Spiritual Guide for Economic Bailout (8 comments)

George Washington: How To Solve the Economic Crisis (52 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Republicans Twitter. Jindal Rebuttal; A Tweet (1 comments)

Patricia 0rmsby: Why We Should Worry About Farm Control Bills (13 comments)

Dana Gabriel: Farmers Call For NAFTA Reforms (6 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: Re: Aspects Of The General Economic Disaster; More On The SEC's Culpability In Madoff.

Rob Kall: On Eating Apples (15 comments)

Tom Lydon: Did the GOP shoot itself in the condom? (19 comments)

Jennifer Hathaway: Dream (2 comments)

Amy Lee Coy: But What Have We Learned Since the Rodney King Riots? (7 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Thank God For Religious Intolerance! (14 comments)

Mary MacElveen: As a citizen for the Town of Brookhaven, I wish to thank Lori Baldessare

Ed Tubbs: Bobby - we barely knew ye. (6 comments)

Wednesday, February 25:

James Raider: A Positive Trend Rising Out Of The Fear (2 comments)

winston: The terrorists could never have inflicted upon us the damage that W has. (13 comments)

Jason Leopold: Leahy, Pelosi Differ on Bush Probe (13 comments)

Milton Lee Norris: The Stimulus Plan, and Killing a Chimpanzee

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: Obama embraces Bush's "war on terror" policy without naming it so (4 comments)

Fred Brown: The Real Story Behind the Octuplets (10 comments)

Ludwik Kowalski: Simplified macroeconomics (17 comments)

tabonsell: Proposals to Save America, Part I (3 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Tomorrow a New World Begins (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: My day in court against the DoD: Everyone was wearing black suits but me.... (3 comments)

Robert Parry: The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda (10 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Obama's Address: Smooth? Yes. Transformative? No. (14 comments)

Jeff Cohen: 'News' Media Disgraced in Levy Case (1 comments)

Mary Lyon: A Tale of Two Speeches (2 comments)

Robert Borosage: Progressive Government: The New Center

Tom Degan: Give 'em Hell, Barry! (3 comments)

Grant Lawrence: An Expert in Economics Explains Why the Rich Shouldn't Pay More in Taxes (2 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Jindal's Condescending Response Elicits Douchechills (1 comments)

George Washington: The Senate Launches Truth Commission (3 comments)

Stephen Crockett: The Jindal Lesson: Keeping Those Republicans Out of Power (14 comments)

Margaret Bassett: What are You Giving up? (7 comments)


Mary MacElveen: Act to keep the 'Islanders' team from leaving (3 comments)

Chuck Collins: Corporate America, Ground Your Jets (5 comments)

Archbishop Michael Seneco: A Grateful Nation (2 comments)

Steven Leser: Jindal the Joke (22 comments)

Barack Obama: Remarks of President Barack Obama -- Address to Joint Session of Congress (3 comments)

Brock Novak: Protectionism (vis-a-vis Commulism) and the Proposed "Obama ECONALISM (ECONomic SurvivALISM) Plan" (8 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and Prosecutions (10 comments)

Michael Collins: A Modest Proposal - An Iraqi Vote on Troop Withdrawal (5 comments)

martinweiss: *The Death of Denial (13 comments)

Ron Shinkman: Hurry Up And...@*&%# WAIT?!?!? (7 comments)

Jerry West: A Budget For The Rich (3 comments)

Donald de Fano: The Progressive/Obama Dilemma

Tuesday, February 24:

Mike Kirchubel: Fix This Mess Contest

Vivian Berryhill: Jindal vs Obama: Style Over Substance? (7 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Open letter to Governor Bobby Jindal (4 comments)

Tim Cerantola: Corporate Chimps Run the World (into the ground)

Jeffrey Dach: Why We Need Single Payer Health Care (10 comments)

Dennis Jett: Why Conservatives Want a Daddy Government (1 comments)

salah obeid: An Underdog's Dilemma (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The Smoking Gun

John Kusumi: Barack Obama: The President of Bait and Switch (3 comments)

Mike Colpitts: Foreclosure Forecast Worsens with New Plan

Robert Arend: The Obama Administration: Ten Days: February 11th Thru 20th 2009 (3 comments)

Gene Messick: Obama's Stimulus Package Indicts Bush

Tom Degan: They Must Rally Hate Us (9 comments)

Steven Saw: *Five for One - H1-B Program Fails to Benefit American Economy

Dustin Ensinger: Are We Opening the Door for Future Abuses of Power?

John Bruhns: What Obama's risking in Afghanistan (8 comments)

Sankara Saranam: Ban All Marriage (2 comments)

John Basel: They Were For It Before They Were Against It

Elaine Brower: It's Not OK! (3 comments)

Dustin Ensinger: All That is Needed For Evil to Prevail is For Good Men To Do Nothing.

Jane Stillwater: Hate crimes in Galilee? Land-grabs in Bethlehem? Oy vey! (3 comments)

Jason Leopold: Yoo's Memos Gave Retroactive Cover (1 comments)

Carlos T Mock: What politicians in the US won't tell you about the war on drugs (6 comments)

Carlos T Mock: President Bush' Legacy (2 comments)

Carlos T Mock: Gay Rights during the Bush Presidency

Carlos T Mock: Sexual Addiction (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Wall Street and Bernanke: The Blind Leading the Blind (2 comments)

Lorna Salzman: The Hijacking of the World Social Forum (13 comments)

Rory OConnor: The New Breed of New Media Researchers

Mary MacElveen: Northern Trust of Chicago parties with the tax payer's money (2 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Applying the Theory of Obama's "Protective Coloration"

Cheryl Biren-Wright: The State Department Ushers in Dennis Ross in the Dark of the Night (33 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Economic Stimulus Package: Jindal, Sanford and Barber to constituents, drop dead! (3 comments)

David Swanson: Groups Request Special Prosecutor for Bush, Cheney, et alia (15 comments)

Jim Pivonka: *How to "Reprivatize" the Bad Banks (4 comments)

Dennis Blanchard: Taxes or Ponzi? (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Poll: Public Supports Obama Following through on campaign promises, not Doing BiPartisan Dance with GOP (21 comments)

Bill Hare: Hillary Clinton Sounds Right Note in China (7 comments)

Jeremy Frombach: Reconciling the Contradiction of Social Programs (92 comments)

Bill Fangio: *Just Powers and Stimulus Pork (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Our economy cannot sustain AIPAC's and Israel's influence over us (25 comments)

Monday, February 23:

John leKay: *Upside Down Justice in South Dakota (2 comments)

Mickey Z.: Radical Love: An interview with Natty Seidenverg (2 comments)

KatieSF: How Do We Reach The Rightwing Who Hate Obama and Condemn Katie Couric ? (18 comments)

Cameron Salisbury: The Stimulus and The Confidence Game

paul roberts: How the Economy Was Lost (21 comments)

Arthur Shaw: When You Got it, You Got it and When You Don't, You Don't; so, when You Don't...

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Obama's "Centrism" is Protective Coloration (2 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Moneybag Democracy (1 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Fiscal Responsibility

Rob Kall: Coming Soon-- Riots in America? (127 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Dear Conservative Church Fellowships, Let's Talk about Empowerment of Women and Families,

Vincent Guarisco: Never Forget The Lessons Of Yesterday For The Sake Of Tomorrow (1 comments)

Pooche: Chicken Big (1 comments)

James Kunstler: Poverty of Imagination (3 comments)

Steven Leser: Schwarzenegger vs. Jindal - Political Games vs. Constituents (3 comments)

Jill Jackson: Goebbels redux: The fascist media must be stopped (7 comments)

Craig Harrington: Obama's Housing Rescue (1 comments)

Craig Harrington: America is Inexorably Destined to Fail (6 comments)

Perry Stein: Why We Need Black-White Unity to Save America-An Historical Perspective (3 comments)

Herbert Calhoun: Are We Really a Nation of Cowards on the Issue of Race? (3 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Confronting Two Big Lies: A Strategy for Democratic Revival (10 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Open Memo to Eric Holder (1 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: Re: Of Markopolos And Madoff, New Times, Conventional Wisdom, SIPC, Clawbacks, Equitable Estoppel, Declaratory Judgment

john hatch: Just Another Travesty (2 comments)

David Griscom: No One Tolerates Stolen Elections ...Except Those Who Profit from Them

Dave Belden: Talking Full Employment... Now? (2 comments)

BajaWind: People Made this Country Great; Pay-to-Play Politics Is Destroying It (2 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Thread Does Not a Nation Make

Kevin Barrett: Obama: Political Messiah, or Just Another Third World Dictator? (4 comments)

Wolfgang Brauner: Head-In-The-Tar-Sands Politics (1 comments)

Jason Paz: As Obama Fails to Punish Evil Doers, the US Goes Down (4 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Economic Crisis (5 comments)

Jack Ma: How to recieve online counseling in postmodern society- Is this the end of the world? Zeitgeist Movie (DVD). (4 comments)

Rakesh K. Simha: America's Most Desperate: Why 35.5 Million People Are Going Hungry (15 comments)

John Kusumi: Chinese Democracy Movement Reacts Negatively to Clinton's China Trip (4 comments)

David Model: Emperor Obama Wears no Clothes: The Afghan Surge (6 comments)

Arthur Shaw: Books on money laundering most likely won't be in Stanford bank's computers

James Murtagh: *Doctors Demand Justice for Patient Advocate Whistleblower (6 comments)

Sunday, February 22:

Rev. Dan Vojir: The New "Social Conservatives": Mormons On The Attack! (3 comments)

Jane Stillwater: $28.5 billion reasons to legalize drugs in America.... (6 comments)

Siddharth Ramana: Swapping Swat for Peace?

Robert Naiman: Guadeloupe Strikes: A Warning to Obama? (11 comments)

Mike Ghouse: Obama the Macho Man (6 comments)

James Nimmo: Goose and Gander for the GOPers

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): In one form or another, America is headed for Revolution (10 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Nationalize This! (5 comments)

Ali Mostofi: World Media Supports Iran's Seyyeds/Theocrats (4 comments)

HC Consultant: The Problem with Moral Outrage (12 comments)

Mark Sashine: Weirdoism. Ad Hominem And Calling For More (2 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Ann Coulter: Too White To Be Clean? (8 comments)

Ronald Orf: Misusing Precious Resources for Nonexistent Crimes

Bobby Ramakant: Mayawati ji, why did we get bulldozers instead of homes? (1 comments)

Bob Cesca: Sean Hannity's Ridiculous War against Socialism (3 comments)

Saturday, February 21:

Danny Schechter: PBS Screws Up Report on Financial Crisis

David Fiderer: Time Rewrote History With "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis" (7 comments)

Devilstower via Daily KOS: You and UBS: Bush IRS Inked Deal to Aid US Tax Evaders (9 comments)

Ellen Brown: Monetize This! A better way to fund the stimulus package (25 comments)

Dana Gabriel: Deeper North American Integration Still in the Cards (6 comments)

Kent Welton: NATIONALIZE HOME LENDING (2 comments)

Ron Shinkman: A Troubling Time (1 comments)

Mick Youther: The Myth of Republican Fiscal Responsibility (2 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: The New "Social Conservatives": Mormons On The Attack! (2 comments)


James Brett: Depression Is Inevitable (4 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Take Back NYU's Occupation: A Young Progressive Movement with Campus Occupations? (2 comments)

Kenneth Theisen: It is Now Obama's War as He Orders 17,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan (1 comments)

MGurney: The Making of a Great Leader (2 comments)

Julio Escalona: May this YES to Chavez Really Represent the Beginning of a New Age...

virginius "gin" arnold: Dear David Brooks (1 comments)

Archbishop Michael Seneco: Where is the Quilt? (2 comments)

David Latt: The Upside of the Downturn (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Will Congress Vote to Become Extinct?

Monish Chatterjee: On the (now infamous) New York Post dead chimpanzee cartoon and its ramifications: Was this the Post's Macaca moment? (2 comments)

Steven Lesh: Bank Nationalization or Monetary Reform? (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: I WANT YOU TO BE RESPONSIBLE (7 comments)

John Kusumi: Hillary Clinton Visits Her Communist Masters In Beijing (3 comments)

Dwight Black: When You're Stuck In Quicksand, Kicking Your Feet Only Makes You Sink Faster (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Miscreants like Rick Santelli are the true 'losers' (10 comments)

David Swanson: Propelling Prisoners' Heads into Concrete Walls (1 comments)

Friday, February 20:

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: UCLA Professor Claims Finding Bin Laden's Hideout in Pakistan (3 comments)

World Can't Wait: Sign the Letter to The Anti-War Movement (8 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: GITMO FOR KIDS? Senator Buttar's Idea Of "Tough Love" (4 comments)

Rick Rozoff: EU, NATO, US: 21st Century Alliance For Global Domination

David Glenn Cox: The Howling Days of Madness (7 comments)

Bobby Ramakant: A spoonful of sugar can help fight Malaria

Oscar Heck: Blah, blah, blah ... a bunch of horse manure ... deceptive lies to manipulate you (1 comments)

M. Davis: Bail Out Miracle: How to fill a $500 trillion hole with a $2.5 trillion bailout (2 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "Astronomics!$"

Royce Penstinger: Is Air Force One Becoming Obama's Mission Accomplished Albatross

Rafe Pilgrim: The Afghanistan Plan

Brent Budowsky: Jesus Would Be a Liberal Democrat, Right? (6 comments)

Robert Parry: Obama's 'Seven Days in May' Moment (6 comments)

James Raider: Obama Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures? (4 comments)

Dr. William Smith: Black History Month Is Necessary (4 comments)

David Sirota: The Growing Anger In the Heartland (14 comments)

Sokari Ekine: Violence as an instrument of governance (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Become a citizen realtor to help our country (1 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Black History Month; The Subject that Segregates (3 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Inside the Doomsday Seed Vault (7 comments)

Jeremy Frombach: The Disconnect Between The Left's Socialist Goals and Reasonable Logic (81 comments)

Jaff Sassani: Iraq: the Government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamel al-Maliki is ready to disarm the Kurds (2 comments)

Jim Goodman: USDA sees a problem, not the solution (3 comments)

Tommy News: New York Post Half-Apologizes for Offensive Racist Cartoon, (3 comments)

Richard Volaar: Shoot the Chimp? You Have No Idea (4 comments)

Mary MacElveen: To Feminists for Life: Let speakers fund their own trips (3 comments)

Michael Greenwell: Interview with Edward Current (1 comments)

mikel weisser: Current Comedy, 2/16/09: And Featuring John McCain as Count Olaf (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Casting Off the Shackles of the Mind (10 comments)

Steven Thompson: *Capitalism And Corporate News Media Corruption (4 comments)

Stephen Redding: Super Bugged

Jason Paz: Guide to the Perplexed Prosecutor (2 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Breaking Bad is Breaking Ground (2 comments)

Bob Burnett: The Future of Bipartisanship (2 comments)

Marjorie Cohn: War Criminals, Including Their Lawyers, Must Be Prosecuted (35 comments)

Kindra Muntz: *SAFE to argue before Florida Supreme Court

Stephen Lendman: Fascist Rule in Israel (16 comments)

Zaw Nay Aung: Will the Burmese Generals Unclench Their Fists?

Thursday, February 19:

Michael Cavlan: The Two Party Delusion, Mass Movements And Real Progressive Change (2 comments)

John Miller: *Secretary of State Clinton Should Bring Human Rights Pressure on Indonesia (2 comments)

Allan Wayne: Tribal Sisters Guard Dungeon Doors

Bobby Ramakant: Agriculture extension systems should be strengthened in India

Lance L. Landon: Firestorm Brewing Between U.S. States and Federal Government (31 comments)

Jennifer Hathaway: Ditch the Illusions (6 comments)

chris rice: Strike updates for Consumer Fast (Open Rebellion) (1 comments)

Rakesh Krishnan Simha: Trick or Treaty?

Rafe Pilgrim: It's Bigger than Wall Street, Worse than the Economy, and It Requires Anger (2 comments)

John Kusumi: Media cries 'perjury' about Roland Burris (5 comments)

J. Nayer Hardin: *How to Fix Our Economy (5 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: British Warned of Terrorist Attack- By Fred Phelps! (4 comments)

BajaWind: What kills more more people around the world, drugs or war? (3 comments)

M. Davis: Welcome to Bailout 2.0: Are We Still Looking at Financial Catastrophe? (1 comments)

BajaWind: The Nationalization of Prosperity (10 comments)

Ed Komarek: Is A UFO/ET Policy War Imminent?

JOHN LORENZ: GOP-Press Alliance Seeks to Overturn Obama's Presidency Before Obama Even Gets a Chance (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The One State Solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict (10 comments)

JM: Kids Who Shook the World (1 comments)

Hamma Mirwaisi: USA turns toward religious persecution

OhioBlues: Abe Foxman Really Goes over the Cliff (3 comments)

David Michael Green: Who Will Be There For Obusha, When The Floor Drops Out? (2 comments)

Ludwik Kowalski: Supply and demand (22 comments)

Medea Benjamin: Once You See What Truly Happened in Gaza, it Will Change You Forever (14 comments)

Robert Parry: The US Media & Democracy in Crisis

Rep. Brian Baird: Rep. Baird Views Destruction in Gaza – Calls for Immediate Relief and Change in Policy (2 comments)

Ed Martin: Republican Lawyers Offer Proof that George Bush is a War Criminal (7 comments)

Jason Leopold: Bush Attorney, DOJ in Intense Talks Over Rove's Congressional Testimony (8 comments)

John Nichols: What Took So Long? Finally, Some Help For Homeowners

Allan Goldstein: Geert Wilder and the Swat Valley Follies: Tolerance or Cowardice?

paul roberts: From one assault on the Constitution to another (27 comments)

Jason Paz: Call Me Names, but Don't Dare Fry My Computer

Bill Hare: What Else Could You Call the Post "Chimp" Cartoon but Racist?

Brasch: PART 2: Toothless--The Watchdog Press That Became the Government's Lapdog (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The Good News of Economic Collapse (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Form 95: How Congress replaced "meaningful access to justice" with a form

Chris Herz: The new freedom that is enjoyed by Latin America is being bought with Muslim blood!

Jim Quinn: The Burning Platform (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: Cross of Irony

Stephen Pizzo: Dems Hanging by a weak Reid (4 comments)

Michael Fox: Chronicling the Economic Apocalypse (5 comments)

David Swanson: What Is a Populist Caucus? (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: U.S. CATCHING HELL ON FOREIGN POLICY (13 comments)

Joe Parko: The Battle For Change Has Begun (3 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Asking Our Allies for More in Afghanistan (2 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Reporter's Diary: Face to Face with Gen. Nkunda (1 comments)

Matthew Tae: Politicizing Healthcare (1 comments)

Ann Kramer: Partisan Politics is so pass in a Full Spectrum Economy...

Deena Stryker: Liebermann All the Way (2 comments)

Eric Walberg: Kissinger's recovery plan: WTO or 'chaos' (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Due to failing economy: Child abuse cases on the rise and murder (3 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Mr. Murdoch Is Obama Really a Chimp? (8 comments)

Jes Alexander: Bud-Bashing - The new national pasttime.

Craig Harrington: Mixed Reviews for New President

Bobby Ramakant: How Will the World Begin to See TB Care as a Smart Investment?


James Murtagh: *Direct letter to OEN Readers: Please Attend National Whistleblower Meeting

Michael Collins: Too Little Too Late? The Money Party at Work (14 comments)

Wednesday, February 18:

Rowan Wolf: Interpretation Depends on the Receiver - Not the Intent of the Sender (17 comments)

Bahija Rgha: How Can Terrorizing a Civilian Population be a Right? (21 comments)

kwalsh: Are War Crimes Socially Acceptable? (24 comments)

Craig Harrington: The U.S. Needs National Goals and Ambitions (21 comments)

Kambale Musavuli: United Nations Confirm What The Congolese Have Known For Years (1 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: America's Confused Cause in Central Asia (15 comments)

paul roberts: The President of Special Interests (34 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Might (3 comments)

Fr Ed Crabtree: Why Won't You Listen (1 comments)

Deborah Emin: Reading for Democracy (9 comments)

Dr. Dennis Loo: Obama and the Fairness Doctrine: A Rejoinder (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Former Bush Lawyer Behind Facebook's PR Nightmare (11 comments)

Robert Borosage: The Real Grand Bargain

Bruce Cain: What I Wish Phelps Had Told His Sponsors

Dave Lindorff: Organize! Many Employers are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers (4 comments)

Elaine Brower: Wake Up Call: Activists Visit "The Army Experience" (4 comments)

Dean Baker: Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Honestly, Judge, I Did It But Let's Look Forward (1 comments)

Robert Parry: 'Bitter' Gore; 'Principled' McCain (4 comments)

E. Nelson: Did Rupert Murdoch Knowingly Run a Racist Cartoon in the New York Post? (24 comments)


CODEPINK: To Gaza, With Love (9 comments)

Richard Volaar: This Is Ridiculous: Obama Admin Brokering Rove Testimony Deal (5 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Will the children of today become the next 'Greatest Generation'? (2 comments)

Cheri Cabot: Personal About Politics: Suddenly the Census is Sexy (1 comments)

David Swanson: Join the UFPJ Working Group on Accountability and Prosecution (1 comments)

Mark P. Fancher: Why Imperialism Needs Proxies to Do Its Dirty Work in Africa (6 comments)

richard power: Congo: Global Witness Pressures Cell Phone Makers to Act (1 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: You Don't Have a Right to Health Care (23 comments)

Rory OConnor: Embedded Business Press Misses Story of the Century

Kevin Anthony Stoda: A Need for Religious Self-Reflection in Memorializing War (14 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Our Military's Enduring Future in Afghanistan (7 comments)

steve young: Fairness Doctrine Serves No One (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Nobody gets it: We don't NEED the economy to grow! (27 comments)

Tuesday, February 17:

Betsy L. Angert: A Weighty Issue (6 comments)

John Bruhns: Obama's War On Terror: Proceed With Caution (24 comments)

David Swanson: Perriello, Peace, and Justice (1 comments)

andi novick: *Save NY's lever machines!

Linda Milazzo: Congolese Populist Movement Requests UN, US Intervention (19 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Economic Recoverey Plan Becomes Law Today

Dave Lindorff: Whatever Happened to Antitrust? (6 comments)

James Brett: Capitalism, Fascism, and Socialism (24 comments)

Mary MacElveen: To Nadya Suleman the care of your 14 children is your responsibility (8 comments)

Jeff Cohen: Coming to NBC: "To Catch a Cheney" (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Norm Coleman should get out of incoming Senator, Al Franken's senate seat (1 comments)

William Dunkerley: Russia's Free Press Hoax (2 comments)

Dave Sohigian: Pelosi and Eugenics: 1932 or 2009? (1 comments)

Chris Hedges: U.S. Intel Chief's Shocking Warning (74 comments)

Paula Sayles: Equal Justice Under the Law; A Constitutional Scholar Should Know (7 comments)

JOHN LORENZ: The GOP's War Against Obama (19 comments)

Stephen Fox: Alert: Hawaii Aspartame Ban Bill Will Die If You Don't Call Hawaii Health Chair Senator David Ige Now! (2 comments)

Rachel Neuwirth: "War Crimes" Propaganda Against Israel (37 comments)

Jesselyn Radack: DHS Spies on Maryland Peace Activists: It's Worse Than We Thought (11 comments)

Craig Harrington: Leveraged Out (2 comments)

William Cormier: Tighten Your Seat Belts - This Recession Is Turning Into Another Great Depression! (8 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Bolivarianism Triumphs in Referendum Vote (6 comments)

Lech Biegalski: Israel ready to launch military offensive on Iran (17 comments)

Monday, February 16:

Marti Oakley: NAIS: Another link in the attempts to control food supplies worldwide (1 comments)

Jes Alexander: Bailout Schmailout: Welcome to the New Socialist Republic (2 comments)

Suzana Megles: Are Rodeos as Cruel as They Say? (8 comments)

Robert Parry: Obama & the Media Dilemma (1 comments)

Kathryn Smith: *No Crime on My Dime! STOP torture and cover-ups thereof! (5 comments)

Tom Devine: *Medical Whistleblowers Win Stimulus Breakthrough

Dedrick Muhammmad and Michael Brown: White Recession, Black Depression: Let's Make Racial Inequality A Piece of Black History

Timothy Newkirk: *Faye Armitage Needs Your Help in Florida's Congressional District 7

Barry Werner: The Israeli Elections (2 comments)

Jason Paz: A Personal Note on Depression and War

James Nimmo: Knickers Twister Hits Oklahoma House of Representatives (1 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Obama Should Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine (2 comments)

Milton Lee Norris: "Born In The Wrong Country", a New Book--Excerpts

Robert Naiman: Conditioning Part of U.S. Aid to Israel on Implementation of U.S. Policy (4 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The Bishop of London Proclaims the "Good News" Of Losing Your Job (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Is Obama "Yooing?" Time to Create a Clean-up Team To Identify and Cancel Bad Bush Rules, Edicts and Policies (8 comments)

James Brett: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

David Swanson: Best Book on Iraq Occupation?

Michael Bonanno: Eugene Debs was a Socialist (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Expanding Route 347 on Long Island, NY does not make for a green project

Thom Hartmann: The Ghost of Vice President Wallace Warns: "It Can Happen Here" (5 comments)

richard power: Delusional opposition to economic stimulus portends opposition to needed climate change action (4 comments)

William Cormier: Congress: Stop The Gouging On Gas Prices By Greedy Wall Street Speculators! (2 comments)

Dr. B. Cayenne Bird: Prisoner Release Ruling is Long Overdue as the Death Toll Mounts (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Open Letter to Time Magazine on Ben Affleck and Congo

Hussain Abdul-Hussain: Alhurra Should Return to the Federal Fold (1 comments)

paul roberts: Who Remembers "Guns and Butter"? (5 comments)

Rand Clifford: Captain of the Universe (1 comments)

Ellen Brodsky: FOX News: The Hate America First Network (11 comments)

Bill Hare: Obama, Like FDR, Could Benefit From His Opposition

Stephen Lendman: Toxic Plans for Toxic Assets

Sunday, February 15:

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Something new is "coming into form" in America transcending the political game invented by and for the elites (19 comments)

Scott Baker: *Saving the Economy Without Spending a Dime

Renee Beauregard: Public Policy Implications of the Suleman Case (1 comments)

Dr. B. Cayenne Bird: Real Justice Served with Prisoner Release Order - at long last (19 comments)

Susan Rattner: Kill those Germs (5 comments)

Nicola Nasser: Israelis, in Crisis, Vote for a Government of War*

Matthew Tae: Healthcare paradox: Nadya Shulman (10 comments)

SHAYA TAYEFE MOHAJER: Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs (4 comments)

Rady Ananda: O'Reilly's Hate Factor: 'Venom Boys' Blamed for Shooting Spree (12 comments)

Mary Pitt: They Still Don't Get It (18 comments)

Eugene Elander: Credit Card Companies Change Fees before New Rules Take Effect

Patrick J. O'Donoghue: General Daniel Florence O'Leary is our Irish inspiration and example of solidarity and commitment to Venezuela

Monish Chatterjee: In Solidarity with Student Divestment Movement at University of Rochester (1 comments)

n a: Celebrating Love in Israel (6 comments)

William Fisher: DOD, CIA Cooperated in Detainee Abuse

Muhammad Khurshid: Change In US Policy about War on Terror Is Must (2 comments)

Darren Wolfe: The Evil Lincoln (23 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Collateral Damage Fuels Terrorist Tactics (4 comments)

Richmond Gardner: James Gilligan and the 3rd Presidential Debate (1 comments)

Barry Werner: The History of Anti-Zionism (21 comments)

Mike Kuykendall: Obama Has Co-opted the Left (19 comments)

John Bardi: Are We Finally Waking Up...or Merely Trading One Set of Illusions for Another? (2 comments)

Marsha Whited: Republican mindset dangerous to United States (5 comments)

Saturday, February 14:

Allan Goldstein: Michael Phelps as Jackie Robinson: Obama as FDR: Drugism as Racism.

Grant Lawrence: The Greatest Conspiracy Story Ever Told (10 comments)

winston: Compromising now-impeachment later. (2 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: NEED FOR RELIGIOUS SELF-REFLECTION--Mother of Suicide Bombers, Jim Jones, Hamas, Israel, Vietnam, Ira, Hitler-like Love

Mary MacElveen: Is consumerism and suburbia sustainable?...Lessons from the Amish

Odyseus_97: *Globalized versus Localized Economy (5 comments)

Ed Tubbs: It may be sometime this summer when the fat lady sings.

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Justice & Accountability MUST come before "bipartisanship"! This is Politics 101, and Obama is getting an F.

kate loving shenk: Pennsylvania Is Ground Zero for Passage of Single Payer (6 comments)

Jeff Leon: BTK Killer rebrands, demands immediate release

Courtney E. Martin: The Fox Disconnect (16 comments)

Shaun Waterman: Analysis: U.S. can't afford its military (3 comments)

Mark Sashine: Slimy Love Beytenu: An Invigorated Soviet Thinking

Eugene Elander: Judd Gregg and Census 2010

David Glenn Cox: Why Eric Cantor Hates You (1 comments)

Ann Kramer: Working in a post-consumer Full Spectrum Economy can be an entrepreneurs' dream (2 comments)

Hussain Abdul-Hussain: What would Obama's Middle East Policy Look Like?

mnmike44: Three Republican Profiles in Courage (14 comments)

Marti Oakley: NAIS ALERT: H.R. 814 will make NAIS federal law (1 comments)

Dustin Ensinger: The Secretary of Outsourcing

Claras: The Crisis of Europe's Social Democracy

Grant Lawrence: Progressive Republicans (2 comments)

Adam Bessie: Octuplets are More Sexy than Education (3 comments)

Blaine Kinsey: Economic Stimulus Bill Fails Infrastructure and Jobs (6 comments)

vicki: An Open Letter to IL Representative Jim Sacia

Matthew Tae: General Healthcare template (4 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Republican Death March: Betting Recession Continues and America Fails (4 comments)

M. Davis: *Birth of a Financial Engineer: Who Creates Weapons of Financial Destruction? (14 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Congolese Midwives Struggle To Help Mothers Brutalized By War (SLIDESHOW) (3 comments)

Michael Shaw: A Special Valentine for President Obama from Arnold Murray of the Shepard's Chapel (4 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: Obama Playbook

richard power: Economists in blogosphere; not in mainstream media (3 comments)

Carol Wolman: The planet needs peace NOW

Rick Rozoff: Eastern Partnership: West's Final Assault On Former Soviet Union (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: The passage of the Stimulus Bill: Words like infrastructure truly excite me (2 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Conference Agreement on H. R. 1

Muhammad Khurshid: Now Tribal Areas Must Be Opened For Journalists

eric dynamic: The Active Stupefaction Harvest Campaign (1 comments)

Rowan Wolf: The Economic Crisis is a Security Threat (2 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Intelligence Czar Blair's Economic Warnings Echo the Past

Mary Shaw: Love is love. Period. Deal with it. (1 comments)

Steven Leser: Israel Election Aftermath: Hope Is Lost (7 comments)

Friday, February 13:

Bill Hare: A Legal Precedent for Disgorging Corporate Fat Cats

Paul Jacobs: GOP = Gridlock Over Patriotism (2 comments)

David Swanson: United for Peace and Jelly? Junipers? Jerkarounds?

Stephen Soldz: Less effective is best! Drug and medical equipment manufacturers attempted hijacking of stimulus bill (4 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Obama The One Term President? (3 comments)

Dennis Greenia: Judd Gregg and his Abramoff problem (1 comments)

George Washington: Which Stimulus Programs Have the Most Bang for the Buck? (1 comments)

Dustin Ensinger: A Legion of Rabid "Free Traders"

Christopher Calder: Biofuelgate - The Food Fuels Fiasco (4 comments)

A.C. Grayling: No Tolerance for Intolerance (8 comments)

Kimberly Hartke: *FDA Response to Raw Milk Symposium in Toronto–a Symposium of their Own (2 comments)

Peter Tatchell: 'Kill gays' singers allowed into Britain

Muhammad Khurshid: Now Pakistan Is Really Insecure State

Cheri Cabot: Personal About Politics: Rough Waters of Washington & Tax Trouble (4 comments)

Craig Harrington: Lessons Learned From Blagojevich Scandal (2 comments)

MGurney: Did Speculation or Manipulation Fuel the Oil Price Surge?

Dana Gabriel: Majority Oppose Chapter 11 of NAFTA

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: Obama ducks question on Israel's nuclear capability but expresses concern over Iran's nuclear program (1 comments)

Mike Krauss: One Nation, Thoroughly Divided

Fr Ed Crabtree: Public Revolt Builds Against Rip-off (1 comments)

Don Williams: Terrorist in my home town 'with up so floating many bells down'


Stephen Pizzo: It's Called, "Misprison of a Felony." And it's a felony too.

Scott Baker: *Ending the War in Afghanistan on Our Own Terms (Updated)

CasaZaza: Canada Caught In Net Neutrality Issue

Dave Lindorff: Why Can Sen. Judd Gregg See What Obama Can't? (2 comments)

David Michael Green: Serve Republicans For Breakfast, Don't Take Them To Dinner (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: A message to Republicans and others: This economic crisis is our new security threat (2 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Judges Paid to Send Teens to Juvenile Detention Centers

the web: Dear Citizen of Gaza - I am the soldier who slept in your home (12 comments)

Bob Burnett: Marriage or Civil Union? (9 comments)

Rob Kall: It's Still American Hope Vs. Fear, Even in David Brooks' Worst Case Scenario (45 comments)

Stephen Lendman: A Short History of US Government Handouts (33 comments)

James Raider: FBI Shifts – Counter-terrorism To Anti-Fraud (15 comments)

Ellen at NewsHounds: O'Reilly refuses apology for Helen Thomas remarks (10 comments)

Thursday, February 12:

Grant Lawrence: Nearly 1 Billion Starving (6 comments)

Ellen Theisen: Regarding Internet Voting in Washington State (1 comments)

michael payne: The Massive Trap that Awaits the U.S. in Afghanistan (6 comments)

Dean Powers: Glenn Beck's Show Mocks Americans as "Moochers" (1 comments)

Franz J. T. Lee: In Venezuela, is the extreme right meeting the extreme left? (1 comments)

Dave Johnson: Government (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Are We All Socialists Now? (30 comments)

Steve Beckow: *We Must Have Accountability Now (3 comments)

Bruce Cain: *Re-Legalize Marijuana Now, Obama (Part 1) (10 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Thank You Very Much OpEdNews For Giving Me Chance (10 comments)

Scott Baker: *Ending the Conflict with Iran so Everyone Wins (47 comments)

Ross McCluney: Short Read – Why You Should Oppose Nuclear Energy (3 comments)

William Cormier: Free Trade Is A Misnomer; So-Called Protectionism Is A Matter of Self Survival (28 comments)

Flak Stopper: Mr. Obama, perhaps you are not old enough - (3 comments)

Nathan Nahm: *President Obama Must Really Order An Investigation of Torture Program (7 comments)

Paula Sayles: Obama Administration Carries on Bush's "Secret" Agenda - ACT NOW (8 comments)

Bob Koehler: Truth and Healing (3 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Mesmerized by Melodic Rhetoric

Mark Crispin Miller: *Sen. Feinstein Sneaks Attacks on Net Neutrality into Stimulus Bill (13 comments)

Rory OConnor: Word of Mouse (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Nadya Suleman is a one woman mini-bailout: Taxpayers may bear the cost (16 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Problematic Southern Culture: Venerating Disastrous Leaders (9 comments)

Eugene Elander: Wall Street Needs To Grow Up! (11 comments)

Jim Quinn: Boomers - Your Crisis Has Arrived (15 comments)

Dustin Ensinger: Two Americas (8 comments)

Linda Milazzo: My Letter to Middle East Envoy George Mitchell Asking Him To Speak With The Women Of Gaza (4 comments)

Brasch: Toothless: The Watchdog Press That Became the Government's Lapdog (28 comments)

David Swanson: Complete Recipe for Accountability: Just Add Sweat (4 comments)

Wednesday, February 11:

Kenneth Briggs: Congress Reaches Deal

Craig Harrington: Straight Talk on "Protectionism" (4 comments)

Sue McIntosh: "Training Our Brain" (10 comments)

Peggy Simpson: Can Feminist Groups and Bloggers Bridge the Digital Divide?

David Latt: Obama's a Wimp (So Says the GOP) (1 comments)

Mike Malloy: Insanity (3 comments)

Bob Cesca: President Obama Is Literally Driving The Republicans Insane (18 comments)

Nafeez Ahmed: Torture, Rendition, Terror & Oil: A Primer on "Deep Politics" (2 comments)

Robert Naiman: Can Mitchell Succeed? Let Him Talk to Hamas

Dean Baker: With No Clear Strategy, the New Bank-Rescue Plan Offers Only More Uncertainty

James Brett: The Hundred Year Storm (5 comments)

James Raider: Iran & A Solution To The Middle East (1 comments)

Robert Parry: The GOP's Jihad on Obama (4 comments)

Ed Komarek: Civilian UFO/ET Briefings for Policy Makers

Joe Parko: Israel's Nuclear Weapons (8 comments)

Jason Leopold: Newly Declassified DOD Documents Reveal Detainees Tortured To Death (17 comments)

George Washington: How to Solve the Toxic Asset Problem: Give Them to Bank Executives as Bonuses (8 comments)

Robert Arend: The Obama Administration: Ten Days In February 2009 (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Fight back against Republican obstructionists by contacting Pres. Barack Obama (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Henrietta Hughes is the recipient of my 'Founding Fathers Award' (5 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Obama's "War on Terror" (30 comments)

Tuesday, February 10:

Marjorie Cohn: A Call to End All Renditions (5 comments)

Rabbi Michael Lerner: I have cancer. . . and yes, you can help me deal with it (13 comments)

Kevin Annett: Harry Wilson, Continued: Why There is No Healing and Reconciliation (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Let's get some truth into these discussions. (5 comments)

Dave Belden: This week's strange religious comebacks: Indulgences and Usury (1 comments)

Arthur Pesin: Hey Buddy, Spare a Cup of Latte?

Philip Greene: Too Many Schools, Too Little Education (9 comments)

Ed Martin: Here's why newspapers are going out of business (1 comments)

john hatch: How To Get Crazy and Stay That Way (9 comments)

Robert Borosage: Can't Get there From Here

David Sirota: The 4.6% Truth: How Absurdly Small Stimulus Spending Really Is (1 comments)

Kate Stayman: 24 Hours Left to Protect America's Wilderness

Muhammad Khurshid: Obama, Please Hear the Cries of Women and Children

Anna Baltzer: What May Come of the Tragedies, Part 2 (2 comments)

Dean Baker: Progressives & Thinking out of the Box (1 comments)

Rebecca Mercuri: Homebuyer Stimulus Plan -- Won't Work -- Do the Math (10 comments)

Margaret Bensfield: V-Day Confronts Congo's Brutal Rape Crisis with 'Turning Pain to Power' Tour (1 comments)

richard power: Congo Crisis: Doctors without Borders Denounces Cowering Peacekeepers (1 comments)

Marianne Schnall: Turning Pain to Power

Bruce Toien: Encouraging Experience at "Economic Recovery/Do Something Positive" House Meeting

Carol Jenkins: WMC Demands Apology from O'Reilly for Helen Thomas Insult (6 comments)

PETA: Is Westminster promoting doggie defects?

Tim Fleming: KBR (formerly part of Halliburton) is at it Again--Gets $35 Million Contract from the Pentagon (5 comments)

Sherry Glied: Who's at Risk

John Toradze: Why we need nuclear power. (9 comments)

Sandy Shanks: Bold Moves

Harold Hellickson: The Rich vs. the Rest: Devolvement of America - Unless (8 comments)

Naomi Klein: All of Them Must Go - "¡Que se vayan todos!" (2 comments)

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation: O'Reilly Overboard (3 comments)

Jerry West: It Is Time To Abandon Growth (3 comments)

chris rice: THIS IS NOT AMERICA (7 comments)

George Washington: FBI Believed that Bombs Used on 9/11 (33 comments)

Vi Ransel: The Frog and the Scorpion (3 comments)

Bob Williamson: Is it the economy that is sending us down the toilet; or is it the economists? (1 comments)

William Barth: Obamanomics (3 comments)

Eric Walberg: US-Russia-Afghanistan: Triangulation or strangulation? (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Obama and the First Pragmatic Presidential Press Conference of His Presidency (3 comments)

Bernard Weiner: Why the GOP Is Going Down While Seeming to Go Up

Stephen Pizzo: Geithner's Federal Bank of Chernobyl (3 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: OBAMA'S FIRST NEWS CONFERENCE (5 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Sen. Leahy's and Rep. Conyers' Truth Commission Could Work but... (5 comments)

Carol Wolman: Where will the bailout money come from? (4 comments)

Allan Wayne: My Photo of Afghan Life Between the Bombs (1 comments)

Steve Elliott: Washington's Marijuana Decrim Bill: Why It's Good, What's The Hold-Up, And What To Do

mikel weisser: Current Comedy, 2/9/09: GOP Goes to War! (1 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: The Free Market (3 comments)

Grant Lawrence: "The Situation Could Not Be More Serious" (9 comments)

R. A. Landbeck: Does he or doesn't he, that is the question, history needs to know (5 comments)

jerry lanson: Mr. President: Let's cut the banking dead wood (6 comments)

Dwight Black: What Is Good For The Producer Is Good For The Consumer Economies (3 comments)

virginius "gin" arnold: How Dead is the Republican Party? (23 comments)

Michael Collins: Obama & the Military -- Tinfoil Blogging (4 comments)

martinweiss: *Federal Court Orders California to Release Fifty-Eight Thousand Non-Violent Prisoners (9 comments)

David Swanson: Will War Ever End? (10 comments)

Monday, February 9:

William Fisher: THE ROAD MORE TRAVELED (1 comments)

George Washington: 9/11 Truthers Ignore Geopolitical Reality (3 comments)

Jon Faulkner: The Republic Stops Here (1 comments)

C.M. Hellman: Who are the victims? Response to Bob Simon of Sixty Minutes on Israel/Gaza (3 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Limbaugh's White Man Litmus Test for the GOP

Mickey Z.: American Apologies (1 comments)

Media Matters: Media Fail to Stimulate Honest Debate on Economic Stimulus Package (4 comments)

Andrew Bacevich: Winning in Afghanistan- Victory There Won't Look Like You Think (7 comments)

elliot cohen: What's Cheney Up to? (9 comments)

paul roberts: Ship of Fools (30 comments)

James Brett: A Note In A Bottle (8 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Sean Hannity: Economic Dead-Ender or Terrorist Hatemonger? (4 comments)

David Swanson: Building a Bush Memorial (12 comments)

Joe Bechtold: An Alternative to the $15,000 Home Buyer's Tax Credit

Kent Welton: DISTANCE TARIFFS - On Fossil Fuel Trade Impacts

Robert Parry: The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy (7 comments)

Matthew Tae: The specifics of how a single payer Healthcare system would look like (14 comments)

George Washington: Leading Economist Says True Purpose of Bank Rescue Plans is "A Massive Redistribution of Wealth to the Bank Shareholders (13 comments)

David Sirota: Energy Taxes' Faustian Bargain

Dave Lindorff: The Third-Party Delusion and the Need for a Mass Movement for Progressive Change (26 comments)

John Nichols: Save the Solis Nomination (1 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Is Fox Still Guarding the Thought House? (3 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: $50 Billion Debate vs. Pro-Nuker Patrick Moore on Democracy (5 comments)

Liberty Underground: The Bush Legacy and Fruits of the Republican Party (Photo) (7 comments)

April Moore: What About the Birds? (11 comments)

Barry Werner: Hypocrisy! (21 comments)

Terry Lodge: THAT'S BRIBERY, GENTS (3 comments)

William Cormier: As Gas Prices Rise, MSM Disagrees Why Prices Are Rising (7 comments)

Ron Harold: "What Dick Cheney Knows"

kwalsh: How different understandings of contracts frustrate Middle East peace efforts (7 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Now The Killing Must Stop, My Dear Obama (2 comments)

Nafeez Ahmed: EU-Russia Gas Crisis in Retrospective: Prelude to Resource Wars (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: A Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue (15 comments)

Kitty Antonik: Stimulis: Because all economies have performance issues (2 comments)

Sunday, February 8:

Kenneth Briggs: Obama's Economic Recovery Plan (3 comments)

martinweiss: *Republicans Cut Childrens' Food (5 comments)

Theresa Paulfranz: Global Game for Planet Domination (5 comments)

M. Davis: Are Food Processors Gaming the System with Lab Shopping? (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: Kevorkian: The Right to Die and Other 9th Amendment Freedoms (61 comments)

Mary Pitt: The Truth about Your Income Tax (10 comments)

James Raider: Obama's Salary Cap Red Herring (4 comments)

Dave Lindorff: This Nation Needs a Fighter in the White House, not a Gabber and Glad-Hander (17 comments)

Ed Tubbs: With apologies to Clara Peller, "Where's the Leader?" (2 comments)

Talha Mujaddidi: Now or Never!! Pakistan must change its position on the "war on terror". (1 comments)

Harold Hellickson: Economic Tyranny and How To End It (9 comments)

Rakesh Krishnan Simha: Base Instincts: Kyrgyzstan Drops Out of the Great Game (2 comments)

Anna Baltzer: More on the Deaths of Manal Albatran and Her Children

Radh Achuthan: GEONOMICS: Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA) (5 comments)

Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee (2002): Our response to terror (4 comments)

David Swanson: *Abandoning Torture But What About War? (4 comments)

David Swanson: *Eliminate Filibuster and With it the Need to Debate Republicans (5 comments)

winston: You lost! Stop the hypocritical legal defenses and destroying the US government. (14 comments)

John Sanchez Jr.: Republican Bipartisanship, a Union of Both of Their Faces (19 comments)

Barry Werner: Reminiscences of the new anti-Semitism (32 comments)

Steven Leser: *Israelis - Please Do Not Elect Netanyahu or Likud Legislators (7 comments)

Jonathan Leigh Solomon: Obama: Safety First, Heroics Last (4 comments)

George Washington: Top Counter-Terrorism Experts Question 9/11 (72 comments)

Saturday, February 7:

Jane Stillwater: Ambushed by Taliban in Afghanistan & by unemployment in America

David Glenn Cox: I'll Wait For You (1 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: Advanced Placement News is Generally Good

Jason Miller: Pacifism or Animals: Which Do You Love More? (9 comments)

David Model: The Elephant in the Room. Ignoring Unsustainable Growth (8 comments)

Will Roberts: *Michael Phelps career may go up in smoke and that would be reefer madness says Humorist Will Roberts (1 comments)

by Laura Bonham - Libery Underground: Americans Should Not Stand for Lock-down on Single-Payer Discussion (9 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Politics and revolution merely "perpetuate" the Beast. We need a dimensionally new mechanism for social transformation. (23 comments)

Patrick St James: Global Cooling and the Madness of Davos (11 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Surviving Turbulent Economic & Political Times--Though 50 (1 comments)

Riane Eisler: Investing in Our Human Infrastructure: The Real Wealth of Our Nation Is Its People (4 comments)


Donna Vogelpohl: *Extraordinary Rendition: Putting a Face on It (6 comments)

Marianne Nielssen: *Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine! (14 comments)

Daniel Gugliotta: Insanity x 8

Charles L. Riccillo: "Say It Ain't So, Bill - Say It Ain't So!" (1 comments)

Linda Schreiber: Superbowl Politics (1 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: NO U.S. BASES CONFERENCE COMING UP (1 comments)

Julie Worley: *Thank President Obama for Recognizing that Torture "Is Not Who We Are" (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: The $780 billion stimulus bill can be paid down if we legalized marijuana (34 comments)

Grant Lawrence: It is Time to Move Past the "We Can't Talk to Them" Propaganda (9 comments)

Bobby Ramakant: Will recession impede TB care and control?

Ron Fullwood: Biden Commits to 'Missile Defenses' to Counter Unspecific Threat from Iran (9 comments)

Sam Rhodes: Hugo Chavez: Venezuela Ten Years After (6 comments)

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl: Stimulus IBM Style: Take the Jack, Ship out the Back (6 comments)

chris rice: This is OUR revolution. (2 comments)

Barry Werner: On the Middle-East Conflict (2 comments)

OhioBlues: Five 'till Midnight and the Clock Ticks on (1 comments)

Kimberly Hartke: *Free Our Farmers: Let the Milk Flow (6 comments)

Mike Kirchubel: Jury Nullification (1 comments)

Judy Ramsey: The New Obama Nation: A Progressive Viewpoint

M. Davis: Is SEC ideology or structure at the root of the regulation fiasco? (1 comments)

Dodger: The bipartisan trap (3 comments)

Scott Baker: Even Dick can be right once in a while (11 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Now Peace Needs Investment (3 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: These Are Choices? (9 comments)

Nicholas Smith: *Endorsement: Howard Dean for Secretary of HHS (10 comments)

David Gilden: Whether Daschle Comes or Goes, the Healthcare Crisis Keeps on Coming (11 comments)

Phyllis Huster: Want True Economic Stimulus, Obama? Replace Trickle Down With Bottom Up Community Driven Economic Models (15 comments)

Ben Dench: *The Danger of Anti-Drug Laws (11 comments)

Teresa Albano: How racism sparked capitalism's financial crisis (10 comments)

Friday, February 6:

Bill Hare: Canadian Economic Woes Mirror Those in U.S. (2 comments)

Faisal Kutty: Face Veils and Justice (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Understanding America: Nearly Half of us are Crazy (5 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Somewhere in America (2 comments)

Doug Rogers: Is Zionism the New N-word? (14 comments)

Robert Arend: Conyers Wimps Out Again (3 comments)

Kate Stayman: Why are the Boy Scouts profiting from deforestation?

Joe Bechtold: $15,000 Home Buyer's Tax Credit (5 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Octuplet Mom Reinforced Single Mother Stigma

George Washington: Government of the Banks, By the Banks and For the Banks (6 comments)

Jack Hughes: President Obama: Beware the Ides of March (8 comments)

mnmike44: *The Sky Is Falling, But Only On Some Of Us (3 comments)

Ray McGovern: Leon Panetta Makes Nice (2 comments)

Richard Wise: Shameful? Yes. Surprising? No. (3 comments)

Rob Richie: Ranked Choice Voting Methods Abound in American Culture and Political Life (10 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: THE REAL GREEN PLEASE (3 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Karl Rove and Captain Ahab-Conyers (3 comments)

Lee Stranahan: Petition to Boycott Kellogg's for Treatment of Michael Phelps (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Brain Dead Senate Economasturbation (10 comments)

James Brett: Metaphors on Self-Interest (1 comments)

Daniel Gugliotta: Kelloggs and hypocrisy. (9 comments)

Randall Amster: Worst in Class: How Education in Arizona Became an Economic Casualty (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Gloomy Outlook from Business Experts (9 comments)

Anna Baltzer: What May Come of the Tragedies

Stephen Pizzo: Panetta: "Just Following Orders, Okay." (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Phelps and Obama-- leading the way Towards legalizing Marijuana. (77 comments)

Deena Stryker: Two Winter Tales

Ed Martin: Selective Preemption and Ducks (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: Keeping the Bush Era Viable (1 comments)

Dave Belden: Is it Doom or Transformation? (8 comments)

Mark Sashine: Slimy Love Redux: Between Us, Anti-Semites. (11 comments)

David Glenn Cox: One Way or the Other (7 comments)

Naomi Klein: All of Them Must Go (28 comments)

Bob Burnett: Obama's Foreign Policy (10 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Pakistan Must Act As Responsible State (8 comments)

Thursday, February 5:

Mary MacElveen: To the Republican members of the senate....Pass the stimulus package NOW! (9 comments)

Dr. Dennis Loo: Panetta, Holder, Obama, Torture and Nuremberg (5 comments)

David Michael Green: All The Comforts of Home: Republicans Destroy, Democrats Serve Cookies (8 comments)

Gene Messick: "She's a Whack Job!" said the sociopaths. (6 comments)

Kimberly Hartke: *Don't Mess With Momma Bear

Allan Goldstein: Dangerous Republican Irrelevancy (6 comments)

Joe Parko: Blind Support For Israel Is Bad Theology (4 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: Why Our Children Need National Multiple Choice Tests (16 comments)

Sitafa Harden: The Great Republican Flip-Flop (4 comments)

Vincent Guarisco: Basement Zombie Spews More Hate And Politics of Fear...

Kathy Malloy: Framing The Economy Debate (6 comments)

Bill Cain: Why UFO Disclosure Is THE Most Important Issue For Any New President (26 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Mental Health Notes Etc. Feb. 5th, 2009

Jane Stillwater: Judge Judy alert!: There are NO federal small claims courts in America (4 comments)

kate loving shenk: *Single Payer Gains New Ground In The Battle For Healthcare Reform In Pennsylvania (8 comments)


Scott Baker: *High pay equals low performance


Lawrence Velvel: More On The Madoff Mess: A Post In Three Installments. Part III.

Suzana Megles: Time to Get Rid of Plastic Grocery Bags (7 comments)

Nathan Nahm: *What's Wrong With President Obama's Stimulus Package and How Should We React? (31 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: We Must Step Up Race For The Peace (2 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: CAPITAL IDEA (1 comments)

Suzanne Newsome: Autonomy, Paternalism, and Access to Contraception (2 comments)

Franz J. T. Lee: Karl Marx: "The crowing of the Gallic 'Hahn' in Paris will once again wake up Europe" (4 comments)

steve young: Obama The Role Model President Bush Could Not Be (12 comments)

Stephen Lendman: A New Administration, Tired Old Policies (9 comments)

Michael Collins: Economic Disaster - Are You Next? (26 comments)

Make It Safe Coalition: *Protections in Stimulus Bill Help Workers Hold Government Accountable

Wednesday, February 4:

Tom Degan: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (?) (3 comments)

Fred Brown: The Silent Crisis (9 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The Evil Dr. Phil

Scott Baker: *Single Tax, True Remedy to Inequity to Boom/Bust Cycle

Dana Gabriel: Trade Wars: The Rise of Protectionism? (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: 'Jaw Jaw Is Better Than War War'

Mike Krauss: Life Guard in Chief (1 comments)

Rob Richie: Making your city a model for voting rights and civic participation

Rowan Wolf: The So-Called "Liberal" Media (2 comments)

paul roberts: The War on Terror is a Hoax (30 comments)

Ralph Nader: Tax What Society Likes the Least & Dislikes the Most (16 comments)

David Swanson: *Putting War Waste on the Chopping Block (3 comments)

Mary Lyon: *Three Little Words

Dave Lindorff: Small Change: Obama's Betrayal (40 comments)

Crede Calhoun: Nationalize Oil to Save The World (3 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Fearmongering Beyond the Bunker (3 comments)

Michael Fox: Socialism is not a Four-Letter Word (12 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: More On The Madoff Mess: A Post In Three Installments. Part II.

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Why I've Been Looking at the Greatness of Robert E. Lee (3 comments)

William Fisher: A No-Brainer for the Supremes?

William Cormier: Inequities Within Medicaid/Medicare And The Dastardly Actions Of The DEA (2 comments)

Jim Goodman: The automatons of Davos (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: KEEP WATCH ON CENTRAL & SOUTH ASIA (3 comments)

William Fisher: GITMO'S CHILD SOLDIERS (1 comments)

James Brett: Yes, It WAS A Screw-Up and the Lesson Has Not Yet Been Learned

Stephen Fox: The United States Needs Dr. Howard Dean as Health Secretary (19 comments)

Emily Spence: Requiring Accountability From Pampered Public Servants

Rob Kall: Dunn and Bradstreet Credit Rating Blackmail? (5 comments)

Richard Wise: A Nation of Deadbeats? (10 comments)

Eric Walberg: WEF Forum: Requiem for an Overweight (1 comments)

Deborah Emin: Why the Obamas Should Move Back to Chicago (5 comments)

Craig Harrington: Why We Need the "Buy American" Clause (4 comments)

Margaret Kimberley: Economic Crisis Worsens (5 comments)

Chris Hedges: It's Not Going to Be OK (102 comments)

mnmike44: The Danger of Playing Fair (8 comments)

Randy LoBasso: The Quick End of Bipartisanship (6 comments)

E. Nelson: Howard Dean for HHS: Change We Can Believe In (40 comments)

Rob Kall: Mr. Obama, Start Walking Your Bottom Up Talk (19 comments)

Steven Leser: Mark Halperin, Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper Skew Obama Ratings (16 comments)

Tuesday, February 3:

Bill Hare: Brown, Burton: Experienced Assets for California's Future (2 comments)


David Sirota: Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines (8 comments)

Robert Parry: First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers (8 comments)

Abdul Basit: Global Financial Crisis and Hugo Chavez (7 comments)

the web: Last Message From a Dying Progressive Blogger (6 comments)

Matthew Tae: Health Care Facts for Future Article Writers (14 comments)

James Murtagh: *Invitation to the National Whistleblower Assembly!

Sitafa Harden: New Stimulus Proposal to Congress: Pay Your Taxes! (2 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: More On The Madoff Mess: A Post In Three Installments. Part I. (3 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: A $50 Billion Nuke Power Bomb is Dropping Toward Obama's Stimulus Package (11 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Children's Health Care

John Nichols: Don't Mourn for Daschle (5 comments)

Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee (2002): Manish gives hope for those in need of healthcare

Bruce K. Gagnon: OBAMA PICKS ANOTHER BUSH MAN (6 comments)

George Washington: Leading Counter-Terrorism Expert and Former High-Level Official Slams War on Terror and Questions 9/11 (64 comments)

James Brett: Paralysis: An Early Stage of Paradigm Shift (15 comments)

Rob Kall: Daschle Withdraws From Nomination; Demand Dean (31 comments)

Jason Miller: Homo rapiens be damned: Savagery is not programmed into our DNA (5 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Generals' Revolt Threatens Obama Presidency (35 comments)

Tolu Olorunda: Artur Davis Has Got Some Nerve

Rob Kall: Dump Dirty Daschle, Designate Dean (18 comments)

Shazia Z. Rafi: Turning the Tide against the Taliban: What Works (8 comments)

Brasch: The Republicans Have Nothing to Party About (10 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Competing Ideologies: Davos v. Belem (1 comments)

David Basora: *As Nero Fiddles, Rome Burns (34 comments)

mikel weisser: Current Comedy 2/2/09: To Keep Your Interest (1 comments)

Jesselyn Radack: *Tell Senate to Demand Whistleblower Protection! (2 comments)

Sherman Yellen: History is a Lousy Judge, Condoleezza (13 comments)

Robert Arend: The Obama Administration: First 9 Days (10 comments)

Carol Wolman: Have the Democrats really changed? (7 comments)

Ari Bussel: A (Very Sad) Comedy of Errors (13 comments)

Monday, February 2:

Jason Leopold: More Pressure for Bush Torture Probe (4 comments)

Payton Lee: *American Taxpaying Worker spendable income (2 comments)

Cindy Sheehan: Un-plug from the ObaMatrix and Tune-in to Reality! (45 comments)

Michael McCoy: *Are the Great Machines in America out of control? (2 comments)

Frank Barat: A charter issue? (5 comments)

Edwin Sumcad: Healthcare: Obama Must Stop Talkathon Go To Work And Save Dying Patients (10 comments)

Eric Walberg: US economic crisis: Carter redux (1 comments)

Rand Clifford: Nests In Hell (5 comments)

Craig Harrington: Roads, Rails, Energy, Education Left Out of Stimulus (1 comments)

Dennis Kaiser: The New World Order And The Stimulus (14 comments)

Tom Degan: Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Bloviating Gas Bag (8 comments)

Mark Overt Skilbred: *Bye Bye Miss American Pie and Hello Depression

John Graham: *Stimulating (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Octuplets in California: Who will bear the financial cost for their care? (7 comments)

Mary Bell Lockhart: *Support Recovery and Reinvestment but Can the Tax Cuts (4 comments)

jill mclaughlin: No I Can't: A Dissident to U.S. Empire But A Fighter For Humanity (9 comments)

Deb Della Piana: *They (the Republicans, of course) still don't get it (7 comments)

Lyndon Storey: The Beginning of History (1 comments)

Danny Schechter: The Stimulus (2 comments)

sharon kayser: Planetary Bankruptcy (10 comments)

Perry Stein: Why We Need A Movement to Work With President Obama to Achieve Fundamental Social and Political Change- (6 comments)

Gary Price: Plutocracy and America-How Corporate Welfare is Destroying America (2 comments)

sameh abdelaziz: Bye Bye GOP! (7 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Tax Solution to Wretched Greed (7 comments)

Nicola Nasser: Gaza New Siege Mechanism* (2 comments)

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: "Too Big to Fail": A Bailout Hoax (15 comments)


Jay Janson: *EU Capitalist Neocolonialists Tighten the Screws on Cholera Weakened Zimbabwe (1 comments)

winston: Big bro 43 has put us on the wrong side of justice and history. (1 comments)

Bob Patterson: So many topics . . .

Janie Bowthorpe: Synthroid Sucks! The Rallying Cry of Thyroid Patients vs. Clueless Doctors (3 comments)

Tim Cerantola: Obama Saves the World (someone get that man a cape) (2 comments)

William Cormier: President Obama, We Need A Short-term Solution - And Now! (8 comments)

Els Herten: *Bush denied clemency for Leonard Peltier. What you can do... (2 comments)

Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee (2002): Ideal of tribal self-rule degenerates into a police state

Michael Bonanno: Fighting Tolerance (2 comments)

Frank Munley: Bringing balance to the U.S. Senate's resolution on Gaza (1 comments)

Ed Encho: US Spying: Main Core, PROMIS, and the Shadow Government (Pt. 3) (60 comments)

David Glenn Cox: I Come to Bury, Not to Praise (9 comments)

Tolu Olorunda: The Black Tax: Still Well & Alive In '09

Muhammad Khurshid: Obama Can Deliver His Address In Bajaur Agency (6 comments)

steve young: Presidential Satire Needs A Bailout

paul roberts: A bankrupt and discredited country: The Era of American Leadership Is Over (16 comments)

M. Davis: Europe riots, food prices rise and jobs disappear: what's next for the US? (9 comments)

Sunday, February 1:

Vi Ransel: A Western Tale (1 comments)

Perry Stein: Why We Need A Movement to Work With President Obama to Achieve Fundamental Social and Political Change- (1 comments)

Allan Goldstein: We need a bubble! (4 comments)

Rob Kall: GOP "Webification" Effort Could Backfire (12 comments)

Barry Werner: The left side of the Middle East argument (12 comments)

Rachel Neuwirth: UCLA: Symposium of Hatred for Israel (22 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Madam Jane predicts: Social Security pensioners will be the new upper class

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): America's core unfinished business: Elite Assassinations, Wars, and Depressions. (16 comments)

Peter Duveen: IS A MILITARY COUP IN THE OFFING? (6 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: The Declining of America (6 comments)

Washington DC-based commentarist Chris Herz: A Century of a Propaganda as Specious as it is Mendacious (3 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Let's Now Have Capitalism with a Human Face? (6 comments)

Elsie Brenner: Protest over use of foreign labour

Professor Fandel: *Stop Israel Now! I Challenge You, President Obama (16 comments)

Professor C: *A Paleo-Conservative Message to Republicans (6 comments)

Patrick Lafferty: The X-Factor (2 comments)

Tim Cerantola: Obama Saves the World (someone get that man a cape) (7 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *Sick Economy-Unions To The Rescue (1 comments)

Kent Welton: FROM ENCLOSURE TO FORECLOSURE – How Today's Capitalism Ruins Society, Economy, and Environment (4 comments)

Jill Jackson: Baby Blues (1 comments)

Steve Elliott: Maybe *This* Is The Way The War On Marijuana Ends (7 comments)

John Fountain: Confessions of a Newspaperman (4 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Ceasefires, Israeli-Style (22 comments)

Tex Pitfield: The Evils of Cheap Gas (6 comments)

James (Cem) Ryan: Erdogan Does Davos (1 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The War on Sense (5 comments)

Project Vote: Equal Voting Rights Still In Question in 2009

Suzana Megles: 140-Year Old Lobster Released Back into the Ocean (12 comments)

Ed Encho: US Govt Spy Program: Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt.2) (17 comments)

Sandy Shanks: Mr. President, It Is Time to Make Bold Moves (8 comments)

andi novick: *What are you willing to do to save the last transparent voting system in the US?

Steven Leser: Holder Attorney General Non-Prosecution Assurance Controversy Part 2 (5 comments)

David Swanson: *Impeach Bybee (5 comments)

Linn Cohen-Cole: *YOUR COMMENTS to the USDA on NAIS are very much needed. (8 comments)


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